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HHM Newsletter-JUNE 2006


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									                                                                            April 2007
Mark your Calendars!                                                        Beta Sigma Phi Fashion Show/
                                                                            Chinese Auction
August 2006                          December 2006                          Wednesday, April 18, 6:30 p.m.
The Myra DiSanto Memorial            Annual Hope House Ministries           Held at Villa Lombardi's,
Tennis Tournament to benefit         Holiday Party                          Holbrook, NY (proceeds to benefit
Hope House Ministries                Thursday, Nov. 30, 7 - 11p.m.          Hope House Ministries)
Saturday, August 19, 9 a.m.          Held at Villa Lombardi's,
World Gym Racket and Sports          Holbrook, NY
Arena, East Setauket
                                                                            Self Help Meetings
                                     Andy Cooney Christmas Concert          All meetings are held in the Sr. Aimee
September 2005                       Sat., December 2, 2 & 7 p. m.          Room unless otherwise noted.
                                     St Joseph’s College Auditorium,        SUNDAYS
Montauk We Hope Bike Tour                                                   AA-Beginners   6:30 7:45pm; 8:00-9:30pm
                                     Patchogue, NY (proceeds to benefit
Saturday, September 9, 6:30 a.m.                                            MONDAYS
                                     Hope House Ministries)                 AA             6:00am
Starting at the Tritec Real Estate
Building, East Setauket              March 2006                             Parent Group   7:30pm - 9:00pm
October 2006                         Fifth Annual Endowment                 WEDNESDAYS
                                     Fund Event                             AA             6:00am
The Run for Hope                                                            CODA           10:00am - 11:30am
                                     Wednesday, March 14,                   NA             8:00am - 10:00am
Saturday, October 7, 7:30 a.m.       6:30 - 9:30 p.m.                       THURSDAYS
Starting at the HHM Counseling       Held at Villa Lombardi's,              AA-Beginners   6:30-7:45pm; 8:00-9:30pm
                                     Holbrook, NY                           FRIDAY
Center (1 High Street, Port                                                 AA             6:00am; 12:00am (midnight)
Jefferson). For information please                                          SATURDAYS
call Jim Cook at (631) 236-3220.                                            AA             8:00pm - 9:30pm

                                                                                      or e-mail
                                                                                 at (631) 473-8796
                                                                            Development Department
                                                                                please contact the
                                                                                   to receive our
                                                                              If you no longer wish

                                                                                  RETURN SERVICE

                                                                          PORT JEFFERSON, NY 11777-0358
                                                                                   PO BOX 358

   Permit # 60
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   A Ministry Supported by the Montfort Missionaries
                                                                                                    Vol. 15, No. 2         SUMMER 2006

Hope House Ministries 15th Annual
Golf Classic Raises $130,700!
On Monday, May 8th, a brisk morn-                      The proceeds of the
ing greeted the 235 devoted golfers                    event were enhanced by
who supported Hope House                               the kindness of the
Ministries’ 15th Annual Golf                           golfers who generously
Classic. Due to the continued pop-                     purchased prize raffle
ularity of this fun-filled event, this                 tickets and participated
year’s outing was held at two venues:                  in the exciting auction
the beautiful Port Jefferson Country                   bidding for celebrity
Club and the picturesque St.                           memorabilia and assort-
George’s Golf & Country Club in                        ed gift items. The
Setauket. The dedicated players                        McCarthy Foundation
began the day with a delightful                        once again graciously
                                                                                     Chairman of the Board Charlie Russo (left) and Board
breakfast and ended it with a sump-                    inspired these most           Member Rich LoNigro auction off a celebrity memorabilia
tuous cocktail hour and dinner pro-                    generous golfers with         item. The auction alone raised over $6,700!
vided by the professional staff of the                 their benevolent dona-                                          —Photo by Anita Denton
magnificent Lombardi’s on the                          tion of $50,000!
Sound. At mid-day the golfers                          The Hope House Golf Classic                     signage, the tee sign sponsors, as well
were treated to a lavish lunch com-                    Committee would like to thank our               as our corporate and other event
pliments of Pace’s Steak House                         wonderful volunteers, the entire staff          sponsors: A Class Act Limousine;
(Hauppauge and Port Jefferson),                        of the Port Jefferson Country Club,             Adjo Contracting Corp.; Albrecht,
including sliced filet mignon and                      St. George’s Golf & Country Club,               Viggiano, Zureck & Co.; Associated
grilled chicken sandwiches.                            Lombardi’s on the Sound, Pace’s                 Mortgage Bankers, Inc.; Auto Zone;
                                                            Steak House, James Cress                   John Balzarini, CPA; Drew Bledsoe;
                                                            Florists for the tee and event             J. C. Broderick Associates; City Tire
                                                                                                       Auto Center-Centereach; Clare
                                                                                                       Rose, Inc.; Coral Color Process Ltd.;
                                                            Volunteers from Pace’s Steak House         Cortina Inn & Resort; Creative Fx;
                                                            cheerfully and professionally served       James Cress Florists, Ltd.; Davis
                                                            a divine lunch including filet mignon      Vision; Edible Arrangements, Stony
                                                            and grilled chicken. Pictured here         Brook; InterCounty Appliance; Law
                                                            are the volunteers at Port Jefferson
                                                            Country Club. Another group served
                                                                                                       Offices of Jacoby & Jacoby; Jerry &
                                                            our guests at St. George’s Golf &          the Mermaid Restaurant; KeySpan;
                                                            Country Club.                              Ed & Lil Kos; Long Island Lizards;
                                                                      — Photo by Anita Denton          Marty Lyons; Manzi Homes;
                                                                                                                                con’td. on pg. 11
                         A Message                           Like everyone else, we are feeling the pinch with the
                         from Fr. Frank                      ridiculous increase in fuel costs and the outrageous
                         Dear Friends and Benefactors,       increases in other basic utilities, not to mention the
                                                             increases in health care insurance, liability and property

 Fr. Francis Pizzarelli,
     SMM, LCSW-R,
                        O                 n April 20th, we
                                          celebrated our
                                          26th Anniversary
                          as a ministry. The simple
                          Liturgy of Thanksgiving at
                                                             It amazes me how families manage day to day living
                                                             when just bare essentials have become so costly.
                                                             Summer is fast approaching. High school and college
                                                             graduations are before us. I realize that we are all being
                                                             stretched to give a little more. I am forever grateful for
      ACSW, DCSW          Infant Jesus Church marked the
       Founder and                                           all that you have given and do give. Needless to say, if
                          end of our 25th year. At that
    Executive Director
                          celebration, I reminded all in     you can continue to support us, please do. As most of
attendance that all we have become and all that we have      you know, we do not take government monies, nor are
achieved is due in large measure to the many hands           we subsidized by the Catholic Church.
and hearts who have consistently supported us through        Although we are barely making ends meet, we are able to
the years.                                                   live day to day because of your generous hearts. Be
As a ministry, we have survived and even developed new       assured of my continued prayers for you and your fami-
programs because of the generosity of the strong working     lies and of my deep gratitude for your blessing our min-
class who sacrifice on an on-going basis to support us.      istries these past 26 years.
The Heart of our Ministry, the Community Residence,          Have a happy and safe summer.
continues to thrive. Over 5,000 young people have lived      Gratefully,
in community with us. We are continually amazed at
their achievements.
This year, the Diocese of Rockville Centre will ordain
two priests; one is a Hope House alumus who lived with       Founder – Executive Director
us during his high school years. He has become an            Hope House Ministries
exceptional human being and will serve the Church well
as a priest.
Among our college students, we have one student who
finished the year with a 4.0 GPA and three others with              “...all we have become and all
GPA’s of 3.8 all at St. Joseph’s College.
This year also gave birth to our first Alumni Association.         that we have achieved is due in
It has been named the Hope House Alumni Fraternity.
Its Executive Board is a fine representation of many of                     large measure to the many
our alumni. Their mission is to give back some of what
has been given to them and to contribute to Hope                           hands and hearts who have
House’s long term growth and development.
With all human services being cut back, all of our pro-                         consistently supported us
grams are operating at maximum capacity. All of our res-
idential services have a waiting list as do our mental
health services.
                                                                                         through the years.”

In Appreciation
For All You Do…

O            n March 20th over 295 guests gathered at Villa
             Lombardi’s to enjoy the annual appreciation dinner for
             all ministry volunteers. Over 300 charitable minded
people give of their time and talents all year round in order to bring
assistance and success to Hope House Ministries.
                                                                          Robert and Kathy Frey share a family photo with their
                                                                          daughter, Megan.
As always we extend a special thanks to our host, Villa Lombardi’s,
who so graciously prepared a beautiful evening that was enjoyed by
all. Additionally we express our deepest gratitude to the following
individuals and companies who sponsored this event:

Event/Dinner Sponsor . . . . . . . . . . Anonymous Donor
Music Sponsor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Apple Entertainment
Floral Sponsor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Setauket Floral Designs
                                                                          We couldn’t have done it without our volunteers!
Cake Donations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rolling Pin Bakery         Pictured here are just a few of over 300 ministry
                                                                          volunteers. (Front row, from left: Barbara Pflieger,
Beverage Sponsors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Frey Family &           Arthur Morin, Jodie Marinaro, Valerie Raynock;
                                                Clare Rose, Inc.          Back row, from left: Richard Raynock, Fran DiNapoli,
                                                                          Director of Volunteer Services.

                                                                      The Run for Hope
                                                                      Sat., October 7
                                                                      7:30 a.m.
                                                                      Hope House Ministries Counseling Center
                                                                      1 High Street
                                                                      Port Jefferson, New York
                                                                      Please register by July 15
                                                                      Join in the fun of a brisk Autumn run
                                                                      to benefit Hope House Ministries!
                                                                      (half marathon of 13.1 miles or full marathon
                                                                      of 26.2 miles)
                                                                      Each runner is required to raise a minimum of
                                                                      $500 in pledges.
                                                                      For more information on the event kick-off at
                                                                      Pace’s Steak House, PJ and/or to register for this
                                                                      event please call Jim Cook at (631) 236-3220.

                  Hope House Ministries

            Annual Raffle
                                                                     Prize:                                  23rd Annual
                                                                     2007 Ford
                                                                     Fusion Sedan
                                                                     •Fully Equipped
                 Compliments of                                      •Front-Wheel Drive
                   Ramp Ford!                                                                              Party
           More 2006 Raffle Prizes:                                                                            Thursday,
THREE - FIRST PLACE PRIZES                                      DRAWING: NOVEMBER 30, 2006                 November 30, 2006
$1,000 U.S. SAVINGS BOND,                                  $50 per chance (limited to 1,500 tickets).
                                                                                                            Just a reminder that as our
                                                                    All proceeds to benefit
Series EE -                                                       HOPE HOUSE MINISTRIES.                       Holiday Party is fast
Compliments of RAMP FORD                                            #GC47-202-199-07652                    approaching, we would like
SECOND PLACE PRIZE                                          Please make checks, money orders               to invite you to take part in
$200 Gift Certificate towards                                            payable to                           our event this year by:
a set of 4 tires -                                               HOPE HOUSE MINISTRIES
                                                                        and send to                               • Donating new
Compliments of CITY TIRE AUTO                                           P.O. Box 358,
CENTER - Centereach & PJS                                                                                     or gently used 5x7, 8x10
                                                           Port Jefferson, New York 11777-0358
                                                                                                              or 10x13 picture frames
Winner need not be present to win. All prizes             AMEX, Mastercard and VISA are also accepted.
will be awarded as stated. Prize winners will                For more information, please call                 for presentation of the
not be allowed substitutions. Failure to accept                      (631) 473-8796.                                auction prizes
prize as stated will result in forfeiture of said
prize.                                                                                                      • Donating auction prizes
                                                                                                               for the silent auction
                                                                                                                    (new items)
           Hope House Ministries Annual Raffle
                              Drawing: Thursday, November 30, 2006                                          • Purchasing event tickets
    Name_________________________________________________________________________                          • Purchasing car raffle tick-
    Address_______________________________________________________________________                                      ets
                                                                                                              • Purchasing a journal
    Phone (Day)___________________________(Eve) ______________________________________                          advertisement in our
    J Check J MasterCard J VISA        J AMEX                                                                      annual journal
    Acct. #_______________________________________________________ Exp. Date__________
                                                                                                           If you would like information on
    Cardholder’s Name________________________________________________________________                       any of the above, please contact
    Signature ______________________________________________________________________                         the Development Department
                                                                                                                  at (631) 473-8796.
    No. of Tickets_________@ $50.00 each     Total Enclosed $__________________.
    Sold By________________________________________________________________________                        Thank you for your support of
    Mail to: Hope House Ministries, Development Department, PO Box 358, Port Jefferson, NY 11777-0358 SM
                                                                                                             our largest annual event!

                                   The Children                           and        Family Center
                                                of Hope House Ministries

                                                                  Sr. Jean Beagan, Director
                                           23 N. Country Road, Port Jefferson, NY 11777 • 631.978.0189

The Children
and Family
Center is

goes on.
              he academic year of
              2005-2006 is coming to
              a close, but the work at
the Children and Family Center
                                           Sr. Jean and Vivian opening the gift basket from Erin Lederle's BatMitzvah, March 2006.

                                           apprehension the children may feel             other activities that we provide. The
During this year we have had many ups
                                           regarding coming to counseling.                annual closing of the CAPS program is
and downs, but we have managed to
                                           In working with our regular cases, we          held in June with entertainment and
weather all of them. We have acquired
                                                                   have noticed           good feelings prevailing the evening.
another room to be
used as a playroom.                                                once again the         We also want to mention the beautiful
This will greatly      “During the year we                         benefits of our        gift of a large wicker laundry basket that
improve some of the                                                Children and           was donated by a lovely and caring
discomfort we have     were blessed with                           Parents support        young lady who was celebrating her
been experiencing                                                  programs that          BatMitzvah. The basket was filled with
when our office is
overcrowded with
                       wonderful volunteers                        we call CAPS.
                                                                   The parents'
                                                                                          toys, games, videos, movies, and “dress
                                                                                          up” items that we were happy to receive
                                                                   group, which is a      and have put to use immediately.
parents and children.
                       who helped monitor                          part of it, gives      All our volunteers and graduate students
During the year we
                                                                   parents an             from social work programs as well as
were blessed with
wonderful volunteers
                       our reception room                          opportunity to         from other disciplines are very much
                                                                   learn from each        appreciated. The Children and Family
who helped monitor
our reception room     while parents were                          other and not          Center could not function without
                                                                   feel isolated in       their help.
while parents were
being seen privately.  being seen privately.”                      their own diffi-
                                                                   culties. We            During the summer we plan to intro-
We also have had an                                                                       duce some new group activities that we
                                                                   notice, too,
excellent graduate                                                                        will publicize so that many families will
                                                                   through that
student from                                                                              be able to profit. And, before we know
                                           program that some of the children with
C. W. Post who has taken a few cases.                                                     it, September will be upon us and we
                                           severe acting out behavior tend to be
This young women works through art, a                                                     will start all over again.
                                           calmer and better behaved when they
method that greatly relieves any sort of
                                           see their peers enjoying the games and         —Sr. Jean Beagan, O.P.

Hope House Alumni Fraternity
                 The Homecoming                                                                            By Tony Chiarella
                                             down the narrow wood-paneled hallway          except that they were standing right
                                             and up the ‘staircase to Jesus’ to the sec-   there. The Greeks called this “nostal-
                                             ond floor of the center. That staircase       gia,” which is actually four Greek words

T                he few of us that had
                 straggled into the center
                 looked around at each
other grinning nervously. We fidgeted
in our chairs like we were in trouble,
and awaiting an audience with Father
Frank. ‘Why,’ I almost wondered
                                             always reminds me of the floating pen-
                                             guin from the Blues Brothers, sending
                                             the main characters on “a mission from
                                             God.” The board room, which, for
                                             most alumni means, ‘the Christmas
                                             present storage room,’ was rarely opened
                                             for the likes of us. How did we get
                                                                                           that translate roughly into English as:
                                                                                           “the pain of coming home.”
                                                                                                    This feeling led us all to the
                                                                                           next evening’s festivities, this time in the
                                                                                           living room (senior lounge?) on the
                                                                                           third floor of Hope House. The room
                                                                                           was packed with alumni, just like an old
                                                                                           house meeting. I almost expected
                                             I guess it all started on that artic          someone to complain about someone
aloud, ‘what is this tension all about?’     December evening at Villa Lombardi’s.         else not cleaning up after himself, or to
“Are we meeting upstairs” someone            I thumped across the street in my dress       hear a lecture against “negativity,” when
asked? We exchanged handshakes,              shoes watching                                                       Father decided we
backslapping hugs, and the usual politi-     my breath swirl                                                      would go around
cally incorrect banter. Then we filed        ahead of me like                   “We are,                          the room and
                                             my own personal                                                      introduce our-
                                             fog. We were all                                                     selves. This even-
                                             coming back to         after all these years,                        tually evolved into
    Our mission is three-fold:               surprise Father                                                      stories of the past.

      To maintain the bonds
                                             Frank for the            finally declaring                           So that leads us to
                                             twenty-fifth                                                         the first meeting of
      with our brothers who                  anniversary…well
      have moved on from                     many of us were                publicly that                         the Hope House
                                                                                                                  Alumni Fraternity.
                                             coming back,                                                         One of us suggest-
      Hope House, and to                     some of us never
      reach out to our new                   left (much to                we are family.”                         ed something that
                                                                                                                  we all were feeling,
      brothers who are                       Father’s chagrin).                                                   that it would be a
      current residents, by                  And there we all                                                     great idea to con-
                                             were, jumbled together in a room much
      doing so, continuing                   too small for us, (well some of us have
                                                                                           vene more frequently, at least more reg-
      the connection of our                                                                ularly than once every twenty-five years,
                                             put on a few) hiding from Father…just         and try to do something together. So
      family community;                      like the old days in some respects.           Father sent around a
                                             There was the reminiscing, ripping, and       letter, and Janet sent around an e-mail,
      And to use our collective              ridiculing also like old times. The           and now we are meeting on the
                                             laughter bounced off every wall. When
      knowledge, experience                  we were announced at the holiday party,
                                                                                           first Monday of every month at
      and abilities to provide                                                             Hope House.
                                             Charlie Russo read off a listing of our
      what support we can for                individual achievements, and I remem-         We’ve gotten some of the basics out of
                                             ber clapping and cheering for each one        the way: we’ve picked officers and com-
      this, our community,                                                                 mittees, brainstormed some ideas, and
                                             as if it were my own. And looking up
      which gave so freely                                                                 begun crafting the by-laws. All motions
                                             at Father, I could see how proud he was
      to us,                                 of all of us. I could almost hear him         have been carried temporarily until
                                             say, as many of us have heard him say         September, to give us all a chance to
      And in all our group                   from time to time; “It was very touch-        think everything through, and hopefully
                                             ing.” When the pictures were done             do it all well. We have adopted, in the
      actions, maintain the                                                                mean time, our mission statement that
                                             being taken, and the last rounds were
      mission statement of                                                                 focuses us on maintaining relationships
                                             had, I noticed that I felt a strange feel-
      Hope House Ministries.                 ing that was like missing someone,            with former and current brothers,

pooling our resources to help the com-        adults, something that, for some of us,
munity, and while doing so, maintain-
ing the mission of Hope House.
                                              always brings anxiety. But also, it is an
                                              admission that when we are coming
                                              together as the Hope House Alumni
                                                                                              Consider a Gift
I guess, after writing this, I understand                                                     Do you have a life insurance pol-
what the apprehension of coming               Fraternity, we are taking all those words
                                                                                              icy that you no longer need? Are
together in this fraternity means; it is an   that we spoke in chapel services, or at
                                              house meetings, or in front of The Gap
                                                                                              you in the process of finalizing
admission of two things: The first is                                                                            your last will
that we are going to work together as         downtown, and making them reality.
                                              We are confessing that the oaths sworn                                 and testa-
                                                                   in someone else’s                                 ment? If
                                                                   bedroom or in the                                so, consid-
                                                                   courtyard, were not                              ering a gift
                                                                   the fleeting fancy of                         to Hope
                                                                   a time gone past,                       House that will live
                                                                   but were admissions                         on in perpetuity
                                                                   of real brotherhood.                          may be a great
                                                                   We are, after all
                                                                                                                 way to realize
                                                                   these years, finally
                                                                                                                 your charita-
                                                                   declaring publicly
                                                                   that we are family.                           ble giving
                                                                                                                 goals while
                                                                  If you are an
                                                                                                                helping the
                                                                  alumnus, and you
                                                                                              thousands in need that we serve
                                                                  would like to join
                                                                  us, please call             each month.
                                                                  Janet Brennan at            For information on these and
                                                                  (631) 928-2377              other planned giving options
                                                                  ext. 22, and she            please call the Development
                                                                  will help to get            Department at (631) 473-8796.
                                                                  you started.

  The Myra DiSanto Memorial
  Tennis Tournament to benefit Hope House Ministries
  Sponsored by World Gym Racket and Sports Arena, East Setauket
  Hosted by the Hope House Alumni Fraternity

                                                                   Entry Deadline: Friday, Aug. 11
                Saturday,                                                   First come first serve, please reserve early.
                                                                                        Guaranteed at least 2 matches.
                August 19                                                                         Singles Tournament
                 Registration begins
                      at 9 a.m.                                                                       $55 per person
                 World Gym Racket
                 and Sports Arena,                                                         Parent - Child Tournament
                   East Setauket                                                                        $75 per team
      Lunch • Raffles • Giveaways • Goodie bags • T-shirts
  For registration and event information, please call Darren at (631) 721-5176.
                                      Over $215,000 raised for Endowment Fund!

                                  F               or the fourth year in a row, Fr. Francis
                                                  Pizzarelli, SMM and the Hope House
                                                  Ministries Endowment Committee proud-
                                  ly hosted their Annual Endowment Fund Event on
                                  Thursday, March 2nd at the beautiful Villa Lombardi’s in
                                                                                                           his gratitude to Fr. Frank
                                                                                                           while sharing the details
                                                                                                           of his struggles and tri-
                                                                                                           umphs and offering tes-
                                                                                                           timony to the extraordi-
                                  Holbrook, New York. Approximately 275 guests were                        nary programs at the
                                  welcomed and over $215,000 was raised! Thanks to the                     Community House.
                                  dedication and hard work of this committee as well as the                Following a touching
                                  generosity of hundreds of donors, to date over $1 million                video presentation on
                                  in event profits have been raised in support of the min-                 the ministry, Fr. Frank
                                  istry’s Endowment Fund.                                                  closed the formal part of Fr. Frank presents a platinum sponsor
                                                                                                           the program by express- plaque to Frank Toner of Newsday.
                                  Following a VIP reception honoring the many charitable
                                                                                                           ing his deep gratitude to
                                  event sponsors, the guests enjoyed a cocktail hour and a
                                                                                                           the committee members and event sponsors. He contin-
                                  gourmet buffet dinner while listening to the beautiful
                                                                                                           ued his praise to all who have made the ministry so suc-
                                  music of James Faith Entertainment and the Richie
                                                                                                           cessful and for giving so generously in celebration of the
                                  Dimino Band. Other entertainment included magic acts
                                                                                                           ministry’s 25th Anniversary.
                                  by Bill White and Magic Jeff Miller as well as caricatures
                                  by Norm of Gardenside Graphics. As a special highlight,                  Please remember to visit the event page on our
                                  we were honored to have an alumnus of Hope House                         website: (Listed under: 2006
                                  Ministries in attendance. Michael Chiappone extended                     Endowment Event)
Pictures by Apple Entertainment

                                                                                                                                 Dr. Robert J. Fre y, Chairman of the HHM
                                                                                                                                 Endowment Committees and Bill Devine, Executive
                                                                                                                                 Endowment Committee member share in the fun of a
                                                                                                                                 successful event!

                                  Just a few of our dedicated Endowment
                                  Committee members. (Back row, from left:
                                  Frank Toner, Newsday; Tony Bonasera,
                                  Mt. Sinai Schools; Charles Janosick, Proforma
                                  Business Solutions; Fr. Francis Pizzarelli, SMM;
                                  Vince Brewer, Freight Savers Express; George
                                  Orefici, North Shore Financial Group/MetLife;
                                  Bill Devine, Mutual Inc.) (Front row, from left:
                                  Charlie Russo, Chairman HHM Board of
                                  Directors; Dr. Nicholas Craig, North Country
                                  Surgical; Jenise Craig, North Country Surgical;
                                  Michael Williams, Ceschini Williams, CPAs,
                                  PLLC; Bill Macholz, Coca Cola Bottling Co.         A little magic to heat up the night!
                                  of New York)                                       (Magician pictured: Magic Jeff Miller;      Michael Chiappone, Community House alumnus
                                                                                     Other magician, not pictured: Bill White)   with his wife Jane.
    The Fourth Annual Endowment Fund Event
CROWN SPONSOR                             PATRON SPONSOR                           Corporate National Realty
Harbor Financial                          Gilman Ciocia/Prime Financial            North Country Surgical
Management, LLC                           Hon. John Jay LaValle
                                                                                   BEVERAGE SPONSOR
PLATINUM                                  Jacoby & Jacoby
                                                                                   Clare Rose, Inc.
SPONSOR                                   Steelcase
Billies 1890 Saloon, Inc.                 Waldner’s Business                       DINNER SPONSOR
Frey Family Foundation, Inc.              Environments                             Frey Family Foundation, Inc.
Newsday                                   BENEFACTOR                               FLORAL SPONSOR
                                          SPONSOR                                  James Cress Florist Ltd.
The Devine Family                         George Orefici
                                                                                   GUEST FAVORS
The Ergonomic Group                       Prudential CRES Commercial
                                                                                   Ramp Ford and the
                                          Real Estate
Mayco Building Services                                                            Rampone Family
Chad and Robin Pennington                 HOPE SPONSOR                             PHOTOGRAPHY
Total Office Planning                     Carr Business Systems                    SPONSOR
Services, Inc.                            Commercial Flooring                      Spinnato Gallery
                                          Specialists Ltd.

Endowment Committee                       Vince Brewer                             George and Carol Ann
                                          President, Freight Savers Express        Hochbrueckner
Fr. Francis Pizzarelli,                                                            George J. Hochbrueckner & Associates, Inc
SMM, LCSW-R, ACSW, DCSW                   Dr. Nicholas Craig and
Founder/Executive Director                Mrs. Jenise Craig                        Charles Janosick
Hope House Ministries                     North Country Surgical, P.C.             President, Proforma Executive
                                                                                   Business Services
Dr. Robert J. Frey                        Michael Elliott
President, Frey Family Foundation, Inc.   Prudential CRES Commercial Real Estate   Honorable John Jay LaValle, Esq.
Chairman, HHM Endowment Committee                                                  President, Patriot Consulting Group
                                          Paul Elliott, CPM
Charles Russo, Esq.                       Broker/Owner, Prudential CRES            William Macholz
Russo, Fox & Karl                         Commercial Real Estate                   District Sales Manager
Chairman, Hope House Ministries                                                    Coca Cola Bottling Co. of New York
                                          Jeff Frayler
Dr. Anthony J. Bonasera                   President, Suffolk County P.B.A.         Todd Miranda
Deputy Superintendent of Schools                                                   Financial Consultant
Mount Sinai UFSD                          John Gallivan                            A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc.
                                          President, Waldner’s Business
William L. Devine                         Environments                             George M. Orefici,
Mutual Inc.                                                                        CFP, CLTC, AEP
                                          Peter Goldsmith                          Executive Financial Planner
Frank Toner                               President, LISTnet                       North Shore Financial Group
Sr. Vice President, Operations                                                     Metlife Financial Services
and Engineering Services - Newsday        Mark Grottano
                                          Assistant Vice President,                Dr. Yacov Shamash
Planning Committee                        Allied North America                     Vice President, Economic Development,
Gary Bixhorn                              Kelly Gutradt                            Dean, College of Engineering & Applied
Chief Operating Officer                                                            Sciences -
                                          Director of Corporate Sales              Stony Brook University
Eastern Suffolk BOCES                     The Tuttle Agency/Staffing

     Xi Master’s Beta Sigma Phi                                                                Editors
     Presents Our Annual...                                                               Anne Frimmer
                                                                                           Theresa Zeis
                                                                                       Layout & Design
                                                                              Deborah A. DiRoma, CreativeFX
                                                                                     Printing Spectrum
                                                                                   Hope House Ministries
      Wednesday, April 18, 2007                                                          PO Box 358
                                                                                  Port Jefferson, NY 11777
     6:30 - 11 p.m.
                                                                                   MAIN PHONE &
     To Benefit Hope House Ministries                                            COUNSELING CENTER:
     Villa Lombardi’s                                                               (631) 928-2377
     877 Main St ., Holbrook, NY                                        
                                                                                DEVELOPMENT OFFICE:
     Donation:         $40.00    (includes full course dinner & show)
                                                                                    (631) 473-8796
     Fashions:         Renee’s, Mattituck, NY                                     FAX: (631) 474-4851
     Hairstyles:       Rapunzel’s, Mt. Sinai, NY                      
     Make-up:          Gina Gera c e
               Please make checks payable to Beta Sigma Phi
                                                                                For questions regarding tax deductions,
          To make a donation, purchase tickets, or more information,           please refer to the Internal Revenue Service
         call Lorri Walberg at (63 724-65 5 or Deb DiRoma at (63 82
                                  1)     1                      1) 1-7598   Publication 526 entitled Charitable Contributions.

Beta Sigma Phi                                                                Hope House Ministries
Raises $14,000 for HHM                                                        Celebrates its 26th Anniversary
                                                                              On April 20th over 100 guests attended the 26th

    n honor of Hope House Ministries’ 26th Anniversary,
                                                                              Anniversary Celebratory Mass at Infant Jesus Church in
    the ladies of Xi Master graciously shared their time and
                                                                              Port Jefferson. Following the mass a reception was held
    talent once again as their annual fashion show raised an
                                                                              at hope House Ministries for all to enjoy. Thank you to
outstanding $14,000 to benefit Hope House Ministries.
                                                                              the local sponsors who made this event so special:
Over 400 people gathered on April 6th for a wonderful
fashion show and Chinese Auction at Villa Lombardi’s in                       Coca-Cola Bottling Company of New York
Holbrook, NY.                                                                 Fox Linens, Port Jefferson Station
The models traveled the catwalk adorned in beautiful                          La Bonne Boulangerie Bakery, Port Jefferson
clothing from Renee’s, Mattituck, with hairstyles arranged
                                                                              Lombardi’s on the Sound, Port Jefferson
by Rapunzel’s, Mt. Sinai, and make-up by
Gina Gerace. As all enjoyed this evening of food and fash-                    Maxine Florist, Port Jefferson Station
ions, there were 98 prize baskets and 20 money corsages.
A special thanks is extended to our sponsors who donated
their services to make this event so successful: Jim
Altebrando of Printing Spectrum, Deb DiRoma of                                          2006 Annual Appeal
CreativeFX, Ann and Toni of Rapunzel’s Salon, Gini
Gerace of LaPosh Salon, Debbie Gildersleeve of Renee’s
and to the entire chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, who continue
to bless our ministry with their dedication and
                                                                                       Thank You!
abundant gifts.

HHM Golf Classic - cont’d. from pg. 1
                                                                                 O                  n behalf of the Board of Directors and the
                                                                                                    entire Hope House Ministries family, we
                                                                                                    extend our deepest gratitude to you, for
                                                                                 your gifts in support of the 2nd Annual Appeal. Through
                                                                                 this campaign, we raised over $21,500 in support of our
                                                                                 eight outreach programs, which focus on restoring hope to
McCarthy Foundation; Milburn Mills; NSC Paving; New                              those in need! These vital funds have made it possible to
York Giants; New York Jets; Greg Norman; the O’Brien                             further assist the many people who are in crisis in our com-
Group, LLC; Pace’s Steak House; Pittsburgh Steelers;                             munities. We greatly appreciate the support that you have
Pollari Electric; Port Jefferson Ferry; Port Jefferson                           compassionately shared in order to help the less fortunate
Sporting Goods; Printing Spectrum; Pyramid Air                                   on Long Island. Thank you for helping us to serve over
Conditioning; Anthony & Laura Racanelli; Racanelli                               275,000 individuals, families and children in need to date.
Construction Company, Inc.; John Racanelli Associates;                            We could not have done it without you!
Nicholas Racanelli Construction, LLC; Ramp Ford;
Regent Sports Corp.; Roanoke Sand
& Gravel; Russell Athletic; Russo, Fox                                                  HOW TO GIVE
& Karl; Salesmaster Carpet
                                               J Yes, I’d like to make a charitable contribution to keep hope alive!
Installation; Siliato Liquors; Six G’s
                                               I would like to donate the following amount to Hope House Ministries:
Contracting Corp., South Bay
                                               J $25               J $50             J $75             J $100       J Other
Trucking; State Paving Contracting
Corp.; Lee Trevino; Friends of Jim             Donor Name___________________________________________________________
Tsunis; Taylor Rental, Port Jefferson          Address________________________________________Phone __________________
Station; US Web; and Westhampton               J Check Enclosed - Make checks payable to: Hope House Ministries
Bath & Tennis Hotel & Marina.
                                               J VISA             J MC               J Amex # _______________________________________
Without these kind and caring con-             J Please send me more information on HHM.
tributors we could not have accom-                                                                                      Exp. Date________________
                                               J I would like to volunteer my time and talent to HHM.
plished so much!!                              All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.
                                                     Please send all contributions to: Hope House Ministries, PO Box 358, Port Jefferson, NY 11777-0358


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