Israel Past_ Present and Future by wuyunyi


									BROOKLYN REGION · FALL 2010

   Israel: Past, Present and Future

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                                                                                    BROOKLYN REGION
 President's Message                                                                EXECUTIVE BOARD

                                          Gail Hammerman                            Gail Hammerman
                                                                                    Barbara Katz
                    Dear Friends,                                               Recording Secretary
                                                                                    Diane Hunt
                      In July, I participated in Hadassah’s National Board      Corresponding Secretary
                     and Business meetings and attended the 95th National           Brenda Rosenbaum
                                                                                Education VP
                     Convention in Florida along with National Board mem-           Marcia Weller
                     bers Roni Schwartz, Judi Silversmith, Claire Shapiro and   Programming VP
                                                                                    Marlene Lempert
                     Brooklyn Region members. We had the honor to witness       Fundraising VP
                     and celebrate the installation of our own Roni Schwartz        Alma Krull
                                                                                Membership VP
                     being sworn in as a National Vice-President of                 Janet Young
Hadassah. We are very proud of Roni’s accomplishment and wish her well in       Honorary VPs
her new position. A very well deserved honor.                                       Roni Schwartz
                                                                                    Claire Shapiro
                                                                                    Judi Silversmith
  The convention was upbeat and energizing. We installed new officers and           Shirley Ugelow
voted on numerous business items. Our mission and our support for our           Area VPs
                                                                                    Evelyn Gollomp
projects in Israel is just as strong as ever. We were fortunate to hear from        Harriet Sayer
Professor Sholmo Mor-Yosef, Director General of Hadassah Medical
Organization; Professor Nava Ben-Zvi, President of Hadassah College             BULLETIN STAFF
Jerusalem; Barbara Goldstein, Deputy Director of Hadassah Office in Israel      Editor-in-Chief
and many others. The major plenary sessions were remarkable, inspiring and          Irene Stundel
                                                                                Associate Editor
educational. They included panels with leading Hadassah, Israeli and                Marilyn Cranney
Worldwide experts on: 1. Fighting Breast Cancer 2. Overview of Hadassah         Design Editor
                                                                                    Esther Lefkowitz
Projects 3. Global Innovation: HMO 4. Israeli Innovation: Technology 5.         Reporters
The State of Israel 6. View to the Future. Numerous workshops were held and         Enid Benezra
                                                                                    Adele Cohen
dignitaries from all around the world attended and spoke at the Convention.         Harriet Cohen
We all came back motivated to hit the ground running with activities,               Barbara Gershuny
                                                                                    Alma Krull
programs and fundraising ideas for the region.                                      Marlene Lempert
                                                                                    Valerie Lowenstein
  Please join us in the events planned for the 2010-2011 programming year.          Janet Marcus
Our opening Fall Education Program will be held on October 20th featuring           Evelyn Pincus
                                                                                    Cherie Reissman
a program on Israel: Past, Present and Future, guest speakers: Michael Miller,      Roni Schwartz
Executive Vice President and CEO of the Jewish Community Relations                  Claire Shapiro
                                                                                    Judi Silversmith
Council of New York and Judy Shereck, Hadassah’s National Chair of Israel,          Vivian Singer
Zionist and International Affairs. We are selling tickets for a Klezmer Concert     Sara Sloan
                                                                                    Marcia Weller
at Brooklyn College on October 24th. An exciting Wine and Cheese                    Janet Young
fundraiser for the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower will be held on November
14th. Chanukah will be celebrated with a traditional Shabbat dinner on December 3rd and the annual
Chanukah luncheon and program on December 7th. These are just a few of the upcoming programs for
2010. There are numerous other events and programs planned for 2011. Please put these dates on your
calendar. This is a great opportunity for you to bring a friend and increase our membership. Check your
mail and email for further information on all upcoming events.
  I would like to thank our dedicated and hard working Region Board and membership for a very
successful year. In the words of our National President, Nancy Falchuk, “May 5771 be a year of strength
for all of us and a year of peace and prosperity for America, for Israel and for the Jewish people.”
                                              L’Shana Tova,
Brooklyn Region News                               2                                               Fall 2010
                  Health Committee Update • Harriet Cohen
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk
The annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk will be held in Prospect Park on Sunday, October 17.
Registration begins at 10 a.m. and the walk begins at 11 a.m. from the Prospect Park 9th Street Bandshell. We
will meet inside the entrance near the registration area. Look for the Hadassah Banner. Participants can bring
their donations on that day and submit at the registration desk. However, you need not be present to donate
as it can be done online at The team name is Hadassah Brooklyn Region.
Please support this worthwhile cause as each step brings us closer to the dream of a world with less cancer
and more hope. Thank you.

  Convention Connection for the Cure
  Valerie Lowenstein, National Chair, Department of Women’s Health
   This summer in Florida, Hadassah delegates lis-        This coming fall, two new programs will be
 tened to renowned medical experts discuss new          rolled out by Hadassah’s Women’s Health and
 findings, new partnerships and new approaches in       Wellness.
 the fight against breast cancer during Convention’s      CHECK IT OUT, BY YOURSELF - a new adult
 Health Plenary: 360˚of Fighting Breast Cancer:         breast health awareness program for women and
 The Power of Courage & Activism. The program           men over the age of 25. The program will include a
 opened with Ambassador Nancy G Brinker,                Facilitator’s Guide, Resource Guide, Research and
 President of Susan G Komen for the Cure, followed      Care at Hadassah Hospitals, Advocacy, Doctor-
 by Moderator Judi Hirshfield-Bartek, a member of       Patient Communication, Breast Cancer in Men,
 the Boston Chapter as well as an oncology nurse at     New Video, PowerPoint, and Brochures.
 the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. The          Jewish Genetics Disease - a new initiative to
 panel included Julia Brody, Executive Director of      educate young adults about genetic disease as well
 the Silent Spring Institute; Mark Pegram, Professor    as screening before starting a family. The goal is to
 of Medicine: Director, Translational Research pro-     engage current and potential Hadassah members
 gram, Family Breast Cancer Institute, University of    and associates between the ages of 18-30. The pro-
 Miami Miller School of Medicine; and Professor         gram discusses Genetics 101, Ashkenazi and
 Tamar Sella, Director, Diagnostic Breast Center,       Sephardi Jewish Genetic diseases, Research and
 Hadassah Medical Organization in Israel.               Care at Hadassah Hospital, Screening, and
   During the Annual Founder’s Dinner, where            Infertility.
 Major Donors come together with friends, families,       This program is made possible by an unrestricted
 and colleagues from around the world to reaffirm       educational grant from Genzyme.
 their commitment to the lifesaving work of               Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools a
 Hadassah, a $ 1 million dollar gift was donated to     woman can have to protect herself and her family.
 Hadassah’s Breast Cancer Institute at Ein Kerem,       Hadassah is actively involved in educating women
 by a Baltimore couple, Marlene and Stewart             and their families about health from the perspec-
 Greenebaum. Marlene is a 20 year breast cancer         tive of healthy life choices to prevent disease and
 survivor.                                              promote wellness.
                                                          To find out more about Hadassah’s Women's
                                                        Health programs please contact Women’s Health
                                                        and Wellness at 212-303-8136 or visit
                                                          Grants are available for programming.

 Brooklyn Region News                                  3                                               Fall 2010
                    Spring Concert
                                               Enid Benezra
  Hadassah Brooklyn Region closed the 2009-2010
season with a gala concert on June 28, 2010 at the
Jewish Center of Kings Highway. The concert,
which was produced and directed by Enid and
Jack Benezra in cooperation with the Hadar
Foundation, featured seven very talented Hadar
Foundation Scholarship recipients. They per-
formed Broadway and operatic excerpts, concert
piano classics, pop tunes, and a comedy routine.
For an $18 couvert, a capacity audience, comprised
of Hadassah members and their friends, was treat-
ed to a lovely light dairy lunch and a bravura show
by seven exceptionally talented young adults rang-
ing in age from 19 to 30 years. These wonderful
artists are the future stars of Broadway, the concert
stage, and television. All of them donated their
services to Hadassah!
  Hadassah Brooklyn Region wishes to acknowl-
edge all of these superb performers for their talent
and their generosity:
Nicholle Bittlingmeyer ....Operatic mezzo soprano
Anthony Colon ................................Broadway tenor
Edmerald Gan ............................................Pop singer
Joshua Levitin ....................................Concert pianist
Tamara Kim ........................................Concert pianist
Caitlin Samuel ............................Broadway soprano
Marisa Vural ............................Actress/comedienne

                                               Spring Concert • June 28, 2010

                                                                           Below is Brooklyn’s
                                                                           newest life member,
                                                                           Sophie Hammerman,
                                                                           in the arms of
                                                                           Grandma Gail, at the
                                                                           Spring Concert

                                                                                                  Service Award presented to Enid &
                                                                                                  Jack Benezra by Past Region President
   Hadar Performers and Sponsors (l to r): Jack Benezra, Joshua Levitin,
                                                                                                  Judi Silversmith and President Gail
   Caitlin Samuel, Anthony Colon (in front of Anthony is) Tamara Kim,
   Marisa Vural, Nicholle Bittlingmeyer, Ella Bittencourt (CEO of Hadar
   Foundation), Edmerald Gan and Enid Benezra.

Brooklyn Region News                                                  4                                                     Fall 2010
                     Hadassah’s 95th Annual Convention 2010
                                                  Adele Cohen
  At our 2010 Hadassah Convention, in Hollywood, Florida, Brooklyn’s Past Region President, Roni Schwartz,
was installed as one of Hadassah’s National Vice Presidents. Filled with pride, our delegation cheered enthusi-
astically as her name was called. Roni, a moving force here in Brooklyn, has now been recognized by National
for her skills and she will take her talents onto a larger playing field. Also, at the convention, Region Past
President Judi Silversmith was appointed to the National Board.
   The 2010 convention spotlight was on our new hos-            researchers. And over 200 clinical trials performed
pital addition in Jerusalem, the Sarah Wetsman                  each year at the two Hadassah hospitals are facilitat-
Davidson Tower. This 19-story building is nearing               ed by the Hadasit Company.
completion, and continued focus on fundraising is                 The convention was three days of presentations and
crucial to meet our goal of opening the Tower in 2012.          dialogue about Hadassah and the Jewish world both
   Without ever forgetting that the hospital is our most        here and in Israel. My summary reports on just one
important and primary project, fascinating sessions             small portion of one morning. In 2012, our 100th
on Hadassah’s other projects and on Israeli life were           anniversary, we will celebrate with a convention held
presented.                                                      in Israel. I urge all members to start saving so you
   At the session titled “Israeli Innovation: The Power         may join the Brooklyn delegation on a fabulous jour-
of a Nation,” a panel discussed Israel’s amazing                ney.
world changing technology. Here are just a few inter-
esting facts:
   • More Israeli firms are listed on the NASDAQ
exchange than any country outside the United States
and China.
   • Israel attracts more global venture capital per
capita than any other country.
   • Americans use Israeli technology everyday – ring-
tones, computer chips, voicemail, instant messages
and a multitude of others.
   • Making a hard push to free itself from oil, Israel
has the largest network of charging spots for electric
car batteries.
   • Israel soon will produce the first mass marketed
switchable car batteries to reduce its need for import-
ed oil.
   • Israel leads in research on desalinization of water.
   I was fascinated to learn about Hadasit, established
in 1986, as the Technology Transfer Company of the
Hadassah Medical Organization - a publicly traded
company on the Tel Aviv exchange.
   Hadasit was founded with the purpose of establish-
ing, supporting and advancing the commercialization
of information gained through research done at
Hadassah. In the past few years, Hadasit has estab-
lished twelve technological development subsidiary
companies, produced new devices and drugs, and
applied for over forty patents created by Hadassah

Brooklyn Region News                                        5                                               Fall 2010
                              AROUND TH
                                                                 E REGION
Bay Ridge Report • Barbara Gershuny
  The Bay Ridge chapter had a very successful 2009-10            Dena Report • Janet Marcus
fundraising season. On August 9, 2009, we presented,                We finished off last year with a wonderful dinner hon-
"Art Through the Looking Glass," where two Jewish                oring our outgoing president Marilyn Cranney. It was
artists were highlighted, Amedeo Modigliano and Marc             very well attended and was held at Il Fornetto
Chagall.                                                         Restaurant.
  A number of our talented members showcased their                  The new year will begin with a meeting on September
own artworks while others presented and discussed their          27th at the Mirage Diner, featuring Marci Natan, past
personal art treasures.                                          Treasurer of National Hadassah, who will update us on
  As part of its on-going movie series, the chapter pre-         recent Hadassah developments. In October, in addition to
sented the sweet and heartwarming film, "Ushpizin," on           our regular meeting on October 18th, we have planned a
October 25, 2009. All in attendance enjoyed the film             trip to the Kehila Kadosha Synagogue. There is a tour
immensely.                                                       and lunch and we are very excited about the outing.
  Sunday, February 21, 2010 was devoted to honoring the             On November 17th we will hold our annual Bundle of
memory of our dear Sharon Lasky, a presidium member              Joy fundraising dinner at Bertilucci's Restaurant. Our
for five years. To celebrate Sharon's life, we welcomed          honoree is the wonderful Muriel Bayroff.
her friends and colleagues to a luncheon where we pre-
sented a fashion show that exemplified her superb sense
of style and fashion. Then we all had an opportunity to          Medinah Report • Evelyn Pincus
share memories of Sharon.                                          We still have tickets for various performances at the
  The film, "Crossing Delancey," was our presentation on         Brooklyn Center at Brooklyn College. Contact Shirley
June 13, 2010. The movie deals with finding love and the         Kafker at (718) 382-6454.
role of the matchmaker. To make the theme of the film              September Meeting—Convention Report and Turkey
truly come alive, we invited a real live matchmaker to           Raffle kick-off. Tickets for the Turkey Raffle are $1.00
share with us her role in helping people find love in            each. The winner will receive a check for $30. Contact
today’s world. All in attendance were fascinated. What a         Ruth Butler at (718) 382-6454.
fun afternoon!                                                     October Meeting—Book Report and an Oneg Shabbat
  We are currently planning upcoming events. We hope             at a member’s home.
to present a Salsa afternoon in addition to a program that         November Meeting—Luncheon at Mirage Diner,
will focus on a number of Jewish musicians who have              November 1st at 1:00 p.m. Turkey Raffle winner’s name
enriched our lives. The movie series will continue with          will be drawn. Contact Evelyn Pincus at (718) 382-6454.
another blockbuster.                                               January Meeting—Welcome the New Year at China
  The dates and times of the above programs will be              Max on January 2, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. Contact Joan Rosof at(718) 382
announced as soon as they are available.                         .
                                                                   Best wishes to all for a healthy and joyous 5771.

    ARCHIVES!                                         ARCHIVES!                                      ARCHIVES!
   Sara Sloan is busy writing a history of Brooklyn Hadassah. If you (or a relative) were active in Brooklyn
 Hadassah prior to 1950, she would love to hear from you at: or contact the Region Office
 at (718) 382-6454.
   Did you know that the first mention of Brooklyn appears in Hadassah Bulletin No. 33 June 1917? Brooklyn
 contributed the then huge sum of $47 to Hadassah between 6/1/16 and 7/1/17.

Brooklyn Region News                                         6                                                 Fall 2010
                             AROUND T HE REGION
                            Wedgwood Brandeis connects Hadassah Mission and Holocaust
                               by having Ditmas IS 62 students conduct oral histories
   Over this past school year 2009-2010, a group of diverse          As Bibi Morium noted: “I’m a teen who cares. . . I have
Pakistani, Latino, Ecuadorian, Dominican, Mexican and              interviewed people who survived the Holocaust. They
African American students from Ditmas Education                    shared their real experiences as survivors of the Holocaust.
Complex formed a collaborative partnership with                    I breathed in these experiences. In the future I will share
Wedgwood Brandeis and the New York City Association of             these stories with the Holocaust deniers. I will go forward
Teachers of English, to found the Living Proof Holocaust           to make certain that I and my friends speak up so that this
Center.                                                            does not happen to any group.”
   As part of this center students connected with Holocaust          Wedgwood Brandeis plans to continue its unique Public
survivors, heard their primary source testimony, and               School and New York City Association of Teachers of
responded with art, poetry, reflections and statements of          English partnership with this oral history Living Proof
purpose.                                                           Program at Ditmas. Dr. Rose Cherie Reissman and Mr.
   Wedgwood Brandeis Life Member, Hannah Rigler                    Michael Downes, Law Studies teacher at Ditmas plus Mr.
(author of “10 British Soldiers Rescued Me”) delivered a           David Liotta and Mr. Carideo filmed an award winning
stirring oral history presentation to the group of founding        documentary of the program with an accompanying book,
teens who presented her with art work and poetry com-              “The Dark Side of the Truth.” The Ditmas Education
memorating her visit. She signed her memoir for the stu-           Complex under the leadership of Principal Barry
dents and highlighted the British soldier’s diary within her       Kevorkian fully supports this program. Diane Hunt of the
work. Shulamis and Park Slope Hadassah members Shirley             Region Board was invaluable in providing this program
Ranz (representing her mother) and Rae Kaner met with              with contacts and leads for Holocaust survivors and others
the sixth and eighth grade students to share their diaries.        who want to be part of an ongoing transmitting of experi-
John Ranz, Shirley’s father and the author of “Inhumanity-         ences to the 21st century generation of global citizens.
Death March to Buchenwald,” reminded the students of                 To participate in 2010-2011 oral histories, contact Dr. Rose
the need for them to speak up when inhumane actions are            Reissman-Feld at:
taken against Jews or other ethnic, religious or racial              May these students, their teachers, Hannah Rigler, John
groups. Rae Kaner and Hannah Rigler explicitly connected           Ranz, Shirley Ranz, and Rae Kaner, and kol Yisrael go from
the existence of Israel and the humanitarian, non-denomi-          strength to strength and may all Brooklyn Region make this
national efforts of Hadassah as being two entities which           year a sweet one for our State and for Hadassah.
might have helped reduce the number of Jews killed dur-
ing the Holocaust.

                                                                                   Manhattan Beach Report
Park Slope Report • Janet Young                                                    Vivian Singer
  This fall, Park Slope Chapter has many wonderful events planned. We
                                                                                     The board met to plan its exciting events
are continuing our Ivrit La Hadassah Shalav Aleph (Beginning Hebrew
                                                                                   for the coming year. We are kicking off our
Class) and are looking forward to reaching the next level ofinstruction
                                                                                   fund raising drive with selling all-occasion
soon. We will meet every week, alternating between instructor led classes
                                                                                   cards. Please contact Linda Drucker at
and study sessions.
                                                                                   (718) 382-6454 or Maya Berg at (718) 382-
  On Monday, October 4th, we will have our Fall Book Club and Potluck
                                                                                   6454. We are exploring a book review in
Supper. On Sunday, October 17th, we will join Brooklyn Region at the
                                                                                   October, a possible musical for Chanukah,
Strides for a Cure Breast Cancer Walk in Prospect Park. Keep an eye open
                                                                                   and other cultural and educational events.
for our upcoming Project Mah Jongg Tour on Monday afternoon, October
                                                                                   Raya Zegel is assisting us in our planning.
18th. November 4th will find us at a kosher cooking demo and tasting
                                                                                   For more information on our activities or
with Jessie from the Center for Kosher Culinary Arts!
                                                                                   chapter, please contact Vivian Singer at
  Please join us this fall for fun, food and schmooze!
                                                                                   (718) 382-6454.

Brooklyn Region News                                           7                                                     Fall 2010
      Marlene Lempert, V.P. Programming
   Brooklyn Region has planned three events for
 the “Circle of Life” chapters for the coming year.
   Join us as we celebrate the wonderful miracle of
 Chanukah on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 12
 noon at the EMJC. The couvert is $18 in advance
 and $30 at the door (space permitting). There will
 be a light dairy lunch followed by entertainment
 and a Chanukah sing-along. (See flyer on right.)
   There will be a Purim Celebration Luncheon
 and Program in March and a Final Concert in
 June performed by the Hadar artists. Further
 information will be forthcoming.

                  HMO Update
           Claire Shapiro, HMO Chair
  For the first time in Israel, two robotic, laparoscop-
ic hysterectomies were performed by a Hadassah
Medical Center sur-
geon in June while First in Israel: Hadassah
being broadcast live Performs Gynecological
to the Tannenbaum Surgery via Robotics for
Hall at Hadassah Live Broadcast
Hospital-Ein Kerem,
where gynecologists from all over the country were
  Dr. Avi Benshushan, Director of the Gyneco-
                                                               Dear Friends of Hadassah Brooklyn Region,
Oncology Unit at Hadassah, carried out the opera-
                                                                 Hadassah is a sisterhood. There is nothing quite
tions together with Dr. Jacob Tangir, an expert in
                                                               like this sisterhood. But nothing could have pre-
minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotic cancer
                                                               pared me for the enormous outpouring of prayers,
and pelvic surgery from the Center for Gynecologic
                                                               thoughts and love that came from so many of you
Oncology in Florida. The surgeries demonstrated                during my time of grief. My mother introduced me
the advantages the surgical robot offers in laparo-            to Hadassah before I was really too young to be a
scopic gynecological procedures. The post-op                   significant member, and then she made me a life
women were discharged from the hospital a day and              member when I was old enough to appreciate it. The
a half following the surgery.                                  wealth of friendships that I have was part of her
  Hadassah was the first hospital in Israel to use             legacy to me. Thank you, each and every one, whose
robotic surgical technology, in January 2009. Since            support has helped me so very very much!
then, about 80 robotic surgeries have been per-                  Wishing you all and your entire families a sweet,
formed at Hadassah, in the departments of general              healthy and happy New Year!
surgery, urology, and gynecology.                                                                   Roni Schwartz

Brooklyn Region News                                       8                                              Fall 2010
                                        Jewish Education
                                      Marcia Weller, V.P. Education
   I want to thank everyone for their good wishes following my Achilles tendon surgery. I am now up and
 about and expect to be back to myself by the time you receive this Bulletin.
   I am very much looking forward to our Fall Education Event to be held on Wednesday, October 20th at
 6:00 p.m. in the East Midwood Jewish Center Ballroom. The donation for this event is $18 ($30 at the door)
 and will include a box supper. The topic is The Delegitimization of Israel and will present expert speakers,
 including Michael Miller, Executive Vice President and CEO of the JCRC in New York, and Judy Shereck,
 National Chair of Israel, Zionist and International Affairs. If you are coming, please respond on the tear-off
 in this Bulletin.
   We will also have two evening Winter Workshops, one in February and one in March, in the Hadassah
 Office, based on the Hadassah curriculum, one on Midrash and the other on Spiritual Journaling.
   We worked with ILJB on its Spring Program last April on Judaism in Israel, and we expect to cooperate
 with this group again next Spring for our Spring Education Event. We had a very successful program on
 Jewish Women from the Bible led by Susan Aranoff at our Region Installation last May.
   The Education Committee includes Shelli Feldman, Doris Geller, Ethel Gold, Nancy Goldstein, Diane
 Hunt, Miryom Kass, Barbara Katz, Susan Klein, Marlene Lempert, Harriet Sayer, Ilene Shapiro, Judi
 Silversmith, Caryn Tanditash, and Hazel Tishkoff. We would not be able to function without the help of Gail
 Hammerman and Esther Lefkowitz.

 M       Many of us from Brooklyn Region attended           duce new quota targets and
       Hadassah's 95th National Convention in               Tower goals for the period
 E     Hollywood, Florida. It was invigorating, excit-      January 1 to December 31, 2011.
 M     ing, informative and just plain outstanding.         In reality we will not have to
       The plenaries and workshops were wonderful           change any of our planning or
 B     and I came back all revved up for another great      events. These will continue as
 E     year! Our 2012 Convention in Jerusalem will be       usual. The only change we will see is when we
       a once in a lifetime experience. I hope you will     will receive our year-end reports from National.
 R     all be able to join me there!                        Quota awards will just be based on the new fis-
 S       One of the many items covered at Convention        cal year and we will continue on as usual.
       was our Membership Quota year. Last year               All of Brooklyn Region has worked very hard
 H     Hadassah changed its fundraising fiscal year to      on membership initiatives. I'd like to congratu-
 I     January 1st through December 31st to facilitate      late Medinah, Park Slope, and Safad Chapters
 P     a more uniform reporting period that coincides       for reaching their membership quota goals for
       with the IRS reporting time schedule. It made a      this past year. Todah Rabah to everyone for
       lot of sense to do that and now we are moving        striving to increase membership which in turn
 N     forward by updating our Membership year              supports Hadassah's mission of tikkun olam!
       also. It will ease in with 7 month quota targets     May you go from strength to strength to contin-
 E     and Tower goals that run from June 1 to              ue your wonderful work!
 W     December 31, 2010. Then Hadassah will intro-
 S                                      Janet Young, V.P. Membership

Brooklyn Region News                                  9                                               Fall 2010
                                               Alma Krull, V.P. Fundraising
                Chai Society Event                                                  Donor Event
   On May 16th, Brooklyn Region held its annual                             Ambassador Gabriela Shalev
 Chai Society, Keepers of the Gate and Major Donor                On June 27th, 36 Brooklyn Region members
 event at the beautiful home of Eva and Louis                   (including 13 spouses) attended a special event at
 Galpern. With the help of our gracious hosts, it               the home of Ambassador Gabriela Shalev, Israel’s
 was a delightful afternoon. The ambience was                   Ambassador to the United Nations. It was only
 enhanced by the piano playing of Burt Krull.                   open to those who had donated a minimum of
   Barbara Goldstein, Deputy Director of Hadassah               $1,000 or more within a specified period of time.
 Israel, was our guest speaker. She inspired us by                It was both a very informative and educational
 explaining the role that Hadassah played in devel-             afternoon. Ambassador Shalev not only spoke, but
 oping the infrastructure of the State of Israel even           also took questions from those who attended. I had
 prior to its establishment as a state. Hadassah now            been told that she would only speak for five or ten
 holds the position as the premier hospital of the              minutes, and would not take questions. I guess the
 Middle East which not only maintains current                   fact that we are Hadassah was the reason that she
 health but also does life saving research for future           spoke for twenty minutes and then proceeded to
 generations.                                                   take questions.
   Our Young Judea programs insure that there will                Following Ambassador Shalev’s talk, we were
 be future generations of young people who will                 honored to have Marlene Post, past National
 know their heritage, and will foster its continua-             President of Hadassah, speak with us. Marlene had
 tion. Our Youth Aliyah program will help turn                  just returned from Israel that morning and was able
 Israeli youth at risk into productive Israeli citizens.        to update us on Hadassah and Israel.
   Join us in insuring Hadassah’s ability to accom-               I hope that more of you will join us at our future
 plish its extraordinary work Join us next year by              special events. If you have any further questions
 becoming a Chai Society member, Keeper of the                  please contact the Hadassah office at (718) 382-6454.
 Gate or Centennial Founder.

Chai Society Event — May 16, 2010                      Major Donor Event —June 27, 2010

                                                       PP Roni Schwartz presents    (L to R): Gail Hammerman, Brooklyn
                                                       a Centennial Brick to        Region President; Marlene Post, Past
(L to R): Brooklyn President Gail Hammerman,           Alma & Burt Krull            National President; Roni Schwartz, Past
Deputy Director of Hadassah Israel Barbara             in recognition of their      Brooklyn Regional President; Ambassador
Goldstein, and Chai Society Event hosts                generosity and devotion to   Gabriela Shalev, Israeli Ambassador to the
Eva & Louis Galpern                                    Hadassah                     U.N.

Brooklyn Region News                                       10                                                         Fall 2010
                                                                              Brooklyn Region
 Our Installation                                                                     What we do, who we are

                                                               Brooklyn at National

            Installation of Officers, May 24, 2010
  (L to R): President Gail Hammerman, Corresponding Sec’y
  Brenda Rosenbaum, Membership VP Janet Young,
  Programming VP Marlene Lempert, Treasurer Barbara                        Brooklyn Region Members at Convention
  Katz. Camera shy: Recording Sec’y Diane Hunt,
  Fundraising VP Alma Krull                                         Standing, (l to r): Grace Salant, Barbara Katz, Harriet
                                                                    Sayer, Janet Young, Adele Cohen, Hannah Levine
                                                                    Seated, (l to r): Judi Silversmith, Gail Hammerman, Claire
                                                                    Shapiro (not pictured: Roni Schwartz)

                                                                                                                   Our own
                                                                                                               Roni Schwartz (on
                                                                                                               right) installed as
       Enid Benezra &               Guest Speaker                                                                 an incoming
      Barbara Katz, our             Susan Aranoff                                                                 National VP
   national anthem singers

                                                                      Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef,
                                                                      Director General of HMO
                                                                      & Bklyn Region President
                                                                       Gail Hammerman at the
       Marcia Weller,                                                  Convention’s Founders
      Installation Chair           Judi Silversmith,                           Dinner
       & Bklyn Region               PP & Installing
        Education VP                    Officer

  Associates Yankee Stadium Outing                                   phies are there - only seven because before that there
                                                                     were no Commissioner's trophies - plus lots more inter-
  Janet Marcus, Associates Chair                                     esting Yankee and baseball memorabilia.
   On Sunday, August 29th a group of 35 enthusiastic                    We next walked to Monument Park where there are
 Associates, their families, friends and other Hadassah              plaques dedicated to the most famous Yankee players
 members took a trip to the Bronx for a tour of the new              and those involved with the Yankee organization. The
 Yankee Stadium. The tour began in the Yankee Museum                 Yankee Dugout was next. It was really exciting to sit
 where the first thing you saw was a statue of Don Larsen            where the present Yankees sit during games and to have
 pitching to a statue of Yogi Berra. The statues are 60 feet         pictures taken of you sitting there. The view of the field
 6 inches apart - the distance from the pitcher's mound to           is spectacular from there. From the Dugout we went into
 home plate. Between both statues stands a wall curved               the Yankee Club House to see all of the team lockers.
 to represent the arc of the last ball thrown by Don Larsen          They were very neat. Derek Jeter is the only one who has
 to Yogi Berra during Larsen's perfect World Series game.            two - he gets so much mail. One other thing we learned
 The wall itself has signatures of Yankee players on one             was that each player has only one uniform for home
 side and balls signed by past and present Yankees on the            games, one for practice and one for the away games.
 other - over 800 of them. The Yankee Organization is still          They do lots of laundry at Yankee Stadium.
 seeking balls signed by anyone who played for the                      That ended our tour. It was fantastic. Everyone
 Yankees - even if it was for one hour of one game. All              enjoyed themselves, and many proceeded into the
 seven of the Yankee's World Series Commissioner's tro-              Yankee store to buy some souvenirs.

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