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Powerpoint Templates Ppt 3D

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Powerpoint Templates Ppt 3D document sample

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									PowerPoint 2004 for MAC

1. Project Gallery (Click on the learn tab and then PowerPoint samples)

       A. Kiosk
               1. The kiosk has hyper links (action settings0 to jump to different slides.
               You can see how this was done by clicking on the words or pictures.
               Click on the slideshow menu and choose action settings. You will notice
               that the slide when clicked jumps to another slide.
       B. Photo Album
               1. Picture animations created by the user clicking on the picture and
       clicking on the slideshow menu and choosing custom animation. In this menu,
       the choice of timing, effects, sounds can be chosen.

2. PowerPoint 2004 Views:
      A. Normal-
 Shows your slide with the notes and slide outlines. This is the view
      most people are used to editing in.

       B. Slide-Shows you the slide without showing you the Slide outline or the Notes.

       C. Slide Sorter-shows you thumbnails of the slides. You can reorder the slides
       and add transitions between the slides.

       D. Notes Page-This is where you can type notes that only you will see while
       presenting a PowerPoint.

       E. Presenter Tools- This is new and what you use for presenting your
       PowerPoint. Time elapsed is shown in the top left corner, and the slide that is
       being shown on the projector is in the top right corner. On the left is the slide
       pane with the next slides as well as notes for you the speaker.

       F. Slide Show-This is the old way to present that just shows the slides on your
       computer identical to the projector. You click the arrows or mouse button to
       advance the slides if not timings are set.
3. Adding Pictures to your Powerpoint
       A. Open up a new Internet window by clicking on the CTRL key and the T key
          or click on file and choose new tab.
       B. Type in in an Internet browser
       C. Click on the images link
       D. type in a word or phrase to find a picture.
       E. Click once on the picture you want to download
       F. Then click on See full-size image link
       G. Right click on the picture by holding down the CTRL key while clicking on
          the picture and a drop down menu will appear.
       H. Choose save image to desktop or save image as
       I. Change the name to something familiar (Don’t delete the .gif or .jpg) and save
          it to the desktop.
       J. Load up PowerPoint. Navigate to the slide you want the picture on. Click on
          the Insert menu and choose picture-from file.

**Windows PowerPoint 2003 Pictures Trick will take a folder of pictures and create
the PowerPoint for you with 1 picture per slide**
    A. Open up Powerpoint.
    B. Click on Insert-Picture-New Photo Album
    C. Click on the File/Disk Button
    D. Click on 1 picture in the folder you want to make into a show. Hold down the
       CTRL and the A keys to select all the pictures and click insert.
    E. Click create and the PowerPoint will make a slideshow and put 1 picture per slide
       automatically for you.

If you want this cool feature on a MAC PowerPoint 2004, you need to pay $15 to
download this add-in from the following website:
4. Recording your voice to a slide
There are 2 ways to record your voice. One is you record each slide one at a time and
stop between each slide. The other is to record your voice for the whole presentation
slide by slide without stopping.

Record one slide at a time:
A. Select the slide you want to record to
B. Choose the Insert menu and choose movies and sounds-record sound
C. Click on the red button to record. You can play and listen to your sound. If satisfied,
click the save button and it will create a sound icon on your slide. If you don’t want the
icon to show, drag it off the white page
D. Click once on the sound icon. Select the Slideshow menu and choose custom
E. Choose add effect. Select Entrance tab and click appear. Click ok.
F. Select the dropdown menu to the right of the start menu and choose With Previous so
the sound starts automatically. If you don’t want this, leave it with the start on Click.

Record your whole presentation at once with automatic timings
A. Click on the Slideshow menu and choose record narration.
B. Select record. Talk and click the button to advance to the next slide. The times will
be saved automatically of when to go to the next slide.
5. Adding sounds to your PowerPoint Slide
       A. Get on the Internet and go to or or
       B. Type in the phrase you want or the word describing the sound you want. If
       searching with Google, add .wav after the word or phrase. E.G. dolphin.wav or
       that's all folks .wav
       C. Once you find a sound you want to use. Hold down the CTRL key while
       clicking on the link.
       D. Choose download link to disk or download linked file.
       E. Save the sound file in your folder on your desktop.
       F. Open up PowerPoint. Insert the sound using insert-movies and sounds-sound
       from file
       G. Hide the sound icon by dragging it off the slide
       H. You can customize when the sound plays on your slide by selecting it and
       choosing slideshow menu-custom animation.

6. Use a song as a background in a presentation
       A. Open the presentation you want to add a song to.
       B. Click on the Insert menu, and choose Movies and Sounds, and then click
       Sound from File.
       C. Locate the sound you want, and then click Insert.
       D. Select Yes to play the sound automatically when the slide is displayed.
       E. On the first slide, make sure the sound icon is selected.
       F. On the Slide Show menu, choose Animations, and then click Custom.
       G. In the Custom Animation window, click the Options tab and change your
       settings to match those shown in the following illustration, and then click OK.
       (Check play continuous slide show and stop playing after 999 slides).
7. Creating a link to a webpage
       A. Load up the webpage you want to link to in a browser. Add it to your favorites
       or bookmarks or copy it to the clipboard.
       B. Load up your Powerpoint. Highlight a text box or text you want to link. Click
       on the Insert menu and choose hyperlink
       C. Click on the Favorites button and find your link or paste your link to the Link
       to box.
       D. You can change the words in the Display box and click ok.

8. Creating a link to another page in your PowerPoint
       A. Load up your Powerpoint. Highlight a text box or text you want to link.
       B. Click on the Slideshow menu and choose action settings.
       C. Select the hyperlink to and choose slide.
       D. Choose your slide and click ok twice.
9. Adding animations from the Internet to your PowerPoint
       A. Get on the Internet and go to
       B. There are basically two simple ways to find animations on the Internet. First
       use this excellent free animation website or
       type in the phrase you want or the word describing the animation you want and
       add animation after the word or phrase. E.G. frog animation
       C. Once you find the animation you want to use. Hold down the CTRL key while
       clicking on the link.
       D. Choose download link to disk or download linked file.
       E. Save the animation file in your folder on your desktop.
       F. Open up PowerPoint. Insert the animation using insert-picture- from file. The
       animation will only work when you run the slideshow.
       G. If you only want to start the slideshow from the current slide, click on the

             icon in the bottom left corner.

10. Animating pictures in your powerpoint
You can make still pictures animated or move using PowerPoint
       A. Click once on the picture you want to animate
       B. Select the Slideshow menu and choose custom animation
       C. Choose Add Effect. Normally, you select the entrance tab.
       D. Select an effect and click ok.
       E. Choose the speed and if you want the animation to start when you click the
       mouse or automatically (with previous=automatic)
       F. Effect options allow you to add a sound linked to the still picture. Choose
       sound and scroll to the bottom and choose sound effect. Locate your sound file
       and click ok.
11. Adding Movies to your PowerPoint
      A. First you need to download the movie clip from
      Username and password is rcps

             1. Login to
             2. Find your video
             3. Click on the title so you get the breakdown of your video into parts
             4. Click on Show Media Controls link located at the top right part of
             the screen.
             5. Choose QuickTime (MAC Computers) and stand-alone

             6. Hold down the CTRL key while clicking on the D icon             to
             download the movie clip you want.
             7. Save it to the desktop or somewhere you can locate it later.
             8. Quit out of Internet and double-click to watch the file. If it doesn't
             work, open QuickTime first and do a file open.

      B. Inserting the Movie clip into PowerPoint
             1. Create a folder on the desktop. Put your PowerPoint and the movie
             clip in the folder.
             2. Open up your PowerPoint.
             3. Click on the Insert menu and choose Movies and Sounds and then
             Movies from File.
             4. Find your movie clip.
12. Use the drawing toolbar to spice up your PowerPoint
       1. Click on View and choose toolbars. Click on drawing so it is checked. If it is
       already checked, skip this step.

           Add 3D shapes, layer, rotate, and flip shapes. Use the arrange option to order
           or layer pictures on top of each other.

           This is used to select objects

           Rotate words or pictures by highlighting the words or pictures so that the 4
           handles show and then click on this icon. Click on the green circle to rotate.

           Inserts a text box

           Word art-makes your writing colorful.


           Insert a picture

           Create lines. Hold down shift key to get a straight line

           This creates a square box filled with whatever color you want.

           Lots of shapes to choose from to create

           Free drawing tools. Draw on the PowerPoint as if you are using a pencil.

           Choose your line thickness

           Color choices

           Line or border colors on your drawings

           Fill color in any shape.
13. Tips & Tricks:
* Most of the Advanced options are under the Slideshow menu. For example, if you
want to loop your slideshow or make it run 5 seconds on each slide, choose slideshow
menu-setup show.

Hit the b key to have a black screen or w for a white screen before, during or after your
presentation. You could do this to work out a problem on the Smartboard or so students
don’t see your presentation.
* You can convert any PowerPoint into a movie or webpage by clicking on File save as
and change the format.

* Save your PowerPoint as a Package so that it doesn’t lose your links to movies, sounds
or pictures. It also includes the PowerPoint Viewer and prepares the presentation to be
burned to a cd or emailed. Click on File and choose save as. On the format menu,
choose PowerPoint Package.

* You can also hide a slide that you don’t want to appear on a presentation. Click on the
View menu and choose slide sorter. Click on the slide you want to hide. Click on the
Slideshow menu and choose hide slide.

* Objects or pictures can be nudged or move ever so slightly by holding down the CTRL
key while clicking on the arrow keys.

* Save a PowerPoint as a show (.pps) and it will load up automatically into the slideshow
when you double click to load it.

* When in the slideshow mode, you can jump around your slideshow by clicking the
number slide you want to jump to and hit enter.

* Download Free PowerPoint Viewer
Anyone can download a free powerpoint viewer 2007 for windows or powerpoint viewer
98 for MAC from This allows any computer to view a powerpoint
but the user cannot create or edit the powerpoint from
us/powerpoint/HA100966951033.aspx or type in PowerPoint Viewer 2007 in a search
engine like Google.
14. PowerPoint Template Editing Directions

Jeopardy Game
This game has 5 categories with 5 questions under each category = 25 Questions. The
Game has a different sound and animation for every question. It is easy to use for any
subject or grade from K-college. It also works great on an interactive Whiteboard such as
a Smartboard.

   1. Open up the JeopardyGame.ppt from the CD of off the web at
   2. Go to slide 2
   3. Change the text “Topic 1-5” to your topics by clicking once on each Topic and

   4. Go to slide 3
   5. Change the text “Question 1 from Topic 1” to your first question under the
      yellow Topic 1
   6. Change the answer choices from wrong to choices you want for question 1 and
      make sure the correct answer is always on the “right” box which in this case
      has to be C.

   7. Go to slide 4
   8. Type the correct answer for Question one.
   9. Repeat steps 5-8 until you have done all 25 questions

   ** To see an example, Download these SOL 4th Grade Virginia Studies PowerPoints
   from (Virginia) (Virginia 1) (Virginia 2) (Virginia 3) (Virginia 4)
Millionaire Game
This can be as many questions as you want, 3 lifelines or hints are included for every
Question. This game takes more work to edit than the Jeopardy but is a lot of fun.
The following buttons appear on every question:

              Shrinks the answer choices from 4 to 2.

          This button gives the user 10 seconds to ask the audience or a particular

                This button gives a clue or hint to answer the question.

1. Open up the MillionaireGame.ppt from the CD of off the web at
2. Go to slide 3 and change the text from Question 1 to your question.
3. Next fill in the correct answer choices over the text wrong and right.
4. Copy all these answer choice buttons to the clipboard by clicking on each of the 4
    choices while holding down the shift key. Click on edit menu and choose copy
    (CTRL + C).
5. Delete the answer choices on slides 4, 5 and 7 by clicking on them and then
    hitting the delete key on your keyboard.
6. Put the new answer choices that you copied from slide 3 on slides 4,5 and 7 by
    clicking on Edit and choose paste (CTRL + V).
7. Make sure you delete 2 of the choices for the 50:50 slide which in this case is
    slide 5.
8. You could also copy the question from slide 3 to slides 4,5, and 7 so you don’t
    have to retype it.
9. On slide 8, type in the correct answer
10. Repeat steps 2-9 for all the questions. Delete any slides you don’t’ want to use.

** Optional: Color letters throughout the game that form the correct answer for the
final question. This way all students should be watching the questions and answers
carefully for different colored letters.

** To see an example, download any of these SOL 5th grade PowerPoints from: (Oceans) (5 Kingdoms) (Light) (Sound)
15. PowerPoint Game Templates:

7th Grade Math with Shrek and Spiderman powerpoints that can be changed.

Game Templates

Game templates organized by grade level.

Great powerpoint game templates. Not all will work on MACS.

Lots of Game Templates with directions.

Loads of powerpoints organized by subject

Instructional PowerPoints organized by subject

Searching for PowerPoint Online

This search engine only searches the 133 school divisions websites so you will only get
SOL Powerpoints. Type in a keyword or SOL to search for and when your results show,
click on PowerPoints only link at the top.

Click on the Advanced Search link. Type in the exact phrase box what you want to
search for. Change the file format to PowerPoints and click Google Search.

E.G. Here is a PowerPoint search for revolutionary war

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