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Powerpoint Templates Set Slides


Powerpoint Templates Set Slides document sample

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									                    Instructions for Using HWI PowerPoint Templates

The Howe Writing has created a set of PowerPoint templates based on the Miami University
style guide that use Miami colors and the logos of Miami and the FSB. The templates contain
layouts for title slides, bulleted content, graphics, side by side comparisons, and other common
slide formats. By using the templates, you can ensure your PowerPoint presentations will follow
the basic design principles of Consistency, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity.

To use the HWI PowerPoint templates available on the HWI website at :

   1. Save the zip file “HWI PowerPoint Templates” to your hard drive in a convenient
      location that you will remember.

   2. Unzip the files:

           a. Right-click the “HWI PowerPoint Templates” zip file.

           b. Select Extract All from the drop-down menu, and continue through the wizard to
              extract the files.

           The extract will create a folder named “HWI PowerPoint Templates” with the
           templates inside.

   3. In the newly created “HWI PowerPoint Templates” folder, double-click the desired
      template to open it in PowerPoint.

       Note: If the template opens in Slide Master view, click Close Master View.

       The first slide defaults to the “Presentation Title” slide layout.

   4. To add a slide with the “Title and Content” slide layout (a bulleted list format), click New

   5. To add a slide with a different slide layout (such as Section Header, Comparison, or
      Blank), click the New Slide dropdown arrow and select the desired layout.

   6. To change the layout of an existing slide:

           a. Select the slide.

           b. Click the Layout dropdown arrow and select the desired layout.

   7. Save your PowerPoint presentation in .ppt or .pptx format. The original template (.potx)
      will not be changed.

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