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					EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                  Helping the Hungry and the Homeless.
   Judith A. Bambas
President - Barbara Jennings
Vice President - Fran Carey
Vice President - Eric Azariah
                                     FULLERTON INTERFAITH EMERGENCY SERVICE, INC.
                                                    P.O. BOX 6326
                                                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                                         INTERFAITH VISTAS
Secretary - Janet McGarvey                                                                             PAID                                            WE AIM, THROUGH A FAITH-BASED COMMUNITY EFFORT OF PREVENTION AND
Treasurer - Tricia Lively
Warren Bowen
                                                FULLERTON, CA 92834                                 PERMIT NO.                                          SUPPORT SERVICES, TO BUILD SELF-SUFFICIENCY AND END HUNGER AND
Irene Shaw Broden                                                                                       456
Paul Broden                                                                                                                                                    HOMELESSNESS FOR FAMILIES AND INDIVIDUALS IN NEED.
                                                                                                  FULLERTON, CA
Gerald Brown                                   RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED
Jackie Brown
Janet Chism
                                                                                                                    F ULLERTON I NTERFAITH E MERGENCY S ERVICE , I NC .                                                                 O CTOBER 2008
Minard Duncan
Mary Edwards                                                                                                         BELLA FESTA! CELEBRATING 15 YEARS!.....BY JUDI BAMBAS
Kim Galea
Ed Ginter                                                                                                                It was an electrifying evening at Angelo’s & Vinci’s Ristorante on September 28, 2008. Our charming
Cassandra Gray                                                                                                       hostess for the evening was Cynthia Peck, owner of Angelo’s & Vinci’s. She and her late husband, Steven,
Beverly Gunter                                                                                                       have hosted the FIES Dinner/Auction Fundraiser for 15 wonderful years. This was the topper! Cynthia
Betty Hughes
Nancy Jordan                                                                                                         went out of her way to make this a very special evening for FIES…she even arranged for a portion of the
Joanne Larson                                                                                                        event to be filmed for a cable television station! FIES Board President, Barb Jennings, had a little surprise
Ruth Musser
Merry Rossini
                                                                                                                     for Cynthia to commemorate our 15 year collaboration…a thoughtful plaque which expressed FIES thanks
Dodie Sailor                                                                                                         to her and the Angelo’s & Vinci’s team for their generosity all these years. The spontaneous standing
Julie Walson                                                                                                         ovation for Cynthia and her team made the moment that much more special. This was a record-setting
Judith Weiss
                                                                                                                     year…over $50,000 net was raised to help fund FIES programs! Our thanks go out to the fabulous
SUPPORTING CONGREGATIONS:                                                                                            committee members who made the silent auction tables and the dining tables look spectacular! The
Anaheim Presbyterian Church
Brea Congregational Church
                                                                                                                     dinner was scrumptious, as always. Of course, our inimitable Auctioneer, Henry Jones, managed to close
Brea United Methodist                                                                                                out the evening with his show-stopping wit and ability to get those bids for the Live Auction. Like Cynthia
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter                                                                                     said, “Here’s to another 15 years with FIES.”
    Day Saints of Fullerton
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
First Church of Christ, Scientist                                                                                    “NEW” CAR DONATION…..BY CHRISTY ATHERTON
First Church of Religious Science
First Lutheran Church                                                                                                   Some of the things we might take for granted or see as necessary to
First Presbyterian Church                                                                                            complete our daily responsibilities, can be all but out of reach for some
    of Fullerton
First Presbyterian Church
    of Garden Grove
                                        DATES TO REMEMBER                         DID YOUR ADDRESS                   of the residents in our programs. Owning a reliable car is a true luxury in
                                                                                                                     our society. Taking the local bus system can add many hours to our
Fullerton Congregational Church
                                                                                  CHANGE RECENTLY?                   residents days and can make some of the smallest tasks, like going to
Fullerton First Christian Church
Fullerton First United Methodist
                                            OCTOBER 25TH                                                             the grocery store with the kids, a much bigger ordeal. One of our families at New Vista was facing a lot of
Fullerton Unitarian Universalist         AUTUMN NIGHTS LUAU                    PLEASE LET US KNOW ABOUT ANY          complications not having reliable transportation. The mom is a hairdresser and the father works for a
Holy Cross Melkite-Greek                                                                                             catering company, and their difficult hours were all but impossible with the bus operation hours. Their car
    Catholic Church                     @ ST. PHILIP BENIZI HALL              CHANGES OF ADDRESS, INCORRECT
                                                                                                                     was on its last leg and everything that could go wrong was going wrong; the final straw was when the
Morningside Presbyterian Church                                            INFORMATION THAT WE HAVE OR REQUESTS
Orangethorpe Christian Church                                                                                        drive shaft finally fell out. In what felt like perfect timing, New Vista received a call from a very generous
Orangethorpe United Methodist
Placentia Presbyterian Church
                                           DECEMBER 1ST— TH                TO BE REMOVED FROM OUR MAILING LISTS.
                                                                                                                     supporter, Christy Smith and her daughter, Taylor, saying they had a mid-size 2003 SUV they would like
Praise Chapel                                 HOLIDAY CLEARING                                                       to donate directly to a family at New Vista. The next day Christy and Taylor brought over the “New” car
Presbytery of Los Ranchos                         PROGRAM                       PLEASE CALL 714-680-3691             to give to this family, which includes a 10-month old baby. Everyone was overjoyed by this incredibly
Self-Realization Fellowship
Sister’s of St. Joseph
                                         @ FIES DISTRIBUTION CENTER              OR SEND US A POSTCARD AT            generous gift. We want to extend our immense appreciation to Christy and Taylor for the role they have
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church                                                         P.O. BOX 6326,                 played in helping to make the lives of one of our New Vista families a little easier.
St. Angela Merici Catholic Church                                                 FULLERTON, CA 92834
St. Juliana’s Catholic Church
St. Martin de Porres                                                       OR CONTACT US THROUGH OUR WEBSITE AT      BED, BAG, AND BEYOND…..YOUR DONATIONS ARE MATCHED!
    Catholic Church
St. Mary’s Catholic Church
                                                                                       WWW.FIES.US                      $15,000 has been made available in matching funds by several generous community
St. Matthew’s of Orange                                                                                              supporters. Helping FIES reach this goal at the Angelo's and Vinci's dinner were donations of
St. Paul Lutheran Church
                                                                           THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP IN KEEPING OUR    $7,635. The day after the dinner event, two very generous gifts from the Myles and Jones
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
St. Vincent de Paul                                                                                                  families pushed the total to $12,394 leaving just over $2,600 to achieve our goal! These
                                                                                   MAILING LIST CURRENT.
St. Vincent de Paul                                                                                                  donations support transitional living (BED), emergency food distribution (BAG), and prevention and
    of Huntington Beach                                                                                              expansion services (BEYOND). $25 is the value of a 1-night stay at New Vista, a 2-night stay in the ISN
Sunny Hills Church of Christ
Temple Beth Sholom of Tustin                                                                                         program, or a 2-day supply of emergency food. Your donations, earmarked BBB, are greatly appreciated.
Temple Beth Tikvah                         WE’RE ON THE WEB!                   EDITOR: CHRISTY BRUNS-ATHERTON
                                                                             CONTRIBUTORS: JUDI BAMBAS, BARBARA
Trinity Episcopal
Wilshire Avenue                              WWW.FIES.US                    JENNINGS, APRIL JOHNEN, CHRIS DEARMAN
                                                                                                                                                                    F.I.E.S. P.O. BOX 6326, FULLERTON, CA 92834
                                                                                                                                             MAIN OFFICE AND NEW VISTA TRANSITIONAL LIVING CENTER: (714) 680-3691; FAX (714) 871-3032;
    Community Church                                                                                                      INTERFAITH SHELTER NETWORK: (714) 738-0534; FOOD DISTRIBUTION CENTER: 611 S. FORD AVENUE, FULLERTON, CA 92832 (714) 738-0255
Yorba Linda Friends
Yorba Linda Presbyterian Church
P AGE 2                                                                                    I NTERFAITH V ISTAS   F ULLERTON I NTERFAITH E MERGENCY S ERVICE , I NC .                                                              P AGE 7

 A GREAT WORK PARTY…..BY APRIL JOHNEN                                                                             President’s Message…..
      In August, the Distribution Center hosted a work party from the Disciples of Christ, International             “The best exercise for the human heart is to bend down and pick someone up.”
 Christian Youth Fellowship. They spent 2 full days working at the D.C., a half day cleaning windows at                                                                             Tim Russert
 New Vista and a full day working at the Boys and Girls Club in Fullerton. They were suppose to work at             The late Tim Russert, TV journalist and host of NBC’s Meet The Press, describes what many people
 the DC for 3 days, however they were so efficient, it was obvious more work needed to be rustled up for          have discovered in serving the poor. Delivering services to the homeless is often viewed as a heavy
 them. Fortunately, the Boys and Girls Club needed some outdoor bins painted, so off went our work crew.          burden or a nagging responsibility. But for some, serving the homeless is a privilege. How can serving the
 This crew brought a lot of enthusiasm, energy and joy. Now they are back home in Iowa, Kentucky,                 homeless be a privilege? Russert suggests that as you bend down in action, hearts are challenged,
 Illinois and Nova Scotia. I hope they have the sense of joy and satisfaction I have from our time together!      stretched and subsequently opened. It is a great honor to work alongside a staff, board, and community
                                                                                                                  who easily understand selflessness and who lead by example in the fight against hunger and homeless-
                                                                                                                  With heartfelt thanks,                               NEW AND IMPROVED
                                                                                                                  Barbara Jennings, President
                                                                                                                                                                       FIES WEBSITE…..
                                                                                                                                                                  Be sure to check out the new and
                                                                                                                                                                 improved FIES website. This summer we
                                                                                                                                                                 had Troy Tech Senior, Stephen
                                                                                                                                                                 Quinonez, complete a 150 hours of a
                                                                                                                                                                 volunteer internship upgrading it. You
                                                                                                                                                                 can now download all the FIES Newslet-
                                                                                                                                                                 ters directly through the internet or
                                                                                                                                                                 donate to FIES online. Thank you
                                                 Helpers at                                                                                                      Stephen for all your hard work and what
                                                                                                                                                                 a wonderful job you did. WWW.FIES.US
                                               the Distribution
                                                                                                                                                                                 Baby Crazy @ FIES
                                                                                                                                                                      Ask any staffer to share their photos and they will all claim that
                                                 this Summer                                                                                                       their baby is the cutest. The latest staffers to add to their families
                                                                                                                                                                  are Grandmothers April and Chris. April Johnen, Distribution Center
                                                                                                                        Fullerton Interfaith was honored to       Manager, welcomed her first grandchild, Jackson Benjamin Darracq,
 BOOKS FOR NEW VISTA…..BY CHRISTY ATHERTON                                                                           receive the Fullerton Heritage Community                          on August 3rd, 7 1/2 lbs, 21 1/2 inches. Chris
                                                                                                                      Preservation and Adaptive Reuse Award
     The Girl Scouts of American are known for actively encouraging their scouts                                                                                                      Dearman, Administrative Coordinator, welcomed
                                                                                                                     for 2008 for our efforts in restoring the
 to get involved in the local community and to volunteer their time and talents.                                               historic homes on our                                  her first grandchild, Joshua Bradon Waltman, on
 FIES has often been the recipient of this mission of outreach. This year Troy                                                  New Vista property!                                      August 28, 6 lbs. 12 oz, 20 inches. Welcome
 High School Senior, Alexis Smith, from Troop 1767, choose our New Vista                                                                                                                  to our newest members of the FIES family.
 Transitional Living Center for her Gold Award project. The Girl Scout Gold Award
 is the highest award a Girl Scout may earn. The Gold Award project is
 considered to be the culmination of all the work a girl puts into scouting and
                                                                                                                                           If you would like to donate items to FIES…..
 community service. The project is chosen based on something that the girl is                                                    these are the current needed items for each of our programs…..
 passionate about and fulfills a need within the community, creates change and                                                                                   Distribution Center: 738-0255
 has the potential to be ongoing. The project encompasses organizational skills,                                                                        Diapers (sizes 3 and up), Crackers, Canned Fruit
 leadership, and networking skills.
     Alexis has both a love of children and reading and she wanted to find a                                                                                         New Vista: 680-3691
 project that could encompass both those joys. She approached FIES last year                                                            Pots and Pans, Cookware, Flatware, Lotion and Diapers (sizes 3 and up)
 with numerous ideas of what she could do to add to our shelter for families and                                                                                         ISN: 738-0534
 came up with a plan to build and install bookcases in “Steven’s House”, in the                                        Bath Towels, Shampoo, Conditioner, Razors, Shaving Cream, Deodorant, Feminine Products, Back-
 main meeting room to create a “library” for our residents. She also held a book                                     packs, Bike Pump, Bike Kits, Laundry Baskets, Flash Lights and Batteries, Flip-Flops (for the shower),
 drive and filled the cases with a couple hundred books for all ages, with the
 majority being books for children. The final component of her project will
                                                                                                                                             Food Gift Cards ($5), Gift Cards to CVS and Target,
 continue this fall as she visits New Vista on Wednesday nights to read to the                                                                               Gift Cards for Gas
 children while their parents attend life skills classes. Thank you Alexis for all that                                                      If you have any questions about any of these wishlist items or would
 you are continuing to do for our resident children at New Vista.                                                                                like to schedule a delivery, please contact the listed program.
P AGE 6                                                                                      I NTERFAITH V ISTAS   F ULLERTON I NTERFAITH E MERGENCY S ERVICE , I NC .                                                         P AGE 3

 Comings and Goings! Judi Bambas                                                                              EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE…..
     Recently, we welcomed back Christy Atherton, our Marketing Manager, from her maternity                             Quite often in this field of work we get wonderful reminders of why we do what we do. Within this
 leave. She’d been at home caring for her new daughter, Alexandria. She’s cute as a button!                         past quarter, two exceptional “reminders” came our way. The first one was connecting with the first
 Christy and husband, Andy, are having lots of fun with her.                                                        family (Shawn and Aresha and their three children) to graduate from our newest house here at New
     We also welcomed back Tina Wolfe who had been a volunteer intern at our New Vista site                         Vista. Their children had graced the front of our Holiday Card in 2006. They are now living in a 2-
 this past spring semester while a student at Hope University. After graduating this past June,                     bedroom Victorian house in Pennsylvania that they’re renting for $500/month. Shawn secured a job that
 Tina went home to her folks in Alabama for the summer. As good timing would have it, Tina                          pays him twice as much as he was earning here, so Aresha is able to be a “stay-at-home mom”, and that
 happened to call FIES just after we’d learned that our new Case Manager at New Vista,                              suits her just fine. They are still grateful for the time they were at New Vista getting their lives back in
 Rebecca Gillogly, was going to be moving out of the area and would have to leave us. Tina                          order.
 leapt at the chance to take on the Case Manager position and joined our staff in August. We                            The other “reminder” came walking down the driveway towards our office at New Vista just a few
 will miss Rebecca, but are happy to see Tina return.                                                               weeks ago. Richard and Jennifer and their three children stopped by to say, “Hello”, and to let us know
     We want to welcome an additional part-time Case Manager to our Interfaith Shelter Network program,             how well they were doing. They had been in our New Vista program for families with their oldest two
 Paul Nguyen. In the daytime, Paul is a full-time Social Worker at Orange County Social Services. He has            children (Jennifer was pregnant with the third child) back in 2005! They were all smiles, and we were so
 also returned to college recently to start work on his Master’s in Counseling degree at Cal State Fullerton.       excited to see them! They’re renting a house in Anaheim, have a new car and Jennifer works full-time for
 He helps us in the evenings and on Saturday’s. He’s a very busy guy!                                               the Salvation Army in one of their thrift stores. Richard has been home with the children this summer, but
     We’ve also had the good fortune of having Nick Pankow as part of our staff for most of the summer.             will be returning to work this fall. Richard has been a huge help to us on a number of occasions, whether
 He is a Senior at Cal Poly Pomona and is majoring in Computer Science. He has taken on the job of                  helping to move furniture or being an “overnighter” for our Interfaith Shelter Network program. What a
 installing a new donor database for us as well as helping at the front desk at New Vista. He’s been a              treat to see them!
 great help to us! Nick is the son of Carol Pankow who makes beautiful quilts and donates one each year                 Thank you to all of our supporters who help make
 for our Angelo’s & Vinci’s Auction.                                                                                these stories possible.

                                                                                                                    With warm regards,
 21 Years & Still Going Strong… Christy Atherton                                                                Judi Bambas,

      The Holiday Clearing Program has become a staple in the local Fullerton Community.
 Nearly 800 families, including approximately 3,000 children, have been served every                                ISN GRADUATE UPDATE…..BY JUDI BAMBAS
 year for the past 21 years through the donations and volunteer time of this community.                                 It’s a pleasure to report on one of our former
 The joint efforts of the PTA units of the Fullerton Council, the Fullerton School District, the                    ISN graduates, Chris S., who was with us back in
 Assistance League of Fullerton, the Orange County Toy Collaborative (Toys For Tots and                             the later months of 2005. Chris managed to find
 Spark of Love), the Salvation Army, the North Orange County Board of Realtors, Fullerton                           employment within a very short time and was able            Jennifer and Richard      First Graduates from our
 Ace Hardware, U-Haul, local churches, various community groups and FIES join together to                           to save approximately $8,000 while he was in our           and their three children         newest house
 bring a more joyous holiday to the children of Fullerton. Families are referred to this program through the        program. I spoke with him this August, and am
 Fullerton Schools based on income and needs. When they come for their appointments they are given                  delighted to report that he owns his own home in           Autumn Nights,
 such items as food vouchers, store vouchers, toys for the kids, books and a bag of groceries. This year            Corona where he lives with his wife and four
 the program will run from December 1st through December 16th, 2008 at the FIES Distribution Center.                children, having just welcomed his brand new baby               Luau!
     Please encourage your church or organization to donate canned and non-perishable food items and                daughter to his family. He now has two boys and                 The seventh annual Autumn Nights Fundraiser,
 new unwrapped toys/gifts valued at $10.00. There is a great need for toys and gift items for adolescent            two girls. Chris was very proud to say that he is still     hosted by the Friends of New Vista and Annuncia-
 children. New or gently used books are also greatly appreciated. Tax-deductible contributions, which will          working at his same job and that he has also                tion Catholic School, is just around the corner.
 be utilized to run the program, can be made to: F.I.E.S. with a notation of “Holiday Clearing Program” in          become somewhat of an entrepreneur. He hires out            This year the fundraiser will be held Saturday,
 the memo area. All items collected should be delivered to the F.I.E.S. Distribution Center between the             as an independent contractor to install alarm               October 25th, 2008, 6:30 p.m., at St. Philip Benizi
 hours of 1:00p.m. and 4:00p.m. Monday—Friday prior to Thanksgiving.                                                systems, surround sound systems and central                 Hall, in Fullerton. The proceeds from this
     As a teenager, I volunteered at the Holiday Clearing Program as an Assisteen through the Assistance            vacuums. He was most appreciative of the fresh              fundraiser go toward our New Vista Transitional
 League of Fullerton. I passed out toiletries, sweatshirts, blankets and towels to families. I was blown            start he was given while in our program.                    Living Center for families and the Annunciation
 away by the gratitude of these families over what I, at the time, thought of as simple items. It caused me                                                                     Catholic School for tuition scholarship fund for
 to examine what I found important and the direction that I wanted to take with my life. The way the                                                           Residents in the low-income families. The evening will include a
 children’s and parents’ faces would “light up” when they were showered with these numerous gifts made                                                         ISN program are courtyard reception with music, live entertain-
 me feel like I was doing something worthwhile. Being apart of the Holiday Clearing Program as a
                                                                                                                                                               hosted for two
                                                                                                                                                                                ment, appetizers, a no-host bar, barbequed pork
                                                                                                                                                               week periods at
                    teenager, set me on the path to seek a career in the non-profit field. I believe that it is                                                supporting
                                                                                                                                                                                and chicken dinner, raffle prizes and a silent
                       important to not only support these programs within our community, but to also                                                          Congregations.   auction. Tickets for this event are $40 each. In
                          demonstrate that giving attitude for our children so that they will carry on the mis-                                                Each resident    order to meet the $16,000 goal for this year,
                         sion of giving.                                                                                                                       has their own    Sponsors, Underwriters and Hosts are needed. For
                                                                                                                                                               private “condo”  further information contact Bev Gunter,
P AGE 4                                                                                      I NTERFAITH V ISTAS   F ULLERTON I NTERFAITH E MERGENCY S ERVICE , I NC .                                                             P AGE 5

    We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the following individuals,                                     FIES would like to extend special thanks to those who have supported us this
   congregations and groups who made donations to FIES this past quarter…..                                                      past quarter with their time and in-kind donations…..
 Joanne Adger                          Richard and Beverly Gunter        Bruce Powell                                    • Thank you to the many individuals, groups and companies who support the Distribution Center through
 Rodney and Shirley Allen              David and Joanne Hardy            Larry Powell                                donations. Including; Fullerton Certified Farmer’s Market, Morningside Presbyterian Church, Dr. Donna Marino from
 Rick and Vicki Alvarez                Audrey Heble                      Richard and Gale Price                       the St. Jude Heritage Dept. Pediatrics, Bob & Norma Rill, Cal. State University of Fullerton, St. Andrew’s Episcopal
 Fred Askham                           Robert Himrod                     Mary Ransom                                   Church of Fullerton, Wilshire Avenue Community Church, Self Realization Fellowship, Girl Scouts, Linda Gardner,
 Astor Classics & Event Center         Charlotte Hodgson                 Elaine Redfield                                   LaVonne Viebila, Temple Beth Tikvah, Hebrew School Graduates, Don & Sharlane Blakeley, D. Johnson,
      – Debbie Vidana                  Richard Hutchins                  Randall Reese                                 Jerry & Jackie Brown, Jean Sweeney, Fullerton First United Methodist Church, Morningside Presbyterian Church,
 Eric and Betsy Azariah                Larry and Sally Iboshi            Bob Reinfried                                  Norma Pou, Girl Scout Troop 2188, Orangethorpe United Methodist Church, L.S. Smith, R. Walcek, STLL, First
 Peter Baron                           Hal Jensen                        Anne Riley                                       Church of Christ, Scientist, Fullerton; Unitarian Universalist Church of Fullerton, Linda Barbato, Brea United
 David and Beverly Bates               Barbara Johnson                   Gilbert and Phyllis Riley                    Methodist Church, St. Paul Lutheran Church of Fullerton, La Entrada High School of Yorba Linda, Kathy Robidoux
 Shirly Bloom                          Ben and Carolyn Johnson           Merry Rossini                                                                   and DW/CWF of Fullerton First Christian Church.
 Ellie Bohall                          Henry and Vi Jones                Mary Rupp                                                   • The National Charity League-Fullerton Chapter for the 79 wonderful new school
 Warren Bowen                          Linda Kelton                      Charlene Savage                                                           backpacks with school supplies for our New Vista children.
 Linda Boyle                           Ken Sackett Designs               Marian Schain                                                          • Our volunteer grocery shoppers for our New Vista Program:
 Carolyn Brislawn                      Bill and Shirley Kincaid          Margaret Schnoor                                                      Mary Marcus & Ellie Bohall; Gwen & Ray Murphy; and Judy Hong.
 Gerald and Jackie Brown               Linda Knoff                       Dr. and Mrs. Art Schutz                                      • Kathey Schuster, for volunteering countless hours to assist our New Vista and
 Helen Brown                           Georgene LaMontagne               Lois Shea                                                                 ISN residents with their resumes and career assessments.
 Jarvis and Mildred Brown              Joanna Lawton                     Sidney Stern Memorial Trust                 • Greg Habbestad, Volunteer Project Coordinator, and his dedicated Men’s Group with EV Free Church for laying
 Arlene Kay Bumgarner                  Charles and Cecile Leavell        John Silber                                               pavers adjacent to our New Vista office site which will be used as an outside reception area,
 Deborah Burgess                       Pastor Ed Lindberg                Blake Smith                                                    and also for recovering the dining room chairs in one of our New Vista homes.
 Constance Cameron                     William and Patricia Lineberry    Fred and Rita Snowden                                              • Kristina Sie for all the “Thank You” letters she writes to our donors.
 Elton and Fran Carey                  James Long                        Tom and Sue Solomonson                                  • Custom Comfort Mattress Company for a discounted price on mattresses for New Vista.
 Jack and Marilyn Carlson              Los Angeles Times Family Fund     Soroptimist International of Fullerton      • The wonderful group of volunteers with the International Christian Youth Fellowship (ICYF) who provided three
 Gary Chomiak                               – A Fund of the McCormick    St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church                          service days to FIES, dividing their time between our Distribution Center and our New Vista sites.
 Coldwell Banker                              Foundation                 St. Paul Lutheran Church                                                They came from as far away as Illinois, Iowa and Nova Scotia.
      – Yorba Linda Office             David and Joyce MacKain           Joan Stein                                                 • Shawn Strand for donating men’s suits and casual attire to our New Vista Program.
 Congregational Church of Fullerton    Ben Marchi                        Thomas Streeter                                           • Ellen Cook and Lucille Walker for donating women’s suits to our New Vista Program.
 Carolyn Couron                        Mary Marcus                       Elizabeth Styles                            • First Christian Church-Fullerton, St. Paul Lutheran-Fullerton and First Presbyterian Church-Fullerton for hosting
 Ben and Sharon Darracq                Steve and Nancy Marcus            Ruth Symonds                                                        our Interfaith Shelter Network program additional weeks this past quarter.
 Katherine Davis                       Maureen Mason                     Temple Beth Tikvah                                           • McAulary & Wallace for the printing of our invitations to our annual fundraiser.
 Minard Duncan                         Jo-Anne Matsuba                   The Brownstone Café                                             • Patty Anthony for volunteering in babysitting the children at New Vista.
 Linda Dykes                           Molly McClanahan                  The Capital Group Companies                          • Dr. Donna Marino with St. Jude Heritage for donating baby formula to the Distribution Center.
 Mary Edwards                          Bill and Janet McGarvey               Charitable Foundation                       • John Silber, Blair Giboney, Joan Wolff, and Bill Flory for their work on a potential Second Step program.
 Steve and Cathy Eldredge              Ruth Ann McMillen                 The Marqlane Foundation                                   • Donnette Guiltinan, from the Unitarian Universalist Church for volunteering to make
 Donna Elsasser                        Delores McNevin                   The Pfizer Foundation                                                           new curtains for “Steven’s House” at New Vista.
 Evangelical Lutheran Church           Margaret Milne                        – Matching Gift Program                   • the Unitarian Universalist Church for hosting two special gatherings to recruit volunteers for FIES programs.
      in America                       George and Pamela Montgomery      The Presbytery of Los Ranchos                                  • The Southlands Church for holding a food drive for our Distribution Center.
 Paula Fisher                          Debbie Montoya                    The R.C. Baker Foundation
 Frida Fluck                           Return Moore                      Jack and Connie Townsend
 Frances Forsch                        Morningside Presbyterian Church   Colleen Townsend-Thomas
 Don and Anita Fortune                 Ray and Gwen Murphy               Robert and Jean Turner
 Fullerton First Christian Church      Doris Muschek                     Fritz Von Coelln
 Fullerton First Presbyterian Church   Harry and Ruth Musser             Wells Fargo Foundation                                                                                            We are so fortunate to have the
      – Worship Committee              Bruce and Alicia Mutter           Amanda Werbick                                                                                               children in our New Vista Transitional
 Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Funk           Kendall Neisses                   Diane Wilkinson                                                                                                Living Program continue to be the
 Joe Fyne                              Shelly Nichols                    Bob and Ruth Wilkoff                                                                                       recipients of beautiful hand-made quilts
 Ed and Dede Ginter                    Mary Noble                        Wilshire Avenue Community Church                                                                           made with love by a number of volunteer
 Jane Glessner                         Juanita Noe                       Wilshire Avenue Community Church                                                                             quilters. This generous program was
 Mark and Marlene Goodstein            Rebecca Oliver                        – Agape Circle                                                                                          started by former FIES Board member,
 Carol Goold                           Orangethorpe Christian Church     Doris Wood                                                                                                 Jane Livesay, and to date approximately
 Anne Gray                             Orangethorpe United               Jane Yarbrough
                                                                                                                                                                                      200 quilts have been donated. Thank
 Cassandra Gray                             Methodist Church             Yokohama Tire Corporation
 Chuck Greening                        Jane Ouweleen                     Marjorie Young                                                                                                 you ALL for these little treasures!
 Carol Greenwood                       Perry Palencia                    Cynthia Yount
 Carol Guida                           James and Sharon Perry                                                             Quilts for Our Children…..