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Anglican Orthodox Church Anglican Orthodox Church Worldwide


    Anglican Orthodox Church Worldwide Communion, Province of Asia
                Anglican Orthodox Church of India (AOCI)

      Jurisdiction of the ICM (Indian Christian Mission - Episcopal
                       Missionary Diocese of Eluru)


12th February 2009 :


We have received Mrs. and Revd. Dr. Joshua Raj in the morning at about 8:00 a.m., They
stayed in the J.K.Palace Hotel in ELURU city. We reached DANAGUDEM village at
11a.m. We walked along with the procession for about a kilometre. The Consecration
Service was led by the Bishop John SDR and the Church building was consecrated by the
Senior Bishop His Grace Most Revd. Victor A.Rao, along with the Revd. Dr. Joshua Raj
and Mrs. Dr. Elizabeth Raj.

Snacks and drinks were provided to the congregation. About 150 people turned up for the


The Medical camp was conducted at 3 :00 p.m., The following Doctors were present and
the Camp was started with the Prayer bp Bishop John SDR.:

1. Dr. Joshua Raj FRCSE ( Orthopaedic ), 2. Dr.Venkatramayya ( Paediatic ), 3.
Dr.Ajay Chandra ( General Physician ), 4. Dr.Mrs.Sathya ( Gynaecologist ), 5.
Dr.Mrs.Vijaya Lakshmi ( Dentist ), 6. Dr.J.Venkat Rao ( Opthalmologist ).
Consultation areas were in the School compound, under the tents. About 225 patients
were seen. Since we did not pre-purchase the medicines, the patients returned on 20th
February 2009 to fill the prescriptions.

THE Convention:

The convention and the public meeting was started at 7:30 p.m., Bishop John SDR gave
the inaugural address and introduced The Revd.Dr.Joshua Raj and Mrs.Dr.Elizabeth Raj.

The Revd. Dr.Joshua Raj gave his greetings for and on behalf of the Primate and the
Metropolitan of the AOC - The Most Revd. Dr.Jerry L.Ogles and the Secretary Mrs.Betty
Hoffman. The action song by the Pastors of Tripura was very enjoyable. The Revd.
Dr.Prasanth Raj has delivered the revival message for about one and half hour. The
Diocese gave free dinner to all the faithful present at the convention.

13th February 2009:


The Pastors’ Seminar was conducted throughout the day with a lunch break. There were
100 Pastors and 22 Bible women attending. Lunch and snacks were provided, and the
files and bags. The eight Pastors from TRIPURA state were also participated.

The following were the speakers and resource persons :

1. Revd. Dr. Joshua Raj 2. Mrs. Dr. Elizabeth Raj,   3. Prof. David Raju, 4. Prof.
Pradeep Kumar


1. The qualifications of an Evangelist,
2. Negative mental attitudes towards Evangelism,
3. Basic Functions of the Church,
4.Benefits of self-propagation,
5. The personal life of a Pastor,
 6.The work of a Pastor in the Church
7. The vision of a Pastor for the Church,
8.The goals of a Pastor for the Church
9. How to set the goals,
10.Managing your time as a Pastor.

Mrs. Dr.Elizabeth specially focused on HOME CHURCH.

The Seminar went on well and the Pastors were so satisfied and FOUR of them have
given their remarks that how they were benefited out of this seminar.


The Convention started at 7:30 p.m., The first program was the distribution of certificates
to the trainees of Tailoring School being run by the Diocese. The Bishop John SDR, The
Revd.Dr.Joshua Raj, Mrs.Dr.Elizabeth Raj, The Secretary and the Treasurer of the
Diocese and the Mission Priest Revd.Stephen Ampalavanar distributed the certificates.
The trainees felicitated the Senior Bishop Most Revd.Rao, Bishop JOHN SDR,
Revd.Dr.Joshua Raj, Mrs.Dr.Elizabeth Raj and the Mission Priest Revd.D.Stephen
Ampalavanar with garlands and shawls. The Diocese has offered free dinner to all the
faithful who attended the convention.
14 th February 2009 :

Healing Festival :

The Healing Festival was conducted from 10 : 00 a.m.,by the Bishop John SDR. There
was a big crowd. The Senior Bishop Most Revd.Victor A.Rao, Revd.Dr.Joshua Raj and
Revd.Stephen Ampalavanar have also participated. The festival lasts at 2 : 30 p.m., The
Diocese offered FREE lunch for all the faithful attending the healing prayer service.


After Lunch, the Harvest festival was started. The faithful and the Elders from all the
village Churches of the Diocese brought their offerings ( in Kind ).
Revd.Dr.A.D.Sikhamani has delivered the message on HARVEST and GIVING for
about 45 minutes. Revd.Dr.Joshua Raj and Mrs.Dr.Elizabeth Raj also participated. Then
the auction of the articles brought by the Congregations was conducted. The final prayer
was offered by Revd.Ratnakara Rao and the benediction by the Bishop John SDR.


The last night convention was started at 7:30 p.m., Opening Prayer was offered by
Revd.T.Yesuratnam. The first message was delivered by Revd.Dr.A.D.Sikhamani.

Then the CONVOCATION was started to award the DOCTORATE to the Senior Bishop
Most Revd.Victor A.Rao. The programme was lead by the Bishop John SDR and Hon’le
Judge Mr.Solomon Raju, the District and Sessions additional Judge of Prakasam District
was the Chief Guest. The Revd.Dr.Joshua Raj has represented the Latimer Hall School
of Divinity, USA., The Revd.Dr.A.John, the President of the Bible Mission was also

Revd.Dr.Joshua Raj explained about the Latimer Hall school of Divinity and the reasons
for awarding the Doctorate to the Senior Bishop Most Revd.Victor A.Rao. Then
Revd.Dr.Joshua Raj awarded the DOCTORATE ( Doctor of Divinity) to the Senior
Bishop Most Revd.Victor A.Rao, on behalf of the Presidign Bishop of the AOC
Worldwide Communion, The Most Rev. Jerry Ogles. The Senior Bishop has thanked the
Board of Director of Latimer Hall School of Divinity and specially to the Most
Revd.Dr.Jerry L.Ogles, Revd.Dr.Joshua Raj and his wife. The trustees of the Diocese
have felicitated Revd.Dr.Joshua Raj and his wife very well with garlands and shawls.
Finally the family of Bishop John SDR felicitated Mrs.and Revd.Dr.Joshua Raj for their
kind visit and support.

The convention was closed at about 11:30 in the night with a closing prayer of Bishop
John SDR and benediction by the Senior Bishop Most Revd.Dr.Victor A.Rao. The
Diocese offered FREE dinner for all the faithful attended the convention.

15th February 2009 :


The Sunday Service was conducted at the Cathedral from 9:00 a.m., to 11:00 a.m., The
Bishop John SDR conducted the service and delivered the message. The Senior Bishop
Most Revd.Dr.Victor A.Rao and Mrs.& Revd.Dr.Joshua Raj also participated.
Revd.Dr.Joshua Raj said the Greetings. We then moved to LOKUMUDI village for the
consecration of the new Church building. The Bishop John SDR led the consecration
service. The Senior Bishop Most Revd.Dr.Victor A.Rao consecrated the Church building
in presence of The Revd.Dr.Joshua Raj and Mrs.Dr.Elizabeth Raj. The local Member of
Legislative Assembly has also participated along with the local prominent members. We
had our Lunch there and returned to ELURU at about 3:00 P.M.

Then Revd.Dr.Joshua Raj and his wife left for Bangalore at about 11.00 p.m.,

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