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					                                                                     FALL 2010                   Justice Achieved for
                                                                                                 Plaintiffs Illegally
                                                                                                 Arrested by
                                                                                                 Baltimore Police
                                                                                                 On April 15, 2005, Evan Howard, Tyrone
F REE STATE LIBERTI ES                                                                           Braxton, and another friend were
                                                                                                 approached by three plainclothes police
                                                                                                 officers a block from Howard’s home in
                                                                                                 Baltimore. They were questioned about a
                                                                                                 recent homicide, about which they knew
                                                                                                 nothing. They were asked their ages, and
                                                                                                 the friend, a minor, was sent home.

                                                                                                 The officers then handcuffed Howard
                                                                                                 and Braxton, brought them to Central
                                                                                                 Booking, publicly strip searched them,
                                                                                                 and held them in filthy detention facili-

                                                                                                 Howard was held for 54 hours and
                                                                                                 Braxton for 36 hours. Both were
                                                                                                 released without any charges being
                                                                                                 filed. Neither of them had been in trou-
                                                                                                 ble with the law before or since.

                                                                                                 This June, Howard and Braxton – and
ACLU of Maryland represents Anthony Graber, a motorcyclist being criminally prosecuted by        many others like them – finally achieved
the Maryland State Police for posting video on YouTube of a plainclothes officer pulling him     justice.
over with his gun drawn, which he took with a helmet camera. (FULL STORY, PAGE 4.)
                                                                                                 The ACLU of Maryland reached a com-
                                                                                                 prehensive settlement in our lawsuit
 S PECIAL E VENTS :                            ACLU of Maryland and the Maryland
                                               Institute College of Art (MICA) host
                                                                                                 challenging a pattern of improper
 THE FALL’S TWO HOTTEST                                                                          arrests by the Baltimore City Police
                                               Constitution Day. The theme is “Mar-              Department. The settlement, which cul-
 MARYLAND ACLU EVENTS                          riage is a Civil Right,” and speakers             minates more than a year of negotia-
                                               include syndicated relationship and               tions between the City and the Plaintiffs,
 RSVP to
                                               sex advice columnist Dan Savage,                  provides for far-reaching reforms of the
 410-889-8555; 240-274-5295
                                               renowned law professor Kendall                    BPDʼs arrest and monitoring practices.
                                               Thomas, and nationally acclaimed
                    BALTIMORE                  performance artist Sharon Hayes.                  The suit, which was filed in 2006, and
                    CONSTITUTION               Space is limited, please RSVP ASAP.               amended in 2007, was brought on
                    DAY                                                                          behalf of thirteen individual plaintiffs
                    SUNDAY, SEPT 19,           TAKOMA PARK                                       and the Maryland State Conference and
                    3-5 PM                     IMMIGRATION & CIVIL LIBERTIES                     Baltimore City Branch of the NAACP.
                    Falvey Hall, MICA,         SUNDAY, OCT 24, 3:30 PM
                    1300 W. Mount Royal        7500 Maple Avenue, Takoma Park MD                 “It is so exciting to finally reach justice
                    Ave, Baltimore MD                                                            and announce this agreement,” said
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                                                             THE DAILY SHOW (& ACLU)                  OCTOBER EVENT: IMMIGRATION
                           CAMPAIGN NEEDS YOU, p. 5          ASK: “PORK OR PARENTS?”, p. 7            AND CIVIL LIBERTIES, p. 7
Dear Friends of Civil Liberties ...                                                       FREE STATE
                                             Central cable network – profiled a Mus-      is the newsletter of the
                                                                                          American Civil Liber-
                                             lim mom who wants to care for foster         ties Union of Maryland
                                             children but was denied because she          and the American Civil Liberties Union
                                             doesn’t serve pork in her home. With so      Foundation of Maryland. Main Office:
                                             many children in need of loving parents,     3600 Clipper Mill Road, Suite 350, Balti-
                                                                                          more, MD 21211. Field Office: 6930 Car-
                                             The Daily Show (and ACLU) asked, “What       roll Avenue, Suite 610, Takoma Park, MD
                                             is more important, pork or parents?” The     20912.
                                             religious liberty at stake is serious, but   Phone: 410-889-8555; 240-274-5295
                                             we know that sometimes the best way          Fax: 410-366-7838; TDD: 410-889-8558
BY SARA LOVE AND SUSAN GOERING               to make change is through a little           Email:
                                             humor.                                       Subscription with membership:
                                                                                          $20/yr and up. Send your dues today!
One thing that brings us joy at the ACLU     And this September there will be riotous
                                             laughter at our Constitution Day event at    President: Sara N. Love
each June is watching our high school                                                     Vice President: Stephanie L. Joseph
and college interns, as well as law          the Maryland Institute College of Art. The   Treasurer: Jennifer Burdick
clerks, break from the ivory towers of       topic will be LGBT rights and marriage       Secretary: Nina Basu
academia, burst through our doors, roll      equality and one of the speakers will be     National Board Rep: Davis Bobrow
                                             the very funny syndicated relationship       General Counsel: C. Christopher Brown
up their sleeves and do what needs to
be done to address the critical and          and sex columnist, Dan Savage. He’ll be      Board Members: Elliott Andalman,
unique civil liberties issues we face.       joined by acclaimed performance artist       Sahar Aziz, Nina Basu, Coleman
                                             Sharon Hayes and renowned Columbia           Bazelon, Davis B. Bobrow, Jennifer
                                             law professor Kendall Thomas, who            Burdick, Ira Burnim, Lawrence D.
This year among the many projects they                                                    Egbert, Doreen C. Getsinger, Sally T.
worked on was the launch of our 2010         writes on racial and feminist theory and     Grant, Cary J. Hansel, III, Allison
Election Protection Campaign, which dis-     the law and sexuality.                       Harper, Stephanie L. Joseph, Steve
tributes “Voter Empowerment Cards,”                                                       Lawrence, Sara N. Love, Nicole P.
                                                                                          Meads, Michael Wotorson
reaches out to a wide range of get-out-      As always, we are deeply grateful for
the-vote groups, and provides a hotline      your support of our serious work. Some-      Executive Director: Susan Goering
for the Primary and General elections.       times protecting and advancing rights is     Operations Director: Alison James
Come Election Day, the work they did will    fun, but it can also be long and arduous.    Executive Assistant: Amber Warren
                                                                                          Legal Director: Deborah A. Jeon
solve real election problems and help        Smarts, dedication, and creativity are       Staff Attorney: David Rocah
people exercise their right to vote.         necessary, and thanks to you, the ACLU       Legal Fellows: Ajmel Quereshi, Sonia
                                             of Maryland is able to never let up.         Kumar
But while we work hard and our issues                                                     Legal Program Administrator:
                                                                                          Amy Cruice
can be serious, we don’t take ourselves                                                   Legal Program Associate:
too seriously.                                                                            Persia Swift
                                                                                          Legislative Director:
                                                                                          Cynthia Boersma
In July, a fun time was had by all who                                                    Development Director:
came to the grand opening of our new                                                      Natasha Lewis
Takoma Park field office. While we’ve        Sara N. Love                                 Development Associate: Allison Klein
always defended rights in the area, the      President                                    Public Outreach Director:
                                             Maryland ACLU Board of Governors             Meredith Curtis
field office complements our main office                                                  Fair Housing Program Director:
in Baltimore and will be a launching pad     Montgomery County                            Barbara Samuels
for increased outreach to Montgomery,                                                     Fair Housing Legal Program Associate:
Prince George’s, and Southern Maryland                                                    Niambi Murray
                                                                                          Education Reform Project Director:
counties. Let us know if you’d like to be                                                 Bebe Verdery
a part of this exciting expansion of our                                                  Education Advocates: JaCina Stanton,
civil liberties work.                                                                     Frank Patinella
                                                                                          Volunteer Attorneys: Janet Burt, Dan
                                             Susan Goering                                Shemer
Then this August, Comedy Central came                                                     Newsletter Editor: Meredith Curtis
to Maryland to profile one of our clients.   Executive Director
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – a          Maryland ACLU                                Documents and information filed under
satirical news program on the Comedy         Baltimore City                               the Maryland Charitable Organizations
                                                                                          Solicitation Act may be obtained from the
                                                                                          Maryland Secretary of State, State House,
                                                                                          Annapolis, MD 21401.
 A FAREWELL :                                                                     
 Skadden Fellow on Immigrants Rights
                                                                                            JOIN TODAY!
                                              Several wrongheaded proposals that
                                              Quereshi helped to defeat also would
                                                                                            THE FIGHT FOR
                                              have burdened vulnerable populations.         CIVIL LIBERTIES
                                              One state bill would have restricted the
                                              services that local non-profits could         NEEDS YOU!
                                              provide to homeless individuals who
                                              did not have proof of immigration sta-
                                                                                            q Enclosed is my tax-
                                              tus. And a proposal in Frederick County
                                                                                            deductible contribution to the
                                              would have used limited public school
 In 2008, the Maryland ACLU launched our                                                    Maryland ACLU Foundation
                                              resources to track the immigration sta-
 first Immigrants Rights Project, headed      tus of students.                              $_____________
 by Skadden Fellow Ajmel Quereshi. In the                                                   q I want to be a member.
 two years he’s been with us, Quereshi has    “Ajmel quickly became the go-to lawyer        Here’s my contribution to
 had a significant impact in protecting the   in Maryland for immigration rights            ACLU of Maryland:
 basic rights of immigrants across the        issues,” said Cindy Boersma, ACLU of          q $20 Individual q $35
 state. In doing so, he has secured the       Maryland’s outgoing Legislative Director.     Joint
 integrity of the fundamental due process     “The leadership of the Maryland General       q I want to donate appreci-
 and privacy rights of all Marylanders,                                                     ated stock to ACLUF account
                                              Assembly relied on his assessment of
 because when the rights of some in
                                              the constitutional and legal implications     (#30A121398) at T. Rowe Price
 America are allowed to be trampled, it
 ultimately affects us all.
                                              of immigration issues.”                       (DTC #0443)
                                                                                            q I want to volunteer. Please
 Through Quereshi’s work, many dan-           Perhaps most importantly, Quereshi            let me know how I can help.
 gerous anti-immigrant proposals in the       worked hard to educate the public about
 state were defeated. These included a        the due process and privacy rights at         Name
 bill that would have required employ-        stake, as well as the danger of racial        _________________________
 ers in Maryland to use the error-prone       profiling, with many local attempts to
 “E-verify” employment verification sys-      enforce federal immigration law.              Address
 tem, as well as legislation that would                                                     _________________________
 have required all local police to partner    Quereshi has truly made a difference,
 with the United States Bureau of Immi-       and though his time with us is ending,        _________________________
 gration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)        the ACLU of Maryland’s dedication to
 as part of the controversial “287(g)” pro-   protecting the rights of immigrants           Phone
 gram.                                        will continue unabated.                       _________________________


                                                                                            Visa / Master Card
                                                                                            (please circle one)
                                                                                            Account #
                                                                                            Expiration Date

                                                                                            Send this coupon with your check to
                                                                                            ACLU of MD, 3600 Clipper Mill Road,
                                                                                            Suite 350, Baltimore, MD 21211

Some of our 15 summer interns and law clerks (clockwise from upper left): Boatemma Ntiri,
Stephanie Dorenbosch, Larra Morris, Nate Vogel, Amanda Lindberg-Aganga, and Troy Waters.
                                                                                                            FREE STATE LIBERTIES   3
ACLU of Maryland Defends Right to Film, Hold Law
Enforcement Accountable in Wiretap Prosecution Case
In a case that has grabbed headlines              cameras and audio recorders. In                who record their encounters with police.
across the country, the ACLU of Mary-             Graber’s case, we argue that the search        In order for such recording to be illegal
land is providing legal counsel to                and arrest warrants were illegal,              under the Maryland law, it must involve
Anthony Graber, a motorcyclist who is             because no crime was committed.                audio, and the subjects must have a rea-
being wrongfully prosecuted by the                                                               sonable expectation of privacy in their
Maryland State Police for violating the           “This prosecution is profoundly danger-        communications.
state’s wiretap law. Graber’s helmet              ous, and seems meant to intimidate
camera, which was recording his ride,             people from recording and revealing            “Police officers doing their jobs in a pub-
filmed his roadside encounter with a              what public officials do,” said Staff Attor-   lic place cannot reasonably claim that
plainclothes trooper who cut Graber off           ney David Rocah. “It is antithetical to a      their communications are private,” said
and pulled his gun before identifying             democracy for the government to tell its       Legal Director Debbie Jeon. “This is espe-
himself as law enforcement.                       citizens they do not have the right to         cially true for highway stops, since many
                                                  record what government officials say or        police departments – including the Mary-
Graber posted the video on YouTube, after         do or how they behave in public.”              land State Police – record the stops them-
which the MSP raided his parents’ home,                                                          selves.”
confiscated computers and more, and               Graber, a Staff Sergeant in the Maryland
arrested him. MSP alleged he had vio-             Air National Guard, and a computer sys-        Unfortunately, Graber is not the only vic-
lated Maryland’s wiretap law that bars            tems engineer, faces up to 16 years in         tim of such improper police threats. We
unilateral and undisclosed recording of           prison if convicted on all of the charges,     are preparing a lawsuit on behalf of a
telephone or other private conversations.         along with the loss of his job if he is con-   man who used his cell phone to record
                                                  victed of any of the felony wiretap            officers beating his acquaintance. When
The Maryland ACLU is challenging                  charges. Graber lives in Harford County        police on the scene realized he had
MSP’s abusive use of state wiretap laws           with his wife and two young children.          recorded their conduct, they detained
to ensure the First Amendment right to                                                           him and demanded the cell phone, say-
make and publish recordings is pro-               The ACLU has long been concerned that          ing it was needed "as evidence."
tected. We believe citizens should be             Maryland’s wiretap law – meant to pro-
able to hold law enforcement officials            tect the privacy of citizens – is being used   Before returning the phone, police
accountable through legitimate use of             by law enforcement to threaten citizens        erased all of the videos, including clips
                                                                                                 of the owner's young son, which cannot
                                                                                                 be recovered.

    KUDOS!            This June, the Mary-
                      land State Bar Asso-
                                                                     Carla Reeves won the
                                                                     non-legal involve-          Go online to learn more:
                      ciation gave awards                            ment award for pro-
    to three ACLU of Maryland partners:                              tecting the rights and
                                                                     dignity of ACLU
                         Tom Glancy, an ACLU                         clients – the home-
                         pro bono attorney                           less men and women
                         from Gordon, Fein-                          living in the small
                                                                                                  L EGAL R EPORT:
                         blatt, Rothman, Hoff-                       town of Elkton.              Briefs
                         berger & Hollander,
                         LLC, won the pro         And the law firm of O’Melveny & Myers           • ACLU-MD has joined 32 ACLU affili-
                         bono service award       won the Herbert S. Garten Special Proj-         ates to ask the FBI to turn over records
                         for an attorney from a   ects award for their extraordinary com-         about their collection and use of race
                         large law firm for his   mitment to civil justice for their work on      and ethnicity data in local communities.
    work in Runnels v. Newell, on behalf of       the ACLU of Maryland’s Taser Review
    small-town Marylanders who might              Project.                                        • ACLU-MD is pressing Somerset
    otherwise have been unable to stand up                                                        County officials to enact reforms to
    for their rights in court.                    Congratulations to everyone on your             increase diversity in government hiring.
                                                  well-deserved awards!


Braxton. “For me, it has always been
about finally getting the police to do
what is right, and I hope that now no one
else has to experience what I went

The agreement reached with the Balti-
more City Police Department includes
four major reforms:

1. New directives that clearly define the
scope of Baltimore City Police officers’
authority related to numerous low-level,
non-violent offenses (such as disorderly
conduct, failure to obey, or loitering).

2. New training for all officers so they
understand exactly what conduct does,
and does not, constitute an offense. In
addition, because several plaintiffs were   ACLU of Maryland clients Tyrone Braxton and Evan Howard join Legal Program Administrator
arrested while leafleting or picketing,     Amy Cruice at a picnic held in celebration of the victory we reached in the illegal arrests law-
each officer will receive new training on   suit against the Baltimore City Police Department, which includes important police practice
the limits of their authority when
encountering persons engaged in
speech activities.                          will track each arrest for a quality of life     “This settlement puts in place policies
                                            offense, by officer, as well as track all        and structures that will improve polic-
3. The BPD has committed to implement       citizen complaints by officer.                   ing in Baltimore, and lessen the likeli-
a new system of comprehensive data                                                           hood that what happened to our clients
collection and monitoring. A database       4. Finally, and most importantly, the BPD        will ever happen again,” said ACLU of
                                            has agreed to the appointment of an              Maryland Staff Attorney David Rocah.
                                            independent auditor who will monitor
 E LECTION P ROTECTION :                    their compliance with the agreement.             Go online to learn more:
 We Need YOU                                                                       

 ACLU of Maryland has launched our
 2010 Election Protection campaign.                               MAKING A                   It’s not always easy to stand up for
                                                                                             what’s right when your rights are
 Our goal is to encourage voting and                              DIFFERENCE                 violated, especially in such a high
 prevent disenfranchisement. We mon-                                                         profile case.
 itor, record, and respond to voter prob-                      Persia Swift, ACLU
 lems at the polls. And we investigate                         of Maryland’s Legal           Thankfully, the student eventually
 incidents of voter intimidation and sup-                      Program Associate,            received an apology from the
 pression in Maryland.                                         oversees the review           teacher, and the school used the
                                                               of thousands of let-          opportunity to educate students
                                                               ters and calls for            about their free speech rights.
 We need your help! Volunteers are            legal assistance each year.
 needed to distribute Voter Empower-
                                                                                             “Ms. Swift listened patiently,” wrote
 ment Cards, do outreach to community         When the parent of a Montgomery                the mother in a letter to our legal
 groups, and staff the Election Day Hot-      County middle school student                   director in thanks. “I was so upset I
 line (410-889-8555 or 240-274-5295).         requested ACLU help defending her              did not know what to do. Ms. Swift
                                              child because she was disciplined              has shown me so much compassion.
 Call our office or email                     for refusing to recite the Pledge of           She kept me moving throughout my
                                              Allegiance, Persia helped empower              fear. … Ms. Swift is the best!” to sign up.               the family to take action.

                                                                                                                    FREE STATE LIBERTIES   5
ACLU of Maryland’s Fall Elections for Board of Directors
                                                                           AARON                                             BOATEMAA NTIRI
    Here are the fall nominees for the ACLU
                                                                           DEGRAFFENREIDT                                    Boatemaa Ntiri is a law
    of Maryland Board of Governors. These
                                                                           Aaron DeGraffenreidt                              student at the Univer-
    nominees are recommended by the ACLU
                                                                           is a law student at the                           sity of Maryland School
    Nominating Committee and are now sub-
                                                                           University of Maryland                            of Law. She was a law
    mitted to the membership for approval.
                                                                           School of Law. He was                             clerk in the ACLU of
                                                                           a law clerk in the                                Maryland’s office this
    The elections are not contested. If you
                                                                           ACLU of Maryland’s                                past summer, who was
    wish to nominate additional ACLU mem-
                                                                           office this past sum-                             focused on school
    bers to serve on the Board, you may do
                                                    mer, who was focused on fair housing issues.     equity issues with our Education Reform Proj-
    so by preparing a letter of consent signed
                                                    DeGraffenreidt was in the Peace Corps from       ect. Ntiri, an Albert Schweitzer Law Fellow for
    by the candidate, who agrees in writing to
                                                    2007-2009, working in Morocco on public          2010-11, also has a Masters degree in Public
    accept the responsibilities of board mem-
                                                    sanitation, water accessibility, and commu-      Health from Columbia University. Previously,
    bers (contact Allison Klein at the office for
                                                    nity health projects. He has also been a vol-    she has worked as a researcher for the Balti-
    details), and by 25 ACLU of Maryland
                                                    unteer for community farm initiatives,           more City Health Department and as a pro-
    members in good standing. Send it to:
                                                    refugee programs, and community health           gram officer for the Associated Black
    Nina Basu, Secretary, ACLU of Maryland,
                                                    centers in the United States. DeGraffenreidt,    Charities, and her volunteer experience
    3600 Clipper Mill Rd, Suite 350, Baltimore
                                                    who played varsity football for Bucknell Uni-    includes being a member of the Baltimore City
    Maryland 21211. Statement and signa-
                                                    versity, has made a big difference this sum-     Commission on HIV/AIDS Prevention and
    tures must be received by September 30,
                                                    mer to the ACLU of Maryland team.                Treatment.
    2010 at 12:00 noon. If additional nominees
    lead to a contested election, ballots will
    be sent to all members.

    Melissa Goemann, New Legislative Director
                                                    and engaged students in advocacy                 and controversial issues – including
                                                    efforts on behalf of MAJDC.                      illegal surveillance of First Amend-
                                                                                                     ment activity by state police, civil mar-
                                                    Goemann is recognized as a bridge                riage equality for gay and lesbian
                                                    builder on tough issues and a creative,          couples, systemic due process prob-
                                                    dedicated advocate for rights. Now, she          lems fueling wrongful convictions,
                                                    is excited to tackle the wide range of           restoring voting rights for ex-offend-
                                                    important civil rights and civil liberties       ers, and reforming the districting
    ACLU of Maryland is pleased to wel-             issues we take on here in Maryland.              process so prisoners are counted in
    come our new legislative director,                                                               their home districts.
    Melissa Goemann. She comes to us                Goemann replaces Cynthia Boersma,
    from Virginia, where she directed the           who was recruited by the new Maryland            Now, under Goemann’s leadership,
    Mid-Atlantic Juvenile Defender Center,          Public Defender to be his general coun-          2011 is already shaping up to be an
    a regional non-profit organization              sel. We bid a fond farewell to Boersma,          important year in the Maryland General
    focused on ensuring justice for chil-           our first ever full-time legislative direc-      Assembly. Civil liberties issues on the
    dren in the Mid-Atlantic region and             tor, who protected and advanced rights           horizon include safeguarding privacy in
    excellence in juvenile defense.                 and liberties in the Free State for the          the creation of Electronic Health
                                                    last four years.                                 Records, advancing LGBT equality, and
    She also founded and directed the                                                                reforming police use of Tasers. We’ll be
    Juvenile Law and Policy Clinic at the           Through Boersma’s advocacy, the                  there, in Annapolis, protecting your
    University of Richmond School of Law,           ACLU of Maryland has been at the fore            rights.
    where she taught legislative advocacy           of many of the state’s most important

Pork or Parents?
ACLU of Maryland
client profiled by
The Daily Show
In April, the ACLU of Maryland took up the
case of Tashima Crudup, a practicing
Muslim from Baltimore who was denied
a foster care license because she does       Tashima Crudup, a practicing Muslim who was denied a foster parent license because she
not allow pork products in her home. We      does not serve pork in her home, was profiled on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in August.
knew this unbelievable case of discrimi-
nation could garner some national atten-
                                             ACLU of Maryland is helping Tashima, a         solely on a religiously-based prohibi-
tion. After all, so many children need
                                             former foster child herself, in her com-       tion on pork, and to pledge not to dis-
good homes, and people who wish to
                                             plaint against Contemporary Family             criminate in future decisions.
care for them shouldn’t be denied over
                                             Services (CFS), the private company
the serving of hot dogs!
                                             contracted by the state of Maryland to         Unfortunately, CFS doesn't quite see it
                                             place foster children with families. The       this way. In response, CFS stated: “Our
But still we were surprised and thrilled
                                             complaint, filed with the Baltimore Fam-       seeming fault in this is not that we
when in August the case was lampooned
                                             ily Community Relations Commission,            denied Ms. Crudup but that we were
on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on
                                             charges that CFS is violating Baltimore        specific in explaining the nature of the
the Comedy Central cable network.
                                             City Code law by discriminating against        conversation from which her unyielding
                                             Tashima based on her religion.                 position was based.”
Comedic “news man” Wyatt Cenac pro-
filed Tashima's case. In a particularly
                                             In April, Crudup filed a complaint with        So, CFS feels its only mistake was not
hilarious bit, Tashima tells Cenac that
                                             the Maryland Office of Licensing and           that it discriminated against Tashima,
any foster child she takes in is free to
                                             Monitoring, which issued a citation            but that it admitted doing so.
worship any god they choose. "What if
                                             against CFS for discriminating against
they worship Jimmy Dean?" Cenac
                                             her. The state agency required CFS to          The Daily Show asked: “Mesquite-glazed
asks. "Then they worship Jimmy Dean.
                                             acknowledge its error in denying               baby back ribs, honey-baked ham…or
Does that mean they don't need love?"
                                             Crudup a foster care license based             parents?” We think the answer is clear.
Tashima responds.

KEEPING MARYLAND                              S PECIAL E VENTS :                                 Download your 2010
FREE AND GREEN                                CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1
                                                                                              Voter Empowerment Card:
                                              RSVP to                
                                              410-889-8555; 240-274-5295

                                              Immigration reform, racial profiling,
Always up for a little multi-task-            national ID cards, and Arizona’s dan-
ing, the ACLU of Maryland is now              gerous anti-immigrant law! A dis-
protecting your rights and sav-               cussion you don’t want to miss.
                                              Featuring Witold "Vic" Walczak, legal
ing trees at the same time! All
                                              director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania;
of our newsletters and annual                 Joanne Lin, legislative counsel for
reports are now printed with                  the national ACLU; and Ajmel
100% post-consumer recycled                   Quereshi, former ACLU of Maryland
paper product.                                legal fellow on immigrants rights.
                                                                                                                 FREE STATE LIBERTIES   7
                                                                           U.S. P os ta ge
                                                                                 P AI D
                                                                          Ba lt imor e, M D
                                                                             No. 2 39 3


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