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CANADA V2R 4M6          Published Mar.Jun.Sep.& Dec.     Email(2):whitlock@bcegg.com          Page 1

The optimism of the last issue that we had found a major connection for several of the families in
Cholesbury, Buckinghamshire has not yet been followed up with evidence. Iola Ebendorf sent a researcher
to the parish but they were unable to confirm anything. I still think research into the parish of Cholesbury
records is worth pursuing. Hopefully we will be able to uncover where the parish records are or if there are
other records such as Manorial Rolls that might be of assistance in this search. Sorry I can not give more
positive information, yet.

On a more positive note, I have managed to complete the US 1880 census. The Whitlock and Whitelock
extracts have now all been copied into our census files by state. I am also working on entering the 1900 US
census to each of these files as well. Unfortunately this is a typing job and is going to take some time. I
have also been working on the Deaths register and this file continues to grow as well. I have the complete
US Social Security death records included up to 1989. These give both birth and death dates. This file is
very incomplete and has not yet been downloaded to the website.

Several persons have used the census files to good effect lately. We have quite a few families with origins in
South Carolina in the 1790's with no idea who the parents are. Anna Popejoy has zeroed in on the Nathaniel
Whitlock who shows on the 1800 census for Greenville, South Carolina. In 1800 he is shown with what are
likely five sons and three daughters. Nathaniel is more than 45 in 1800 so is born before 1755. Anna
speculates he is the Nathaniel Whitlock who shows in the 1771-1774 records for Surry Co., North Carolina
with a possible wife Elizabeth and possible children Charles, William, Mary, James, Thomas and John. If
Anna is correct this could give us the origins of the WHITLOCK84 chart.

Ann Sims is working on the Thomas Whitlock who shows on the 1810 census of Spartenburg Co., South
Carolina. In this case Thomas is also more than 45 so is born before 1765. If this is the same Thomas who
shows on the 1800 Union Co., census aged between 26 and 44 it would mean he was between 35 and 44 in
1800 or born between 1756 and 1765. In 1810 Thomas is shown with what would likely be three sons and
three daughters.

Also on the 1810 census for Spartenburg Co., South Carolina is Samuel Giddings. Ann Sims is currently
writing a book on the descendants of John Whitlock who married Sarah Giddings. She shows Samuel
Giddings wife was Sarah Ann Mason. John Whitlock was born about 1792 in South Carolina, he names his
second son Thomas, his wife is likely the daughter of Samuel Giddings and when the family later moves to
Texas they live in the same areas as the Mason family. All clues that Thomas Whitlock may have been the
father of John Whitlock who married Sarah Giddings and heads the WHITLOCK86 chart.

Both these speculations are based on the census records that indicate that these persons married and had
families that have not yet been documented. I am very pleased to see this kind of research concentrating on
the South Carolina families as I think they hold the clues to connecting together several of the families from
this area.

Keeping with the census theme, I was very pleased to receive extracts from Joan Whitelock of Hampshire
from the 1851 census for Wales (R2498 & R2499). A surprise in these records was to find William
Whitlock of Langtree, Devon who married Harriet Fowler in 1840 and later emigrated to Cleveland, Ohio.
We knew William had emigrated but were not sure when as he did not show in either the British 1851
census or the US 1850. We now know where he was in 1851. Living nearby in Michaelstone,
Glamorganshire, Wales was William’s cousin Christopher Whitlock who married Mary Heysett at Shebbear
in 1834. This clarified which Christopher it was who married Mary Heysett and also added many more
children to this family that were unknown until Joan sent in these census records.

Lastly these records confirmed the old family stories about two brothers who went off to Wales from
Langtree, Devon. While they did not turn out to actually be brothers, they were cousins and would have
grown up together in the Langtree area. I don’t think it was a co-incidence that they were both in the same
town in Wales in 1851.

                                        Whitlock Family Newsletter
                                                                                            Vol.25 No.1
                                                                                             Mar 2006
                                                                                               Page 2

Other highlights from the material listed in this issue include an item from my niece Jeanine Robertson who
found a Sampler pattern done by a Polly Whitlock who was age 38 in 1850. We have been unable to pin
down who Polly Whitlock was but the assumption is that the Sampler originated in the United States and
likely in the eastern states.

The information from Carol Podolski regarding James Whitlock’s Tavern in Dayton, New Jersey (X5724) is
a bit of a mystery. The building has been beautifully restored and is a working restaurant but which James
might have been in the area in the 1750's were are not sure. It will be interesting to see if we can uncover
any actually records and determine when James Whitlock became associated with the place. While it is
fairly clear the place was built in the 1700's when James Whitlock’s name became associated with the
Tavern is not clear. James Whitlock is a Virginia Whitlock name more that a New Jersey one at this time.
There is a James Whitlock who is an innkeeper but the time is much later than 1750.

I was very please to hear from Gord Bulger of Nanaimo, BC who is a descendant Peter & Anna (Whitlock)
Vanderburgh through their grandaughter Amy Harriet Kyle Mathison who married Emeric Bulger in the
1850's in Quebec. Amy Harriet Kyle Mathison’s sister Ann Eliza Amelia Mathison married their
grandmother’s brother, William Coley Whitlock (1787-1875) and in 1913 provided the land that is still the
Whitlock Golf and Country Club in Hudson, Quebec. I would assume that Amy’s second name Harriet is
after “Capt John Whitlock’s beautiful American cousin” Harriet Vanderburgh who married Major John
Augustus Mathison.

The information sent in by Penny Mills regarding the Whitlocks of Devon who served in India in the 1800's
(X5774) provided new details about the WHITLOCK22 family. One of the articles in this issue is based on
this information.

William Smale of Ontario sent in detailed information on his descent from Jonas & Sally (Whitlock) Smale
of Devon. This added to and updated the information sent in by John G. Smale of Chico, California in the

Rev. Phil Whitelock’s work on the Whitelock families of Maryland (X5805) has added useful information
that likely connects to the WHITLOCK57 chart.

I was also pleased to hear from Roger Baker who has recently purchased a heritage home in Ephraim, Utah
that once belonged to Charles Whitlock (1833-1920) (X5808). I will be interested to follow his work to
restore this house. Roger is looking for any old photographs of the house descendants might have.

Sandra Natowich’s collection of certificates (CERT954-960) relating the Whitlocks of Brevard Co., Florida
added to the information on the part of the family likely connected to the WHITLOCK16 chart. The family
were pioneers in growing oranges in Florida. The information on Adoniram Judson Whitlock (1828-1902)
lead to related research into Adoniram Judson the American missionary in Burma.

Joan Whitelock’s collection of Whitelocks of Wales certificates (CERT970-981) filled in many blanks for
this part of the Langtree, Devon family.

As usual a large, useful and varied collection of information about many different parts of the Whitlock
family. My thanks to everyone for their contributions.

My thanks also to everyone who has renewed their subscriptions for the coming year and for the donations
many of you included with your cheques. All much appreciated. As has been my practice, I have included a
renewal form as a reminder in the March issue to those who have not yet renewed and I hope you will be
able to add another year to your subscription. It is hard to believe 2006 will be Volume 25 of the Whitlock
Family Newsletter. How time flies when you are having fun!! Good luck in your own research for the
coming year

                                       Whitlock Family Newsletter
.                                                                                 Vol.25 No.1
                                                                                   Mar 2006
                                                                                     Page 3

X5714/1    GenForum from Thomas Pence Dd Oct.2,2005 re James David & Temperance (??) Whitlock
           (M1840's) of Richmond Co., NC
X5715/4    GenForums & email from Patty Harmon & Nancy Schay Dd Oct.17-28,2005 & Jan.27,2006 re
           James & Sarah (Whitlock) Hickey (M1830-1840's) of Roane Co., Tn
X5716/1    GenForum from Kathy Wingate Dd Oct.23,2005 re F.M. & Catherine (Chappell) Whitlock
           (M1870's) of Union Co., SC
X5717/1    Portsmouth Naval Memorial re Harry Whitlock d.Jun.5,1916 & Ernest Albert d.Nov.27,1941
           from Pat Kelly
X5718/2    Email from William M. Whitlock Dd Nov.25,2005 obit Joel “Mack” Whitlock d.Nov.8,2005
           South Charleston, WVa
X5719/3    Emails from Jeanine Robertson Dd Nov.25-30,2005 re Sampler by Polly Whitlock, 1850 age
X5720/1    Email from John R. Whitlock Dd Nov.25,2005 re George James & Ruth (Coombs) Whitlock
           (M1853) St.John’s, Waterloo, SRY b.Salisbury, WIL
X5721/6    Emails from J.T. Stokesbury Dd Nov.26,28,2005 re Richard & Susanna Kinley (Whitlock)
           Ashton (M1902) of PEI & Marietta, Washington Co., Oh
X5722/3    Emails from Mark Cox Dd Nov.27-29,2005 re John & Lydia (Howell) Whitlock (M1796) of
           NJ & Oh
X5723/2    Emails from Stephen Head Dd Nov.27,2005 re George James & Phyllis Bessie (Cook)(Jones)
           Whitlock (M1930) Dorking, SRY
X5724/17   Emails from Carol Podolski Dd Nov.29 & Dec.10,14,2005 re James Whitlocks Tavern,
           Dayton, NJ 1750 plus decent from Moses & Ann (??) Whitlock (M1830's) of South Brunwick,
X5725/1    Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.28,2005 re Edward Peter s Edward & Constance Emily
           Whitlock bp.St.Paul’s Cathedral, Calcutta, India b.Jul.11,1928
X5726/2    Emails from Nick Anderson Dd Nov.29 & Dec.11,2005 re Cornelius F. & Catherine Letitia
           (Whitlock) Elbertson (M1865) NJ
X5727/6    Email from Rob Whitlock Dd Nov.29,2005 re Matthews & Emma (Edwards) Whitlock
           (M1830) Nottingham, NTT
X5728/1    Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.2,2005 re George L. & Susan (Whitlock) Mallory (M1879)
           Louisa Co., Ia Susan d Ezekiel & Sarah (Stebbens) Whitlock
X5729/1    Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.5,2005 re murder of Deborah Whitlock 1988 Modesto, Ca
X5730/1    Email from Paul Severson Dd Dec.5,2005 re Robert & Mary (Whitlock) Blodgett (M1598)
           Winston, SFK
X5731/3    Emails from David Bamford Dd Dec.12 & 19,2005 re Felix Gaines & Mary E. (Kirk)
           Whitlock (M1850) SC
X5732/2    Email from David Lee Dd Dec.11,2005 re Samuel & Lucy (Whitlock) Hardin (M1796) Green
           Co., Ky
X5733/1    Email from Gord Bulger Dd Dec.12,2005 re Emeric & Amy Kyle (Mathison) Bulger
           (M1850's?) of Quebec Amy granddaughter of Peter & Anna (Whitlock) Vanderburgh
X5734/4    Rootsweb from Betty Dd Dec.14,2005 re Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644)
           Woburn, Ma
X5735/1    GenForum from Leslie Funtieo Dd Dec.15,2005 re Dorothy (Whitlock) Funtieo of Daisytown,
X5736/1    GenForum from V.Standish Chapman Dd Dec.16,2005 re Nathaniel William & Julina E.
           (Birch) Whitlock (M1840) Floyd Co., Ga
X5737/1    Email from Rob Whitlock Dd Dec.14,2005 re marriage William Whitlock & Kate Foster
           Jul.12,1911 St.Stephen, Nottingham, NTT
X5738/1    Email from Esme Trotter Dd Dec.16,2005 re musician Heath Whitelock
X5739/1    Rootsweb from Tammy Mack Huntingdon Dd Dec.18,2005 re Thomas & Mary (Warren)
           Whitlock (M1797) Louisa Co., Va
X5740/1    GenForum from Lisa Faust Dd Feb.22,2004 re James Payne & Sarah Melissa (Whitlock)
           Savage (M1830) SC
X5741/1    Louisa Co., Va probate records re Thomas Whitlock Jul.9,1832 from Lawrence Otis

                                  Whitlock Family Newsletter
                                                                                     Vol.25 No.1
                                                                                      Mar 2006
                                                                                        Page 4

X5742/1    Harrisonburg Daily News-Record re obit William Nathan Whitlock died Nov.23,1998 from
           Lawrence Otis
X5743/1    1901 census Fergus, Wellington Co.,Ont re David Wilson & Elizabeth Jane (Whitlock)
           Richardson (M1898) from Lawrence Otis
X5744/15   1911 census East Flamborough, Wentworth Co., Ont re Emery, Burrows, Filman families;
           Usborne, Huron Co., Ont re Johns family; Charlottetown, PEI re Whitlock & Foster families;
           Cote St Paul, Jacques Cartier, PQ; Chapman, Perry Sound Co., Ont; Hamilton East,
           Wentworth Co., Ont; Grey North, Ont; Huron Co. South, Usborne, Ont; Elgin Co. West,
           St.Thomas from Lawrence Otis
X5745/1    1901 census Middlesex Co., Ont re Wallace Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
X5746/2    Saskatchewan births, Whitlock, Cudmore, Courbarron, Easton, Oliver from Lawrence Oliver
X5747/2    The World War II Honor Roll re Perry Whitelock & William L. Whitelock & 11 Whitlocks
           from Lawrence Otis
X5758/1    Email from Sandi Gorin Dd Apr.1,1999 History of Trigg Co., by W.H. Perrin 1884 re Dr. J.A.
           Whitlock (1850- )of Christian Co., Ky s J.C. & Maria (Withrow) Whitlock of Louisa Co., Va
X5759/2    Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Casualty Details re Leslie Innes Whitlock died
           Sep.21,1944 Netherlands
X5760/3    Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Dec.15,2005 re Whit(e)locks of Ont
X5761/1    St.George, Ambersham Common banns 1936-1979 from Colin Mills
X5762/1    GenForum from Hazel Messenger Dd May 21,2000 re Andrew J. & Sarah (Morris) Whitlock
           (M1860's) of Stone Co., Mo
X5763/1    GenForum from Sharon Williamson Dd Dec.19,2005 re John William & Rosa M. (Whitlock)
           Hendricks (M1900's) of Scott Co., Ar
X5764/1    Letter from Keith Whitlock Dd Dec.9,2005 re birth Owen James Albert Rawlins Nov.2005
           Torquay, Dev
X5765/1    Emails from Anna Popejoy Dd Dec.22,2005 re Nathaniel Whitlock of SC on 1800 US census
X5766/21   Email & GEDCOM file from Gord Bulger Dd Dec.24,2005 re Emeric & Amy Kyle
           (Mathison) Bulger (M1850's?) of Quebec Amy granddaughter of Peter & Anna (Whitlock)
X5767/5    Ancestral Family Topic 340 John White Jr. (1747?-1796) of Lunenburg Co., Va Will dated
           1796 mentions son in law Robert Whitlock from Dean Whitlock
X5768/24   Illinois Marriages 1763-1900 from www.familytreelegends.com/records/ilmarriages
X5769/1    Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.29,2005 The Project Gutenberg Ebook of The Writings of
           Abraham Lincoln, Vol.7 1863-1865 re telegram Apr.11,1865 re Charles Whitlock
X5770/2    www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk Whitlock and Whitelock records available
X5771/10   Rootsweb from Betty Gray Dd Jan.1,2006 re Aaron Faslo & Mary (Whitlock) Trogdon
           (M1853) Grainger Co., Tn
X5772/2    Email from Douglas Lee Whitlock Dd Jan.3,2006 updates to the WHITLOCK25 chart
X5773/1    Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.3,2006 Wadley News Jun.6,1916 obit Zadock Whitlock
           died Jun.5,1916 Roanoak, Randolph Co., Al
X5774/4    Letters from Penny Mills Dd Jan.2006 re George & Charlotte (Cornish) Whitlock (M1797)
           Totness, DEV
X5775/1    Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.26,2005 Military Warrants, Mercer Co., Il re William
           Whitlock Dd Oct.6,1817
X5776/1    www.dnronline.com obit Finley Stuart Whitlock, 82 of Winchester, Va died Feb.19,2005
           Washington, DC from Elwood Morris
X5777/1    Richmond [Va] Times-Dispatch Dec.8/9,2005 obit Mildred Fay (Whitlock) Kibler of Henrico
           died Dec.6,2005 from Elwood Morris
X5778/1    Richmond [Va] Times-Dispatch Oct.30/31,2005 obit Lindsay Ray Whitlock, 65 of
           Mechanicsville died Oct.28,2005 from Elwood Morris
X5779/1    Richmond [Va] Times-Dispatch Dec.12/14,2005 obit Lena Whitlock of Richmond, Va died
           Dec.11,2005 from Elwood, Morris
X5780/1    Richmond [Va] Times-Dispatch Sep.26/27,2004 obit Jesse Hudson Whitlock, 85 died
           Sep.25,2004 from Elwood Morris
X5781/1    Richmond [Va] Times-Dispatch obit Elizabeth (DeShazo) Whitlock, 98 of Richmond, Va died
           Sep.8,2002 from Elwood Morris

                                   Whitlock Family Newsletter
                                                                                     Vol.25 No.1
                                                                                      Mar 2006
                                                                                        Page 5

X5782/1    Richmond [Va] Times-Dispatch Dec.31,2004/Jan.1,2005 obit Hunter B. Whitlock, 63 of
           Varina, Va died Dec.29,2004 from Elwood Morris
X5783/1    Richmond [Va] Times-Dispatch Dec.1,2004 obit Marie Davis Whitlock, 86 of Richmond, Va
           died Nov.30,2004 from Elwood Morris
X5784/1    Daily Progress [Va] Dec.13,2004 obit Mary Elizabeth (Whitlock) Clements, 90 of
           Charlottesville, Va died Dec.12,2004 from Elwood Morris
X5785/2    Rootsweb from P. Shelton Dd Jan.8,2006 re marriage Arthur Whitlock & Nettie Brown,
           Aug.11,1893 Oskaloosa, Ia
X5786/3    Emails from Susan Kelly Dd Jan.14,16,2006 re Cuthbert Lee & Florence Mary (Wilson)
           Whitlock (M1913) Ont
X5787/1    Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.17,2006 Lassen Co.,Ca Assemblymen re James H.
           Whitlock 1879
X5788/2    Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.18,2006 Kern Co., Ca The Bakersfield Californian
           Jan.18,2006 obit of Dottie Sue (Whitlock) Bell b.1933 Mulberry, Ar died Jan.18,2006
           Bakersfield, Ca
X5789/1    Rootsweb from Lyn Watts Dd Jan.19,2006 re Dr. W.A. Whitlock, San Francisco, Ca 1906
           plus Whitlocks in San Francisco 1905-1907
X5790/3    Emails from Elwood Morris Dd Jan.17,22,2006 re Bettie S. (??) (Whitlock)Walton of
           Albemarle, Va
X5791/1    GenForum from Madge C. Jasso Dd Jan.14,2006 re George & Daisy (Whitlock) Shearer of
           Mulberry, Ar 1875
X5792/6    Email & http://www.rootsweb.com/~ilmaga/newspapers/myers.html from Rhonda
           Deatherage Dd Jan,26,2006 Morgan [Il] Resident Observes Birthday re Elizabeth Jane
           (Dennis) (Whitlock) (Wood) Myers of Murrayville Feb.25,1939 age 91 from Robert W.
           Ridenour to Rhonda Deatherage
X5793/5    http://www.rootsweb.com/~ilmaga/morgan/cemetery/whitlock.html Whitlock Cemetery,
           Morgan Co., Il
X5794/27   http://www.rootsweb.com/~ilmaga/morgan/cemetery/youngblood.html Youngblood Cemetery,
           Nortonville, Morgan Co. Il
X5795/13   http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~sassytassy/family/research/1929marshallite/
           1929marshallite Richmond, Va High School yearbook re Alice Virginia Whitlock and Mary
           Isabel Whitlock
X5796/1    Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.23,2006 Randolph Co., Al Dec.1917 The police arrested
           Sing Whitlock on Monday night, a negro charged with violating the prohibition laws. He was
           fined $100 by Major Liles
X5797/2    Emails from Jim Young Dd Jan.24 & Feb.12,2006 re George W. & Nancy (Clements)
           (Barnes?) Whitlock (M1820's) of Habersham Co., Ga
X5798/3    Rootsweb from Connie Henderson Dd Jan.29 & Feb. 2,2006 re John Nelson & Martha Jane
           (Greiner) Whitlock (M1859) Augusta Co., Va
X5799/9    Email from Olive Lynn Dd Feb.2,2006 plus descendants of Joseph & Hannah (Linnell)
           Whitlock (M1791) Silverstone, NTH
X5800/3    The Indian Mutiny 1857 by George Frederick Tod Whitlock from Penny Mills
X5801/24   Emails from Will Smale Dd Feb.3,4,2004 & descent from Jonas & Sally (Whitlock) Smale
           (M1835) Black Torrington, DEV
X5802/2    Rootsweb from Peter McCrae Dd Jan.31,2006 obit Bryson Lamar Whitlock b.Oct.1,1930
           Mercedes, Tx d.Dec.3,2005 Austin, Tx
X5803/1    Email from Toodie Gray Dd Feb.3,2006 re William Richard & Nancy (Whitlock) Faucett
           (M1790's) of Union Co., SC
X5804/3    Emails from Sandra Whitlock Dd Feb.6,7,2006 re connection to WHITLOCK33 chart
X5805/2    Email from Phil Whitelock Dd Feb.7,2006 re James & Harriet (Costen) Whitelock (M1811)
           Somerset Co., Md
X5806/4    Emails from James Francis, Dan & Justin Whitlock Dd Feb.9,10,2006 re Whitlocks of Belle
           Plaine, Mn
X5807/8    Emails from Chuck Rockett & William Resinger Dd Feb.10,13,2006 Ste. Genevieve Herald,
           Ste. Genevieve, Mo Dd Mar.15,29 & Apr.5,1884 re John S. Whitlock, Architect
X5808/1    Email from Roger Baker Dd Feb.11,2006 re Ephraim, Ut home of Charles & Caroline Matilda
           (King) Whitlock (M1853) Spring City, Sanpete Co., Ut

                                   Whitlock Family Newsletter
                                                                                             Vol.25 No.1
                                                                                              Mar 2006
                                                                                                Page 6

X5809/1       Email from John R. Whitlock Dd Feb.2006 re Reg Whitlock of Brockley St. South East
              London b.abt 1920
X5810/3       Rootsweb & email from Gene Lankford Dd Feb.13,15,2006 re Euclid Whitlock of Caroline
              Co., Va
X5811/2       Rootsweb from Bernard J. Bond & Ian Markie Dd Feb.14,2006 re William & Rebecca
              (Whitlock) Knibb (M1835) Syresham, NTH
X5812/2       Rootsweb from I. Hanson Dd Feb.15,2006 Payette Enterprise, Payette, Id Dd Sep.12,1929 re
              Mrs. Thomas Whitlock and nephews Herman & Walter Gross
X5813/3       Emails from Ann Sims Dd Feb.17,18,2006 re Thomas Whitlock of Spartenburg, SC 1810
X5814/3       Emails from Dale Whitlock Dd Feb.18,19,2006 re Whitlocks of Graaf-Reinet, Cape, RSA
X5815/4       Email from Patricia Havens Dd Feb.19,2006 re John S. & Celeste V. (Diel) Whitlock
              (M1860's) of Ste. Genevieve, Mo
X5816/1       Email from Dianna Perry Dd Feb.19,2006 re Robert Sherman & Emma Lou (Burton) Whitlock
              (M1920's) of Edinburg, In
X5817/1       Email from Arvilla Corey Dd Feb.18,2006 obit Gregory Lee Whitlock, 47 Charleston, WVa
              died Feb.13,2006
X5818/3       Rootsweb from K.T. Bluewolf Dd Feb.19,2006 The Bakersfield Californian Dd Feb.16,2006
              obit of Lorraine (Whitlock) Kounter b.Jul.23,1928 Texarkana, Ar d.Feb.14,2006 d Scott &
              Verona Whitlock
X5819/1       Letter from John Walter Whitlock Dd Feb.2006 re marriage Geoffrey Mark Chatfield &
              Georgia Whitlock Aug.31,2002 Guernsey, UK

GYA INDIA September 1857 - an account of a skirmish with rebels written by my gt gt grandfather
Lieutenant George Frederick Tod Whitlock Commanding H.M.S. 84 Regiment.

“On the 6th inst I received orders from Captain Raffray Com.der the station, to have my men in readiness to
move out by 2.30 oclock P.M. but owing to some detention we did not start until 4 oclock. We marched to
BOOD GYA a distance of about 6 miles, on arrival at that place late in the evening, it was decided that we th
should halt until further information of the Movements of the enemy should be obtained. On Tuesday the 8
inst. about ¼ past 3 oclock A.M. hearing that the Mutineers were at a place called Luckipore some 10 miles
to the east of BOOD GYA. We proceeded to meet them, our road was very indifferent for the movements of
Troops, we having two rivers the Lalajune and Fulgoo to cross. The countryside being much cut up with
water courses and rice fields. We crossed the Lelajune and Fulgoo at almost right angles and then followed
the East Bank of the Fulgoo.

About 9 oclock a.m. our advanced guard consisting of Captain Raffray’s Sowars discovered the enemy
crossing the Fulgoo some distance in our front, where the river takes a sharp turn to the South. We instantly
crossed the river to intercept them and found their main body drawn up in line about 800 yards to our front
near the village of ETAWAH. We on landing had formed Column of Subdivisions a formation which
appeared most applicable to our small number consisting of 37 Europeans and 163 Seiks. The ground in the
immediate vicinity of the river was low and marshy and we kept to it as much as possible, hoping that the
Cavalry would attack us on our own ground. That occupied by the enemy was dry and uncultivated, and
most favorable for cavalry movements, and they contented themselves with showing a front to us in
whichever direction we moved. Their intention was evidently not to attack. On perceiving this we moved
towards them, and arrived at their camping ground. The enemy then shewing a strong line to our front with
a troop on each of our flanks, Here we halted again, and a subdivision under Lieut Boyd Late 7 Bengal N.I.
was sent to bring up our Elephants.

We then sent out a section to dislodge a small party who were greatly annoying us by the precision of their
fire from behind some trees on our right here two Seiks were wounded. The enemy then collected their
Videttes, Retired to form column of route, thus advanced guard, baggage Main body and rear guard and
proceeded to Bood Gya. Our elephants having come up we placed the Europeans on them, and moved off in
the direction parallel with the enemy with the hope of getting into Gya before them. They discovered our
intention, and a large body of them came down upon us at the charge, and breaking into three parties took up
three positions viz a small village on our proper front, another on our right an a tape of trees on our proper
left. The river being in our rear and opened fire upon us. After having successfully checked us for about 2½

                                       Whitlock Family Newsletter
                                                                                            Vol.25 No.1
                                                                                             Mar 2006
                                                                                               Page 7

hours, they then drew off leaving a picquet to watch our movements.

We then crossed the river. Under this fire 4 of my detachment were wounded, 3 severely. We got into GYA
between 3 and 4 oclock a.m. in the 9th inst. and found that the enemy had passed through 4 hours previously.
The number of the enemy actually opposed to us could not have been less than 500 men, and by the accuracy
of Their movements they must have all been drilled men.

The distance Marched by my men were thus - 8 miles on the 6th inst. to Bood Gya, halted 7th marched ½ past
3 oclock a.m on the 8th Inst to ETAWAH 10 miles where we met the enemy and then marched back 18 miles
to Gya where we arrived between 3 and 4 oclock a.m. of the 9th inst, thus during 24 hours my men went over
24 miles of ground and without food or shelter from the sun.

In conclusion I would beg to bring the notice of the General Com the division, that my available force of 33
men is very inadequate for the protection of GYA, and in case of a disturbance in this place my small
detachment would be perfectly useless.

I have the honor to be SIR
Your obedient servant”


The above item was sent in by Penny Mills of Chichester, whose family shows on the WHITLOCK22 chart.
Her gggrandfather, George Frederick Tod Whitlock was born in Moulmein, Burmah (India) December 5,
1827. He was the son of Sir George Cornish Whitlock and Harriet Toller who were married in Bangalore,
India February 19,1825. The family was from Ottery St. Mary, Devon and Sir George Cornish Whitlock
served in India many times from 1817-1868. He was made a Lieutenant General in 1864.

George Frederick Tod Whitlock was age 30 when he wrote the above report. He later he married Laura
Vellacott November 22, 1859 in Fremington, Devon. George F.T. Whitlock participated in the siege and
capture of Lucknow and was a member of the Sangor Field Force during the occupation of Alumbagh. He
retired from the forces in 1866 and settled in the Barnstaple area of Devon. He died in Chester July 13,1900
and was buried at Barnstaple.

Penny notes that there are detailed reports about the Battle of Banda 19th April 1858 in the Madras Spectator
11th May 1858 and Madras Times 28th March 1859. The latter describes the part the Sangor field force
played in the conquest of Oude. Penny’s ggggrandfather, Sir George Cornish Whitlock was the commander
of this force.

Our thanks to Penny Mills for this interesting addition to our files.


R2484/1       Email from Mark D. Whitlock Dd Dec.1,2005 re wedding of Julie Lorraine Griffith & Aaron
              David Whitlock, Dec.3,2005 Springfield, Il
R2485/1       TDR the danforth review re Nathan Whitlock of Toronto, Ont from Lawrence Otis
R2486/8       Will of John Hooper Whitlock Dd Aug.24,1926 Pr Mar.21,1927 from Lawrence Otis
R2487/2       Attestation Paper, Canadian over-seas expeditionary force, 217th Overseas Battalion re Edward
              Norman Oliver of Wawota, Sas from Lawrence Otis
R2488/1       Legion Magazine Last Post Section Nov/Dec 2005 re Reginald M. Whitlock, 90 died
              Mar.1,2005 from Lawrence Otis
R2489/1       Omega by Jack McDevitt, 2003 p104 re character Avery Whitlock, from Lawrence Otis
R2490/2       Attestation Paper, Canadian over-seas expeditionary force, Dd Jun.15,1918 re Cuthbert Lee
              Whitlock, London, Ont from Lawrence Otis

                                        Whitlock Family Newsletter
                                                                                            Vol.25 No.1
                                                                                             Mar 2006
                                                                                               Page 8

R2491/31      US Civil War & Pension records re Peter Smith & Julia Ann (Beck) Whitlock (M1840's) of
              Ephratah, Fulton Co., NY from James E. Wilson
R2492/2       1900 US census E.W. White Creek, Washington Co., NY re Eugene & Mamie D. (Whitlock)
              Payette (M1880's) of NY from James E. Wilson
R2493/19      US Civil War Pension records re David B. & Hellen M. (GREENMAN) Whitlock (M1865)
              Pleasant Valley, NY from James E. Wilson
R2494/4       US Civil War Pension records re John P. & Elizabeth (Nellis) Whitlock (M1860's) of
              Ephratah, Fulton Co., NY from James E. Wilson
R2495/8       US Civil War records re Clark Whitlock of Ephratah, Fulton Co., NY from James E. Wilson
R2496/2       Bill of sale Dd Oct.23,1901 E.A. Whitlock, General Merchandise and Railroad Ties, Thelma,
              Louisa Co., Va incl map showing Thelma & Whitlock, Va from Elwood Morris
R2497/1       1900 US census Columbia Magistorial District, Fluvanna Co., Va from Elwood Morris
R2498/1       1851 Census Michaelstone, Glamorgan, Wales re William & Harriet (Fowler) Whitlock
              (M1840) Torrington Union, DEV from Joan Whitelock
R2499/1       1851 Census Michaelstone Super Avon, Glamorgan, Wales re Christopher & Mary (Heysett)
              Whitlock (M1834) Shebbear, DEV from Joan Whitelock
R2500/1       Shebbear [DEV] Marriage Registers 1813-1837 re Christopher Whitlock & Mary Heysett
              Nov.2,1834 from Joan Whitelock
R2501/1       Family Tree Magazine, Jun 2004 “Your sins will find you out” by Muriel Allen regarding
              Stephen & Elizabeth (Kincherton) Whitlock (M1784) of Titchfield, HAM from Muriel Allen
R2502/2       1920 US census Hoboken, NJ re George E. & Elizabeth (McGreedy) Whitlock (M1869) from
              Peg Tulloch
R2503/1       Email from Ann Sims Dd Feb.18,2006 1810 US census Spartenburg Co., SC re Thomas

Rowan County Register. P 3158 & 3159

Rowan Co NC Wills

H:27 William Holman. 3 May 1819. Prb. Feb 1820. Weak of body. Wife Sarah to have one sorrel mare &
colt, two cows & calves her choice, one ,two-year-old heifer, eight head of sheep, fifteen head of hogs her
choice, the whole flock of geese, one feather bed & furniture of her choice, one woman’s saddle and bridle, a
negro girl Cate and a negro boy George, the plantation where I live during her widowhood, a negro boy
Charles, and the kitchen furniture, son Thomas Holeman to have a horse called Jack, bridle & saddle, a
feather bed & its furniture. Son Samuel to have a gray mare called Midus, bridle & saddle, a feather bed &
its furniture, and eleven head of hogs. Patience Reavis, wife of David Reavis, $25.00.Dau Sarah Holeman
and dau Temperance Holman- one feather bed & its furniture each. Sons Thomas & Samuel Holeman my
home plantation at my wife’s decease or the expiration of her widowhood, with Thomas to have the upper
tract and half the new entry and Samuel to have the lower tract & building and the other half of the new
entry. My three negroes lent to my wife during her life or widowhood are then to be sold and daus Sarah &
Temperance are each to have $50.00. All the rest of my property to be sold and the money divided equally:
sons William Holman, James Holman, Isaac Holeman, David Holeman, also my daus. Rebekah Lovelace,
Patience Reavis, Mary Sigler, Sarah Holeman, & Temperance Holeman, also my two younger sons Thomas
Holeman and Samuel Holeman. Exrs: John Hendrick, John Joyner. Wit: John Sommers, John (X) Harris.


(Note: William Holeman is the son of Isaac whose 1807 Rowan Co Will, prb 1808, is recorded in Book
G:93. Isaac Holeman was in Rowan at the time the county was formed; he was originally from Anne Arundel
County, MD,see Newman, Anne Arundel County Gentry, p. 437. An Isaac Holeman was selling land in
Rowan by Jan 15 1754,Deed Book 2:96, no purchase deed for this land survives in Rowan County nor in the
Granville grants. William Holeman’s first wife was Elizabeth Johnson; his surviving wife nee Sarah
Whitlock. The 1815 Rowan tax list shows William Holeman Sr with one black poll and 268 A; James
Holeman Sr, with four black polls and 250 A; Jacob Holeman with 1 white poll; 2 blacks polls, 513 A;

                                       Whitlock Family Newsletter
                                                                                          Vol.25 No.1
                                                                                           Mar 2006
                                                                                             Page 9

 David Holman 500 A; David Reavis with 336 A, Rebekah Holeman, b.27 Feb. 1775 Rowan, d. 1834 KY, m.
Surry Co., NC, 6 Oct. 1795 Andrew Lovelace; the Rowan Co. marriage bond of David Reavis & Patience
Holeman is dated 20 Apr. 1809; Mary Holeman is said to have married Jacob Sigler; the Rowan marriage
bond of Temperance Holeman & Thomas Whitlock is dated 22 May 1824; the Rowan marriage bond of
Bennit Windsor & Sarah Holeman is dated 27 Apr 1823.

The Whitlocks of Rowan Co. were the subject of an article in December 1997 issue of the WFN. The James
Whitlock mentioned in that article also appears in a Deed dated Aug.9,1787 State Grant #1562 @ 50
sh[illings?] the 100 A[cre] to Silvas Whitlock, 300 A adj James Whitlock, William Holmar (Holman?),
William Cook and John Gwaltney. I think this William Holmar is the William Holman who’s will is shown
above. William’s wife is shown in other records to have been Sarah Whitlock. It is speculated that Sarah
was the daughter of James Whitlock of Rowan Co. Thomas Whitlock who married Temperance Holeman in
1824 is shown on the WHITLOCK87 chart as a possible child of James Whitlock and Nancy Bowen.

I will repeat my comment from the 1997 article. “If there is a clue here, I am missing it.” Somehow these
Rowan Co., North Carolina families are connected together but how continues to elude us. Hopefully more
research into some of the collateral families such as the Holemans and the Bowens will make this clear.

Our thanks to Anna Popejoy for this item.

SOURCE: X5765; R1735

NP901 Toronto [Ont] Star Dec.4,2005 “Art is what we say it is, and critics are charlatans” by Nathan
      Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP902 The Beacon Herald [Stratford, Ont] Dec.9,2005 “William Edmund’s sleigh was built for his
      grandson” re Doug & Greg Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP903 The London [Ont] Free Press Nov.5,2005 “Tired Tim’s war” by Innes Jenkins re Leslie Innes
      Whitlock (1924-1944) from Lawrence Otis
NP904 The Toronto [Ont] Star Oct.16,2005 obit Tim Ted Whitlock, 83 died Oct.13,2005 from Lawence
NP905 The Toronto [Ont] Star Nov.29,2005 obit Fern Elizabeth (Ervin) Whitlock, 86 died Nov.25,2005
      from Lawrence Otis
NP906 The Cocoa Tribune, Brevard Co., Fl Jan.27,1958 “Island Residnent Of 82 Years is Claimed By
      Death” obit Emily Judson (Whitlock) LaRoche, 94 died Jan.25,1958 Courtney, Brevard Co., Fl from
      Sandra Natowich
NP907 The Cocoa Tribune, Brevard Co., Fl Mar.21,1935 “Death Takes Island Pioneer After Long Illness,
      Thursday” obit Daniel Jenkins LaRoche, 76 died Mar.14,1935 The Cocoa Tribune, Brevard Co., Fl
      from Sandra Natowich
NP908 The Florida Star Nov.14,1902 “Judge A.J. Whitlock Dead” obit of Adoniram Judson Whitlock,77
      died Nov.6,1902 Courtney, Brevard Co., Fl from Sandra Natowich
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NP910 Mi? obit Dr.Brenda C. (Whitlock) Churchill died Nov.10,2005 b Sep.1,1952 d Roy & Sarah
      Whitlock of Huntington Woods from Rita Somers
NP911 ?? Louisa Co., Va obit Eloise Amaryllis Whitlock, 80 of Mineral died Sep.9,1997 from Elwood
NP912 ?? Louisa Co., Va obit Louise Ophelia (Whitlock) Fisher, 84 died Dec.7,1991 Louisa, Va from
      Elwood Morris
NP913 ?? Va obit Bessie Annie (Nichols) Whitlock, 94 of Mineral died Charlottesville (no date) from
      Elwood Morris
NP914 CDP ?? Va May 25,1990 obit Ray C. Fisher born May 1,1925 died May 23,1990 Proffit, Va from
      Elwood Morris
NP915 Herts Essex News Star Sep.8,2005 obit Brian Whitelock, 62 died Aug.29,2005 from Sylvia Mort

                                      Whitlock Family Newsletter
                                                                                          Vol.25 No.1
                                                                                           Mar 2006
                                                                                           Page 10

The following extract comes from the Project Gutenberg EBook of The Writings of Abraham Lincoln,
Volume 7, 1863-1865, by Abraham Lincoln

1865. BRIG. GEN. G. H. GORDON, Norfolk, Va.: Send to me at once a full statement as to the cause or
causes for which, and by authority of what tribunal George W. Lane, Charles Whitlock, Ezra Baler, J. M.
Renshaw, and others are restrained of their liberty. Do this promptly and fully. A. LINCOLN


We have not determined which Charles Whitlock this telegram refers to but our thanks to Chuck Rockett for
this item.


929 b 1891 Jul 19      Eva Maud d George Joseph & Mary Catherine (WHITLOCK) HANCOCK,
                       Bosanquet, Lambton Co., Ont
930 b 1890 May 19      Civenia Pearl d George & Annie (SPEARS) STOTTS, Scarborough, York Co., Ont
931 b 1891 May 5       (female) (stillborn) d John & Samantha (LEPARD) WHITLOCK, Exeter, Huron
                       Co., Ont
932 b 1907 Apr 5       John Thomas s John T. & Eva Maud (MEYERS) SHEPPARD, Woodhouse, Simcoe
                       Co., Ont
933 b 1907 Sep.21      Marvin Gordon s Gordon & Maud Beatrice (RIPLEY) WATERWORTH, Glencoe,
                       Simcoe Co., Ont
934 b 1906 Jun 19      Blanche Louisa d John & Alice (WATERWORTH) WHITLOCK, Glencoe, Simcoe
                       Co., Ont
935 b 1907 Mar 3       Frederick Herbert b Frederick Thomas & Mary Minnie W. (MARTIN) ASHTON,
                       Darlington, Durham Co., Ont
936 b 1890 Sep 3       Annie Elizabeth d John Joseph & Annie (SMALE) FILMAN, E. Flamborough,
                       Wentworth Co., Ont
937 b 1891 Oct 1       Lachlin (Laughlin) Arthur s George & Euphemia (McTAGGART) WHITLOCK,
                       Point Edward, Lambton Co., Ont
938 M 1898 Mar 21      David Wilson RICHARDSON, 21 & Lilian (Elizabeth Jane) WHITLOCK, 23
                       Stratford, Perth Co., Ont
939 b 1875 Sep 15      Richard Wallace s Richard & Selina (WHITLOCK) DREW, Hamilton, Wentworth
                       Co., Ont
940 b 1875 Jul 27      Elizabeth Jane d John & Samantha (LEPARD) WHITLOCK, Stratford, Perth Co.,
941 b 1900 Dec 19      Morton Daniel s David & Levina (WHITLOCK) WATTERWORTH, Mosa.
                       Middlesex Co., Ont
942 b 1901 Dec 15      Vera Irene d Thomas & Eliza (WALSH) JONES, Usborne, Huron Co., Ont
943 b 1900 Nov 29      William Audrey s Silas C. & Bertha E. (MORLEY) SMALE, Dawn, Lambton Co.,
944 b 1900 Jun 7       Lanclet James s James & Rosa (GADSBY) SMALE, Dawn, Lambton Co., Ont
945 b 1901 Apr 14      John Archibald s John & Nellie (WHITELOCK) EDMESTON, Goderich, Huron
                       Co., Ont
946 b 1901 Aug 14      Robert Clifton s John & Lucy (SMALE) McCALLUM, Dawn, Lambton Co., Ont
947 b 1899 Jul 15      Vera d James & Mary C. (WAGGONNIER) SHORT, Dawn, Lambton Co., Ont
948 M 1921Oct 18       Edward Clarence PIEPER, 25 & Tillie Lillian WHITLOCK, 18 Sarnia, Lambton
                       Co., Ont

                                      Whitlock Family Newsletter
                                                                                          Vol.25 No.1
                                                                                           Mar 2006
                                                                                           Page 11

949 M 1904 Nov 9       Wallace WHITLOCK, 29 & Edith JAMES, 26 Dutton, Elgin Co., Ont
950 M 1904 Oct 24      Gordon WATERWORTH, 21 & Maud Beatrice RIPLEY, 18 Aldborough, Elgin
                       Co., Ont
951M 1921 Jun 22       Charles James PHILLIPS, 22 & Sarah McPHERSON, 25 Sarnia, Lambton Co., Ont
952 M 1921 Mar 23      Lanclet James SMALE, 21 & Vera SHORTT, 21 Petrolia, Lambton Co., Ont
953 M 1862 Jul 10      Adoniram Judson WHITLOCK & Martha F. JOHNSTON, Terrell Co., Ga
954 d 1958 Jan 25      Emily Judson (WHITLOCK) LaROCHE, 94 Courtney, Brevard Co., Fl
955 d 1935 Mar 14      Danil A. LaROCHE, 76 Courtney, Brevard Co., Fl
956 d 1904 Nov 7       Adoniram Judson WHITLOCK, 76 Courtney, Brevard Co., Fl
957 d 1988 Feb 12      Birdie Thelma (CARR)(LaROCHE) BUICE, 85 Merritt Island, Brevard Co., Fl
958 d 1962 Nov 14      Frederick Littleton LaROCHE, 66 Rockledge, Brevard Co., Fl
959 M 1918 Apr 6       Frederick Littleton LaROCHE & Birdie Thelma CARR, Fl
960 M 1885 Apr 27      Daniel J. LaROCHE & Emily Judson WHITLOCK, City Point, Brevard Co., Fl
961 M 1877 Mar 14      William T. MORRIS, 35 & Mildred H. WHITLOCK, 25 Louisa Co., Va
962 M 1908 Jan 16      Henry Alfred WHITLOCK, 22 & Mary Alice FOX, 19 Albemarle Co., Va
963 M 1863 Dec 20      Martin T. WHITLOCK, 21 & Bettie S. JENNINGS, 20 Fluvanna Co., Va
964 M 1906 Oct 10      Richard Ollie WHITLOCK, 30 & Carry E. SIMS, 19 Louisa Co., Va
965 M 1901 Sep 22      John Thomas WHITLOCK, 33 & May W. ROBERTS, 20 Louisa Co., Va
966 M 1900 Aug 19      Charles L. BROOKING, 27 & Mollie G. WHITLOCK, 18 Bethpage Church, Louisa
                       Co., Va
967 M 1893 Feb 22      Robert J. PAYNE, 25 & Martha Elizabeth WHITLOCK, 18 Louisa Co., Va
968 M 1886 Aug 26      James T. HALL, 23 & Lou D. WHITLOCK, 24 Louisa Co., Va
969 M 1911 Mar 8       William James Porter WHITLOCK, 29 & Lucy Amelia LEIGH, 19 Louisa, Louisa
                       Co., Va
970 b 1853 Dec 1       Elias s Elias & Mary (OSBORNE) WHITELOCK, Michaelstone Higher,
                       Glamorgan, WLS
971 M 1876 Nov 13      Elias WHITELOCK & Sarah Ann PHILLIPS, Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, WLS
972 d 1900 Feb 8       Elias WHITELOCK, 44 Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, WLS
973 d 1863 May 30      Mary (OSBORNE) WHITELOCK, 44 Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, WLS
974 M 1865 Jun 13      Elias WHITELOCK, 39 & Margaret (JONES) MORRIS, 43 Merthyr Tydfil,
                       Glamorgan, WLS
975 M 1887 Jun 2       Elias WHITELOCK, 58 & Eliza (JONES) DAVIES, 54 Pontypridd, Glamorgan,
976 b 1907 Dec 30      Cyril James s James & Rachel (DAVIES) WHITELOCK, Ystradyfodwg,
                       Glamorgan, WLS
977 b 1905 Apr 27      Ivor Garthill s James & Rachel (DAVIES) WHITELOCK, Ystradyfodwg,
                       Glamorgan, WLS
978 d 1968 Apr 4       James WHITELOCK, 56, Aberkenfig, Glamorgan, Wales
979 b 1841 Apr 23      Rebecca d William & Harriet (FOWLER) WHITLOCK, Langtree, DEV
980 M 1838 Feb 5       Christopher WHITLOCK & Susan BROKE, Buckland Filleigh, DEV
981 b 1839 May 4       Ann d Christopher & Mary (Heysett) Whitlock, Langtree, DEV
982 b 1918 Nov 16      Bessie Josephine d Frederick Newton & Bessie (Whitlock) Wakefield, Barham,

We have received a query regarding a Reg Whitlock who lived with his family over a florist shop in
Brockley Street, South East London, England. Reg was an only child, born about 1920 and attended the
Brockley Primary School. If any knows this family or has further information I would be interested to know.

                                      Whitlock Family Newsletter
                                                                                    Vol.25 No.1
                                                                                     Mar 2006
                                                                                     Page 12

Oglethorpe County, Georgia - Will Book C Will of JOHN BELL - Dated January 7, 1840 -
Recorded January 13, 1849 To wife Mary, house, $75, her stock by contract To sons John A. Bell,
James Bell, Jesse Bell, Sylvanus Bell To daughters Rebecca Sewell, Elizabeth Sewell, Nancy
Cramer, Patsy Whitlock, deceased Adm - John A. Bell, sons-in-law Joseph Cramer, William (J)
Sewell Codicil - November 24, 1844 To wife, Mary, 100 acres of land and provisions To son John,
100 acres adjoining the 100 acres given in original will To son-in-law Joseph Cramer, $50 for kind
attention $75 as half left to children of daughter Patsy Whitlock to be paid to son James Bell as
agent for Polly Rachels, to be managed by him; the other Half $75 to be paid to grand daughter Eliza
Whitlock, and she to come in as equal share with my children, including Negroes purchased by me
of the estate of Jesse Bell, deceased. Codicil - November 8, 1848 300 acres back to John A. Bell, he
to pay back to the estate $350
Our thanks to Anna Popejoy who sent in the above will. Patsey or Betsey Bell was married
February 12,1812 in Oglethorpe Co., Georgia to Beasley Whitlock (1790?-1869). She appears to
have died prior to 1822 when Beasley married Sarah E. Simmons.
The will mentions “children of daughter Patsy Whitlock” but the only one mentioned is Eliza. This
family is part of the WHITLOCK33 chart.

Hudson, Quebec home (1920's) of Major John Augustus Mathison (1781-1868). Major Mathison’s wife was
Harriett daughter of Peter & Anna (Whitlock) Vanderburgh. His daughter Ann Eliza Amelia Mathison
married Anna Whitlock’s brother, William Coley Whitlock (1787-1875). This family is part of the
WHITLOCK09 chart.

                                    Whitlock Family Newsletter
                                                                                  Vol.25 No.1
                                                                                   Mar 2006
                                                                                   Page 13

PH0389   Chauncy Whitlock family (1894?) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0390   Henry Sibley, Grace Whitlock (1888-1958), Leslie Wicks (1886-1948), Avanelle Whitlock
         (1904-1995), Iola Gosso (1904-1988), Grace Odell, Ed Ashby, Bill Whitlock (1898-1958),
         Dorothy Hunt, Richard Wicks (1932- ), Charles Whitlock (1928- ) (1940's) (W09)from JoAnn
PH0391   Family of Theodore Herbert & Edith Sylvia (Whitlock) Neal with Marion & Elsie Young and
         family (1930's) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0392   Neal, Wicks and Whitlock families (1940's) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0393   Whitlock and Wicks families (1955?) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0394   William Whitlock (1898-1958), Charlie Whitlock (1928- ), Charles Whitlock, Raymond
         Gleason, Leslie Wicks (1886-1948), Donald Whitlock, Eston Wicks (1952- ) (1955?) (W09)
         from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0395   Doris Whitlock, Marjorie Gleason (1914-1999), Edith Whitlock (1895-1941), Hazel Gleason,
         Elizabeth Whitlock (1920's) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0396   Charlie Whitlock (1886-1963), Elizabeth Whitlock (1917-1973) , Edith Whitlock, Doris
         Whitlock, Charles Whitlock (1928- ) (1930's) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0397   Charlie Whitlock (1886-1963), Alice ??, Elizabeth Whitlock (1917-1973) , Edith Whitlock,
         Doris Whitlock, Charles Whitlock (1928- ) (1930's) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0398   Charles E. Whitlock (1886-1963) (1900's) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0399   Elmer Guy Whitlock son of Charles E. Whitlock (1886-1963) (1920's) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0400   Dorothy Hunt (1918- ), Edna Mae Neal (1918- ) (1920's) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0401   Henry Sibley, Grace Whitlock (1888-1958) (1940's) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0402   John Hunt family (1940's) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0403   John Hunt’s sons (1950's) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0404   Loren Hunt, John Hunt, Tom Hunt, Corky Hunt (1950's) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0405   Loren Hunt, John Hunt, Mrs John Hunt & 3 boys at Dog Lake Ranger Station (1950's) (W09)
         from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0406   Grace & Ed Ashby, Avanelle Alice Whitlock (1904-1995), William Lester Edwin
         Whitlock (1898-1958) (1940's) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0407   Guy Clarence Whitlock (1890-1923) (1892?) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0408   Guy Clarence Whitlock (1890-1923) (1910's) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0409   Guy Clarence Whitlock (1890-1923) (1910's) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0410   Guy Clarence Whitlock (1890-1923) (1920's) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0411   Guy Clarence Whitlock (1890-1923) (1920's) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0412   Grave of Guy Clarence Whitlock (1890-1923) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0413   Marjorie Grace Gleason (1914-1999), Leroy Potter ( -1954), Linda Potter (1940's) (W09)
         from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0414   Clara Estelle Whitlock (1892-1934) (1900's?) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0415   Clara Estelle Whitlock (1892-1934) (1910's?) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0416   Raymond Claude Gleason (1888-1935), Clara Estelle Whitlock (1892-1934) , Iola Arlyn Gosso
         (1903-1988), Hazel Gleason (1912- ), Marjorie Grace Gleason (1914-1999) (1920's) (W09)
         from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0417    Hazel Gleason, Marjorie Grace Gleason (1914-1999), 2 Carr boys (1920s) (W09) from JoAnn
PH0418   Raymond Claude Gleason (1888-1935), Clara Estelle Whitlock (1892-1934) , Hazel Gleason
         (1912- ), Marjorie Grace Gleason (1914-1999) (1930s) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0419   Hazel Gleason (1912- ), Marjorie Grace Gleason (1914-1999) (1920's) (W09) from JoAnn
PH0420   Marjorie Grace Gleason (1914-1999), Charles R. Whitlock (1928- ) (1929?) (W09)
         from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0421   LeAnne Potter, Leroy Potter (1940s) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0422   Edith Sylvia Whitlock (1895-1941) (1910s) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0423   Donald Neal (1920s- ) & Denny Neal (1920s- ) (1920s) W09) from JoAnn Whitlock

                                Whitlock Family Newsletter
                                                                                        Vol.25 No.1
                                                                                         Mar 2006
                                                                                         Page 14

PH0424      Donald Neal (1920s- ), Edith Sylvia Whitlock (1895-1941), ??, Denny Neal (1920s- ) (1920s)
            W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0425      Donald Neal (1920s- ), Edith Sylvia Whitlock (1895-1941), Edna May Neal (1918- ),
            Theodore Herbert Neal (1892-1967), Denny Neal (1920s- ) (1920s) W09) from JoAnn
PH0426      Theodore Herbert Neal (1892-1967) & William Lester Edwin Whitlock (1898-1958) (1920s)
            (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0427      Edna May Neal (1918- ) (1918) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0428      Donald Neal (1920s- ) (1920s) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0429      Denny Neal (1920s- ), Edith Sylvia Whitlock (1895-1941), Donald Neal (1920s- ), Edna May
            Neal (1918- ), Iola Arylyn Gosso (1903-1988) (1920s) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0430      Grave of William Lester Edwin Whitlock (1898-1958) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0431      Darlynn Fraser (1951- ), Dennis Fraser (1943- ), Doris Whitlock (1924- ), Nicole Muck (1969-
            ), Diana Muck (1967- ), Deanne Fraser (1947- ), Gary Muck (1980s) (W09) from JoAnn
PH0432      Karen Whitlock (1951-1992), Mary Whitlock (1957- ), Dawn Whitlock (1955-1980), Paul
            Whitlock (1954- ), William Whitlock (1953- ) (1958) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0433      JoAnn Dee Kimball (1933- ) & Charles Ray Whitlock (1928- ) (1952) (W09) from JoAnn
PH0434      William Lester Edwin Whitlock (1898-1958) & Iola Arylyn Gosso (1903-1988) (1950s)
            (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0435      Doris Whitlock (1924- ), William Donald Whitlock (1921- ), Charles Ray Whitlock (1928- ),
            Iola Arylyn Gosso (1903-1988), William Lester Edwin Whitlock (1898-1958) (1930s) (W09)
            from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0436      William Lester Edwin Whitlock (1898-1958) & others grade 8 graduation (1912?) (W09) from
            JoAnn Whitlock
PH0437      William Lester Edwin Whitlock (1898-1958) (c1916?) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0438      Avanelle Alice Whitlock (1904-1995) (1910s) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0439      Avanelle Alice Whitlock (1904-1995) (1910s) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0440      Avanelle Alice Whitlock (1904-1995), John Hunt & others (1910s) (W09) from JoAnn
PH0441      Charles Ray Whitlock (1928- ), Richard Fay Wicks (1932- ), Leslie Eston Wicks (1927-1998),
            Denny Neal, Donald Neal (1930s) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0442      Dennis Fraser (1943- ), Deanne Fraser (1947- ), Iola Arylyn Gosso (1903-1988), William
            Lester Edwin Whitlock (1898-1958), Avanelle Alice Whitlock (1904-1995) (1940s) (W09)
            from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0443      Greta Zoe Bender (1927- ) & Leslie Eston Wicks (1927-1998) (1990s) (W09) from JoAnn
PH0444      Avanelle Alice Whitlock (1904-1995) (1950s) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0445      Avanelle Alice Whitlock (1904-1995) (1980s) (W09) from JoAnn Whitlock
PH0446(8)   Padgett’s Creek Baptist Church, Union Co., SC (Jan.1996) (W33) from Earl Johnson
PH0447(3)   Peter Mark Whitlock (1949- ) (W01) & Linda Diane (Owens) Johnson (1947- ), Kennesaw,
            Ga (Jan.1996) (W84) from Earl Johnson
PH0448(4)   Peter Mark Whitlock (1949- ) (W01) at The Whitlock Inn, Marrietta, Ga (Jan.1996) from Earl
PH0449(2)   The Whitlock Inn, Marietta, Ga (Jan.1996) from Earl Johnson
PH0450      Whitlock Ave. NW, Marietta, Ga (Jan.1996) from Earl Johnson
PH0451      Grave of Dorcas Ray (1815-1855) Padgett’s Creek Baptist Church cemetery, Union Co., SC
            (Jan.1996) (W33) from Earl Johnson
PH0452      Grave of Sarah (Whitlock) Ray (1778-1855) Padgett’s Creek Baptist Church cemetery, Union
            Co., SC (Jan.1996) (W33) from Earl Johnson
PH0453      Grave of Thomas Ray (1780-1862) Padgett’s Creek Baptist Church cemetery, Union Co., SC
            (Jan.1996) (W33) from Earl Johnson
PH0454      Grave of Elizabeth Ray (1749-1831) Padgett’s Creek Baptist Church cemetery, Union Co., SC
            (Jan.1996) (W33) from Earl Johnson

                                    Whitlock Family Newsletter
                                                                                        Vol.25 No.1
                                                                                         Mar 2006
                                                                                         Page 15

DATE:December 10,2005

The following is the Main Line of Nick Anderson of 16270 Buckingham, Beverly Hills, Michigan, U.S.A.
11.Thomas WHITLOCK                                                                    Susannah STOCK
   (1623?-1703)                                                                                  ( - )
10.John WHITLOCK                                                                                 Mary ??
   (1650's- )                                                                                    ( - )
 9.John WHITLOCK                                  1736?                                     Elizabeth ??
   ( - )                                   New Jersey, U.S.A.                                    ( - )
 8.James WHITLOCK                                 1763                              Jane MERSEREAU
   (1742-1802)                             New Jersey, U.S.A.                             ( -pre1767)
 7.Moses WHITLOCK                                                             Catherine VanBARKELO
   (1763-1828)                                                                                   ( - )
 6.Daniel WHITLOCK                                1818                         Anne Combs DAVISON
   (1798-1865)                 Cranbury, Middlesex Co. New Jersey, U.S.A.                   (1799-1879)
 5.Robert Davison WHITLOCK                        1842                                Mary N. NEVIUS
   (1821-1895)                         Kingston, New Jersey, U.S.A.                         (1822-1905)
 4.Catharine Letitia WHITLOCK                     1865                       Cornelius F. ELBERTSON
   (1847-1893)                             New Jersey, U.S.A.                                 ( -1906)
 3.John Van Derveer ELBERTSON                                                           Carrie TAPPEN
   (1868-1950)                                                                                   ( - )
 2.Alberta ELBERTSON                                                        Norman Peter ANDERSON
   (1910-1958)                     New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.A.                        (1905-1990)
 1.Nicholas ANDERSON                              1994                    Catherine Elizabeth PEREIRA
   (1950-                             Red Hook, New York, U.S.A.                               (1947-

DATE:January 7,2006

The following is the Main Line of Kathryn Chappell Wingate of 1908 Bristol Drive, Columbia, South
Carolina, U.S.A. 29204


 6.William WHITLOCK                                                                    Delila FOWLER
   (1789-1867)                                                                                  ( - )
 5.Felix Gaines WHITLOCK                         1850                                    Mary E. KIRK
   (1825-1895)                           South Carolina, U.S.A.                             (1826-1911)
 4.Frank Marion WHITLOCK                                                         Catherine CHAPPELL
   (1855-1915)                                                                              (1856-1942)
 3.Felix Gaines WHITLOCK                                                         Florida Ellen WILDER
   (1874-1945)                                                                              (1879-1965)
 2.Mattie Elizabeth WHITLOCK                                                     Milton Asa WINGATE
   (1917- )                                                                                (1915-1989)
  1.Kathryn Chappell WINGATE

                                     Whitlock Family Newsletter
                                                                                          Vol.25 No.1
                                                                                           Mar 2006
                                                                                           Page 16
FILE:ML327 DATE:December 13,2005

The following is the Main Line of Megan Sue Whitlock of #3131, 152 Manchester Lane, Waterford,
Michigan, U.S.A. 48327                            Married
11. ?? WHITLOCK                                                                      Grizel COLEMAN
   ( - )                                                                                    (1705-1759)
10.John WHITLOCK                                   1754                                   Ann LOGAN
   ( -1774)                   St.James Northam, Goochland, Virginia, U.S.A.                ( -1790/91)
 9.Thomas WHITLOCK                                 1788                               Susannah WEBB
   (1757-1848)                          Campbell, Virginia, U.S.A.                            (1767- )
 8.Thomas William (Wellington) WHITLOCK            1807                             Sally GILLEHORN
   (1790-1856)                         Halifax Co., Virginia, U.S.A.                         (1787?- )
 7.Thomas E. WHITLOCK                              1842                              Caroline NEWBY
   (1815-1845)                        Jefferson Co., Illinois, U.S.A.                       (1828-1912)
 6.William Henry Harrison WHITLOCK                 1866                         Mary Elizabeth LOWE
   (1844-1918)                      Raleigh, Saline Co., Illinois, U.S.A.                   (1847-1881)
 5.Thomas Edward WHITLOCK                          1888                         Ida May GLASCOCK
   (1867-1956)                          Saline Co., Illinois, U.S.A.                        (1873-1955)
 4.Jesse Edward WHITLOCK                           1919                     Catherine Lee HILLYARD
   (1897-1970)                 Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., Indiana, U.S.A.                (1898-1948)
 3.Charles T. WHITLOCK                             1942                        Thelma Lucille FINKLE
   (1922-1987)                    Pontiac, Oakland Co., Michigan, U.S.A.                       (1926-
 2.Carl Thomas WHITLOCK                            1979                           Amy Sue LaFORGE
   (1960-                       Waterford, Oakland Co., Michigan, U.S.A.                        (1960-
 1.Megan Sue WHITLOCK

FILE:ML328 DATE:December 19,2005

The following is the Main Line of Carol Podolski of Plainsboro, New Jersey, U.S.A. (Carjojen@aol.com)
11.Thomas WHITLOCK                                                                       Susannah STOCK
   (1623?-1703)                                                                                     ( - )
10.John WHITLOCK                                                                                   Mary ??
   (1650's- )                                                                                       ( - )
 9.John WHITLOCK                                                                               Elizabeth ??
   ( - )                                                                                           ( - )
 8.James WHITLOCK                                  1763                                Jane MERSEREAU
   (1742-1802)                        Kingston, New Jersey, U.S.A.                            ( -pre1767)
 7.Moses WHITLOCK                                                                Catherine VanBARKELO
   (1763-1828)                                                                                      ( - )
 6.Moses WHITLOCK                                                                                   Ann ??
   (1798- )                                                                                         ( - )
 5.John V. WHITLOCK                                                                  Sarah Ann CORNELL
   (1835-pre1900)                                                                                (1823- )
 4.Cornelius WHITLOCK                                                           Julia E. Donahue POTTER
   (1861- )                                                                                      (1860- )
 3.John George WHITLOCK                            1912                              Christina FIRESTINE
   (1888-1963)                     Middlesex Co., New Jersey, U.S.A.                           (1880-1949)
 2.John George WHITLOCK                            1934                                      Mary SCHAB
   (1913-1951)                              Maryland, U.S.A.                                   (1915-1978)
  1.Carol WHITLOCK                                 1969                                John R. PODOLSKI
   (1947-                                  New Jersey, U.S.A.                                  (1948-1994)

                                      Whitlock Family Newsletter
                                                                                                        Vol.25 No.1
                                                                                                         Mar 2006
                                                                                                          Page 17

    Whitlock Birth Register
    Date           Name                     Sex     B=Bilth     C=Christening             Parents
    Place                                                          Name code                   Source codes

    1763 Oct      9 WHITELOCK       Elizabeth                                       F B    F    WHITELOCKE    John
                                                                                           M    LlDDIARD      Sarah
    ENG     WIL   Chilton Foliat                                             WJ26              SOG95

    1763 Oct      29 WHITLOCK       Samuel Lockhart                                 M C    F    WHITLOCK      William
                                                                                           M    LOCKHART      Mary D.
    USA     NJ    Monmouth Co., Old Tennent (S cotch Presbyterian)   Churc   WW61              LDS         R1618/3

        DOWNER Co.,Hanah
       WHITELOCK Anne  Sarah
       WHITLOCK X399/13,89
       ALFORDPitton Agnes
                      LOS Ann
                      Co., Susan
          Oct 30 R78/385Elisabeth
                      SOG225-231     Ann
    1763 SomersetR656/310 Co., St.James Northam F C
        LOBDELL X1850/16
           NJ            Thomas
          Fairfieldo SALRidgefield (Six
                      LDS Franklin
        PITTAM 4 WHITLOCK Twp M)
           F       Goochland
                        Joseph       Nannie
                                     Mary       MCB            WJ86
                                                               WJ05 19
                                                               W JA          WT362
                                                                             WW91 F C
                                                                             W JA56            LDS
                                                                                                          Vol.25 No.1
                                                                                                           Mar 2006
                                                                                                           Page 18

              Whitlock Birth Register
              Date         Name                      Sex     B=Birth C=Christening          Parents
              Place                                                         Name code           Source codes

                            PittonAnn Catherine Stephen
                 WHITELOCK ArneAlthe St. John
                 LAW 29 Co.,Hannah
                 WHITLOCKE Sarah
                 WHITLOCK X1850/16
                 LOGAN10 SAL1Franklin
              1764 SomersetX1381/1 0 Co., TwpGerthe Northam F Parish
                 MENDHAM X2155/2
                 BACON13 R78/384
                 WEBB 27 X399/157
                 HAMILTON X399/13
                    F           LOSJohn
                                X983 Elizabeth Fanny
                 MANSELL WHITELOCK George
                 BOWNE 3 WHITLOCK (Six M)
                                     Oanbury    Ebenezer
                                                Margaret    MBC
                                                            MCB        WJ267WJ80 WSA16 MC
                                                                       WJ034 MC WH30
                                                                       WEB1      WJ218

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