Quarterly Newsletter of the Dublin Senior Center

                                               WHAT’S HAPPENING IN
                                         October                        November                     December
                                         SWINGING 60’s                  THANKSGIVING                 HOLIDAY LUNCHEON
                                         LUNCHEON                       LUNCHEON                     Thursday, December 9
                                         Thursday, October 14           Thursday, November 18        11:40am
                                         11:40am                        11:40am                      The decorations are up;
                                         Remember the 60s? It was an    It’s turkey time again.      the fireplace is lit. Joy,
                                         interesting time. Some great   A traditional feast will     good friendships and
                                         music came out of this era.    be prepared for you.         delicious food await you.
                                         Entertainment by Daphna        Entertainment by Wells       Entertainment by the
                                         and Bruce.                     Middle School Jazz Band.     Golden Follies Dancers.
                                         Please register by Friday,     Please register by Friday,   Please register by
                                         October 8.                     November 12.                 December 3.
                                         Res $7.39/Non-Res $8.39        Res $7.39/Non-Res $8.39      Res $7.39/Non-Res $8.39
                                         Activity Code 23647            Activity Code 23649          Activity Code 23650

                                         DANCESCAPE                      DON'T FORGET! DANCESCAPE 4
                                                                                       Saturday, December
                                         Saturday, October 2
                                         7:00–10:00pm                         DAYLIGHT               7:00–10:00pm
City of Dublin Senior Center
                                         Featuring the 3 O'Clock Jump          SAVINGS               Featuring Lady K and the
                                                                                                     Kings of Swing. Celebrate
7600 Amador Valley Blvd.
                                         Band. You can swing, tango,
                                         rhumba, cha cha and waltz,
                                                                                  TIME               the season with friends.
Dublin, California 94568                                                                             Listen to Big Band era
(925) 556-4511                           too! Come dance or just
                                         listen to great music.                                      classics that will put a smile
www.DublinSeniorCenter.com               Tickets purchased by Friday,                                on your face and toe tapping
www.DublinRecGuide.com                   October 1: $9(R)/$10(NR)                                    rhythm in your feet!
seniorctr@ci.dublin.ca.us                Tickets at the door: $12                                    Tickets purchased by Friday,
                                         Activity Code 24446                                         December 3: $9(R)/$10(N)
Business Hours                                                                        Sunday         Tickets at the Door: $12
Mon–Fri: 9:00am–4:00pm                                                            November 7         Activity Code 24447
Sat: 8:30am–12:00pm
                                         Building closed for the following holidays:
                                         Thursday, November 11 – Veteran’s Day
Checks should be made payable to
                                         Thursday & Friday, November 25 & 26 – Thanksgiving
the City of Dublin for most activities   Friday, December 24 to Monday, January 3, 2011 – Winter Holiday and Building
unless otherwise stated.                                                                  Maintenance
play! explore! connect!
Saturday, October 30                              FRE E!
10:00am – 2:00pm                                           !

The Dublin Senior Center will sponsor a Senior Health and Resource
Fair designed for seniors, caregivers, adult children of seniors, family
and friends. Attend informative mini-presentations and receive
valuable information from a variety of health and resource vendors.
Lunch will be served at 12 noon (while supplies last). Free prizes will be
raffled throughout the day.

This free event is open to the public. Drop-ins are welcome but
reservations are accepted and preferred. Sign up by calling 556-4511
or by going online at www.DublinRecGuide.com (Activity #24556) by
Friday, October 29.

               Winter Concert Series
                                                               2   0    1     0
                The City of Dublin is proud to present the 7 Annual Winter Concert Series

                     Dublin Senior Center, 7600 Amador Valley Boulevard, Dublin

   Hometown Heroes Celebration
   Sunday, November 7, 1:30 PM
   Now an annual event, the Dublin Senior Center will be hosting the Hometown Heroes Celebration
   to honor all our veterans. This special presentation will be followed by the 191st Army Band, Band
   of the Wild West. The event is free. If possible, please donate new socks to benefit Operation S.A.M.
   (Supporting All Military).

   Bay Bells—Silver Bells
   Sunday, December 12, 3:30 PM
   The City of Dublin continues its tradition of presenting the Bay Bells holiday concert for the
   whole family. The performance, entitled Silver Bells, will be a celebration of Bay Bells who have
   entertained audiences throughout the country for the past 25 years.
   Sign up in advance by calling 556-4500 for reservations or reserve seats online at www.
   DublinRecGuide.com (Activity # 24454).
   Tickets will also be available at the door: $10/Adult; $5/Youth (12 and under).

For more information, call 556-4500 or the Senior Center at 556-4511 or visit www.ci.dublin.ca.us
                                                                         THE DUBLIN SENIOR CENTER
                                                                 a great place to be

               Welcome                            DINE AT THE SHAMROCK CAFÉ
Everyone knows times are tough                    (See page 12 on how to register)
right now. Prices have gone up, while             Lunch is provided by Spectrum Community Services
many seniors' incomes have not. Don’t             Monday–Friday 11:30am–12:15pm; serving time: 11:45am
despair—the Dublin Senior Center is               Registration in the program is required.
the place for you. There’s so much to do          Meal reservations required by 1:00pm the prior business day.
here, and the fees are affordable. Love to
read? Join the book club. Love to dance?          BE A SUPPORTER
The Center has it. Not computer savvy?            The Center needs your help. If you are not already a supporter, please
Take a private lesson. Don’t like eating          become one now. The small yearly fee is used to provide you with
alone? Step into the Center’s Shamrock            all the activities and events you come here to enjoy. The quarterly
Café, choose a table, eat and socialize.          newsletter, Dublin Doings, is mailed to all supporters.
“Rewarding friendships, intriguing                Resident $9 per year/Non-resident $10 per year
activities and a lifestyle of possibilities”
await you.                                        VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES
                                                  A volunteer is a person who gives of themselves for a service without
                                                  obligation to do so. If this description fits you, turn to page 18 and see
                                                  how you can be of help, or call the Center at (925) 556-4511.
            A GUIDE TO                            Training is provided for all positions.
                                                  Martin Baron—Chair
   • Find happiness through music                 Diane Bonetti—Vice Chair
       and dance—page 4                           Delilah Vanderpool—Member
                                                  Tim Pedersen—Member
   • Keep your mind active with                   Eddie Jo Mack—Member
       games of your choice—page 5                Rich Guarienti—Parks & Community Services Representative
   • Join a book club, a writing class,           Your Advisory Committee welcomes you to attend their meetings,
                                                  9:30am on the first Thursday of every month, at the Dublin Senior
       or learn how to send email
       —page 6                                    Center. You may make suggestions at the meeting, or via email:
   • Stay active; attend three                    Next Meetings: October 7, November 4, December 2
       exercise classes a week—page 8
       &9                                         TELLS US WHY YOU ENJOY COMING TO THE DUBLIN SENIOR
   • Walk and hike in East Bay parks              CENTER
       —page 9                                    Your testimonial is appreciated and may be highlighted in the newsletter.

   • Go green: bring your own                     RENTALS
       coffee mug or bring two mugs               City facilities like the Dublin Senior Center
       and invite a friend to join you at         may be rented by private and community
       the Center for free coffee                 groups during non-Senior Center business
       —page 12                                   hours. Typically Friday and Saturday
                                                  evenings are available, and Sunday
   • Meet new friends over lunch at               afternoons and evenings are available
       the affordable Shamrock Café               on a first-come, first-served basis. For
       —page 12                                   availability, fees and information, call
                                                  (925) 556-4500. A copy of all rental
   • Stay happy by helping others                 applications may be downloaded at
       —page 18

                                          O C T O B E R / N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R                   2 0 1 0          3
              move & groove to the music

Enjoy the movement and the sound as you participate in these groups.
                                                                                     MUSIC CLASSES
LINE DANCE CLASSES                       MELODY MINSTRELS                            Fridays, October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
Cue music … 5-6-7-8 …feel the music      JAM SESSION                                 (No classes in Nov & Dec)
and start dancing!                       Tuesdays, 1:30–3:00pm                       Charlie Wright, a gifted musician,
Beginning                                Join ukulele and guitar players to learn    wants to share her knowledge and
Instructor: Lynn Woods                   new cords and harmonize together. Build     love of music. Please call 556-4511 to
Thursdays 10:25–11:25am                  on the knowledge you already possess.       register for class.
$1.25/class                              Led by Judy Kuftin and Merrill Ito.         Drop-in fee: $1.25 per person, per class.
Beginning/Intermediate                   $1.25 activity fee
Instructor: Rosa Chan                                                                BEGINNING BAND
Tuesdays, 10:15–11:15am                  MUSIC LOVERS SING-ALONG                     Friday, 10:00–10:50am
$2/class                                 Thursdays at 10:15am                        Learn how to read and play music in
                                         You may not be a candidate for              this fun group. Beginning musicians
Saturdays, 10:30am–12:00pm               American Idol, but you can shine here.      and any instruments you bring are
$3/class                                 Lyrics and music are available, just        welcome.
Easy/Intermediate                        bring your melodic voice. All musical
Instructor: Millie Dusha                 accompanists are welcome to join in.        BEGINNING GROUP SINGING
Thursdays 2:00–4:00pm                    $1.25 donation                              Friday, 11:00–11:50am
$3/class                                                                             Develop your singing
Intermediate                             PRIVATE PIANO LESSONS                       voice through both
Dance leader: Karen Hong                 Day and time (30 minutes) TBD               structured and
Fridays 10:45–11:45am                    Would you like to learn or relearn how      improvisational
$1.25/class                              to play the piano? Playing the piano can    lessons. Expand
                                         be a satisfying experience for the body,    your control with
Advanced                                 mind and soul. We’ll start where you        breathing exercises.
Instructor: Millie Dusha                                                             If you always
                                         are. Learn at your own pace, there is no
Mondays 12:30–2:30pm                     pressure.                                   wanted to sing
$3/class                                 Instructor: Charlie                         and love to sing
                                         Introductory Fee: $20/½ hour, pre-paid      with others, this
                                                                                     class is a great
                                                                                     place to start!
                                                                                     People of all
                                                                                     ages and levels are
      EVERY FIRST THURSDAY                                                           MUSIC THEORY 101
                                                                                     Friday, 12:30–1:20pm
      October 7, November 4,                                                         Study the language and theory of
           December 2                                                                music as a way to enhance one's
          2:00–4:30pm                                                                musicianship.
       DJ Millie Dusha plays both
         old classics and new                                                        MUSIC APPRECIATION 101
       dances to keep you in the                                                     Friday, 1:30–2:20pm
        mood. Join the line and                                                      Learn to listen and identify various
      keep dancing! Dancers of all                                                   styles, composers and music
          levels are welcome.                                                        movements. All types of music,
                    $3                                                               from classical to modern day, will be

  4                                  F O R   I N F O R M A T I O N         C A L L      ( 9 2 5 )     5 5 6 - 4 5 1 1
                                                                                        GAMES PEOPLE PLAY
                                                                               be a playmaker

AMERICAN MAH JONG                                                                      SCRABBLE
Fridays, 12:15–4:00pm                                                                  Wednesdays, 3:00–4:30pm
A fascinating game, played with tiles at                                               A fun and stimulating game; can you
a table for four. Learn what the symbols                                               make a long word with your tiles?
on the tiles mean and make a Mah Jong                                                  $1.25 activity fee
to win.
Instructor: Lynn Miller                                                                PING PONG–DROP IN
$1.25 activity fee                                                                     Wednesdays & Thursdays:
                                                                                       9:00am–12:00pm; 1:00–4:00pm
BRIDGE                                                                                 Saturdays:
New players should contact the Bridge
                                                                                       9:00–10:30am; 10:30–12:00pm
Coordinators to sign up for a table.
                                                                                       Check out equipment at the front desk,
Please call 556-4511 to find out how.
                                                                                       or sign-in your name and wait for your
Beginning Bridge                                                                       turn. Play time is limited when people
Wednesdays, 1:00–3:00pm                                                                are waiting.
If you want to learn more, or are new                                                  $1.25 activity fee
at the game, this is the group to join.
Instructor: Donna McCarthy                 BINGO                                       PING PONG RESERVATIONS
$1.25 activity fee                         Wednesdays, 12:45pm                         Wednesdays, 1:00–4:00pm
Intermediate Bridge                        This is an exciting game, especially        A second ping pong table will be set up
Tuesdays, 12:00–3:30pm                     when you get to shout BINGO! Good           for those who want to play or practice
Coordinator: Barbara Tocchini              luck! Sponsored by the Dublin Senior        privately. Play time reservations are
Fridays, 12:00–3:30pm                      Foundation. Card fees due at the door.      required by 12 noon on Wednesdays.
Coordinators: Ed or Doris Edwards          $2.50 for three cards                       Reservations allow for priority play and
$1.25 activity fee                         $1 for each additional card                 reduced wait time. You may borrow
Intermediate/Advanced Bridge               $5 for six cards                            equipment or bring your own paddle
Mondays, 12:00–3:30pm                                                                  and balls.
Coordinator: Donna McCarthy                BUNCO                                       $1.25 activity fee per hour, per person
$1.25 activity fee                         Thursdays, 1:00–3:00pm
                                           This game of chance is played with 3        INDOOR GAMES
                                           dice, at a table with four players. Good    OPPORTUNITY awaits you!! Improve
                                           luck to you and your partner! Call Sue at   your game. Golf putting, bocce, and
                                           829-1151 for more information.              Wii, are available for you inside our
                                           $1.25 activity fee                          comfortable Center.

                                           PARTY PINOCHLE                              GOLF PUTTING/BOCCE
                                           Mondays, 9:00–11:00am                       Thursdays, 9:00am–4:00pm &
                                           (Double deck)                               Fridays, 9:00am–1:00pm
                                           Beginners are welcome to learn with         These indoor games keep you in the
                                           other Pinochle loving players. Call Sue     swing.
                                           at 829-1151 for more information.           $1.25 activity fee
                                           $1.25 activity fee
                                                                                       Wii™ SENIORS VIRTUAL SPORTS
                                           POKER                                       Wednesdays, 9:00am–4:00pm
                                           Tuesdays, 12:30–3:30pm                      Thursdays, 9:00am–4:00pm
                                           Psych out your opponents in this game       Fridays, 9:00am–1:00pm
                                           of probability. Games are dealer’s          We have Wii™ and many of the virtual
Note: City Ordinance prohibits gaming
for money. Bingo, which is sponsored by    choice.                                     games that come with it.
a licensed non-profit group, is exempt.    $1.25 activity fee                          $1.25 activity fee

    O C T O B E R / N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R                     2 0 1 0                                              5
                                                 engage all your senses

Receive the Center’s latest information   LETTER—LET US TRANSCRIBE FOR The Center has a well-stocked lending
on its DOINGS. Email us at seniorctr@     YOU                          library where you can check out books
ci.dublin.ca.us and ask to be placed onA volunteer will transcribe your holiday         for FREE. Donations gratefully accepted.
our interest list.                     letter on the computer. A copy will be
                                       made for you to mail or email. Please            LAS POSITAS COMMUNITY
ONE-ON-ONE PC/MAC CLASS                call for an appointment to discuss your          COLLEGE (LPCC) WRITING
Monday mornings, 9:00am–3:00pm correspondence.                                          CLASSES
Enroll in a computer class. The        $1.25 per page; copies extra                     For LPCC info, registration and
instructors are friendly and so is the                                                  fees, call 424-1000 or go to www.
computer. The first class begins at    TATTLE TALES – A WRITING CLASS                   laspositascollege.edu.
9:00am and offered in 30 minute        Mondays, 12:30pm
increments. Please call the Center to  October 4, 18; November 1, 15 &                  WRITE FOR SELF EXPRESSION/
make your appointment.                 December 6 (will return on January               PUBLICATION
PC Instructor: Ed Osada                10, 2011 after Winter Holidays)                  Tuesdays, 9:30–11:20am
Mac Instructor: Garrett Romain

                                       Let the words flow, as you create a journal      Learn basic to advanced techniques
One-on-One Fee: $3 for 30 minutes      of your family’s history. Future generations     of writing and recording observations
                                          will appreciate the tales you have to tell.   about experiences undergone
                                          Instructor: Barbara Gifford                   throughout one’s lifetime. Develop
       One of my friends                  $1.25 activity fee                            marketing skills and manuscript
       from Hayward’s                                                                   preparation to publish your work.
       EDD One Stop                       POLISH YOUR FICTION                           Nominal fee charged.
                                          A WRITING & EDITING CLASS                     Instructor: Tonya Hersch
       Center referred me
       to the Dublin Senior               Mondays, 10:00am–12:15pm
                                          October 4, 11, 18, 12;
       Center. Needing more
                                          November 1, 8, 15, 22
       computer experience,
                                          Learn fresh writing techniques and
       I signed up for Ed                 an easy, powerful way to polish your
       Osada’s One-on-One                 writing projects. This revising system
       Computer Class. I                  takes the “ugh” out of editing and
       received everything                makes the process of revisions as much
       I needed to know in                fun as writing the first draft. At the end
       order to complete my               of eight weeks, your work in progress
                                          will have increased clarity, cadence, and
       resume. I got above
                                          reader interest. Bring several pencil-size
       and beyond what I                  colored markers.                                 200 Civic Plaza, Dublin, CA 94568
       expected. Although I               Instructor: Julaina Kleist                     (925) 828-1315      www.aclibrary.org
       am on a budget, it was             Fee: $28/8 classes
       money well spent. I                Activity Code 25082                             Library Hours:
       am extremely excited
                                          READING GROUP— A BOOK CLUB                      Sunday                  1pm – 5pm
       about the friendliness
       and support I received             Fourth Tuesdays, 10:30am                        Monday                 10am – 8pm
                                          October 26, November 23                         Tuesday                10am – 6pm
       from the Center’s
                                          (No meeting in December)                        Wednesday              12pm – 8pm
       very nice and cheerful
                                          Book clubs are a great way to share             Thursday               10am – 6pm
       staff.”                            what you thought of the book you just           Friday                    CLOSED
       —C.R., Hayward                     read. Join this interesting group.
                                                                                          Saturday               10am – 5pm
                                          $1.25 activity fee

  6                                 F O R     I N F O R M A T I O N            C A L L     ( 9 2 5 )       5 5 6 - 4 5 1 1
                                                                                            ARTISTS IN MOTION
                                                                               freedom to express yourself

Wednesdays, 12:30–3:30pm                     Mondays, 1:30–3:30pm                        GALE GIFFORD
Can’t find space to do your art? Drop in     Drop-in quilting, sewing and knitting       Friday, December 10, 12:30–3:00pm
and join us! The Dublin Senior Center        group. Join peers for support and social    Make a fresh wreath for the holidays.
offers space for artists to work on their    networking.                                 Bring gardening gloves, shears and
arts and crafts projects. Open sessions      $1.25 activity fee                          additional decorations to personalize
are designed for                                                                         your holiday masterpiece. Maximum
individuals to work                          BLANKETS FOR VETS                           25 students. Please register by Friday,
independently in a                           Wednesdays, 1:00–3:30pm                     December 3.
creative and friendly                        Love to knit or crochet? Bring your         $3/class; $5 at the door
environment. All                             favorite needles and know how to do         Activity Code 25012
skill levels welcome.                        basic stitches. Help keep our veterans
$1.25 activity fee                           warm in the cooler months with              VOLUNTEER INSTRUCTORS
                                             their own blankets. Needles and yarn        WANTED!
VINTAGE PAPERBAG SCRAPBOOK                   donations are greatly appreciated.          Do you have a special skill or talent
Thursdays, October 14 & 21                   Activity leader: Eva Lim                    in the arts? Share your passion for
9:30–11:30am                                 Free                                        photography, painting, drawing, and
Make personalized gifts for the holidays.                                                other media with seniors. Volunteer
Capture memories in a charming               HOLIDAY CARD MAKING WITH                    applications available at the front desk.
scrapbook. Bring scissors, glue stick,       BARBARA GIFFORD
12 of your pictures and memorabilia.         Wed, November 3, 12:30–3:00pm               BOX KNITTING
Instructor will assemble a color             Send a holiday greeting card to a friend    Saturday, October 9, 9:00–10:30am
coordinated packet with paper, ribbon        or relative, handmade by you. Bring         Learn a simple way to knit a scarf using
and decorative items to embellish your       scissors, glue stick, and a ruler. Sample   only a box and yarn. Bring a small
pages. Please indicate color choice.         cards are on display in the lounge’s        empty tissue box (4½ x 4¼ x 5), pencil,
Register by the Monday prior.                glass case. Please register one week        scissors, ruler and one skein of yarn of
Res $4/Non-res $5                            prior.                                      your choice. Pre-register by October 8.
Plus a $10 material fee due at the time of   $3 includes materials for 2 cards           Instruction provided by Donna, Sady
registration.                                $1 each for additional card                 and Bety
Activity Code 25066                          $4 at the door                              Activity Code 25097
                                             Activity Code 25013                         $2/ person
 Instruction provided by Mark Roberts.
 Sign up for spring semester (January
 18 through May 20).
 For more info, registration and
 fees, call 424-1000 or go to www.

 Wednesdays, 9:00am–12:00pm

 Fridays, 9:00am–12:00pm

 Fridays, 9:00am–12:00pm

    O C T O B E R / N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R                       2 0 1 0                                            7
         moving into healthier living

               Exercise is beneficial for your well-being. Check with your doctor to choose the right program for you.

AWARENESS THROUGH                           JOINT RELIEF THROUGH MOTION                    * For new students of Chair
MOVEMENT                                    Tuesdays, 11:00–11:45am                        Pilates and NIA only:
Thursdays, 2:30–3:30pm                      Instructor Fran Scott provides                 One trial class provided on the last
Everyone can benefit from the               encouragement and professional                 class of each month, please prepay at
Feldenkrais Method. Those                   expertise on how to increase your              the front desk.
experiencing chronic or acute pain,         flexibility, balance, stamina and              $5/person
injuries and other conditions, and those    strength. Work from a chair or standing
wishing to enhance their performance.       position.
The lessons will lead students through      Pay a $4 drop-In fee; or a discounted
a sequence of gentle and slow               monthly fee.
                                                                                          (NON IMPACT AEROBICS)
movements, and explorations involving       October 5, 12, 19, 26
thinking, sensing, feeling and imaging.     $15/4 classes                                 Wednesdays, 5:30–6:30pm
A sturdy mat is used for lessons Done       Activity Code 25033                           This movement class blends dance
on the floor. Please state if you have      November 2, 9, 16 (no class 11/23)            arts, martial arts and healing arts. The
physical limitations at the time of         $12/3 classes                                 class is beneficial for your entire body,
registration.                               Activity Code 25034                           at any age and any level of experience.
Instructor: Carol Atkinson, accredited                                                    Instructor: Lynda Farmer
                                            November 30, December 7, 14 (no
Feldenkrais instructor                                                                    October 6, 13, 20, 27*
                                            class 12/21)
October 7, 14, 21, 28                                                                     Activity Code 25043
                                            $12/3 classes
Activity Code 25046                                                                       Res/Senior: $16/4 classes
                                            Activity Code 25035
November 4, 18, December 2, 9                                                             Non-Res/Under age 50: $20/4 classes
(no class 11/11 & 11/25)                    CHAIR PILATES                                 November 3, 10, 17, 24*
Activity Code 25047                         Mondays, 3:00–3:45pm                          Activity Code 24414
$48/4 classes per session                   Learn how to "perk-up" your posture,          Res/Senior: $16/4 classes
                                            improve your dynamic balance, and             Non-Res/Under age 50: $20/4 classes
BALANCE YOUR BALANCE                        increase your range of motion in the          December 1, 8, 15* (no class 12/22
Tuesdays, 10:00–10:45am                     hips, knees, ankles and shoulders. This       & 29)
Improve your balance using techniques       class will use the Pilates Principles to      Activity Code 25044
that help with standing, walking, and       guide you through better activities           Res/Senior: $12/3 classes
increasing physical activity to reduce      of daily living: sitting, standing, and       Non Res/Under age 50: $15/3 classes
falls. Good walking shoes are a must.       walking. Sign up the Friday prior to the
Instructor: Fran Scott, accredited          first class.
Adapted Fitness Technician                  Instructor: Valentin, accredited instructor
Pay a $4 drop-in fee; or                    October 4, 11, 18, *25                        Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun
a discounted monthly fee                    $16/4 classes                                 8:30–9:30am
October 5, 12, 19, 26                       Activity Code 25023                           Mon & Wed 5:30–6:30pm
$15/4 classes                               November 8, 15, *22                           Tue & Thu 6:00–7:00pm
Activity Code 25030                         $12/3 classes                                 Performed to today's hottest music,
November 2, 9, 16 (no class 11/23)          Activity Code 25024                           Jazzercise has fused the art of aerobic
$12/3 classes                               Dec. 6, *20 (no class 12/13)                  jazz dance, with kickboxing, hip-hop,
Activity Code 25031                         $8/2 classes                                  Pilates, strength training, and yoga.
                                            Activity Code 25025                           Jazzercise will improve your aerobic
November 30, December 7, 14 (no
                                                                                          endurance, muscle tone, and flexibility.
class 12/21)
                                                                                          Call Barbara at 447-8890 for fee.
$12/3 classes
Activity Code 25032

  8                                   F O R     I N F O R M A T I O N            C A L L      ( 9 2 5 )     5 5 6 - 4 5 1 1
                                                                  SATURDAY & SPORTS ROUNDUP
                                                     stay active out and about

SIMPLY TAI CHI                            TRI-VALLEY COED SENIOR                      50+ TENNIS AND GOLF CLASSES
Thursdays, 1:00–2:00pm                    SPORTS GROUP & 50+ CLASSES                  Beginners and intermediate, players
Sit or stand to complete                  Seniors are welcome and encouraged          age 50 and over, learn how to play
a series of movements                     to bring other family and friends. This     tennis or golf, or just improve your
that stimulate the body,                  is a great opportunity to exercise and      swing or stroke.
mind, and spirit. New                     socialize with other active adults.         This is a great way to build your tennis
students are welcome to                   City Staff will coordinate all events       and golf network. It is recommended
follow along.                             and collect fees on site. Snacks and        that you bring your own clubs;
Led by Corazon Santos                     beverages provided at most events.          however, clubs are available if
$1.25 activity fee                        For more information, please contact        needed. Register online at www.
                                          Robert Beasley at 556-4500 or               dublinrecguide.com, or for more
TRADITIONAL TAI CHI                                                                   information contact Shannon Center at
Tuesdays, 12:45–1:45pm                                                                556-4500.
Class begins with “qi (chi) quong” warm   Bowling
                                          Earl Anthony’s Dublin Bowl                  Tennis
ups to improve blood circulation and
                                          Wednesday, October 6                        Emerald Glen Park Tennis Courts
massage the internal organs. This class
is designed for the dedicated beginner    10:00am–12:00pm                             Saturdays, October 16 to
and those who want to perfect their       $3.25 per game (shoes provided)—pay         November 6, 7:00–8:00am
moves. Learn one new movement each        onsite                                      Instructor: A. Arora, USPTA teaching
week to eventually learn 24 moves.                                                    professional
                                          Ping Pong, Wii Bowling, Wii                 4 Classes; $79 Res/$91 Non Res
Instructor: John Deng
                                          Tennis and Wii Golf                         Activity Code 24546
October 5, 12, 19, 26                     Dublin Senior Center
Activity Code 25027
                                          Thursday, October 28
$10/4 classes
November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
                                          $2 per person—pay onsite
Activity Code 25028
$12.50/5 classes                          Tennis
December 7, 14, 21                        Emerald Glen Park Tennis Courts
Activity Code 25029                       Saturday, October 16
$7.50/3 classes                           10:00am–12:00pm
                                          $2 per person—pay onsite
Thursdays, 9:00am
Walking is a very healthy way to          SATURDAY PROGRAM                            LAS POSITAS COMMUNITY
exercise. Why not do it in a friendly     Don’t be left out! If you work or are not   COLLEGE (LPCC)
group. Join us. Walk about 2 to 3 miles   available during the week, the Center       For information on Spring Semester
on level paths. Call Rich Guarienti at    now offers many of its activities and       starting in January, call 424-1000 or go to
829-8376 for directions and more          events on Saturdays. Please join us!        www.laspositascollege.edu. Fees vary.
                                          Jazzercise                                  Aerobic Fitness (Low Impact)
                                          Saturdays, 8:30–9:30am                      Mon, Wed, Fri, 9:40–10:30am
TRI-VALLEY TRAIL TREKKERS                 See page 8 for more information.
                                                                                      Wellness & The Moving Body Class
Tuesdays, 8:45am                          Ping Pong                                   Thursdays, 9:00–10:15am
Trek 3 to 6 miles on East Bay trails or   Saturdays
at parks. First-timers must contact Ed    $1.25 activity fee                           SAVE THE DATE!
Osada at 829-9285. E-mail hikedirector@
                                          Beg/Int Line Dance                           MINI-MAKEOVER WORKSHOP
yahoo.com for weekly hike schedules.
                                          Saturday, 10:15am–11:45pm                    with Brenda Junginger
                                          $3/class                                     Thursday, November 18

    O C T O B E R / N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R                    2 0 1 0                                             9
                               weekly schedule & memory
                stimulating your brain helps developcalendar

                                     play! explore! connec t!
 Play: participate in any of the many recreational activities. Explore: be adventurous—try a new class or group.
                                 Connect: meet with old friends or make new ones.

Monday                         Tuesday                    Wednesday                         Thursday                            Friday                 Saturday
 8:30 Jazzercise                8:30 Jazzercise            8:30    Jazzercise                9:00 Path Wanderers                 8:30 Jazzercise       Open 8:30am until
 9:00 Computer                  8:45 Trail Trekkers        9:00    Ping Pong                 9:00 Ping Pong                      9:40 Aerobics         noon
      1-on-1                    9:30 Financial Wksp        9:40    Aerobics                  9:00 Latin Moving                  10:00 Beginning         8:30 Jazzercise
 9:00 Pinochle                       TBA                  10:00    Foundation                     Body                                Band              9:00 Ping Pong
 9:40 Aerobics                 10:00 Balance Your                  Meeting                   9:30 Adv. Committee                10:45 Line Dance       10:15 Line Dance
10:00 Polish your                    Balance              11:30    Lunch                          Mtg (1st Thurs)                     Social
      Fiction                  10:00 Transportation       12:00    Bridge                   10:15 Singalong                     11:00 Beginning
10:00 Diabetes                       Counseling           12:30    Art Studio For           10:25 Beg. Line Dance                     Group Singing
      Support (1st                   (2nd Tues every               All Media                11:40 Lunch                         11:30 Lunch
      Mon)                           other month)         12:30    HICAP                    12:30 Mem. Screen                   12:00 Intermediate
11:30 Lunch                    10:00 Beg/Int Line                  (4th Wed)                      (4th Thurs)                         Bridge
12:00 Advanced                       Dance                12:45    Bingo                     1:00 Simply Tai Chi                12:15 American Mah
      Bridge                   10:30 Reading Group         1:00    Beginning                 1:00 Bunco                               Jong
12:30 Advanced Line                  (4th Tues)                    Bridge Class              1:00 Ping Pong                     12:30 Music Theory
      Dance                    11:00 Joint Relief           1:00   Blankets for              2:00 Int Line Dance                      101
12:30 Tattle Tales (1st              Thru Motion                   Vets                      2:00 Social Line                    1:30 Music
      & 3rd Mon)               11:30 Lunch                  1:00   Ping Pong                      Dance (1st                          Appreciation
 1:30 Quilting,                12:15 Bridge                 3:00   Scrabble                       Thurs)                              101
      Sewing &                 12:30 Traditional Tai        5:30   Jazzercise                2:30 Awareness
      Knitting                       Chi                    5:30   NIA                            Through
 3:00 Pilates                   1:30 Jam Session                                                  Movement
 5:30 Jazzercise                6:00 Jazzercise                                              6:00 Jazzercise

     sunday                    monday
                                                         tuesday              wednesday                         thursday                      friday         saturday
26                        27                        28                    29                               30                            1              2
                                                                                                                                                        DancEscape with
                                                                                                                                                        3 O’Clock Jump

3                         4                         5                     6                                7                             8              9
                                                                          10:00am Dublin Senior            8:30am AARP Safety Driving                   9:00am Box Knitting
                                                                          Foundation Meeting               Class 2 of 2
                                                                                                           9:30am Dublin Senior Center
                                                                                                           Advisory Committee

10                        11                        12                    13                               14                            15             16
                                                                                                           9:30am Vintage Paper Bag
                                                                                                           11:40am Swinging 60’s

17                        18                        19                    20                               21                            22             23
                          Cache Creek Casino Trip                         9:30am Important Papers          9:30am Vintage Paper bag
                                                                          Trip to First Street Christmas   Scrapbook

24                        25                        26                    27                               28                            29             30
                                                                          9:30am Using Credit Wisely                                                    10:00am-2:00pm
                                                                                                                                                        Info & Resource Faire

                                                                                                                                                        Saturday Activities/Classes

 1 0                                                F O R     I N F O R M A T I O N                               C A L L             ( 9 2 5 )    5 5 6 - 4 5 1 1
                                                                                COMPUTING, READING AND WRITING
                                                                                    DUBLIN SENIOR CENTER CALENDAR
                                                                  what’s happening this month
                                                                  engage all your senses

      sunday                        monday
                                                     NOVEMBER     tuesday                        wednesday                    thursday                          friday                     saturday
31                             1                            2                                3                           4                              5                             6
                               10:00am Diabetes Support                                      9:30am Keeping Debt Under   9:30am Dublin Senior Center
                               Group                                                         Control                     Advisory Committee
                                                                                             10:00am Dublin Senior       10:30am Extended Travel
                                                                                             Foundation Meeting          Presentation
                                                                                             12:30pm Holiday Card
                                                                                             Making Class
7                              8                            9                                10                          11                             12                            13
Daylight Savings                                            9:00-11:00am Wheels                                          Building Closed for Veterans
1:30pm Hometown Heroes                                      Transportation Counseling                                    Day

14                             15                           16                               17                          18                             19                            20
                               Thunder Valley Casino Trip   10:00am Find Meaning                                         11:40am Thanksgiving
                                                            Through Loss and Change                                      Luncheon
                                                                                                                         Mini-Makeover Workshop

21                             22                           23                               24                          25                             26                            27
                                                                                                                         Building Closed for            Building Closed for
                                                                                                                         Thanksgiving Holiday           Thanksgiving Holiday

28                             29                           30                               1                           2                              3                             4
                                                            Take Public Transit to San

      sunday                        monday
                                                        DECEMBER  tuesday                        wednesday                    thursday                          friday                     saturday
28                             29                           30                               1                           2                              3                             4
                                                                                             10:00am Dublin Senior       9:30am Dublin Senior Center                                  7:00-10:00pm DancEscape
                                                                                             Foundation Meeting          Advisory Committee Meeting                                   with Lady K & Kings of Swing

5                              6                            7                                8                           9                              10                            11
                               10:00am Diabetes Support     10:00am Managing Stress                                      11:40am Holiday Luncheon       12:30pm Holiday Wreath        Trip to Great Dickens Fair
                               Group                        Through The Holidays                                                                        Making Class

12                             13                           14                               15                          16                             17                            18
3:30pm Bay Bells Concert                                    Take Public Transit to
                                                            San Francisco

19                             20                           21                               22                          23                             24                            25
                                                                                                                                                        Building Closed for Holiday   Building Closed for Holiday

26                             27                           28                               29                          30                             31                            1
Building Closed for            Building Closed for          Building Closed for              Building Closed for         Building Closed for            Building Closed for           Building Closed for
Maintenance                    Maintenance                  Maintenance                      Maintenance                 Maintenance                    Maintenance                   Maintenance

       Building Closed                Building Closed
       for Maintenance     2          for Maintenance   3          Building Re-opens     4

      O C T O B E R / N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R                                                                   2 0 1 0                                                                           1 1
                              connecting with community resources

Dublin Senior Center Gift Certificates
                                             DINE AT THE SENIOR CENTER
                                             Monday to Friday, 11:30am–12:15pm
are convenient and perfect for any
occasion or for the person who has           Lunch is provided by Spectrum                   Lunch Reservations
everything! They can be used toward          Community Services, in cooperation              Reserve lunch by phone or in person
most activities, classes and special         with the Area Agency on Aging of                no later than 1:00pm, at least one
luncheons. Recipients can redeem the         Alameda County and the City of                  business day before your meal. For
certificate at the Dublin Senior Center.     Dublin. The Senior Nutrition Activities         Monday meals, reserve by 1:00pm on
Stop by today and treat your friends         Program provides hot, nutritious                Friday. Please arrive for lunch between
and family to something special. For         meals. The meal offers one third of a           11:30 and 11:45am to check in, pay for
more information call 556-4511.              senior’s daily nutritional requirements.        your lunch, and be seated. Lunch will
                                             The monthly menu is planned with                be served at 11:45am.

SUPPORT THE TROOPS                           no extra salt, and sugar-free dessert
The Dublin Senior Center will collect        substitutes are used. You can order the
“NEW white socks” for our troops. A          daily entrée, or a hearty chef salad as
new pair of socks is packed in one care      a healthy alternative. On soup days,
package full of goodies by Operation         hamburger or veggie burger options                      We are pleasantly
S.A.M. (Supporting All Military). P.S. The   are also available. Coffee and tea are                  surprised; we didn’t
troops greatly appreciate messages sent      included on-site only.                                  expect lunch to be
from America. Please attach a note of
                                             Price per Meal                                          this good.”
thanks with each pair of socks donated.                                                              S.K. & J.K., Dublin
                                             $3.25 registered guests 60+ years
                                             $4.75 regular price
COUNSELING                                   Punch card                                              “I enjoy the salads.”
Tuesday, November 9,                         $30 for 10 pre-paid meals
                                             *Punch card may also be used at                         M.N., Dublin
WHEELS Travel Trainer, Yolanda Merz,         Livermore and Pleasanton Senior Centers
will provide free counseling on how
easy and convenient it is to ride public
transportation! Apply for Dial-A-Ride
Service and RTC discounts. Wheels
services mainly Tri-Valley residents          Thanks to our sponsors, we offer free coffee! Join the Dublin Senior Center in thanking the
living in Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore                        following business for supporting our coffee program.
and some parts of San Ramon.
See page 16 for info on Wheels Trips


                                                      Information about our sponsors is available at the coffee station.
                                                          Ask about becoming one of the Coffee or Event Sponsors.
                                                              Sponsorship Packets are available upon request.

1 2                                  F O R     I N F O R M A T I O N               C A L L       ( 9 2 5 )       5 5 6 - 4 5 1 1
                                                                                   benefitting the Senior Center

DUBLIN SENIOR CENTER                    FIREWORKS BOOTH THANKS                       Dublin Senior Foundation
                                        Thanks to the following volunteers for
FOUNDATION                                                                           CASINO TURNAROUNDS
                                        helping at the Fireworks Booth. Several
The Board meets on the first                                                         Come test your odds to win! To
                                        worked more than one shift and made
Wednesday of every month                                                             reserve your space, drop off your
                                        it possible for the Foundation to make
    Colette Vukasovich, President                                                    payment at the Dublin Senior Center.
                                        over $4,000 to benefit the Dublin Senior
                                                                                     Price includes the casino package
      Betty Marr, Vice-President        Center.
                                                                                     and motor coach transportation. Pay
     Ted Woy, Financial Secretary           Marty Baron         Paul McCreary        cash or make your check payable to
       George Zika, Treasurer                 Al Edge             Carol Mikos        American Stage Tours. Reservation
                                            Thea Gomes         Georgia Minshall      with payment is accepted on a
Bonnie Andreasen, Recording Secretary      Nada Graham           Edwin Osada         first-come, first-served basis. All
     Lois Anderson Diane Bonetti            Betty Hudak         Dan Rodrigues        passengers must have a valid
 Nancy DelSoldato Al Edge                   Norb Hudak         Melanie Triantos      government photo ID. Be ready to
                                            Hawkins Lee Colette Vukasovich           board the bus 15 minutes prior to
Ramona Frydendal Tony Loera
                                           Pat Loncarich           Ted Woy           the departure time. Chartered bus
     Pat Loncarich Tony Stabile            Connie Mack           George Zika         departs from and returns to the
                                                                                     DUBLIN SPORTS PARK located on
                                                                                     Dublin Boulevard at Civic Plaza.
Support the Dublin Senior Center by purchasing a plaque on the Dublin Senior
Center Foundation Donor Wall. An application form is available near each donor       Refunds will be honored when there is
wall, located in the hallway near the ballroom. Please return a completed form       more than the required 42 passenger or
and check, made payable to the Dublin Senior Foundation, to the receptionist         if there is an established wait list.
desk. For more information leave a message for George Zika, Foundation Board         October 18
Member, on Wednesday mornings at 556-4511. There are FOUR levels of giving. The      Cache Creek
accumulative giving levels are as follows:                                            $30 per person
                      Benefactor: $5,000     12” x 12”                               November 15
                      Sponsor:      $2,500   6” x 12”                                Thunder Valley Casino
                      Donor:        $1,000   2 ½” x 12”                               $26 per person
                      Individual:   $250     2 ½” x 5 ½”                             December 15
                                                                                     No Casino – Happy Holidays!
 Thank You to Businesses, Individuals, Friends and Family Members
                  for Supporting the Donor Wall
              $5000 +                                      $250
           Ed Osada & Intel                             Ruth Pray
                                                    Burr & Sally Cain
                                                    Ed Szymanowski
           We The People
                                                     Astrid Soliman
           Mickey Shetterly
                                                     Rich Guarienti
            Martin Sirlin
                                                      Pat Hughes
               $1000                                  Tommy Guo
            Bob Cocilova                            Robert Kitchuck
             Albert Lam                         Joyce & Theodore Kessel
          Karol Ruppenthal                         Marguerite Songey
        The Lockhart Family                          Richard Pippin
     Ted & Virginia Woy & Family                John and Roger Sherwin
         James Carskaddon                    Laura Heath and Lorraine Wells
                                                    The Silva Family

   O C T O B E R / N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R                   2 0 1 0                                         1 3
           stay informed, stay healthy, stay safe

COUNSELING                                 Saturdays, January 8, 22, 29;                Do you know a senior who may be in
Fourth Wednesdays, October 20              February 5, 12, 26; March 5 (no              a financial crisis? The Wiesner Board of
(3rd Wed, no meeting 10/27),               class 1/15 & 2/21); 9:30–11:30am             Directors provides emergency grants or
November 24, December 22                   Designed for people of all ages who          loans in nominal amounts to seniors in
                                           have Type 2 Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes.        need. Examples of assistance are: food,
Appointments begin at 12:30pm;
                                           Learn how to better manage your              medicine, prescriptions, auto repairs,
(Clients must be 65 & older; adult
                                           diabetes, monitor your blood sugar,          rent and appliance repairs, etc. For
children welcome)
                                           manage stress and enjoy the foods you        more information, contact one of the
HICAP—Health Insurance Counseling
                                           love. To register, call (510) 383-5185.      three Tri Valley Senior Centers.
& Advocacy Program—of Alameda
County offers FREE counseling about                                                      Livermore: 373-5760
Medicare each month. To schedule your      FOOD DISTRIBUTION                             Pleasanton: 931-5365
appointment call 556-4511 by the prior     The next Food Distribution Registration       Dublin: 556-4511
Monday.                                    for the Winter/Spring 2011 Session
                                                                                        To be considered for the financial aid,
                                           will be accepted starting in November
                                                                                        call to make an appointment with Staff
FREE MEMORY SCREENING                      2010. Registration is by lottery. Dublin
                                                                                        to determine eligibility, and complete
October 28, November 18                    residents are given priority registration.
                                                                                        an application form. Final approval is
(no meeting in December)                   Non-residents are eligible where there
                                                                                        made by the Wiesner Fund Board.
                                           is space.
Appointments begin at 12:30pm
Caring Solutions sponsors a free                                                        SENIOR SUPPORT OF THE
                                           INFORMATION ON VISION SERVICES
memory assessment. Pick up some
                                           Are you having trouble reading fine          TRI-VALLEY AGENCY
informational materials. Early diagnosis                                                An independent non-profit agency
                                           print, even with glasses? Do you
and intervention provides the best                                                      assisting Tri-Valley seniors (60+) residing
                                           frequently trip or bump into things? Do
outcome. Call 556-4511 to set up your                                                   in Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton and
                                           you have trouble seeing at night, such
30-minute appointment.                                                                  Sunol, with services and resources to
                                           as seeing cars, locating curbs and the
                                           stairway? Learn about the free services      allow them to remain healthy, safe and
DIABETES SUPPORT GROUP                                                                  independent in their own homes.
                                           for people experiencing vision loss. The
First Mondays, November 1,                                                              Programs Offered:
                                           Lions Center for the blind is dedicated
December 6 (no meeting 10/4)               to improve the lives of seniors 55 and       Case Management; Health Services
10:00am–12:00pm                            older, affected by vision loss. Mobility     (Nutrition, Exercise, Medication
For anyone with diabetes and their         training on how to travel safely and         Management, Foot Care); Friendly
families. Call 556-4511 to register.       independently is provided. Daily living      Visiting; Alcohol/Drug Program;
FREE                                       skills, like cooking, cleaning, organizing   HomeCare Registry; Volunteer
                                           and reading are also offered. For more       Transportation to medical
FREE HEALTH SCREENING                      information, call (510) 450-1580 x 261.      appointments. This program is co-
Monday, December 6                                                                      sponsored by the City of Dublin and
9:30am–12:00pm                                                                          other local and county agencies. Call
                                               SOCIAL SECURITY COUNSELING
At the Dublin Senior Center                                                             Senior Support at 931-5379.
                                               Coming soon...Please call 556-4511 to
Drop-ins welcome!                              be placed on an interest list.
• Free Nutritional Counseling and                                                       EXPLORE THE FUN AND HEALTHY
  Education Services                                                                    ACTIVITIES IN THE BAY AREA!
• Medical Tests: Blood Test, Diabetes                                                   Bay Area Older Adults hosts an easy to
  Test, Urine Test, Hemoccult Test,                                                     use website: www.bayareaolderadults.
  Hearing Test, Medication Review                                                       org to access information about the
• Foot Care: by appointment only, space                                                 outdoors, fitness, social and cultural
  is limited. Suggested donation: $10                                                   activities. The information is carefully
                                                                                        collected so you have all the details to
                                                                                        venture out with confidence.

1 4                                    F O R     I N F O R M A T I O N         C A L L      ( 9 2 5 )     5 5 6 - 4 5 1 1
                                                                                                            L.I.F.E. TALKS
                                                                                 learning information for empowerment

DEALING WITH CHANGE:                         TALK ABOUT MONEY—                              USING CREDIT WISELY: CURVES
HELPFUL TIPS TO HANDLE LIFE                  MANAGING YOUR FINANCES:                        AHEAD
CHANGING EVENTS                              HELPFUL FINANCIAL                              Wednesday, October 27
Life is full of change. Learn creative       INFORMATION                                    9:30–10:30am
and inspiring ways to understand the         Learn new tips on managing                     One of the essential tools that can help
process of change, loss, and renewal.        your finances. The speaker, Judy               you reach your financial goals is your
Enjoy the holidays with a renewed            McGourty, from Money Management                credit management. Learn how to use
spirit. Find out what other resources        International, a non-profit credit             credit wisely and how it can be a part
are available to enhance your quality        counseling agency, will provide useful         of your plan to reach major long-term
of life. Register the Friday prior to the    information . Register by the Monday           goals. Learn how to avoid overwhelming
date.                                        prior to class. A minimum of four (4)          debt and how it can affect long-term
                                             seniors must be signed up by the               plans. Workbook included.
FIND MEANING THROUGH LOSS                    deadline for these workshops to be             $1.25 pre-registration fee
AND CHANGE                                   offered.                                       $2 drop-in fee; pay at the door
Tuesday, November 16                                                                        Activity Code 25071
10:00–11:30am                                IMPORTANT PAPERS
Facing loss can bring many                   Wednesday, October 20                          KEEPING DEBT UNDER CONTROL:
challenges. This interactive workshop        9:30–10:30am                                   AVOID DETOURS
will engage participants in a                A key part of managing your financial          Wednesday, November 3
discussion about how experiencing            journey is knowing where you have              9:30–10:30am
loss can offer many perspectives on          been. This program discusses the               When your debt is out of control, the
life. Models of the grieving process         importance of good financial record-           road to your financial security may
will be discussed as well as various         keeping. The accompanying workbook             take a detour. Learn how to identify
activities designed to discover hope         provides you with a comprehensive              the warning signs of a credit crisis to
and to feel better. Instructor: Michael      record detailing the value of your             avoid overwhelming debt. If you have
Stephens, LMFT, Director, Hope               assets and where to find important             already been derailed by debt, find
Hospice Grief Support Center                 documents when you need them.                  out about options available to repay
$1.25 activity fee                           $1.25 pre-registration fee                     creditors and bypass the debt detour.
Activity Code 25099                          $2 drop-in fee; pay at the door                Workbook included.
                                             Activity Code 25070                            $1.25 pre-registration fee
MANAGING STRESS THROUGH                                                                     $2 drop-in fee; pay at the door
THE HOLIDAYS                                                                                Activity Code 25072
Tuesday, December 7
10:00–11:30am                               AARP SAFETY DRIVING CLASSES         WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW
This workshop will address facing           Friday, Jan 28 & Feb 4, 1:00–5:00pm BEFORE A CRISIS HITS HOME
the holidays after the loss of a            This AARP class helps drivers, ages Date TBA, 12:15–1:15pm
loved one. Being able to manage             50+, to develop functional abilities and        Speaker: Judith Kuftin, M.A., Retired
stress during the holidays has many         reflexes for safe driving. Completion of        Gerontologist
health benefits. Learn strategies           the class may entitle you to a discount         Ever worry about what to do when
that can make a difference, such as         from your auto insurance provider;              simple everyday management at
planning ahead, examining feelings          you must attend both class sessions             home becomes a problem? Come
and fears, brainstorming with other         to qualify. Make check or money order           find answers, resources and referral
family members, and exploring               payable to AARP, no cash please. To             information from an expert: This
expectations. Instructors: Hope             register for this class, drop-off, or mail in   information may not apply to you now,
Hospice Grief Support Specialists           your check at the Dublin Senior Center.         but it is good info to have before a crisis
$1.25 activity fee                          $12 AARP Members (write AARP                    occurs. Bring your notepad and pen!
Activity Code 25098                         membership # on the check)                      Call to leave your name and phone
                                            $14 Non-members                                 number on an interest list.

   O C T O B E R / N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R                          2 0 1 0                                             1 5
    find a destination to delight you

                                                  COLLETTE VACATIONS
 Escorted destinations combine sightseeing, entertainment and leisure time. Each itinerary includes distinctive hotels, a
 sampling of regional cuisines, available local entertainment and sightseeing. It’s all part of a fun-filled travel experience.
 All space is first come first served and subject to availability. Cost includes round-trip air, hotel, transfers and departure tax.
 Credit cards accepted. Ask about single and triple rates. Pick up a flyer at the Senior Center.
 Thursday, November 4, 10:30am
 Jay Fehan from Collette Vacations will present a slide show and answer questions about upcoming Extended Travel vacations.
 This free program is open to the public. Please call 556-4511 to reserve a seat.

                                    2011 EXTENDED TRAVEL DESTINATIONS
 SUNNY PORTUGAL                              DISCOVER TUSCANY                             THE HEART OF TEXAS
 February 25 to March 7, 2011                March 17 to 26, 2011                         April 10 to 18, 2011
 11 days, 15 meals                           10 days, 13 meals                            9 days, 13 meals
 Discover ancient castles, Roman             Discover rolling hills, visit magnificent    Ride the rails aboard a vintage railroad,
 ruins, lemon and almond groves,             historic monuments and sample                taste the savory flavors of Tex-Mex
 whitewashed villages and friendly           mouth-watering cuisine and wines.            cuisine and experience the cowboy life
 people.                                     Highlights: Rome, Assisi, Basilica of        at a dude ranch and rodeo.
 Highlights: Estoril, Sintra, Cascais,       St. Francis, Montecatini Terme, Siena,       Highlights: Austin, Bob Bullock Texas
 folkloric dinner show, Obidos, Nazare,      San Gimignano, winery tour, Florence,        History Museum, Fredericksburg, San
 Fatima, Lisbon, Jeronimo's monastery,       Tuscan feast, Pitti Palace                   Antonio, The Alamo, Tex-Mex cooking
 Evora, Algarve, Cape St. Vincente,          $2,729 per person/double occupancy           class, Silver Spur Dude Ranch, Fort
 Lagos and Azeitao                                                                        Worth Stockyards Championship
 $2,499 per person/double occupancy                                                       Rodeo and Dallas.
                                                                                          $2,284 per person/double occupancy

WHEELS TRIPS PROGRAM                         Christmas in the Park                        Great Dickens Fair at the Cow
Bring plenty of change for the fare.         Tuesday, Nov 30, 9:45am–4:30pm               Palace
For more info, call Yolanda Merz, Travel     Meet at the Dublin Senior Center             Saturday, Dec 11, 9:45am–5:30pm
Trainer at (925) 455-7565.                   Learn to ride public transit to San          Meet at the Dublin Senior Center
First Street Christmas Store!                Jose! Join Yolanda on a bus and BART         The Great Dickens Christmas Fair in
                                             trip to Christmas in the Park, see many      San Francisco: experience a holiday
Friday, October 20 1:00–5:00pm
                                             Christmas decorations, and enjoy great       adventure into Victorian London,
Meet at the Dublin Senior Center
                                             food and entertainment!                      partying with hundreds of costumed
Take a trip to downtown Livermore
                                             $13 plus lunch and shopping                  players in 90,000+ square feet of
and see the beautiful Christmas trees
                                             Activity Code 25084                          theatrically-lit music halls, pubs, dance
decorated in themes for the holiday
season! Enjoy strolling through shops        Powell and Market Streets in SF              parties and Christmas shops on winding
like the quilt store, western boutique,                                                   lanes. Enticing aromas of roasted
                                             Tuesday, Dec 7, 10:15am–4:00pm
Nestle cookie shop and many more. We                                                      chestnuts and hearty foods fill the air.
                                             Meet at the Dublin Senior Center
will walk to the Route 10 bus stop and                                                    No host lunch.
                                             Enjoy the beautiful sights of San
ride to Downtown Livermore!                                                               $19 Admission + $9 BART ticket + $2 bus
                                             Francisco during the holiday season!
$2 plus lunch and shopping                                                                ticket
                                             Walk through the Westfield Mall,
Activity Code 25083                                                                       Activity Code 25100
                                             shopping or just enjoy the wonderful
                                             atmosphere! A Route 10 bus and BART
                                             will be utilized to get to SF!
                                             $11 plus lunch and shopping
                                             Activity Code 25085
1 6                                   F O R      I N F O R M A T I O N           C A L L      ( 9 2 5 )     5 5 6 - 4 5 1 1
                                                                       SPOTLIGHT AROUND TOWN
                                                          Dublin's movers and shakers

                                                                                 MEET THE CITY OF DUBLIN’S NEW

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT                                                                 POET LAUREATE!
                                                                                 Jonnie McCoy-Howell is a poet,
                                                                                 motivational speaker and
                                                                                 philanthropist. She is best known for
                                                                                 her contagious laugh, and her joy of
       The Dublin Senior Center Advisory Committee                               showing compassion towards those
       sponsors the Senior Spotlight, which features an                          in need. Jonnie draws most of her
       article about an active senior at the Center. See a                       influence from social and economic
       special poster display, which captures photos and a                       pressures in life. Her writings reflect
       short story about current and past memories of each                       stories of endurance and perseverance,
       of the individuals, selected quarterly.                                   which leave you stimulated or thinking
                                                                                 about the greater good in mankind.
       The dictionary defines SENIOR as master, elder,
                                                                                 She uses the gift of writing to be
       patriarch, superior, higher in rank, etc.
                                                                                 the “voice” of those silently looking
       Please help the Advisory Committee identify those                         for encouragement in the face of
       seniors who you feel are deserving of this special                        adversity. Jonnie hopes to build on the
       recognition.                                                              foundation that Ronnie Holland, the
       Email seniorctr@ci.dublin.ca.us or call 556-4511                          former Poet Laureate, established and
       to leave a message for Committee Member Delilah                           bridge the gap between all generations.
       Vanderpool.                                                               “Hope has not died, nor has it been cut off
                                                                                 from it’s roots, therefore, we must remain
                                                                                 vigilant towards peace in all matters
                                                                                 concerning each other.”—Jonnie McCoy-

The Dublin Senior Center seeks persons of good               Ruth Edwards            Judy Fenz              Kay Filgo
character who continuously show an outstanding
display of conduct to others. Nominated individuals
are limited to patrons, students, teachers, volunteers,
staff and supporters of the Dublin Senior Center.
Recipients will be recognized in a class, and in the
Dublin Doings newsletter, and awarded a Certificate
of Recognition.
                                                             Norbert Hudak          Betty Hudak             Merrill Ito
For more information, please call (925) 556-4511,
or email: seniorctr@ci.dublin.ca.us. Please provide
us with the name of the person being nominated.
Describe in two or three sentences the reason why
this person is deserving; be sure to state your name
and phone number.

                                                              Judith Kuftin          Vi Moore              Carol Mikos

O C T O B E R / N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R                      2 0 1 0                                            1 7
                               working together to enhance the Senior Center

                                       Lend us your
                                       helping hands
                                                                               With new thinking, more is possible.

                                                                        Think about the things you could do
      BE A VOLUNTEER                                                    to help someone, it may be as easy as
      We rely on volunteers to sustain and support many of the recreational activities.
                                                                        saying hello.
      If you have time to give, or possess a special skill, please consider volunteering
                                                                             Volunteer positions needed
      to serve and or teach others. Pick up or download a copy of the volunteer
      application or a class proposal form at www.dublinseniorcenter.com. Greeters
                                                                               Flyer Designer
                                                                               Centerpiece Decorator
                                                                               ESL Instructor
                                                                               Wii™ Instructor

                                                                             If you have some time to give please
                                                                             become a volunteer. It is time that
                                                                             will change lives—including yours.

      Creating rewarding friendships, intriguing                             For more information please contact:
        activities and a lifestyle of possibilities                          Geneal Williams at 925-556-4511

             7600 Amador Valley Blvd. Dublin, CA 94568 925-556-4511 www.dublinseniorcenter.com

1 8                                                   O C T O B E R / N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R        2 0 1 0
hometown heroes
a     n     n      u      a     l          c     e     l     e     b     r       a   t     i    o      n

                              Sunday, November 7, 1:30 PM
                Dublin Senior Center, 7600 Amador Valley Boulevard, Dublin

     ere are 23 million veterans residing in the United States – and countless more in our hearts and
      memories. Don’t miss your chance to pay tribute to their dedication, bravery and heroism.
                     e 191st Army Band –       e Band of the Wild West will perform.
                              is is a FREE event. Refreshments will be served.
Please help support our active duty military by bringing a donation of new white socks, trial size toilet-
   ries, or individual drink packages (hot chocolate/cider/lemonade) for the local branch of S.A.M.
      (Supporting All Military), whose mission is to send care packages to those serving overseas.

                                             Livermore Valley Opera’s 19th Season Opens Oct. 2 with

                                                     Don Giovanni
                                          Experience a contemporary interpretation of the classic
                                          Mozart opera, Don Giovanni, as realized by noted stage
                                          director, Mark Streshinsky, recently named Artistic Director of
                                          Berkeley West Edge Opera.

                                          To learn more, visit LVO’s website at
CITY OF DUBLIN                                                                      PRSRT STD
100 Civic Plaza                                                                    U.S. POSTAGE
Dublin, CA 94568
This newsletter has been paid for by the recipient                                Pleasanton, CA
                                                                                    PERMIT NO. 1


           at the Dublin Senior Center

 Saturday, October 2
 Featuring 3 o’Clock Jump Big Band
 $9 Residents; $10 Non-Residents; $12 at the door

 Saturday, December 4
 Featuring Lady K and the Kings of Swing
 $9 Residents; $10 Non-Residents; $12 at the door

  Nice decorations, good music, great dance floor, friendly people!” — Linda B.
  “Love the band!! Familiar songs, friendly folks. Another opportunity to be with my friends.” — Maggi K.

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