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									Organisation          Questionnaire Comments                                                          HCC Response
Question 1 (Q1) – Are there any key transport issues that have not been included in the „Traffic, Travel and Transport in
Hertfordshire‟ section?
Anon.                 Q1               There is no specific mention of improving bus priorities.      Bus issues are covered
                                                                                                      through the Bus Strategy
                                                                                                      which is a daughter
                                                                                                      document of the LTP.
Abfly                 Q1               Yes – there is hardly any mention of rail improvement          HCC have produced a Rail
                                       schemes. Totally roads focussed.                               Strategy to accompany the
Association of        Q1               I am very pleased to see that congestion has been              HCC have a Speed
British Drivers                        recognised for the major issue that it is. However I feel that Management Strategy
                                       you have failed to acknowledge that what you call “traffic     which highlights the
                                       management schemes” to reduce speeding have in fact            measures to be used for
                                       significantly increased congestion. The balance between        addressing speeding
                                       congestion relief and congestion causers such as humps         issues in various
                                       and pinch points has not been addressed.                       circumstances. The
                                                                                                      monitoring of these
                                                                                                      schemes will demonstrate
                                                                                                      if traffic has been
British Motorcyclists Q1               Yes – Motorcycling!                                            HCC agree to insert
Federation                             2.1 refers to measures taken in the last 5 years in which      additional references to
                                       motorcycling is conspicuous by its absence, yet there are      motorcycling where
                                       references to walking and cycling in the context of
                                       sustainable transport networks. The original LTP made a        appropriate.
                                       token reference to motorcycling and unquantified targets to
                                       increase parking availability although few additional parking
                                       spaces were put in place.

Organisation            Questionnaire   Comments                                                      HCC Response
British Motorcyclists                   For many of the problems to which this section refers,
Federation                              motorcycling can help to address them or should be
continued.                              positively involved in solutions to them.
                                            Motorcycling and 'The Wider Context"
                                        The section on "The Wider Context" refers to the
                                        Hertfordshire LTP's relationship with national and regional
                                        The BMF was disappointed by the current L TP guidance
                                        from the Department for Transport for being less positive
                                        towards motorcycling than the 2000 LTP guidance.
                                        However, the DfT has also published The Government's
                                        Motorcycling Strategy where its primary theme is
                                        mainstreaming motorcycling as a mode of transport. It
                                        makes references to planning policy guidance documents
                                        and LTPs with the recommendations that:
                                            we will ensure that motorcycles continue to
                                               receive appropriate attention in future reviews of
                                               planning guidance documents
                                            without being prescriptive, we will continue to
                                               encourage local authorities to give proper
                                               consideration in their LTPs to appropriate
                                               provision for motorcyclists

Organisation            Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response

British Motorcyclists                   This is a strong recommendation by Government that               HCC have inserted further
Federation                              motorcycling should be given a full inclusion in LTPs, with      references to motorcycles
continued.                              the support of amended planning guidance documents and           in the LTP. HCC do have a
                                        parity of esteem with walking and cycling which already          Power-Two Wheelers
                                        enjoy national strategies. We suggest that local authorities     Strategy which will
                                        that ignore Government recommendations do so at their            accompanying the LTP
                                        peril!                                                           submission as a supporting
                                        The Institute of Highways Incorporated Engineers
                                        Guidelines for Motorcycling were given the Government's
                                        endorsement on their publication in April. In addition to
                                        making suggestions and recommendations on ensuring that
                                        the infrastructure is appropriate and safe for motorcycle use,
                                        they also consider aspects of transport planning that
                                        Hertfordshire would do well to take it on board both for the
                                        LTP and for wider aspects of planning the infrastructure.

                                        It should also be noted that in 2003, the National Travel
                                        Survey showed that more journeys had been taken by
                                        motorcycle than by pedal cycle. Motorcycling should~
                                        therefore, be accorded parity of treatment with cycling.

                                        In "The London Effect", there is a reference to the high level   HCC agree to insert
                                        of commuting into London. It fails to refer to the high          wording on the use of
                                        proportion of motorcycles used to travel into and around the     motorcycles to commute
                                        capital and their exemption from the London Congestion           into London.
                                        Charge because they help to reduce congestion and
                                        improve air quality. Motorcycling and "The Way We

Organisation            Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response

British Motorcyclists                   The local motorcycling community has been actively                HCC have positively
Federation                              involved in the consultation process by attending L TP            engaged with the
continued.                              conferences and seminars; making representations to policy        motorcycling community
                                        committees such as the Congestion Management Topic                within the LTP process and
                                        Group, and sitting on the LTP User Group. Yet, we feel that       have successfully agreed a
                                        many of our concerns and recommendations are being                Powered Two Wheelers
                                        ignored. Motorcycles appear to be predominantly viewed as         Policy.
                                        a safety problem which outweighs their positive attributes. It
                                        suggests that there elements in HCC who have set their
                                        face against motorcycling resulting in institutional bias
                                        against them.

                                        The implementation of a motorcycling forum may help to            HCC are currently setting
                                        address this issue providing it looks at all aspects of           up a Powered Two
                                        motorcycling.                                                     Wheelers Forum.
British Horse           Q1              Yes – horse riders as road users.
Society                                 Horse riders were not even mentioned in the safety section.
British Horse           Q1              Yes
Society                                 1. no mention of horse riders – need road safety measures
                                           to be for all vulnerable road users, not just walkers and
                                        2. there is mention of safety training for cycling for children
                                           and adults. It would be helpful if HCC would also assist
                                           road safety training, especially for children, for horse
                                        3. Don‟t relegate horse riders to be ROWIP section. The
                                           horses section of the last LTP was very good. Please

Organisation            Questionnaire   Comments                                                       HCC Response
Central Town            Q1              Most key issues seem to be at least touched upon.              Noted.
Chiltern Society        Q1              No                                                             Noted.
CPRE – The              Q1              No                                                             Noted.
General Aviation        Q1              Yes – please ensure that general aviation is taken into        HCC have included in the
Awareness Council                       account as part of transportation strategy.                    LTP about surface access
                                                                                                       strategies to airports
Hertfordshire Police    Q1              Yes - There is no offence to a coherent plan to meet the       HCC do have a motorcycle
                                        needs of, and to increase the use of motorcycles.              strategy which supports the
                                        Motorcycles will reduce congestion and improve air quality.    LTP.

Herts Society for the   Q1              Yes - Increased transport options for people with disabilities HCC have a Transport
Blind                                   in the county, particularly people with physical and sensory     Issues for Disabled People
                                        disabilities. Specifically flexible localised transport schemes. Forum and a Strategy
                                                                                                         which seeks to influence
                                                                                                         policy and schemes
Hitchin Visioning       Q1              Yes - I see no commitment to any attempt at modal shift in       HCC has congestion as a
                                        order to improve accessibility and reduce road congestion. I key priority of the LTP.
                                        believe this should be an important part of any local            The document ahs been
                                        transport plans.                                                 amended to include the
                                                                                                         Congestion Action Plan.
                                                                                                         HCC have produced an
                                                                                                         Accessibility Planning
                                                                                                         Strategy to accompany the

Organisation       Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Living Streets     Q1              Yes. Section 2.1 'The Last 5 Years' should include
                                   unwanted truths such as:
                                          . Car use has increased
                                          . Bus use has decreased
                                          . Walking has become more difficult and
                                   uncomfortable due to increasing dominance of the car in
                                   urban streets and increasing hindrance to pedestrians
                                   (e.g. steel railings, slow signal controlled crossings, footway
                                   Section 2.2 'Why is there so much traffic in Hertfordshire'
                                   should include the point. Bus services are poor and suffer
                                   from several ills including unreliability, uncomfortable
                                   vehicles, high fares, inconvenient routes, infrequent services
Metroline          Q1              No                                                                Noted.
St Albans          Q1              Yes - Rights of Way Improvement Plan                              The Rights of Way
Community Forest                   Rail Services                                                     Improvement Plan will be
Association                        Sustrans                                                          incorporated into the LTP
                                   Impact from Luton/Stansted Expansion                              for July with a statement of
                                   Impact from EERA Projection re homes                              progress to date.
                                                                                                     There is a separate Rail
                                                                                                     Strategy which is a
                                                                                                     daughter document of the
                                                                                                     The East of England Plan
                                                                                                     has yet to be adopted and
                                                                                                     therefore the projections
                                                                                                     are not accounted for in
                                                                                                     this plan.

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
St Albans              Q1              The document is so abbreviated that ref to all prior policies   This LTP has a different
Community Forest                       have been omitted, representing accumulated purpose. All        format to the first one
Association                            issues, which they collective represent, not only key items     following DfT guidelines.
                                       (whatever that means) are essential in a plan.
                                                                                                       This LTP is delivery
                                                                                                       focused. The policies are
                                                                                                       still in place and in a
                                                                                                       separate supporting
St Albans Cycling      Q1              Yes – there is practically no acknowledgement of the key        HCC agree to insert further
Campaign                               part cyclists should play in reducing congestion and pollution wording on the role of
                                       .                                                               cyclists.
Spatial Graphics       Q1              Yes - There is no mention of the impact of new regulations      HCC have developed and
                                       on driver‟s working hours, which will soon be checked           supported the Stevenage
                                       against digital tachograph records. To be workable, there       Freight Quality Partnership
                                       should be sufficient rest areas for lorries (with adequate
                                       facilities). Foreign drivers may need special help if unable to which addressed issues
                                       read English road signs (which are often poor, anyway!)         such as routeing,
                                                                                                       information and signage.
                                                                                                       The issue of rest areas in
                                                                                                       general needs to be
                                                                                                       considered further.
Welwyn Hatfield        Q1              Pedestrianisation of more town centre areas, such as            The development of the
Friends of the Earth                   Welwyn Garden City, to ensure that people travelling to         Welwyn Hatfield Transport
                                       these areas are strongly encouraged to use methods of           Plan will develop and
                                       transport other than the car, and reducing the number of        implement local solutions.
                                       available car parking areas within town centres for the same
                                       reasons as above, creating mini park and ride schemes.

Organisation   Questionnaire   Comments                                                      HCC Response
Resident       Q1              Yes – This pathetic excuse of a Transport Plan is NOT         HCC have included
                               sustainable!! The great cop out on page related to tackling   congestion as a priority
                               congestion presumably refers to no targets with RTRA 96.      within the LTP. HCC have
                               However no reference is made to Transport Act 2000 and        a Congestion Action Plan
                               role of local Highways Authority – embrace Sustainable        which has been inserted
                               Transport Strategy.                                           into the LTP stating action
                                                                                             to be taken to tackle
                                                                                             congestion. The
                                                                                             Congestion target is on
                                                                                             journey time reliability
                                                                                             which is a new
                                                                                             measurement for which
                                                                                             data needs to be collected.
                                                                                             HCC have long-term
                                                                                             transport policies in place
                                                                                             which support sustainable
Resident       Q1              Yes – Improving cycleway and cycle routes Redbury Way         HCC have a county Cycling
                               for example.                                                  Programme which seeks to
                                                                                             improve on and off road
                                                                                             cycle routes.
Resident       Q1              Yes: the impact of traffic on communities. Whilst this is     HCC will insert wording on
                               linked to congestion and to road safety, it deserves to be    community identity in the
                               considered in its own right. For example, a major benefit     quality of life section..
                               from the Wadesmill-High Cross by-pass is the restoration of
                               a community identity to Colliers End, High Cross, Wadesmill
                               and Thundridge.

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                            HCC Response
Resident continued.                   Also, transcending all the other issues, is the need to             HCC will insert further
                                      combat climate change. This is not directly mentioned as an         wording on CO2
                                      issue and is only referred to in a small and inadequate             emmissions in the Climate
                                      section at 10.6. The emphasis given to it can be judged by
                                      the fact that it does not figure at all in the summary              Change section.
                                      document. It ought to be the most important objective of the
                                      plan. It will be too late to start considering this in 2010. Such
                                      an objective would significantly alter many of the plan's
                                      proposals. As it is, there is no really innovative thinking in
                                      the minimal proposals made in the section at 10.6.
County Councillor     Q1              No                                                                  Noted.
Resident              Q1              Coping with the growth of Stansted airport now.                     The growth of Stansted
                                                                                                          Airport is recognised and
                                                                                                          HCC plays an active role in
                                                                                                          the development of the
                                                                                                          airports Surface Access
Resident              Q1              There is almost nothing about cycling.                              HCC agree to add further
                                                                                                          wording on cycling.
Resident              Q1                 1.      is the network safer for pedestrians and cyclists –
                                                 or are there fewer pedestrians and cyclists now?
                                          2.     “Sustainable transport networks” within Bishops
                                                 Stortford have not been significantly improved –
                                                 where is the evidence for this statement?
Resident              Q1              Yes – improved bus services from all points of the compass          HCC is part of a
                                      to Tring Station.                                                   partnership project to
                                                                                                          improve access to Tring

Organisation   Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
Resident       Q1              Title is misleading - This plan is solely about Road (traffic,   HCC agree to insert further
                               ravel and transport). There is nothing much in this plan for     wording on pedestrians
                               Pedestrians or Cycles, and nothing for alternative forms of      and cyclists.
                               traffic, travel or transport; e.g. Air, Water, Rail or even
                               In terms of Road transport is excludes any concept of Public
                               Transport Integration and any meaningful effort to contribute
                               to reduction in Global Warming by maximising CO2
Resident       Q1              No. Tackling congestion is the number one priority. Limiting
                               growth in new house building is one way to tackle increasing
Resident       Q1              Yes. The railways are truly awful and unless the council can     HCC have produced a Rail
                               put pressure on the private sector to improve the quality of     Strategy to seek
                               their service, you will never be able to convince people that    improvements to the rail
                               there is an alternative.                                         service and facilities.
Resident       Q1              Yes – improving flow of traffic into Watford from Hemel          HCC have congestion as a
                               Hempstead and St Albans areas.                                   key priority within the LTP
                                                                                                and this is particularly
                                                                                                seeking to improve journey
                                                                                                time reliability and improve
                                                                                                network efficiency.
Resident       Q1              Yes – Elstree Lights Junction                                    HCC address local
                               Elstree & Borehamwood Station & High Street entrance             transport issues through
                                                                                                the Area Plan process.
Resident       Q1              Maintaining our roads – Please don‟t forget the poor state of    HCC have within the LTP 5
                               many minor roads. I have returned to the area after 4 years      maintenance indicators
                               and have noticed marked deterioration (or at least the same      demonstrating the
                               pot hole have got bigger!)                                       commitment to improving
                                                                                                the condition of the
                                                                                                highway network.

Organisation   Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Resident       Q1              Yes - Standards of bus driving. Bus lanes have brought          There are bus driver
                               about a “culture” of aggressive bus driving. Driving artics     training courses available
                               are beginning to emulate those of “white van man”               which HCC support.
Resident       Q1              Yes - Passenger Transport (coaches) around the M25 with         HCC have produced a Bus
                               coach station at Watford Junction Rail Station and other        and Rail Strategy to
                               locations.                                                      complement the LTP.
Resident       Q1              Yes -                                                           Noted. These areas will be
                               Climate change                                                  expanded and in the
                               Air Travel                                                      Quality of Life Section.
Resident       Q1              Issues – yes – covered, but in such a woolly way! Specific –    The LTP is a strategic
                               no. Please put in traffic calming on Duncombe Road,             document and does not
                               Bengeo. A safe crossing point on North Road (by St              deal with local specific
                               Joseph‟s school). A safe crossing point at the bottom of        issues. The concerns
                               Port Hill to get into Hartham common – many people cross        raised here have been
                               to enter Hartham at the little lodge house but it is very       passed to the Area
                               dangerous.                                                      Highway Office for
Resident       Q1              Yes – Roundabout traffic signals have been installed at         This is a local traffic
                               Gascoyne Way, Stag House Roundabout, Hertford and are           management issue and will
                               planned for Rush Green at the A10 junction with A414.           be referred to the local
                               Should this now include Sovereign House roundabout at the       Area Highway Office for
                               other Hertford access to Gascoyne Way, as the lights at         information.
                               Stag House cause tailbacks to that roundabout now.
Resident       Q1              Yes – I know there have been home zone initiatives – but        HCC agree to insert further
                               why not put the pedestrian first – put in more crossings        wording on the needs of
                               especially in Built Up Areas, and slow the traffic down – not   pedestrians.
                               help to speed it up. Put in other measures which I am sure
                               you will know about to help pedestrians and reduce danger
                               to them from speeding vehicles.

Organisation        Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
Resident            Q1              No                                                               Noted.
Anon                Q1              Better Sunday Services although fairly good, tring to get out    HCC have a Bus Strategy
                                    and about without using a car on Sundays, must now be a          which will accompany the
                                    priority e.g. – 1 an hour on most services is now                LTP which sets out
                                    unacceptable, also the services do not always serve rail
                                    stations or shopping centres on Sundays. If you wish more        improvements to bus
                                    people than 55% to travel – more publicity is needed for the     services and facilities.
                                    Hertfordshire areas, librarys, shopping centres needs to         HCC have a bus
                                    provide and information. Bus stops with numbers would            infrastructure programme
                                    also help or priority destinations.                              which is seeks to upgrade
                                                                                                     bus stops.
London Borough of   Q1              Yes                                                              The Traffic Management
Hillingdon                             a) Traffic Management Act 2004 and the Network                Act is covered in the
                                          Management Duty it imposes on local authorities.           congestion section.
                                       b) Requirement for an Strategic Environmental                 The SEA is available and
                                          Assessment of LTP.                                         has been produced in
                                                                                                     conjunction with the LTP.
Stevenage Rail      Q1              No                                                               Noted
Users Group
Buntingford Town    Q1              No
Harpenden Town      Q1              Yes – minimising wherever possible the adverse effect on         HCC as the Highway
Council                             traffic movements as a result of ongoing road works, utilities   Authority have the duty to
                                    repairs/replacement/upgrading and the subsequent                 implement the Traffic
                                    reinstatement of the road surface to professional standards.     Management Duty 2004
                                    There is a need for better quality control on features such as   which seeks to minimise
                                    traffic calming etc, as there are often follow up problems.      the impact of works on the
                                                                                                     network and tackle

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
Tring Town Council    Q1              Yes – A move to pilot energy efficient lighting through the      The County Council has
                                      use of solar power generation (and other renewables)             used solar and wind power
                                      reducing the County‟s electric bill. Some examples can be        for vehicle activated signs
                                      found in the Highlands of Scotland where electricity supply
                                      is a problem.
Uttlesford District   Q1              No                                                               Noted
Resident              Q1              The key transport issue not stated here is that road traffic     The plans seeks to
                                      will expand to fill whatever space is available as long as the   maximise the best use of
                                      network is not “improved” to reduce congestion, then traffic     the existing network. The
                                      will not increase significantly (“less than 1% per year over
                                      the past three years”). However, any major schemes to            Strategic Environmental
                                      relieve congestion is bound to cause more congestion             Assessment will
                                      elsewhere as well as increase risk of injury and death over      accompany the LTP.
                                      an area beyond its limits, however much the Strategic
                                      Environmental Assessment may implore that it should be
                                      designed so it does not (p.258).
Resident              Q1              No                                                               Noted
Resident              Q1              Better Sunday Services although fairly good, tring to get out    HCC is a partner in a
                                      and about without using a car on Sundays, must now be a          project to improve access
                                      priority e.g. – 1 an hour on must services is now                to Tring Station.
                                      unacceptable, also the services do not always serve rail
                                      stations or shopping centres on Sundays. If you wish more
                                      people than 55% to travel – more publicity is needed for the
                                      Hertfordshire areas, librarys, shopping centres needs to
                                      provide and information. Bus stops with numbers would
                                      also help or priori destinations.
Resident              Q1              Yes – Elstree Lights Junction                                    These are local issues
                                      Elstree & Borehamwood Station & High Street entrance             which will be referred to the
                                                                                                       Area Highway Offices
St Albans City &      Q1              St Albans are keen to see a commitment to implement              Noted.
District Council                      works arising from the Mid Herts Transport Plan.

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Hertfordshire          Q1              Key Issues not included.                                        Access to health facilities is
Integrated Transport                   Access to health facilities was identified within MORI survey   further explored in the
Partnership                            a being “poor” and therefore needs to be highlighted as area    Accessibility Planning
                                       for investigation.                                              Strategy which will
                                                                                                       accompany the LTP.
Chartered Surveyor     Q1              Yes! Whilst you have included in your five major schemes        Comments on the need to
                                       the Dual Carriageway upgrade of the A120 Bishops                extend the Major Schemes
                                       Stortford Bypass and the Hadham Bypass, what is required        of the A120 Bishops
                                       is a Dual Carriageway from the A10 bypassing Little
                                       Hadham and Standon. The existing A120 from the M11 to           Stortford Bypass and Little
                                       the Tesco roundabout should be upgraded to Dual                 Hadham Bypass to the A10
                                       Carriageway both directions. A new road/route should be         junction noted.
                                       constructed the Tesco roundabout to the A10/A120 junction
                                       south of Cradle End, Bury Green, south of Little Hadham but
                                       north of Much Hadham, Wellpond Green and Standon. This
                                       route avoids all Villages and some Hamlets.
STOP Harlow North      Q1              No – Tackling congestion is the number one priority.
                                       Limiting growth house building is one way to tackle
                                       increasing congestion.
East Herts Council     Q1              CYCLING – Increase number of segregated cycle lanes
Cycle Forum Group                      SURVEY – Have a comprehensive survey done of transport
                                       use to what is stopping people cycling more.
                                       TRAINS – Extend train services and have an East – West
Hitchin Police         Q1              Yes – see Q8

Organisation       Questionnaire   Comments                                                           HCC Response
Tring Cycling      Q1              The statements are often misleading : e.g. no sustainable
Campaign                           transport for walking and cycling have been created in
                                   Dacorum. Cross boundary communications are poor, e.g.
                                   Bucks at Pitstone have deliberately the Lower Icknield Way
                                   to export traffic into Herts, and created a line from a large
                                   housing and industrial development to sent traffic to
                                   overload Tring station rather than improving Cheddington
                                   Station. The consultation with local communities on the
                                   Three Counties Project was exceptionally poor and so many
                                   rural transport problems were not in and therefore not
CTC – Right to     Q1              Level of exposure to road danger
Ride, East Herts                   The need for Road Danger Reduction
                                   The percentage of households within xx metres of
                                   designated cycle.
Residents          Q1              What about the park and ride proposal for Royston, on the
                                   A1198? Was given approval it would help relieve traffic
                                   congestion at the A505/A1198 roundabout at peak times.
Resident           Q1              There doesn‟t need to be any improvement to the A120 west
                                   of the Traffic from the A10 south will use the Harlow North
                                   junction of the A120 (when it is built) and traffic from the A10
                                   north (and A1 north) can be signposted east from Royston
                                   to the M11. However, see Q4 below.
Kimpton Parish     Q1              Yes - Little mention has been made regarding the proposed
Council                            expansion of Luton & Stansted Airports (para 3.8). Because
                                   of the very significant effect these developments will have a
                                   traffic on most of the roads in Hertfordshire – not just the
                                   major through routes – these should be more emphasis in
                                   the Local Transport Plan to opposition of these

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
North Herts District   Q1              In section 2.2, under the County Travel Survey (2002) there
Council                                is no reference to travel related aspects in rural areas; this
                                       could perhaps be mentioned under 'improving bus and rail

                                       In section 3.2 under Regional Planning context, NHDC
                                       would like to contribute to the any necessary revision of the
                                       L TP following adoption of the RSS as these may have
                                       significant implications for North Herts in terms of possible
                                       increases in housing numbers as part of the major growth
                                       areas and may result in other priorities for appropriate
                                       infrastructure provision as part of the LTP over the longer-

                                       NHDC welcomes the partnership working approach across
                                       boundaries as set out in section 3.4 particularly with the
                                       possible growth of Luton and impacts on the Chilterns
                                       AONB. It would be useful if examples could be provided on
                                       the types of schemes and measures being implemented as
                                       part of the rural transport study in the Chilterns AONB.

                                       In section 3.7 under Multi Modal Studies, it is considered
                                       that reference should also be made to the proposals
                                       associated with the Milton Keynes Sub Regional study such
                                       as the proposed northern Luton bypass route, given the
                                       possible implications such a link may have on the
                                       A505/A602 east west link across North Herts.

                                       In section 3.8 Airports, mention should be made about the
                                       Luton Airport Master Plan, which is currently being
                                       produced, with the involvement of HCC, surrounding
                                       districts such as North Hertfordshire, as well as other
                                       stakeholders. The Master Plan will set out the airport
                                       operator's vision and development proposals up the 2030.

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
North Herts District                   In section 3.9 'The London Effect', as per Croxley Rail Link
Council continued.                     project, mention should be made of similar initiatives if they
                                       are being sought or likely to be sought in the future, in terms
                                       of cross boundary bus provision with other Hertfordshire rail
                                       link projects into London.
Resident               Q1              Yes – To encourage the use of non-road transport, notably
                                       trains, we need relatively cheap and abundant car parking
                                       near stations – currently at Stevenage, for instance, the
                                       situation is very difficult and tempts are to continue by car
                                       rather than train. You might also consider cheap and secure
                                       car parking near motorway junctions to encourage car
                                       sharing on long road journeys.
Resident               Q1              Yes – parking in my experience as a cyclist and pedestrian
                                       badly parked cars are an increasing source of danger and
                                       nothing is being done to prevent this – part from perhaps in
                                       the city centre.
Standon Parish         Q1              Yes – Speed cameras
Council                                Quiet lanes must have slow-moving traffic as well as no
                                       heavy vehicles.
Welwyn Hatfield        Q1              In order of importance the key issues listed in the LTP are       This section will be
Council                                congestion, reducing car accidents, maintaining existing          expanded to include more
                                       roads, improving bus and rail facilities, tackling air pollution, details of current problems.
                                       managing traffic in urban areas and safer routes to school.
                                       Although it could be argued that reducing car use is
                                       intrinsically related to many of these issues it is
                                       recommended that “Reducing Car Use and Encouraging
                                       Sustainable Transport Modes” be added to this section. This
                                       is in line with policies M5, M6 & M10 in the District Plan and
                                       paragraph 6.29 on railways.

Organisation         Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
Welwyn Hatfield                      Under the improving rail facilities section it is recommended
Council continued.                   that mention should be given to overcrowding on WAGN
                                     services on the East Coast Main Line at peak times.
Transport 2000       Q1              Key Transport Issues
(North Herts)                        Recommend adding a clear statement that Transport must
                                     address modal shift away from carbon intensive travel as an
                                     overriding priority goal for climate change reasons.
Transport 2000       Q1              Support the commitment to innovation in para 5.
(North Herts)
Transport 2000       Q1              Would like to see more information in the final document on
(North Herts)                        where in the county air quality is worst. Likewise noise in
                                     relation to Luton airport and motorways.
HCC – Adult Care     Q1              ACS is committed to the principles set out in the „Valuing
Services                             People‟ document, which are rights, independence, choice
                                     and inclusion.
                                     Accessibility should take in to account that for people with
                                     learning disabilities/physical disability/frail elderly/mental
                                     health the main barrier to using public transport may not be
                                     physical access.
                                     Barriers include:-
                                          travel information that is hard to understand
                                          concerns about personal safety and harassment
                                          lack of awareness from bus drivers
                                          bus pulls away before people have sat down
                                          complaints are not listened to
                                          Access to transport refused due to lack of space
St Albans            Q1              Lack of reference to airports expansion or the EERA Plan
Community Forest                     for supplementary housing.

Organisation         Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Broxbourne           Q1              It is agreed that tackling congestion and improving
Borough Council                      accessibility should be key themes in the next LTP.               HCC agree to insert a
                                     The document makes no reference to the new planning               section on land-use
                                     framework and the preparation of local development                planning and working with
                                     documents by districts in Hertfordshire.                          the districts.
Association of       Q1              Re Para 1 main document the problem re east west rail             The lack of east-west
British Drivers                      journeys could be alleviated by reopening some closed             routes is a key issue for the
                                     branch lines, e.g. Hertford to Hatfield, Hatfield to St Albans,   County Council.
                                     using existing Abbey Flyer line, then Watford to
                                     Rickmansworth. However this would be tremendously
                                     expensive and I think is a non-starter, so I suggest there is
                                     little point in mentioning the problem.
Resident             Q1              Page 9 Para 1 part of “Through Traffic and Long Distance
                                     Travellers” - At every consultation recently we in Tring have
                                     pointed out the importance of the rail link between Watford
                                     Junction and Gatwick via Clapham Junction, many of the
                                     services being direct to the airport without even having to
                                     change at Clapham Junction. Please can this very relevant
                                     traffic reduction facility be referred to in the LTP, and more
                                     to the point be publicised.
Abbots Langley       Q1              No
Parish Council
Ashwell Parish       Q1              Yes – Improve parking at Ashwell and Merden Station.
Council                              Provide better parking facilities at Stevenage station (approx
                                     1/3 of parking has been lost).
Aston Parish         Q1              No
Brickendon Liberty   Q1              Yes – Measures to stop speeding in country lanes, banning
Parish Council                       lorries (except for access) and including speed limits on
                                     farm vehicles.

Organisation        Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Buckland &          Q1              No
Chipping Parish
Ickleford Parish    Q1              No
Kimpton Parish      Q1              Yes - Little mention has been made regarding the proposed
Council                             expansion of Luton & Stansted Airports (para 3.8). Because
                                    of the very significant effect these developments will have a
                                    traffic on most of the roads in Hertfordshire – not just the
                                    major through routes – these should be more emphasis in
                                    the Local Transport Plan to opposition of these
St Stephen Parish   Q1              Yes -To meet the targets figures of passengers on the
Council                             buses the fares charged are to high when it sometime
                                    cheaper for 4 passengers to travel by taxi.
Wigginton Parish    Q1              Yes – Reducing noise from main roads, through use of low
Council                             noise surfaces and through planting screening trees in
                                    appropriate places. Residents of Wigginton would benefit if
                                    these measures were applied to the A41.

Organisation          Questionnaire Comments                                                      HCC Response
Question 2 (Q2) – Does the County Council‟s vision address the needs and aspirations for transport in Hertfordshire?
Anon.                 Q2            Yes                                                           Noted
Association of        Q2            I feel that in general it does, but I do not see the logic of The plan recognises that
British Drivers                     reducing the car‟s physical dominance SO AS to allow          the car will remain the
                                    everyone a free choice. The free choice of most people,       dominant mode of
                                    including the socially disadvantaged, is to own and to use a transport. However, the
                                    motor car. This aspiration is not addressed.                  levels of traffic that exist
                                                                                                  can deter people from
                                                                                                  walking and cycling.
British Motorcyclists Q2            NO – We have no issue with the vision providing in            Comments noted.
Federation                          subsequent sections of the L TP all appropriate forms of
                                    transport are cited and include motorcycles.
British Horse         Q2            Section 4 – broadly good
Society                             Section 5 – agreed
Central Town          Q2            Most needs and aspirations appear to be mentioned but         HCC have produced a Bus
Residents‟                          there could perhaps be a more positive lead on integrating    and Rail Strategy which will
Association                         public transport services and improving information. The      accompany this LTP and
                                    bus services, in particular, suffer from frequent changes of
                                    route and, at Watford especially, a lack of information       provide greater context for
                                    services (especially real-time updating) at the main access   passenger transport.
                                    points – particularly at Watford Junction Station.
CPRE – The            Q2            Yes                                                           Noted
Living Streets        Q2            Yes                                                           Noted.
St Albans             Q2            No, not in any sense that is meaningful. A vision can have    The vision outlined has
Community Forest                    no impact on need, only actions. Targets and efforts          been through a number of
Association                         directed towards achieving same are required based on         consultations to clarify the
                                    reality. The vision statement is pie in the sky.

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
St Albans Cycling      Q2              No – Greater emphasis should be put on reducing car             An objective of the LTP is
Campaign                               journeys, especially to and within urban areas. See letter      to reduce the need for the
                                       attached.                                                       people and goods.
Welwyn Hatfield        Q2              No – is not bold enough to combat the problems that exist       The LTP combats the
Friends of the Earth                   and will continue to worsen in Hertfordshire.                   identified problems within
Resident               Q2              No, because it does not directly address the issue of climate   The wording suggested
                                       change. “Environmental well being” is too vague a term to       implies a fiscal tax
                                       encompass this need, since it can be interpreted in many        incentive for sustainable
                                       different ways. I suggest the following:
                                                                                                       modes, this is in the control
                                       to provide a safe, efficient and affordable transport system    of central government not
                                       that allows access for all to every day facilities, whilst      HCC. Climate change is
                                       seeking to reduce climate change effects. Everyone will         covered in the Quality of
                                       have the opportunity and information to choose the most         Life section.
                                       appropriate form of transport and time of travel, but
                                       incentives will be provided to choose the most
                                       environmentally friendly form. By maximising the use of the
                                       existing capacity of the network we will work towards a
                                       transport system that balances economic prosperity with
                                       personal health and environmental well being at the
                                       community, county, national and global levels.
Resident               Q2              No – One of the main problems in the area is the lack of
                                       East-West links. Have you looked into East-West cycle
                                       lanes or Rail Branch lines?
Resident               Q2              The vision is laudable as an aspiration. There could be         The LTP objectives cover
                                       specific mention of cycling and walking, and of reducing the    the aspects highlighted in
                                       need to travel.                                                 the response.
Resident               Q2              No – The Councils Vision for Road Transport in                  CO2 emissions are
                                       Hertfordshire omits any reference to THE primary impact         covered in the Climate
                                       road transport currently has on the environment namely the      Change section and HCC
                                       reduction or mitigation of CO2 emissions.                       will strengthen this section.

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Resident               Q2              Yes
Resident               Q2              Yes ,but its hardly a “vision”. What you are suggesting is
                                       little more than remedial action to address problems that
                                       should have been anticipated when they were originally
                                       conceived. This is mostly just catch up stuff.
Resident               Q2              In a word, No.
                                       It is not possible to satisfy both the aspiration (to buy a
                                       house in a town 30 miles from the workplace because they
                                       are £8000 cheaper there) and the need (to live in a more
                                       expensive house within walking distant of the workplace, so
                                       eliminating traffic congestion and wasted travel time).
                                       Further development of the road system only encourages
                                       more of the former and is contrary to the intentions of the
Economic &             Q2              Yes, although there has to be a balance between providing
Community                              equal choice of transport for all, and encouraging more
Development Unit                       sustainable forms of transport. Given complete freedom of
                                       choice, the default mode of transport will always be the car.
Resident               Q2              No
St Albans City &       Q2              As currently phrased, the “vision” does not take account of
District Council                       concerns expressed by Members of the District with regard
                                       to congestion. Please see the response to question 4.
Hertfordshire          Q2              Wider Context
Integrated Transport                   Should included investing in your Health section to explain
Partnership                            how Herts is trying to improve healthcare across the County
                                       by 2010
Chartered Surveyor     Q2              Yes but what confidence can we have when they have failed
                                       to add most dangerous road in Hertfordshire for the past 10
                                       years, ie the A120 in Little Hadham between the Tesco
                                       roundabout and How Fencing. Statistics produced by your
                                       Agents Mouchel prove this.
STOP Harlow North      Q2              Yes

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
East Herts Council     Q2              No – need to have longer term ambitions. Look into major
Cycle Forum Group                      structural changes not just small short-term gains.
Welwyn Hatfield        Q2              No – The bus facilities are ultimately dependant on the
Access Group                           operating company the services offered for rural areas are
                                       often inflexible and expensive does not entice the use of
                                       buses rather than cars.
Hitchin Police         Q2              Yes
Tring Cycling          Q2              The vision is hazy and not focussed.
CTC – Right to Ride    Q2              No. the vision should not be to maximise the use of existing
                                       capacity should be to optimise the use of the existing
                                       network, improve provision sustainable travel and should
                                       accord with sustainable development principles.
Resident               Q2              Largely.
North Herts District   Q2              The LTP document is strong on partnership working, this
Council                                need to be stated in the vision.
Welwyn Hatfield        Q2              Clarification is required on what “maximising the use of
Council                                existing capacity of the network” entails. Although it is
                                       agreed that the car will still be the dominant mode in the
                                       County should the County be encouraging further car use of
                                       existing roads?
                                       The intention is not that additional car use will be
                                       encouraged, but that any pressures to accommodate growth
                                       will be met first from better use of existing roads rather than
                                       building new roads. We will consider if the vision can be
                                       modified to clarify this.
HCC – Adult Care       Q2              Whilst maximising the use of existing capacity is included in
Services                               the vision, integrated transport is not included.

Organisation      Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Association of    Q2              Re 5.1 The Vision there is a contradiction here. If you allow   HCC seek to offer travel
British Drivers                   everyone a free choice of travel mode you cannot reduce         options so that everyone
                                  the physical dominance of the car.                              can choose the most
                                                                                                  appropriate form of
                                                                                                  transport and time of travel.

Organisation          Questionnaire Comments                                                          HCC Response
Question 3 (Q3) – Do you feel that the nine Local Transport Plan objectives will fully deliver this vision?
Anon                  Q3               Yes                                                            Noted
Association of        Q3               No, they are too woolly, a bit like motherhood and apple pie. The objectives are
British Drivers                        They are not quantified. They can be read to mean all          quantified through the
                                       things to all men, there is a number of potential conflicts    targets
                                       within them e.g. balancing best use of the network with
                                       some environmental objectives. There is no objective to
                                       increase the road network, something which is sorely
                                       needed, and would go along way towards reducing
British Motorcyclists Q3               In general, YES, providing motorcycling is given the           Comments noted.
Federation                             opportunity to play a part in bringing those relevant to it to
                                       With respect to congestion, an objective of encouraging a
                                       modal shift to non-congesting modes could usefully
Central Town          Q3               A passable summary, but see Q2 and Q4.
CPRE – The            Q3               Yes                                                            Noted

Living Streets        Q3                No, because there is not enough emphasis on shifting          The LTP Objectives have
                                        transport preferences to sustainable modes. The objectives    been through a number of
                                        are to vague to really focus minds and actions.               consultation exercises to
                                                                                                      clarify them.
St Albans             Q3                No, the vision is unachievable, by definition the plan        Comments noted.
Community Forest                        objectives might be achieved by adequate targets and
Association                             prioritisation of resources, but always sub-vision at best
                                        “work towards that vision”.

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
St Albans Cycling      Q3              They will deliver the wrong vision, by failing to deal with       HCC has congestion as a
Campaign                               congestion.                                                       key priority to tackle within
                                                                                                         the LTP.
Welwyn Hatfield        Q3              No - improvements in some areas of the plan will have a           HCC has the priority to
Friends of the Earth                   detrimental effect on other areas. There should be a priority     tackle congestion which
                                       of improvement to the plan.                                       has been highlighted by
Resident               Q3              They will probably deliver the rather limited vision as set out   Comments noted.
                                       in the plan. However, they need additional objectives if they
                                       are to deliver the more ambitious and environmentally
                                       responsible vision indicated above.
Resident               Q3              No – You can only encourage the use of more sustainable           HCC has countywide
                                       modes of transport if people can actually use these modes –       Cycling Programme which
                                       if there are proper cycle lanes people will use them.             seeks to improve and
                                                                                                         create cycle routes and
Resident               Q3              No – the objectives have no targets. The 2nd bullet point on
                                       congestion is too weak – “managing the growth” could mean
                                       anything including predict and provide for the car.
Resident               Q3              Since the Vision is limited to making no impact on reducing       HCC supports providing
                                       CO2 emissions, this critical objective is also excluded. When     sustainable transport
                                       the ice pack melts Hertfordshire will be just as affected as      choices which will impact
                                       the rest of the world.                                            on the level of CO2
Resident               Q3              Yes although rural services should be given grater priority.
Resident               Q3              No. By the time these are implemented, the next ten will be
                                       even more pressing, and you‟ve started some already …
                                       see below.

Organisation       Questionnaire   Comments                                                           HCC Response
Resident           Q3              Not really.
                                   Stansted Airport expansion proposals are having a
                                   detrimental effect right across the region that is bad enough
                                   ever: as it is. Even the location of the coach terminal next to
                                   the air terminal (instead of M11 junction 8) imposes a 15
                                   minute detour on through-travellers. The effect of a second
                                   runway is impossible to sensibly provide for in any kind of
                                   long term plan that properly accommodates the
                                   environmental issues it needs to (Colin Buchanan 6,
                                   Partners used the word "devastating" in their report
                                   commissioned by the EEPA) , Although BAA has claimed it
                                   is intent on encouraging access by public transport instead
                                   of private cars, significant adoption is clearly impossible at
                                   the level of airport use anticipated (never mind the additional
                                   demand from other airport-related developments and the
                                   governments M11 corridor proposals): any use of the word
                                   "sustainable" in this context is an abuse of the dictionary.

                                   Even ignoring the baleful effect of the airports, the headings
                                   are mutually exclusive rather than complementary if
                                   minimising the likelihood of collisions resulting from the
                                   transport system" involves segregation which invariably
                                   causes diversion, delay, and inconvenience - especially to
                                   vulnerable forms of transport (i.e. those other than motor
                                   vehicles). Thus in this context "Safety" and "Accessibility"
                                   are in conflict. "Congestion" is also in conflict with "Safety",
                                   since "obtaining best use of the existing network" will
                                   increase volume to the point where ever crossing the road
                                   on foot (for example) becomes impossible.
Economic &         Q3              Yes, but there should more emphasis on raising the profile
Community                          and standard of public transport to become a viable
Development Unit                   alternative to car reliance.
Resident           Q3              Hopefully, well presented.

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
St Albans City &       Q3              The nine objectives will certainly make a significant
District Council                       contribution to the vision, however with particular reference
                                       to the “congestion” objectives we feel that the objectives will
                                       not, on their own, deliver this vision.
Hertfordshire          Q3              Yes, providing that accessibility planning does deliver on its
Integrated Transport                   key objectives.
Chartered Surveyor     Q3              Hopefully
STOP Harlow North      Q3              yes although rural services should be given greater priority.
East Herts Council     Q3              Yes – if you achieve the objectives.
Cycle Forum Group
Welwyn Hatfield        Q3              No, in part only.
Access Group
Hitchin Police         Q3              Yes
Tring Cycling          Q3              A further objective should address noise pollution. Safety
Campaign                               cameras be coupled with noise monitors to identify noisy
                                       vehicles. Similarly to could pick out vehicles emitting
                                       Incidentally they might be used to identify those who
CTC – Right to Ride    Q3              No.
                                       The objective should address problems of exposure to road
                                       Insufficient emphasis on car restraint.
                                       It seems to accept transport growth as a fait accompli.
                                       Environment – should provide for and promote active
                                       transport choice promote health and well-being.
                                       Environment, second bullet point – add “and provision of
                                       facilities for sustainable modes”

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
North Herts District   Q3              Again there should be a statement about joint/partnership
Council                                working up front before listing the nine objectives.
Hertfordshire          Q3              The Constabulary supports all of the proposed priorities in
Constabulary                           the transport plan and recognises that they are inter-related.
                                       From a police perspective the key priorities are road safety,
                                       quality of life and tackling congestion
Welwyn Hatfield        Q3              Broadly, the Council agrees that the nine objectives will
Council                                deliver the vision. However, the following comments should
                                       be noted:
                                       Accessibility – The Council agrees that the transport system
                                       should provide access for all to vital facilities. However,
                                       “Accessibility Planning” should also be included as an
                                       objective in this section. Whereby new developments reduce
                                       the need for travel through integrated land use planning.
                                       The Council recommends that the LTP Objective under
                                       „Other‟ should be listed under „Accessibility.‟
HCC – Adult Care       Q3              Accessibility needs to include bullet points on social
Services                               inclusion.
                                             Clearer timetables and route maps, to include at bus
                                               stops and on the journey
                                             Disability awareness events and customer care
                                               training for bus drivers
Love Architecture      Q3              Congestion, improved public transport, accessibility, safety,
                                       school travel, cycling, air quality and maintenance.
St. Albans Cycle       Q3              It is astonishing to make the second environmental objective
Campaign                               “to raise awareness” of sustainable modes of transport. The
                                       objective should be to make it easier and safer to use such
                                       modes of transport: the public are, of course, already only
                                       too well aware of them.

Organisation         Questionnaire Comments                                                          HCC Response
Question 4 (Q4) – The plan recognises that congestion is a significant issue in Hertfordshire. How should congestion be
Anon.                Q4              It is important that bus passengers have predictable            The draft LTP contains a
                                     reliability, therefore more bus priority is required. This will bus punctuality indicator
                                     make bus travel more attractive and help towards less           which will monitor journey
                                     congestion.                                                     time reliability and
                                                                                                     passenger transport more
                                                                                                     attractive. Bus priority
                                                                                                     measures are included in
                                                                                                     the Bus Strategy
Abfly                Q4              1. Improve railway services – St Albans to Watford Abbey        HCC are working with the
                                          rail line – immediately.                                   SRA as one of six pilot
                                     2. Extend Abbey Line to London Euston or Clapham Jn.            Community Rail
                                     3. Develop Hatfield – St Albans – Watford rail line through     Partnerships on the Abbey

Association of          Q4              It is an important recognition and one that should not be lost   HCC have put together a
British Drivers                         because of perceived problems in measuring it. There is a        Congestion Action Plan
                                        number of cheap quick hits available. Use local consultation     which will be included in
                                        to identify Congestion Black Spots and see what can be           the LTP.
                                        done cheaply to alleviate them. In many cases this could be
                                        as simple as removing some traffic calming measures. A
                                        more expensive way is by selective road building, especially
                                        grade separated junctions (bridges or tunnels) as are used
                                        to very great effect on the continent. Even more expensive
                                        are new roads e.g. a St Albans Northern Ring Road.
British Motorcyclists   Q4              The “Tackling Congestion” section deals with a number of
Federation                              aspects of addressing congestion including the
                                        encouragement of modal shift. Yet motorcycles which are          Summary of the congestion
                                        known to be a non–congesting mode remain conspicuous

Organisation            Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
                                        by their absence. It was noted in the 2001 Halcrow study          action plan to be included
British Motorcyclists                   Motorcycling and Congestion that in provincial towns, using       in the document. This
                                        Swindon as a model, increased motorcycle use made a
Federation                              significant contribution to reducing congestion. As the most      includes reference to
continued.                              practical alternative to a car motorcycles provide similar        setting up a motorcycle
                                        flexibility, range and convenience with the advantages of         forum.
                                        occupying less space, lower running- costs and not
                                        contributing to congestion. We accept that there are several      HCC agree to insert
                                        means of addressing congestion but that there should be
                                        recognition of motorcycling as one of those means.                motorcycling into the
                                        The bullet points under “Tackling Congestion Through              congestion section.
                                        Transport Planning” are quite prescriptive regarding the
                                        modes which are recommended. In the first point,                  HCC has taken a
                                        motorcycle measures should be added to the others which           consistent line that
                                        have been cited. The second point refers to parking               motorcycles will not be
                                        management in which there should be encouragement of
                                        converting car bays to motorcycle use accommodating               promoted by Travelwise
                                        considerably more vehicles in the process. The final bullet       because (a) they are often
                                        point refers to initiatives related to travel choice including    an alternative to the bus
                                        TravelWise and again no reference to motorcycling as a            rather than the car, and (b)
                                        travel choice. „The „BMF „has been campaigning for                because of safety
                                        Hertfordshire to include motorcycling as one of the
                                        TravelWise options I have recently learned that a                 concerns. The latter may
                                        TravelWise-based scheme being put in place to address             be overcome through
                                        congestion will still not include motorcycles as an alternative   discussions in the
                                        to the car. This is completely unacceptable and should be         motorcycle forum.
                                        We recommend that motorcycle parking provision should be
                                        considered in the paragraph on parking management. As
                                        stated above, car spaces could be readily adapted and             HCC agree to include
                                        accommodate more vehicles in a given space.                       motorcycles in the parking
                                        In terms of meeting the needs of all users, by failing to         management section.
                                        include motorcycles, the needs of their users are not being
                                        met. Consideration should be given to including them in
                                        priority access schemes such as bus lanes and advanced
                                        stop lines.

Organisation       Questionnaire   Comments                                                            HCC Response
British Horse      Q4              Better public transport for key routes. E.g. East West Rail
Society                            link instead of having to go via London
Central Town       Q4              Integrated land use planning is vital. Redevelopment of             HCC agree to insert
Residents‟                         town centre sites to give much higher residential densities         wording on the role of land-
Association                        than those existing needs to be curbed. We have several             use planning and its
                                   examples in Watford where the planners seem to find it
                                   difficult to limit the developers applications for grossly higher   integrated with transport
                                   densities (possibly because of ODPM pressure?)                      planning.

                                   The introduction of ill-thought out and under-used bus lanes        HCC have implemented
                                   on unsuitable routes must be avoided as they can cause              bus lanes which were
                                   serious congestion on adjacent lanes and hence may add to           subject to a full
                                   rat-running by other vehicles.
                                                                                                       consultation process.
Chiltern Society   Q4              Local bus service restricted to each town with cheap fares.         HCC are seeking to
                                   Inter town bus services to run on a separate network basis.         improve bus services
                                   In town cycleways to be positively engineered.                      through the indicators set
                                                                                                       out in the plan.
                                                                                                       HCC have a countywide
                                                                                                       cycling programme and
                                                                                                       town plans which seek to
                                                                                                       implement in town cycle
CPRE – The         Q4              We do not accept that congestion is a significant issue.            HCC has congestion as a
Hertfordshire                      Although congestion was highlighted as the main concern of          key priority to tackle in the
Society                            Hertfordshire residents in a MORI Poll, MORI research also          LTP. Year on year, public
                                   shows that over the last three years transport has steadily         concerns about congestion
                                   declined as a public priority. The County Council should not        issues have grown.
                                   be swayed into making congestion an unduly high priority in
                                   transport planning. Nobody is forced to suffer congestion,
                                   which can be avoided by the modification of behaviour and
                                   travel demands.

Organisation            Questionnaire   Comments                                                       HCC Response
Heath Mount School      Q4              Road widening – e.g. on the A602                                HCC have proposed the
                                                                                                        A602 as a Major Scheme
                                                                                                        which would seek a series
                                                                                                        of improvements along the
                                                                                                        route to ease congestion
                                                                                                        and improve safety.
Hertfordshire Police    Q4              Greater access to affordable public transport. Greater use      Accessibility to passenger
                                        of “Park and Ride” schemes.                                     transport is being explored
                                                                                                        through Accessibility
                                                                                                        Planning and will be
                                                                                                        covered in the Accessibility
                                                                                                        Planning Strategy to be
                                                                                                        submitted with the LTP.
Herts Society for the   Q4              By providing more accessible, frequent and affordable public The passenger transport
Blind                                   transport options.                                              targets seek to improve
                                                                                                        access to passenger
Hitchin Visioning       Q4              The Local Transport Plan recognises that congestion is a        HCC have a Congestion
                                        significant issue for Hertfordshire. How do you think           Action Plan which has
                                        congestion should be tackled?                                   been inserted into the LTP.
Living Streets          Q4              By cutting down car use. The County Council knows how to HCC have inserted into the
                                        do this, e.g. by improving bus services, by encouraging         plan the Congestion Action
                                        walking, by providing for cycling, and by discouraging car      Plan which outlines some
                                        use by tightly controlling parking, but to date has been afraid of the measures
                                        to grasp the nettle and do any of these things with any         highlighted in the response.
                                        vigour. Contrast with London where the current
                                        administration is making a big difference in all sorts of bold
                                        and ambitious ways. They are prepared to stand up to
                                        controversy, and they are succeeding in their objectives. Car
                                        use is down, sustainable transport is up.

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
Metroline              Q4              More priority given to Public Transport. Most town centres       The LTP has given priority
                                       do not have enough or any bus lanes or bus priority at traffic   to public transport through
                                       signals.                                                         having 4 indicators which
                                                                                                        seek to improve services
                                                                                                        and the network.

St Albans              Q4              Limits to expansion of population/restrictive housing growth     HCC have a countywide
Community Forest                       maintain green belt strategy at current boundaries limit         Cycling Programme to
Association                            airports expansion. Serious consideration of cycling             improve and create new
                                       access/facility, particularly in towns. Don‟t factor in          cycle routes and facilities.
                                       accidents/related congestion unavoidable – keep heavy
                                       vehicles to arterial roads.
St Albans              Q4              Honour strategic priorities and policies which benefit           HCC supports the provision
Community Forest                       alternative mode transport to the motor car. This will be        of sustainable transport
Association                            seen to penalised drivers but only honest recognition of the     options.
                                       cause will suggest a cure.
St Albans Cycling      Q4              By much greater use of alternative transport, including          HCC has inserted the
Campaign                               cycling for commuters, school children and shoppers in           Congestion Action Plan
                                       particular. See letter attached.                                 which includes some of the
                                                                                                        measures highlighted.
Spatial Graphics       Q4              Reduce the need to travel during rush hours, and by
                                       providing car parking for commuters away from town centre
                                       shopping areas (at lower prices) to encourage WALKING for
                                       a mile or two each day. Giving priority/free parking to
                                       officials or council staff is seem as hypocritical and unfair.
                                       Ensure new developments are signposted clearly.
Stort Valley Project   Q4              Since the A1184 Sawbridgeworth is listed under Longer            Sawbridgeworth is on the
                                       Term 2010/11, how much worse can the congestion and              longer term lists of
                                       pollution get before something is done sooner. It is the         schemes for delivery
                                       shortest route for an emergency ambulance to get from            beyond the life of the LTP
                                       Stansted Airport to the Harlow hospital. Why is there not        2005/06-2010/11.
                                       more than a first aid dept at Stansted. Use electronic

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Stort Valley Project                   number plate readers to identify where vehicles are coming
continued.                             from and going to. A bypass for Sawbridgeworth – Bishops
                                       Park to Eastwick. Replace double roundabout with traffic
Welwyn Hatfield        Q4              See question one. Ban cars from centre of towns and some        HCC support the
Friends of the Earth                   villages and improve public transport to these key centres.     enhancement of town and
                                       Remove parking facilities to ensure that travellers use other   village centres to reduce
                                       forms of transport. Work much more closely to schools
                                       (financial incentives?) to ensure the majority of school        the need to travel. HCC
                                       children in village locations (where most attend the local      supports schools in
                                       school)only travel to school on foot.                           developing school travel
                                                                                                       plans and implantation of
                                                                                                       actions to provide safe
                                                                                                       travel choices.
Resident               Q4                  1.     Accept Transport Hierarchy                           The LTP discusses the
                                           2.     Introduce demand management + 1                      various measures of
                                           3.     Introduce Carrot and Stick                           demand management and
                                           4.     Publicity campaign relating to polluting selfishness carrot and stick measures.
                                                  of petrol – heads                                    HCC are re-launching the
                                           5.     Drop pathetic filthy by-pass schemes                 Travelwise Campaign to
                                           6.     Adopt Sustainable kind use management – LDF = influence travel behaviour.
                                                  Spatial Dimension                                    HCC have proposed the
                                                                                                       Little Hadham Bypass as a
                                                                                                       major scheme as an
Resident               Q4              If major roads are to costly then a look at easing of existing  HCC support the approach
                                       road structure i.e. Hagden Lane is not a good junction is an    to best use the existing
                                       example.                                                        infrastructure.
Resident               Q4              Capacity improvements should be kept to an absolute             Noted.
                                       minimum, because they lead to increased traffic. However,       HCC have produced a Bus
                                       where there is a significant impact on a community (as for

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
                                      the Al0 High Cross – Wadesmill by-pass), increased               Strategy which will
Resident continued.                   capacity is justified. Elsewhere, innovative solutions need to   accompany the LTP.
                                      be found, with a heavy emphasis on bus priority: If buses
                                      are significantly quicker than cars for a given journey, then
                                      they are much more likely to be used.

                                      In particular, there should be an aim to tackle commuter
                                      traffic by providing and promoting quick and convenient          Access to bus and rail
                                      public transport to stations and possibly by providing park      facilities to access work is
                                      and ride schemes to important commuter stations to avoid
                                      traffic entering towns and requiring parking in towns. Buses     a key area to be developed
                                      connecting with commuter trains should be subsidised             through the Accessibility
                                      initially until they become viable by persuading people out of   Planning Strategy.
                                      their cars.

                                      For example, when the A10 bypass opened there should
                                      have been a huge effort to get commuter traffic going to         The A10 bypass is a
                                      railway stations out of their cars and into the now much
                                      more reliable buses. Bus operators should have been              scheme of the Highways
                                      encouraged, possibly by initial grants, to mount specific        Agency. When the old
                                      services to Ware Station – and possibly to Broxbourne            road is detrunked, HCC will
                                      and/or Hertford North. A cycle track from Buntingford to         seek improvements for
                                      Ware should also have been created as part of the bypass         sustainable transport
                                      planning, using the old A10 and the footpath between
                                      Buntingford and Puckeridge (pedestrians hardly ever use it).     through the Eastern Herts
                                      At least one local body asked for this.                          Area Transport Plan.

                                      Designated routes need to be worked out for HGVs and
                                      whatever powers exist to divert them from smaller roads          HCC has developed and
                                      should be used to the full. Insofar as it can, the County        supported a Freight Quality
                                      Council should discourage the transport of goods over large
                                      distances. No doubt, this will principally have to be by         Partnership in Stevenage
                                      persuasion and by publicising information to the public, but     assisting in routing,
                                      councils can set an example ir:1 their own purchasing.           signage and information.

Organisation        Questionnaire   Comments                                                       HCC Response
County Councillor   Q4              Improved public transport availability                           School and business start
                                    Staggered Start Times for business and schools                   times are not within the
                                    Encourage cycling and cycle ways                                 control of the County
                                                                                                     Council. HCC through the
                                                                                                     development of school and
                                                                                                     business travel plans seeks
                                                                                                     to improve the transport
                                                                                                     situation and choices
                                                                                                     available, which can
                                                                                                     include the discussion of
                                                                                                     working hours.
Resident            Q4              If people did not use their cars as much there would not be a Noted.
                                    problem with congestion. Therefore, best thing is to do
Resident            Q4                  1.     major investment in innovative responsive buses
                                               (e.g. wigley bus)
                                        2.     Major investment in cycle friendly unfrastructure.
                                        3.     County-wide maximum parking policy
                                        4.     Road user charging
Resident            Q4              Working with other local authorities across county borders to HCC liaise and work in
                                    work together.                                                   partnership with
                                                                                                     neighbouring authorities on
                                                                                                     strategic and local issues.
Resident            Q4              The Little Hadham lights on the A120 cause all the problem The traffic problem at Little
                                    on a ten mile stretch. Lights were only installed in 1975        Hadham has been
                                    prior to that there was no traffic problem or hold up. Simply identified as a potential
                                    purchase 2 of the houses at the junction for well over the       major scheme within the
                                    market value, remove them to open up the junction and            LTP. If this scheme is
                                    install a mini roundabout to allow the free flow of traffic. The progressed all options and
                                    reason there are accidents there, people get frustrated at       the associated impacts

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Resident continued.                   waiting 20 minutes plus at each approach road, so they then       would be investigated. The
                                      jump the lights, I often see 6 cars go through on the red light   scheme is seen as an
                                      – that is really dangerous. Instead of spending £100M plus        environmental
                                      on a by-pass demolishing dozens of houses taking up               improvement to remove the
                                      hundreds of acres of grade one countryside and farmland,          high volumes of traffic from
                                      ruining the finest English landscape, taking many more            a rural village which are
                                      years to build, a small scale simple solution at the existing     inappropriate.
                                      junction would solve the whole problem. With constant flow
                                      at Little Hadham and no longer a bottle neck there would
                                      also be no need to dual carriageway the Bishops Stortford
                                      bypass either.
Resident              Q4              How about some radical policies to optimise public
                                      transport, increase cycle and foot traffic and significantly
                                      reduce congestion. How about a congestion charge for all
                                      parents (without a medical reason) driving less than a mile
                                      on the school run? How about a congestion charge for all
                                      commuters (without a medical reason) for driving less than a
                                      mile to work. How about stopping the growth of housing in
Resident              Q4              See Question 1. House building should be limited until the
                                      infrastructure deficit is corrected.
Resident              Q4              Ultimately, it has to be to get people to use alternatives to
                                      their cars. This almost impossible task can only be done
                                      with vastly improved and viable alternatives. Trains, I have
                                      mentioned, and whilst they have shareholders to satisfy,
                                      there will never be significant enough improvement in any
                                      timescale that will help you attain your vision by 2010/11.
                                      Likewise, lets look at cycling. For example; I live in Little
                                      Hadham and have often cycled to Bishops Stortford. Cycling
                                      on that road is a truly terrifying experience. An alternative,

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
                                      the pavement is now dangerously rutted, so that when you
Resident continued.                   spent a considerable sum last year on resurfacing that
                                      stretch of the A 120, you omitted to do the pavement, which
                                      would have been the cheapest time to do it. A fundamental
                                      error. This calls into question your actual real commitment to
                                      achieve your stated vision. Things like this make it all look
                                      like lip service. Additionally, by June, the foliage has
                                      become too overgrown to make use of the pavement for
                                      cycling without risk of personal injury, and if you cant make
                                      use of this stretch of road, then Standon, Puckeridge, the
                                      Pelhams etc are all out of the equation too.
Resident              Q4              The first priority is to oppose the governments proposals for    HCC have opposed the
                                      the expansion of Stansted Airport and for building extremely     East of England Plan and
                                      in Hertfordshire. Unless those plans are abandoned or at         the associated growth.
                                      least drastically reduced, the congestion will only get worse.
Resident              Q4              By making new A120 route over farmland to A10 from the           HCC would consider route
                                      bypass north of Bishops Stortford. This should go north of       options if the Little Hadham
                                      Little Hadham. The noise & pollution from A120 and airport       Bypass was progress in the
                                      is making life hell for people who live near it.                 LTP.
Resident              Q4              By encouraging fewer journeys by road. This can only be          HCC have produced an
                                      done by more local services provision e.g. retaining the four    Accessibility Planning
                                      existing acute general hospital, and local health clinics        Strategy which seeks to
                                      services being increased, and by more buses increasing           improve access to
                                      frequency, as appropriates to serve rail community.              healthcare, education, work
                                                                                                       and food shopping through
                                                                                                       passenger transport. This
                                                                                                       strategy will accompany
                                                                                                       the LTP.
Resident              Q4              Better public transport                                          Noted

Organisation   Questionnaire   Comments                                                           HCC Response
Resident       Q4              If bus travel to town centres (e.g. St Albans) was guaranteed      HCC have a Bus Strategy
                               to be faster than car travel at peak times more people may         which will accompany the
                               change to bus (Priority lanes for buses, ban cars from town        LTP to improve the bus
                               centre etc.)                                                       services and facilities
Resident       Q4              Intelligent use of filtering. Encourage users onto public          HCC supports the use of
                               transport. Free parking at stations etc. All the big               passenger transport and
                               supermarkets have free parking. It attracts customers.             this is highlighted in the
                               Transport has a completely reverse logic of fleece the             targets and the bus and rail
                               commuter. It then costs a fortune putting in place parking         strategies. Parking costs
                               restrictions on local roads, signs, lines and enforcement.         are the responsibility of
                                                                                                  District Councils and
Resident       Q4              Staggering of office hours. Retail now more flexible – Tesco       HCC supports the
                               extra, Watford open Mon 8 am – Sat midnight etc. More              introduction of flexible work
                               flexible working hours including weekends.                         patterns and this is
                                                                                                  fostered through Company
                                                                                                  Travel Plans.
Resident       Q4              Congestion should be tackled by reducing the volume of             HCC do not support
                               traffic on our roads (in future by road pricing) it should never   congestion charging, but
                               be tackled by widening roads or building more roads.               do support the
                                                                                                  encouragement of
                                                                                                  providing sustainable travel
Resident       Q4              A tunnel under central Hertford. It is awful that West Street      The A414 through Hertford
                               which has been part of the town‟s heritage for hundreds of         is not in the list of major
                               years and also Queen‟s Road, the Church, St John‟s hall            schemes being proposed
                               should all be cut off from the main town. The traffic is ruling    for this LTP. It is on the list
                               the town.                                                          of proposed schemes in
                                                                                                  the long term after

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                           HCC Response
Resident continued.                                                                                      2010/11. Inserted wording
                                                                                                         in the LTP on community
                                                                                                         severance by transport
                                                                                                         routes. HCC have
                                                                                                         implemented a new
                                                                                                         crossing on Gascoyne
                                                                                                         Way, Hertford that provides
                                                                                                         a safe crossing for
                                                                                                         pedestrians and cyclists as
                                                                                                         an option instead of the
                                                                                                         subway and this provides a
                                                                                                         new link for the community.
Resident              Q4              There must be a compromise solution between road                   Comments noted on the
                                      widening and bypassing and environmental considerations.           need to balance
                                      I think the best (but costwise expensive) solutions are            environmental
                                      underpasses and flyover bridges, or complete dualised              considerations and
                                      bypasses with careful landscaping. The historical example          transport solutions.
                                      is railways, where environment and transport have
                                      successfully blended.
Resident              Q4                  1.      everyone who works at home or in or very close to      Fiscal measure are set by
                                                  their nearest town – should get a tax incentive e.g.   government. HCC have
                                                  an increased personal allowance (tax)                  proposed within the LTP,
                                          2.      Double tax 4 x 4‟s/people carriers/other large cars    Telematics as a Major
                                                  that carry people at least double – this local tax     Scheme which would use
                                                  can fund the measure mentioned above.                  information technology to
                                          3.      Allow small cars to use bus lanes when                 make best use of the
                                                  appropriate.                                           network and facilities such
                                          4.      Allow more car parking near towns so people            as car parks, by providing
                                                  don‟t drive around searching for car park spaces       information to drivers on
                                                  that are free (these are usually non existent.         parking availability.

Organisation         Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Resident             Q4              Less house building. More local companies so people do          HCC have opposed the
                                     not have to travel excessively to work places and in this way   East of England Plan and
                                     they may even use able to use public transport.                 the associated growth.
London Borough of    Q4              Yes, congestion is a chronic problem facing most local          HCC have congestion as a
Hillingdon                           authorities.                                                    key priority to be tackled in
                                     Inducing modal shift from the use of private car needs to be    the LTP.
                                     accorded greater emphasis.                                      HCC agree to insert further
                                                                                                     wording on modal shift and
                                                                                                     the importance of walking,
                                                                                                     cycling and passenger
Stevenage Rail       Q4              The motorcar is the problem, too many people have cars          Parking outside of schools
Users Group                          and only see at peak times i.e. 0700-0900, 1600-1900            is addressed through the
                                     where bus/rail provide most services. There should be           Safer Routes to School
                                     congestion charging at these times, some time reducing bus
                                     fares or most journeys are local journeys, and tighten up an    Programme.
                                     use of car parking near schools by meters .
Buntingford Town     Q4              Improved transport including a Cambridge to London Bus
Council                              via A10.
East Herts Council   Q4              By dualling the bus through roads.
                                     By removing bottlenecks.
                                     By congestion changing in town centres.
Harpenden Town       Q4              We agree that congestion is the number one transport            HCC has congestion as a
Council                              priority in the county, which needs somehow a more even         key priority to tackle in the
                                     distribution of traffic throughout the day, and encouragement   LTP. The Congestion
                                     need to be given to spread the peak congestion hours, by        Action Plan which has
                                     promoting more working from home, working from more             been inserted outlines a
                                     localised centres, and car sharing for private, business and    number of measures to be
                                     school trips.                                                   taken.

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                           HCC Response
Tring Town Council    Q4              Increase use of public transport. Encourage more walking
                                      for short trips (e.g. to the shops). More provision for cyclists
                                      Reduce need for some journeys with local employment
                                      opportunities and an school allocations to local schools
Uttlesford District   Q4              It has to be by a combination of measures. Walking and             HCC agree that a whole
Council                               cycling must be encouraged over shorter distances, but the         package approach is
                                      right infrastructure is essential to make pleasant                 required. Rural areas are
                                      experiences. Buses need to run to the right places at the          tackled through the Rural
                                      right times, but the real challenge is how to provide viable       Strategy which seeks to
                                      alternatives to the car from anything rural areas.                 offer modal choice.
Resident              Q4              Public Transport can never have sufficient capacity to
                                      substitute for the demand created for using private motor
                                      vehicles or, a road system developed with the explicit
                                      intention of encouraging that (at the expense of all other
                                      road users and means of transport). Either the issue has to
                                      be tackled head on using road pricing (or systems of traffic
                                      lights and lanes or bypasses dedicated to priority vehicles or
                                      left. To its own devices in the hope that. Increasing fuel
                                      costs will eventually suppress demand. Any attempt to
                                      relieve congestion by increasing capacity not only makes it
                                      worse somewhere else, but increases the incidence and
                                      severity of accidents.
Economic &            Q4              We feel that tackling the school run issue would have a
Community                             major impact on congestion – as demonstrated in school
Development Unit                      holidays. Rat-running is a major issue for many of our
                                      industrial areas. One example is the Gunnels Wood Road
                                      in Stevenage, which becomes congested whenever there
                                      are problems on the A1(m). As industry in Hertfordshire
                                      moves towards more knowledge based industries, there is
                                      much more potential for more flexible forms of working,
                                      including home-working and staggered working hours,
                                      reducing the large numbers of traffic on the road at peak
                                      hours. These new working practices could be encouraged
                                      through Green Travel Plans.

Organisation       Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
Resident           Q4              Limit car use
                                   Better bus lanes/better and reliable services on than and
                                   bus service in Hertfordshire – maybe revised bus services –
                                   evenings and weekends.
Resident           Q4              Better bus/train services with bus lanes to bypass
                                   congestion it really works in London and other major cities in
                                   the UK. Limit car using Monday-Friday, cars with one driver
                                   should be made to take passengers during Monday-Fridays.
Resident           Q4              Better public transport
St Albans City &   Q4              The section on “tackling congestion” in the LTP draft
District Council                   statement does not take account of concerns expressed by
                                   Members regarding the serious congestion problems in the
                                   District. We suggest that the statement should be
                                   consistent with decisions taken by members when
                                   considering the District Plan Second Review, the Mid Herts
                                   Area Transport Plan and the East of England Plan, as
                                   summarised below:

                                   i) In September 2003, the fully Council approved the
                                   District Plan Second Review Pre-Deposit Consultation
                                   Document, which indicated that congestion is already
                                   serious and is likely to get worse unless decisive action is
                                   taken. The document called for another full St Albans
                                   Transportation Study, which should re-examine the case for
                                   some limited road-building as part of an overall package of
                                   transportation measures to met the city‟s long-term needs
                                   (n.b. the September 2003 document was not published
                                   because of the Government‟s proposed changes to the
                                   planning system).

                                   ii) On 17 February 2005, the Council‟s Planning Policy
                                   Advisory Panel considered the draft Mid Hertfordshire Area
                                   Transport Plan. Members concluded that the draft Plan
                                   underestimates the transport problems in the southern part
                                   of the District and that there is a need for a full

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
St Albans City &                       transportation study, which should examine a wide range of
District council                       potential transport schemes, including major schemes that
                                       would significantly increase the capacity of the transport
continued.                             network.

                                       iii) On 23 February 2005, full Council agreed this Council‟s
                                       response to the draft East of England Plan. Members
                                       resolved that one of the Council‟s main concerns regarding
                                       the draft Plan was that “the planned improvements to the
                                       transport infrastructure are grossly inadequate, particularly
                                       in the London Arc”.
Hertfordshire          Q4              Need to highlight the importance of the Integrated Transport
Integrated Transport                   Partnership programme in tackling congestion.
Chartered Surveyor     Q4              New and improved roads. If the Government want Stansted
                                       Airport expanded and more housing they need to provide
                                       the funding.
STOP Harlow North      Q4              See Question 1. House building should be limited until the
                                       infrastructure deficit is corrected.
East Herts Council     Q4              Get people out of their cars – therefore build more
Cycle Forum Group                      cycleways.
Welwyn Hatfield        Q4              The congestion arises because of factors outside the control
Access Group                           of anything, congestion will get worse as more homes are
                                       built resulting greater commuter car use and greater activity
                                       with heavy goods vehicle. Congestion is a regional/national
                                       problem and not confined solely
Hitchin Police         Q4              Improve highway capacity.
Tring Cycling          Q4              There is significantly less congestion during school holidays.
Campaign                               School Travel Plans can help. Schools should be advised
                                       that Government monies such plans may terminate in 2008
                                       so they should plan now so as not this money.
CTC – Right to Ride    Q4              By providing much better facilities for travel by foot and

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
North Herts            Q4              What about the park and ride proposal for Royston, on the
residents                              A1198? Was given approval it would help relieve traffic
                                       congestion at the A505/A1198 roundabout at peak times.
Resident               Q4              Problems at the Little Hadham lights can be easily resolved
                                       by purchase three or four of the properties at the cross
                                       roads and straightening to the junction. It could then work
                                       quite well as a mini roundabout.
Kimpton Parish         Q4              By encouraging a smoother traffic flow. Enforcing the speed
Council                                limits more rigorously would lead to less “chasing”, catching
                                       up and queuing at modal points, i.e. a smoother traffic flow.
                                       Limits should not be enforced by speed cameras which only
                                       result in “slow-fast” driving once drivers know where they
                                       are. A few traffic police in un-marked cars with the power to
                                       make on the spot fines would work wonders.
North Herts District   Q4              The broad initiatives mentioned in this section are
Council                                considered acceptable.

                                       In section 6.2 mention is made about OPE powers and the
                                       encouragement of short-term off street parking in
                                       commercial centres at the expense of commuter parking,
                                       backed by comprehensive on street controlled parking
                                       zones. No mention is made about initiatives to deal with the
                                       displacement of commuter parking.
Resident               Q4              Charge for it – congestion charges or road pricing. I don‟t
                                       much like it but I don‟t see any other way.
Resident               Q4              By making cycling, walking and public transport as much of
                                       a priority as cars. Public transport coverage is patchy and
                                       expensive, pedestrians stand in the rain waiting for queues
                                       of cars to pass and cyclists face the danger of poor path and
                                       road provision for them. Please don‟t make it easier for
Standon Parish         Q4              This is a national issue.

Organisation       Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Welwyn Hatfield    Q4              Car – Reduce dependency on the car and encouraging
Council                            sustainable modes of transport.
                                   Rail – The Council supports the improvement of rail services
                                   serving stations in Welwyn Hatfield.
                                   A1(M) – A satisfactory solution to congestion between
                                   junctions 6 and 8 needs to be found
                                   East / West Links – The Council supports the improvement
                                   of transport links East / West across the County particularly
                                   from the district to St Albans and Hertford where congestion
                                   is apparent at peak times. East / West journeys are only
                                   likely to increase with the expansion of Stansted and Luton
Transport 2000     Q4              This is a fudge. There are no magic “acceptable to all ”
(North Herts)                      solutions. This paragraph implies that road-based traffic
                                   volumes and distances are not in themselves an issue.
                                   Reliable journey times can be achieved by managing
                                   demand through local or area wide demand restraint
                                   measures (eg workplace and on street parking charges,
                                   congestion charges, motorway ramp metering, parking
                                   standards at new developments). It is astonishing that there
                                   are no policy measures in this section given the extensive
                                   stakeholder consultation and members working group on
                                   this topic during 2004.
HCC – Adult Care   Q4              Congestion is more significant in peak hours – This should
Services                           be addressed across the departments, and should include
                                   changing hours of services provided i.e. Schools, Day
                                   Services etc.
                                   Should include encouragement to use existing transport
                                   routes to services, i.e. public transport, walking,
                                   friends/carers/staff on way to work.

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
HCC – Adult Care
Services continued.                   Hertfordshire Integrated Transport Partnership has identified
                                      that by staggering start times, the same transport can be
                                      used for these services. This would then improve
                                      congestion on the roads at peak time.
St Thomas More RC Q4                  Encouraging children to walk and cycle. The St Thomas           The Mode Share of
Primary School,                       More school Travel Forum suggest that congestion caused         Journeys to School is a
Berkamsted                            by the „school run‟ could be tackled effectively if more        mandatory indicator of the
                                      funding was earmarked for the Safer Routes to School            DfT which the County
                                      Programme.                                                      Council supports.

                                      The results of our survey also suggest that congestion
                                      caused by „the school run‟ could be tackled by the provision
                                      of seatbelts on school buses.
Love Architecture     Q4              We firmly believe that the only long term, sustainable way of   An objective of the LTP is
                                      tackling congestion is by reducing the need to travel.          to reduce the need to
                                                                                                      travel. Also, the
                                                                                                      Congestion Action Plan will
                                                                                                      be inserted into the LTP
St. Albans Cycle      Q4              The plan states that congestion is a major problem and that
Campaign                              car ownership is high. One of the reasons for this is the
                                      failure to provide proper cycling facilities in many of
                                      Hertfordshire‟s urban areas and particularly St. Albans.
                                      Planners should visit some of the Continental cities to see
                                      how cycling can transform congestion and the environment.
                                      The plan‟s main objective should be to make cycling (or
                                      buses) the preferred method of commuting, getting to school
                                      and travelling to the centre of Hertfordshire‟s towns.
St. Albans Cycle      Q4              Of the three LTP objectives concerning congestion non
Campaign                              relate to cycling. WHY?

Organisation       Questionnaire   Comments                                                       HCC Response
St. Albans Cycle   Q4              In St. Albans, for example, your plan should ensure that
Campaign                           priority is given to such schemes as the following:-
                                   1. Secure, covered modern accommodation for at least
                                   1,000 cycles with changing rooms and showers should be
                                   provided for now at the main station, where development is
                                   being planned. Over 400 use the station daily at present,
                                   even though the appalling cycle parking is insufficient,
                                   unsafe and much of it uncovered. Better facilities and safer
                                   access for cyclists could remove hundreds of cars from the
                                   roads at the rush hour. In Munster in Germany proper
                                   accommodation (paid) is provided for 3,000 cyclists at the
                                   station, and cycling is preferred method of commuting.
St. Albans Cycle   Q4              2. The wide London Road pavement could provide a
Campaign                           magnificent and cheap commuter route into the city.
St. Albans Cycle   Q4              3. The Alban Way off road route for commuters between
Campaign                           Welwyn, Hatfield and St Albans is hidden from commuters
                                   and tourists with no signs to it in St. Albans
St. Albans Cycle   Q4              How can you expect to reduce congestion until these sort of
Campaign                           schemes become a real priority with action taken on them
Anon               Q4              The Bridgewater School Travel Forum, Greenway School
                                   Travel Forum and St Thomas More School Travel Forum
                                   suggest that congestion caused by the „school run‟ could be
                                   tackled effectively if more funding was earmarked for the
                                   Safer Routes to School Programme.

Organisation        Questionnaire   Comments                                                           HCC Response
Hertsmere Borough   Q4              The Borough Council is pleased to note that road                   Congestion is a shared
Council                             congestion is now identified and discussed as a key issue in       priority to be addressed in
                                    this document.                                                     the LTP.

                                    The Council considers that steps should be taken not just to       Demand management is a
                                    manage but also to limit/or reduce the growth of vehicular         key tool to tackle
                                    traffic.                                                           congestion and is
                                                                                                       addressed in the LTP. The
                                                                                                       County Council seeks to
                                                                                                       provide mode choice for
Resident            Q4              When traffic levels build to difficult levels, then people will    Tackling congestion is
                                    naturally resist from travelling the problem route, they will      seeking to provide
                                    find alternative work/supply or change their mode of               residents with journey time
                                    transport – without any convoluted anti-congestion                 reliability in order that
                                    schemes.                                                           journeys can be planned
Resident            Q4              Congestion is a sign of healthy trade and commerce; it is          Congestion has an impact
                                    self-regulating without recourse to complicated, expensive         on the environment in
                                    „schemes‟.                                                         terms of air quality and the
                                                                                                       quality of life of local
Resident            Q4              Congestion at Pen Hen Junction. Due to new phasing of              This comment will be
                                    lights, in addition to the now single lane which traffic turning   referred to the project
                                    left, when slowing for the sharp turn delays traffic intended      manager of the scheme.
                                    for straight on.
Resident            Q4              A traffic build out has been placed to prevent delivery            This comment will be
                                    vehicles causing congestion. Delivery vehicles do not              referred to the project
                                    obstruct traffic flow 24 hours a day – a pavement build out        manager of the scheme.

Organisation      Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
Association of    Q4              I am very pleased to see more emphasis being given to
British Drivers                   congestion even though there is no measure as yet. I do
                                  suggest a measure on one of the forms. In addition I
                                  suggest that all proposed new schemes are audited to see
                                  what impact they have on congestion. One that is near to
                                  my heart is the scheme currently ongoing in St Albans City
                                  Centre the HH engineers gave figures showing how much
                                  extra congestion the changes to the Peahen junction will
                                  cause, and it looks to me as if they were right now the work
                                  has been done. The message is the best was to reduce
                                  congestion if not to cause it in the first place.
Resident          Q4              The fact that 64% of those interviewed mentioned                 HCC carry out a MORI
                                  congestion as a problem is probably largely due to the fact      survey every year and the
                                  that most people drive and of these interviewed would be         issue of congestion has
                                  those during the morning and afternoon peak periods, both        become a higher priority
                                  of which are greatly worsened by the “school run”.               over recent years.
Resident          Q4              It is therefore deeply disappointing that the stats on pp.43/4   HCC is committed to the
                                  show nearly half and nearly one third respectively of the        Safer Routes to School and
                                  younger/older age groups still being driven to school despite    School Travel Plan
                                  your efforts.                                                    programmes to provide
                                                                                                   safe walking and cycling
                                                                                                   routes to school.
Resident          Q4              Admittedly it is a vicious circle but the traffic congestion     HCC have undertaken a
                                  round some local schools now is of grid-lock proportion.         pilot study with University
                                  Producing a generation of children who will expect to use        College London which
                                  the car for virtually all journeys.                              looked at the positive
                                                                                                   impact of walking to school
                                                                                                   on children‟s health.

Organisation   Questionnaire   Comments                                                       HCC Response
Resident       Q4              I suggest –                                                    HCC Road Safety
                               a) if possible, loosening the requirements for the Walking     undertake an assessment
                               Bus and similar projects – I gather some have had to be        of each walking bus route
                               scrapped due to the poor lighting on a footpath over a         and provide advice.
                               nearby estate whereas surely most of the year those
                               children within walking distance go to and from school in
Resident       Q4                  c) at schools there should be a no-stopping “total-        Measures at schools are
                                       exclusion” zone within 200m on both sides of the       developed on an individual
                                       road not only to make it more pleasant for those       basis due to very local
                                       walking there but to act as a deterrent to those       conditions and road layout.
                                       making a very short journey by car. Time for fairly
                                       draconian action and targets much higher than those
                                       you quote on p.43;
Resident       Q4              c) severely discourage, by e.g. banning on-site parking and    School sites are not
                               controlled street parking in the area, the 17+ year olds who   controlled by HCC but by
                               are increasingly driving themselves to school.                 the Head Teacher. Many
                                                                                              Head Teachers are
                                                                                              restricting parking on the
                                                                                              school sites.

Organisation   Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Resident       Q4              Otherwise congestion itself does have some advantages: it       HCC to tackle congestion
                               reduces traffic speeds and acts as a deterrent to those of us   have a Congestion Action
                               tempted to use the car for a short journey to e.g. a local      Plan:
                               town centre. What needs to be resisted is the temptation to     - Developing strategies to
                               build/widen roads out of the congestion problem – it will       address particular
                               never succeed and would be totally inconsistent with            hotspots.
                               Government aims to reduce energy use/CO2 global-                - Reviewing developer
                               warming problems.                                               contributions to ensure that
                                                                                               maximum benefits are
                                                                                               negotiated for road
                                                                                               - Reviewing parking policy
                                                                                               - Developing a telematics
                                                                                               - Developing a speed
                                                                                               management strategy
                                                                                               (agreed in April 2005)
                                                                                               - Review and revitalise
                                                                                               travel campaigns.
                                                                                               - Further develop school
                                                                                               travel plan programme.
                                                                                               - Incorporate bus priority
                                                                                               measures into area
                                                                                               transport plans which
Resident       Q4              Overall I am very disappointed at the lack of focus on          HCC has a Cycling
                               increasing cycling as a means to reduce congestion,             Indicator and cycling will
                               improve air quality, accessibility and safer roads, key         contribute to a number of
                               Government Targets.                                             the other indicators.

Organisation         Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Abbots Langley       Q4              The Parish Council suggested that, although it may not be         Central Government have
Parish Council                       feasible option, free public transport should be offered to, if   recently announced that
                                     not all, possibly some selected groups of users thereby           pensioners will receive free
                                     reducing traffic congestion.                                      bus travel. The County
                                                                                                       Council also offer saver
                                                                                                       cards to young people for
                                                                                                       discounted bus travel.
Ashwell Parish       Q4              Development of effective strategies for an integrated system
Council                              of public transport for local example please see notes from
                                     Joan Ridley (published in Ashwell news). A little thought
                                     may provide much more useability.
Aston Parish         Q4              Encourage people in villages like Aston to use the train
Council                              rather than drive on journeys to London. To do this you
                                     need large car parks at stations which you know will have
                                     space. Currently parking at Stevenage is being reduced!
                                     Stupid. Cannot HCC do a deal with Norwich Union to use
                                     car park on the Leisure park by day?
Brickendon Liberty   Q4              With traffic lights at more busy roundabouts changed at
Parish Council                       peak periods (i.e. junction of A414/Gascoyne Way) regular
                                     monitoring and traffic police directing.
Buckland &           Q4              Improved public transport
Chipping Parish
Ickleford Parish     Q4              Not allowing all proposed housing development in already
Council                              congested areas i.e. south of England where M25 already a
                                     car park! And towns like Stevenage/Milton Keynes very
                                     congested now.

Organisation        Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Kimpton Parish      Q4              By encouraging a smoother traffic flow. Enforcing the speed
Council                             limits more rigorously would lead to less “chasing”, catching
                                    up and queuing at modal points, i.e. a smoother traffic flow.
                                    Limits should not be enforced by speed cameras which only
                                    result in “slow-fast” driving once drivers know where they
                                    are. A few traffic police in un-marked cars with the power to
                                    make on the spot fines would work wonders.
St Stephen Parish   Q4              Encourage people back to the buses and trains with better
Council                             frequency and fare, structure operate the buses for the
                                    passengers convince and not the bus operator.
Wigginton Parish    Q4              No comment.

Organisation          Questionnaire Comments                                                        HCC Response
Question 5 (Q5) – Do you feel that the measures set out in the „Shared Priority‟ sections are the right ones to tackle the
issues of congestion, accessibility, safety, air quality and quality of life?
Anon.                 Q5               Partnerships are important as long as the commitment is      Agreed
Association of        Q5               I do not understand this question, I cannot find any “Shared The Shared Priorities are
British Drivers                        Priority” Sections.                                          the congestion,
                                                                                                    accessibility, safety, air
                                                                                                    quality, quality of life.
British Motorcyclists Q5               NO - all modes which can make a positive contribution to
Federation                             these aspects should be considered fully and equitably.
                                       Motorcycling is only considered with regard to safety when
                                       they can playa positive role in bringing about reduced
                                       congesting, better accessibility, improved air quality and
                                       quality of life.

                                              Motorcycling and "Delivering Accessibility"

British Motorcyclists
Federation                              Wheels 2 Work, the inclusion of motorcycles in travel plans,    The initiative Wheels 2
continued.                              the provision of motorcycling facilities by employers and the   Work is referenced in the
                                        availability of dedicated and secure motorcycle parking are
                                        all means of enhancing accessibility but have received no       Accessibility Planning
                                        references. At the very least Wheels 2 Work which is being      Strategy which will
                                        developed by HCC should be mentioned in the "Tackling           accompany the LTP.
                                        Accessibility Issues" section where other projects are

                                        Like congestion, motorcycling is but one means of
                                        addressing accessibility and should be fully included with
                                        the other solutions.

                                              Motorcycling and "Safer Roads"

Organisation            Questionnaire   Comments                                                       HCC Response
                                        The BMF has an overriding concern that in this section there   The safety strategy
                                        is too much reliance on reducing and enforcing speed using     employs a wide range of
                                        the Hertfordshire 'Safety' Camera Partnership and not          programmes including road
                                        enough emphasis on improving standards of road use. The
                                        underlying theme should be that all road users should take     user behaviour.
                                        responsibility for their actions and that enforcement should
                                        be on standards of road use with speed but one aspect of       Enforcement is an issues
                                        several. More police should be deployed on the county's        for the Hertfordshire
                                        roads to promote better road safety through discretionary      Constabularly.
                                        and sensitive enforcement.

                                        The BMF accepts that motorcyclists are vulnerable road         The County Council
                                        users who suffer from a high level of casualties which         supports measures which
                                        should be addressed. However since they are of the same        encourage car drivers to be
                                        order as other vulnerable modes, this should not be used as    aware of motorcyclists.
                                        an excuse not to consider them positively or to discourage     The County Council does
                                        motorcycling as a means of reducing casualties. While
British Motorcyclists                   single vehicle accidents predominate for leisure riders with   not discourage the use of
Federation                              The Government's Motorcycling Strategy setting out various     motorcycles.
continued.                              means to address the problem, urban collisions involving
                                        motorcycles used as transport are predominantly the fault of
                                        other road users who should be targeted.

                                        In the section on 'Motorcyclists', unique in the document as
                                        being the only reference to this group, we are pleased to
                                        note that in accordance with The Government 's
                                        Motorcycling Strategy, the action: we will systematically
                                        measure motorcyclist casualty rate as a secondary
                                        indicator to the number of casualties has been taken into
                                        account. Motorcycling has been unfairly blamed for
                                        becoming less safe when any increases in casualties have
                                        resulted from increased use.

                                        We are also pleased to note that education and training

Organisation            Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
                                        schemes are to be undertaken although BikeSafe
                                        Hertfordshire could be better promoted with riders'
                                        workshops being undertaken.

                                        The BMF is particularly pleased to see that motorcycling
                                        groups will be invited to participate in the development of a
                                        county motorcycling strategy through a motorcycling forum.      Comments noted.
                                        We also have reservations about the proposed motorcycling
                                        strategy and forum being included in the safety section
                                        which may prevent the proper consideration of the more
                                        positive aspects of motorcycling as referred to elsewhere in
                                        this response to the consultation. While safety aspects
                                        should be addressed, they should not overshadow the
                                        beneficial contributions that motorcycling can make.

                                              Motorcycling and "Better Air Quality"                    Comments noted.

British Motorcyclists                   All new motorcycles have been subject to EC (Euro 2)
                                        pollutant emissions limits since June 2003 under EC Whole
Federation                              Vehicle Type-Approval. Euro 3 limits equivalent to current
continued.                              car emissions limits will be implemented in 2006/7 for all
                                        new motorcycles. Since motorcycles can make better
                                        progress in congested conditions than cars, their efficiency
                                        is better than vehicles moving intermittently with improved
                                        differential pollutant emissions. Hence motorcycles should
                                        be enabled to play a part in improving air quality.

                                              Motorcycling and "Quality of Life Issues"

                                        By using less space than other motor vehicles, motorcycles
                                        have less impact on the use of land for traffic and parking.
                                        They provide flexible low cost personal transport which is
                                        ideal for shift workers and also an enhanced level of
                                        personal security, particularly for women. With smaller and     Comments noted.
                                        more- fuel efficient engines (including larger motorcycles

Organisation    Questionnaire   Comments                                                       HCC Response
                                compared with larger cars) than other motor vehicles, they
                                also contribute less to climate change with lower CO2
                                emissions than other traffic with their more efficient use
                                improving this further over other motorised vehicles. Hence,
                                there should be consideration of the contribution that
                                motorcycles can make to a better quality of life.
British Horse   Q5              Add to non mandatory indicators:
Society                         %age of right of way that have no complaints open on them
                                Average length of time to resolve obstruction complaints.
Central Town    Q5              Air Quality Management Areas – we have several areas in       Within the LTP, HCC will
Residents‟                      Watford that are at least suspect – e.g. St Albans Road and   work with District Councils
Association                     past of the so-called Watford Central Green Zone where the    where an Air Quality
                                traffic management measures introduced in recent years
                                have failed to prevent rat-running through some roads in the  Management Area has
                                zone. We hope that the present Borough Council proposals,     been declared on a local
                                being developed now, will, with other partners lead to a      authority managed road.
                                substantial improvement. (See also Q7).                       Where an AQMA is
                                                                                              declared and action plan to
                                                                                              improve the air quality is
                                                                                              drawn up, HCC will
                                                                                              contribute measures to
                                                                                              alleviate transport impacts
                                                                                              on air quality.
CPRE – The      Q5              Yes, but with the caveat that we do not accept that           HCC has accessibility as a
Hertfordshire                   congestion is a significant issue and feel more weight should key priority to deliver
Society                         be given to accessibility.                                    improvements in the LTP.
                                                                                              HCC have provided an
                                                                                              Accessibility Planning
                                                                                              Strategy which will
                                                                                              accompany the LTP.

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
Living Streets         Q5              The County Council shows both with the words in the Plan         The shared priorities set
                                       and with recent examples on the ground that it can tackle        out in the plan will seek to
                                       the issues, but in practice it continues to give priority to     provide journey choices to
                                       helping the motorist rather than encouraging other modes.        allow people to make an
                                       For example, look at the pathetically low rate of                informed choice about how
                                       implementing cycle route schemes.                                they undertake a particular
St Albans              Q5              No congestion – nothing offered but consultation and             DfT are supplying HCC
Community Forest                       monitoring.                                                      with the data for
Association                            No accessibility – prioritise alternative modes of transport.    accessibility and
                                       Ok safety but prioritise alternative modes of transport.         congestion. Within the
                                       No air quality – nothing offered by consultation.                congestion section, the
                                       No quality of life – must deal with all above and airports
                                       expansion and EERA.                                              Congestion Plan has been
                                                                                                        Accompanying the LTP will
                                                                                                        be an Accessibility
                                                                                                        Planning Strategy.
St Albans Cycling      Q5              No – Insufficient emphasis is put on buses, cycling and          HCC have produced a Bus
Campaign                               pedestrians. They should come first.                             Strategy which will
                                                                                                        accompany the LTP. HCC
                                                                                                        agree to insert further
                                                                                                        wording on pedestrian and
                                                                                                        cycling issues.
Welwyn Hatfield        Q5              No                                                               Noted.
Friends of the Earth
Resident               Q5              It is not clear to me what the "Shared Priority" sections are,
                                       However, the following are comments on each of the issues

                                       Congestion: this is dealt with in Q.4 above.

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
                                      Accessibility: it is unfortunate that the Dial-a-Ride service    The Dial-a-Ride service is
                                      has been run down. It was popular with many older people,        a joint service funded by
                                      whose main complaint was that it was not as readily              the County and District
                                      available as they would have wished.
                                                                                                       Councils and is dependent
                                      Safety: the emphasis on enforcement of speed limits is           on match funding.
                                      welcome. It is worth noting that, in addition to the prime       Comments noted.
                                      objective of preventing injury, speed restrictions in built-up
                                      areas also have an important benefit for communities in
                                      noise reduction. Also, I have noted that even minor
                                      accidents with no injuries (which happen fairly often outside
                                      my house at the junction of the A120 and Standon High
                                      Street) take up a great deal of police time. (Work on safer
                                      routes to school by the County has been excellent.)

                                      Air quality: no particular comment.

                                      Quality of life: there ought to be a much more serious           The Station facilities are
                                      attempt to deal with the climate change effects of transport.    not within the remit of HCC.
                                      Whilst the measures listed are laudable, the likelihood of
Resident continued.                   their reducing CO2 emissions by 20% by 2010 is minimal.          The LTP and Rail Strategy
                                      For example, in order to encourage the use of trains for         though strongly supports
                                      longer journeys out of the county, long-stay car-parks should    the use of rail for long
                                      be established for stations such as Stevenage and Watford        distance journeys.
                                      (there is a passing reference to something like this in
                                      relation to Watford station), as well as for one or more
                                      stations serving the Thameslink line, to encourage the use
                                      of Eurostar for journeys to France and Belgium, making
                                      such a journey as convenient as going to fly from Stansted.
                                      Such carparks would need to be well publicised.

                                      As mentioned above, a determined effort to encourage
                                      those going to commuter stations to use buses also needs
                                      encouragement. If possible, priority for buses should be
                                      considered rather than tackling general congestion. Maybe

Organisation   Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
                               carparks should be established at suitable places from
                               which buses could be taken by commuters to stations. (The
                               charges for park-and-ride should deliberately be less than
                               the charge for the relevant station car-park.)

                               The impact of congestion and heavy traffic on communities
                               should be a major criterion, as also mentioned above.

Resident       Q5              Where are the shared priority sections. It would be helpful if   The Shared Priorities are
                               you put a page number.                                           congestion, accessibility,
                                                                                                safety, air quality and
                                                                                                quality of life.
Resident       Q5              Not sure which section this is!
Resident       Q5              How about something a lot more radical to really address
                               the issues? Perhaps - all public transport to provide full
                               accessibility within two years or their licence to operate is
                               revoked; or all county and district council owned vehicles to
                               reduce CO and particle emissions by 50% inside two years;
                               or all county and district council mileage allowances to be
                               biased against CO2 and particle emissions; or no more
                               school buses hiding as local bus services to get around
                               safety rules!
Resident       Q5              Yes
Resident       Q5              Yes, but whilst we have Stansted Airport, we can never
                               achieve better air quality, because they do not accept their
                               culpability and central government condones their behaviour
                               and that's just one example. Another on accessibility is the
                               harebrained idea of demolishing the multi-storey car park in
                               Stortford ensuring future town centre shopping inaccessible.
                               Park and ride is very limiting and deservedly you will never
                               hear the end of it. That was the nice thing about the town, it

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                           HCC Response
Resident continued.                    was easy to get in, shop and get out. Now, you have just
                                       made Harlow a serious contender with adjacent park/shop
                                       facilities, so all those extra miles through country lanes
                                       working against your stated aims. Another howler.
Resident               Q5              If this means Sections 5.2 then the issues are simply not
                                       being dealt with unless all towns are provided with a park
                                       and ride scheme, supported by a large hike in charges for
                                       centre of town parking. From the experience elsewhere in
                                       Britain it is clear this is the only way of getting many private
                                       car users gently accustomed to once more using other
                                       means of transport such as buses, cycling, and walking.
                                       Reducing the need for movement of people and goods"
                                       surely has to be encouraged by creating congestion, and not
                                       relieving it except for essential vehicles.
Economic &             Q5              Couldn‟t really work out which were the “Shared Priority”
Community                              sections – was it 6-10? If so, yes – fairly comprehensive,
Development Unit                       and shows potential for some good examples of partnership
Resident               Q5              Yes – definitely
St Albans City &       Q5              There are two AQMAs in St Albans – Bricket Wood and
District Council                       Holywell Hill/London Road junction, not just the one was
                                       stated in the draft document.
Hertfordshire          Q5              See Q3
Integrated Transport
Chartered Surveyor     Q5              Yes
STOP Harlow North      Q5              Yes
East Herts Council     Q5              Where are the shared priority sections?
Cycle Forum Group
Welwyn Hatfield        Q5              Yes to tackle the issues of Hertfordshire.
Access Group

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                           HCC Response
Hitchin Police         Q5              Yes
Tring Cycling          Q5              There is much talk about road maintenance and safety but
Campaign                               little about footway maintenance and safety when not
                                       associated with roads. For locally often do not allow two
                                       people to pass without stepping into uneven ground, or
                                       being caught by overhanging vegetation. There is seem to
                                       be an assessment of their condition. A projection should be
                                       stop the current deterioration of footways and restore them
                                       to the condition they ought to have. The safety of young
                                       persons needs to addressed at night and for leisure travel
                                       as well as for travel to school example: It should be “cool2 to
                                       have the best and most powerful light cycles.
CTC – Right to Ride    Q5              Measures are needed that tackle road danger.
                                       Far more emphasis is need on providing a comprehensive
                                       walking cycling network.
Resident               Q5              Partly.
North Herts District   Q5              In general these measures are all very commendable but
Council                                will rely strongly on joint working amongst partners to initiate
                                       the measures and to demonstrate progress.

                                       There are some specific measures that need consideration
                                       such as:

                                       Under section 7.1, access to leisure facilities is equally

                                       Under 'safety' issues consideration needs to be given to the
                                       issue of off-road users using public rights of way in rural
                                       area and the potential conflicts between different users i.e.
                                       between walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Off- road use is
                                       an increasing concern in the Chilterns area of North Herts.

                                       Under 8.4, 'Links to other areas of work', reference should

Organisation         Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
                                     also be given to Community Strategies, which in turn identify
                                     a whole host of local transport issues at the district level.

                                     There is no mention about Green Travel Plans in the L TP -
                                     surely these are good initiatives in reducing congestion and
                                     thereby improving the quality of life?
Welwyn Hatfield      Q5              Broadly speaking, the Council believes that these “shared
Council                              priorities” are the right ones to tackle the issues listed.
                                     However, the following comments should be noted.

                                     Tackling Congestion – The Area Plan approach is fully
                                     supported particularly with reference to working closely with
                                     District Councils.

                                     Delivering Accessibility – The approach of delivering
Welwyn Hatfield                      accessibility to all is supported. However, policies supporting
Council continued.                   a reduction in the need to travel and minimise the effect on
                                     the environment should also be emphasised.
Transport 2000       Q5              Add bullet point. First priority should be reducing CO2
(North Herts)                        emissions from transport.
                                     Tackling congestion – is a vague priority. Everything hinges
                                     on how this is done
                                     Improving accessibility for everyone – is unrealistic.
                                     Reducing transport poverty amongst the most excluded in
                                     society and improving access for all by lower carbon modes
                                     would be more accurate.
Stevenage Borough Q5                 It is disappointing that the LTP2 draft says very little about
Council                              integrating transport and land-use planning through the new
                                     LDF process, and very little about working in partnership
                                     with the district councils. LTP2 needs to emphasise the
                                     issues from the East of England Plan much more strongly.

Organisation         Questionnaire   Comments                                                       HCC Response
HCC – Adult Care     Q5              Integrating transport delivery in peak hours to make it more
Services                             efficient.
                                     Develop an ACS, Health and CSF Strategic Service travel
                                     plan that services will work to
                                     More emphasis on social inclusion – as well as physical
                                     accessibility – awareness by providers to the needs of
                                     socially excluded groups.
                                     Needs to include education and travel training needs for all
                                     ACS clients.

Beds & Herts         Q5              Could the County Council consider the following accident       HCC will feed this
Ambulance                            hotspots when considering road safety in the future:           information into the
Paramedics Service                       - B656 Hitchin to Codicot                                  Congestion Action Plan.
                                         - B655 Hitchin to Barton Le Clay
                                         - A505 Baldock to Royston
                                         - A507 Baldock to Buntingford
                                         - Norton Road, Letchworth
                                         - Wilbury Hills Road, Letchworth
                                         - Stotfold Road, Letchworth
                                         - A602 Watton-at Stone bypass
Hertsmere Borough    Q5              The LTP contains certain objectives which focus solely on
Council                              highway management at the expense of integration with
                                     wider issues. It should be emphasised that promoting more
                                     sustainable forms of transport can help reduce congestion
                                     and improve safety. The contribution of LTP schemes to
                                     issues such as town centre enhancement and community

Organisation        Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
                                    safety should be considered. In Hertsmere, the station
                                    interchange at Potters Bar and the quality of Elstree and
                                    Borehamwood Railway station. The Council would urge that
                                    these issues be referred to specifically in LTP2.
Hertsmere Borough   Q5              The Borough Council welcomes the consideration of               An Accessibility Planning
Council                             accessibility issues.                                           Strategy will accompany
                                                                                                    the LTP in July.
Hertsmere Borough   Q5              Quality of Life issues could be better integrated with the plan
Council                             objectives.

Resident            Q5              Speed humps will cause more discomfort for the public,          HCC supports the
                                    particularly dangerous for the elderly. Their introduction to   introduction of speed
                                    streets has caused concern amongst the emergency                humps where appropriate
                                    services.                                                       and consult with the
                                                                                                    emergency services on all
                                                                                                    traffic calming schemes.
Association of      Q5              Re para 2.2 Air Pollution the scheme I mentioned earlier is     The LTP has Air Quality, in
British Drivers                     increasing congestion in St Albans in the name of road          particular, Air Quality
                                    safety also increases pollution at that junction, already       Management Areas as a
                                    identified as a pollution black spot, and now made worse.       priority and this will be
                                                                                                    incorporated into future
                                                                                                    schemes and the impact of
                                                                                                    their design.

Organisation      Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Association of    Q5              Re para 3.9 bus service perhaps Herts should bite the bullet      Within London, the bus
British Drivers                   and do a London or South Yorkshire and swamp the area             operations are controlled
                                  with lots of buses with low fares and see how many                by the Mayor. HCC have
                                  passengers they pick up.                                          less control over bus
                                                                                                    services due to 55% of
                                                                                                    services being operated
Association of    Q5              Re 4.1 P13 LTP Vision I do not think enough attention is          HCC has congestion as a
British Drivers                   given to your biggest customer the private motorist. The          key priority to tackle which
                                  private motorist is always being clobbered and encouraged         will give journey time
                                  to do things he or she does not want to, like cycle, walk or      reliability to the private
                                  go by bus. If you were really customer orientated you would       motorist.
                                  seek to satisfy the private motorists needs.
Resident          Q5              Re 8.2 the school run I do believe it is a misconception that     HCC is committed to the
                                  it is safer to take children to school in a car than to allow     Safer Routes to School and
                                  them to walk, etc.                                                School Travel Plan
                                  National statistics show that 20 years ago 349 child              programmes. Safe routes
                                  pedestrians a year were killed in built up areas. In 2003 the     can be provided for
                                  figure was just 61. Over the same period child cyclist            children to walk, cycle or
                                  deaths also dropped from 98 to 18 and others, including           travel by bus to school
                                  those killed in cars dropped from 116 to 79. I believe a lot of   which will also have
                                  this reduction has been due to the school run. If you try to      benefits for the health of
                                  stop the school run you will be killing more children.            the child.
Resident          Q5              It appears to me that there is an increasing number of            HCC supports the need for
                                  recently qualified drivers driving aggressively and fast, on      driver training and
                                  reflexes and brakes, in town centres and residential roads: it    education and the Road
                                  would need to be national but one feels some form of              Safety Unit does run
                                  education or even a post-qualification reminder at the one or     courses on this subject.
                                  two year stage might be helpful!

Organisation   Questionnaire   Comments                                                       HCC Response
Resident       Q5              Page 33 BETTER AIR QUALITY It should be pointed out            Noted. The
                               that Tring (and probably other parts of DBC) had no            District/Borough Councils
                               measurements at all for 2 years. Including an area which       monitor air pollution and
                               had readings on a par with Plough Roundabout in HH.            report this data to the
                                                                                              County Council.
Resident       Q5              Bucks has won accolades for its measures and results to
                               increase bus use, it can‟t be so different from Herts.
Resident       Q5              Can I suggest HCC talk to BCC to see what they are doing
                               differently. For example reference buses; they have started
                               a scheme with at least one major shopping centre for
                               discounts on purchases on presentation of a valid bus ticket
                               for that day.
Resident       Q5              Also, currently on local radio, BCC is running a car-share
                               project with prizes for uptake.
Resident       Q5              5.9 Pilots were carried out elsewhere, (Yorkshire I think
                               amongst others) into the use of a modified American yellow
                               bus system for school travel, have HCC seen any results
                               from the schemes?, are there any ways this could be
                               brought in? A community the size of Tring could be quite a
                               good test bed.
Resident       Q5              6.5 Age and accessibility of buses. All buses serving a
                               school bus service should have seat belts fitted. There was
                               concern brought to Tring Safety Group that the service from
                               Long Marston via Tring to St Thomas More in Berkhamsted
                               did not have them. The reason being after the Berkhamsted
                               school it reverted to a normal service.
Resident       Q5              11.2 The strategy for interchanges is “Can I please draw
                               attention to desperate need to improve the services at Tring
                               Station e.g. co-ordination between buses and trains,
                               covered waiting and toilets, Tring Gateway Project.

Organisation   Questionnaire   Comments                                                       HCC Response
Resident       Q5              The A10, in Royston. If the existing crossing was removed
                               and replaced by two separate crossings including a system
                               of lights in sequence this would benefit both motorists and
Resident       Q5              That HCC should in the interests of road safety and accident   HCC support the need for
                               reduction press Government to institute a requirement that     driver education and offer
                               everyone 12 months after qualification for a driving licence   this service through the
                               have a brief check.                                            Road Safety section.

Organisation         Questionnaire Comments                                                            HCC Response
Question 6 (Q6) – The Local Transport Plan sets out a series of targets for the five year period up to 2011. Given that
these targets have to be achieved within limited resources, do you feel that the targets are set at the right level? Which of
the targets should be given greater priority? And do you feel that any other targets should be included?
Anon                 Q6                Road safety must be the target given the highest priority.      Noted.
Abfly                Q6                Most bus related targets are unachievable and waste of          HCC have to set and
                                       money. Utilise these funds on rail improvements for better      achieve bus targets as a
                                       traffic reduction.                                              DfT requirement. HCC
                                                                                                       have produced a Bus
                                                                                                       Strategy which will help to
                                                                                                       achieve the targets.
Abfly                Q6                Increase rail usage on Abbey Line by 200%.                      HCC is seeking to develop
                                       Reduce St Albans – Watford car traffic by 50%                   an indicator for the Abbey
                                                                                                       Line as the pilot project is
Association of       Q6                You recognise that congestion is very important yet to you,     The Congestion Indicator
British Drivers                        as yet, have no target for measuring it. I believe that setting set by the DfT is defined as
                                       a measurable congestion target should have highest priority. vehicle delay for which
                                       The citizens of Hertfordshire know when they are in             neither HCC or DfT have
                                       congested traffic. They are the ones you have to please. It measured. Therefore, DfT
                                       would be good if you could report next year to the citizens     are providing all local
                                       that you have reduced congestion at known congestion            authorities with data once
                                       blackspots. Perhaps a target would be to establish all          they have finished
                                       places in Herts where traffic jams extend such that it takes    collecting it.
                                       more than, say, three minutes in a jam, to pass a certain
                                       bottleneck, for at least one hour a day. The target would be
                                       then to reduce the number of such blackspots, and to list the
                                       ones reduced in feedback.

Organisation            Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
Association of                          I feel you should concentrate on the targets where you can
British Drivers                         do something about it, like reducing congestion and
continued.                              improving road condition rather than ones you cannot really
                                        influence like changes in traffic mileage and cycling trips.
British Motorcyclists   Q6              The bulk of the targets has been imposed by Government
Federation                              and may not be relevant to the objectives of the Local
                                        Transport Plan. For example, increasing cycling trips is not
                                        an outcome with it far from clear what it would achieve. The
                                        Area-Wide Traffic Mileage should include congesting and          The speed limit compliance
                                        non-congesting modes with an imperative to increase the          target addresses issues of
                                        latter at the expense of the former. Similarly the use of non-   quality of life as well as
                                        congesting modes should be included the congestion               road safety.
                                        indicators. For the non-mandatory indicators, speed limit
                                        compliance is not considered to be relevant to road safety
                                        since this only deals with one aspect of road user behaviour.
                                        Perhaps improving cyclists‟ compliance with traffic lights
                                        would be a more relevant target.

                                        Killed and seriously injured casualty reduction targets should
                                        include rates as a secondary indicator to take into account
                                        increases in use for particular modes.

                                        The BMF suggests that the highest priorities should be
                                        given to road maintenance, reducing congestion and               Priorities Noted.
                                        improving accessibility – providing motorcycling plays a part
                                        in them.
Central Town            Q6              There are certainly worthy objectives here, but I do not have    The target for passenger
Residents‟                              sufficient background knowledge of the implications for use      transport information, user
Association                             of resources to be able to judge what might be possible or       satisfaction is an 11%
                                        achievable. The passenger transport information, user
                                        satisfaction, target of 50% is perhaps disappointingly low.      improvement from the
                                                                                                         baseline and is a realistic

Organisation       Questionnaire   Comments                                                       HCC Response
Chiltern Society   Q6              Cycling – target should be nearer 50%                          The target is set at what is
                                                                                                  realistically achieveable. If
                                                                                                  it is met early, a stretch
                                                                                                  target will be set.
CPRE – The         Q6              Many draft targets in Chapter 11 are considerably less         Comments on non-principal
Hertfordshire                      challenging than they should be. Of particular concern are:    roads and footway
Society                            11.2(b) Non-Principal Classified Road Condition: This target   condition noted.
                                   should be significantly lower
                                   11.2(d) Footway Condition: The draft target needs to be far
                                   more stringent if we are to achieve one of the Plans
                                   objectives, i.e. persuading more people to walk                HCC through the draft
                                   11.2(h) Public Transport Patronage: The provision of a free    target setting process
                                   bus timetable to every household in the County, better,        believe that a steady state
                                   vandal-proof signage at bus stops and more matrix-point        of bus patronage is
                                   indicators would assist in halting the decline of bus          achievable but an increase
                                   patronage.                                                     is aspirational rather than
                                                                                                  deliverable within the
                                   11.2(n) Mode Share of Journeys to School: We find the draft    funding available.
                                   targets disappointingly low and consider that they should be
                                   more challenging e.g. 75% for age 5-10 and 90% for age         HCC have revised this
                                   11-16.                                                         target in light of the
                                   11.3I School Travel Plans: In views of the target for School   consultation responses and
                                   Travel Plans (which we fully support) we are disappointed      have expanded the
                                   that it appears to result in such a small percentage of the    indicator to cover all school
                                   population travelling to school by sustainable travel modes.   and produce a higher
                                                                                                  number of plans.
                                   11.3(d) Speed Limit Compliance: A more challenging target      HCC believe this is an
                                   should be set.                                                 achievable target with the
                                                                                                  measures available to
                                                                                                  deliver this target.

Organisation            Questionnaire   Comments                                                            HCC Response
Hertfordshire Police    Q6              Reducing congestion increasing safety.                              Noted.
Hertfordshire Police    Q6              Yes – Increased use of motorcycles                                  Noted.
Herts Society for the   Q6              Improving public transport.                                         Noted.
Herts Society for the   Q6              Yes – Providing specialised transport options to people with        HCC support Dial-a Ride
Blind                                   disabilities.                                                       services in partnership with
                                                                                                            the District Councils which
                                                                                                            provide transport for the
                                                                                                            elderly and disabled.
Hitchin Visioning       Q6              No – I am disappointed by the modest ambitions both for             The priorities notes will be
                                        public transport use and road condition, especially against         reported to the Transport
                                        the ambitious target for cycling and major road schemes             Panel.
                                        being planned. I know the budget is limited but the priority
                                        for the two areas I have noted above could be increased.
Hitchin Visioning       Q6              I prefer to answer this in a negative way. In my view, targets      Noted
                                        for satisfaction with bus services and passenger transport
                                        information, together with slight injuries and cycling targets
                                        do not have a high priority for me.
Hitchin Visioning       Q6              Yes – I would like a target for at least one road pricing or toll
                                        experiment conducted in the county.
                                        I would like to see an individual travel plans developed for
                                        one trial area to see the impact on modal shift.
Living Streets          Q6              Target (e) „Footway Condition‟ should be set so as to               Within the estimated LTP
                                        improve the average condition of footways. To hold an               funding allocation for
                                        existing poor level of 52% of footways where maintenance            maintenance a steady state
                                        should be considered suggests a complete lack of                    on footway condition is
                                        commitment to encouraging ~ walking.                                achievable.
                                        Target (h) „Public Transport Patronage‟ should be set so as         HCC have suggested a
                                        to increase the amount of bus use. To cite the decline in bus       target for passenger
                                        use over the last 5 years as a reason for not setting a             transport patronage which

Organisation     Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Living Streets                   positive growth target is basically using an admission of         would reverse the current
continued.                       failure over the last 5 years as a reason for avoiding striving   trend of decline in
                                 for success over the next 5 years!                                passengers.
                                 Target (i) „Bus Service, User Satisfaction‟: A target of 60% is   The 60% target is on an
                                 singularly unambitious. If only 60% of users are satisfied        improved trajectory for bus
                                 with services that means that services are very poor!             service, user satisfaction
                                                                                                   and is from a baseline of
                                                                                                   39% satisfied.
                                 Target (j) „Bus Punctuality‟: A target of 70% is no more than     HCC have set the draft
                                 the Traffic Commissioner‟s minimum and is poor.                   target at the minimum level
                                                                                                   until an accurate baseline
                                 Target (m) „Cycling Trips‟: 2707 trips per day is curiously       has been established as
                                 precise and is not increase on the baseline. The County           this is a new indicator.
                                 Council appears to have done well with its „Safe Routes To        The cycling target would
                                 School‟ initiative in recent years and would be a pity to not     see an increase in cycling
                                 maintain focus on this with a boldly ambitious target.            of 11%.
                                 Target (0) „Changes in peak period traffic flows‟. The target
                                 for Watford allows an increase in traffic of 3. 2% which is
                                 scarcely better than the „do nothing‟ projected increase of
                                 5%. The target for St Albans / Hatfield represents a traffic
                                 increase of 5.2% which is more than the „do nothing‟
                                 projected increase of 3%. Does this really mean that the
                                 target is to increase the amount of traffic in St Albans?!
Metroline        Q6              Yes                                                               Noted
Metroline        Q6              Improving Public Transport                                        Noted
Metroline        Q6              No                                                                Noted

Organisation       Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
St Albans          Q6              No – stop excusing, set relevant targets and be judged.         HCC have set out
Community Forest                                                                                   indicators and projections
Association                                                                                        in the consultation draft
                                                                                                   which are relevant and can
                                                                                                   be delivered with the time
                                                                                                   and budget of the LTP.
St Albans          Q6              Earlier draft cycling targeted for doubling – now only 11% in   11% is the target to be
Community Forest                   5 years!! Ludicrously low – expand !!                           reached by the year
Association                                                                                        2010/11, there is also a
                                                                                                   future projection for
                                                                                                   2014/15 to achieve 20%.
                                                                                                   The government has
                                                                                                   withdrawn its original target
                                                                                                   to double target.
St Albans          Q6              If only 90% of schools are expected to promote a travel plan    The Accessibility Planning
Community Forest                   (bearing in mind that school delivery is responsible for a      Strategy focuses on
Association                        great deal of local congestion). To plan to improve             disadvantaged groups
                                   accessibility for all is nonsense. Remote residents by          accessing key facilities.
                                   choice will hardly appreciate irregular bus services “within
                                   10 mins walking” 95% ?? 90% ? of say communities
                                   determined by 30 mph or “Gated” zones covered by route.
St Albans          Q6              No, targets related to mandatory indicators reflects no more    HCC recognises
Community Forest                   than “hold as is” – for next 5 years! Not satisfactory          congestion as a key priority
Association                        prioritise as per Mori – address congestion seriously.          for residents. Congestion
                                                                                                   is a difficult area to monitor
                                                                                                   and for which a new
                                                                                                   baseline of data needs to
                                                                                                   be established regarding
                                                                                                   journey time reliability.
                                                                                                   Within the congestion

Organisation        Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
St Albans                                                                                           section, the Congestion
Community Forest                                                                                    Action Plan has been
Association                                                                                         inserted demonstrating the
continued.                                                                                          measures that HCC are
St Albans Cycling   Q6              The targets for cycling should be substantially upgraded.       The cycling target is a new
Campaign                            See letter attached.                                            target which has been
                                                                                                    through a rigorous process.
St Albans           Q6              Earlier draft cycling targeted for doubling – now only 11% in   11% is the target to be
Community Forest                    5 years!! Ludicrously low – expand !!                           reached by the year
Association                                                                                         2010/11, there is also a
                                                                                                    future projection for
                                                                                                    2014/15 to achieve 20%.
                                                                                                    The government has
                                                                                                    withdrawn its original target
                                                                                                    to double target.
St Albans           Q6              If only 90% of schools are expected to promote a travel plan    The Accessibility Planning
Community Forest                    (bearing in mind that school delivery is responsible for a      Strategy focuses on
Association                         great deal of local congestion). To plan to improve             disadvantaged groups
                                    accessibility for all is nonsense. Remote residents by          accessing key facilities.
                                    choice will hardly appreciate irregular bus services “within
                                    10 mins walking” 95% ?? 90% ? of say communities
                                    determined by 30 mph or “Gated” zones covered by route.
Stevenage Rail      Q6              Yes                                                             Noted
Users Group
Stevenage Rail      Q6              Like in London reduce bus fares where since Livingstone         The majority of the bus
Users Group                         came to power bus ridership is up to 1960‟s level.              services are commercial.
                                                                                                    HCC has no powers to
                                                                                                    regulate fares on these

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Stevenage Rail         Q6              Yes – More vigorous control over bus operators life. Transit    HCC have put forward
Users Group                            Group using all vehicles with problems and bus identification   Telematics which would
                                       where routes could be controlled from a bus control centre,     provide information to
                                       running buses where necessary. All buses to have radios
                                       for communicating to base and police control points for         users and drivers as a
                                       assistance.                                                     major scheme proposal.
Spatial Graphics       Q6              Yes but not all solutions require expensive engineering!        HCC recognises the
                                                                                                       importance of education
                                                                                                       and information in
                                                                                                       achieving transport
Spatial Graphics       Q6              Public transport convenience and good connectivity with         HCC have been working
                                       trains, taxis etc. Much better security with 2 crew (driver     with operators to install
                                       plus conductor)                                                 CCTV on some bus routes
                                                                                                       to improve security. HCC
                                                                                                       supports the needs to
                                                                                                       integrate transport modes
                                                                                                       and implements this
                                                                                                       through the Area Plans.
Spatial Graphics       Q6              Yes – as a matter of course, make regular safety audits to      HCC have a routine
                                       see if direction signs and road markings are clear and un-      highway maintenance
                                       ambiguous (poor signage and confusing signals cause             programme in place. HCC
                                       many incidents (a county responsibility) and overgrown
                                       hedges create visibility hazards, forcing drivers (and          supports the English
                                       cyclists) out from the kerb, into traffic ahead – improve       Heritage „Save Our Streets‟
                                       parking controls, especially at junctions.                      campaign which seeks to
                                                                                                       improve the streetscape
                                                                                                       and remove unnecessary
                                                                                                       signage and street clutter.
Stort Valley Project   Q6              No                                                              Noted

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                       HCC Response
Stort Valley Project   Q6              Despite EHDC revoking the air quality requirement along the Air Quality is monitored by
                                       Leventhorpe School to Bell St stretch, the air stinks for our the District Councils. The
                                       children going to and from school now.                        County Council through the
                                                                                                     LTP is seeking to improve
                                                                                                     air quality through
                                                                                                     transportation planning.
Stort Valley Project   Q6              Yes – Prohibit advertising boards which narrows footpaths.    HCC supports the English
                                       Prohibit vehicles from parking across footpath “run-downs”    Heritage „Save Our Streets‟
                                       (double yellow lines). Stop sloping down footpaths from       campaign which seeks to
                                       house fronts to roads for “easier” vehicles access, install a improve the streetscape
                                       concrete wedge with drainage ways at kerb edge – a lot        and remove street clutter
                                       cheaper and safer for the elderly.                            and obstructions.
Welwyn Hatfield        Q6              The targets are not bold enough. Very little progress will be Comments noted that
Friends of the Earth                   achieved with current targets and committed finances.         targets are not bold
                                       Public transport including rail. No road schemes should be    enough.
                                       given any priority. Priority to pedestrians at all times.
                                       Air quality. It is an issue. Mention as a target but not
Resident               Q6              No – what targets? They are pathetic                          Comment noted that the
                                                                                                     targets are not stretching
                                                                                                     and will be reported to the
                                                                                                     Transport Panel.
Resident               Q6                  1.     Reduction in Vehicular Movements                   Priorities will be reported to
                                           2.     Increase Public Transport Use                      the Transport Panel.
                                           3.     Walking & cycling targets?!!

Organisation   Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Resident       Q6              Cars – Lorries – Bus Use – Walk – Bikes                           HCC have produced an
                               What about inclusion agenda? The Old, the Young, the              Accessibility Planning
                               disabled?                                                         Strategy which seeks to
                                                                                                 improve access to
                                                                                                 healthcare, education, work
                                                                                                 and food shopping for
                                                                                                 disadvantaged groups
                                                                                                 which will accompany the
Resident       Q6              Yes
Resident       Q6              Yes – if extra housing to be built then full consideration       HCC through the planning
                               should be given to road access etc.                              process comments on the
                                                                                                highway implications of
                                                                                                new developments.
Resident       Q6              As a general point, I believe it is unfortunate that the word    The consultation LTP used
                               “projection” is used, rather than “target”. “Projection” accepts the projections in order to
                               too readily what is going to happen without much                 engage the public in a
                               intervention, whereas targets are what the Council should
                               be striving for.                                                 debate about the
                                                                                                appropriate level at which
                               Given that section 2.2 recognises the public concern about       to set the final targets
                               the state of the roads and states that the plan will seek to     which will be in the July
                               improve it, it is extraordinary that the targets are for no      submission.
                               improvement whatsoever.

                               Whilst I recognise that bus use has been declining
                               nationally, it is not just desirable, but absolutely imperative   The bus patronage
                               that car use must be reduced and an increase in bus               projection is set against a
                               journeys is part of this. It is therefore essential that          trend of decline which HCC
                               innovative ways are found of making bus services more             want to reverse.
                               convenient, and if possible quicker, than cars. Some ideas
                               are outlined above, but this whole issue needs urgent
                               thought and action. As a further example, it might be

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Resident continued.                   possible at some junctions to have single bus lanes for
                                      commuter buses which reverse direction between morning
                                      and evening. (It could be that this would be possible at Little
                                      Hadham if a by-pass is not built – see below.) I further
                                      suggest that, where such priority lanes are provided, a
                                      higher punctuality target is set: commuters will not use the
                                      service if it less reliable than their cars.

                                      Although the national forecast is for an increase in traffic
                                      mileage, it is clearly imperative that we nationally seek to
                                      restrict or even reverse this growth. I think that the target
                                      suggested is insufficiently ambitious.

                                      I hope that the congestion target does not encourage              The DfT is seeking
                                      changes which will increase the amount of traffic unless          congestion targets which
                                      there are very sound other reasons for them. In a sense,          address journey time
                                      congestion is necessary to encourage alternative modes of         reliability. There are other
                                      transport if ways can be found to ensure that they avoid the
                                      congestion.                                                       targets which seek to
                                                                                                        reduce the growth in traffic.
                                      As I look at traffic through Standon on the A120, I am
                                      amazed that the current level of compliance with the 30 mph
                                      speed limit is as high as 56%. However, I am pleased that         Noted that a higher target
                                      this speed limit is singled out as it is arguably the most        is requested.
                                      important, since the difference between 30 mph and 40 mph
                                      can literally be the difference between life and death for a
                                      pedestrian. A 4 percentage points improvement is again not
                                      sufficiently ambitious. (Speed cameras seem very rarely to
                                      be in 30 mph zones: a change in this policy would be              HCC are working with the
                                      welcome.)                                                         East of England local
                                                                                                        authorities on CO2
                                      I do not know how easy it would be to monitor, but a target
                                      for the reduction of CO2 emissions should ideally be              emissions and this work
                                      included.                                                         may be developed to
                                                                                                        include a target.

Organisation        Questionnaire   Comments                                                           HCC Response
County Councillor   Q6              Yes                                                                Noted.
County Councillor   Q6              Improved access for all                                            Noted
                                    Safer roads
County Councillor   Q6              No                                                                 Noted
Resident            Q6              If there is no baseline on cycling trips how can I say whether     The baseline which the the
                                    the target is correct?                                             DfT requests was not
                                                                                                       available at the time of
                                                                                                       going to print.
Resident            Q6              The targets for buses (no further decline) is fatalistic. The
                                    county should at least set targets to increase patronage for
                                    buses over which is had control.
Resident            Q6              Where are the targets to reduce and mitigate CO2 and
                                    particle emissions?
                                    How about an aggressive target to reduce and mitigate CO2
                                    and particle emissions to exceed the UK government
                                    standards by 2007?
Resident            Q6              Yes – Improving safety and travel to and from schools.
                                    No – we have too many target in local government already.
Resident            Q6              No, these targets are purely remedial works to attempt to
                                    put right problems that should never have arisen or sorted
                                    out much earlier or should have been anticipated at their
                                    planning stages, so have been festering and getting worse
                                    ever since. Your time scales are too slow and by the time
                                    these are done the next ten will be blowing up in our faces.
                                    Getting people out of their cars, giving people a viable
                                    alternative, whether public transport, cycling, sharing
                                    schemes, but realistically that need central government
                                    assistance. As for cycling, that can‟t be done unless you
                                    provide some room for it.
                                    Again, get the railways to do their bit better. They are crucial

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Resident continued.                   to persuading people to change the way they commute, and
                                      Hertfordshire is a commuter county. But rail travellers would
                                      like a seat for their money, a reliable service, and some
                                      degree of hygiene. Nothing that „One‟ rail has been able to
                                      provide since I started using it, and that‟s a while now.
Resident              Q6              The route of the Little Hadham bypass needs to be                 HCC would consider route
                                      reconsidered. A short bypass returning to the A120 would          options if the Little Hadham
                                      only transfer the bottleneck from Little Hadham to Standon.       Bypass was progressed in
                                      Any new road should run from the bishops Stortford bypass         the LTP.
                                      north of Little Hadham and north of Puckeridge to join the
                                      A10 somewhere between Puckeridge and Buntingford.
Resident              Q6              No                                                                Noted.
Resident              Q6              A120 new route from bypass to A10 and north of Little             The funding for a Major
                                      Hadham. We agreed northern bypass to Little Hadham                Scheme such as a Little
                                      some years ago when incidents happen traffic is diverted          Hadham Bypass would be
                                      both entries to single track lanes. Result is standstill. Those   through the LTP which
                                      of use who live in Cradle End and Green Street, Bury Green        central government would
                                      areas of Little Hadham, quite often can not get home when         then make a decision on
                                      incidents occur on A120. I have lived her for 30 years and        whether to fund such a
                                      the traffic has reached unbearable volumes and noise 7            scheme.
                                      days a week, 24 hrs a day, mainly due to airport expansion?
Resident              Q6              Yes – Urgently provide the link road between the A414 dual
                                      carriageway and Hemel Hempstead hospital. Whatever the
                                      plans, there will be increased usage of the hospital, as well
                                      as staff housing development, a crèche etc on the Paradise
                                      site and the existing hospital site.
Resident              Q6              Loss of life                                                      Noted

Organisation   Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Resident       Q6              Yes – give more say to local people. You are too far away         HCC undertake local
                               from local issues.                                                consultation at the plan
                                                                                                 development stages and
                                                                                                 the scheme design stages.
Resident       Q6              Major schemes : put electronic information at the bottom of       Priorities noted and will be
                               the list. Fix the infrastructure first.                           reported to the Transport
Resident       Q6              Yes                                                               Noted.
Resident       Q6              Children to school by means other than car.                       HCC supports the Safer
                                                                                                 Routes to School
                                                                                                 programme and the
                                                                                                 development of School
                                                                                                 Travel Plans which seek to
                                                                                                 provide transport choices
                                                                                                 for travelling to school.
Resident       Q6              Yes – Co-ordination of all parties i.e. Road/Rail/Bus with        HCC develops and
                               shopping centres, schools, industrial zones, retail parks (i.e.   implements Area Transport
                               the big generations of transport demand)                          Plans which seek to
                                                                                                 integrate the modes of
                                                                                                 transport within a particular
Resident       Q6              Yes                                                               Noted.
Resident       Q6              Improving air quality. Improving safety – perhaps by              Noted. The plan sets out a
                               enforcing speed limits.                                           speed limit compliance
Resident       Q6              Yes –Reducing the volume of traffic – if your priorities are      The DfT set indicators for
                               set by central government why are you consulting me?              Highway Authorities which
                                                                                                 the County Council were
                                                                                                 seeking local priorities.

Organisation   Questionnaire   Comments                                                           HCC Response
Resident       Q6              If you make the roads safer then you could claw back some          HCC is committed to
                               budget from the NHS who are treating all the accidents.            improving road safety and
                                                                                                  has reduced the number of
                                                                                                  casualties in recent years.
                                                                                                  This is no mechanism by
                                                                                                  which HCC can benefit
                                                                                                  financially from NHS
Resident       Q6              SAFETY – particularly of children but not in ways which            HCC provide cycle training
                               restrict life but hose which enhance community i.e. other          courses for children and
                               transport solutions : walking, cycling, public transport to be     adults. The Safer Routes
                               promoted.                                                          to School Programme and
                                   - this would also reduce wear and tear on the roads            the development of School
                                       which would also increase your budget.                     Travel Plans works with
                                   - If children learn to cycle they will grow up to be more      schools, pupils, parents
                                       responsible car users – in 10 years time you may           and residents to encourage
                                       have a cohort of 20 year olds who use their cars less      the modes of walking,
                                       and are safer so these sort of things are forward          cycling and passenger
                                       thinking not just pie in the sky fashionable issues.       transport for travelling to
Resident       Q6              No                                                                 Noted.
Resident       Q6              Yes – I have been driving since 1958, and congestion is            HCC has congestion as a
                               nothing new, I remember when the A414 access through               key priority to tackle in the
                               Hertford town centre‟s Shire Hall bottleneck and the A120          LTP and this will be
                               through Bishops Stortford up the Dunmow Road.                      delivered through a number
                               Subsequent schemes have been overgrown by weight of                of measures which will
                               traffic, and this is a lesson for the future – new roads are not   include improvements to
                               the only solution. Why does public transport fail to provide a     passenger transport
                               good alternative? Not enough routes? Too little spending           services and facilities.
                               on it? (Remember the big local bus garages?) Re-open old

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Resident continued.                   railway branch lines? The growth of motor traffic at the same
                                      time as the lessening of public transport routes is not a
                                      successful mixture.
Resident              Q6              No                                                              Noted.
Resident              Q6              Maintaining Roads                                               Noted.
                                      Improving safety
Resident              Q6              Not sure
Resident              Q6              Yes                                                             Noted
Resident              Q6              Yes – A10 Puckeridge to Buntingford.                            Comments noted.
London Borough of     Q6              Yes                                                             Noted.
London Borough of     Q6              Road Casualty Reduction Targets                                 Noted.
London Borough of     Q6              Yes – Number of School Travel Plans (STP) completed             School Travel Plans have
Hillingdon                            each year, and the resulting measures to be addressed           been identified as a local
                                      implemented.                                                    indicator and target due to
                                                                                                      the importance that HCC
                                                                                                      attaches to them.
Buntingford Town      Q6              Yes
Buntingford Town      Q6              Safety and accessibility
Buntingford Town      Q6              Yes
East Herts Council    Q6              Both – it is probably unrealistic to set a target of 11%
                                      increase in cycle journeys because the roads are too
                                      dangerous for most people to risk cycling.
East Herts Council    Q6              Improving Road maintenance – the current standard is very
                                      low. The state of many of our roads is not acceptable.

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Harpenden Town        Q6              Yes – agree and specifically under “Improving public            The passenger transport
Council                               transport” – important to maintain the current levels of use,   patronage target is seeking
                                      when public transport is declining across the whole country.    to halt the decline which
                                                                                                      the county has experienced
                                                                                                      in recent years.
Harpenden Town        Q6              The three bullet points under “Improving safety on our
Council                               roads”.
Harpenden Town        Q6              No – believe targets enumerated, comprehensive enough.          Noted.
Harpenden Town        Q6              No – believe measures/schemes enumerated,                       Noted.
Council                               comprehensive enough.
Tring Town Council    Q6              Yes
Tring Town Council    Q6              No – all the targets seem to be of equally high importance.
Tring Town Council    Q6              Yes – The following two targets are changes to items in the     Comments noted on the
                                      document. Improve Public Transport – use of public              need to stretch the
                                      transport is declining across the whole country, so our         passenger transport target,
                                      projection is to maintain the current levels of use.            and to improve the
                                      The County should seek an increase in public transport use      condition of the highway
                                      even by a small amount and not be satisfied with                network which will be
                                      maintaining current use.                                        reported to the Transport
                                      Maintaining our roads – to stop the current deterioration and   Panel.
                                      keep roads in their present condition.
                                      The present condition of our roads is not acceptable. The
                                      County should be seeking to reduce year on year the
                                      amount of highways that need repairing – thereby saving
                                      money in the longer term.
Uttlesford District   Q6              Yes                                                             Noted.
Uttlesford District   Q6              Improving accessibility for everyone.

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Uttlesford District   Q6              No But I think that measuring QoL improvement will not be         HCC agree that the areas
Council                               easy.                                                             of quality of life is very
                                                                                                        important but that it is
                                                                                                        difficult to set indicators
                                                                                                        and targets that can
                                                                                                        quantify these aspects.
Resident              Q6              There is (or was) a rule of thumb that speed limits should
                                      never be less than the highest speed 67% of vehicles would
                                      achieve if there were no speed limit on that road. This
                                      recognises the profound influence the desgn of a road has
                                      upon its users, and that punitive measures are appropriate
                                      for boy racers only. It follows it must be possible for
                                      highways engineers to design a road for whatever speed is
                                      required, rather than the usual case that they design a road
                                      to encourage traffic; subconsciously to travel as fast as
                                      possible (and faster than most of if intended). It also follows
                                      that the current tendency to penalise road users for
                                      unintentionally doing what the designer intended is immoral
                                      and ineffective: I know remarkably few people who have not
                                      been caught by a speed camera ye there seems an
                                      unending supply of boy racers and the benefit in terms of
                                      overall death reduction seems negligible. Surprising too that
                                      I have never heard of a highways engineer being
                                      prosecuted for professional negligence in encouraging by
                                      design the undesirable high speed that will have contributed
                                      to a serious accident.

                                      Under Speed Management (p.31) it says “Part of the
                                      strategy will be to evaluate if the County Council have
                                      appropriate speeds for appropriate roads which might be the
                                      same thing as above, though I suspect it is not. Before this
                                      underhand system ends up criminalising the entire
                                      population, perhaps its logic and (lack of) effectiveness
                                      should be re-examined and the roads modified as
                                      appropriate. Hint: the link between subconscious vehicle

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Resident continued.                   speed and design of road is the distance visible ahead
                                      (which can be reduced either by use of bends, or by
                                      narrowing – i.e. the opposite of what. Highways departments
                                      are still doing in the wrong places). !f we are talking about
                                      safety as opposed to punitive revenue collection, then the
                                      issue of vehicle drivers‟ subconscious reaction to road
                                      design is the thing that must be addressed.

                                      Tinder Rural Areas (p. 31) it says “Where appropriate we
                                      will consider links to a variety of rights of way in order to
                                      encourage vulnerable road users to use routes that are
                                      more suitable for their transport needs. From years of
                                      experience as a road user in a variety of different modes this
                                      is nonsense: either such rights of way are quite unsuitable,
                                      or vulnerable road users would already be using them. In
                                      any case there has got to be a change of emphasis away
                                      from special facilities (or specific routes) for cyclists,
                                      walkers, horse riders, towards a recognition that the entire
                                      highway infrastructure is their facility also. It must be
                                      accepted whenever advocating special facilities (whatever
                                      this means in practice) that detours, time delays, and access
                                      should be considered alongside safety.

                                      Under 10.5 Noise (p36) it suggest transport noise is not a
                                      significant cause of compliant. However there are two
                                      issues in particular that insidiously degrade quality of
                                      environment and need controlling: one is the air noise from
                                      road vehicles travelling at 40 mph or more, the other is
                                      aircraft noise. Though the document claims the latter is
                                      currently a relatively minor source of complaint I can tell you
                                      from experience in central London (since two years ago
                                      when the Heathrow protesters lost their case in the
                                      European Court to the right to a decent nights sleep) things
                                      in Hertfordshire will only get VERY MUCH WORSE
                                      everywhere, and this should be strenuously resisted.

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                           HCC Response
                                      Section 11. INDICATORS AND LOCALLY RELEVANT
Resident continued.                   TARGETS
                                      11.2 Mandatory Indicators (m) Cycling Trips. This seems
                                      remarkably vague and unfocused, given (with sufficient
                                      initiative) the ability of cycling to solve almost ALL the other
                                      problems this Transport Plan is supposed to be addressing.

                                      I also note that the Strategy Environment Assessment
                                      nowhere includes cycle use among the various categories of
                                      analysis, although in Appendix 7 : Policy : Horses (p199) it
                                      claims significant health benefits from sitting on a horse‟s
                                      back, together with potential for “access to employment,
                                      shopping, education, leisure and health facilities for all,
                                      especially those without a car and those with impaired
                                      mobility”. Isn‟t this a bit ironic given the 4x4 SUV ownership
                                      that seems almost a requirement of this particular activity?
                                      This is bizarre.

                                      I am also very concerned at one of the items on p200 –
                                      “when highway verges are to be used to take cyclists
                                      off the main carriageway, section 71 Highways Act 1980
                                      will be used in preference to section 65 since this doe
                                      not exclude horses;” because there is a significant safety
                                      issue here. While horse riders and cyclists have much
                                      common cause when it comes to traffic issues, I have found
                                      horses to be nervous of and aggressive towards cyclists,
                                      sometimes to the point their riders cannot properly control
                                      them. Whereas this situation can normally be handled
                                      satisfactorily wherever the full width of the road is available,
                                      the situation described above is invariably far too close and
                                      at risk of increasing “injury and death t other road users” as
                                      reported to the British Horse Society. These national figures
                                      are not high but must be significant give the infrequency of
                                      contact, and mean that any proposals for dual use as
                                      suggest must be only at last resort and only after full
                                      consultation with all user groups.

Organisation       Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
Economic &         Q6              We feel that the target “h” – Public Transport Patronage
Community                          should also cover rail travel. While we realise that HCC
Development Unit                   doesn‟t have much influence on rail services, the ultimate
                                   aim is to reduce reliance on the car, and this will have to be
                                   done through a combination of rail and bus services.
                                   Although there has been a general decline in bus usage
                                   patterns, the unchanged projection of 31 million passenger
                                   journeys per year doesn‟t seem very aspirational.

                                   We feel that undeveloped target “P” should be the most
                                   important overall, although this would be driven by other
                                   individual ones, i.e. “mode of journeys to school”,
                                   “Accessibility”, “Public Transport Patronage”, etc.

                                   Number of public transport journeys (bus & rail)?
Resident           Q6                  a) yes
                                       b) all targets should be given same priority
                                       c) no
Resident           Q6              Yes
Resident           Q6              Road, rail, safety/congestion to help cut down on journey
                                   times without risk to all travellers.
Resident           Q6              Yes – Public Transport – I travel to London daily and
                                   sometimes the services from London can be very bad, and I
                                   am frequently late home, which makes it difficult to make
                                   plans for the evening transport to Hertfordshire can be poor,
                                   but will improve if proper targets are made (costs of the
                                   traveller should always be considered both by bus and
                                   Cut congestion on major routes – (limit parking to town
                                   centres – unblocking more roads)
                                   Long term plans/major schemes
                                   Safety at all times
                                   Better accessibility to Hertfordshire – (a very import county
                                   for the South East)

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Resident               Q6              Loss of life
St Albans City &       Q6              There is a sense that the targets reflects the resources
District Council                       available, rather than more appropriate targets without
                                       sufficient funding. St Albans feels that the resources should
                                       be increased rather than the targets being lowered.

                                       There is concern that the bus patronage and bus punctuality
                                       targets are too low.

                                       It is disappointing to see that the results of the MORI
                                       surveys are not reflected in the targets.
Hertfordshire          Q6              Yes subject to agreeing accessibility targets
Integrated Transport
Chartered Surveyor     Q6              Possibly
STOP Harlow North      Q6              Yes Improving safety and travel to and from schools.
                                       No – we have too many target in local government already.
East Herts Council     Q6              How can we give an opinion on the cycle target if there is no
Cycle Forum Group                      baseline. There is a target for an 11% increase in the
                                       number of cycle journey are you going to do that?
                                       Cycling, safety and speed limit compliance.
                                       Target to increase the length of cycleways.
Welwyn Hatfield        Q6              Targets really mean very little.
Access Group                           To reduce dependence on cars.
                                       What parking provision is given to each dwelling, eg; one
                                       car per house.
Hitchin Police         Q6              Yes – Safety

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Tring Cycling         Q6              The targets for cycling (which differ in the summary and full
Campaign                              document in one case too low 11% was NOT agreed at the
                                      Herts Cycle Forum was talk of 20% which was greeted with
                                      incredulity), and in the other the target of 2707 trips per day
                                      has no foundation since there is no baseline. 18 counters
                                      are insufficient for Herts allowing only 1.8 per ……. Bucks
                                      have received Government plaudits for increasing cycling to
                                      and county cycles parked there. Very few secondary
                                      schools have adequate cycle parking facilities and a target
                                      might be to increase the number of cycle stands at such
                                      schools (after counting those that establish a baseline).

                                      Improving accessibility. The paths and footways used by
                                      those with impaired mobility are usually not included in
                                      Travelwise counts or in of condition. Many other targets are
                                      influenced by problems of access.

                                      Reduction of noise pollution and this could be projected as a
                                      figure decibels per kilometre travelled.
CTC – Right to Ride   Q6              Those that will lead to greater walking and cycling.

                                      Mode share journey to work
                                      Mode share of all journeys
                                      Workplace travel plans
Resident              Q6              Greater use of public transport.
Kimpton Parish        Q6              Yes
Kimpton Parish        Q6              Improving safety on our roads.

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                            HCC Response
Kimpton Parish         Q6              Cyclists in the county are fixed to use minor roads for much
Council                                of their journeys. The road surfaces of most of the County‟s
                                       minor roads are in a dreadful state. Unrepaired potholes
                                       necessitate constant surveying and weaving by the cyclists
                                       cycling after dark is impossible. When repairing minor roads
                                       greater attention should be given to the edge strips. Modern
                                       motor vehicles can cope with pot holes even if they have to
                                       de drive slower; bicycle wheels and supervisior‟s cannot
North Herts District   Q6              In general the types of indicators listed are supported.
Council                                However should HCC and its partners not be seen as
                                       seeking to improve beyond the status quo as referred to for
                                       the indicators listed at (a), (b), (c), (d) and (h) under section
                                       11.2, Mandatory Indicators? If the status quo is to remain,
                                       then when reviewing such targets adequate reasons need to
                                       be given as to why HCC is suggesting no change to the
Resident               Q6              I didn‟t notice any targets – only projections, which are not
                                       the same thing.
Resident               Q6              Yes – school/college transport involving over 16s. It seems
                                       very odd to leave VI forms out of your school objectives.
Resident               Q6              No
Resident               Q6              Use of public transport – surely we should aim for an
Resident               Q6              Public transport provision needs to go up if car use is to be
Standon Parish         Q6              Cycleways
Standon Parish         Q6              Yes – Improving separation of pedestrians from traffic.

Organisation      Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
Welwyn Hatfield   Q6              Target Levels – The projections are a combination of actual
Council                           and percentage figures. Some of which are also very
                                  precise. Eg. Cycling. The targets would be clearer if all the
                                  projection figures were put in a percentage format.

                                  Target Priority – It could be argued that any one of the
                                  targets would have a greater priority than another. However,
                                  if Congestion is the key issue in the LTP the targets that
                                  look at this issue should be given the greatest prominence.
                                  Apart from the Congestion indicator this will also include
                                  targets for increasing sustainable transport modes such as
                                  Public Transport Patronage, Bus & Rail Service Indicators,
                                  Cycling Trips, Journeys to School and Changes in peak
                                  period traffic flow
                                  Other Targets to be included – An indicator should be
                                  included on rail journeys made under Public Transport
                                  Patronage. An indicator purely focusing on The Abbey Line
                                  is too localised as this only covers two districts within the
                                  County. A simple modal share baseline and projection would
                                  also be useful over the lifetime of the plan.
Transport 2000    Q6              Support Herts ongoing support for safe routes to school.
(North Herts)                     Why not a 100% target for travel plans by end of plan
                                  Regrettable that no stretch target in slight injuries as these
                                  can include debilitating and traumatic injuries.
Transport 2000    Q6              Good to see a cycling target showing increase of 11%. I
(North Herts)                     appreciate that training, cycle parking, designated routes are
                                  means to an end and journeys are the outcome to focus on.
                                  However is this leisure or utility travel? Peak time would be
                                  a more stretching target with more impact on congestion

Organisation       Questionnaire   Comments                                                           HCC Response
Transport 2000     Q6              Promotion and encouragement [for public transport] is
(North Herts)                      laudable but scarcely sufficient. Disappointing there is no
                                   ridership increase projected.
Transport 2000     Q6
(North Herts)                      Disappointing no target set for improving accessibility
HCC – Adult Care   Q6              Providing targets for congestion and accessibility include
Services                           answers to questions 1 and 2.
HCC – Adult Care   Q6              For Adult Care Services the priority would be accessibility.
Services                           Access to transport is essential to enable people with
                                   physical/learning disabilities/frail elderly/mental health to
                                   lead full and purposeful lives. As well as physical access,
                                   transport staff and operators may not understand their
                                   Support and training should be available for people with
                                   physical/learning disabilities to become independent
HCC – Adult Care   Q6              The four areas looked at are, Health Care, Learning,
Services                           Employment and Food Shopping; considering needs to be
                                   taken for each of the four areas individually as well as what
                                   is common to all.
                                   These should include issues associated vulnerable adults to
                                   avoid discrimination.
HCC – Adult Care   Q6              Needs to include social inclusion in all of the areas.
St Albans          Q6              From „projections‟ in lieu of „aims‟, at best a „projection‟ can   HCC outlined projections
Community Forest                   be seen as a forecast which implies little intervention. It is     for consultation and will
Association                        reasonable to expect a Plan to be causal, not merely               then set targets as a result
                                   reporting, whatever value monitoring may have.                     of the feedback received.

Organisation        Questionnaire   Comments                                                       HCC Response
St Albans           Q6              From targets unrelated to base data or current performance;    HCC have inserted further
Community Forest                    otherwise meaningless.                                         details on the trends and
Association                                                                                        trajectories to provide
                                                                                                   greater context.
St Albans           Q6              From reneging on targets; the National Cycle Strategy          HCC agreed a target in
Community Forest                    (adopted in an earlier draft) called for a doubling of cycle   2004 to increase cycling by
Association                         trips 1996-2002, doubling again by 2012 – on a very low        20% by 2015/16. The 11%
                                    base; the „projection‟ of an 11% increase over 5 years is      increase is the trajectory of
                                    paltry by comparison, implying minimal attempt at              this previously consulted
                                    intervention.                                                  on and agreed target.
St Albans           Q6               There has to be a general dissatisfaction that many            The targets set are realistic
Community Forest                     objectives are merely to maintain the status quo, against a    within the budget
Association                          perception of missing current Plan targets, with little        limitations and current
                                     improvements forecast within the 5 year outlook.               trends.
Love Architecture   Q6               Reasonable and achievable                                      Noted.
Love Architecture   Q6               No of people living within 10 mins non-car travel of key       The first indicator is one
                                     services. Square Km of pedestrian priority space.              which could be further
                                                                                                    investigated through the
                                                                                                    development of the
                                                                                                    Accessibility Planning
                                                                                                    Strategy. The amount of
                                                                                                    pedestrian priority space is
                                                                                                    general within town centre
                                                                                                    where a pedestrianisation
                                                                                                    scheme has been
                                                                                                    implemented and would not
                                                                                                    be a countywide target.

Organisation            Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Herts Society for the   Q6              Disappointed with the public transport patronage, bus             The passenger transport
Blind and Welwyn                        service, user satisfaction and bus punctuality projections.       projections are realistic
Hatfield Access                                                                                           based on the existing
Group                                                                                                     trends of decline.
Hertfordshire Rural     Q6              Priority to improving public transport and stricter monitoring.   Tring Station Gateway
Transport                                                                                                 Project is a new project
Partnership                             Shouldn‟t Tring Station Gateway Project be mentioned              which is supported but has
                                        here?                                                             yet to be endorsed for
                                                                                                          funding by HCC
St. Albans Cycle        Q6              It is difficult to believe that you consider, 2,707 trips per day
Campaign                                across the authority by bicycle to be a reasonable target by
                                        2010/2011. It clearly shows the unbalanced nature of your
                                        plan, which proposes to pay only lip service to any sort of
                                        change from cars to sustainable transport. Much more cycle
                                        commuting, trips to school and visits to town centres could
                                        take hundreds and eventually thousands of cars off the
                                        roads and should be planned for now.
Hertsmere Borough       Q6              The Borough Council considers that more challenging
Council                                 targets should be included and consider the inclusion of a
                                        target for cycleway condition in addition to footway condition
                                        and include indicators on the length of
                                        footpaths/bridleways/cycle paths completed.
Association of          Q6              Re para 3.7 I totally support the CC concern re not widening Noted.
British Drivers                         the A1(M)
Resident                Q6              Page 14 penultimate para, This item also ought to include         HCC agree to include the
                                        reference to the event in Tring in September with interactive Tring example.
                                        mapping etc. or is Tring looked upon as too small and
                                        peripheral to count.

Organisation         Questionnaire   Comments                                                   HCC Response
Ashwell Parish       Q6              Yes
Ashwell Parish       Q6              To achieve an 11% increase in cycle journeys.
Council                              To stop deterioration of roads.
Ashwell Parish       Q6              Yes – to improve transport or cycles on trains in
Council                              Hertfordshire.
                                     To meet the Basic Service Parameters for Rail.
                                     At present, Ashwell and Morden has an hourly service
                                     outside peak hours (6.1 suggests minimum of 2 trains per
Aston Parish         Q6              Major roads scheme A602 Stevenage – Ware – Hock Cross
Council                              has waited long enough.
Aston Parish         Q6              No – cant have too many targets else you will not meet
Council                              them.
Brickendon Liberty   Q6              Yes
Parish Council
Brickendon Liberty   Q6              Maintenance of roads
Parish Council
Brickendon Liberty   Q6              Yes – to stop patching and temporary repairs to potholes
Parish Council                       and prepare and adhere to say a 3 year plan of repairs.
Buckland &           Q6              Yes
Chipping Parish
Buckland &           Q6              Yes – Public transport in rural areas
Chipping Parish
Buckland &           Q6              No
Chipping Parish
Ickleford Parish     Q6              Yes                                                        Noted

Organisation        Questionnaire   Comments                                                       HCC Response
Ickleford Parish    Q6              Road improvements if you wish your cyclists to use roads as
Council                             this would help reduce cars.
Ickleford Parish    Q6              No – not much point if you struggle with existing ones.
Kimpton Parish      Q6              Yes
Kimpton Parish      Q6              Improving safety on our roads.
Kimpton Parish      Q6              Cyclists in the county are fixed to use minor roads for much
Council                             of their journeys. The road surfaces of most of the County‟s
                                    minor roads are in a dreadful state. Unrepaired potholes
                                    necessitate constant surveying and weaving by the cyclists
                                    cycling after dark is impossible. When repairing minor roads
                                    greater attention should be given to the edge strips. Modern
                                    motor vehicles can cope with pot holes even if they have to
                                    de drive slower; bicycle wheels and supervisior‟s cannot
St Stephen Parish   Q6              Increase load factors on the buses.
Wigginton Parish    Q6              No comment.
Wigginton Parish    Q6              Reduction of traffic noise.
Wigginton Parish    Q6              Yes – Noise reduction targets in key places measurable
Council                             reduction in decibels.

Organisation         Questionnaire Comments                                                           HCC Response
Question 7 (Q7) – For the major schemes, what are your priorities for the next five years?
Anon.                Q7              The Telematics Strategy should have the highest priority.        Comments noted and will
                                                                                                      be reported to the
                                                                                                      Transport Panel.
Abfly                   Q7             St Albans – Watford Rail Development                           HCC are working with the
                                       Hatfield – St Albans – Watford Rail                            SRA as one of six pilot
                                                                                                      Community Rail
                                                                                                      Partnerships to improve the
                                                                                                      Abbey Line route between
                                                                                                      St Albans and Watford.
Association of          Q7                 1.     Croxley Rail Link                                   Comments noted and will
British Drivers                            2.     Little Haddam by Pass                               be reported to the
                                           3.     A602 Improvements                                   Transport Panel.
British Motorcyclists   Q7             The Croxley Rail Link is probably older than I am. I suggest   Comments noted and will
Federation                             it should be completed or dropped.                             be reported to the
                                       The Little Hadham Bypass should be given priority since it     Transport Panel.
                                       helps to improve East-West transport links.
Central Town            Q7             Watford Junction Interchange, especially if it can reduce
Residents‟                             congestion around the Station and rat-running through the
Association                            adjacent area.
                                                                                                      The Abbey Line has been
                                       Success for the Abbey Line proposals would be welcome –
                                       especially if thought could be given to an eastward            accepted as a pilot
                                       extension to Hatfield or other suitable link with East Coast   Community Rail
                                       Main Line.                                                     Partnership.
CPRE – The              Q7             Watford Junction Interchange                                   Comments noted and will
Hertfordshire                          Croxley Rail Link                                              be reported to the
Society                                                                                               Transport Panel.

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                            HCC Response
Heath Mount School     Q7              The A602. In particular, given the poor history of personal         Comments noted and will
                                       injury accidents, we would like urgent measures to improve          be reported to the
                                       safety on this route. Given that Heath mount School is on           Transport Panel.
                                       this route investment in safety measures such as lighting
                                       and a speed limit are critically important. This is especially
                                       the case as the projection for improving safety on
                                       Hertfordshire‟s roads is to reduce by at least 12 from current
                                       levels (2003) the number of children killed on Hertfordshire‟s
                                       roads (half of which are killed while travelling in vehicles).
Living Streets         Q7              Croxley Rail Link                                                   Comments noted and will
                                       County Telematics Strategy                                          be reported to the
                                                                                                           Transport Panel.
St Albans              Q7              Rail schemes – Croxley Rail Link and Watford Interchange.           Comments noted and will
Community Forest                       Any roads upgrades to intergrate with airports expansion            be reported to the
Association                            potential to take advantage of cross funding.                       Transport Panel.
St Albans Cycling      Q7              None                                                                Noted.
Spatial Graphics       Q7              Yes – “Telematics” are developing rapidly, but government           HCC have proposed
                                       sees this technology only as a revenue – earning                    Telematics as a Major
                                       opportunity, at present. This will damage public enthusiasm         Scheme as through the use
                                       for the possibilities for traffic control, navigation, better and
                                       cheaper logistics, improved road safety, security of goods,         of information
                                       etc, and general convenience. Better navigation, wiser              improvements to network
                                       decisions taken in good time, current information on                efficiency can be made.
                                       roadworks etc will help to cut congestion – if the police will
                                       be more positive and see/study all the advantages instead.
Welwyn Hatfield        Q7              Rail improvements                                                   Comments noted and will
Friends of the Earth                   Bus improvements                                                    be reported to the
                                       Priority to pedestrians at all times                                Transport Panel.
                                       Pedestrianisation of town centres and removal of parking
                                       areas. Majority of children walking to school or designated
                                       bus pick ups.

Organisation   Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Resident       Q7              Yes – If the Croxley Link does not go ahead, is there any         Noted that Croxley Rail
                               likelihood of the barrow line being extended back to Watford      Link is a priority.
                               junction subject to the reactivating and possible of centre
                               return current rail.
Resident       Q7              I am not able to take a balanced view for the whole county,       Comments are noted and
                               so my comments are restricted to the area that I know well.       will be reported to the
                                                                                                 Transport Panel.
                               In discussing the Little Hadham by-pass, the plan
                               recognises the value of a by- pass in improving the quality of
                               life for the people of Little Hadham. However, unlike the Al0
                               by-pass, a Little Hadham by-pass would have a deleterious
                               effect on the community in Standon. (I declare an interest: I
                               live on the A120 in Standon, as do rather more people than
                               live on the A120 in Little Hadham.) Already the "improved"
                               traffic light phasing in Little Hadham causes problems in
                               Standon, with traffic coming through from the East in much
                               larger groups than used to be the case. The situation will
                               become more difficult - and, I believe, more dangerous -
                               when the new housing at Standon Mill and at the top of
                               Standon Hill is occupied with more cars joining the road
                               from entrances where the view of the road is limited.

                               Ideally, from a Standon resident's point of view, a Little
                               Hadham by-pass should not be considered without a
                               Standon by-pass. However, this would be expensive and
                               have the disadvantage that it would increase traffic. It should
                               be possible to divert HGVs to use the A4l4 as a link to the
                               Al0 and the A505 as a link to the Al (which will be viable
                               after the Baldock by-pass has opened). Maybe this implies
                               that a greater priority should be the link between the A4l4 at
                               Eastwick and the M11. Although this might have a
                               deleterious effect on Hertford, it could become important if
                               the development North of Harlow takes place.

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
Resident continued.                   Having diverted the HGVs, the need at Little Hadham is to
                                      enable buses to get through quickly. A single, reversible bus
                                      lane seems possible (i.e. taking buses to Bishop's Storford
                                      in the morning and from Bishop's Stortford in the evening),
                                      which should also have the effect of reducing the number of
                                      cars. Even better, would be a bus only bypass, which could
                                      then be a relatively narrow two-lane road (or even a single
                                      lane controlled like a single-track railway).

                                      Finally, I can see no point in dualling the Bishop's Stortford
                                      northern by-pass unless both Little Hadham and Standon
                                      are by-passed. (The plan does not mention accidents, so
                                      that I assume that the present by-pass is not particularly
                                      dangerous. Accidents seem to occur most frequently
                                      between the by-pass and Standon) The case made in the
                                      plan for the dualling is extremely weak, taking no account of
                                      congestion further along the A120.
County Councillor     Q7              No – I would wish to support the inclusion of the A602 within    Comments noted that the
                                      the LTP bid. This road has caused concerns to local              priority is the A602 as a
                                      villages, Watton, Hooks Cross etc. It has been the subject       Major Scheme and will be
                                      of petition to East Herts Highways Panel. That panel fully       reported to the Transport
                                      supported its inclusion.                                         Panel.
Resident              Q7              A120 Little Hadham Bypass                                        Comments noted and will
                                                                                                       be reported to the
                                                                                                       Transport Panel.
Resident              Q7              None of them are priorities for me.                              Comments noted and will
                                                                                                       be reported to the
                                                                                                       Transport Panel.
Resident              Q7              The major schemes are all car-based except two this
                                      suggests predict and provide for the car. Instead, major
                                      schemes should be aimed at reducing the volume of traffic
                                      and boasting alternative modes.

Organisation   Questionnaire   Comments                                                            HCC Response
Resident       Q7              Which ever has the greatest impact on minimising the
                               increase, or actually achieving a decrease in CO2 and
                               particle emissions.
                               How about making it a policy that all road widening or
                               bypass schemes shall have to include the provision of a
                               carbon sink (e.g. permanently set aside woodland,
                               grassland or similar) to the same level as the increased CO2
                               levels. The level to be quadrupled wherever the new road
                               impacts biodiversity, SSSI status, or ancient woodland.
Resident       Q7              Croxley Rail Link
                               Watford Junction Interchange
Resident       Q7              I can't speak for all of Hertfordshire, but I would like to see a   A bypass for Little Hadham
                               by-pass for Little Hadham, But it must be a by-pass, not a          has been identified as a
                               thru-pass. It must go north and not split the village in half as    potential major scheme
                               outlined in an earlier proposal. That would now be                  proposal within the LTP.
                               unacceptable to the community, and again stand in the face
                               of your "vision" and be seriously opposed at all costs. This
                               village has had ample share of environmental impacting and
                               will not countenance being bulldozed in half with any
                               damaging schemes just to save the council a few bob. We
                               really would like to reclaim our community for its inhabitants
                               and use the opportunities a northerly bypass would give us
                               to develop into a more viable habitat. If a southerly bypass is
                               in the councils thinking, then for us that would be more
                               blight, so we would rather stick with the devil we know.

Organisation       Questionnaire   Comments                                                           HCC Response
Resident           Q7              Yes - Reduce the clutter of the excessive level of signage*        HCC supports the English
                                   (*public & private) upgrading the A1(M) to 3 lanes. J6-9           Heritage „Save Our Streets‟
                                   upgrading the A405 link between M25 and m1 – Lobby to              campaign which seeks to
                                   amend M1 junction 6 entrance and exit (south). Improving           improve the streetscape
                                   the A120 Puckeridge to M11. Replacing lost bus shelters.           and remove sign clutter.
                                   Provide line information of bus arrivals. Consistency              HCC respond to Highway
                                   between different operators in pricing.                            Agency proposals on
                                                                                                      motorway improvements,
                                                                                                      and have pressed for the
                                                                                                      widening of the A1(M)
Resident           Q7              Yes - Major scheme for full passenger interchange at               Priority noted as Watford
                                   Watford junction Station essential to include coach                Junction Station and this
                                   interchange. National Express Coaches heading north start          will be reported to the
                                   from Victoria then next stop is Milton Keynes. To prevent          Transport Panel.
                                   travellers 1st travelling into Victoria Essential Watford is 1st
                                   stop north NOT Milton Keynes.

Resident           Q7                 1.   Little Hadham bypass (should be part funded by             Priorities noted and will be
                                           airport authority)                                         reported to the Transport
                                     2.    A414 Gascoyne Way, Hertford (a key route East-             Panel.
Resident           Q7              A120 bypass around Bishops Stortford bypass around Little          Comments notes and will
                                   Hadham.                                                            be reported to the
                                                                                                      Transport Panel.
Buntingford Town   Q7              Hadham Bypass                                                      Priorities noted and will be
Council                            Dual Carriageway A120                                              reported to the Transport
                                   Long Term – A10 Bedford to Royston safety                          Panel.
                                   East – West Road

Organisation         Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
East Herts Council   Q7              i) I do strongly support making the A120 bypass around           Priorities noted and will be
                                          Bishops Stortford with 2 lanes in both directions except    reported to the Transport
                                          for the part going through Birchanger Wood, unless a        Panel.
                                          Pedestrian Bridge could be built over it. But the part that
                                          goes through wood is not the most dangerous from
                                          drivers‟ point of view. The stretch between Stansted
                                          Road/Birchanger roundabout and the “Tesco
                                          Roundabout” is the most dangerous of definitely needs
                                          to have 4 lanes.
                                     ii) ByPass for Little Hadham is desperately needed.
Resident             Q7              Definitely the rail, information, and analysis schemes have
                                     priority over road “improvement”. The two A120 schemes
                                     seem to pander to BAA's megalomania, and fall into the
                                     thoroughly undesirable predict and provide" category (given
                                     current. traffic flows are not excessive for this type of road)
                                     thereby contradicting fundamental principles of this transport
                                     plan; the A602 proposal threatens to make things worse by
                                     increasing traffic speeds. Though I have used that. road only
                                     on Sundays when traffic never seems particularly heavy, I
                                     am also conscious that the form of the original road
                                     effectively controls traffic speed and is therefore not too
                                     unpleasant for vulnerable road users eg cyclists like me.

                                     If there is a problem at other times with crossing and turning
                                     right onto or off the A602, then that is better solved using
                                     traffic lights that change regularly to break the traffic flow,
                                     particularly given the benefit of such lights can extend some
                                     distance from their site. Upgrading this road as implied will
                                     pander to boy racers and make it a no go area for various
                                     other road users. This is not acceptable (see Q6 response
                                     on p4 above).

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Economic &             Q7              We strongly support both the Little Hadham bypass and the
Community                              dualling of the A120 at Bishops Stortford in order that
Development Unit                       Hertfordshire businesses might be able to fully exploit the
                                       opportunities offered by the expansion of Stansted Airport.
                                       The improvements of the A602 Ware to Stevenage road
                                       would further cement the strategic positioning of
                                       Stevenage‟s business areas in relation to those in North
                                       London, for example Brimsdown.
                                       We would welcome the implementation of the Croxley Rail
                                       Link, providing even stronger links with London.
Resident               Q7                  1. Transport/congestion
                                           2. A120 bypass Bishops Stortford
                                           3. Watford Junction Station
                                           4. Croxley Rail Link
                                           5. A602 – Hook Cross
                                           6. Little Hadham
St Albans City &       Q7              We welcome the improvements to Watford Junction station
District Council                       as it is this scheme that is likely to provide the most benefit
                                       to our district. It is however disappointing that there are no
                                       major schemes planned for the City and District of St Albans
                                       not only for the period of the LTP2 but also beyond.
Hertfordshire          Q7              May be some health issues relating to Cardiff Road?
Integrated Transport
Chartered Surveyor     Q7              Little Hadham Bypass
STOP Harlow North      Q7              Croxley Rail Link
                                       Watford Junction Interchange
East Herts Council     Q7              Little Hadham bypass but ONLY if it has a cyclepath added
Cycle Forum Group                      (extend width of the road) the WHOLE length from Bishops
                                       Stortford to A10.
Welwyn Hatfield        Q7              Building a bypass around Little Hadham.
Access Group                           Making the A120 bypass around Bishop Stortford into two
                                       lanes in the directions.

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Hitchin Police         Q7              A602 Stevenage to Ware – improvement.
Station                                Bypass – Little Hadham
Tring Cycling          Q7              My priority would be providing electronic information to all
Campaign                               road users except that road users include horse riders,
                                       cyclists, motorcyclists (because of poor or absent footways
                                       or shared use paths) pedestrians, wheelchair users and
                                       disabled buggies.
North Herts            Q7              A bypass for Royston A10. With the increase in housing
Resident                               already in Royston, the A10 has become much busier! The
                                       pavements on each of the A10 by Sun Hill are less than 3ft
                                       wide. This causes tremendous danger to pedestrians,
                                       especially when multi-axle lorries travel by, attempt to pass
                                       in opposite directions. Although Much Hadham would our
                                       other choice, we feel that the width of the highway and
                                       pavement greater there and cause less of a danger – they
                                       have controls with the lights, whereas Royston has nothing.
                                       Drivers approach Royston on downhill at high speeds,
                                       although there is a 30 mph restriction. Family with young
                                       children and push chairs have to use this section of road
                                       way to and from school. The pollution emitted from these
                                       vehicles in captured in this restricted area, forcing
                                       pedestrians to inhale these …..
North Herts District   Q7              The schemes listed do not have a direct impact on North
Council                                Herts; the production of a County Telematics strategy is
Standon Parish         Q7              Yes – If the Bishops Stortford by horses to be widened and
Council                                Little Hadham bypassed, Standon must be included in the
                                       programme. The Wadesmill bypass has put more traffic on
                                       the A120 through Standon.

Organisation       Questionnaire   Comments                                                      HCC Response
Welwyn Hatfield    Q7              None of the major schemes listed directly affect Welwyn
Council                            Hatfield. However, consideration should be given to
                                   including the redevelopment of Welwyn Garden City town
                                   centre. Besides improving sustainable access to the town
                                   centre it is also planned to significantly change the road
                                   layout in the Osborn Way area and relocate the bus station.
Transport 2000     Q7              Support final two schemes – Watford Jn interchange and
(North Herts)                      traffic management. Oppose three road building schemes.
                                   These will serve to increase not reduce or manage traffic
                                   demand and increase CO2 emissions. The funds required
                                   would be far better spent on revenue funding for community
                                   and workplace based projects to achieve modal shift and
                                   road maintenance.
St Albans          Q7              From incredulity; that selection of 2 major schemes to be     HCC carried out a
Community Forest                   incorporated in the present Plan are as yet undecided and     consultation in 2004 which
Association                        that the result of consultation before 3rd June will help     provided a preferred list of
                                   decide?                                                       5 schemes. HCC through
                                                                                                 further consultation wishes
                                                                                                 to seek the views of
St Albans          Q7              Let the Bishops Stortford issue be dependant upon, and        Comments on the Major
Community Forest                   funded within the necessary infrastructure required for the   Schemes will be reported
Association                        proposed Stanstead Airport expansion.                         to the Transport Panel.
St Albans          Q7              By-passes merely move traffic congestion elsewhere; traffic   Comments on the Major
Community Forest                   management at Little Hadham cannot be dealt with in           Schemes will be reported
Association                        isolation, particularly with the EERA proposals for           to the Transport Panel.
                                   incremental housing.
St Albans          Q7              I also consider the proposed programme to develop             Comments on the Major
Community Forest                   electronic info for all road users misplaced energy and       Schemes will be reported
Association                        resource.                                                     to the Transport Panel.

Organisation            Questionnaire   Comments                                                       HCC Response
St Albans               Q7              Already significant radio assistance to drivers and            Telematics provides
Community Forest                        commercial systems that supplement journey planning;           information which can be
Association                             encourage better advice in this respect but information        utilised to direct users
                                        limited to in-county guidance would be largely ineffective;    efficiently around the
                                        don‟t go down this road.                                       network.
West Hertfordshire      Q7              The Trust are surprised and disappointed that the proposed
Hospitals NHS                           Cardiff Road link road had not mentioned in the LTP and
Trust                                   was included as one of the proposed major schemes, nor
                                        was it flagged as a major scheme beyond 2010/11.
Herts Society for the   Q7              County Telematics is of prime importance. A120 Little
Blind and Welwyn                        Hadham and A602 improvements appear to afford
Hatfield Access                         considerable improvement in East/West traffic as well as
Group                                   providing for any increase in traffic from Stansted Airport.
Hertfordshire Rural     Q7              Priorities – Telematics and A602 Improvements.
Anon.                   Q7              The Council supports the Watford Junction Interchange
                                        The Council consdiders that the lack of east/west passenger
                                        links is a countywide problem that should be given greater
                                        prominence in the plan.
Resident                Q7              Page 49 Little Hadham Bypass, A602 Improvements –
                                        whatever the justification of these schemes, whether
                                        improving them will only encourage more traffic and just
                                        cause more congestion elsewhere.

Organisation       Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Resident           Q7              A602 Improvements. This refers to the problems of vehicle         HCC are proposing
                                   users but underestimates the impact on the beleaguered            improvements to the A602
                                   folk who live here. As the Government proposes to                 as a Major Scheme bid.
                                   significantly increase the population in this areas, an already   The County Council
                                   intolerable situation is likely to worsen.                        opposed the East of
                                                                                                     England Plan and it‟s
                                                                                                     associated growth.
Ickleford Parish   Q7              Bypasses around villages/towns would help but seriously
Council                            costly. However it would give rural areas better quality of
                                   life. However all countryside not to be ruined with these
                                   bypasses. Difficult situation and requires careful planning.

Organisation          Questionnaire Comments                                                    HCC Response
Question 8 (Q8) – In the longer term, are there any measures or Major Schemes which should be included in future Local
Transport Plans?
Anon.                 Q8               A need to review traffic management in St Albans.        Comment produced on to
                                                                                                Mid Herts Area Plan
Association of        Q8               Extend M10 over the A414 from Park Street to Hatfield.   Note that the M10 will lose
British Drivers                                                                                 motorway status as part of
                                                                                                the forthcoming M1
                                                                                                widening project.
British Motorcyclists Q8               YES - The integration of motorcycling in the L TP as a   HCC have a powered two-
Federation                             legitimate and practical mode of transport in which the  wheelers policy which will
                                       motorcycling strategy is delivered with its policies and accompany the LTP.
                                       measures implemented.

                                      In addition better East - West public transport links such as
                                      a rail service from West Hertfordshire to Buckinghamshire
                                      on the West and Essex on the East.
Central Town            Q8            The lack of an east-west rail (or express bus) service means    HCC agree that the lack of
Residents‟                            that my car is my only reasonable mode of travel to say.        east –west routes are a key
Association                           Oxford or Cambridge, or to access to East West Main Line.       issue for the county.
                                      A fast orbital public transport service must be a priority.
Chiltern Society        Q8            Yes- See 2. circular bus services dedicated to single towns.    Comment will be forwarded
                                                                                                      to the Passenger Transport
CPRE – The              Q8            No                                                              Noted.
Hertfordshire Police    Q8            Yes - Congestion charging                                       Congestion Charging is not
                                                                                                      supported by HCC.
Herts Society for the   Q8            Yes - Better East/West county‟s links by road apart from        Comments noted on better
Blind                                 A414.                                                           strategic road network
                                                                                                      east-west across the

Organisation        Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
Hitchin Visioning   Q8              Yes – I would like to see quality partnerships agreed with       HCC have developed and
                                    the road freight industry to safeguard the environment of        supported a Freight Quality
                                    sensitive locations in the County. One example is Hitchin        Partnership in Stevenage
                                    town centre, particularly the Market Place and the               to address routing, signage
                                    surrounding streets. Currently, a variety of freight vehicles,   and information.
                                    very large to the very small, deliver in this area. With a
                                    quality partnership, perhaps some form of pooling could be
                                    organised to serve the needs of the areas retailers and
                                    businesses by more suitable smaller vehicles. This implies
                                    a ban on larger vehicles and consolidation of loads prior to
                                    delivery to reduce the number of repeat journeys that some
                                    operators make.
Living Streets      Q8              Yes.
                                    1. Get a grip on footway parking, which is steadily getting
                                    worse and becoming more and more the norm in
                                    Hertfordshire (unlike London boroughs where is banned).
                                    2. Bring back zebra crossings for pedestrians (i.e belisha
                                    beacon based). The new signal controlled crossings are
                                    much too slow in stopping traffic to be of much use. Both
                                    pedestrians and drivers much prefer the old style zebra
Metroline           Q8              Yes - Review the traffic management in St Albans due to          Currently, St Peters Street
                                    delays experienced today and to eliminate as much private        is a demonstration project
                                    vehicles from St Peters Street as possible.                      for the DfT for Safer
St Albans           Q8              Yes –
Community Forest                    Infrastructure ) airports expansion
Association                         Constraints ) EER housing projection
                                                    ) Home zones/20 mph zones

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                         HCC Response
St Albans              Q8              Plan should acknowledge both the airports expansion              The LTP outlines some of
Community Forest                       proposals the EERA plan.                                         the regional issues, but will
Association                            To develop strategy planning to limit it.                        not take the East of
                                       To develop an honest vision (Projection) for transport issues    England Plan into account
                                       to the extent permitted (maybe multi case projections of
                                       worsening impact).                                               until it is adopted.
St Albans Cycling      Q8              Yes – the provision of high quality covered cycle parking at     HCC supports the
Campaign                               every Hertfordshire railway station.                             improvement of cycle
                                                                                                        infrastructure at railway
St Albans              Q8              Yes –
Community Forest                       Infrastructure ) airports expansion
Association                            Constraints ) EER housing projection
                                                       ) Home zones/20 mph zones.
Stevenage Rail         Q8              Yes – Back Welwyn Viaduct plan                                   HCC have a Rail and Bus
Users Group                            Complete Met line to Watford junction                            Strategy which will
                                       Express buses for East West journeys or where no rail link       accompany the LTP,
                                       where needed in peak.
Watford Council for    Q8              Yes - There is no mention of Community Car Schemes and           HCC agree to insert
Voluntary Service                      our role in improving accessibility for many elderly or inform   wording on Community Car
                                       people.                                                          Schemes in the
                                                                                                        Accessibility section.
Welwyn Hatfield        Q8              Light rail schemes or alternatives to roads. Use roads for       HCC currently have not
Friends of the Earth                   light rail, tram or bus only – use European towns and cities     light rail scheme proposals.
                                       as a model.

Organisation   Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Resident       Q8              Yes – Wake up and get out of the 1980‟s This roads based        Congestion was identified
                               plan is out of date and will not draw in central government     in a MORI poll as the
                               funding introduce sustainable Transport Strategy,               number one transport
                               uncompassing principles of Local Agenda 21. educate             priority that the public
                               members, officers and public to the Sustainability agenda.      wanted the County Council
                               Reconnect Hertford East to ECML. Bedford – Cambridge            to tackle.
                               rail link (Dunstable/Luton line)
Resident       Q8              As suggested above, the A4l4 – M11 link should probably
                               be moved into the current plan, probably superseding the
                               Little Hadham by-pass and certainly superseding the
                               dualling of the Bishop's Storford northern by-pass.

                               I know that past attempts to create an East-West public
                               transport route across the county has run into many
                               difficulties, but this does remain a major issue which needs
                               to be addressed. The A414 – M11 link is a small part of this
Resident       Q8              More cycle lanes and cycle paths.                               Noted.
Resident       Q8              The county should press for a single pot of money instead of
                               major and minor. The County needs a major investment in
                               alternative modes, urgently to contain predicted increases in
                               car travel.
Resident       Q8              Yes – Consult with Parish Councils improvement of roads in      HCC publish an annual
                               Tring. Removing the temporary car park at Tring station         highway work programme
                               which is there illegally thus causing more people to bring      for the county which is
                               their cars to the station. Improve bus services in Tring and    available to the Parish
                               generally recognise that Tring and its roads are part of        Councils. Station Car
                               Hertfordshire and AONB Status.                                  Parks are not under the
                                                                                               control of HCC as they are
                                                                                               owned by Network Rail.

Organisation   Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Resident       Q8              A proper analysis of movements and sustainability issues
                               needs to be done as a part of a more fine grained approach
                               to planning than the RSS process has done to date. In this
                               context inclusion of the A414-M11 scheme in longer term
                               plans seems premature
Resident       Q8              I cant see any benefit to the by-pass for Little Hadham           Noted.
                               without addressing the knock on at Standon and at the
                               single carriage elements within the Bishops Stortford by-
                               pass. Its all linked, and addressing just one problem will just
                               move it on down the road
Resident       Q8              Yes – when the probable additional housing developments           HCC will revise the LTP if
                               takes place and the support services then needed are put in       there are key strategic
                               place in both West Herts of N&E Herts, changes in schemes         developments that will
                               will be needed. These cannot of course be detailed now.           affect the plan content.
Resident       Q8              Yes – make cycling into town centres easier. Leisure routes       HCC have a county Cycling
                               in the countryside are of course wonderful but although           Programme that seeks to
                               more difficult to implement utility cycling to town centres is    improve and provide cycle
                               important. St Albans need a safe way into the centre. A           routes.
                               cycle way across Verulamium park would also help avoid
                               busy roads.
Resident       Q8              Yes -I would like to see a large expansion of home zones in       HCC supports and has
                               urban areas giving pedestrians and cyclists a higher priority     implemented Home Zones
                               than cars. The 20 mph speed limit in such areas would             and 2mph speed limits in
                               appeal to me as I have large numbers of speeding cars             the county to improve the
                               passing my home daily.                                            local environment.

Organisation   Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Resident       Q8              Major schemes – A414 through Hertford to be tunnelled –         The A414 through Hertford
                               knock down Gascoyne Way car park – so ugly.                     is not on the list of major
                               Measures – numbers of children walking/cycling to school –      schemes being proposed
                               numbers of children playing out after school – these are all    for this LTP. It is on the list
                               positive things that should be counted as measures of your      of proposed schemes in
                               success.                                                        the long term after
Resident       Q8              Yes – the question of environment and air quality is an issue   Air Quality Monitoring is
                               in my view and should be monitored, especially around           undertaken by District and
                               Stansted Airport. It is not all the motor vehicles that is      Borough Councils and
                               polluting the atmosphere, also the jet aircraft are polluters   reported to the County
                               on a larger scale and this should be recognised and             Council. Stansted Airport
                               addressed even though it is as unpopular to the flying public   is within Essex County
                               as driving their 4x4 vehicles is a no-go subject. It must be    Council but has an impact
                               faced.                                                          on Hertfordshire residents.
Resident       Q8              Yes – provide more speed limit signs – so drivers know          HCC have recently
                               exactly what these are and always enforce speed limits –        adopted a Speed
                               where I live close to the Leighton Buzzard Road – there are     Management Strategy
                               no speed signs – drivers think they can do 70 mph – this        which will seek to review
                               road has lamp columns, even I am not sure if it is 30 or 40     speed limits and signage to
                               mph – we need crossing over it! There are other roads like      ensure consistency across
                               this in Herts. A project is needed to find out where these      the county.
                               areas/roads are where vehicles speed/there are no speed
                               limit signs/where people cannot cross the road. Also stop
                               wasting money on cycle lanes – to me there are not enough
                               cyclists to warrant the costs.

Organisation          Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Resident              Q8              Yes - You should consider road across the county from             East –West routes are a
                                      Baldock to Stansted Airport or Buntingford across to              priority for HCC, especially
                                      Stanstead Airport. You need to increase your percentages          for passenger transport.
                                      on projections for public transport bearing in mind free travel   Comments noted on the
                                      for over 60‟s from 2006.                                          need to stretch the
                                                                                                        passenger transport
                                                                                                        patronage target.
London Borough of     Q8              Yes – Issues connected with noise and appropriate                 HCC have covered the
Hillingdon                            mitigation measures.                                              issues of noise related to
                                                                                                        transport in the LTP.
East Herts Council    Q8              I am sorry, but I have not had time to consider this properly.    HCC have undertaken a 4
                                      I only heard about this consultation 4 days ago – it does         week consultation on the
                                      seem very rushed.                                                 LTP providing the
                                                                                                        opportunity for
                                                                                                        stakeholders to influence
                                                                                                        the development of the
Tring Town Council    Q8              Yes – A41 Berkhamsted/Hemel bypass – re-engineering of
                                      slip roads to reduce accidents.
Uttlesford District   Q8              No
Resident              Q8              The realignment of those roads that have been modified to
                                      subconsciously encourage in appropriate high speed, so this
                                      no longer happens (ie wherever there is a speed problem).
                                      Speed cameras are not a morally acceptable or safe
                                      solution to this issues.
Economic &            Q8              Although not included in this LTP submission, in the future
Community                             we would strongly recommend improvements to the
Development Unit                      Gunnels Wood roundabout, taking into account the
                                      forthcoming Buro-Happold masterplan, and supporting our
                                      work with the Gunnels Wood Business Partnership.

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                          HCC Response
Resident               Q8              Better transport services to day patients to all Hertfordshire
                                       hospitals, - access to leisure facilities by public transport,
                                       (e.g. Hatfield Forest Herts Border/Essex)
Resident               Q8                  1. Better signposting for cyclists, and perhaps a cycle
                                              map for Hertfordshire in areas.
                                           2. Footpaths map in Hertfordshire some park are very
                                              overgrown limited access.
Resident               Q8              Yes – give more say to local people. You are too far away
                                       from local issues.
St Albans City &       Q8              We request that schemes be assessed through the St
District Council                       Albans, Harpenden and London Colney Urban Plans.
Hertfordshire          Q8              See Q7 also a little confused as to where the Health policy
Integrated Transport                   sites within the current Plan and how it will be articulated in
Partnership                            any final plan.
Chartered Surveyor     Q8              A120 from the M11 to the A10 bypassing Little Hadham and
STOP Harlow North      Q8              A proper analysis of movements and sustainability issues
                                       needs to as a part of a more fine grained approach to
                                       planning than the RSS has done to date. In this context
                                       inclusion of the A414-M11 scheme long term plans seems
East Herts Council     Q8              Look into East – West train link.
Cycle Forum Group
Welwyn Hatfield        Q8              An improved road link from Luton to Stansted. The A120
Access Group                           improvement help.

Organisation           Questionnaire   Comments                                                        HCC Response
Hitchin Police         Q8              The A602 through Hitchin provides an east west link
Station                                between the A1 Stevenage and via the A505, to the M1 and
                                       Luton. On completion of the Baldock bypass it is likely the
                                       A602 will have increased traffic flow. Westbound traffic on
                                       the A602 during the weekday am peak is reg slow moving
                                       and congested and at times traffic queues for up to 3 miles
                                       the A505 towards the A1m. Bedfordshire CC are
                                       considering a possible new road to link the M1 west of Luton
                                       and A505 east of Luton. Consider should be given to
                                       alleviating congestion at Hitchin.
Tring Cycling          Q8              Policeman should be urged to use the recently introduced
Campaign                               device uses a saliva test to detect drivers who are under the
                                       influence of medicines.
                                       NOTE: Those who merely received the summary (such as
                                       Tring Cycling Campaign) will not have made sense of this
                                       questionnaire since the summary does not summarise the
                                       full document, and does not refer vision.
CTC – Right to Ride    Q8              Fare more emphasis is need on providing a comprehensive
                                       walking cycling network.
Council Tax payers     Q8              If not possible in the scheme for the next five years, we
for North Herts for                    certainly with the A10 Royston bypass by then. This will be
26 years                               even more critical if East of England Plan is implemented!!
North Herts District   Q8              Under section 12.5, 'Longer Term beyond L TP2', will the A
Council                                10 at Royston include the Royston north-south bypass? If
                                       not, NHDC would like to see this included in the list.
                                       As a result of the RSS and RTS there may be other Major
                                       schemes such as the Hitchin southern bypass linking in to
                                       the possible Luton northern bypass. These should be
                                       included as part of the review of the L TP if considered
                                       necessary following adoption of the RSS and RTS.
                                       NHDC would like to see an eastern access link to the
                                       Wilbury Way industrial area in Hitchin investigated and
                                       possibly included in the L TP in the future given the
                                       increasing congestion problems at the Grove Road/Cadwell
                                       Lane junction.

Organisation      Questionnaire   Comments                                                       HCC Response
Resident          Q8              Yes – Aim to reduce “rat-run” through Ashwell.
Resident          Q8              A comprehensive network of cycle paths – it works in
                                  Cambridge and Holland.
Hertfordshire     Q8              (Full)The development of Automatic Number Plate                Response
Constabulary                      Recognition across the strategic road networks is a major      The County Council will
                                  undertaking and one which requires the support of the          need to have discussions
                                  Highways Authority. This would be a major scheme and I         with the Police on the
                                  would ask that it should be considered as a focussed area of   benefits and issues of
                                  work, within the transport plan, to assist in delivering the   ANPR, and how HCC could
                                  priorities outlined.                                           assist in the project. It
                                                                                                 could possible form part of
                                                                                                 any future telematics
Welwyn Hatfield   Q8              No costings or definite timescale are available at present,
Council                           but the redevelopment of WGC as mentioned in the
                                  response to Question 7, should be considered for inclusion
Transport 2000    Q8              It is outrageous that the LTP will propose seven road
(North Herts)                     schemes as strategic priorities to investigate further. It
                                  behoves the county transport planners to search their hearts
                                  and minds over the likely state of the climate by 2010/11.
Transport 2000    Q8              The LTP should be adopting the kind of civil emergency
(North Herts)                     contingency planning to facilitate a massive modal shift by
                                  the end of the LTP period. The plan should be calculating
                                  current and target carbon emissions from transport for
                                  various transport modes and corridors. The plan should be
                                  working with communities to act as centres of good practice.
                                  Stevenage‟s cycle infrastructure must be capitalised upon.
                                  There is potential for a national centre of excellence here.

Organisation        Questionnaire   Comments                                                      HCC Response
Transport 2000      Q8              All transport scheme development linked to airport
(North Herts)                       expansion and long distance commuter settlements for
                                    London should be blocked in favour of policies for local
                                    travel to work and teleworking
Stevenage Borough   Q8              We would like to see a greater emphasis on developing
Council                             better east-west passenger transport routes.
HCC – Adult Care    Q8              Whether consideration could be given to software that could
Services                            assist in integrating transport.
BAA                 Q8              East-West Improvements. BAA will soon be in a position to
                                    use our models to better quantify the impacts associated
                                    with airport expansion and test likely outcomes. We would
                                    welcome the opportunity of working with you to evaluate
                                    such schemes, and we are willing to discuss access
                                    arrangements to the relevant BAA models.
St Albans           Q8              Expansion of local airports might well take us beyond the
Community Forest                    timescale of this Plan but the issues must be tackled. The
Association                         airports strategy should be of major consequence in this
                                    Plan period.
Love Architecture   Q8              We consider that the LTP should include the development of
                                    Transport Development Areas and Clear Zones around
                                    suitable rail station in town centres.
Love Architecture   Q8              Clear Zones and Transpor Development Areas.
Highways Agency     Q8              Agency would have concerns regarding A414 to M11
                                    improvements that would promote a new junction on the
Ashwell Parish      Q8              Yes – to improve rail communication with neighbouring
Council                             counties in developing transport plans. For example, plans
                                    to develop a safe cycle (walking route from Ashwell to
                                    Ashwell & Marden station have fallen due to lack of co-
                                    operation by Cambridgeshire.

Organisation         Questionnaire   Comments                                                   HCC Response
Aston Parish         Q8              Yes – Use of River Lea from Hertford downstream to take
Council                              rubbish to the Edmonton incinerator – especially when
                                     Westmill Landfill is filling up.
Brickendon Liberty   Q8              Yes – A way of overcoming traffic congestion in Hertford
Parish Council                       when the A414 meets Gascoyne Way from about 3pm until
                                     6.30 pm
Buckland &           Q8              A10 Bedford to Royston Improvements to Safety
Chipping Parish                      West to East Road
St Stephen Parish    Q8              Yes – better use of bus/rail ticketing
Council                              More leisure/shopping route at weekends
                                     Re-statement of the comprensive green line
Wigginton Parish     Q8              Yes – Use of low noise surfaces when resurfacing main
Council                              roads, like the A41.


Letter               Section   Comment                                                      HCC Response

Anon                 Cycling   The NCN Route 57 runs close to the schools and with
                               small alterations this route could e made to include all
                               schools within Berkhamsted.
Association of                 I am confused by an apparent contradiction of statistics     The document has been
British Drivers                within the document. I have e-mailed DH about this and       amended accordingly.
                               he has told me one was an error. My confusion was „On
                               page 4 you say in 2.2 that traffic growth has reduced over
                               the last three years to less than 1% per year. Yet on
                               page 19 you say in 6.1 „traffic with annual growth of
                               around 2-3%, which is well above the national average.
                               Dave has since advised me that page 19 is an error and
                               that page 4 is correct. Thus the whole sense of that
                               section on page 19 is wrong and must be corrected.
Aylesbury Vale                 No comment
District Council
Bridgewater Middle   Safety    We are pleased to see that the local travel plan wants to
School,                        improve safety and travel to and from schools and to
Berkhamstead and               improve cycling in the county. We would endorse these
Greenway First and             proposals. We are also pleased to see that congestion is
Nursery School,                a theme you want to tackle too.
CPRE – The                     Overall, we are disappointed that the Plan lacks ambition
Hertfordshire                  in addressing the sustainability aspects of transport
CPRE – The                     The Safer Routes to School and School Travel Plans
Hertfordshire        2.1       have also been welcomed.

Letter          Section         Comment                                                       HCC Response

CPRE – The      2.2             We would encourage the County Council to promote road
Hertfordshire                   safety through the education of recently-qualified drivers.
CPRE – The      3.5             We should like to see the words „and persuade the
Hertfordshire                   Government to finance the fitting out of the new St.
Society                         Pancras Thameslink station‟ added to the end of para 3
CPRE – The      3.7             We do not support the proposal to widen the M25 to dual
Hertfordshire                   4 lanes. This would encourage more traffic.
CPRE – The      Chapter 2       CPRE Herts has been pleased to see its proposed Quiet
Hertfordshire                   Lanes initiative taken up and looks forward to seeing
Society                         further Quiet Lane projects.
CPRE – The      Chapter 3       Support the County Council in not accepting the draft
Hertfordshire   3.2             Regional Spatial Strategy
CPRE – The      Chapter 5       Given the constraints on the County Council‟s powers, it
Hertfordshire   5.2             would be more appropriate to use the phrase „to
Society         Accessibility   encourage the development of at the beginning of this
                                particular objective.
CPRE – The      Chapter 8       Support use of speed cameras for the Safety Camera
Hertfordshire   8.3             Project. It would be helpful if the speed camera warning
Society         Safety          signs also carried a not of the speed limit in the area
CPRE – The      P52             CPRE now stands for „Campaign to Protect Rural
Hertfordshire                   England‟ and not „Council for the Protection of Rural
Society                         England.

Letter               Section                Comment                                                       HCC Response

CPRE – The           Safety               We feel there has been slow progress on the Quiet Lanes
Hertfordshire                             project since the original “STRAP” proposals and we look
Society                                   forward to it being rolled out elsewhere in the county.
Freight Transport                         Hence, FTA has drawn up its own generic table for freight
Association                               suggesting minimum requirements and the characteristics
                                          of a good LTP which is shown below:-
                                  Criteria For Assessing Quality Of Local Transport Plans
Freight              Quality of LTP
                       - Statement of the importance of efficient freight distribution
Minimum                - Statement of the importance of multi-modal approach: road, rail sea, waterway and air
requirements           - Statement of continuing pre-eminent role for road freight movements (particularly urban areas)
                       - Statement of intention to maintain a freight quality partnership, in consultation with industry

                        -     Clear evidence of progress in establishing a freight quality partnership, and delivering outputs.
                        -     Clear strategies to help industry develop and implement sustainable distribution systems and
                        -     Information on key routes (road, rail, other where relevant) for freight movement
                        -     Statement of identifying location of road congestion, its implications for freight movement, and
Characteristics of            planned measures to address
a Good LTP              -     Clear evidence of strategies to protect and enhance primary routes for lorry movements
                        -     Clear evidence of strategies to reconcile need for deliveries (especially urban) with access restrictions
                              – especially evening/night time

Letter                Section         Comment                                                            HCC Response

Freight Transport                     FTA experience in relation to consultation by local                HCC have undertaken
Association                           authorities in developing LTP‟s has varied widely from no          consultation on the draft
                                      meaningful consultation in a small minority of cases to            LTP as best practice and to
                                      models of excellence from some authorities. This                   engage stakeholders in the
                                      reinforces our view that advice to local authorities,              development of the plan
                                      whether in the form of Best Practice Guidance or DfT               prior to submission to DfT
                                      Guidance, must emphasise the cardinal importance of                in July.
                                      freight within LTPs, and the cardinal importance of early
                                      consultation with bodies such as FTA to ensure that their
                                      freight policies fully reflect their role in helping industry to
                                      develop sustainable distribution systems and practices.
Hertfordshire Rural   Page 4 2.1      7th bullet point to include also „Parish Plans‟
Hertfordshire Rural   Pg 29 8.2       Second paragrapgh. I don‟t think this a correct statement
Transport                             – very few pockets of disadvantage – better if it said „with
Partnership                           pockets of deprivation.
Hertfordshire Rural   Pg 13     4.1   4th paragraph on pg 13. These promises are achieved by
Transport                             the LTP through working with local communities and
Partnership                           partners, eg Herts Rural Transport Partnership

Hertfordshire Rural   Pg 24     7.4   Second bullet point… walking, cycling and „disabled „
Transport                             route improvements through Area Plans, Rights of Way
Partnership                           Improvement Plan and Hertfordshire Rural Transport
                                      Partnership access for all projects.
Hertfordshire Rural   Pg 26 7.6       Last para… develop village travel plans and build on
Transport                             Parish Plans

Letter                Section         Comment                                                       HCC Response

Hertfordshire Rural   Pg 31 8.3       Rural areas. Perhaps need to clarify vulnerable road
Transport                             users „i.e. walkers, cyclists, horse riders.
Hertfordshire Rural   Pg 36 10.4      The county has pockets of deprivation which are being
Transport                             tackled through Local N…, Local Strategic Partnerships,
Partnership                           Community Strategies and Herts Rural Community
                                      Council, CDA for Herts.
Hertfordshire Rural   Pg 37 10.6      First bullet point – School Travel Plans, Company Travel
Transport                             Plans, Village Travel Plans.
Hertfordshire Rural   Pg 6      2.2   Add another bullet point „Managing traffic in rural areas‟
Transport                             and refer to both Area Plans, County programmes,
Partnership                           Village Travel Plans and Parish Plans.
Hertfordshire Rural   Pg23      7.2   First paragraph. Strategic partners….These partners
Transport                             include key agencies, add „CDA for Herts, Herts Rural
Partnership                           Transport Partnership.
Hertsmere Borough                     The Council considers that the Watling Chase Greenways        Agreed and inserted
Council                               project should be explicitly mentioned in the LTP.
Hertsmere Borough     Background      The information section should include a summary of           HCC agree to insert
Council                               planning and other relevant functions at the District level   planning summary/
Hertsmere Borough     Policy          The Borough Council expressed concerns about the RTS          The County Council has
Council                               and East of England Plan in terms of growth and               opposed the East of
                                      infrastructure burden.                                        England Plan and the
                                                                                                    associated growth.

Letter            Section   Comment                                                       HCC Response

Highways Agency             It would be useful to include in the LTP some information
                            on the following issues that affect trunk roads in Herts.
                            The high occupancy vehicle lane proposal for the M1, the
                            de-specialisation of the M10, the potential de-trunking of
                            the A5 south of Dunstable, on completion of the
                            Dunstable Northern Bypass.
                            With regard to the A1(M)6-8 a clearer explanation is          Agreed
                            required and a fuller explanation on the multi-modal
Resident                    The Galleria in Hatfield – introduction of car park charging The Galleria is a privately
                            has changed our desire to go.                                 owned facility over which
                                                                                          HCC have no control.
Resident                    More car parks, cycle racks, motorcycle parking, less         HCC support the English
                            obstructive street furniture, bins and benches.               Heritage Campaign „Save
                                                                                          our Streets‟ which seeks to
                                                                                          improve the streetscape
                                                                                          through removing
                                                                                          obstructive street furniture
                                                                                          and signage.
Resident                    Finally a detail on p.27, final para: it seems to me that the
                            recent trend away from a stones-on-tar road surface to
                            what is sometimes an almost super-smooth asphalt
                            exacerbates the winter ice problem.
Resident                    In addition there seems a “just in case” tendency to grit     HCC receive 24 hour
                            and re-grit night in night out even during dry but frosty     weather information which
                            weather even though salt does not evaporate and little        informs the salting
                            treads off, until some roads by daytime are white with salt decisions.
                            to the extent that road markings become barely visible.
                            This is an expensive and extravagant exercise which
                            needs to be better monitored by HCC.

Letter     Section   Comment                                                        HCC Response

Resident             Around here, I am surprised at the quite minor residential
                     roads, often on the level, which seem to be treated.
Resident             Can I draw particular attention to my references to train
                     services from Watford to Gatwick Airport, this could be
                     made much more use of and if we are not careful, Central
                     Trains could withdraw it.
Resident             The lack of numbering of paras etc makes it extremely          Noted.
                     difficult to define comments on the document.
Resident             Page 14 Reference to the new cycling target centre of          HCC will amend the
                     page, this is referred to as having been developed             wording to reflect the
                     through the cycle forum. Instead this quite miserably low      involvement of the Cycle
                     target was presented as a fait accompli to the Forum, it       Forum.
                     was criticised by all including Rob Marshal as being too
                     undemanding. We were told that this was what the
                     elected members had decided upon and it was not up for
                     negotiation. Therefore I feel it wholly inappropriate to
                     present the target as if it had been developed
                     with/through the Cycle Forum.
Resident             Page 36 bottom para Pleased to see reference to                Noted.
                     Rippleprint, hope that Tring can be the pilot scheme!!
Resident             Page 41 (h) Public Transport Patronage There are always
                     references to what a difficult county Herts is to get people
                     to use public transport particularly buses.
Resident             Also reference is made to ACCIDENTS again instead of           HCC agree to amend.
Resident             The whole document is very poorly annotated, when one          The Shared Priorities are
                     tries to answer the Questionnaire it is very difficult         congestion, safety,
                     generally and in the case of Q5 impossible for me to work      accessibility, air quality and
                     out where in the document is/are the point or points that      quality of life.
                     answers are required to.

Letter             Section       Comment                                                         HCC Response

Resident                         14.1 Rural Themes Bullet point 6-reference to
                                 “information provided door to door for hail and ride
                                 schemes. This has yet to be done for Tring‟s 387, the
                                 worlds best kept secret – it is hail and ride!!
Resident                         17.1 Surface access to airports
Resident                         2.1 last bullet point. As ever no mention of rail link from
                                 Watford Junction to Gatwick.
Resident                         9.2 Station improvements:
                                 Again I must refer to essential improvements required to
                                 Tring – waiting, toilets, cycle storage etc. Tring Gateway
Resident           Safer Roads   With regards to 20mph speed limit along St Peters Street.       The implementation of
                                 It is seldom during the working day that vehicles will          20mph speed limits are
                                 reach this speed. It can achieve nothing, especially if it is   appropriate in areas where
                                 not enforceable.                                                there is a high number of
                                                                                                 vehicles and walkers
                                                                                                 mixing. The 20mph is
                                                                                                 enforced through the
                                                                                                 introduction of traffic
                                                                                                 calming features.
Resident           Safety        Page 28 SAFER ROADS section. On most of the first 2             HCC agree to amend the
                                 pages reference is made to COLLISIONS instead of                word accident to collision
                                 ACCIDENTS, which should be applauded. Unfortunately             on page 29.
                                 from the bottom of page 29 onwards the wording slips
                                 back into using ACCIDENT again. Can we have
                                 consistency and preferably stick to COLLISON
St Albans                        Excuses of how difficult certain areas are to tackle, yet
Community Forest                 seeks my considered resolution by return.

Letter              Section      Comment                                                    HCC Response

St Albans                        From avoiding responsibility for availability of data??     The DfT have stated that
Community Forest                 action implied only when HM Govt. produces same!!! No       they wish a congestion
Association                      plan evident at all re. congestion                          target to be based on
                                                                                             journey time reliability
                                                                                             which is data not currently
                                                                                             collected. HCC have a
                                                                                             Congestion Action Plan
                                                                                             which outlines measures to
                                                                                             be undertaken and has
                                                                                             been inserted into the LTP.
St Albans                        Unqualified hope; that Herts Highways are capable of        Hertfordshire Highways are
Community Forest                 maintaining the roads (only)                                one of the leading
Association                                                                                  authorities on Asset
St Albans                        Specific identification of the Watling Chase Community      HCC agree to insert the
Community Forest                 Forest as having a valuable function in this respect ,would Watling Chase Community
Association                      be appropriate for air quality, road hierarchy              Forest in the Air Quality
                                 considerations and accessibility opportunities.             section.
St Albans                        Presumably the Plan will be updated with respect to the     The Plan will be updated
Community Forest                 declared St Albans AQMA.                                    once Defra have accepted
Association                                                                                  the declaration of the
                                                                                             AQMA. HCC are in
                                                                                             discussion with St Albans
                                                                                             DC to work on the AQMA
Stevenage Borough   Background   It is disappointing that the LTP2 consultation says very    HCC agree to insert a new
Council                          little about integrating transport and land-use planning    section about land-use
                                 and about working in partnership with the district council  planning and partnership

Letter          Section      Comment                                                       HCC Response

Transport for   Background   Hertfordshire may like to also consider linkages to the       The London Plan and
London                       following:                                                    Transport Strategy are
                             The Mayor‟s Transport Strategy                                referred to already within
                             The London Plan                                               the LTP.
                             Reference to the adjacent London Boroughs who are all         HCC agree to insert
                             in the process of developing their Consultation Draft Local   wording on the plans of the
                             Implementation Plans.                                         adjacent London Boroughs.


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