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					                                        Real Life
                           “Who Am I?” PowerPoint Presentation

Your assignment is to create a PowerPoint presentation (15-20 slides) telling the class about yourself. We will
work on the presentations during class and then take turns giving your PowerPoint presentation in front of our
class.    You will have only a few class periods to scan or download photographs and to put your entire
presentation together – so don’t waste time – be as productive for the entire block each day to get your
presentation completed. (For those of you using Keynote, you must remember to share the export it in
Powerpoint format so that it is viewable on the Smartboard). In addition, please be creative. Use one of the
Powerpoint Templates that Mr. Hunter has placed into the Real Life Handouts folder rather than one of the ones
given to you by Microsoft.)

Please tell us who you are, your hobbies, family, friends, and goals. The personality tests that we have
completed are very important to this piece as well. I want you to tell us about what your personality traits are.
The purpose is to give a visual of who you are, where you came from and where you are going in life. You can
be as creative as you would like to be.

You will receive TWO grades for your project. One for the actual presentation (see rubric), and a second for
your behavior and the amount of respect you give to your classmates while they are giving their presentation.
When someone else is presenting, please be sure to turn on your monitor and close your laptop screen and
avoid having conversations with others (including not using your cell phone.)

What to include:
       Title Slide (This Is My Life … your first and last name)
       Where you were born and where you have lived
       Hartman Color code, job that matches it, photo to represent the job
       Myers Briggs results, job that matches it, photo to represent the job
       Your Learning Styles results along with a piece of clipart to represent at least one of the four
        areas that were part of your score.
       What you’ve done so far for community service and tell what skills are used in the activity
       One of the jobs listed in your Career Cruising Matchmaker results, photo to represent the job
       What’s your favorite class that you’ve taken in high school? Tell a job that you could get with
        skills learned in that class along with a photo to represent the job
       Activities or interests you have in and out of school
       Caricature drawing (created last week during class)
       Favorites – foods, music, television show or movie
       Pet peeve – what really gets you frustrated?
       Goals (choose from one of the following goals -- academic, personal, community, or
        extracurricular goal)
       Something about yourself that you are proud of … perhaps share what makes you a good
        friend to another person or makes you a good student or makes you a good athlete
       Where your future may bring you: college, work, location, sports, etc. (This is your ending

Your PowerPoint presentation must be colorful, have pictures and/or clipart, and list brief bulleted
descriptions. If you need a photo for a job, go to www.images.google.com or http://www.bing.com
and click on Images. Please include on any slide containing a picture from the internet, a link that
tells where the photo was taken from. All presentations must be completed by the start of class
on October 5.

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                             Exhibit and Production of “Who Am I?”

                                               Real Life
       Student Name: ________________________________                           Block: _______

Product                                                                            Skilled
The product was well prepared.                                                 5     4   3        2 1
____ Well planned.
____ Was colorful.
____ Prepared with care.
____ Complete.
____ On time.
Product showed effort and thoughtfulness.                                      5     4   3        2   1
____ Showed evidence of considerable thought of self.
____ Showed creativity.
____ Showed or gave concrete examples to support presentation.
____ Pictures and/or Clipart on each slide.
____ All required pieces of product are descripted.

Exhibit                                                                            Skilled
Exhibition of product was well prepared.                                       5     4   3        2   1
____ Was organized (had a good plan).
____ Used visuals to help others better understand and identify with you.
____ Exhibition was well presented.
____ Presentation was on time.
____ Presentation was complete.
Presentation of product was skillful.                                          5     4   3        2   1
____ Made eye contact.
____ Answered questions.
____ Made interesting.
____ Voice was audible.
____ PowerPoint was paraphrased and not read.

Comments                                                                        Points (20 max)

Created by Jerry Hunter                                924a7736-c851-409a-b233-34eec215acf6.doc

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