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   Israeli Medical Association
                                                          The Globe                                        No. 14 | August 2010

A word from the chairman
               e are happy to publish an-      a year. This trend is alarming, as in the   nal Medicine, and today we are down to
               other issue of IMA Around       next few years more than 2000 physi-        less than 150.
               the Globe. As you will see, a   cians are expected to retire.                    The Israeli medical schools have
lot is going on in the Israeli medical field        The gravity of the situation is ac-    boosted their programs, and have in-
and in our chapters around the world.          centuated as this trend is even steeper     creased the number of graduates from
      Israeli medicine is highly respected     when the numbers of new residents in        around 400 per year to an anticipated 550
internationally when evaluated by health       key medical specialties are analyzed.       per year in the coming 2 years. A fifth med-
indicators such as life expectancy, infant     Fewer and fewer young physicians start      ical school will be established in Zfat, but
mortality, rate of immunization and wait-      residencies in General Surgery, Anes-       the fruits from this school will be harvest-
ing time for primary care. However, this       thesia, Internal Medicine and Intensive     ed only in 10 years. To conclude, the high
excellence is achieved despite a series        Care. For example, in 2000 we had           performance of the Israeli medical system
of alarming health system statistics.          more than 200 new residents in Inter-       on one hand and the alarming statistics
       There is a constant decrease in                                                     on the other emphasizes the stressful en-
the number of hospital beds (from 2.5                                                      vironment in which we are functioning.
beds per 1000 population in 1990 to                                                             Around the world, Israel continues to
1.9 today, where the OECD median is                                                        attract hostility, especially on university
3.5/1000), a constant rise in hospital                                                     and college campuses. The latest hostile
occupancy (88% in 1990 to over 96%                                                         paper published in the July 2, 2010 is-
today) and a constant decrease in hos-                                                     sue of The Lancet just emphasizes this
pital stay in days per patient (5.5 days in                                                trend. I call upon you to follow Dr. Willy
1990 to 4 days today, where the OECD                                                       Lipschutz, the Chairman of our Belgian
median is 6.3 days). Israel spends only                                                    Chapter, who protested this publication
7.7% of its GDP on health care while                                                       in a letter to the ombudsman of the Lan-
Britain spends 8.4%, Australia 8.7%,                                                       cet (
Canada 10.1%, Germany 10.4%, France                                                             In view of this hostility, we had the
11%, and the US over 16 %. This overca-                                                    honor to host Sir John Bell, the President
pacity is at the heart of the crisis Israeli                                               of the British Academy of Medical Sci-
medicine will face in the coming years.                                                    ences and Regius Professor of Medicine
                                                On behalf of the Israeli
      The ratio of physicians per popu-                                                    at Oxford University, who was this year’s
lation is constantly decreasing from a
                                               Medical Association-World                   Lord Henry Cohen Visiting Professorship
peak of 3.7 physicians/1000 population
                                                 fellowship, we wish to                    to Israel. We hope that his impressions
in the 1990’s to 3.3/1000 today and to         extend to you, your family                  from Israel, Israeli medicine and Israeli
an estimate of less than 3/1000 in the            and your associates,                     science, will help to counteract this trend.
near future. In 2000, 900 new physi-             blessings for a happy,                         Finally, as this is the last bulletin be-
cians were “infused” into the Israeli           healthy and prosperous                     fore this year ends, I would like to wish
medical system each year, which was                       new year                         you Shana Tova and Chag Sameach,
sufficient to balance the number of re-         filled with peace for us all                                            > Zeev Feldman
tiring physicians; at this time, we are
down to less than 600 new physicians
                                                Shana tova umetuka                                                            Chairman
                                                                                                                IMA World Fellowship
2                                                                                                IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010

IMA Domestic News and Activities
                                              of approximately 23.5%; however no                Dr. Eidelman explained that over the
Physician Strikes:                            real reforms on issues such as man-          past 10 years physicians have watched
Interview with                                power and CME were realized.                 as the government has skimped on work
Dr. Leonid Eidelman                                It is now 10 years since the agree-     slots, investments in infrastructure and
                                              ment was made and Dr. Eidelman,              doctors’ salaries. It now appears that
         A major activity undertaken by       President of the IMA, predicts that the      the healthcare system is in a worse
         the Israeli Medical Association      subsequent calm is due to come to a          state than it was before the arbitration
in the last decade was a lengthy arbi-        crashing halt. Last month in an interview    process began a decade ago. We are
tration process designed to raise physi-      with Haaretz, one of Israel’s leading        currently facing a physician shortage,
cians’ salaries and implement reforms         newspapers, Dr. Eidelman discussed           with the ratio of doctors to the general
to their working conditions. Following        the struggle that physicians in Israel are   population decreasing. The difference
the physicians’ strike in 2000, and in        currently facing and highlighted the is-     between what a doctor earns in Israel
recognition of the serious legal, ethi-       sue of strikes.                              compared to countries abroad has also
cal and financial costs of striking, the                                                   increased. Dr. Eidelman reported that
IMA agreed in July 2000, on behalf of all                                                  physicians are disappointed that the
publicly employed physicians, to give
                                                    Dr. Eidelman                           government dragged out the arbitra-
up the right to strike for ten years in ex-                                                tion process for more than eight years,
change for this mandatory arbitration.
                                              warned that the                              which meant that it was only possible
The arbitration process only began in         physicians are prepared                      to effect one arbitration agreement. The
2005, and in 2008 it was decided that         for organizational steps,                    original plan had been to execute many
doctors would receive a salary increase       including striking”                          agreements resulting in several wage

    Dr. Leonid Eidelman
IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010                                                                                               3

increases. Furthermore, the physicians           these improvements were applied               The IMA has
had to go to court to pressure the Fi-           insufficiently or unevenly.
                                                                                         continuously opposed the
nance Ministry to uphold the agreement      The IMA supports the idea of mental
they made. This has resulted in poor re-    health reform, but wishes to ensure that
                                                                                         government’s proposal to
lations between the physicians and the      there is proper infrastructure to absorb     take NIS 65 million from
government, which is not a good way to      the patients into the community set-         the standardized health
start new negotiations.                     ting, to allow flexibility in the amount     care basket in order to
      After the High Holidays the IMA       and types of treatment offered and           subsidize the dental plan”
will begin new negotiations with the        diagnoses covered rather than a pre-
government and Dr. Eidelman warned          determined list set by law and to ensure
that the physicians are prepared            that the most vulnerable populations-        proposal to take NIS 65 million from
for organizational steps, including         children and the elderly, who are not        the standardized health care basket in
striking.                                   discussed in the new law-are not ad-         order to subsidize the dental plan, stat-
                                            versely affected. They also demand that      ing that the new program should not be
                                            the clinics currently operated by the        launched at the expense of other drugs.
IMA holds conference on                     Ministry not be closed.                      The IMA welcomed the decision by MP
mental health reform                             The IMA wants to assure serious         Haim Katz, the Committee chair, who
                                            and comprehensive discussion of              confirmed that the dental program
        On 7/7/2010 the IMA held a          the proposed law before changes are          could run on a provisional basis from
        half day conference attended        made.                                        July 1 to November 30, at which point
by over 100 physicians, patients and                                                     it will be decided whether the program
representatives of the government and                                                    will be renewed. The IMA supports the
the health funds to discuss the pro-        Dental Plan to be added                      continued existence of the program, de-
posed mental health reform currently        to the Health Basket                         pendent upon a thorough examination
being discussed in the Knesset.                                                          of the committee that the program is
The reform has three major compo-                    Recently the Israeli High Court     well conceived and executed, and sup-
nents:                                               ruled on a petition submitted       ported by adequate funding.
1. Structural reform: The reduction         by the Israeli Medical Association (IMA),
    of the number of beds in the psy-       finding that the government’s decision
    chiatric inpatient facilities and the   to finance dental care for children was      Uruguayan Medical Association
    transfer of patients to ambulatory      illegal. The dental program, first pro-
    settings.                               posed by the deputy Health Minister                   A delegation from the Uruguay-
2. Insurance reform: Currently, psy-        Ya’acov Litzman last year, would make                 an Medical Association (SMU),
    chiatric care is not included in        children up to the age of 8 years eli-       travelled to Israel last May in order to
    the health care basket of services      gible for free dental treatment including    learn about the Israeli Health System.
    provided by the health funds, but       checkups, x-rays, fillings, cleanings and    The group included Dr. Julio Trostchan-
    rather is under the auspices of the     extractions and with certain other pro-      sky (President); Dr. Martín Fraschini
    Ministry of Health. Besides making      cedures costing up to 20 NIS.                (Vice-President), Dr. Martín Rebella
    an arbitrary distinction between             The Court ruled that in order for       (Secretary) and Luis Lazariz Eq (Finan-
    physical and mental health, this re-    this program to be added to the state-       cial Advisor).
    sults in the Ministry having to fight   subsidized health care basket of ser-             The Uruguayan health system is
    with the Treasury each year for an      vices, approval is required from the         currently undergoing a transformation,
    increase (unlike the basket of ser-     Knesset’s (Israeli Parliament) Labor,        aiming to overcome a series of prob-
    vices which is updated by law) and      Social Welfare and Health Committee          lems grounded in health care services
    underfunding for these services.        prior to its being put forward in Cabinet.   and socio-economic issues. Public
3. Rehabilitation reform: A law passed      Dr. Leonid Eidelman, president of the        health authorities have driven the re-
    in 2000 was meant to provide re-        IMA, expressed great satisfaction with       form of the health system (SNIS) and
    sources for improving rehabilita-       the Court’s decision. The IMA has con-       have consistently emphasized this by
    tion services in the community, but     tinuously opposed the government’s           comparing the Uruguayan experience
4                                                                                                   IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010

with that in place in Israel. Similarities     visited primary health clinics in Bedouin
between the two health systems are             villages ending at Souroka Hospital.                 Sir John spoke
evident from the decision to concen-                It is believed that this visit was not   warmly of his packed visit
trate funding through social insurance         only beneficial to the Uruguayan Medi-        to all of Israel’s major
and reimbursement to providers based           cal Association in teaching them about        medical institutions”
on the calculation of risk-adjusted pre-       the Israeli Health Service, but also al-
miums for the covered population. Fur-         lowed the Israeli Medical Association to
thermore, in Uruguay they often hear           learn from their Uruguayan colleagues         match therapeutics to pathophysiol-
about the benefits of the Israeli health       and discuss common practices and              ogy in the future. For complex diseases,
system as a whole.                             problems.                                     where many genes are involved, the ge-
      The Uruguayan delegation began                                                         netic mapping work is already enabling
their trip with a visit to the Israeli Medi-                                                 us to explore novel metabolic pathways
cal Association where they met with sev-       Sir John Bell Delivers the                    and explain the way that different medi-
eral representatives from the board and        Lord Cohen Visiting                           cines work in different people. Sir John
Scientific Council. They also met with         Professorship Lecture                         gave several examples of the way that
representatives from the Israeli Ministry                                                    recent medical developments have al-
of Health, Mashav (Israel’s agency for                  Prof Sir John Bell is President      ready had a major impact on health care.
International Development Coopera-                      of the Academy of Medical Sci-       Development of anti-psychotic medicine
tion), and the Uruguayan Embassy.              ences and Regius Professor of Medi-           have led to the closure of psychiatric in-
      The Uruguayan professionals were         cine at Oxford University. He trained in      patient units, biological therapies have
able to hear the views of doctors in           medicine in Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar        changed the natural history of rheuma-
Israel and see how the system works            and then at Stanford University where         toid arthritis; and genetic and molecular
in a practical sense through visits to a       he developed research interests in im-        studies have enabled us to ensure that
range of hospitals and primary health          munology, genetics and genomics, with         only those people whose tumours will
clinics across Israel. During their visit to   a particular focus on susceptibility to       respond to Herceptin receive treatment.
Hadassah Hospital they met with Prof           autoimmune diseases.                                Sir John spoke warmly of his packed
Avi Israeli the head of the Health Policy,          The Lord (Henry) Cohen Visiting Pro-     visit to all of Israel’s major medical insti-
Health Care Management and Health              fessorship to Israel is a joint annual ini-   tutions, where he met with biomedical
Economics Department at the Hebrew             tiative funded by Hadassah UK/ British        scientists, clinical academics and the
University.                                    Friends of the Hebrew University/ Jewish      heads of several Universities and In-
      At Rambam hospital, in addition to       Medical Association (UK). The Visiting        stitutes. He visited Hadassah / Hebrew
visiting the departments related to their      Professor is selected as a leading mem-       University, Weizmann Institute, Shaarei
specific specialties, the delegation vis-      ber of the medical profession from the        Zedek Hospital, Ben Gurion University,
ited the trauma unit and teaching center       UK and is taken on a tour of the major        Sheba Medical Centre and the Technion.
for trauma emergency and mass casualty         medical institutions in Israel, meeting       Accompanied by his wife and children,
situations and ended with a tour of the        the leading doctors and researchers at        Prof Bell also had an opportunity to see
emergency and trauma unit. The group           those institutions. On return to the UK, a    historical and cultural sites in Israel,
learnt about Clalit Health services, the       keynote lecture is delivered at the Annu-     and at the home of British Ambassador
largest health fund in Israel, during          al General Meeting of the Jewish Medical      he met, inter alia, with the newly ap-
their visits to Rabin Medical Center and       Association UK on a specialised subject,      pointed Director General of the Israeli
through a tour of the South where they         which can draw on the Prosessors expe-        Ministry of Health and with the Presi-
                                               riences and conclusions that arose from       dent of the Israel Medical Association.
                                               his or her visit to Israel.                   Sir John’s conclusions were that:
     The Uruguayan                                  Sir John Bell’s lecture was entitled     1. Israel has amazing strength in
                                               “Personalised medicine - when will it               ground breaking research, despite
professionals were able                        happen?” He introduced the subject                  the lack of local funding.
to hear the views of                           by explaining how the study of human          2. The number of centres of excellence
doctors in Israel and see                      genetics and the genomic mapping of                 was remarkable for such a small
how the system works”                          individual patients would enable us to              nation.
IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010                                                                                                   5

3.   The Israeli lead in technological
     commercialisation in medicine and
     pharmaceuticals was something
     which the rest of the world could
     learn from them.
4. There was a very strong commit-
     ment to translational research, from
     laboratory bench to patient.
Sir John looked to the future for two de-
velopments: there needs to be more,
and stronger, fellowships and student
exchange programmes between Israel
and the UK, and based upon the num-
ber of centres of medical excellence
in Israel today, he believed that it was
time to create an “Israel Genomics In-
stitute” which would ensure that the
leading groups were encouraged to
work more closely together. If Israel
could develop such an Institute he felt           Dr. Eidelman and Dr. Leon Cohen Bello

they would be world leaders in this
field, which he feels is the real medi-
cine of the future.

Dr. Leon Cohen Bello visit

         Dr. Leon Cohen Bello, Chairman of
         the IMA Argentinean Chapter, trav-
elled to Israel to attend the International
Conference on Bioethics Education: Con-
tents, Methods, Trends, which was held in
Zefat last May. During his time in Israel, Dr.
Bello was welcomed by the Israeli Medical
Association and met with Dr. Eidelman,
President; Dr. Rahamimov, Vice-President
; Leah Wapner, Secretary General; Dr. Feld-
man, IMA World Fellowship Chairman and
Dr. Erdman from the IMA WF board.
     The IMA was to happy invite Dr.
Bello for dinner, where they were able
                                                  From left to right: Dr. Leon Cohen Bello, Dr. Erdman, Dr. Eidelman, Adv. Wapner,
to discuss the work of the Argentinean            Dr. Rahamimov, Dr. Feldman
Chapter as well as medical ethics in
both Israel and Argentina. Dr. Bello
presented the IMA representatives with
a CD from the Argentina Medical Asso-
                                                      The IMA was to happy invite to Dr. Bello for
ciation which contained their Code of            dinner, where they were able to discuss the work of
Ethics. We hope Dr. Bello enjoyed his            the Argentinean Chapter and also medical ethics in
time in Israel and will return again.            both Israel and Argentina”
6                                                                                                   IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010

IMA International Activities

    Dr. Eidelman with representatives of the Korean Medical Association

                                                 Cardiovascular Hospital, EYE & ENT          of the KHA is to guarantee high quality
Dr. Eidelman’s visit                             Hospital, Child and Adolescent Clinic,      medical care to the public by improving
to South Korea                                   Emergency Care Center, Diabetes Cen-        hospital facilities and services. Since it
                                                 ter, Allergy Clinic, and Stroke Intensive   was founded nearly half a century ago
        During a trip to South Korea last        Care Unit. Dr. Eidelman enjoyed a very      on July 2nd, 1959, the KHA has been
        month, Dr. Eidelman, president           informative tour of the hospital’s im-      leading the efforts to upgrade public
of the IMA, met with delegates of both           pressive departments and met with           medical care and further advance the
the Korean Medical Association and               many of its physicians along the way.       hospital industry.
Korean Hospitals Association. To start                Dr. Eidelman then had the pleasure          The key functions of the KHA in-
the day, Dr. Dong Chun Shin (Chair,              of meeting with Dr. Man Ho Kyung, Pres-     clude such hospital development proj-
Executive Committee of International             ident of the Korean Medical Association     ects as hospital management surveys
Relations at the Korean Medical Associ-          (KMA) and Dr. Tai Joon Moon President       and analyses, hospital policy research,
ation) arranged a tour of Yonsei Univer-         Emeritus of KMA, Former President of        prevention and mediation of medical
sity Severance Hospital. The Severance           the World Medical Association and           malpractice cases, among others. In
Hospital of the Yonsei University Health         KMA and former minister of health and       addition, the KHA hosts a wide range
System is the second largest university          welfare of Korea. They were able to dis-    of on-the-job programs and seminars to
hospital in South Korea and is the oldest        cuss current problems which affect both     train resident doctors and improve the
western-style hospital in the country. It        health systems and medical associa-         quality of medical services.
was founded in 1885 by Dr. Horace N.             tions in South Korea and in Israel.              Dr. Eidelman had the opportunity to
Allen, an American missionary doctor.                 Finally, Dr. Eidelman met with rep-    meet and share ideas and experiences
     Severance Hospital manages the              resentatives from the Korean Hospitals      with physicians from the other side of
Cancer Center, Rehabilitation Hospital,          Association (KHA). The main mission         the world. He was able to spend time
IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010                                                                                                 7

learning about both associations and          University. Dr. Blachar delivered a pre-     livered a lecture on the World Medical
gain a greater insight into the Korean        sentation titled: “Israeli Medicine in the   Association titled: “World Medical As-
Health Care system. Dr. Eidelman stated       Media: Reality, Politics or Prejudice”. In   sociation: Mission and Vision for the
that: “No level of correspondence can         the course of the presentation, he dem-      Future”. The lecture was followed by
substitute for the experience of visiting     onstrated how information is not always      a question and answer session and a
another’s country and viewing the other       presented objectively, especially in the     lively discussion.
health system from within. As they say,       media, and certainly not when Israel is           During his time in St Louis, Dr.
a picture is worth a thousand words.”         involved. Dr. Blachar highlighted how        Blachar also had the opportunity to
                                              the media can be ruled by economic           have dinner at the Hillel of St. Louis,
                                              interests and sensationalism sells! In       next to Washington University Campus.
Dr. Yoram Blachar presents                    addition, there is often a hidden, po-
the Boniuk-Tanzman Lecture at                 litical agenda which can result in an
Washington University                         untenable mix of politics and medicine.      Jewish medical ethics conference
                                              Dr. Blachar presented aspects of the
        In late April this year Dr. Blachar   medical reality in Israel and showed                  Dr. Zeev Feldman, IMA-WF chair-
        (Past President of the IMA) was       some of the problems in the way this is               man, and I spent a wonderful
invited to Washington University in St.       presented by the media.                      four days at the JMEC in Stoos, Switzer-
Louis to give the Boniuk-Tanzman lec-               The next day Dr. Blachar met with      land, sponsored in part by the IMA-WF
ture on Jewish Medical Ethics. This lec-      medical students at Washington Uni-          Swiss Chapter.
ture is dedicated to the memory of Mr.        versity Medical School where he de-                The conference itself was held in a
Hyman Boniuk for his concern for peo-                                                      lovely hotel nestled in the picturesque
ple and Jewish thought, and Dr. Joseph                                                     mountains overlooking Lake Lucerne-or
Tanzman for his dedication to the prop-             he demonstrated                        so we were told. Four days of rain and
agation of Jewish ethics in the practice      how information is                           snow kept us inside for a fascinating
of medicine. It is also held in memory
                                              not always presented                         program but will necessitate a return
of Rachel Boniuk and Cecelia Tanzman,                                                      trip to the area to enjoy the scenery.
the women of valor behind these two
                                              objectively, especially                            The program-focusing on the theme
dedicated men. Dr. Blachar was the 26th       in the media, and                            of “The Human Mind in Crisis” – was di-
Boniuk-Tanzman Lecturer. His three            certainly not when                           verse and informative and included lec-
most recent predecessors were:                Israel is involved”                          tures by physicians, psychologists and
•	 Avraham Steinberg, M.D.
     Director, Center for Medical Ethics,
     Hebrew University-Hadassah Medi-
     cal School
•	 Fred Rosner, M.D., F.A.C.P.
     Former Director of the Department
     of Medicine, Queens Hospital
     Center and Professor of Medicine,
     Mount Sinai School of Medicine
•	 Michael A. Grodin, M.D.
     Professor of Health Law, Bioethics,
     and Human Rights, Boston University
     School of Public Health and Professor
     of Socio-Medical Sciences, Commu-
     nity Medicine and Psychiatry, Boston
     University School of Medicine
At the Boniuk-Tanzman Lecture, the
audience was made up of physicians
                                                Dr. Yoram Blachar
and faculty members of Washington
8                                                                                             IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010

                                                                                            The program-
                                                                                       focusing on the theme
                                                                                       of “The Human Mind in
                                                                                       Crisis” was diverse and
                                                                                       informative and included
                                                                                       lectures by physicians,
                                                                                       psychologists and rabbis”

                                                                                            During his visit, Prof Shoenfeld dis-
                                                                                       cussed Israeli relations with the members
                                                                                       and, in particular, the work of the “Feder-
                                                                                       ico” Foundation program, for which he is
                                                                                       a consultant. The “Federico” Foundation
                                                                                       program works to bring Latino doctors
                                                                                       and scientists to Israel. So far, Prof. Shoe-
                                                                                       nfeld has recruited eight doctors from
                                                                                       Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil and
    Social activies at the JMEC conference                                             Colombia. In the near future an additional
                                                                                       two doctors from Brazil and Argentina will
rabbis, among others. Individual case        and attend the conference: LACA - Latin   travel to Israel to work at the Zabludow-
studies, Jewish sources and unusual          American Congress of Autoimmunity.        icz Center for Autoimmune Diseases at
ethical dilemmas added to the interest       Prof. Shoenfeld arranged for this to be   Sheba Medical Center.
of the sessions.                             held in the Argentine capital, with 600        Prof. Shoenfeld was granted hon-
     Along with the scientific program,      physicians and scientists from around     orary membership by the Argentinean
we were treated to wonderful Klezmer         the American continent in attendance.     chapter.
music, a Swiss night replete with tra-
ditional Swiss food and music and the
pleasure of meeting health profession-
als from all over the world.
     I’d like to thank our hosts, Rafael
Guggenheim and Willy Lipschutz of the
Swiss Chapter for their Swiss hospitality.
We can’t wait for the next conference!
> Malke Borow

Prof. Shoenfeld’s visit
in Argentina

         On 29.6.10 Prof. J. Shoenfeld,
         the editor of the IMA publica-
tions “HAREFUA” and “IMAJ”, and head
of the Department of Interial Medicine
‘B’ at Sheba Medical Center, met with
members of the Argentinean chapter
in Buenos Aires. The purpose of his
                                               Prof. Shoenfeld
visit to Buenos Aires was to organize
IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010                                                                                               9

Cross Border Medicine

               e have all read with admiration in these pages         with and disseminated emails to
               the work of the Israeli physicians and allied pro-     the membership encouraging them to write letters to the
               fessionals who travelled to Haiti on a humani-         journal. After receiving over 200 letters, the editor of the
tarian mission following the devastation of the recent earth-         journal engaged DARA in an hour-long discussion about
quake. From lives saved in state of the art field hospitals, to       the biased nature of the articles. The editor kept to his
the work of search and rescue teams, Israel’s contribution            word of publishing a piece highlighting one of Israel’s
has been exemplary.                                                   favourable medical contributions (Save a Child’s Heart)
     If one, however, were to believe much of what has been           and promised to be more objective in selecting future
circulating on the Internet and in the blogosphere, the real          articles for publication.
reason Israel sent its delegation was to secretly steal the or-   2. DARA members have attended anti-Israel medical lec-
gans of Haitians and sell them for profit.                            tures on University campuses to challenge the one sided
     Such statements should come as no surprise. In the past          view of the speakers. This often led to verbal assaults on
few years, there has been a dramatic, global resurgence of            the DARA members in attendance. This atmosphere of in-
anti-Semitism. What is somewhat surprising is that it fre-            timidation has led to high level meetings between DARA
quently emanates from academics, who often disguise their             and University of Toronto administration to implement
hatred for Jews in the form of irrational, disproportionate, and      mechanisms whereby University events would be free of
vocal criticism of Israel.                                            harassment and intimidation.
     Unfortunately, this form of anti-Semitism has found its      3. DARA organized a Royal conference in October 2009
way into medicine and the medical literature.                         titled “The Medical & Psychological Impact of Terrorism”.
     In response to a highly biased piece of anti-Israel pro-         Speakers included specialists from Pakistan, Afghani-
paganda disguised as medical literature in the Lancet, a              stan, Israel and Canada. The Royal College of Physicians
group of physicians and dentists in Toronto, Canada formed            and Surgeons of Canada approved the conference for
a group to combat racism and anti-Semitism in medicine and            CME credits.
academia in March 2009. Doctors Against Racism and Anti-          4. DARA spear-headed and very actively supported a coun-
Semitism (DARA) was born.                                             ter-petition to prevent the removal of the WMA president
     Currently numbering over 500 members around the                  Dr. Yoram Blachar.
world, DARA is a grassroots organization of health care pro-      5. DARA has been very active in the counter boycott of Is-
fessionals whose activities are directed at opposing racism           raeli physicians.
and anti-semitism in the medical realm specifically and aca-      After it came to DARA’s attention in November 2009 that a
demic environments generally. It seeks to ensure that medical     CME conference sponsored by the Ontario Medical Associa-
publications maintain the stan-                                                                  tion (OMA) was to take place in
dards of verifiability expected                 DARA is a grassroots                             Dubai (thereby disallowing en-
of scientific literature in avoid-                                                               try to Israeli physicians), DARA
ing promulgation of subjective
                                        organization of health care                              notified the OMA and the spon-
articles aimed at vilifying any
                                        professionals whose activities are                       sorship was cancelled.
race, nation or country.                directed at opposing racism and                                In November 2009, Israeli
     In the past year and a             anti-semitism in the medical realm” physicians and scientists were
half, since the not-for-profit                                                                   disallowed entry into Egypt to
group was formed, much has been accomplished.                     participate in a regional Breast Cancer Conference. After
1. In response to an ostensibly anti-Israel article in the Ca-    discussions with the organizers, assurances were given to
     nadian Medical Association Journal, DARA teamed up           DARA that the Israeli delegation would be allowed to par-
10                                                                                           IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010

ticipate. Unfortunately the decision came too late to affect     delegates is not prohibited on the basis of nationality, race,
their attendance.                                                religion, sexual orientation, and other xenophobic criteria.
     After it came to DARA’s attention that an International          DARA is not an Israel advocacy group. Where there is
Anesthesiology conference was to take place in Dubai, DARA       racism and anti-Semitism, DARA, as part of its mandate, will
contacted American sponsors of the meeting, who subse-           get involved. For example, DARA endorsed the “Save the Doc-
quently withdrew sponsorship.                                    tors” campaign, encouraging due process of law for two Sri
     DARA was involved in high level discussions with the        Lankan physicians held without trial in Sri Lanka.
organizers of the International Society of Thrombosis and He-         DARA continues to monitor the literature, fight boycotts
mostasis in May 2010,                                                                                 of physicians, and are
after several Israeli phy-             DARA is currently involved in an                               planning a second con-
sicians were disallowed        education campaign targeting International                             ference on the humani-
into the International
                               medical societies, encouraging them to                                 tarian contributions of
meeting in Egypt, under                                                                               various countries in the
threat of boycott and
                               hold conferences in locations where entry                              medical arena. DARA
intimidation from the          of conference delegates is not prohibited on                           continues to engage Uni-
Egyptian Medical Syndi-        the basis of nationality, race, religion, sexual                       versities to provide an
cate. Regrettably, DARA        orientation, and other xenophobic criteria”                            academic environment
was unable to persuade                                                                                that protects freedom of
the organizers to cancel the conference, though we are quite     speech without harassment and intimidation.
certain Egypt will not be a future location for their annual In-      DARA strives to promote the message that hate and dis-
ternational meeting.                                             crimination have no place in medicine.
     DARA is currently involved in an education campaign
targeting International medical societies, encouraging them      For information on how to join DARA, please visit:
to hold conferences in locations where entry of conference or email
IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010                                                                                                        11

                                      Israeli Arabs and Jews
                                      in the medical arena
                                      During last year's Gaza war I blogged for the BMJ and
                                      here is a piece of relevance to my point about coexistence
                                      of Israeli Arabs and Jews in the medical arena
                                      > by Mark Clarfield

        omeone less than familiar with           glophones and Francophones, despite            tensions, this war has not produced any
        Israel might wonder how dur-             sometimes powerful political disagree-         in this domain. My wife, also a doctor,
        ing this crisis we handle Israeli        ments, pragmatically worked together.          who works in a Jerusalem hospital feels
Arab patients who walk around the                My guess is one can also find an anal-         the same. Despite the conflict, Israeli
hospital in a bright red kaffieh and             ogy with the relations between Protes-         hospitals remain bastions of civic and
use the helicopter pad as a place to             tants and Catholics in Northern Ireland.       civil sanity.
pray. After all, we are in the midst of a             It is true that for the most part, Jew-         When this war started the hospital
war just a few miles from the hospital           ish and Arab folk here in my hospital          administration decided to close down
involving an Arab Islamist group bent            avoid talking much about politics. But         several wards (including my own geriatrics
not only the killing of Jews, but publicly       we do talk about our patients and their        department) because they were located
and proudly sworn to the destruction             needs. I will not deny that Israeli society    in buildings relatively insecure against
of the Jewish state.                             suffers from friction between her nearly 6     a missile attack. (A direct hit would of
     Can one detect any hostility ex-            million Jews and more than 1 million Ar-       course pulverize any building here.) The
pressed towards our Israeli Arab pa-             abs as well as displaying both social and      neonatal intensive care unit also had to
tients? Do we provide second class ser-          economic gaps. But then again other            be transferred. The scene was an evoca-
vice? Is there a problem at all? The simple      countries are burdened with not dissimi-       tive one indeed: a variegated caravan of
answer is that both before and during the        lar problems: for example, the United          mothers and fathers – half of whom were
war, Arab patients were and are treated          States with whites and blacks; Canada          Bedouins, the women with their long flow-
in our hospital no differently than are          and Australia with their aboriginal popu-      ing robes mixed in with Jewish mothers
their Jewish counterparts. In fact, Soroka       lations; or the UK with her Muslim minor-      and fathers dressed in more conventional
Hospital’s staff is made up of both Arabs        ity. And these countries do not have a         styles, all pushing their babies in incuba-
and Jews, and whatever our politics, in          war raging on their borders nor missiles       tors to their new home in the hospital.
our day to day work we actually get along        lobbed at them from just outside.              Five of the neonates were attached to
quite well. In fact, all over the country, Is-        That being said, neither within the       ventilators, not an easy lot to transfer in a
raeli Arab doctors operate on Israeli Jew-       health service in general nor Israeli hos-     hurry. Along with parents were staff, both
ish patients. For their part, Israeli Jewish     pitals in particular have I ever noticed       Arab and Jewish, helping them along.
paramedics look after Israeli Arabs when         any problems; furthermore despite the                We all hope that one day, despite
the Hamas missiles fall in the south, or                                                        this recent round of fighting, peace will
Hizbullah rockets in the north. And they                                                        break out between Israel and her neigh-
can and do strike both Israeli Arabs and                Soroka Hospital’s                       bours, including the Palestinian Arabs
Jews. Evidently our enemies believe in           staff is made up of                            of the Gaza Strip. Until then, despite
equal opportunity.
                                                 both Arabs and Jews,                           all pressures, our hospital as well as all
     Oddly enough, relations between                                                            health institutions in Israel remain an
the two nations here in Israel reminds
                                                 and whatever our                               excellent model for future coexistence
me of the charged social/political cli-          politics, in our day to                        between Arab and Jew.
mate when I lived in Quebec in the               day work we actually
fractious 1980s. Then (and now) An-              get along quite well”                          reprinted with the kind permsion of the BMJ
12                                                                                             IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010

Humanitarian Aid

Haiti rehabilitation mission
           Dr. Tzaki Siev-Ner updates us
                                                                                                          Giving a
           on his second visit to Haiti                                                                   personal
           and the progress of the re-                                                                    example -
habilitation mission. The Israeli                                                                         to shorten
team returned to Haiti in the                                                                             the process
months of April and May this
                                       ON A
year. A rehabilitation center       MISSION
was opened during their stay at
Haiti’s University and Education-
al Hospital (HUEH) in Port-au-Prince.

Plans for the future….
In the long term, the Israeli team will                                                                      Dr. Tzaki Siev-Ner
set up a program of rotating special-
ists, including a physiatrist, orthopedic
surgeon, physiotherapist, O.T., and a
prostheses technician, all of whom will
travel to Haiti to continue to treat pa-
tients and maintain the program.
     A major part of the work that the
Israeli team plans to focus on is in the
development of prostheses. The aim
is to make and provide prostheses for
the people of Haiti free of charge. The
team will also work on gait training and
orthopedic rehabilitation in all post
traumatic conditions.                       Renovation of the clinic: Equipping the center with good western standards.
                                            The Haitian people deserve the same professional standards that we receive.
To secure sustainability….
In order to ensure that their work is
sustained the Israeli team are training
the trainers and renovating the center,
ensuring that is has all the equipment it
needs. They have also made a contract
for the next three years stating that the
department will continue to run as a
rehabilitation center. The Israeli team
is working in collaboration with Magen
David Adom (MDA), Jewish Distribution
Committee (JDC), Local Red Cross and a        Dr. Lassegue – CEO of HUEH and JDC (Jewish   Symbolic celebration of the “official
government run hospital.                      Distribution Committee) delegation           beginning” of the project with Dr. Gedeon
IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010                                                                                                 13

Medical Achievements

                                                                                          ers monitored the smoking behavior
Pre-empting multiple sclerosis                Smoking – a habit                           and craving levels of male and female
> printed by courtesy of ISRAEL21c            not an addiction                            in-flight attendants working at the Is-                    > printed by courtesy of ISRAEL21c          raeli airline El Al.
         A breakthrough finding from Is-                           To read the full story, click here
rael may lead to earlier diagnosis, more              Smoking is a habit, not an ad-
effective intervention, and perhaps           diction according to new research from
even a cure for the autoimmune disease        Israel. Lighting up – it’s psychosocial,    Diabetes may double cancer
multiple sclerosis.                           not physiological, according to a new       risks in women
     “Those who will develop MS will          Israeli study.                                       > printed by courtesy of ISRAEL21c
show a different blood signature from              Everyone has been assuming it’s       
those who will not,” says Prof. Anat          an addiction for years, but now compel-     A new Israeli study suggests that wom-
Achiron, director of the Multiple Sclero-     ling new research from Israel suggests      en with type 2 diabetes are twice as
sis Center at Sheba Medical Center.           that smokers find it hard to give up        likely to get cancer, while men with the
     Multiple sclerosis (MS) has dev-         cigarettes because they are a habit, not    condition are less likely to get prostrate
astated the lives of two million people       an addiction. In a new study, Dr. Reuven    cancer.
around the world. The disease is more         Dar, of Tel Aviv University, found that          Women with type 2 diabetes are
prevalent in cold climates and attacks        the intensity of cravings for cigarettes    at double the risk of getting cancer
twice as many women as men. There is          had more to do with the psychosocial        according to a new study by Israeli re-
currently no cure. Now, research from         element of smoking than with the physi-     searchers.
Israel may pave the way for a diagnosis       ological effects of nicotine as an addic-        Led by Dr. Gabriel Chodick and Dr.
before symptoms appear and debilita-          tive chemical.                              Varda Shalev of Tel Aviv University’s De-
tion sets in. Earlier diagnosis of the dis-        “These findings might not be popu-     partment of Epidemiology and Preven-
ease will allow earlier medical interven-     lar with advocates of the nicotine addic-   tive Medicine at the university’s Faculty
tion - and perhaps even lead to a cure.       tion theory, because they undermine         of Medicine, the study of over 16,000
     Prof. Anat Achiron of Tel Aviv Uni-      the physiological role of nicotine and      diabetes finds that while diabetes re-
versity’s Faculty of Medicine and direc-      emphasize mind over matter when it          duces the rate of prostrate cancer in
tor of the Multiple Sclerosis Center at       comes to smoking,” admits Dar, who          men, women with type 2 diabetes are
Sheba Medical Center has uncovered a          published his findings in the Journal of    twice as likely to get female genital and
new way of detecting MS biomarkers in         Abnormal Psychology.                        other cancers.
the blood. Her findings were published             Today about 1.35 billion people in          This is not the only study to report
in the journal Neurobiology of Disease        the world smoke - that’s about 20 per-      such a risk, but it’s one of the largest to
and are expected to pave the way for a        cent of the world’s population. In the      confirm these findings, and the first to
diagnosis of MS before symptoms can           US alone, one in five Americans dies of     determine the statistical differences in
appear, allowing for earlier treatment.       smoking related causes, according to        cancer risks for men and women.
     MS attacks the central nervous           the World Health Organization. World-            Type 2 diabetes normally occurs
system and eventually renders most pa-        wide, someone dies from tobacco use         in adulthood and is characterized by
tients disabled. The National MS Society      every eight seconds - about five million    high blood glucose and an insulin de-
estimates that there are currently about      people annually. Cravings among flight      ficiency. It affects more than 10 percent
400,000 cases in the US. In Israel there      attendants                                  of all women in the US over the age of
are an estimated 5,000 cases, according            Dar and his colleagues based their     20, according to the American Diabetes
to the Israel Multiple Sclerosis Society.     conclusions on two landmark studies.        Association.
    To read the full story, click here        In the most recent study, the research-         To read the full story, click here
14                                                                                                 IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010

Chapter Tidbits
                                                                                           der the presidency of professor Bernard
                                                                                           Dan from Brussels. Several topics were
                                                                                           discussed among them new diagnostic
                                                                                           and therapeutic tools and the difficulty
                                                                                           of evidence based treatment evaluation
                                                                                           in childhood disability. The impact of
                                                                                           human, cultural and familial influences
                                                                                           were also studied. The Israeli contribu-
                                                                                           tion at this level was impressive.
                                                                                                The neuropediatric unit of Shaare
                                                                                           Zedek Medical Center from H. Ben-Pazi,
                                                                                           S. Jaworowski and R.S Shalev in Jerusa-
                                                                                           lem stressed the importance of the rec-
                                                                                           ognition of specific cognitive and psychi-
                                                                                           atric phenotypes in movement disorders
                                                                                           in children in order to choose appropri-
     From Australia                                                                        ate treatment. Their work was supported
                                                                                           by a grant of the IMAWF-Belgium.
                                                                                                V. Kindler from the Israeli Bobath
Australia: AJMF family                       Belgium: European Academy of                  Tutors association showed her results
conference last Jan 2010                     Childhood Disability conference               with techniques of improving the ability
        The conference was our biennial      in Brussels                                   to integrate visual information in chil-
        AJMF conference this year held              Welcome reception for the Israeli      dren with cerebral visual impairment.
along the South Queensland coast at the             delegation at the Musée de la          She also discussed together with M. Wa-
Hyatt Coolum resort. 80 delegates from       Médecine                                      isman Nitzan from D. Agmon Preschool
around Australia and 1 from New York             From 26 to 29 May 2010 the Europe-        from Jerusalem the importance of pow-
and their families, over 230 people in       an Academy of Childhood Disability orga-      ered mobility and their consequences.
all, gathered at a 5 star resort engaging    nized its annual meeting in Brussels un-           D. Green from the Sackler school
together in a wonderful holiday atmo-
sphere. An excellent scientific program
brought the delegates together in the
morning followed by conference lunches
social activities and dinners. The confer-
ence was fully kosher. As usual a great
time was had by all. We look forward to
welcoming more of our world fellowship
colleagues to future conferences.
      A recent debate on whether the
iphone is good for medicine or not was
held between medical students and
physicians recently in Melbourne. A
great turnout voted the students clear
winners of the debate arguing the af-
firmative.                                     From left to right: Prof. Bernard Dan, M. Lev, Mme ambassador Samash, M. Belder MP,
                                               Dr. W. Lipschutz
Regards, Ronald
IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010                                                                                                   15

                                                   After the reception at the city-hall          The development of the Israeli mod-
                                              and academic séance at the European           el and the international perspectives of
                                              Parliament, the Israeli participants had      collaboration – Lombardy, Israel, and
                                              the opportunity to meet Mme Samash,           the United States of America.
                                              Ambassador of Israel, M. Belder, Euro-
                                              pean MP and member of the European                 Milan, March 9, an international
                                              friends of Israel, and Dr. W. Lipschutz       conference was organized by the Jewish
                                              president from the Belgian chapter at a       Community of Milan, AME and Mount Si-
  Dr. W. Lipschutz and Dr. Hilla Ben-Pazi     welcome lunch organized by the Israel         nai Association involving the top man-
                                              Medical Association World Fellowship.         agement of Italian, Lombardian, Israeli
                                                                                            and American health systems.
                                                                                                 The necessity of realizing a global
                                              Italy                                         and joint social-health care system to
                                                      Two nice girls, medical students,     face up to social-health emergency all
                                                      received grants from AME Italia       over the world was the common pur-
                                              (the Italian Medical Jewish Association)      pose of the meeting.
                                              to participate at the European Jewish              The experts showed the importance
                                              Medical Student Conference, in Lon-           of the cooperation between the Lom-
  M. Belder, European MP addressing the       don, last February. They were happy to        bardian, Israeli and American health
  Israeli delegation                          have the possibility to be in an interna-     systems, lead by the Lombardy Region.
                                              tional meeting where they could meet               In fact, in 1998 started the visits to
of Medicine in Tel Aviv together with         their colleagues and cope with “jewish        Israel to understand the health system
L. Holmstrom, F. Ullen, A. Hedberg and A.C.   medicine”.                                    and import some aspects of the model
Elliasson from the Karolinska institute in         Just our girls and two dutch students    in Italian reality.
Stockholm were able to show specific im-      were not english among 40 people. Next             In 2008 the Lombardy Region and
provement of finger movement speed, tim-      time let’ s do it more international! Send    the Israel Health Ministry signed an
ing and accuracy with a specially designed    your future!                                  agreement of cooperation.
laptop game in unilateral cerebral palsy.          They came back to Italy with an inter-        Considering that in Israel modern
     S. Capelowitch from European Bo-         esting report and hoping to meet again.       structures have been realized to solve
bath Tutors Association and T. Ashkenazi
from Clalit Child development in Carmiel
evaluated together with I. Namonrah
from princess basma in Jerusalem and
A. Amro from the Al Quds university in
Bethlehem the feasibility of a cross-cul-
ture research project administred by the
Joint Distribution Committee. The Tools
for motor function, quality of life, and
participation were translated into Arabic
and Hebrew. The research is conducted
in three groups: Israeli-Jewish, Israeli-
Arab and Palestinian-Arab.
     D. Elad, E. Eisenstein O. Bar, S. Ba-
rak, U. Givon and A. Brezner from the Sa-
fra chidren Hospital at the Sheba Medical
Center in Tel Aviv showed discrepancies
between the parent’s and health care
provider’s assessment of functional level
                                                Medical students at the European Jewish medical student conference
of children with cerebral palsy.
16                                                                                                    IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010

problems of social emergency reducing                                                          participate in disaster relief.
the costs of the system, Lombardy and                                                               Mr Alec Nacamuli from the Nebi
USA are interested in a partnership.                                                           Daniel Foundation spoke to a meeting
     Call centers committed to multiple ser-                                                   about the topic “Jews from Arab Coun-
vices of advanced home care assistance,                                                        tries” and described the recent restora-
new technologies, expenses, the difficul-                                                      tion of synagogues in Egypt.
ties that the American managing group is                                                            Prof Howard Cedar from the Hebrew
facing with the reform, maxi-emergencies                                                       University, Jerusalem, delivered a Joffe
were the core of the conference.                                                               Memorial lecture about his current work
     The three countries were very well                                                        on silencing of genes, highlighting how
represented by directors of associations                                                       epigenetics is likely to influence cancer
and members of ministries, I just want            Alan Naftalin, Dr. Barsoum and David Katz    research in the future.
to remember Yaakov Litzman, Deputy                                                                  Medical student activities have
Minister of Health of the State of Israel.      configuration of health services in order      included Freshers events in both Lon-
     Last, but not least, a tasty buffet        to improve patient care.                       don and Birmingham, promotion of Tay
introduced the debate.                                Nine elective bursaries were award-      Sachs screening in Birmingham, a ski
Dr. Maria Silvera, AME Italia.                  ed to medical students for electives,          vacation, and regular social events.
                                                many of which were for periods of study             The first “Student Jewish Medical
                                                in Israel, but also including placements       Association UK conference” took place
Britain: Updates from the Jewish                in Mumbai (India) and Australia.               in London, with participants from the
Medical Association UK                                An intensive medical student Israel      UK, Italy and the Netherlands. Speakers
        Prof Peter Rubin, newly – elected       experience tour took a group from the          were Jonathan Sacks (medical student
        President of the General Medical        north (Western Galilee Hospital, Naha-         from Barts and London) on surrogacy in
Council, visited Israel as Henry Cohen          riya) to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and then      Jewish Law; Dr. Michael Coren on Jewish
Visiting Professor under our auspices           south (Yeroucham and Ben Gurion Uni-           aspects of paediatric practice; Rabbi Dr.
(with added support from Hadassah               versity / Soroka Hospital).                    Akiva Tatz about assessment of risk in
UK) and saw aspects of Israeli medicine               Dr. John Cookson delivered the first     Jewish Law; Prof Michael Baum about
at first hand. He addressed the Annual          Sam Cohen Memorial Lecture, told us            the anti-scientific nature of “alternative
General Meeting of the Association, re-         about his work in Liaison Psychiatry, fol-     medicine”; and Prof David Katz and Mr
viewing the history of medical education        lowing in the traditions of the late Prof      Benjamin Pogrund about the inaccurate
in the UK over the past 150 years, ques-        Cohen, and about how the subject had           analogy that is made between Israeli
tioning the view that “all has changed          developed in recent years.                     medicine and medicine under the apart-
for the worse”.                                       Dr. Masad Barhoum, Director of the       heid regime in South Africa.
     Dr. Nicholas Naftalin, in a Presiden-      Western Galilee Hospital, and the first             The tenth Jakobovits Lecture in
tial address, told the Association about        Israeli Arab to be appointed to such a         Jewish Medical Ethics, (11th May), was
his experience in reorganisation and re-        position, spoke to a meeting about his         delivered by Rabbi Prof Michael Broyde.
                                                experiences running a 650 bed hospital,        Sadly this lecture took place during the
                                                and his future plans for the Nahariyah         week of shiva for Lady Jakobovits z”l ,
                                                medical campus.                                an outstanding personality in the Jew-
                                                      Ten Israeli colorectal surgeons visit-   ish world, and a strong supporter and
                                                ed the UK for a training course, and took      patron of our activities.
                                                part in a JMA meeting addressed by Prof             The Annual General Meeting (13th
                                                Irving Taylor on the topical subject of        July) will be addressed by the Henry Co-
                                                how UK doctors will be revalidated for         hen Visiting Professor for 2010, Prof Sir
                                                medical practice in the future.                John Bell (Regius Professor of Medicine
                                                      Dr. Shai Dar from Hadassah Hospi-        at Oxford and President of the Academy
                                                tal, Jerusalem spoke to a meeting about        of Medical Sciences).
     David Katz with Ron Prof at their annual   his experiences as part of the Israeli              In addition Jewish Medical Asso-
                                                Emergency team that went to Haiti to           ciation (UK) members have continued
IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010                                                                                                            17

to provide expert advice to the Board
of Deputies and other Jewish organi-
sations about professional issues on
many occasions.

Canada: CIMA Annual Dinner
and Lecture
        At the end of January the Canadian
        branch of the International Fed-
eration of the Israel Medical Association
(CIMA) held their annual dinner and lec-
ture. Dr. Rose Geist, President of the CIMA,
reviewed the activities of the last year.
     The IMA supported two scholarships
in 2009: The Dr. Wolf Grobin Scholarship
was given to Dr. Alice Lam who completed
her educational elective in Israel at the
Haddassah Hebrew University Medical
Centre for Infectious Diseases focusing
particularly on women’s health issues            From left to right, Back: Dr. Levi Gegati, Prof. Bumaschny, Mrs. Castro Nessim, Dr. Castro
and Infectious Diseases in Pregnancy.            Nessim, Dr. Benyakar. Front: Mrs. Cohen, Dr. Levin, Mrs. Shoenfeld, Prof. Shoenfeld and
The Dr. Arthur Wolfish Scholarship was           Dr. Cohen Bello.
awarded to Dr. Dana Newman who at-
tended the Ben-Gurion University Medi-                                                          the executive as well as their spouses.
cal School for International Health.           Argentina                                             On this occasion Prof Shoenfeld
     Dr. Geist reported that there is an               To mark the occasion of the              was presented with the title “Honor-
initiative underway to develop a work-                 Buenos Aires Latin American              ary Member of the Argentine Chapter
ing relationship with their American           Congress of Immunology, we met with              of the IMA” for lifetime achievement in
Colleagues to create a North American          Prof. Yehuda Shoenfeld, of Tel Aviv Uni-         research. Visitors and hosts expressed
Branch of the International Federation         versity.                                         their enthusiasm for the beginning of
of the Israel Medical Association. A joint          Prof. Shoenfeld was received by the         a relationship that goes beyond aca-
meeting is being planned in the 2010.          Argentine Chapter of the Israeli Medical         demics, to become a true gathering of
It has been suggested that an Institute        Association, with whom he joined in a            friends sharing and working for the
for Jewish Medical Ethics be a focus of        warm dinner last June. Prof. Shoenfeld           same purpose.
activity of the two organizations.             has been the editor of scientific publica-
     Dr. Mark Clarfield, Director of the       tions at the IMA (Israeli Medical Associa-
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev             tion) for 10 years, in addition to being a       Brazil
Medical School for International Health        central reference point for issues related               On the 12th of January, an earth-
in collaboration with Columbia Univer-         to the auto immunology worldwide. He                     quake of 7.0 Richter magnitude
sity Medical Center was the key note           has published over 2,000 scientific pa-          occurred in Port au Prince - Haiti, the
speaker. Dr. Clarfield provided an excel-      pers and several books on the specialty.         least-developed and poorest country in
lent overview of geriatric medicine in         He was received together with his wife, by       the Western Hemisphere. A few hours
Israel. He also spoke about the medical        the board of the Argentine Chapter of the        later, we managed to organize a medi-
school and its innovative programs in          IMA, led by its chairman, Dr. Leon Cohen         cal team of specialists and nurses to
international health medical training.         Bello, Secretary, Dr. Ernesto Castro Nes-        send to Haiti as an humanitarian AID
Members of his staff distributed pack-         sim, Prof. Eduardo Bumaschny of the Ad-          and disaster relief effort. Two days later,
ages describing the activities of the          visory Committee, Dr. Ricardo Levi Gegati,       we sent a team first to the Dominican
medical school.                                and Prof. Elena Levin, active members of         Republic, for logistical reasons, and
18                                                                                              IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010

hours later we drove a van into Jimani,     with more than 200 beds in tents was         a rehabilitation center which utilizes a
on the border of Haiti with the following   created to accommodate the several           multi-disciplinary, team-oriented ap-
objectives: to provide immediate medi-      hundred injured Haitian earthquake           proach to patient care. Heading the team
cal help to the many injured and to cre-    victims who underwent surgery in the         of health care professionals were physi-
ate a situational diagnosis in order to     nearby Dominican Hospital in Jimani          cian specialists, and along with nurses,
organize the aid post.                      and provides a high level of medical         therapists, psychologists, the rehab pro-
     During 30 days, Hospital Israelita     and rehabilitative support.                  cess benefits patients by preventing com-
Albert Einstein from Brazil joined the           The Albert Einstein team of 50 mem-     plications, doing rehabilitation interven-
Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI)       bers consisted of orthopedic surgeons,       tions, monitoring and treating patient’s
who established the Fond Parisien           general surgeons, internal medicine, pe-     pain and providing strong emotional sup-
Disaster Recovery Center (DRC)- a           diatricians, obstetrician/ gynecologist,     port and psychological intervention.
partnership between the HHI and Love        anesthesiologists, OR assistant, nurses           This report was witten by Dr. Lottem-
a Child Inc. This large displacement        and lab and radiologic technicians. We       berg, President of Albert Einstein Jewish
center and medical compound in Fond         also provided a broad range of services,     Hospital in São Paulo and Dr. Steinman
Parisien on the Haiti side of the bor-      including point of care testing, 4 tons of   a surgeon that was there. This was the
der with the Dominican Republic has         medical supplies and a lab.                  contribution of the Brasilian Jewish com-
treated over 1,200 patients. This camp           The team speedily worked to create      munity Shabat Shalom Abram.

                      IMA-WF invites you
                      to take part in 2 initiatives
        Taglit for medical students                               Emergency preparedness course

          1                                                         2
                 aged 22-26. This program will be based on                The APF (American Physicians Fellowship)
                 the standard Taglit model, with emphasis                 has, for several years, been running a
                 on elements of special interest to aspiring              course in emergency medicine for physi-
        physicians. Our aim is to recruit about 20 students       cians who wish to volunteer in Israel in times of
        from all over the world for each trip.                        national emergency. We intend to broaden
                                                                         the format and the number of courses and
        The trip will involve touring cultural, his-
                                                                           would like to suggest that you, IMA-WF
        torical and religious sites, as well as trips
                                                                           chapters, check to see if you have physi-
        to scientific and medical institutions and
                                                                           cians who may be interested in participat-
        meetings with distinguished physicians.
                                                                           ing. We aim to propose 10-12 physicians
        We'd be pleased to have your coopera-                              for the upcoming course to be held from
        tion in helping to recruit medical students                      November 06, 2010- November 11, 2010.
        for this project.
                                                                  Initially the course will be available for English speak-
        We would like to launch our first trip at the end of      ers only, but once the format proves itself, courses
        December.                                                 for French speakers will be organized as well.
                                                                  The program, which is published by the APF, can
                                                                  be found at the following link:

                               If you are interested, please respond to:
IMA AROUND THE GLOBE | AUGUST 2010                                                                                                                                                        19

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        Israeli Medical                                                                                                                                  The Impact Factor (IF) of
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        Association Journal - IMAJ                               Israel Medical Association
                                                                 Vol 12, Number 7, July 2010

        We are happy to inform you that the Israeli Medical
        Association Journal (IMAJ) is available online for
        all IMA World Fellowship members. IMAJ publishes
        original articles and reviews, editorials, case
        reports and other feature columns. Unique is IMAJ’s
        coverage of specific regional issues - infectious
        and parasitic diseases, effects of the local
        environment on morbidity and mortality, Jewish
        genetic diseases, epidemiology of subpopulations
        - relevant to medical practice in distant countries                                             yields cure rates exceeding
                                                                           Mohs micrographic surgerys while allowing for
                                                                           those of all other modalitie
                                                                                                          thy tissue” (see page 431)
        with similar biopsychosocial problems.                             maximal conservation of heal
                                                                                                                                Serum inflammatory markers
                                                                                                  Antibodies to various                                            laparoscopic surgery
                                                                   Pacemakers and magnetic                                      in overweight children
                                                                                                  mycoplasmas in patients                                          for liver tumors
                                                                   resonance imaging: no longer                                 and adolescents with non-
                                                                                                  with coronary heart disease
        >                                      an absolute contraindication
                                                                   when scanned correctly
                                                                                                                                 alcoholic fatty liver disease

                                                                                                                                p. 410
                                                                                                                                                                    p. 424
                                                                                                  p. 396
                                                                   p. 391

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