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                                                                         Members of the McLean County Penguin Project performed
and schedules.                                                           several songs from “The Music Man Junior”, their 2010 inaugural
                                                   We’re going green!    COVER PHOTO COURTESY OF ANTHONY TRIPP, PARK RIDGE–MORNING

                                                                                                              2 | The Illeiowan | September–October 2010
Membership and Change

                                                                                                                      PHOTO COURTESY OF ANTHONY TRIPP, PARK RIDGE–MORNING
I-I District Governor Kevin McConnell

To close out this Kiwanis year, I’d like to talk
about two things that won’t surprise many peo-
ple that know me well: membership and change.

While this Kiwanis year is coming to an end,
a focus on Kiwanis membership issues must
not end for the long-term vitality of our organi-
zation. I have found that inviting members to
be a part of our organization is easy, if members
1) educate our members with the information to
sell our organization, and 2) reach out to people
that they know.
                                                    I-I District Governor Kevin McConnell and Kiwanis International
    In the process of building a new Kiwanis Club   President Paul Palazzolo inducted new member Senthil Ramasamy
in Waukegan, I learned how receptive potential      into the Kiwanis Club of Normal at the District Convention on
                                                    August 7, 2010.
members can be to our message. As we sell our
organization, I encourage you to emphasize the          Kiwanis is an organization; like any organiza-
programs that we have for children as our major     tion, we need to evolve with the times to remain
selling point. Kiwanis is unique in the programs    relevant to changing societal trends. Kiwanis
that we have for all school age children, and the   International is addressing these issues by looking
more we emphasize those programs … the more         at unique membership classes (like corporate and
successful we will be.                              family memberships), unique club arrangements
    We’ve talked throughout the year that           (like club satellites and young professional clubs),
everything we do as an organization must            and the unveiling of our second worldwide service
answer these three questions in the affirmative:    project: Eliminate Maternal & Neo-Natal Tetanus.
    1. Is it fun?                                       Our Illinois-Eastern Iowa District embraced
    2. Is it relevant?                              change this year by totally redesigning our district
    3. Does it provide value?                       convention, revamping our district website and
These three questions apply to all levels of our    embracing social media, and turning Governor
volunteer organization … from the club level …      visits into an educational opportunity through the
to the district level … to Kiwanis International.   “Achieving Club Excellence” workshops.
We can bring thousands of new members in the            Change (just for the sake of change) is not
front door, but if we don’t give them a quality     good; a lack of willingness to discuss change (how-
experience we will lose them out the back door.     ever) will be fatal to our organization. I believe in
    Please continue to focus on improving the       the future of our great organization, as long as we
member experience in your clubs; ultimately,        continue to evolve at all levels of Kiwanis.
making our clubs the best show in town                  I leave the district in the capable hands of
will address our organization’s long-term           2010-11 Governor Larry Forsberg. I know Larry
membership issues.                                  and Steph will do great things for Kiwanis, and
                                                    ask that you support them as much as you have
                                                    supported me.
Having been around Kiwanis literally all of my          Thanks!
46 years, I understand most of the traditions of        Kevin & Jane McConnell, 2009-10 Governor
our great organization. The key word in the             Illinois-Eastern Iowa District
previous sentence is organization.                      Kiwanis Club of Normal

The Illeiowan | September–October 2010 | 3
                                                               Kiwanis Is Where A Need Is Served
                                                                              Jea Nae Remala,
                                                                                                                  provide a purpose for our organization and our
                                                                              I-I District Executive Director     members, these are not the reason we exist and
                                                                                                                  should not be our primary focus. Clubs often
                                                                              Start NOW to                        contact me to ask if they can ask a member to
                                                                              Make A Difference                   leave because they do not attend their weekly/
                                                                              Good for You,                       bi-weekly or monthly meetings. My first
                                                                              Good for Me,                        response to them is always: Are they participat-
                                                                              Great for our Communities!          ing in service projects and fundraising events
                                                                                                                  for your club? Are they active with one of your
                                                               The above words are the slogans used by our        Sponsored Leadership Programs (SLP) like
                                                               2009-10 I-I District Governor Kevin McConnell      Key Club or K-Kids? If the answer to these
                                                               and our incoming 2010-11 I-I District Governor     questions is yes, why would you want to ask
                                                               Larry Forsberg. These words together really        them to leave your service organization that is
                                                               pinpoint what Kiwanis is all about: Individuals    already experiencing a decline in membership?
                                                               choosing to get involved and make themselves           In our current social and economic times,
                                                               and their communities better.                      many of us do not have the time nor the desire to
                                                                   Many of us also use the acronym KIWANIS        attend another meeting or to eat another restau-
                                                               in the following way as part of our personal       rant meal. We are busy feeding our family at
                                                               elevator speech that we use to describe Kiwanis    home, supporting extracurricular activities at our
                                                               when asked what we are all about or when           schools, making sure our elderly parents have
                                                               working to recruit a new member:                   made it through the day okay, working late to
                                                                   Kiwanis Is Where A Need Is Served              meet the increasing demands of our employers,
                                                                   I’ve underlined served above because the       coaching a kids sports team, volunteering at
                                                               key to Kiwanis is service! Dedication to service   church, attending Kiwanis Family events and
                                                               is what will attract members and help us grow      service projects, etc. Some weeks we are just too
                                                               so that we can provide even more service to        busy, or too tired, to get to our Kiwanis meeting.
                                                               make our local, national and international             However, I have found that we all find it
                                                               communities better.                                much more difficult to say no to helping at a
                                                                   We are a service organization. We are not a    fundraising project that will provide our club the
                                                               social organization whose focus is weekly meals    funds we need to support the many organiza-
                                                               and weekly meetings. While such gatherings         tions in our community that rely on us. We tend
                                                                                                                  not to “blow off” a service project where our

                                                                                                                  club members are relying on us to be there and
                                                                                                                  we know that a need in our community really
                                                                                                                  needs our help. We also make time in our sched-
                                                                                                                  ule for hands-on-assistance to help others and
                                                                                                                  we know that “many hands make for light work.”
                                                                                                                      I am one of those members who at times
                                                                                                                  during the year when I am swamped at work,
                                                                                                                  just can’t make it to the meetings. I rely on the
                                                                                                                  Club Newsletter and the Club Website to stay
                                                                                                                  abreast of club news and to sign-up for events
                                                                                                                  and service projects. The precious few spare
                                                                                                                  moments I find for my local club during my
                                                                                                                  busy summer months are spent working at a
                                                                                                                  fundraiser or at a service project. And of course
Kiwanis Peanut Day director Marty Terlep (Kiwanis Club of Joliet)                                                 my husband carries the load for me at home
and Kiwanis International President Paul Palazzolo (Kiwanis Club
of Springfield Downtown) are ready for Peanut Day 2010.                                                           during the summer while I’m furiously working,

                                                                                                                             4 | The Illeiowan | September–October 2010
so he’s not seen at many meetings either.
    I must admit that I really enjoy the fellowship
of my Kiwanis club. We have a great group of
folks who belong to my home club in Sycamore,
Illinois. We laugh and joke and I’m the first one
to laugh at jokes about me—and give it right
back too! I also enjoy hearing from our speakers
who are often from one of the many organiza-            2009-10 I-I District Kiwanis Club
tions my club supports. I’ve also gotten to meet        Scrapbook Awards
and hear many community leaders speak on the            The overall winner among the scrapbooks entered into the
current happenings in our area. Friends often           competition at the District Convention in Normal was the
say to me “you know everybody.” I always                Kiwanis Club of Naperville Evening! Congratulations to
laugh and say “I know them because of                   Pat Cork and all of the members of the club who worked so
Kiwanis.” Many of you also know that I met my           hard on their scrapbook for the 2009-10 Kiwanis year!
husband and his wonderful extended family                   If your club prepares a scrapbook and would like a
through Kiwanis—three of us belong to the               scrapbook banner patch, please contact the I-I District Office
Sycamore Club. And of course some of my best            at and request that a banner patch be
friends—Larry and Stephanie Forsberg, as well           mailed to you (make sure to include club name and mailing
as many others—are in my life because of the            address where patch should be sent).
Sycamore Kiwanis Club.
    I’ve missed my Kiwanis friends and look for-        Other 2009-10 I-I District Banner Patch Awards
ward to seeing them more now that convention            In order to include all activities of our clubs for the entire
season is over. My husband will plan our annual         Kiwanis year, award applications for the remaining I-I District
club picnic and grill for 60 some Kiwanians and         awards have been extended through September 30, 2010.
guests in just a few weeks to celebrate the end of      Winners of the district awards will be published in the next
summer. He and I will also soon start the work          issue of the Illeiowan.
for our largest annual fundraiser in our club              Club Website Banner Patch
which he and I chair. We’ll oversee and work at            Club Newsletter Banner Patch
our food booth at the annual Sycamore Pumpkin              Young Children: Priority One Service Project Banner Patch
Fest weekend and we’ll undoubtedly do some                 Special Olympics Banner Patch
more painting here soon at the facilities of one           Interclub Banner Patch
of the many organizations we support.
                                                        Banner Patch Request forms are available on the I-I District
    I’m glad our club understands. I am glad
                                                        website under Links & Resources/Awards at
that they are flexible and don’t live and die by
                                               Please note that there is no form required
attendance traditions that are hard to achieve if
                                                        for the Interclub Banner Patch, as all information for interclubs
you work for Kiwanis or are a district leader for
                                                        is taken from the electronic monthly reports filed by the club
Kiwanis. I know they’ll understand as one of our
members, Larry Forsberg, is gone much of the
time over the coming year as he serves the              2009-10 I-I District Club Newsletter Competition
I-I District of Kiwanis as Governor. I sure hope        Does your club prepare a club newsletter? Do you think your
they’re glad they’ve not asked either of us to          club newspaper editor does a great job? If so, enter samples of
leave! I hope your club is just like mine and           your club newsletters from through out the 2009-10 Kiwanis
focuses on service participation too!                   year and see if your club wins bragging rights as the Best
    Happy Fall!                                         Newsletter in the district. Visit and look
    And thanks so much to Kevin McConnell and           under Links & Resources/Awards for more information and
his entire family for their year of service to the      entry forms.
I-I District and to Larry and Steph Forsberg for
their willingness to serve us all in the coming year!

The Illeiowan | September–October 2010 | 5
                                                                     Good for Me, Good for You, Great for our Communities!
                                                                  almost a 30% loss of members. Another 10 years
                                                                     2010-11 I-I District Governor Larry Forsberg
                                                                  at that pace, and we will be down to less than
              As everyone knows, it is always amazing how         6,000 members. We can’t let that happen!
              time flies when you are busy. It sure doesn’t           This year every Lt. Governor is appointing
              seem like a year ago that Steph and I embarked      a team of people to help stifle the membership
              on the Governor-Elect journey. Now, here we are decline. If you feel you want to help your club
              already starting our year as Governor of the        and division, contact your Lt. Governor to
              Illinois-Eastern Iowa District.                     volunteer to be a Club Counselor or a New Club
                  Not only has it been a busy year, but it’s been Building assistant. We are going to be working
              fun too. The Club Leadership Education classes      on reinforcing the leadership of our existing clubs
              that we conducted all over the district were an     and finding some new opportunities to build
                                                                                   clubs in communities that don’t
We are going to be working on reinforcing the leadership of                        currently have the benefit of a
                                                                                   Key Club or a Builders Club.
our existing clubs and finding some new opportunities to build
                                                                                       God bless everyone that steps
clubs in communities that don’t currently have the benefit of                      up to be a leader in their Kiwanis
a Key Club or a Builders Club.                                                     club. There are a wide variety of
                                                                                   reasons why a person ends up as
              amazing time to meet and get to know some great     club president. Generally it is a raucous election
              Kiwanians. Great because of their commitment to with much politicking … wrong! We all know
              leadership in Kiwanis. Great because they love      when we have an OK leader. We all recognize a
              Kiwanis and they love their communities. District great leader. I believe we can help develop an
              convention was super and there we met a lot         OK leader into a great leader. They just need the
              more great Kiwanians. The fun is just starting.     desire and the commitment to learn the job of
                  Does anyone remember what it was like to        being an effective leader. If a publicly traded
              not hear about growth and increasing our            company had two or three ineffective leaders
              numbers so we can better serve our communi-         in a row, they might go out of business. Our kids
              ties? I don’t. We certainly have some challenges.   can’t afford for us to do that.
              Do you know that as recently as 10 years ago            We will be working on club leadership
              there were almost 12,000 Kiwanians in our           development this year. We want every club
              District? Now we have about 8,400. That’s           leader to be effective. That effective club
                                                                  president can then help others in the club

                                                                  become great leaders by serving as effective
                                                                  and enthusiastic committee chairs. The club
                                                                  president can then have members who he/she
                                                                  can appoint to be an enthusiastic and effective
                                                                  membership chair.
                                                                      So let’s start this year off with a bang. Let each
                                                                  of us resolve to have the best Kiwanis Club in the
                                                                  world. Let’s commit to additional service. Let’s
                                                                  commit to building another Service Leadership
                                                                  Program club in our community. Let’s commit to
                                                                  shouting loud and often in our local papers and
                                                                  local radio stations that we are Kiwanis and we
                                                                  love our kids and our communities.
              Governor Larry and his counterpart from the             Steph and I are looking forward to meeting
              Netherlands, 2010-11 Governor Luit Ezinga,
                                                                  many, many of you at our upcoming division
              took a few minutes to catch-up at International
              Convention in Las Vegas.                            and club visits!

                                                                                                                    6 | The Illeiowan | September–October 2010
Illinois-Eastern Iowa District of Kiwanis International
Official Report of the 93rd Annual District Convention
August 6-8, 2010
                                                            Board Counselor Paul Palazzolo and his family.
Bloomington-Normal Marriott Hotel & Conference                  A total of 345 members and 54 guests and 12 children
Center • Normal, Illinois                                   registered to attend the convention for total registered
Governor Kevin McConnell, Presiding                         attendance of 411. Many local members also attended to
                                                            volunteer at the registration desk, etc. who did not register
The 93rd Annual Convention of the Illinois-Eastern Iowa     for the event and are not included in these attendance totals.
District of Kiwanis International was called to order by
Presiding Governor Kevin McConnell at the opening cer-      House Of Delegates
emonies at 7:00 PM on Friday, August 6, 2010 and was        The House of Delegates was called to order at 2:55 PM
concluded at 10:20 AM on Sunday, August 8, 2010.            on Saturday, August 7, 2010 at the Bloomington-Normal
Representatives from Kiwanis International included         Marriott. The clubs of the I-I District were represented
Kiwanis International President and 2010-11 International   as follows:

                                                    Certified Delegates           Delegates Seated at the House
   Club Delegates                                           225                                    206
   Past Lt. Governors Representing Clubs                       11                                    11
   Delegates-at-Large                                          26                                   22
   Total                                                    262                             239 (91%)

   Number of divisions represented at Convention                           31 (94%; Divison 15 & 30 not present)
   Number of district member Clubs represented at Convention                                       120
   Total number of active member Clubs in District at 8/8/09                                       246
   Percentage of member Clubs represented (quorum = + 1/3)                                       48.9%

Election of 2010-11 District Officers                          eliminating district new member add fees in lieu of
The following unopposed candidates were unanimously            pro-rate district dues (similar to the Graduated
elected by unanimous voice vote of the delegate body:          New Member Enrollment fee recently implement by
   Governor: Larry Forsberg                                    Kiwanis International).
   Kiwanis Club of Sycamore, Division 14                    3. Revision of Article XXII of the District Bylaws to
   Treasurer: John Moreland                                    eliminate section 2 that referred to a 501(c)(3) entity in
   Kiwanis Club of Clinton, IA, Division 16                    light of the official denial by the IRS of the application
The following candidate was elected by majority                to reclassify from a 501(c)(4) to a 501(c)(3) organiza-
written vote of the delegate body:                             tion. (This proposed amendment was amended from
   Governor-Elect: Mel Peterson                                the floor to maintain Section 1 of Article XXII as
   Kiwanis Club of Moline, Division 17                         required by the State of Illinois.)

Adoption of Proposed Bylaw Amendments                       Adoption of Resolutions
Three proposed bylaw amendments were presented to           Honorary resolutions for the Bloomington-Normal
the House for consideration, all of which were approved:    Marriott Staff, Convention Chairs & Committee, District
1. Revision of Section 1 of Article XIV: Revenue to         Executive and Kiwanis International President Designate
   implement a billing schedule for annual District         Paul Palazzolo, as well as a resolution in memory of the
   dues consistent with that of Kiwanis International       service of recently deceased past Governors, were
   (elimination of the three payment groups with all        unanimously accepted by the House.
   clubs now being billed in October of each year).            The House of Delegates Session was closed at
2. Revision of Section 4 of Article XIV: Revenue            4:42 PM by Presiding Governor Kevin McConnell.

The Illeiowan | September–October 2010 | 7
Kiwanians Hear Another Success Story at SPRF Special Event
                         Submitted by William Piper, SPRF Chairman
                                                                              OMS, described the irri-
                                                                              tability and uncontrol-
                         Kiwanians attending the Spastic Paralysis            lable nature of their son
                         Research Foundation (SPRF) Special Event dur-        when he came down
                         ing the District Convention heard a great success    with OMS. Diagnosis can
                         story in medical research and how a family over-     be difficult. A delay in
                         came a rare neurological disease affecting their     treatment can be devas-
                         young son. Dr. Michael Pranzatelli is a neurolog-    tating. But as a result of
                         ical researcher at Southern Illinois University in   better education of doc-
                         Springfield, Illinois and Kiwanis’s SPRF has         tors of disease symptoms,
                                                                                                           Dr. Michael Pranzatelli
                         been providing him with annual research grants       the son was brought to
                         of $20,000 for a number of years. Dr. Pranzatelli    Dr. Pranzatelli soon enough to get effective treat-
                         began research into the causes and treatment of      ment. Kiwanians saw firsthand the miracle of
                         a rare disease known as opsoclonus-myoclonus         medical science as the boy has overcome the
                         syndrome (OMS). (See sidebar)                        disease and runs and plays like any boy should.
                             The mother of the young boy visiting during          In his remarks, Dr. Pranzatelli mentioned that
                         the SPRF Event, whose son once suffered from         because of the rarity of the disease, there was
                                                                              very little research being done when he first
                                                                              entered the field of neurology. He set up the OMS
2010-11 District Treasurer                                                    Foundation and began research in collaboration
John Moreland shares a laugh                                                  with a few other researchers around the country.
with the family whose son
has overcome OMS.
                                                                              His web site can be found at
                                                                                  The SPRF selected Dr. Pranzatelli for a grant
                                                                              because of his expertise and the belief that finan-
                                                                              cial support for this type of “orphan disease”
                                                                              would lead to breakthroughs and better treat-
PARK RIDGE–MORNING                                                            ment. Over time, the financial investment paid
                                                                              off. “We discovered excess B-cells in spinal fluid
What is the Opsoclonus-Myoclonus Syndrome?                                    and introduced the use of anti-B-cells treatments
Some infants, children, and adults suddenly develop a syndrome                for OMS, instituting early front-end combination
of opsoclonus, myoclonus, ataxia and encephalopathy.
                                                                              immunotherapy and raising the standard of care
“Opsoclonus” is an unusual disorder of eye movement in which
both eyes dart involuntarily (dancing eyes). “Myoclonus” simply
                                                                              for children with OMS,” says Dr. Pranzatelli.
means brief muscle jerks and “ataxia” indicates incoordination.               Your Support Is Needed
    Most children are less than two years old when diagnosed.
Boys and girls are nearly equally affected. The syndrome often
                                                                              Kiwanis support for research into OMS is just
follows an apparent viral infection, such as flu.                             one research project of the SPRF. The SPRF is
                                                                              the only I-I District project and something all
                                                                              I-I District Kiwanians can take pride in. Support
Myoclonus occurs most when movement is attempted, worsens
                                                                              comes principally from voluntary donations
with agitation or stimulation, but may be present at rest. Face,
eyelids, limbs, fingers, head and trunk are involved. During the
                                                                              from Kiwanis Clubs thru the annual Parade of
peak of the illness, sitting or standing is difficult or impossible.          Love, Bowl-a-thons, Key Club, Circle K and
Patients also have trouble speaking, eating, or sleeping, and                 Builder Club donations and thru memorial
exhibit drooling, rage attacks, head tilt, or other abnormalities.            donations and bequests.
Children appear to be nervous, irritable or lethargic, while adults               The I-I District has available DVDs with each
may have mental clouding (encephalopathy)
                                                                              of the researchers explaining their own research
Causes                                                                        project supported by the SPRF. The DVDs provide
When opsoclonus and myoclonus occur as separate disorders,                    an opportunity to provide monthly club programs.
they have many causes, but the combination is rather specific                 In addition, the SPRF can be contacted thru the
for tumors and infections. Other causes are very rare.                        District office for other division wide programs.
                                                                                         8 | The Illeiowan | September–October 2010
Spastic Paralysis Research Foundation of the I-I District
2009-10 Parade of Love Contributions
Division 1                       Division 10                  Division 19                    Division 26
Chicago             $400         Elgin Noon            $500   Abingdon                $100   Paris                   $750
Forest Glen-Mayfair $200         St. Charles Golden K $300    Macomb                $1,000   Division 27
Logan Square        $450         St. Charles         $2,000   Monmouth                $250   Decatur Golden K      $2,020
Division total     $1,050        Division total      $2,800   Division total        $1,350   Tuscola               $1,000
Division 3                       Division 11                  Division 20                    Division total        $3,020
Archer Road            $1,000    McHenry             $1,000   Dunlap                 $350    Division 28
Oak Lawn               $1,000    Divison 12
                                                              Eureka Area            $200    Chatham                 $125
Division total         $2,000    Alpine-Rockford     $2,000   IVC-Chillicothe         $150   Springfield
Division 4                       Freeport            $1,500   South-West Peoria     $1,000    Downtown               $100
                                 Freeport Golden K     $200   Division total        $1,700   Springfield Evening     $500
Division 5
County Line Golden K $100        Freeport-                    Divison 21                     Division total          $725
Westchester          $250          Lincoln Douglas   $1,000   Aurora                $2,000   Division 29
WHBCD Breakfast $1,000           Division total      $4,700   Aurora Golden K       $1,000   Quincy Gem City          $75
Willowbrook-                     Division 13
                                                              Naperville Evening    $1,000
                                                              Plainfield               $50   Division 30
 Burr Ridge          $500        Byron                 $279                                  Greenville              $660
Division total     $1,850        Dixon               $1,000   Division total        $4,050
                                                                                             Division total          $660
Division 6
                                 Oregon               $200    Division 22
                                 Division total      $1,479   Bloomington           $1,500   Division 31
Bensenville-                                                                                 Alton-Godfrey          $200
 Wood Dale               $100    Division 14
                                                              Lexington              $125
                                                              Normal                   $80   Collinsville Sunrise $1,000
Northlake                $800    DeKalb           $1,700                                     Maryville              $200
Division total           $900    Kishwaukee-DeKalb $350       Division total        $1,705
                                                                                             Wood River
Division 7
                                 Sycamore         $1,000      Division 23 (top Division)      Township            $1,000
Antioch                $250      Division total   $3,050      Chicago Heights       $1,250   Division total       $2,400
Evanston               $195      Division 15
                                                              Greater Chicago
                                                                Heights               $300   Division 33
Highland Park-                   Maquoketa            $500                                   Fairfield               $100
  Highwood             $300                                   Joliet                $1,000
                                 Division 16                  Kankakee (top Club)   $2,500   Mt. Vernon            $1,300
Libertyville, Mundelein,         Bettendorf           $700                                   Salem                   $300
  Vernon Hills         $500                                   Park Forest            $400
                                 Clinton, IA         $1,000   Division total        $5,450   Division total        $1,700
Zion-Benton          $1,083      Division total      $1,700
Division total       $2,328                                   Division 24                    Division 34
                                 Division 17                  Mendota               $1,425
Division 8                                                                                   Division 36
                                 Geneseo             $1,000   Morris                   $60   Marion                 $600
Barrington             $100      Kewanee             $1,500
E-Kiwanis of Greater                                          Division total        $1,485   Metropolis             $550
                                 Moline              $1,000                                  Murphysboro              $60
  Chicago Area        $100       Rock Island          $500    Division 25
Mt. Prospect          $100                                    Champaign-Urbana $900          Division total        $1,060
                                 Division total      $4,000
Palatine              $100                                    Danville Golden K   $500
Park Ridge–Morning $1,200        Division 18                  Danville Noon      $315
Streamwood            $450       Bettendorf           $301    Division total    $1,715
Division total       $2,050      Carthage            $1,000
                                 Keokuk               $350
Division 9                       Mt. Pleasant         $300    Total Kiwanis Club Contributions                $60,128
Downers Grove            $275    Division total      $1,951
Lombard                  $500                                                                        As of August 31, 2010
Division total           $775
                                                              Clubs are reminded to send in their annual
                                                              donation before September 30, 2010.
The Illeiowan | September–October 2010 | 9
2009-10 Bowl-A-Thon Awards
Top Fundraising Clubs                                                    Chairman’s Awards                     Divison 19
                                                                         Kiwanis family clubs that raised a    Macomb                         $409
     Club                Division                          Amount
                                                                         minimum of $300                       Galesburg HS Key Club          $375
 1   O’Fallon                  34                          $4,504.00                                           Monmouth                       $300
 2   Sterling                  13                          $1,893.00     Division 1                            Galesburg                      $281
                                                                         Chicago                        $625
 3   Pekin                     20                          $1,728.77                                           Division 20
                                                                         Logan Square Chicago           $386
 4   SEASPAR Aktion Club        9                          $1,525.00                                           Pekin (#3 Club)              $1,729
                                                                         Division 3
 5   Glen Ellyn                 9                          $1,492.50                                           South-West Peoria              $425
                                                                         South Shore HS Key Club        $450
 6   Alpine-Rockford           12                          $1,443.10     Archer Road Chicago            $350   Division 23
 7   Oregon                    13                          $1,342.00     Oak Lawn Builders Club         $337   Park Forest                    $552
 8   Geneva                    10                          $1,167.50     Division 6                            Division 25
 9   Wheaton                    9                          $1,140.00     Northlake                    $1,006   Danville Noon                  $500
10   Northlake                  6                          $1,006.00                                           Danville Breakfast             $431
                                                                         Division 7
                                                                         Libertyville, Mundelein               Division 27
Top Fundraising Divisions                                                                                      Decatur                        $605
                                                                            & Vernon Hills              $566
 1   Division 9                      $8,310.00                           Lindenhurst-Lakes              $320   Division 34
 2   Division 34                     $5,299.00                           Zion-Benton                    $365   O’Fallon (#1 Club)           $4,504
 3   Division 13                     $5,076.50                           Division 8                            Fairview Heights               $585
 4   Division 10                     $4,751.00                           Des Plaines                    $736
                                                                         Palatine                       $310   Club Participation Awards
 5   Division 20                     $3,740.77
                                                                                                               Kiwanis family clubs that raised
 6   Division 12                     $3,366.10                           Division 9
                                                                                                               $100 to $299.
 7   Division 3                      $2,267.50                           Glen Ellyn (#5 Club)    $1,493
                                                                         SEASPAR Aktion Club (#4)$1,525        Division 1
 8   Division 8                      $2,171.37                                                                 Ravenswood Chicago             $288
                                                                         Wheaton (#9 Club)       $1,140
 9   Division 16                     $1,774.00                           Central DuPage            $665        Whitney Young Key Club         $149
10   Division 7                      $1,726.00                           Lombard                   $892        Lakeview Chicago               $288
                                                                         Elmhurst                  $585        Division 3
Top Individual Fundraiser                                                Addison                   $500        Kelly HS Key Club              $250
Betty McCollum, Kiwanis Club of O’Fallon                                 Villa Park                $400        Oak Lawn HS Key Club           $200
                       Division 34                              $3,864   Division 10                           Oak Lawn                       $175
                                                                         Geneva (#8 Club)             $1,168   Hickory Hills                  $125
Top Fundraising Service Leadership Program                               St. Charles (#10 Club)         $928   Southwest Chicago              $125
Clubs                                                                    Batavia                        $902   Stagg HS Key Club              $125
Builders Club • Oak Lawn Hometown                                        Elgin Golden K                 $854   Division 7
                                                                         Elgin Noon                     $450   Highland Park Key Club         $200
Middle School                      Division 3                  $337.00
                                                                         St. Charles Golden K           $350   Evanston                       $100
Key Club • Galesburg High School                                         Division 12                           Highland Park-Highwood         $100
                                  Division 19                  $375.00   Alpine-Rockford (#6 Club) $1,443      Division 8
                                                                         Rock Valley Heritage       $354       Streamwood                     $269
Circle K • St. Ambrose University
                                                                         Freeport                   $315       Greater Chicago E-Kiwanis      $241
                                  Division 16                  $180.00   Rockford                   $305       Park Ridge Morning             $140
Aktion Club • SEASPAR              Division 9              $1,525.00     Division 13                           Barrington Area                $121
                                                                         Sterling (#2 Club)           $1,893   Arlington Heights              $100
                                                                         Oregon (#7 Club)             $1,342   Rolling Meadows                $100
               K-FAMILY TOTALS
                                                                         Dixon                          $568   Division 9
   Builders Clubs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $412.00                 Sauk Valley Dixon              $382   WDSRA Aktion Club              $277
   Key Clubs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,512.98             Byron                          $342   Downers Grove                  $215
                                                                         Rochelle Golden K              $300   Glenbard South Key Club        $212
   CKI Clubs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $230.00
                                                                         Division 16                           York HS Key Club               $200
  Aktion Clubs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,802.00
                                                                         Camanche HS Key Club           $303   Lisle                          $125
 SLP TOTAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,957.08
                                                                         Divison 17                            Division 10
 Total Kiwanis Clubs . . . . . . . . $41,967.21
                                                                         Geneseo                        $535   Elgin-Fox Valley               $100
 Total Bowl-a-thon Funds . . . . $47,917.19
                                                                         Rock Island                    $450

                                                                                                    10 | The Illeiowan | September–October 2010
                                                      Division 12                       Division 20
                                                      Freeport Lincoln-Douglas   $191   Grand Prairie Peoria **     $200
                                                      Northern Winnebago         $180   Greater Eureka Area         $175
                                                      Jefferson HS Key Club      $176   Peoria Christian Key Club   $175
                                                      Freeport Golden K          $100   Elmwood                     $125
                                                      Rockford Golden K          $100   East Peoria                 $100
                                                      Divison 13                        Division 23
                                                      Newman HS Key Club         $100   Joliet                      $256
                                                      Mt. Morris                 $100   Kankakee                    $190
                                                                                        Watseka                     $150
                                                      Divison 16
                                                                                        Frankfort                   $100
                                                      Bettendorf                 $230
                                                                                        Steger                      $100
                                                      Clinton, IA                $195
                                                      Muscatine                  $180   Division 33
                                                      Davenport Noon             $170   Mt. Vernon                  $267
                                                      Bettendorf HS Key Club     $140   Salem                       $225
                                                      Fulton                     $140   Benton                      $200
                                                      Camanche                   $120
                                                                                        Division 27
                                                      Davenport Northside        $100
                                                                                        Decatur                     $605
                                                      North Scott-Eldridge       $100
                                                                                        Division 34
                                                      Divison 17
                                                                                        Belleville West Key Club    $209
                                                      Aledo                      $200
                                                                                        Waterloo                    $100
                                                      Divison 19
                                                      Abingdon                   $151   ** New Kiwanis Club in 2009-10

                                                      I-I District Past Lt. Governors Association Report

                                                                                                           Submitted by Terry Township, PLGA President

                                                                                                           First of all … Congratulations to past Lt. Governor and Past
                                                                                                           Lt. Governors Association (PLGA) member, Mel Peterson, on being
                                                                                                           elected as I-I District Governor-Elect for 2010-11.
                                                                                                               I would like to thank all of the current Lt. Governors and others
                                                                                                           who contributed baskets for the Silent Auction and all those who
                                                                                                           helped make this a success. The Auction netted $2,400 for the Spastic
                                                                                                           Paralysis Research Foundation.
                                                                                                               Thank you also to Pattie Heath for chairing the PLGA 50/50
                                                                                                           raffle and especially to her helpers who sold tickets. The winner was
                                                                                                           one of our former Lt. Governors, Mary Meike, who won $380, and
                                                                                                           the PLGA had a matching amount to put in their treasury!!
                                                                                                               It was very gratifying to see so many PLGA members at our
                                                                                                           meeting (standing room only) at the District Convention. We
                                                                                                           appreciate your continued interest and input into this association.
                                                                                                               Mark your calendars now for Saturday, November 13 and
                                                                                                           Sunday, November 14, 2010 for our PLGA Convention to be held at
                                                                                                           the Pere Marquette in Peoria. Co-Chairs Deb and Jim Rochford, and
                                                                                                           Judy and Ken Sunderland, promise us a fun weekend. See page 23
                                                      2010-11 First Lady Steph Forsberg and
                                                                                                           (the inside back cover for registration information. We encourage
                                                      Kiwanian Sara Hunt (Danville Breakfast
                                                      Kiwanis Club) place their bids at the Spastic        ALL current and past Lt. Governors and guests to join us.
                                                      Paralysis Research Foundation silent auction             See you at the PLGA Annual Meeting in November (see page 23).
                                                      at the District Convention in Normal.

                                                      The Illeiowan | September–October 2010 | 11
                                                                                                                             PHOTOS COURTESY OF ANTHONY TRIPP, PARK RIDGE–MORNING
                                                 Kiwanis Fun and Fellowship
                                                 At District Convention
District Convention Captures Media Attention
Media coverage of Kiwanis to promote our organization in the local community
was one of the goals of the 2010 I-I District Convention Committee. Illinois
gubernatorial candidates Governor Patrick Quinn (D) and State Senator Bill
Brady (R) both addressed the attendees at the District convention, both praising
Kiwanians for their service and commitment to their communities. Their appear-
ances captured the eye of the local media, leading to front page coverage in the
central Illinois newspaper The Pentograph, as well as highlights on the local
evening news and local radio station. To learn more about the media coverage,
visit “District News” on the I-I District website
RIGHT I-I District Governor Kevin McConnell introduces gubernatorial candidate
Republican State Senator Bill Brady. Senator Brady addressed attendees at dinner
on Saturday evening of convention.

                                                                                             Neighbors in Chicago’s
                                                                                             Galewood Community,
                                                                                             lllinois Governor Pat Quinn
                                                                                             and Forest Glen–Mayfair
                                                                                             Kiwanis President Mark
                                                                                             Farina greet each other
                                                                                             at the District convention.
                                                                                             Each has served on the
                                                                                             local school council at
                                                                                             Farina’s alma mater Sayre
                                                                                             Language Academy.
                                                                                             BELOW Immediate Past
                                                                                             Circle K I-I District
                                                                                             Governor Beth Havel and
                                                                                             2010-11 I-I District Key
                                                                                             Club Governor Tori
Kiwanis International President Paul Palazzolo inducts                                       Albarracin on stage at
his godson and I-I District “First Son,” Ryan                                                district convention as
McConnell, into the Kiwanis Club of Bloomington-                                             they share some thoughts
Normal Young Professionals, as Ryan’s sponsor/mom,                                           on the benefits of the
Jane, introduces him to the House of Delegates.                                              K-Family Sponsored
                                                                                             Leadership Programs in
                                                                                             their lives.

First time District Convention attendee Anna Sykes,
Danville Breakfast Club, and Barbara Wood, President
of the Kiwanis Club of O’Fallon.

                                                                               12 | The Illeiowan | September–October 2010
                                                                                         SMILE Past Governors
                                                                                         of the I-I District!
                                                                                         FRONT ROW:
                                                                                         Judy Sunderland (2007-08),
                                                                                         Rae Rupp-Srch (2000-01),
                                                                                         1993-94 Kiwanis International
                                                                                         Vice President & I-I District
                                                                                         Governor Al Provasi (1985-86)
                                                                                         BACK ROW:
                                                                                         2009-10 Kiwanis International
                                                                                         President & Past I-I Governor
                                                                                         Paul Palazzolo (1994-95),
                                                                                         Kevin McConnell (2009-10),
                                                                                         2001-02 Kiwanis International
                                                                                         President Brian Cunat (1992-
                                                                                         93), Larry Forsberg (2010-11),
                                                                                         Gary Heath (2008-09),
                                                                                         John Peter Curielli (1998-99),
                                                                                         John Hall (2004-05),
                                                                                         Jim Rochford (2001-02),
                                                                                         Bill Piper (1997-98),
                                                                                         Bob Hall (1996-97) and
                                                                                         Ken Whitmore (2006-07).

ABOVE Kiwanis Members enjoy and informative educational forum at the
district convention.
ABOVE RIGHT Mel Peterson (Moline) and his wife Betty share a word of thanks
at the House of Delegates on Saturday, August 7th where Mel was elected
to serve as Governor-Elect for the coming year.
RIGHT 2010-11 District Governor Larry Forsberg is officially “pinned” by his
lovely First Lady Steph at the officer inductions on Sunday morning.

                                                                                                         Lt. Governors
                                                                                                         Tom Hribik
                                                                                                         (2010-11 Div
                                                                                                         14), Jim Grady
                                                                                                         (2009-10 Div 8)
                                                                                                         and Jim Parker
                                                                                                         (2010-11 Div 8)
                                                                                                         swap words of
                                                                                                         wisdom before
                                                                                                         the Board

                                                          PLGA Scholarship Chair Mel Peterson poses with the 2010
                                                       Renier Scholarship winner, Kevin Johnson (Rock Island High School
                                                       Key Club) and his parents.

The Illeiowan | September–October 2010 | 13
                I-I District Key Club Shines in Memphis
                Submitted by Bob Hall, I-I Key Club Administrator
                                                                               time to receive plaques were I-I’s four
                                                                               Distinguished Clubs: Diamond Level—Dixon,
                The 2010 Key Club International Convention                     Limestone, Morrisonville and Murphysboro.
                was held July 7-11 at the Downtown Marriott in                 This award was based on the club Achievement
                Memphis, TN. Seventy I-I District Key Club                     report which covers administration, service,
                members and advisors were in attendance at the                 fund raising and most other functions of a club.
                convention, the fourth largest delegation there.
                                                                               Individuals receiving awards were:
                Sixty-one went on the I-I District Tour which
                began July 5 and included such sights as                       Distinguished Governor
                Graceland, the Memphis Zoo, Beal Street, the                      Blaire Sambdman, Dixon
                National Civil Rights Museum, world famous                     Distinguished Bulletin Editor
                Neeley’s BBQ and the Peabody Hotel ducks.                         Tanner Oetjen, Murphysboro
                    The convention kicked off Wednesday night                  Robert F. Lucas Outstanding Lt. Governors:
                with a concert by the popular group, Reliant K.                   Kimberly Huynh, Northside College Prep
                Thursday, Friday and Saturday were filled with                    Peter Bernardi, Hinsdale Central
                various workshops dealing with club leadership,                   Duyen Le, Barrington
                personal growth and a variety of Kiwanis family                   Emily Fornek, Batavia
                and service topic sessions. The general sessions saw              Bethany Marshall, McHenry East
                speakers from Past Kiwanis International President                Beth Brooks, Dixon
                Bo Shafer to Clay Aiken representing UNICEF to                    Jasper Brown, Canton
                Simon Curtis representing Friend a Gorilla to                     Lindsay Brightwell, Lexington
                Kiwanis International President-Designate                         Sabrena Lopez, Homewood-Flossmoor
                Sylvester Neal to CKI President Jason Stewart.                    Alex Deal, Morrisonville
                    When it came to announcement of awards, the                   Casey Brashear, Murphysboro
                I-I District was especially thrilled to be the most            The Single Service Award is given for the
                recognized district in the world. Considering that             best overall projects completed by clubs. It is
                there are over 250,000 members in over 5,000                   broken up into club size categories so that smaller
                clubs in 30 countries around the world, these                  clubs don’t have to compete against the larger
                recognitions are particularly impressive.                      clubs. In a very surprising announcement of
                    First, listed in the program, receiving ribbons            winners, all four advancing First Place winners
                for each attendees name badge and getting stage                from the I-I District Convention were recognized
                                                                               in the top three of their size category. This may
                                                                               be the first time this has ever happened with any
                                                                               district. Those winners and projects were:
                                                                               I In Bronze (35 members or less): Limestone,
                                                                                   2nd Place; for a project involving 180 service
                                                                                   hours and consisting of the complete clean-
                                                                                   ing, painting, decorating and refurbishing
                                                                                   (partly through a Youth Opportunities Fund
Distinguished Key Club
Governor, Blaire                                                                   Grant) a Therapy Room in the high school.
Sambdman, recieves a                                                           I In Silver (36-60 members): Kewanee, 3rd
Luis V. Amador medal
                                                                                   Place; for a project involving 582 service
from I-I District
Governor, Kevin                                                                    hours and consisting of helping raise money
McConnnell, during the                                                             and collect food to provide over 900 food
Illinois-Eastern Iowa
District Convention                                                                baskets at Christmas through the
Spastic Paralysis                                                                  Goodfellows Food Project.
Research Foundation                                                            I In Gold (61-85 members): Sycamore, 3rd
Special Event held on
August 7, 2010.                                                                    Place; for a project involving 217 service
                                                                                         14 | The Illeiowan | September–October 2010
    hours and consisting of working with senior
    citizens in planning and carrying out a senior
    citizen prom at a local facility.
I   In Platinum (86 members and more):
    Murphysboro, 1st Place; for a project involv-
    ing over 2,000 service hours including totally
    organizing the collection, wrapping and
    distribution of over 800 new and gently used
    toys, over 350 food baskets with several tons
    of canned food from a school drive plus
    $7,000 in perishable food as well as giving
    out about 200 new and used coats in their        Park Ridge–Morning charters
    Christmas Toy/Coat/Food Drive.
                                                     Key Club
The Major Emphasis Program (MEP) is
the other major club service award given and         Submitted by William Scharringhausen, Secretary Kiwanis Club
                                                     of Park Ridge–Morning
recognizes clubs for outstanding service
provided to children throughout the year.            On Wednesday, May 19, 2010, the Kiwanis Club of Park
There is no breakdown in size for MEP and            Ridge–Morning celebrated the chartering of the new Key Club
only the top three clubs overall are recognized.     it sponsors at Maine South High School in Park Ridge. The
First place went to Murphysboro. Again, this         Official Charter, banner, bell, president’s gavel and member-
may be the first time that one club has received     ship pins were presented to the officers and members of the
first place in both the major award categories.      Key Club present at that breakfast celebration, by Kiwanis
    Key Clubbers from throughout the district        President Larry Ryles and his fellow officers. Also participating
came back tired but also pumped up and excited       in that meeting were Park Ridge Police Chief Frank Kaminski
with new ideas and new enthusiasm. Hopefully         (a member of the noon Kiwanis club) and Acting Park Ridge
the time, money and efforts will pay off as          Fire Chief Jeff Sorensen (president-elect of the morning
service interest and leadership ability increases    Kiwanis club), as well as I-I Kiwanis Governor-elect Larry
with our outstanding high school students.           Forsberg and Division 8 Lt Governor Jim Grady. The Key
    If your Kiwanis Club sponsors a Key Club,        Club’s Faculty Sponsor is Emma Visee and the Kiwanis Key
make sure you are fulfilling your obligations        Club Advisor is Bonnie Trenkle.
as a sponsor, that you are actively engaged in           The Maine South Key Club was chartered with 103 mem-
meeting and project attendance and that you          bers. Although not officially chartered until Spring 2010, they
are supporting them financially, but more            functioned throughout the 2009-2010 school year as a Key
importantly with you personal involvement.           Club. This club has been extremely active with service projects
    If you don’t yet sponsor a Key Club, why         throughout the community, namely social interaction on a
wait? Now is the time. Young people want to          monthly basis with developmental challenged adults at
be involved and want to have a chance to prove       Avenues to Independence; fund raising for Haiti Relief and the
their worth. You can give them that opportunity.     family of a student who lost her life in an accident; cooking
For more information go to          and serving breakfast on a monthly basis at a homeless shelter;
Also feel free to contact Key Club District          participation in Rebuild Together, a community wide project
Administrator Bob Hall at         to help seniors and low income residents with yard clean up,
We will do all we can to make it happen for you.     repairs, etc; tutor WEEKLY with elementary school students
    Also note that next year’s convention will       in basic reading and arithmetic skills; as well as assisting the
be in Phoenix, AZ, June 29–July 3, 2011, and         Kiwanis clubs of Park Ridge with their Spaghetti Dinner and
Kiwanis Clubs are encouraged to budget money         Pancake Breakfast.
now to send your Key Club leaders to enjoy and           This Key Club is anxiously anticipating another active year
learn from this great experience.                    of service during the 2010-2011 school year.

The Illeiowan | September–October 2010 | 15

                  Send a Teen to Key Leader
                  Remember when you discovered who you are?           to 18, including those currently in a Kiwanis
                  Was it at camp? Away from home? On a pine-          student group such as Key Club or Builders
                  scented trail? Doing something different?           Club, or students who have not yet been a part
                  Discovering new friends?                            of a Kiwanis family program. In addition, there
                     You can give a teen you love the same            is no limit on the number of participants coming
                  experience—and a taste of Kiwanis values. Send      from the same school or school district.
                                        him or her to Key Leader.         The cost to attend the weekend is $200 per
WHEN                                    It’s a weekend leadership     student. If the student is currently a member of a
Friday, October 29–                     experience that gives         Builders Club or a Key Club, they automatically
Sunday, October 31, 2010                teens a chance to unplug,     receive a $25 scholarship from the Kiwanis
WHERE                                   reconnect and discover        International Foundation, so their registration
East Bay Camp,                          what they care about          fee is only $175. A school, Kiwanis Club, com-
24248 Ron Smith Memorial Hwy,           and who they are.             munity organization, church group, family or
Hudson, IL 61748                            Key Leader is Kiwanis     others can sponsor a student and pay that cost.
(10 minutes north of
                                        International’s leadership
Bloomington, IL with easy                                             Key Leader Coming SOON to the I-I District
access from Routes 39 and 55)           education program for
                                        students. Its mission is to   For the first time in over three years, a Key
Register on-line at                                                   Leader weekend is scheduled to happen right
                                        provide a “life-changing                                                    here in the I-I District! Registration is now
                                        experience that inspires
Additional information is               young people to achieve       open and spaces remain. Please don’t let this
available at                                       wonderful opportunity so close to home pass
                                        their personal best through
or by contacting I-I District Key                                     without teens from your community taking
Leader Administrator Dan Conrod         service leadership.”
                                        All Key Leader events are     part and benefiting!
at or
630-620-0914.                           open to students ages 14

                  Aurora Golden K Kiwanis Receives
                  the Henry J. Elliott Trophy Award
                                                     At the August 2010 Annual Kiwanis I-I District Convention, the
                                                     Henry J. Elliott Trophy was awarded to the Aurora Golden K
                                                     Kiwanis Club. This club was selected by Immediate Past
                                                     Governor Gary and First Lady Pattie, and Past Governor’s
                                                     Assistant Don Billy. Their response to the First Lady’s project was
                                                     “over the top.” In support of Mutual Ground of Aurora, a shelter
                                                     for abused women and children, Kiwanians launched a four
                                                     month long project where they collected baby clothes, accessories,
                                                     baby food, and toiletries and other items for the mothers. A grand
                                                     total of 33 boxes of collected items, 803 pounds of baby food and a
                                                     $500 check was presented to Linda Healy, Executive Director of
                                                     Mutual Ground of Aurora at Governor Gary and First Lady
                                                     Pattie’s visit to our division in 2009.
(L TO R) Div. 21 Lt. Governor Vicki Howell; Aurora       Immediate Past Governor Gary and First Lady Pattie thanks
Golden K members Larry Miller, Dave Brown and
Art Zillgitt.                                        Lt. Governor Vicki Howell for taking the trophy from the conven-
                                                     tion and presenting it to the Aurora Golden K. The traveling
                                                     trophy will be held by the Aurora Golden K Club for one year
                                                     until awarded again at next year’s convention.

                                                                                16 | The Illeiowan | September–October 2010
Re-Member Fellow Members
                 Paul Palazzolo,
                 Kiwanis International President

                  When striving for freedom in the
                  early 1800s, Texans were told to
                  “Remember the Alamo!” When
                  striving for club excellence in the
early 2000s, Kiwanians need to “re-member”
fellow members.
    In June, July and August, please take note of
Kiwanians who’ve not been at recent meetings
or service projects—particularly if they joined
your club within the past two years. A gentle
inquiry, best delivered with a phone call, may
be in order.
    You may learn that some inactive Kiwanians
have been ill or an unfortunate event has
changed their life situation. Encouraging
messages might help to “re-member” these
Kiwanians when circumstances improve.
    You may learn that some inactive Kiwanians
no longer have the time or resources to be
involved. This could be a way of saying your
club is not providing a valuable Kiwanis
experience. To “re-member” these Kiwanians,
engage the entire membership in a survey to
discover ideas that enhance the club. Set up an
online survey with the Club Excellence Tool at
    Whatever the reason for a member’s
inactivity, be aware of the signs that you
may need to “re-member”
a Kiwanian. Don’t just assume
a member no longer wishes to          Governor’s Membership Challenge Awards
be involved. Reach out before
                                      The 2009-10 I-I District Growth awards competition is quickly
you delete him or her from
the roster.
                                      coming to an end. For complete details on prizes for sponsors
    Individuals join a Kiwanis        of new members and sponsors of new Kiwanis Clubs, visit
club for a variety of reasons. Growth Awards
They stay because they find
continuous value in service
projects and friendship. Let’s “re-member”
to provide that value.

The Illeiowan | September–October 2010 | 17
Moline Kiwanis Club Celebrates 90th
The Moline Kiwanis Club celebrated 90 years of
community service on Friday night, May 7, 2010.
The theme for the night was “A Community
Celebration” and Mayor Don Welvaert led off
the evening presenting Club Co-Presidents Lyle
Goldensoph and Jim Abbitt with a proclamation
designating May 7, 2010 to be Kiwanis Club Day
in Moline, Illinois (pictured right).
   I-I District Governor Kevin McConnell
greeted us and reminisced about visiting our
club 15 years ago when we celebrated our
75th Anniversary. At the time he was District
Secretary sitting in for then Governor Paul
Palazzolo. Keynote speaker of the night was
International President Paul Palazzolo who chal-
lenged our club to get back to 100 members by      community. Also attending the celebration were
the time we celebrate our 100th Anniversary.       Governor Elect Larry Forsberg and his wife
   Club Lifetime Memberships were presented        Stephanie, District Treasurer Bob Brunton and
by KI President Paul to our club’s seven oldest    his wife Carol, and Past District Governor Rae
members: Bill Frieden, Paul Hoff, Byrd             Rupp-Srch. In all, 123 Kiwanians and guests
Krumbholz, Russ Mason, Mel Peterson, Roger         enjoyed an evening of great Kiwanis fellowship.
Smith, and Frank Telleen. The club also            In addition to Moline, twelve other Kiwanis
presented Mark Petersen with a Tablet of Honor     Clubs were represented, most being from
by virtue of the club’s 90th Anniversary gift to   Divisions 16 and 17, in and around the Quad
the Kiwanis International Foundation. The          Cities area. Bud Everett and Betty Peterson put
Tablet of Honor was presented by Byrd              together a display of historical memorabilia for
Krumbholz and assisted by KI President Paul.       the evening. The celebration also included a golf
   During the program, Russ Scott highlighted      outing and 90th Anniversary Reception at the
the club’s 90 years of service to the Moline       Arsenal Island Golf Country Club on Thursday.

                                                   New Members Join the
                                                   Kiwanis Club of DeKalb
                                                   Ginny Omerod and Kelly Tribble join the club as
                                                   new advisors for the “brand new” Builders Club at
                                                   Huntley Middle School. Trudy McElligott joins us
                                                   as co-advisor for the Builders Club at Clinton-
                                                   Rosette Middle School. Erin Eickman is also the
                                                   co-advisor for the K-Kids Club at Lincoln
                                                   Elementary School. Before joining, Christine
                                                   Womack, helped with various service projects
                                                   first and even stood out collecting food in the
                                                   cold for the Salvation Army, Freezing for Food
                                                   campaign to stock the local food pantry.

                                                   (L TO R) Ginny Omerod, Kelly Tribble, Gov. Kevin,
                                                   Trudy McElligott, Christine Womack, Erin Eickman.

                                                            18 | The Illeiowan | September–October 2010
Kiwanis Trauma Doll Project
A hospital experience can be overwhelming for an adult. Imagine
what it is like for a sick or injured child. The child enters a strange
environment of bright lights, strange noises, uncomfortable
furniture and lots of strangers. Someone takes away clothes and
starts poking and prodding. The child has no sense of control.
Through all this, the child hurts.
    When medical personnel use the doll to show a child what
will happen during the procedure, it helps the child understand.
Sometimes the child can even help “doctor” the doll. This                 (L TO R): Jane Mordecai, Salem Kiwanis YCPO
                                                                          Chair; Dorothy Bruce, Salem Kiwanis Club
converts the activity into something the child has control over.          President; Susie Hartlipp, Becky Moore, Doris
Often, this allows a child as young as 2 or 3 years old to undergo        Meadows, hospital staff member; Monna
                                                                          Pauley, Kiwanis Div. 33 Lt. Governor; and
the procedure much more calmly, whether it’s                              Stephanie Hilton-Siebert, Salem Township
putting on an oxygen mask or having a                                     Hospital President.
cut sutured. The child can express his
fear or unhappiness by drawing a                                          Trauma Dolls: An Ongoing
face on the doll. Also, the child can                                      Service Project
mark on the doll the injury or                                              On Wednesday, June 2, the Salem Kiwanis
pain she feels. This allows adults                                          Club donated 60 trauma doll packets to
to discuss concerns or pains more                                           Salem Township Hospital. The dolls were
                                                                            cut out, stuffed and sewn by Salem Kiwanis
objectively with the child. Each
                                                                           members, and are to be given out by the
child keeps his doll when leaving                                          hospital staff to help calm down a child in a
the hospital, a positive reminder of                                      trauma situation, redirecting their attention to
the hospital visit. This project                                                the doll. The packets contain a white cloth
also often gives residences                                                          stuffed doll and washable crayons.
at local nursing                                                                          The children can color whatever
                                                                                             they want on the doll, either
homes, elderly
                                                                                               to express what they are
shut-ins, K-Kids,                                                                             feeling or just to have fun.
Builders Club                                                                                 The dolls are washable.
and Aktion Club                                                                                  The gift of the dolls are
members an oppor-                                                                            a part of the Kiwanis Young
tunity to partner with Kiwanis                                               Children Priority One, (YCPO) program which
                                                                            is an ongoing service program of Kiwanis
and experience the benefits
                                                                           International that addresses the needs of
of helping children in their                                                  young children.
community in a way that they may
not normally have to volunteer.
    To learn more about starting
a Trauma Doll project at your
local hospital and to obtain
patterns for the dolls, visit
   (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

       Past Kiwanis International and I-I District First Lady
       Miki Cunat hosts a Kiwanis Trauma Doll booth at the
       International Convention in Las Vegas in June 2010.

The Illeiowan | September–October 2010 | 19
Infant Car Seat Distribution Day
The Kiwanis Clubs in Division 20 distributed
130 car seats in the annual Division 20 Past
Lt, Governor Association Infant Car Seat
Distribution Day. The event was held on
Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at the East Peoria Fire
Station in conjunction with Children’s Hospital
of Illinois and the East Peoria Fire Department.
Thirteen clubs in the division participated in the
event which include a free car seat safety check.
Car seats are distributed to the following agen-
cies: Fulton County Health Department/Graham
Hospital–Canton; Tazewell County Health
Department–E Peoria; Pekin Hospital–Pekin;
Heart House of Eureka–Eureka; Catholic
Charities, Lutheran Social Services, Methodist
Medical, Proctor Hospital–Peoria.
                                                     (L TO R) Past Lt. Governor Dennis Stoller, Past Lt. Governor Terry
                                                     Cunefare, Lt. Governor Elect Amy Whiting, Lt. Governor Bob Wilton,
                                                     Natalie Hughes, and Past Lt. Governor Nancy Aldridge.

                                                                      Fun in the Sun for Everyone
                                                                      The St. Charles Kiwanis Club sponsored the
                                                                      Fox Valley Special Recreation Association Day
                                                                      in the Park once again this year and has done so
                                                                      for the past six years. This event allows children
                                                                      from various park districts throughout the
                                                                      Fox Valley area to participate in a “fun day”
                                                                      and includes many children with special needs.
                                                                      The motto is “Fun in the Sun for Everyone.”
                                                                      The St. Charles Kiwanis Club totally financed
                                                                      this event. This year’s cost was approximately
                                                                      $7,000 and in typical Kiwanis tradition, the
                                                                      St. Charles Club routinely supplies the over-
                                                                      whelming amount of volunteer workers.
                                                                      This year over 1,200 children attended the event.
                                                                      As a continuing tradition, each child (and many
                                                                      of the adults) was treated to an ice cream cup
                                                                      by the Colonial Ice Cream Company. The
                                                                      President of the Colonial Ice Cream Company
                                                                      is St. Charles Kiwanian Tom Anderson and he
                                                                      was on hand to serve up that ice cream (as he
                                                                      has done over the past six fun days) with his
                                                                      fellow Kiwanians. After a “day of play,” all the
                                                                      kids loved that ice cream.

                                                                                20 | The Illeiowan | September–October 2010
Beat the Streets, Kiwanis of Evanston
Find GOLF a ‘Hole’ Lot of Fun!
Golfing for a good cause has become a way
of life on the North Shore, throw in a perfect
Day, a good golf course, prizes and great
camaraderie and it’s easy to see why this has
become a summertime ritual.
    On Wednesday, June 30 the Kiwanis
Foundation of Evanston held its 10th annual
Beat the Streets golf get together in perfect
weather at the Glencoe Golf club. Some 50
Kiwanians and friends of wrestling joined
up to benefit the Beat the Streets organization
and the Evanston School of Wrestling. The
BTS concept uses a mentoring program to            Soaking up the sunshine and counting those putts,
encourage youngsters from age 6 through            Bob Nellis, Northbrook, Pat Cohn, Glencoe; Assistant
junior high school to instill leadership values,   Northwestern wrestling coach, Tim Cysewski and
                                                   Tom Herrick, Evanston.
healthy exercise and friendship.
    In Evanston the program finds its outlet
at the Evanston School of Wrestling, housed
at Evanston Township High School where it is
administered by head wrestling coach, Rudy
Salinas. Salinas ’ wrestlers guide the younger
students and learn leadership lessons them-
selves in working with the 40 youngsters.
    The golf outing raised close to $5,000
which covers scholarships to the Evanston
School of Wrestling for those children who are
unable to pay the fees. Ken Kraft, former head
wrestling coach at Northwestern and a leader
in wrestling circles in the United States says,
“It’s a program where everyone benefits, the       The winning foursome, no wonder they’re smiling.
youngsters, the coaches and the fund raisers;      Each received a Blackhawks Stanley Cup
                                                   Championship shirt! (L TO R) Andris Linzenbergs, Mike
we can see the successful outcomes for these       McDermott, ETHS Director of Athletics, Chris
kids and that encourages all of us.”               Livatino, all of Evanston and Terry Fallen of Chicago.

                                                     In recognition of Dr. Amador’s lifetime dedication
                                                     to the goals of Kiwanis through his involvement
                                                     with the Spastic Paralysis Research Foundation.
                                                     Division 7 Lt. Governor Jack Senter presents the
                                                     Luis V. Amador Medallion Award to Kiwanis Club
                                                     of Evanston member Dr. Richard Scott Hopf.
                                                     Dr. Hopf has demonstrated over an extended
                                                     time, extraordinary personal dedication of his
                                                     time and resources to the pursuit of charitable,
                                                     benevolent and community service activities
                                                     consistent with the objectives of Kiwanis.

                                                     (L TO R) Evanston Club President Stamatiki Blanas,
                                                     Dr. Scott Hopf and Lt. Governor Jack Senter.

The Illeiowan | September–October 2010 | 21
   I-I District Fun at the
   95th Annual Kiwanis                              Kiwanis International President Paul Palazzolo listens intently as
                                                    Actress Téa Leoni, granddaughter of the founder of the US Fund for
 International Convention,                          UNICEF and silent film star actress Helenka Pantaleoni, introduces
   Las Vegas, June 2010                             the new World Wide Service Project EliMiNate; focusing on the
                                                    elimination of Maternal/Neonatal Tetnus around the globe. Learn
                                                    more at

                                                                     The Kiwanis Club of Tuscola was well represented
                                                                     in Las Vegas. Members Tim and Sherrie Hoel, mem-
                                                                     ber Wayne Ward and his wife Joanne, and members
                                                                     Janet and David Butler pose for a quick photo.

“Marilyn Monroe” serenades           “Elvis” joins in the District
President Paul at the I-I District   Dinner fun as well.
Dinner in Las Vegas.

“At the Kiwanis International Convention in Las Vegas,
 I stayed at the Riviera Hotel. On Thursday, I lost my
 convention badge somewhere in the hotel. When I got
 back to my room there was a message on my phone
 that someone had turned it in to the Bell Captain’s
 Station. When I went to retrieve it, the Bell Captain
 handed it to me, and I handed him a few dollars. He
 shoved the money back at me and said, ‘I will never                 President Paul, Past Circle K International
                                                                     President Chris Zock (Kiwanis Club of McHenry,
 take money from you because of all the good work                    IL) and Governor Kevin enjoy a laugh together in
 you do in Kiwanis.’ How about that? I was elated!”                  Vegas.


                                                                                   22 | The Illeiowan | September–October 2010

The Illeiowan | September–October 2010 | 23
 Illinois–Eastern Iowa District of Kiwanis International
 111 S. 2nd Street, Suite #202, DeKalb, IL 60115

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