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									                                                                          November 20, 2009

When Brian Wier suggested that I write an article for the Need2Know this week I immediately
panicked, unsure of what I would write about. As we talked it out we agreed that many of our
colleagues in VT and the Rail Division knew very little about VTOD and decided that I would attempt
to provide everyone with a little better understanding of who we are and what we do. So let’s give it a

In a very broad sense I like to describe VTOD as the “retail” division of VTNA. Most of our
business lines are marketed and delivered directly to the end consumer. We market most of our
products B to C direct. SuperShuttle is the platform from which VTOD was built upon and while
it is the lead brand in our portfolio it represents only one of a number of service offerings. Let
me briefly discuss each product.

SuperShuttle: You have seen the blue vans around town and at the airports. You may use them
yourselves. This is a “shared ride” point to point service primarily focused on providing airport
                                               transfers to and from homes and businesses. Typically
                                               the van will make a few stops before reaching its final
                                               destination. This would be considered a “value” service
                                               as demonstrated by its price points. SuperShuttle
                                               currently operates in and around 33 of the nation’s
                                               largest airports using a fleet of about 1300 vans. We
                                               have 2 more airports coming on line during the first
                                               quarter of 2010 and continue to seek out opportunities to
                                               further promote and extend the brand. We are
                                               aggressively pursuing additional growth through a
                                               combination of initiatives focused on organic growth
                                               (bringing new customers to the service), share shift
                                               (taking market share away from competitors) and
acquisitions. Although this may be regarded as a somewhat mature brand, we believe there is quite a
bit of opportunity to build upon this successful service model. SuperShuttle is operated as a
Franchise model. Most of our drivers are business owners who operate on our behalf under a
franchise agreement. We have also started to take SuperShuttle over seas with the recent opening of
SuperShuttle Paris. Additional international development is underway with the next likely opening in
Stockholm, Sweden sometime in 2010.
ExecuCar: While still focused on point to point service ExecuCar is an exclusive service providing
private sedan transfers between homes, businesses, airports and other venues. We currently operate
ExecuCar in 16 locations servicing 25 airports utilizing a fleet of 300 sedans. We have targeted 8
additional locations for
sedan service and
expect to have all of
them up and running by
the end of the second
quarter of 2010. That
will bring the total to 24
locations servicing 33
airports. There is
significant upside growth
available in select target markets for this service. ExecuCar is operated mainly as a franchise model
although there are some locations that use independent contractors who operate on our behalf.

Taxi Service: I think most of you heard about the celebration last month for the 100th anniversary of
Baltimore Yellow Cab. That was Mark Joseph’s family business. Baltimore Yellow is of course now a
                                                portfolio company within VTOD. We currently run
                                                taxi businesses in 8 cities in the east, mid west and
                                                mountain states operating over 2000 vehicles. I
                                                expect that our 9th taxi operation will be on board in
                                                Florida by the end of the year. Taxi provides what
                                                may be our most significant growth opportunity. It
                                                remains a very fragmented industry with a
                                                tremendous amount of up-side growth potential. The
                                                taxi business is operated with a combination of
owner/operators and independent contractors who lease cars on a daily or weekly basis from the

Contract Bus: Many of you will be surprised to learn that VTOD operates over 250 buses out of 7
locations spread from the Bay area of California to New York City. We are the largest provider of
airline crew transfers in North America. We operate
employee transportation services for large and small
corporations such as Genentech, Apple, and
Continental Airlines. We also run campus shuttles for
colleges and universities. Our two largest bus
operations are Compass Transportation in the San
Francisco Bay area and Golden Touch Transportation in
the Metro New York City area. Unlike the public transit
sector, our bus business is asset intensive. Typically we
source, own, and maintain the fleet as well as providing
operators and management for the transportation
system. Although not a significant focus, most of these operations will also provide on demand
charter bus services. Contract bus services of this nature will be a key source of growth for VTOD as
we go forward.

So now you see why I refer to VTOD as the “retail” arm of the company. In order to further penetrate
these key markets we must stay focused on the day to day elements of our business which are critical
to our long term success such as;

   !   Providing a safe operating environment for our customers, franchise partners, independent
       contractors and employees

   !   Maintaining a customer service focus at all levels of the organization that results in a high level
       of satisfaction, repeat, and new business

   !   Enhance and employ leading edge technology in an effort to support the customer experience:
       in our vehicles, at our ticket counters, in our call centers, in our dispatch centers, and in our
       web presence

   !   Continue to grow the top line of our business while staying focused on bottom line results

Well that’s a quick look at VTOD and what we do. I hope the information helps all of our colleagues in
the other divisions to better understand our business. Bottom line: we work hard, we stay focused on
results, and we have fun doing it. I think I am pretty lucky to be a part VTNA and VTOD. Please e-
mail me if you have any questions or comments at tom.vitale@veoliatransportation.com.

Upcoming 30-Minute Webinars on How to Use Our New
PowerPoint Templates - From Ruth Otte and Mitun Seguin
We have developed a series of new PPT templates we would like to share with all three divisions of
the company. We also have created an accompanying collection of photos that are "cropped" to fit
perfectly into the templates.
Please attend one of our 30-minute Webinars to learn about each of the new templates and how to
easily incorporate the photos. For a brief investment of time, you will learn how to make your future
PowerPoints look great!
Staff from all three divisions is invited to attend one of our Webinars.
The Webinars will be held:
       !   December 16: 2pm EST
       !   December 17: 2pm EST
       !   December 18: 2pm EST
We will send out a dial in number and a link in advance of the calls! Put one of these in your
calendar, -- we promise to make this 30 minutes that are worth your time!

State of the Company Call - December 10th, 2pm EST For All
Three Divisions - From Ruth Otte
Please join Mark Joseph and our senior management teams from all 3 divisions (Transit, Rail
and On-Demand) for our quarterly State of the Company Call on December 10th at 2pm EST.
We will be recapping our 2009 performance and our plans and key initiatives for 2010.
We will send out dial in instructions and a link via email a few days before the call.

Passenger Assistance Training Kit Has Been Sent to Every
Location – From Drew Jones
For those of you who may have missed my earlier email, I’m happy to announce that after many
months of collaboration among many people in our company, the Passenger Assistance Training
Kit is complete and was shipped to all locations on Monday, November 9th.
Every location should have one kit. For larger locations, if you desire additional kits please let me
know. Each additional kit will cost $300 for production and shipping.

The full kit includes the following tools:

    !   National Safety Council, Transporting Passengers with Special Needs Program
    !   Passenger Assistance Training DVD-Paratransit (Veolia produced)
    !   Passenger Assistance Training DVD- Transit (Veolia produced)
    !   Securement Training DVD (Manufacture produced)
    !   Instructor Facilitator Guide
    !   Program Instructions/Forms DVD

This kit, designed to be part of the Operator Development Program, was developed in response to our
need for a comprehensive and standardized special needs program (ADA) for both paratransit and
fixed route services. In order to create a kit that was effective, we partnered with the National Safety
Council on the base program, and then created an internal DVD and corresponding printed guides
and training manuals that outline specific processes regarding loading and unloading special needs
I’d like to give special thanks and recognition to Lance Chan, Reggie Reese and Val Michael who all
worked tirelessly developing this program.

I’d also like to thank Jim Wolf, Rafeh Haidar for allowing me to utilize Maintenance and Safety Director
Lance Chan in the filming and editing. And finally thanks to the Seattle staff for allowing us to occupy
your space and providing your input during the development of this kit.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me at: drew.jones@veoliatransportation.com .

 Veolia Transportation in Yuba Sutter Teams with Kiwanis Club
 For Stuff-A-Bus Holiday Fundraiser – From Dave Phillips
 The Veolia Transportation Team in Yuba Sutter got into the holiday spirit early this year by getting
 involved in the city’s Stuff-A-Bus program.
 The month long event featured parked
 public buses in key locations throughout
 the city, where residents could drop off
 donated food items. The event wrapped
 up last week at five area supermarkets.
 Teaming with the local Kiwanis Club,
 employees collected 10,760 pounds of
 non-perishable foods through food
 donations and cash donations. Nearly
 $3,000.00 was collected and used for food
 Stuff-A-Bus joined a group of Mid-Valley charity drives that includes the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve's
 Toys for Tots drive and the Salvation Army's annual community Thanksgiving dinner Christmastime
 toy drive and food-box program.

Training Schedule for the week of November 16th to 20th – From
Cheryl deHoog

 Veolia MANAGEMENT Advancement Program (VMAP)
 Location              Course Name                             Date(s)
 Denver, CO           Veolia Leadership Program (VLP)          November 16 - 19

 Veolia Ethics: Making the Right Choices
 Location              Course Name                             Date(s)
 New Orleans, LA      Ethics                                   November 17 (2 classes)
If you have any questions regarding the above-mentioned courses or future training sessions,
please contact Bonnie Ault @ 519-652-9500.


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