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					       4, Issue 6
Volume 10, Issue 4                                    The Wealth Builders Journal                                     Page 1

                                                                                                                 Single Issue
              Volume 10, Issue 4                                                                    April 2008

                The Professional Journal of the Real Estate Investors Association of Northern Ohio Plus

                               REIANO Plus has invited
                               Charlie Dobens of RE                DID YOU KNOW? For the same amount
                               MENTOR to show you How to           of time it takes to do a single-family deal,
                               Make Extraordinary Profits by
                               Investing In Multifamily &
                                                                   you could have done an apartment complex
                               Commercial Real Estate at           (small or large) and made up to 20 times
                               6:30 PM on Wednesday, April
                               16th, 2008 at the Holiday Inn –
                                                                   the profit!

                               Independence at I-77 & Rock-               n Wednesday, April 16th , 2008 at 6:30 PM at
                               side Road. Registration begins
                                                                          the Holiday Inn – Independence, Charlie
                               at 6:00 PM and the Guest Fee is
                               $20 payable at the door for non-           Dobens of RE MENTOR, will show YOU
                               members.                            How To …
                                 Members are always FREE!
                                                                     Make Extraordinary Profits by Investing In
                                                                      Multifamily & Commercial Real Estate.
                                                                     Now you are probably wondering who
                                                                   RE MENTOR and Charlie Dobens are and more
                                                                   importantly are they uniquely qualified to show YOU
                                                                   how to PROFIT from Multifamily and Commercial
                                                                   Real Estate.

N EXT M EETING !                                                                Here’s their Credentials …
                                                                      RE MENTOR been involved in more than 550 real
                                                                   estate deals across America in the last nine years. They
                                                                   currently own over 4,310 units and own in 8 different
                      Wednesday,                                   states!
               April 16th Meeting                                     The business started off as a landscaping business,
              HOLIDAY INN – INDEPENDENCE                           but was starving in the long New England winters.
         I-77 & Rockside Road, Independence, Ohio                     Probably like you, they had full-time jobs, and
Agenda:                                                            wanted to find a way to break into real estate and get
        6:00 PM — Doors Open for registration                      out of the rat race.
        6:30 PM — General Announcements                               To do that, they quickly realized that investing in
        6:45 PM — Trade, Swap and Sell                             Multi-Family properties was the way to get us there
        7:00 PM — Networking                                       FAST!
        7:15 PM — Featured Speaker                                    When RE MENTOR was getting started there was
        8:45 PM — Break                                            nobody out there teaching Multi-Family techniques.
        9:00 PM — Questions and Answers                            That means if they were able to go from “broke” to
        9:15 PM — Adjourn                                          “able to retire” in 4½ years, you’ll be able to do it
            $20.00 Guest Fee for Non-Members.*                     even FASTER!
       *Credited toward membership if joined within 30 days.
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                                                                                                                                                   June 2003
 Page 2                                                          The Wealth Builders Journal                                                April 2008

(Continued from page 1)                                                                      •   The 4 market cycles and how to determine which
… Extraordinary Wealth with                                                                      cycle your areas is in
Multifamily Real Estate Investing …                                                          •   How to invest in good markets Outside of your lo-
                                                                                                 cal market
           Are they EXPERTS or what???                                                  3) How to Manage Properties Without Ever Dealing
   So when it comes to Creating Extraordinary WEALTH                                  With Tenants:
in Multifamily Real Estate Investing, Charlie Dobens is                                      •   Hiring 3rd party property managers
going to share with YOU the MOST up-to-date strategies
and techniques that RE MENTOR is currently using in                                          •   How to build in the cost of property management
                                                                                                 into your offer
today’s tough market conditions.
                                                                                             •   How to gather critical information from the current
                    Here is just SOME of                                                         property manager BEFORE you buy
                    What You’ll Learn …                                                   4) How to Uncover Apartment “Gems” in Your Back
    1) Buying Apartments with No Money Down:                                          Yard that Other Investors Walk Right By Where to look
                                                                                      for bargains:
    • Ways to buy apartments with Other Peoples Money
        (OPM)                                                                                •   Hidden “value plays” that ‘sweeten the pot
    •    How to structure OPM deals with the Owner                                           •   New profit-critical strategies that have emerged in
    •    How to get apartment building owners anxious in
         owner financing to you                                                              •   Which properties to flip, which ones to hold on to
                                                                                                 for long term cash flow
    2) Understanding Real Estate Market Cycles:
                                                                                        5) The Truth About Tough Neighborhoods and
    •    How to tell which areas are perfect for apartment                            Dealing with Tenants that do drugs or belong to gangs:
                                                                                        • The 4 types of properties, the 4 types of geographic
    •    What market indicators to watch for that will tell                                  zones & how to match up the right property type
         you ‘when to sell’                                                                  with the right zones
                                                                                        • How to easily and quickly evaluate property types
                                                                                             and zones in just a few minutes and without visiting
                                                                                             the property
           PLEASE SEND US YOUR                                                                         Mark Your Calendar’s ...
             E-MAIL ADDRESS!!!                                                           You don’t want to miss this meeting on Wednesday,
        By using e-mail, we enhance our com-                                          April 16th, 2008 at 6:30 PM at the Holiday Inn – Inde-
                                                                                      pendence because Charlie Dobens promises to give YOU
                                                                                      plenty of new insights that could effect your decisions
           and improve our service to you.                                            and investments for years to come. So if you like the idea
        Please send your e-mail address to :                                          of doing bigger deals which result in bigger profits, than
                                                              YOU will want to learn as much as possible about apart-
                                                                                      ment investing from one of the country’s best - RE
                    The information you provide                                       MENTOR & Charlie Dobens.
                      will remain confidential.                                                                                       (Continued on page 3)

                       “The Wealth Builders Journal”
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        4, Issue 6
 Volume 10, Issue 4                                                     The Wealth Builders Journal                                                  Page 3

(Continued from page 2)                                                                   process... I had never done a 1031 exchange before, but it
… Extraordinary Wealth with                                                               was a lot easier than I thought.”
Multifamily Real Estate Investing …                                                                                   Marlene Green, Jersey City, NJ
                                                                                              “...Your course material helped me to evaluate my deals
                   Listen To What Other People                                            with confidence. Recently I closed upon a 24-unit apart-
                   Just Like You Are Saying …                                             ment building producing $3,000/month cash flow. Along
                                                                                          with help for purchase, your information is very helpful to
   “Dave, it was only two short weeks after getting your
                                                                                          manage the property and hiring contractors for renovation
course and putting your strategies to play that my phone
                                                                                          in an efficient way.
started to ring with deals, and best of all, these sellers
                                                                                              Thanks for a job well done in the study material and
weren’t on the MLS.
                                                                                          helping me by answering my questions during purchase.”
   No one else knew they were selling. Which meant no
                                                                                                                        Gurdarshan Singh Dhaliwal,
competition. I found a property I was interested in and I
                                                                                                                                Sterling Heights, MI
ran the number through your awesome software, and like
magic it told me I had a deal.                                                                       Charlie Dobens’ Life Story …
   After closing in January, I had $600 in cash flow and                                      A graduate of Boston College and Massachusetts School of
$50,000 in equity. Not a bad return on my investment with                                 Law, Charles Dobens, Esq. Has over twenty years of experience
you Dave.”                                                                                in marketing, sales, business management and ownership. In
                                      Jason Rodriguez, Orlando, FL                        1995, he followed the entrepreneurial track and founded and suc-
                                                                                          cessfully raised private capital to start a $3MM benefits admini-
   “[Using your strategy], I went from owning a condo                                     stration firm. The firm was a successful enterprise allowing
with $64,000 in equity to a 7 unit apartment house. I had a                               Charles to later sell it and turn his attention towards his real pas-
$522 positive cash flow on the condo, but now I have a                                    sion, real estate. In 2006, he went into partnership with his wife
$2,500 positive monthly cash flow with the apartment                                      Kate acquiring larger multifamily properties. In their first year,
house.                                                                                    they successfully acquired and funded over $12.5MM in multi-
   The best part is, I did not take any cash out of my                                    family assets which they continue to control today. Charles’ ex-
                                                                                          pertise is in business development, contract negotiation, legal,
pocket. Thanks for all of your help as I went through this
                                                                                          compliance, investor relations, and business administration.

             WE LIVE WHERE YOU ARE
                        Carolyn Kuczmarski, Agent
                           7119 Brecksville Road
                            Independence, OH
                              (216) 328-0280                                                 FINANCIAL GROUP

                                                       STATE FARM IS THERE
                                                                                                     * WANTED *
   PO26040 State Farm Insurance Companies · Home Offices: Bloomington, Illinois   04/02            PRIVATE LENDERS
                                                                                                     WE PAY UP TO 15%!
       MORTGAGE NOW INC.                                                                          SECURED BY REAL ESTATE.
                                                                                                QUARTERLY — ANNUAL PAYMENTS

                                                                                                 Shannon at (216) 214-3537
         (216) 373-7425                                      FAX: (216) 373-7425                             or
                                                                                                 Mary Lou at (216) 214-3538
                                                                                                                     June 2003
Page 4                                        The Wealth Builders Journal                                       April 2008

                                                                 TAX RETURN PREPARATION
                                                                              by CPA with Specialty in
                                                                                    Real Estate
                                                                                   Investor Counseling
                                                                            Served on REIANO board for years

                                                                            Bill Deutchman, CPA

                                                               SEEKING GENERAL CONTRACTOR
                                                                For Renovation of Single Family Houses.
                                                                                  East-Side Suburbs

                                                                       Minimum 5 years experience.
                                                         Must be reliable.
               Howell Insurance Agency                                          Submit qualifications to:
         34331 Ridge Road, Willoughby, Ohio 44094
                                                                       PO Box 1492, Mentor Ohio 44061

                                                                MAIN STREET FINANCIAL
 CASHFLOW GAME!                                                         WE SPECIALIZE IN WORKING
           Wednesday, Apr. 23rd, 2008                                  WITH REAL ESTATE INVESTORS!
                6:30 to 10:00 PM
                                                                         WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING
           at the REIANO plus Office!                                   INVESTOR LOAN PROGRAMS:
         5007 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44102
                                                                      • NO SEASON REFINANCES UP TO 100%
   RSVP by calling: (216) 651-6655                                      LTV
   or e-mailing                                   • 100% LTV PURCHASE PROGRAMS
       by Monday, Apr. 21st, 2008                                     • NO INCOME VERIFICATION UP TO 95%
     Cost: $5.00 Sign Up Today!!Members Only.
                                                                      • FINANCE BUYERS WITH NO SELLER
                                                                        SEASONING PROBLEMS
                                                                      • NO MONEY DOWN HOUSES FOR SALE
                                                                      • HARD MONEY & INSTITUTIONAL PUR-
                                                                        CHASE/REHAB LOANS AVAILABLE WITH
                                                                        NO MONEY DOWN
                                                                      • PERSONALIZED SERVICE & LOAN
                                                                        PROGRAMS TO MATCH YOUR NEEDS
                                                                              CALL TOM LOWRY AT
                             SHANNON I. BEST II, GRI                         MAIN STREET FINANCIAL
                                                                                 (216) 459-0911
 CELL:     (216) 214-3537         FAX:    (216) 961-8816                                                    MB.801723.000
        4, Issue 6
 Volume 10, Issue 4                         The Wealth Builders Journal                                       Page 5

      How to Win BIG in Changing Markets
                                                (Part II)
      by Richard Roop                  pressure on prices. It’s the law of         If you need to sell a house only

                                       supply and demand.                      to a qualified buyer using a new
         eal estate and housing           How can we change our invest-        loan, then consider offering to
         markets across the nation     ing strategies to compete for the       “help finance the down payment
         are changing. You can         buyers who still want to buy a          and closing costs.” That means
hardly turn on the national news       home?                                   you’d consider taking back a small
without hearing a story on how                                                 second mortgage to help them get
home prices are peaking—or even            First, don’t forget the basics
                                                                               closed—sometimes with no
declining. Homes are taking longer         My basic formula for selling a
                                       house includes:                         money down!
to sell. The spread between asking
prices and selling prices is widen-                                                4. Get the word out
                                           1. Price it right
ing. Unsold inventories are up.                                                    Posting lots of signs, running
                                           Any property will sell if it is
Foreclosures are on the rise.                                                  classified ads, and working your
                                       priced right. You may be used to
   As real estate entrepreneurs, we                                            buyer’s list can many times be all
                                       getting a premium price when of-
make money buying and selling                                                  you need to do in order to sell a
                                       fering flexible terms. But if your
houses. So what does all this mean                                             house. I highly suggest you use a
                                       market has slowed, you may have
to us? With the right mental atti-                                             selling website and a 24-hour re-
                                       to settle for retail price
tude and good investment strate-                                               corded message lines to distribute
                                       (comparable value) or less. Use
gies, you can now begin helping                                                house details and directions 24/7.
                                       price points. Don’t drop a price
more people than ever before.                                                      Flyers in a box at the house are
                                       from $189,500 to $184,500. Bring
   By helping buyers and sellers                                               a must, and flyers or postcards to
                                       it down to the next price point, in
solve the problems they are facing                                             all the neighbors are a plus. If you
                                       this case, $179,500.
now, you can not only survive, but                                             need more exposure, consider a
                                           2. Get the house ready              flat fee listing in the Multiple List-
in fact—generate huge profits now          I’ve sold or occupied hundreds
and in the future. It doesn’t matter                                           ing Service (MLS) for a few hun-
                                       of houses that were not in excellent    dred bucks.
what your market is doing.             condition. But that was not in a
   Real estate markets always          slow moving market. Get your                5. Manage your leads effec-
change. And you must change also       homes in great shape—fast. Con-         tively
in order to compete and succeed.                                                   You (or someone you’ve hired)
                                       sider staging your homes.
   In Part One ( in last month’s                                               needs to take calls from buyers live
                                           I don’t mean minimal staging
issue ), I gave you some useful tips                                           or return calls very promptly. You
                                       like floor mats, fake plants and col-
for: Finding deals you can buy                                                 can add some “prescreening verbi-
                                       orful soap dishes. Consider exten-
right; collecting enough cash each                                             age” to your website or recorded
                                       sive, professional staging. It may
month to survive and thrive; and                                               message line to weed out some
                                       cost $500 to $2,000 to have furni-
negotiating with sellers who think                                             callers.
                                       ture moved and the interior deco-
the market has not turned yet                                                      If they make it through your
                                       rated. But wouldn’t it be worth it if
   Now let’s cover some more                                                   systems or they’re calling from in
                                       you could occupy your properties
changing market strategies: How                                                front of the house, be sure you’re
                                       just thirty days faster? Check out
to sell or occupy houses quickly in                                            more easily reachable. Use a lock
                              and other
slower moving markets.                                                         box so anyone can easily view
                                       similar Online resources.
   When houses start taking longer                                             your vacant properties and then
                                           3. Offer flexible terms             follow up on all leads. If they don’t
to sell, that’s what many people
                                           Offering flexible financing,        like it, then send them to other
might call a “buyer’s market.”
                                       rent-to-own, or a lease option          properties or add them to your
With more homes to choose from,
                                       when selling will make your             buyer’s list.
buyers become pickier. Sellers be-
                                       houses more desirable.
come more flexible. This puts                                                                       (Continued on page 7)
                                                                                                             June 2003
 Page 6                                      The Wealth Builders Journal                                April 2008

              The 5 Money Making Advantages
                     Of Multi-Unit …
    by David Lindahl                       I also realized that there were         in their portfolios along with
          RE MENTOR                     certain advantages that investing in       single family houses.

                                        multi-units buildings had over sin-      • Because of the bigger cash
         aving rehabbed over 470        gle families.
         properties in the last seven
                                                                                   flows, you can afford to hire
         years and collected over 600    • The first was cash flow. Cash           management companies to
apartment units I’m often asked, how        flow on a multi-family is al-          manage your tenants, thus
can I become wealthier faster invest-       ways greater than that of a sin-       eliminating that hassle while
ing in real estate?                         gle family. Simply because you         you go out and do what you do
    While most investors concen-            have more rents coming in.             best (or should do best), find
trate on some aspect of single fam-         The more units you have un-            and finance them.
ily houses, I was always interested         der, one roof, the less risk you     • Your pay days are a lot bigger
in multi-units (apartments) first,          have. If you have a single fam-        when you finally sell your
and then single family homes as a           ily house and you lose your            property. This is because an
means of getting more multi-units.          tenant, you’ve lost 100% of            apartment complex cost more
                                            your income. In some in-               than single family homes, be-
    From the very beginning of my
                                            stances, this could be your en-        cause of this they obtain a
investing in real estate, I liked the
                                            tire profit for the year. If you       greater dollar amount of appre-
idea that a group of people (the
                                            had a three family and lost a          ciation. For example, a
tenants in a building) would get
                                            tenant, you still have two rents       $100,000 single family house
together and pool their money to
                                            coming in to pay your ex-              will in a market that appreci-
pay down the mortgage on a prop-
                                            penses.                                ates 10% will be worth
erty, and I liked the idea that they
would also pool their money to-          • Economies of scale are in mu-           $110,000 while a three family
gether to pay for all of the mainte-        lit-unit buildings. If you have        house worth $300,000 in the
nance work for a building.                  six single family houses op-           same market (10% apprecia-
                                            posed to one six family, you           tion) will increase to $330,000.
    I especially liked the idea that
                                            have six roofs to be replaced or       That’s $20,000 more money in
they would give an owner so much
                                            repaired, six lawns to be main-        your pocket!
money that the owner would have
                                            tain, six tenants spread out          You’ve know a few people who
a bunch of money left over at the
                                            through out your city or town.     have made a lot of money flipping
end of every month that could be
                                            In your six-family, you have       single family houses, but if you
used to either re-invest, save or to
                                            one roof, one lawn and your        think of the all the people you
go out and have a good time with.
                                            tenants are centrally located.     know who have become extremely
    Essentially, I like the idea that       Economies of scale are in your     wealthy through real estate, you’ll
other people were willing to help           favor.                             realize that they did it through
make me wealthy. I liked it even
                                         • There’s a lot less competition      owning multi-units (apartments).
more when I started using manage-
                                            than there are in single family       These are the five biggest ad-
ment companies to manage my
                                            houses. Why? Because no one        vantages to investing in multi-
properties and no longer had to
                                            is out there teaching how to do    units, there are many, many more.
have contact with my tenants.
                                            it and all the single family       If you are interested in creating
    I soon came to realize that I           guru’s make flipping single        more wealth at a faster rate, adding
could also wholesale, retail, pre-          family houses sound as easy as     multi-unit to your portfolio is the
foreclosure, rehab, subject to and          chewing gum in the dark. The       way to do it!
lease option apartment houses as            smart investors put multi-units
        4, Issue 6
 Volume 10, Issue 4                                   The Wealth Builders Journal                                               Page 7

(Continued from page 5)                        Then back out your minimum profit                   2) Avoid being subject to possible
… How to Win BIG in Changing Markets …         requirement and projected expenses to           price declines
                                               come up with your pretty house                      Consider buying farther out if
   Now are you doing the basics?               MAO, or Maximum Allowable Offer.                that’s what is required to find the
Good. That will help you on houses             Then, never pay more than that—ever.            good deals.
you already own or later buy.                      7. Avoid the wrong properties                   8. Don’t buy
         What’s else can I do?                     If you’re in a buyer’s market, be               What? Quit the house business?
    What else can help you sell fast in        pickier. Buy houses that are easier to          Never. However, there are times you
a slow market?                                 resell or occupy. Pick nicer areas,             don’t want to buy or own. Especially
                                               more desirable floor plans and homes            if you think prices in your market will
    6. Buy the right houses                    with attractive features you can adver-         go down. What if you have a potential
    Recalibrate your buying criteria.
                                               tise. Choose neighborhoods with                 deal, but it’s a little scary. You’re not
What was once a deal in a normal or
                                               shorter “days on the market.” If you            sure what you can do, or when you
hot market may not be a deal in                stay within the median price range              can do it, so you don’t want to make
slower market. In other words, buy             (plus or minus 20%) you’ll have the             any promises. Then don’t. Control it
better. Get a better price or better
                                               largest pool of buyers.                         without ownership.
terms from your seller.
                                                   Very small homes, mobile homes,                 You can use a straight option. Or
    You must have a “resell price” in
                                               and high end homes will be harder to            you might use a standard purchase
mind before you ever make an offer.            sell. If you buy those, you need to             agreement that’s contingent upon
Use a resell price that you believe            really buy them right. Think steal. Be          finding your occupant. You might
would ensure getting the house occu-
                                               wary of condos, town homes, and                 even lease a house with the option to
pied (a “pretty house” deal) within 60
                                               newer subdivisions with a glut of un-           buy, so you can bail out if desired. A
                                               sold properties. Flip your rehabs deals         six-month lease with the right to ex-
    Not sure? Keep lowering your
                                               for quick cash if you want to:                  tend nine times gives you five years of
planned resell price (before you make              1) Avoid competing for qualified
your offer) until you’re confident.            retail buyers                                                         (Continued on page 12)

                                             ATTENTION INVESTORS
          How would you evaluate an investment opportunity with the following attributes:
                You the investor purchase an asset with minimal out of pocket cash. Typically less than $4,000 to acquire the as-
                You purchase the asset at a steep discount relative to current value.
                Within a short period of time (2 months or less), the asset pays you a distribution which is roughly equal to your
                initial cash investment.
                The asset pays you a modest monthly cash flow.
                You realize significant tax benefits, typically around $4,000 per year.
                You gain equity in the asset at the rate of about $1,000 per year, guaranteed.
                The risk of the asset depreciating in value over time is very small. However, you have an upside potential of
                $18,000-20,000 profit by selling the asset after 1-2 years. HIGH INVESTMENT RETURN DOES NOT HAVE
                The investment is a ‘passive’ activity. Very little time or effort is required on your part.
                The asset’s performance is NOT dependant on stock market fluctuations, interest rates, crude oil prices, consumer
                spending, or the whims of other investors.

            •    1st year return on cash investment (ROI) 200%.
            •    2nd and future years ROI 100% per year.

      Do your current investments offer this level of performance? If you would like to supercharge your returns with very low
      out of pocket cost and minimal risk, start thinking ‘outside the box’, and call (440)   477-9305 for more details.
                                            June 2003
Page 8   The Wealth Builders Journal   April 2008
       4, Issue 6
Volume 10, Issue 4   The Wealth Builders Journal   Page 9
                                                                                                                         June 2003
 Page 10                                        The Wealth Builders Journal                                       April 2008

 How To Create Massive Passive Income Without ...
      by David Lindahl                        Then you would only have to find       cost into the deal, as long as the prop-
           RE MENTOR                       one deal and then a few more to create    erty cash flows with these fees,

                                           a great passive income.                   you’ve got yourself a winner!
         he true goal of every investor       I know what you’re thinking. Oh            Not only have you found a prop-
         should be to create as much       no, not apartments! I don’t want to       erty that will get you one step closer
         massive passive income as         deal with the tenant hassles! And I       to true freedom, you don’t have to
soon as possible.                          agree with you, you shouldn’t be deal-    hassle with a single tenant.
    Passive income means just that,        ing with any tenants, wouldn’t it be          But Don’t the Management
money that comes into your house           better if you could just sit back and     Companies Nickel and Dime All of
month in/ month out without you hav-       collect checks while someone else         Your Profits Away?
ing to do a thing to get it. How can       deals with all of the management              While it’s true that there are some
you accumulate massive passive in-         headaches?                                bad management companies out there,
come quickly?                                 Those people are called manage-        you can be assured to find a good one
    Well, if you went out and bought a     ment companies and they make a liv-       if you follow these simple steps.
couple dozen single family houses and      ing shielding investors from the day to       Go to That’s the
kept them, you would create a decent       day management of their properties so     Institute For Real Estate Management,
income. Good but not great.                you can go out and continue to do         a great resource. When there, go into
    Its’ going to take you a little time   what you do best, find more property      the search box and search for a Certi-
to find all of these deals and then you    and create more cash flow!                fied Property Manager (CPM).
would have to manage all of those             But Aren’t They Expensive?                 These are owners and managers
tenants.                                      It’s true that management compa-       who have taken time out of their busy
    What If You Put a Couple Dozen         nies are paid a percentage of the gross
Units in the Same Property?                collected rents, somewhere between                              (Continued on page 13)
                                           6% and 10%, though if you factor this

                                                               This investment tool will give you the edge
                                                               over your competition and will drastically
                                                               increase your bottom line.
                                                               REIANO Plus members will receive 50%
                                                               DISCOUNT OFF the purchase of
                                                               RealQuest®. Subscriptions are available
                                                               for Cuyahoga, Lake, Summit, Lorain, Me-
                                                               dina, Portage and Stark.
                                                                   NOTE: If you are a real estate profes-
                                                                   sional i.e. appraiser, broker or agent, you
                                                                   are NOT eligible for the discount.
   With the world's most comprehensive data-                       Thank you.
   base of real estate information and prop-                   Contact Sharon Stark at 440-632-3495 to
   erty characteristics along with parcel maps,                order your subscriptions today and for
   real estate investors use it quickly to de-                 more information.
   termine what a property is worth, based on
   comparables sales during a given period of
                                                                  Sharon Stark at 440-632-3495
   time along with the property’s location and
   physical characteristics.                                
        4, Issue 6
 Volume 10, Issue 4                         The Wealth Builders Journal                                      Page 11

      The Twin Actions of Accomplishment
     by Chris Widener                  financially fit? You must intake            When you only intake informa-

                                       income and output investments.          tion you become fat! Not physi-
            hen it comes to achiev-        The same is true in our personal    cally fat but personally fat. You
            ing accomplishments        and professional lives. But what        become lethargic. You become
            there are two founda-      specifically do we intake and out-      frustrated because all of this infor-
tional actions that must take place.   put?                                    mation was supposed to change
When these two actions take place,         We intake information and we        your life!
and take place in the right order,     out put effort through the exercise         When you only exercise your
you will become unstoppable. You       of our will.                            will and become a tornado of ac-
will also enter into an elite group        The twin actions of accomplish-     tivity you become spent. You be-
of people who actually do both.        ment then are the intake of infor-      come tired because you aren’t
   You see, most people are given      mation and the exercising of our        achieving anything but a busy
to only one or the other, and in do-   will.                                   schedule!
ing so negate their opportunity to         As I said, most people do one or        But when you put these two to-
accomplish what it is that they        the other. They are simply infor-       gether - WOW! Look out because
want to accomplish. What are           mation addicts or they are action       you will turn the world upside
these two actions?                     addicts. You have some who go to        down! So let’s look at these two a
   Intake and output.                  every seminar in the world and          little closer.
   Think about it. Do you want to      then never exercise their will to put       How can you intake informa-
have a healthy body? You must          it into practice. Others are simply a       tion?
take in proper food and output vig-    flurry of action but going in no
orous exercise. Do you want to be      specific direction.                                         (Continued on page 12)
                                                                                                                  June 2003
Page 12                                  The Wealth Builders Journal                                         April 2008

(Continued from page 11)              5. Go to a seminar.                           4. Lose weight - start walking
… The Twin Actions of                 6. Get involved in an ongoing                    every day.
Accomplishment …                         discussion group with people               5. Manage your time - shut off
                                         who want to grow.                             the TV.
                                        How can you exercise the will?                All of these things we know
  1. Choose as close friends, peo-
     ple who will challenge and      This is a bit simpler but not so             what to do, but we must simply do
                                     easy.                                        it.
     stimulate you intellectually
                                      1. You simply must act on the                   Are you a person who has all
     and personally.
                                         information.                             the info? Then act.
  2. Go back to school.                                                               Are you a person who acts but
  3. Buy success products and lis-    2. Eat better foods - put down the
                                         ice cream.                               doesn’t get anywhere? Then learn.
     ten to them.                                                                     Intake information, exercise the
  4. Read books.                      3. Save more money - stop
                                                                                  will. The twin actions of accom-
                                         spending on superfluous items.
                                                                                    You are Made for Success,
                                                                                  Chris Widener
                                                                                  Reproduced with permission from the
                                                                                      Jim Rohn Weekly E-zine —

                                                                       (Continued from page 7)
                                                                       … How to Win BIG in Changing Markets …

                                                                       control, plus the opportunity to get out every
                                                                       six months.
                                                                           A lease option might even get your
                                                                       monthly payment less than the current mort-
                                                                           Watch for Part Three. We’ll continue with
                                                                       more ideas to help you succeed in changing
                                                                       real estate markets, allowing you to overcome
                                                                       big challenges like:
                                                                         • How to survive negative cash flow deals
                                                                           long enough to collect a big back end
                                                                         • Holding property when values are ex-
                                                                           pected to decline
                                                                         • Constructing offers that excite you, protect
                                                                           you, and still get accepted
                                                                                       About the author...
                                                                          Richard Roop is a full-time investor who
                                                                       has been called The Marketing Consultant
                                                                       for Real Estate Entrepreneurs. He is the
                                                                       President of Bottom Line Results, Inc., a
                                                                       real estate acquisition company located in
                                                                       Woodland Park, Colorado since 1996.
                                                                          As a successful marketing consultant
                                                                       since 1984, Richard specializes in providing
                                                                       innovative business and marketing advice to
                                                                       real estate entrepreneurs. His articles have
                                                                       appeared in various entrepreneurial, real
                                                                       estate, and marketing newsletters across
                                                                       the nation, and he is the author of How To
                                                                       Sell Your Home in 9 Days.
       4, Issue 6
Volume 10, Issue 4                           The Wealth Builders Journal                                           Page 13

            Be a Problem Solver
                                                                                  (Continued from page 10)
                                                                                  … How To Create Massive Passive In-
                                                                                  come Without ...
      by Denis Waitley                     that way. Yes, necessity is the
                                                                                  schedule and taken a series of required
                                           mother of invention.
       (Con’t from last issue.)                                                   courses to improve their management
                                            This week think about what prob-      knowledge and skills. Upon the com-
• The Polaroid camera was invented
                                         lem or need you have that you might      pletion of these courses, they take a big
  by Edward Land because his
                                         solve with an innovative idea,           test and then they are awarded the CPM
  daughter wanted to see the pictures
                                         product or service.                      designation.
  she took with her camera right
  away, rather than wait.                Reproduced with permission from the           These managers are the cream of the
• And the hot dog was invented by a      Denis Waitley Ezine. To subscribe to     crop and these are the ones that you want to
                                         Denis Waitley’s Ezine, go to             have managing your properties. They will
  German immigrant whose silk   or send an
  gloves used to serve bratwurst in                                               send you a summary report each month,
                                         email with Join in the subject to sub-   telling you how the property is performing
  his restaurant were taken home by Copyright       and the only thing you have left to do is to
  his patrons. His solution was to       2008 Denis Waitley International. All    go cash you’re checks while you’re out
  split a bun, and serve the bratwurst   rights reserved worldwide.               finding more properties for your portfolio!

            Mountain Resort
             Lots for Sale
Innsbruck Resort & Golf Club is nestled high in
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Alpine town of Helen. You will find it's a special
place, a four seasons resort community, nestled
in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  Private owner is retiring and liquidating assets.
  Owner financing for qualified individuals.
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                                          Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced
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