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									Chabot College                                                                          Fall, 2002

                                 Course Outline for Busine ss 15
                                 BUSI NESS CORRESPONDENCE

Catalog Description:

    15 - Busine ss Corre spondence                                                      3 units

    Development of skills in organizing and writing busine ss letters, memoranda, reports,
    resume s, and letters of application with emphasi s on rules for punctuation, spelling, and
    grammar which meet the needs of modern business. Strongly recommended: eligibility for
    Engli sh 101B. 3 hours lecture, 1 hour laboratory.
    [Typical contact hours: lecture 52.5, laboratory 17.5]

Prerequisite Skills:


Expected Outcomes for Students:

    Upon completion of thi s course, the student should be able to:
    1. independently organize and write grammatically correct busine ss letters, memoranda,
        resume s, and letters of application;
    2. listen for grammatically correct corre spondence, both incoming and outgoing;
    3. punctuate and spell correctly;
    4. proofread and edit rough draft copy;
    5. use the dictionary, thesaurus, and busine ss reference books.

Course Content:

    1.   Applying ba sic rules of punctuation, spelling, and syntax
         a. subjects, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, preposi tions, and sentence structure
         b. major marks, period, question mark, exclamation point, comma, colon and
         c. other marks: da sh, parenthese s, quotation marks, and underscore
         d. numbers; basi c and special rules
    2.   Increasing busine ss vocabulary
    3.   Developing familiarity with various type s of busine ss letters, form s, etc.
    4.   Applying skills to:
         a. composing routine busine ss letters, memoranda and reports
         b. organizing and writing resumes and letters of application
         c. writing rough drafts of minute s
         d. proofreading and editing

Methods of Pre sentation:

    1.   Class instruction of punctuation, spelling, grammar, busine ss letter style s and
    2.   Self-paced workbooks on punctuation, spelling, and grammar
    3.   Study and analysi s of selected business letters
    4.   Individual and group composition of letters and memoranda

Assignments and Methods of Evaluating Student Progre ss:

    1.   Typical Assignments:
         a. Home assignments
         b. Projects
    2.   Evaluation Methods:
         a. Quizzes
         b. Class participation
         c. Midterm examination
         d. Final examination
Chabot College
Course Outline for Busine ss 15, Page 2
Busine ss Corre spondence
Fall 2002

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    South-We stern Publi shing, 2002.

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