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Ppt Design Template Pack - PDF

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									Media Pack
                       What is Club of Beijing?
 First international think tank convened by Chinese to focus on global sustainable

 International communication platform committed to gathering governmental, non-
profit organizations, academic, and international organizations together with individuals
from these fields .

 Space for the discussion of global environment and sustainable development issues.

 Providing suggestions and research reports related to China and the world’s
development for policy makers, academic institutions and international organizations.

 Club of Beijing aims to build a better society that is in harmony with all the nations and
their people.

                         Why Club of Beijing?

 China’s actions and outcomes affect us all.

 China is the ideal location to implement and achieve scalability.

 Collaboration and exchange between international parties and China is
  fundamental to the creation of a low-carbon economy.

 Develop, promote and exchange policies and enterprises that support low-
carbon economic growth in China and the world.

 Showcase cost effective low carbon solutions that can be replicated and
reproduced among other developing countries.

 Apply China’s convening power to take the lead in sustainable development
discussions across the developing world through conferences, panels and academic

 Design a Green Bank which will contribute to the creation of a low-carbon

 Engage Chinese youth in projects that share awareness, understanding, skills and
experience with respect to low-carbon economic models and climate change


  The Club of Beijing will integrate Chinese as well as international
     experts and leaders from the social, political, economic and
technological spectrum to create China’s primary space of debate and
public policy proposal towards the creation of a low-carbon economy.

           Sustainability of the Organization
 Obtain top-level influential Trustees and Councils.

 Link to top international NGOs and Foundations.

 Ensure turnover of Board Members and Members.

 Maintain political, economical and social relevance over time.

 Ensure openness and representation by having institutional and organizational

                       Signature Activities

 Annual General Meeting
  Club of Beijing holds an Annual General Meeting with a topic relevant to the
  annual plan and which serves as a space for evaluation of the previous
  accomplishments and the new challenges.

 Club of Beijing Sustainable Development Fund
  The Club of Beijing will organize a Forum to address the most relevant and urgent
  issues concerning sustainable development. It is an event open to all Members and
  to the public in general.

                   Signature Activities
 Information Dissemination
   – Annual Report
   – Event Summary
   – Project Report
   – Newspapers and Magazines
   – Monthly Newsletter
   – Online Press Room

                                 2010 Plan
 November 2010. Club of Beijing Launch Ceremony.
  Club of Beijing will hold the Launch Ceremony and Press Conference during the Beijing
  Forum. At the appointed time, ranking leaders, initiators, founding members and
  strategic partners of Club of Beijing will be invited to attend.

 November 2010. Club of Beijing Xi’an Forum
  Club of Beijing Xi’an Forum is the first large international forum convened by Club of
  Beijing and is co-sponsored with the Qujiang District Government in Xi’an to
  thoroughly probe into Western development and sustainable low-carbon economic

 December 2010. World Climate Summit
  Club of Beijing will partner with World Climate to organize the largest business
  conference during the UNFCCC COP 16, held in Cancun, Mexico this December.

                                2011 Plan
 Club of Beijing’s First Annual General Meeting

 Be featured and participate with panels on internationally renowned events such
   – World Economic Forum
   – BOAO Forum
   – UN Global Compact
   – Clinton Global Initiative

Founding Organizations
The China International Cultural Communication Center was
created in 1984 and since its establishment, CICCC has been active
in carrying out cultural exchanges and cooperating with foreign
organizations and institutions in many fields under the invitation of
governments all over the world, thus enhancing the friendship
amongst all countries, and contributing to the course of
international cultural exchange and communication.

FairKlima Capital is an international socially-responsible investment
company based in Beijing. FairKlima Capital has 3 business units:
Sustainable Innovation and Infrastructure, Sustainable Financial
Systems and Strategic Social Responsibility. As a signatory of the
United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), it adheres to the 10
Principles of the Global Compact. In its objective to support the
construction of sustainable ways of life, FairKlima works on
innovating and creating infrastructure with partners globally.

Operational Structure
             Board of

Strategic   Club of     Council
            Beijing     Advisors


             Organizational Chart

                                 Board of Trustees
                                   (8 Members)

                 Council of Advisors
                    (20 Members)

               Budget and                                                   Project
                                   Events and
Operations                                           Press and Media    Implementation
                Finance            Membership
 Director                                             Office Director     Committee
                Director            Director

     China’s Future Local Lead Participation

 Ministry-level Government Institutions.
 International Academic Organizations.

 Expert and Specialized Research Groups and                    70
                                                                           Advisors and

 Leading Businesses in the Low-Carbon Economy.        Geographically-inclusive

 Full Membership
    –   Initial Members
    –   Honorary Members
    –   Gold Members
    –   Silver Members

 Partial Membership
    –   Ordinary Members
    –   Associate Members
    –   Young Professional Members
    –   Temporary Members

           Contact Us

   Club of Beijing Administrative Office

Office 1510, Building H, Time Fortune Plaza,
    Shuguangxili Jia 6, Chaoyang District,
        Beijing 100028, P.R. of China



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