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					DIN DIGEST for March 2009
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Cancelled DIN
2006DIN04-035 DSA Declaration Form - Mandatory Requirements has now been superseded by JSP 886 Vol 9 part 1
2009DIN01-037     Naval Service Terms of Service            All Naval personnel, particularly RN and     This DIN announces the publication of BR 8374 Change 9,       Navy Command
                  Issue of BR 8374 Change 9                 RM Officers                                  effective from 2 February 2009.                               Headquarters
                                                                                                                                                                       – DNPERS HR
                                                                                                                                                                       Terms of Service
2009DIN01-038     Naval Service terms of service –          All Naval personnel, particularly RN         This DIN announces the publication of BR1066 Change 18,       Navy Command
                  Issue of BR1066 Change 18                 Ratings and RM Other Ranks                   effective from 2 Feb 09                                       Headquarters –
                                                                                                                                                                       DNPERS HR
                                                                                                                                                                       Terms of Service
2009DIN01-039     Changes to the Project Management Job     All Service and Civilian Personnel           Provides information on changes to the Programme              Project and
                  Family and Competence Frameworks                                                       and Project Management Job Family and associated              Programme
                                                                                                         Competence Frameworks taking place in April 2009              Management Skills
2009DIN01-040     Manpower Substitution – Agency Workers    All Procurement, Finance and HR          The launch of a new Manpower Substitution Service provided DGCP EF
                                                            Business Partner staff and line managers by the People Pay and Pensions Agency (PPPA), to cover     Recruitment
                                                            who request temporary staff (excludes    Skill Zones and Security Guards.
                                                            Trading Fund Agencies)
2009DIN01-041     MIDIT Recruitment 2009                    All civilian staff in Bands C, D and E and   Details of MIDIT Recruitment for 2009                         DGCP Corporate
                                                            equivalent. All line managers of staff in                                                                  Capability
                                                            Bands C, D and E and equivalent.                                                                           Directorate – MIDIT
2009DIN01-042     Annual Leave Policy Change                All Regular and Reserve Service              Revised Annual Leave Policy                                   DCDS (Pers) Strat
2009DIN01-043     European Parliamentary and Local          Unit Registration Officers and all Service   The timetable for the forthcoming European Parliamentary      SP Policy Service
                  County Council Elections – 4 Jun 09       Personnel                                    and local County Council Elections to be held on 4 Jun 09     Conditions and
2009DIN01-044     Changes to PAX Scheme effective from      Service personnel (Regulars and              Notification of changes to the PAX scheme effective from 01   Directorate of Pay
                  01 Apr 09                                 Reserves) who are members of PAX             Apr 09.                                                       and Manning
2009DIN01-045     Ministry of Defence Police: Annual Pay    All MDP officers up to and including         Revised pay scales for all MDP ranks up to and including      HR Policy, MDPGA
                  Award and increase to Competence          Assistant Chief Constable                    Assistant Chief Constable and increase to Competence          HQ
                  Related Threshold Payment                                                              Related Threshold Payment
2009DIN01-046     Increases to Ministry of Defence Police   All MDP officers                             Increase to MDP London Weighting                              HR Policy, MDPGA
                  (MDP) London Weighting with effect from                                                                                                              HQ
                  1 July 2008

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2009DIN01-047   Recruitment of OGC GatewayTM                All Service/Civilian Personnel at SCS,       This Defence Instruction and Notice (DIN) explains why           Gateway Logistics
                Reviewers                                   Band B and C1 levels & equivalents.          and how to apply to become an accredited OGC GatewayTM           Service – Through
                                                                                                         reviewer. Reviewers are needed to support delivery of            Life Project
                                                                                                         reviews of programmes and projects across MOD, as well as        Management
                                                                                                         in other Government departments. Experience of carrying out
                                                                                                         reviews has benefits for the Department and for individuals in
                                                                                                         terms of career development.
2009DIN01-048   Minutes from the Defence Whitley Council All civilian Personnel, and all line            Minutes from the Defence Whitley Council Standing                DCP EF Conduct
                Standing Committee for Non-Industrial    managers of civilian personnel                  Committee for Non-Industrial Civilian Personnel Policy Joint
                Civilian Personnel Policy Joint Conduct                                                  Conduct Meeting.
2009DIN01-049   Increase in the Rate of Excess Fares        All Civilian staff in MOD and its Agencies   From 6 April 2009, if you are in receipt of an Excess Fares      DGCP-EF PMRR
                Allowance from 6 April 2009                                                              Allowance (EFA) based upon public transport costs in
                                                                                                         accordance with the Policy Rules and Guidance (PRG),
                                                                                                         Change of Work Location in the UK, you will have your
                                                                                                         payments increased by 10.2%.
2009DIN01-050   Insurance for Adventurous Training          All Service personnel, especially COs        Advice on when insurance needs to be purchased by those          Directorate
                Activities                                  and AT Expedition Leaders                    undertaking AT                                                   of Business
                                                                                                                                                                          Common Law
                                                                                                                                                                          Claims & Policy
2009DIN01-051   Tri-Service Movement of Personnel           All Service and Civilian Personnel           Explanation of the Tri-Service Movement of Personnel Effects DE&S Defence
                Effects Service                                                                          Service                                                      Supply Chain
                                                                                                                                                                      Operations and
2009DIN01-052   Legislative Change to the The Statutory     All Civilian staff, and Service personnel    Terms of Reference                                               DGCP-EF Diversity
                Right to Request Flexible Working           who manage Civilian staff                                                                                     4a
2009DIN01-053   Revision of maximum figure for car import   All Civilian staff in MOD and its Agencies   Announcement of revised car import duty maximum figure for       DGCP-EF PMRR
                duty.                                                                                    civilians.
2009DIN01-054   Armed Forces Pension Scheme 1975            All Service Personnel who are members        Advice about applications for commutation in the light of        SP Pol Pensions
                (AFPS 75) Commutation                       of AFPS 75                                   Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) Pension Tax            Compensation and
                                                                                                         Simplification Rules                                             Veterans (PCV)
2009DIN01-055   Recruitment of Volunteers for Training as   Service Personnel                            How to apply to train as an Army Welfare Worker and transfer HQ AWS, HQ Land
                Army Welfare Workers                                                                     to the AGC(SPS)                                              Forces
2009DIN01-056   Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme:     MOD Civil Servants and Service line          Announcement of the new Civil Service Pensions website           DCP-EF Pensions
                New Civil Service Pensions website          managers of civilian staff
2009DIN01-057   Increase in Leave entitlement for Defence   All Defence Fire Service Grades              Providing details of the increase in leave for DFRS grades       DGP EF PMRR8
                Fires Service (DFRS) grades

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2009DIN01-058   Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) and         Personnel on FTRS or ADC                    Pensions and Re-employment issues                                SP Pol Pensions,
                Additional Duties Commitment (ADC)           Commitments and those who employ                                                                             Compensation &
                pensions issues                              FTRS/ADC personnel                                                                                           Veterans
2009DIN01-059   Dental Treatment Rates Overseas              All Civilian staff serving overseas         Publication of latest NHS dental charges, for overseas staff     DCP- EF PMRR4
                                                                                                         who would normally pay for treatment in UK.
2009DIN01-060   Career Anchors                               All Civilian Personnel                      Introducing a new service on HRMS for all civilian staff to      DCP-Employment
                                                                                                         record their career anchors,                                     Solutions Skills and
2009DIN01-061   Eligibility and Selection of Royal Marines   All RM Officers and relevant Promotion      Policy and instructions concerning the selection of Royal        NAVSEC
                Officers up to OF5 Rank for Command          Branch staff                                Marines officers up to OF5 rank for Command and Key Staff
                and Key Staff Assignments                                                                assignments.
2009DIN01-062   MOD Non Industrial 2008 Pay Increase         All MOD Civilian staff below Senior Civil   The purpose of this DIN is to inform staff about the 2008 Pay    DCP-EF PMRR
                for grades represented by FDA, Prospect,     Service in the above grades including       Award
                PCS and ROA                                  casual and eligible fixed term appointees
                                                             except for staff employed by the
                                                             Meteorological Office, UK Hydrographic
                                                             Office, Defence Science and Technology
                                                             Laboratory, Defence Support Group,
                                                             RAF Museum, RN Museum, single
                                                             outside analogue grades and any staff
                                                             covered by alternative arrangements.
2009DIN01-063   Introduction of the Single Information and   COs with responsibility for TG4             The new single ICT trade within TG4 will be formed on 1 Apr      CISMST
                Communications Technology (ICT) Trade,       personnel, ICT Line Managers and ICT        09. This DIN details the new trade titles, Q-OPS qualifying
                within Trade Group (TG) 4                    trades personnel                            criteria, training and career structures and the revised Air
                                                                                                         Publication (AP) 3376 Q OPS qualifying criteria.
2009DIN01-064   MOD Industrial 2008 Pay Increase for         All MOD Industrial staff below Senior      The purpose of this DIN is to inform staff about the 2008 Pay     DCP-EF PMRR
                Skill Zones represented by Unite, GMB        Civil Service in the Skill Zones including Award
                and UCATT negotiated by the Joint            casual and eligible fixed term appointees
                Industrial Pay Committee (JIPC)              except for MOD Firefighters, staff
                                                             employed by the Meteorological Office,
                                                             Defence Science Technology Laboratory,
                                                             DSG, DSDA, UK Hydrographic Office,
                                                             RN Museum, RAF Museum or any other
                                                             defence agency operating its own pay
                                                             arrangements, single outside analogue
                                                             grades or any staff covered by alternative
2009DIN02-004   Revised Security Clearance Procedures        All Service and civilian personnel          Guidance for authors on revised procedures for the               DefSy
                for the Presentation or Publication of                                                   presentation or publication of information with a technical or
                Authored Material                                                                        scientific content

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2009DIN03-002   Closure of the Defence Section at the     All Service and Civilian Personnel         Notification of Defence Section Closure and associated          International Policy
                British Embassy in Sofia Bulgaria                                                    administrative instructions.                                    & Planning (IPP)
2009DIN04-028   Declaration of Obsolescence of            All Service and Civilian Personnel         This guidance on how to dispose of BID/ 250/ 41 & BID/ 250/     Defence
                Cryptographic Equipment BID/ 250 /41                                                 42 Cryptographic Equipment and associated BID/ 251/ 41 &        Cryptosecurity
                and BID/ 250/ 42                                                                     BID/ 251/ 42 publications. This DIN only relates to the BID/    Authority (DCA)
                                                                                                     250/ 41 & BID/ 250/ 42, all other variants of the BID/ 250
                                                                                                     range remain current.
2009DIN04-029   Introduction of explosive material        Tri-Service EOD personnel.                 Introduction of new IEDD equipment, what it does, where it is   Joint EOD and
                identification equipment for Improvised                                              located and how and when to obtain it.                          Search Staff.
                Explosive Device Disposal Teams
2009DIN04-030   JSP 315: Issue of Amendment 19            All Service and Civilian Personnel         This DIN announces the publication of Amendment 19 to JSP Defence Estates,
                                                          involved in the provision of MOD           315, which covers amendments to Scales 1, 14, 39, and 52, Ops North, Projects
                                                          Accommodation                              and confirms that Scales 8, 19, 40, 46 and 50 have been
                                                                                                     reviewed and remain as published
2009DIN04-031   Declaration of Obsolete DGM IPT Air       All Service and Civilian Personnel         Obsolete declaration for DGM IPT Air Cannon stores              DE & S DGM IPT
                Cannon Stores                                                                                                                                        Light Munitions
2009DIN04-032   ESTC STANDARD 6 (PART 1) – Revision       All M&E Technical staff, responsible for   This DIN dictates that ESTC Standard 6 is the mandatory         DE&S, Defence
                1 Release and Compulsory Adoption of      the test and maintenance of explosive      lead document for test and maintenance of electrical            Ordnance Safety
                Standard                                  facilities on the Defence Estate – both    installations and lightning protection systems for explosive    Group, Electrical
                                                          MoD and Contractors.                       buildings licensed by the MoD. Revision 1 of ESTC Standard      Safety (DOSG
                                                                                                     6 is now available and must be adopted with immediate           ST3)
2009DIN04-033   Removal of EMER INST A300                 All users of EMER INST A300.               Removal EMER INST A300.                                         DS & TE IPT
2009DIN04-034   Removal of EMER MANAGEMENT N091           All users of EMER MANAGEMENT N091 Removal EMER MA N091                                                     DE&S, Safety &
                                                                                                                                                                     Engineering, Land,
                                                                                                                                                                     Equipment Policy.
2009DIN04-035   Using Tech Docs On Line (TDOL)            Sponsors/managers of AESPs and             The requirement for sponsors of AESPs and EMERs to use          Director General
                to deliver Army Equipment Support         EMERs                                      DR TDOL for the management, viewing and print master of         Information Chief
                Publications (AESPs) and Electrical and                                              AESPs and EMERs, previously printed and distributed by          Information Officer
                Mechanical Engineering Regulations                                                   the Defence Storage and Distribution Agency Llangennech
                (EMERs).                                                                             (DSDA(L)).
2009DIN04-036   Defence Supply Chain Operations &         Any MOD Organisation / Unit wishing    Information pertaining to RESTRICTED E-Mail                         Freight Contract
                Movements (DSCOM) Contract DTMA/          to move Protectively Marked Stores     communication to CTS (GB) Ltd                                       Management,
                CB/0731 – New Restricted E-Mail Contact   (Excluding COMSEC) up to and including                                                                     DSCOM, DE&S
                Details for CTS (GB) Ltd                  SECRET, Section 5 Firearms, Weapons                                                                        Andover
                                                          and Weapon Spares or UN Class 1 via
                                                          contract DTMA/CB/0731

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2009DIN04-037   Publication of Naval Book of Reference     Royal Navy, Submarine Service and all       Publication of Naval Book of Reference BR1326: Regulations DES SESea-SM
                BR1326: Regulations for Atmosphere         shore-based support facilities              for Atmosphere Control in Submarines Edition 4 (October
                Control in Submarines Edition 4 (October                                               2008)
2009DIN04-038   Addition of UAT, UAP & UAA(4) to           All RN Service and Civilian Personnel       Information and contact details relating to in-service support   Logistic Support,
Replaces        the UWS Contractor Logistic Support        connected with the above equipment          to the Fleet for Major Sonars, AJU/AJN, AVT, ECB680 &            Contractor
2008DIN04-152   Arrangement for In Service Major Sonars,                                               Towed Array Support equipment, UAT, UAP and UAA(4).              Logistics Support,
                AJU/AJN, AVT, ECB680 & Towed Array                                                                                                                      Sonar, EW
                Support equipment
2009DIN04-039   Stores-Clothing-Retail Prices for RN       All RN/RM Personnel                         Retail Price List                                                DC IPT DLO
                & RM all Ranks/Rates and associated                                                                                                                     Caversfield
                Cadet Forces
2009DIN04-040   Authority to demand prescription only      All personnel working within the Joint      Type 1 customer verification of authority to demand              Med & GS IPT SO2
                medicines under Wholesale Dealers          Supply Chain and Type 1 (Operational)       prescription only medicines under Wholesale Dealers              Ops Support
                License.                                   customers                                   Licence.
2009DIN04-041   Declaration of Obsolescence of Lighting    LAND                                        Informing the authority that Lighting Kit (Prick Through), DMC   (LWPB IPT)
                Kit (Prick Through) -                                                                  X1, NSN 6230 99 900 5677 is Declared Obsolescent.
                DMC X1, NSN 6230 99 900 5677
2009DIN04-042   Stores-Clothing-Sword and Scabbard         All Stores personnel                        Sword and Scabbard Refurbishment and Replacement                 DC IPT DE&S
                Refurbishment and Replacement                                                          Instructions                                                     Caversfield
2009DIN05-009   Mine Warfare Drills and Procedures         All Mine Warfare Squadrons, Ships and       This DIN is an update on the progress and future of the Mine     NAVY COMMAND
                Committee (MWDPC).                         Training Establishments.                    Warfare Drills and Procedures Committee (MWDPC).                 – MW CAPABILITY
2009DIN05-010   Defence Branding                           Members of the Armed Forces and Civil       Launch of the Ministry of Defence brand. Use of branding         DGMC Def PR
                                                           Servants working across Defence who         in tri-Service organisations and the MOD and its agencies.       Strategic Marketing
                                                           own a visual identity, a communications     The rules governing the creation of new brands, including
                                                           campaign or work in communications          logos, and the process for licensing new organisational and
                                                                                                       campaign brands.
2009DIN05-011   Creation of civilian and joint service     Civilian or Joint Service staff with a      This DIN explains the process for publishing information to      CIO Information
                websites and registration of       requirement to publish information to the   the Internet for civilian and tri-Service staff                  Services
                domain names                               Internet
2009DIN05-012   Departmental Instructions on handling      All Service and Civilian Personnel          Principles and procedures which govern the handling of           Parliamentary
                Parliamentary Business including                                                       Parliamentary Questions, Ministerial Correspondence and          Branch
                Parliamentary Questions, Ministerial                                                   the House of Commons Defence Committee
                Correspondence and Defence Select
                Committee business
2009DIN05-013   HMS Southampton – Decommissioning          All Naval Personnel                         Disposal of HMS Southampton                                      Decommissioning
                and Disposal                                                                                                                                            Officer

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2009DIN05-014   Translation services in Head Office -        Head Office staff                           Cessation of translation service from 31 March 2009              Defence
                Transfer of responsibilities                                                                                                                              Intelligence
                                                                                                                                                                          Assessments –
                                                                                                                                                                          Language Service
                                                                                                                                                                          (DI SA-LSVS)
2009DIN05-015   Interpreter services in the MoD - Transfer   All business units with a requirement for   Cessation of interpreter services to MOD from 31 March           Defence
                of responsibilities                          interpreters                                2009                                                             Intelligence
                                                                                                                                                                          Assessments –
                                                                                                                                                                          Language Service
                                                                                                                                                                          (DI SA-LSVS)
2009DIN05-016   Name Change – The Attack Helicopter          Service and Civilian personnel in DE&S,     Notification that the Attack Helicopter Integrated Project Team Attack Helicopter
                Integrated Project Team to the Apache        DEC (ALM), JHC, DAAvn, SAAvn and            is changing it’s name to the Apache Project Team                IPT/DG
                Project Team                                 Comd Wattisham Station                                                                                      Helicopters/DE&S
2009DIN05-017   Creation and restructuring of Service and    Service and civilian personnel in all       Process for creation and restructuring of Service and civilian   Head of Corporate
                civilian posts at one star level and above   TLBs, Agencies and Trading Funds            posts at one-star level and above                                Capability
2009DIN05-018   Relocation and Renaming of the               Defence Wide                                Relocation of Directorate of Joint Technical Training from       Directorate of Joint
                Directorate of Joint Technical Training                                                  Imjin Barracks, Innsworth to MOD St Athan and renaming of        Technical Training
                                                                                                         Directorate to HQ Defence Technical College
2009DIN05-019   Transition of the Royal Navy Exercise        All Royal Navy and Civilian Personnel       This DIN provides details of a new TLS certificate issuing       Officer in Charge
                Mining Capability                            connected with Naval Mine Warfare           capability and outlines the procedures to be followed by         Mine Warfare
                                                                                                         application owners and developers requiring certificates.        Operational
                                                                                                                                                                          Training Centre
2009DIN05-020   Procedures for applying for or renewing      MoD Application Owners and Developers This DIN provides details of a new TLS certificate issuing             CIO DII PKI
                Transport Layer Security (TLS)               using or requiring TLS Certificates   capability and outlines the procedures to be followed by
                Certificates                                                                       application owners and developers requiring certificates.
2009DIN06-008   Mission, role and responsibilities of        All service and civilian personnel with     This DIN is about making all aware of the mission, role,         HQ DFRMO
                the Defence Fire Risk Management             involvement in the safety of personnel      responsibilities and contact details of DFRMO.
                Organisation                                 and assets
2009DIN06-009   Local Authority Permitting Requirements      All Service & Civilian personnel involved   The procedure for Permitting certain regulated activities on     Directorate of
                (England & Wales only)                       in managing the MOD Estate                  the MOD estate                                                   Safety & Claims,

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2009DIN06-010   JSP 375 – Leaflet 57 – Additional          All Service and civilian personnel          This DIN introduces additional guidance for Commanding        Safety, Sustainable
                Guidance for Safety at Public Events on                                                Officers, Event Organisers, Recruiting and Display Teams      Development and
                MOD Property and Elsewhere                                                             for safety at public events on MOD Property and elsewhere     Continuity Division
                                                                                                       (resulting from a death of a child and the subsequent Board
                                                                                                       of Inquiry), to that already covered in JSP 375 Volume 2
                                                                                                       Leaflet 57
2009DIN06-011   JSP 815 Defence Environment and Safety All Service and civilian personnel              The publication of a revised version of JSP 815 Defence       SSD&C
                Management                                                                             Environment and Safety Management                             Occupational
                                                                                                                                                                     Health and Safety
2009DIN07-025   Ex FAST NEEDLE 09 - Army Orienteering      All Army Personnel                          General instruction & entry form for the Army Orienteering Army Orienteering
                Association Short Course Championships                                                 Short Course Championships taking place on Wed 19 Mar 09 Association
                                                                                                       at Pirbright.
2009DIN07-026   Ex DARK TREK 09- Army Orienteering         All Army Personnel                          General instruction & entry form for the Army Orienteering    Army Orienteering
                Association (AOA) Team Night                                                           Team Night Championships taking place on Tue 17 Mar 09        Association
                Championships                                                                          on Mytchett Trg Area near Aldershot
2009DIN07-027   BAFMA Driving and Navigating Exercise      Tri Service - All Units                     BAFMA Driving and Navigation Exercise Programme 2009
                Programme 2009
2009DIN07-028   All Arms Unit (AAU) Fire Safety Managers   All Service and Civilian ‘non specialist’   To provide course applicants with the new location for        DFRMO Human
                (UFSM) and Fire Safety NCO (UFSNCO)        personnel with responsibilities for         UFSM/UFSNCO courses and revised procedures for course         Resources &
                Course information                         management of fire safety within a unit,    applications                                                  Development
                                                           sub unit or establishment
2009DIN07-029   Joint Service Alpine Meet (JSAM 09)        All Regular and Reserve Service             The Joint Services Alpine Meet is an Adventurous Training     Adventure Training
                                                           personnel                                   Group (Army) sponsored Level 3 Adventurous Training           Group (Army)
                                                                                                       Expedition to the European Alps conducted in liaison with
                                                                                                       Single Service Mountaineering Associations.
2009DIN07-030   Revision to Military Knowledge Part 2      All Army units and other Service or         Direction on the implementation of the revised MK2 course     D Trg(A)
                                                           Civilian Units, Headquarters and            design and criteria for selection for promotion to major
                                                           Organisations employing Army and RM         and attendance on ICSC(L). Overview of the new MK2
                                                           Officers.                                   programme and content.
2009DIN07-031   Protecting Information Level 1 Training    All Service and Civilian personnel,         As a result of the Data Handling Review into data losses,     Chief Information
CANCELLED       Course.                                    including Non Departmental Public           all Government Departments are mandated to provide a          Office-Information
                                                           Bodies/Trading Funds/Agencies staff. All    minimum level of information risk awareness training. This    Handling
                                                           Contractors who access MoD systems.         DIN provides guidance on the introduction of the Protecting   Assurance Team
                                                                                                       Information Level 1 Computer Based Training course to the     (CIO-IHAT)

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2009DIN07-032   Exercise Enduring Help 16/17 May 09 -     Tri Service - All Units                    Ex Enduring Help 16/17 May – Cancellation Notice                Defence School of
                Cancellation                                                                                                                                         Transport
                                                                                                                                                                     Defence College of
2009DIN07-033   Defence Information Infrastructure        All Service, civilian and contract         Policy and Guidance on the training already available for       DES DII-Impl-
                (Future) – User Training – Policy and     personnel that are currently or may in the users of DII(F), how to access that training and forthcoming    CandR Trg1
                Guidance                                  future become users of DII(F)              changes to the DII(F) Training Programme.
2009DIN07-034   Nuclear Department Course Dates Mar       All Service and civilian personnel         Course Dates for the Nuclear Department, HMS Sultan Mar         Nuclear
                10 – Mar 11                                                                          10 – Mar 11                                                     Department, HMS
2009DIN07-035   RAF CAS’s Fellowships                     All RAF Personnel                          Outline of CAS’s Fellowships scheme plus eligibility and        Defence Studies
Replaces                                                                                             application procedure                                           (RAF)
2009DIN07-036   Defence procedures for applying for       All Defence units who intend to conduct    Revised Defence procedures for acquiring authorisation to       Wheeled Training
                distributed driver training               distributed driver training                conduct distributed driver training and conversion              Policy Branch HQ
2009DIN07-037   Gordon Shephard Memorial Prize            All RAF Officers                           Outline of the application procedure for the Gordon Shephard Defence Studies
                                                                                                     Memorial Prize Competition                                   (RAF)
2009DIN07-038   Selection of RN/RM Candidates for Legal   Royal Navy and Royal Marine Officers       RN/RM Barrister training: Application and selection             Fleet DNPS
                Training                                                                             procedures, required pre-entry qualifications and subsequent
                                                                                                     career path.
2009DIN07-039   Changes to the Educational Assessment     Army personnel intending to support        Procedures for ensuring that Army potential officers are        Army School of
                for potential officers                    a regular soldier through the              educationally qualified for the selection process at the Army   Education
                                                          commissioning process.                     Officer Selection Board.
2009DIN07-040   2009/2010 Tri-Service Chemical            All MOD and OGD personnel                  Provides MOD and OGDs with details of CBRN defence              HQ 2 Gp
                Biological Radiological and Nuclear                                                  Phase 3 training courses
                (CBRN) Defence Training
2009DIN07-041   Exercise Enduring Rover 16/17 May 09      Tri Service - All Units                    Ex Enduring Rover – Regulations and Entry Form                  Defence School of
                                                                                                                                                                     Defence College of
2009DIN07-042   Further and Higher Educational            All Service Leavers                        Information about the Government’s commitment                   DGTE
                Support for Service Leavers                                                          to fund free from tuition fees a first further or higher
                                                                                                     education qualification

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2009DIN07-043   Joint Services Command and Staff           RAF Officers and Unit P Staffs.          RAF Division – Course Dates – 2008/2009 & 2009/2010.             RAF Division, Joint
                College – RAF Division – Course                                                                                                                      Services Command
                Dates for Officer Professional Military                                                                                                              and Staff College.
                Development (Air) Training and other
                courses for the JSCSC Academic year
                2008/2009 & 2009/10.
2009DIN08-004   FI 04/09: Additional Information on the    Senior Finance Officers, Budget          Follow up to DIN 2008DIN08-012 – Additional information          DFM FMPD
                Application of the Waiver of Import Duty   Managers and all staff involved in the   concerning the Waiver of Import Duty within the EU, SBA          Accounting & Tax
                within the European Union, Sovereign       procurement process                      (Cyprus) and British Overseas Territories                        Policy Tax & Duty
                Base Areas(Cyprus) and British Overseas                                                                                                              Team
2009DIN08-005   FI 05/09: Waiver of Import Duty            Senior Finance Officers, Budget          Information concerning the need for new waiver certificates to DFM FMPD
                Certificates- Transfer of live contracts   Managers and all staff involved in the   be raised on transfer of live contracts between MOD areas      Accounting & Tax
                between MOD areas                          procurement process                                                                                     Policy Tax & Duty
2009DIN08-006   FI 06/09: Non-entitled messing and         All Service and Civilian Personnel       Announcement of revised charges for messing and                  JSCSC
                accommodation charges at the Joint                                                  accommodation, and rates of allowance applicable to
                Services Command and Staff College                                                  international officers attached to the JSCSC
                (JSCSC) academic year 01 Aug 09 to 31
                Jul 10
2009DIN08-007   FI 07/09: Non-entitled charges for         All Service and Civilian Personnel       The purpose of this instruction is to set out the non-entitled   Financial
                messing, single accommodation and                                                   charges for Financial Year 2009-10 that apply in the UK in       Management
                Service Families’ Accommodation for                                                 respect of:                                                      Policy and
                Financial Year 2009-10.                                                                       a. Messing (Non Pay As You Dine) and Single            Development -
                                                                                                              Accommodation;                                         Repayment
                                                                                                              b. Service Families’ Accommodation (SFA)
                                                                                                              provided to international personnel;
                                                                                                             c. Non-entitled garage charge;
                                                                                                              d. Non-entitled Casual Meal charges (Non PAYD)
2009DIN09-004   Royal Auxiliary Air Force Squadrons –      All Service personnel                    Details of the award of a Standard to 2620 (County of            HQ Air Command
                Award of a Squadron Standard                                                        Norfolk) Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment             (Personnel
2009DIN09-005   Armed Forces Day 27 June 2009              Heads of independent units,              Guidance on Service participation in 2009 Armed Forces Day       DS Sec
                                                           Commanding Officers, Garrison and        events.                                                          Armed Forces Day
                                                           Regional Commanders, Service and                                                                          Project Team
                                                           civilian Budget Managers, TLB and HLB
                                                           Finance Staff.

REF                               Title                                   Audience                                             Contains                                    Sponsor
                          (includes hyperlink)                                                                                                                             Branch
2009DIN10-012   RN Lawn Tennis Association – Wimbledon All Royal Navy Personnel                      Details of how to apply for 2008 Wimbledon tickets               DNPD, Navy
                Tickets 2009                                                                                                                                          Command
2009DIN10-013   Jungly Cocktail Party 2009                Open to all officers, past and present,    Details of the 2009 Jungly Cocktail Party                        847 NAS, CHF,
                                                          who have served in the Commando                                                                             RNAS Yeovilton
                                                          Helicopter Force
2009DIN10-014   Military Equestrian Courses 2009          All Military personnel and dependents.     This DIN covers the main military equitation courses that will   Army Sport
                                                          Army Units & Headquarters Members of       run in 2009                                                      Control Board/
                                                          the Army Equitation Association Garrison                                                                    Army Equitation
                                                          Saddle Clubs                                                                                                Association
2009DIN10-015   Royal Air Force Sailing Association       All Service Personnel                      RAFSA(D) Training Programme 2009- Beginners,                     Royal Air Force
                (Dinghies) Sail Training Programme 2009                                              Intermediates and Instructors                                    Sailing Association
2009DIN10-016   Royal Navy Golf Championships 2009        All RN,RM Personnel                        Details of Dates, Venue, Programme, Costs Etc of RN Golf         HMS TEMERAIRE
                                                                                                     Championships 2009
2009DIN10-017   Royal Air Force Sailing Association       All Royal Air Force Personnel              The 2009 Royal Air Force Sailing Association Regatta will        Royal Air Force
                Regatta 2009                                                                         take place between 1 and 5 Jun 2009. The event is open           Sailing Association
                                                                                                     to all Royal Air Force Service personnel; however, OICs
                                                                                                     Offshore Sailing are encouraged to enter a complete Station


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