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                                                     18th–21st October
                                                     America Square Conference Centre, London
                                                            18–21 OCT ’11
   T H E T E C H N I C A L C O N F E R E N C E F O R S O F T WA R E A R C H I T E C T S


    Agile OO design
    Pragmatic .NET
    Design patterns                keynote
   Mobile application
     development                   Neal
     User interface                Ford
 HTML5 fact and fiction
    Emergent design
  Event driven systems                        Sponsors

    REST in practice
    Distributed agile
 Agile database design                       Organised by

                  Neal Ford                                                      Jesus Rodriguez                                                    Jim Webber
                   Neal is an application architect at                            Jesus is the Chief Architect of Tellago, Inc.                     Dr Jim Webber is director of professional
                   ThoughtWorks, a global IT consultancy                          He is also a Microsoft BizTalk Server MVP,                        services for ThoughtWorks, where he
                   with an exclusive focus on end-to-end                          an Oracle ACE and one of a small group                            works on dependable distributed systems
                   software development and delivery. He                          of architects worldwide to be a member                            architecture for clients worldwide.
                   is also a designer and developer of                            of the Microsoft Connected Systems                                Though his current interests are in using
                   applications, instructional materials,                         Advisor team. He is an active contributor                         the Web for building distributed systems,
magazine articles, courseware, video/DVD presentations,        to the .NET and J2EE communities, and a regular speaker            Jim was formerly a senior researcher with the UK E-Science
and author of various books including The Art of Java Web      at various conferences, including Microsoft TechEd,                programme where he developed techniques for
Development and the 2006 No Fluff, Just Stuff Anthology. His   SOAWorld, Oracle Open World, Web Services Security                 dependable, global-scale high performance computing. As
primary consulting focus is the building of large-scale        Conference and the Microsoft MVP Summit. He has                    an architect with Hewlett-Packard, and later Arjuna
enterprise applications. He is a regular speaker at various    written articles for various publications, including MSDN          Technologies, Jim was the lead developer on the industry’s
conferences worldwide.                                         Magazine, Microsoft Architecture Journal, SOAWorld and             first Web Services Transaction solution. Jim is a regular
                                     Web Services Journal, and he is a prolific blogger on all           speaker at conferences across the globe, and co-author of
                                                               subjects related to integration.                                   Developing Enterprise Web Services – An Architect’s Guide
                                                                                                   and REST in Practice: Hypermedia and Systems Architecture.
                 Allen Holub                                                                                                      Jim holds a BSc in Computing Science and PhD in Parallel
                  Allen is an internationally acknowledged                                                                        Computing, both from the University of Newcastle upon
                  expert in OO-Design, Agile Process, Java,                      Andrew Clymer                                    Tyne.
                  and Cloud-based web application                               Andy is a freelance IT consultant                                                    
                  development. He provides training and                         specialising in .NET-based technology. His
                  consulting services in those areas, and                       last ‘real’ job was at Cisco Systems, where
                  even slings code on occasion. He’s                            he was a lead architect for Cisco’s identity                        Nathaniel T. Schutta
spoken at numerous conferences over the years, has                              solutions. Prior to Cisco he worked in                              Nate is a senior software engineer based
taught regularly for the University of California, and                          various small start-ups. He teaches                                 in the US, focused on making usable
presents in-house classes for companies worldwide. Allen       various .NET courses for DevelopMentor, including                                    applications – for the last several years, he
has authored nine books (including Holub on Patterns,          Guerrilla .NET and Essential .NET.                                                   has focused on user interface design. A
Taming Java Threads, and Compiler Design in C), and 200+                                                            proponent of polyglot programming, he
magazine articles for various publications.                                                                                                         has written two books on Ajax and speaks
                                                                                                           regularly at various worldwide conferences, No Fluff Just
                                                                                 Matthew McCullough                               Stuff symposia, universities, and Java user groups. In
                                                                                 Matthew is an energetic 15-year veteran          addition to his day job, Nate is an adjunct professor at the
                 Dave Wheeler                                                    of enterprise software development, open         University of Minnesota where he teaches students to
                  Dave is an independent software                                source education, and co-founder of              embrace dynamic languages.
                  consultant specialising in Microsoft .NET                      Ambient Ideas, LLC, a US consultancy. He                                           
                  technologies. He’s particularly fond of                        is currently a trainer for,
                  WPF and Silverlight, but to remain                             author of the Git Master Class series for
                  grounded in reality he also works            O’Reilly, speaker on the No Fluff Just Stuff tour, author of                         Richard Blewett
                  extensively with ASP.NET and is a            three of the top 10 DZone RefCards, and President of the                             Richard has been working in the software
moderator on Microsoft’s ASP.NET forums. When not              Denver Open Source Users Group. His current topics of                                industry for over 20 years, starting with
writing software, Dave writes and teaches various .NET         research centre around project automation: build tools                               mainframes through the early years of
courses for DevelopMentor, writes technical articles and       (Gradle, Maven, Leiningen), distributed version control                              client/server to today’s service-oriented
speaks at various conferences.                                 (Git), Continuous Integration (Hudson) and Quality                                   world. He has spent his professional life
                               Metrics (Sonar).                                                                     working on large distributed systems
                                                                                                    including being the middle tier architect on the UK
                                                                                                                                  national police systems. He now focuses on technologies
                 Howard Deiner                                                                                                    that enable developers to build large-scale systems on
                  Howard is an independent software                              Dominick Baier                                   Microsoft technologies such as WCF, BizTalk, Workflow and
                  consultant based in the US, who                                Dominick Baier is a trainer and author at        Azure. He is a well-known conference speaker having
                  specialises in Agile/XP/Lean software                          DevelopMentor, focusing on the .NET              spoken at TechEd, DevWeek, Software Architect and
                  development processes and practices for                        security and WCF curriculum. As a                Oredev, and can often be found helping people on various
                  the 21st century. He has a varied                              consultant at thinktecture, he helps             newsgroups, mailing lists and web forums. Richard is also a
                  background spanning 35 years in the                            companies worldwide with architecture,           DevelopMentor instructor, where he writes and teaches
industry, with extensive domain knowledge in commercial                          design and implementation of secure              material on WCF, Workflow, BizTalk, Azure and a range of
software, aerospace, financial services,                        distributed applications. As one of the few “developer             other topics.
telecommunications, and location based hardware and            security” Microsoft MVPs, he works directly with various                                      
software. Howard has played just about all the roles in his    security teams in Redmond. He was the author of
career, from developer, to analyst, team lead, architect,      Developing More Secure Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Applications,
project manager, and executive. He has degrees in              and is one of fifteen MVPs who are co-authoring a book on                             Dino Esposito
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, and is a          Real World .NET 4 and C#, which will be published later this                        Dino is a trainer and software consultant
long-standing member of the ACM and IEEE.                      year.                                                                               based in Rome. A member of the IDesign
                                                                                       team, he specialises in Microsoft .NET
                                                                                                                                                   technologies, and spends most of his
                                                                                                                                                   time teaching and consulting across
                 Christian Weyer                                                 Gary Short                                                        Europe and the USA. He has hands-on
                  Christian is co-founder of thinktecture, a                     Gary works for Developer Express as the          experience in architecting and building distributed systems
                  European company aiding and                                    technical evangelist on the frameworks           for banking and insurance companies. A prolific author,
                  supporting software architects and                             team. He has a deep interest in technical        Dino writes columns for various magazines, and has
                  developers in designing and                                    architecture, especially in the areas of         written a number of books on various cutting-edge topics.
                  implementing distributed solutions. He                         technical debt and refactoring. Gary is a        An ASP.NET MVP, he regularly speaks at industry
                  has modelled and implemented                                   C# MVP and gives presentations at user           conferences around the world, including TechEd,
distributed applications with Java, COM, DCOM, COM+,           groups and conferences throughout the UK. As well as C#,           DevConnections, Software Architect and DevWeek.
Web Services and other technologies over the years, and        he also has an interest in dynamic languages such as                                           
recently he has been focusing on the ideas and concepts        Smalltalk, Ruby and Python, as well as iPhone
of service-orientation and their practical translation in      development using Objective-C.
customer projects, primarily using Windows                                                                                                          Ian Robinson
Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows                                                                                                          Ian is a principal consultant with
Workflow Foundation (WF).                                                                                                                            ThoughtWorks, where he helps clients
                                                                                 Oliver Sturm                                                       create sustainable service-oriented
                                                                                 Oliver is an experienced software                                  development capabilities that align
                                                                                 architect, developer, trainer and                                  business and IT from inception through
                 Simon Brown                                                     consultant, with a strong background in                            to operation. He’s written guidance for
                  Simon is an independent consultant                             various different fields, including system        Microsoft’s patterns and practices on implementing
                  based in Jersey, the founder of Coding                         and framework architecture and design,           service-oriented systems with Microsoft technologies, and
                  the Architecture and either a software                         process modeling and user interface              has published articles on business-oriented development
                  architect who codes or a software            design. He is a Microsoft C# MVP, and until recently he            methodologies and distributed systems design – most
                  developer who understands architecture.      worked as director of quality at Developer Express. He has         recently in the ThoughtWorks Anthology (Pragmatic
                  Having successfully delivered a variety of   authored numerous training classes and technical articles,         Programmers, 2008). He is also co-author of REST in
projects on the .NET and Java platforms, Simon now also        and is an associate consultant at thinktecture.                    Practice: Hypermedia and Systems Architecture.
uses his experience to train and coach teams in delivering                                                                             
better software.

                                                                                                                                    More speaker details on page 6
                                                                   18th–21st October
                                                                      18–21 OCT Conference Centre, London
                                                                   America Square ’11

      T H E T E C H N I C A L C O N F E R E N C E F O R S O F T WA R E A R C H I T E C T S

The fifth annual Software                Stay up                                 Two-day technical conference
Architect conference sees us         to date with
                                  us before, duri                               on Wednesday and Thursday
return to the same venue as
                                   and after the gn
last year, where we welcome                                                     You choose which individual
back many of the speakers who @Soft rence:
                                         ArchConf                               sessions to attend each day
have helped make the first four
events successful, including Neal
                                                                                Move around as you wish
Ford, Allen Holub, Dave Wheeler,
Christian Weyer, Andy Clymer, Ingo                                              between the six concurrent
Rammer, Eoin Woods, Richard Blewett, Simon                                      tracks
Brown, Jesus Rodriguez and Dino Esposito.
We also have a number of new speakers, including Nathaniel
                                                                                Wide choice of all-day
Schutta, Dave Ingram, Matthew McCullough and Gary Short.                        workshops on Tuesday and
Once again there will be a total of six concurrent tracks on the                Friday
two main conference days (the Wednesday and Thursday), plus
a wide choice of optional pre- and post-conference workshops.                   Learn from the world’s leading
As with our previous events, we aim to differentiate Software                   experts on software architecture
Architect from other more conceptual conferences by focusing
on how technology can be applied in the real world, so all of                   Book your place by 22nd July
our speakers are experts with practical experience, as opposed
to ‘pure’ academics or theoreticians, which allows them to                      and save up to £200
explain not just what a particular approach might promise, but
whether and in what situations it can actually deliver on those
                                                                            Venue &
If you are (or want to become) a software architect, then
Software Architect 2011 is an essential event. It’s the ‘live’,             Location
interactive way to learn about what’s going on at the cutting               Software Architect
edge of modern software design.                                             2011 takes place at the
                                                                            America Square
Stay up to date with us before, during and after the                        Conference Centre in
conference: @SoftArchConf.                                                  central London. This is
                                                                            a modern, recently
Reserve your place now, and save up to £200 –                               refurbished venue, with well-equipped rooms, state of
                                                                            the art technology, and high-quality catering. It also
use the booking form on the back page of this                               incorporates a genuine piece of history, as the original
brochure, or visit                            London Wall (one of the largest construction projects
                                                                            carried out in Roman Britain) runs right through the
                                                                            venue, providing a fascinating and unique feature.
Sponsorship & Exhibition                                                    America Square Conference Centre is very close to
Opportunities                                                               Tower Hill tube station (District, Circle and Docklands
                                                                            Light Rail services), and various bus routes.
If your company is interested in being involved in the conference as a
sponsor or exhibitor, a wide range of opportunities is available – please     America Square Conference Centre
contact Nick Payne at Bearpark for further details:                           1 America Square, 17 Crosswall, London EC3N 2LB                                         
Pre-conference workshops
TUESDAY                             18         TH
                                                       OCTOBER                              2011

The following workshops run for a full day (from 09.30 to 17.30), with a short
break in the morning and afternoon, and a lunch break at 13.00.
Unless otherwise noted in the description, they are presentation-based in style rather than ‘hands-on’ labs.

Software architecture                               Pragmatic .NET                                  Distributed agile
in a day                                            architecture                                    development workshop

SIMON BROWN                                         OLIVER STURM                                    NEAL FORD

WORKSHOP REF: SA01                                  WORKSHOP REF: SA02                              WORKSHOP REF: SA02

                   This one-day workshop                                Planning application                         Reading and hearing
                   is an introduction to                                architecture is a                            about agile practices is
                   software architecture                                complex task which                           one thing, but actually
                   and what it means to                                 requires detailed                            doing it is completely
                   take on the software                                 understanding of the                         different. This
                   architect role.                                      technological platforms                      workshop puts you to
                                                                        that you’re targeting.                       work in an agile
                    It’s aimed at software
                                                                                                                     fashion, applying agile
                    developers who are                                  This whole-day
                                                                                                    development practices.
looking towards their first software                 workshop leads you through the process
architect role, developers who want to              of creating an architectural concept for a      During this workshop, we’re going to take
become more architecturally aware, and              medium size distributed .NET application:       a problem and iteratively develop the
software architects that are new to the             data access, distribution, services, layering   solution, using test-driven development,
role.                                               concerns, UI platforms and presentation         pair programming, retrospectives, pair
                                                    patterns – every topic is considered.           rotation, and other agile development
We’ll be asking and answering the
following questions:                                Oliver lets you participate and benefit
                                                    from his experiences from project work          To make it interesting, we’re going to split
1. What is software architecture?
                                                    and consulting – architects, programmers        the room into two continents and work
2. What is the role of a software architect?        and owners of other job titles are all          through the issues faced by real
                                                    equally welcome!                                distributed agile teams. We work through
3. How do you define software                                                                        several 20-minute iterations during the
   architecture?                                                                                    workshop, giving you a hands-on feel for
4. How do you share software                                                                        real agile development.
   architecture?                                                                                    If you have a laptop, bring it, but only half
5. How do you deliver software                                                                      the class needs one, so if you don’t have a
   architecture?                                                                                    laptop, don’t let it discourage you.
                                                                                                    Come see what it’s like to work on a real
                                                                                                    distributed agile project, even if it’s only
                                                                                                    for a few hours.
                                                          18–21 OCT ’11

One day of mobile                             Patterns and principles                       Agile OO-Design from
application                                   that matter in .NET                           start to finish
DINO ESPOSITO                                 DAVE WHEELER                                  ALLEN HOLUB

WORKSHOP REF: SA04                            WORKSHOP REF: SA05                            WORKSHOP REF: SA06

                   Mobile today refers to a                      Patterns come in all                           Many people who
                   number of radically                           shapes and sizes. From                         think they’re doing OO
                   different platforms                           the GoF Design                                 aren’t. For example, the
                   requiring radically                           Patterns for structuring                       dynamic model (which
                   different skills. There                       object-oriented code                           shows how run-time
                   are differences in                            through to some of                             objects interact) should
                   development                                   Martins Fowler’s                               drive the design
                   approach, languages,                          Patterns of Enterprise                         process; the class
API and it even requires different            Application Architecture, patterns are        diagram is an artifact you build while
computers.                                    everywhere. And, to be frank, some are        doing dynamic modeling. If you do the
                                              more important than others.                   class diagram first, your model will be at
A mobile application is also simpler than a
                                                                                            best unwieldy, at worst non-functional. It
desktop application for the logic, but        In this fun (and heavily code-oriented
                                                                                            turns out that the design process you use
more complex for resource management          day), we’ll work through numerous
                                                                                            influences both the quality and the basic
and life cycle.                               patterns and see how they impact your
                                                                                            structure of the design. The process
                                              code and architecture. There’ll be a trip
Based on four modules, this workshop                                                        matters.
                                              into the world of Inversion of Control
offers a summary of the issues you face in
                                              (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI), and      This class covers an Agile version of the
a mobile project. The first module
                                              how this helps support testing and            OO-Design process, with an emphasis on
attempts to identify the most common
                                              maintainability.                              how to arrive at an optimal design. We’ll
patterns of mobile development. The
                                                                                            start by looking at Agile methodologies to
remaining three cover each one of the         There’ll be Models, Views, Controllers and
                                                                                            see how design fits into them. We’ll then
most popular platforms – iPhone, Android      even ViewModels hanging out in the
                                                                                            look, in depth, at the entire process from
and Windows Phone 7 – and the same            presentation tier.
                                                                                            front to back: requirements gathering and
application will be discussed for the three
                                              We’ll step into the world of the Repository   problem-statement definition, use-case
                                              Pattern, with a side order of Unit of Work,   analysis, and the simultaneous
                                              and how that helps isolate our domain         construction of the dynamic and static
                                              model from our underlying database.           models using UML.

                                              And we’ll look at different approaches to     We’ll construct a model for a small
                                              constructing the business logic layer,        program, so that you can see how each
                                              analysing their pros and cons.                step plays out in a practical context.

                                              This is a highly practical, code and best-
                                              practice focused day for developers and
                                              architects who want to ensure that they’re
                                              building solid, maintainable and testable
        Conference sessions
        WEDNESDAY                                                                         19             TH
                                                                                                                     OCTOBER                                                       2011

                  TRACK 1                                 TRACK 2                                TRACK 3                              TRACK 4                                TRACK 5                                 TRACK 6

08.30     R E G I S T R AT I O N & C O F F E E

09.30     Opening Keynote                                                                 teases apart some of the tangled abstractions that have become so          • Why is the iPad the most revolutionary device in the last 30 years?
                                                                                          common they are invisible yet impact important decisions. I cover
          Abstraction distractions                                                        languages, tools, platforms, and burrow all the way down to fundamen-
                                                                                                                                                                     • Why do some people hate Maven so much?
                                                                                          tal concepts. This wide-ranging keynote answers these questions and        • How can I choose technologies with long shelf lives?
          NEAL FORD                                                                       more:                                                                      • Is hiding always a good thing?
          Computer science is built on a shaky tower of abstractions, but we’ve           • Why does my keyboard look the way it does?                               Oh, and some jokes too.
          been distracted by other things until we believe it is reality. This talk

11.00     COFFEE BREAK

11.30     Design patterns                         Build your own                          Effective sketches Credit crunch                                           Getting started                         NoSQL solutions
          in the real world                       technology radar                        SIMON BROWN                     code: time to pay                          with modern                             on the .NET
          ALLEN HOLUB                             NEAL FORD                               The code might be the architec- back the                                   mobile                                  platform: what’s
          Design patterns do not exist            ThoughtWorks’ Technical Advisory
                                                                                          ture but at some point in time
                                                                                          you’re going to have to explain
                                                                                                                          technical debt                             development                             all the fuss
          splendid isolation. In the real
          world patterns overlap one
                                                  Board creates a “technology
                                                  radar” 3 or 4 times a year. It is a
                                                                                          how it works, and that’s when the   GARY SHORT                             DINO ESPOSITO                           about?
                                                                                          whiteboard pens make their
          another and interact in complex         working document that helps the         appearance. Where do you start      Technical debt is the cost of          So you see mobile development in        JESUS RODRIGUEZ
          ways. This class takes a unique         company as a whole make deci-           though? How much detail should      putting off good development           the future of your company, and
          approach to teaching patterns by        sions about what technologies are                                           practices. This debt must be paid      you’d like to make sense of the         Non-relational databases have
                                                                                          you include? Technology deci-
          analysing a real computer               interesting and where we should                                             back to avoid the “interest            buzz around it – platforms, tools,      recently emerged as one of the
                                                                                          sions included or omitted? UML
          program in terms of the patterns        be spending our time. This is a                                             payments” becoming crippling.          deployment, devices, gestures.          hottest areas in software develop-
                                                                                          or block diagrams? Join us as we
          used to implement it.                   useful exercise both for you and                                                                                   This talk gives you the foundation      ment. While many people are
                                                                                          look at some typical diagramming    This presentation will further
          We’ll look at how the design            your company. This session                                                                                         you need to start defining your          under the impression that the
                                                                                          bloopers and show you how to        define technical debt, before
          patterns are actually used in prac-     describes the process we use and                                                                                   strategy and projects. In a             .NET platform is behind the curve
                                                                                          produce effective sketches.         examining some anti-patterns and
          tice, and see how the strengths         how to adapt it to both your                                                                                       scenario-based fashion, we’ll           on this, in fact there are several
                                                  company and, more importantly,                                              how to avoid them. We’ll then                                                  open source initiatives that bring
          and weaknesses of the patterns                                                                                      look at how to put a financial cost     discuss mainstream platforms to
          play off one another. You’ll also       yourself. For career risk mitigation,                                                                              target, mobile sites versus native      NoSQL databases to the .NET
                                                  you must know what the next big                                             on technical debt, and end by                                                  platform. As .NET developers, we
          get a chance to see how real-                                                                                       examining some measures to             applications, deployment policies
          world realisations of the patterns      thing is, or at least be able to                                                                                   and common patterns. Writing a          can take full advantage of the
                                                  narrow it to a reasonable list.                                             identify technical debt in a code                                              benefits of several NoSQL tech-
          can differ from the Gang-of-Four                                                                                    base.                                  working mobile application is only
          examples and how a given                Attendees will leave with tools                                                                                    the first step and often it is not       nologies in our enterprise solu-
          pattern can be implemented in           that enhance your filtering mech-                                                                                   even sufficient to have it run on        tions. This session explores various
          various ways.                           anisms for new technology and                                                                                      your own device. Not every              open source non-relational data-
                                                  help you (and your organisation)                                                                                   mobile platform allows you to           base technologies available in the
          The examples are in Java, but C++       develop a cogent strategy to                                                                                                                               Microsoft.NET platform, and the
          and C# programmers should have                                                                                                                             deploy the executable to the
                                                  make good choices.                                                                                                 actual device seamlessly. In this       techniques and interfaces that can
          no problem following along.                                                                                                                                                                        be used to interact with NoSQL
          Some familiarity with the Gang-                                                                                                                            talk, we’ll also review in detail the
                                                                                                                                                                     publishing and deployment strate-       technologies such as MongoDB,
          of-Four patterns is assumed,                                                                                                                                                                       CouchDB or MencacheDB. We’ll
          however (you should, at                                                                                                                                    gies (and costs) for the most
                                                                                                                                                                     popular platforms: iOS, Android,        also emphasise the aspects of
          minimum, be able to identify                                                                                                                                                                       NoSQL solutions that comple-
          them by name).                                                                                                                                             Windows Phone 7, and
                                                                                                                                                                     BlackBerry.                             ment traditional relational data-
                                                                                                                                                                                                             base models in areas such as
                                                                                                                                                                                                             unstructured data indexing,
                                                                                                                                                                                                             archiving, map reduce techniques,
                                                                                                                                                                                                             demoralisation, among many

13.00     LUNCH BREAK

                   Ingo Rammer                                                                         Dave Ingram                                                                       Tobias Komischke
                  Ingo is a co-founder of thinktecture, a                                             Dave is responsible for streamlining and                                       Tobias has been working in the area of
                  company which specialises in helping                                                optimising software development and                                            user experience for over ten years,
                  developers and architects create                                                    delivery through the implementation of                                         leading projects and teams to create user
                  distributed applications which perform                                              industrialised development and test                                            interfaces in various industries. He is
                  and scale as necessary. He is a distributed                                         approaches in one of the world’s largest                                       Director of User Experience at Infragistics,
                  application expert (technologies around                                             management consultancies. Throughout                                           a software company which specialises in
WCF, WF, ASMX, MSMQ, Remoting), with a knack for                                   his 25+ year career, he’s been involved in games/game                           user interface development tools and services. While he is
optimising scalability and performance of medium to large                          engines, third/fourth generation language development                           deeply familiar with all aspects of user experience, his
applications. He is a Microsoft MVP for Solutions                                  and architecting and implementing many bespoke large-                           specialty is Human Factors Engineering, which is rooted in
Architecture, and a Microsoft Regional Director for Austria.                       scale, mission-critical systems. He’s worked for many small                     his academic background in cognitive psychology. Tobias
Ingo was the co-author of Advanced .NET Remoting, and                              companies as well as very large international corporations,                     is a frequent speaker at various conferences and author for
has written numerous technical articles.                                           and has written many white papers and training materials                        technical journals, magazines and blogs.
                                                     for analysts, developers and architects. Dave is a Chartered                                                           
                                                                                   Member of the British Computer Society, and author of
                                                                                   Design – Build – Run: Applied Practices and Principles for
                   Stephen Blair-Chappell                                          Production Ready Software Development.                                                                Ralf Westphal
                  Stephen is a Technical Consulting                                                                                                                                  Ralf is a freelance consultant, project
                  Engineer at Intel, and has worked in the                                             Eoin Woods                                                                    coach, and trainer on .NET software
                  Intel Compiler Lab for the last 12 years.                                                                                                                          architectural topics. He is the author of
                  He is a regular speaker at technical                                               Eoin works as a lead software architect for                                     more than 450 articles since 1998, and
                  conferences in Europe and the US. Prior                                            UBS Investment Bank, responsible for                                            has been awarded the Most Valued
                  to joining Intel, he worked as a lecturer at                                       part of the bank’s Prime Services                                               Professional badge by Microsoft each
the University of Central England, specialising in Software                                          technology platform. Prior to this, he has                    year since 2005. Together with his colleague Stefan Lieser
Engineering and Embedded Systems. As an academic he                                                  worked in the software engineering field                       he is the co-founder of the “Clean Code Developer”
developed and delivered CPU architecture programming                                                 for 20 years, for a number of companies                       initiative ( to increase
courses for a number of silicon and software                                       including Groupe Bull, Sybase, Zuhlke, InterTrust and BGI.                      software quality through principles and practices.
manufacturers. Stephen is co-author of the soon to be                              His main technical interests are software architecture,
                                                                                   distributed systems, computer security, and data                                                                                  
published book Parallel Programming with Intel Parallel
Studio.                                                                            management; he is co-author of the book Software Systems
                                                                                   Architecture: Working With Stakeholders Using Viewpoints
                                                       and Perspectives, published by Addison Wesley.
                                                                                                    18–21 OCT ’11

                TRACK 1                               TRACK 2                                 TRACK 3                                TRACK 4                                 TRACK 5                                TRACK 6

14.00   Patterns for                          The Agile                               Emergent design                        Design smart, not Mobile dilemma:                                              MEF in a hurry
        securing web                          architect –                             NEAL FORD                              hard – how flow- native apps vs.                                                DAVE WHEELER
        services and web                      oxymoron or                             This session describes the current     orientation       web-based apps                                               The Managed Extensibility
        APIs                                  saviour?                                thinking about emergent design,
                                                                                      discovering design in code. The
                                                                                                                             makes software    DINO ESPOSITO
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Framework, or MEF for short, is an
                                                                                                                                                                                                            excellent way of structuring appli-
        CHRISTIAN WEYER &                     H O WA R D D E I N E R                  hazard of Big Design Up Front in       design easier     If you need to reach the widest                              cations in .NET. This session
                                                                                      software is that you don’t yet                                                 possible mobile audience you           focuses on how you might use
        DOMINICK BAIER                        The title of “architect” has histori-   know what you don’t know, and          RALF WESTPHAL                           need to target multiple mobile         MEF as more than just a simple
        The service pattern is pervasive –    cally been a sought-after title on      design decisions made too early                                                platforms. However this is likely to   IoC container, examining every-
        either operation centric (aka         one’s business card and resumé.                                                TDD seems to take all the credit
                                                                                      are just speculations without facts.                                           involve rewriting your software        thing from the basics of importing
        SOAP) or resource centric (aka        This is, in part, a natural                                                    for getting software designed
                                                                                      Emergent design techniques allow                                               twice or more, with subsequent         and exporting parts through to
        REST). The security challenges are    outgrowth of the way that archi-                                               right these days. But how do you
                                                                                      you to wait until the last responsi-                                           higher costs and longer schedules.     dynamic re-composition and flexi-
        the same in both worlds – authen-     tects employed in the construc-                                                approach a User Story or a whole
                                                                                      ble moment to make design deci-                                                For this reason, many are consid-      ble deployment catalogs.
        tication, authorisation and secure    tion of buildings have been                                                    application with TDD? Use UML?
                                                                                      sions. This talk covers four areas:                                            ering developing mobile sites or       MEF is a rising star in the .NET
        communication. Common scenar-         revered over time as the smart                                                 Right – except hardly anybody
                                                                                      emergent design enablers,                                                      web-based local apps leveraging        firmament. Come to this session
        ios are direct authentication (like   and creative “brains” behind                                                   does. So let’s get real: whoever
                                                                                      battling things that make emer-                                                HTML5 and JavaScript. Today, it is     to see how it might fit into your
        passwords or client certificates) as   important endeavours that last                                                 said object orientation would
                                                                                      gent design hard, finding                                                       a matter of trade-off and gut          application architecture.
        well as brokered authentication       over time. But modern software                                                 make designing software easy,
                                                                                      idiomatic patterns, and how to                                                 feeling. Let’s discuss.
        where the identity provider is        development processes, such as                                                 was wrong. OOAD, UML, even
                                                                                      leverage the patterns you find. It
        external (at least to the applica-    Agile, Scrum, and eXtreme                                                      Clean Code are not easy, not even
                                                                                      includes both proactive (test-
        tion). This talk walks through        Programming play down the role                                                 intuitive. Enter flow-orientation. If
                                                                                      driven development) and reactive
        those common scenarios and            of grand upfront design. Does                                                  you temporarily give up any fixa-
                                                                                      (refactoring, metrics, visualisa-
        shows the architectural and tech-     that mean that software architects                                             tion on “real” objects there is a
                                                                                      tions, tests) approaches to discov-
        nical approaches to design and        are no longer needed? We’ll                                                    way to escape many design diffi-
                                                                                      ering design, and discusses the
        implement those services in a         explore the role of the architect in                                           culties. Want a design that is easily
                                                                                      use of custom attributes, DSLs,
        secure fashion.                       modern process, and suggest why                                                readable? Want a design method
                                                                                      and other techniques for utilising
                                              such individuals are needed as                                                 that lends itself to teamwork?
                                                                                      them. The goal of this talk is to
                                              much now as ever before, with                                                  Want a design method that can
                                                                                      provide nomenclature, strategies,
                                              perhaps some changes in                                                        describe software on any number
                                                                                      and techniques for allowing
                                              approach to the work at hand.                                                  of abstraction levels – and can
                                                                                      design to emerge from projects as
                                              The session will be conducted as a                                             easily and losslessly be translated
                                                                                      they proceed, keeping your code
                                              presentation followed by round-                                                into code? Want designs that
                                                                                      in sync with the problem domain.
                                              table discussion.                                                              result in code that can be tested
                                                                                                                             without mock-ups? Flow-oriented
                                                                                                                             designs promise to give you this
                                                                                                                             and more. It’s designing software
                                                                                                                             the smart way; it brings out the
                                                                                                                             best in groups. And there is still a
                                                                                                                             place for “real” objects. Promised.


16.00   Because you suck                      Agile architecture Code craft                                                  Why parallel                            From opinion to                        Software project
        at design                             and design         N AT H A N I E L                                            programs fail                           knowledge: how                         SOS
        patterns                              principles         S C H U T TA
                                                                                                                             STEPHEN BLAIR-                          to assess User                         SIMON BROWN
        GARY SHORT                            ALLEN HOLUB
                                                                                      Despite what some developers
                                                                                      think, we spend a lot more of our
                                                                                                                             CHAPPELL                                Experience                             The more vocal in our industry
                                                                                      time reading code, code that was       Not every attempt at making a                                                  would have you believe that all
        In this session we’ll look at a       For an Agile project to be success-                                            program parallel is successful. In      TOBIAS KOMISCHKE                       software teams consist of agile
        number of common mispractices         ful, the architecture of the system     often written by someone that
                                                                                      isn’t around anymore. How do we        this session we present five case        “Errr, I don’t know… what do you       test-driven craftsmen using the
        and misconceptions that the           has to reflect the needs of the                                                 studies where parallelism did not                                              latest and greatest technology.
        speaker has seen in his 20 years of   process. You simply won’t be able       deal with this common scenario                                                 think?” – People working in soft-
                                                                                      without resorting to burning our       achieve the expected results.           ware development are frequently        This is the real world though, and
        experience using design patterns.     to refactor constantly, accommo-                                               Where programs actually failed,                                                a number of things often get in
        Together, we’ll examine them and      date changing business require-         predecessor in effigy? Better, how                                              confronted with user interface
                                                                                      can we write code in such a way        we examine the main causes of           concepts, prototypes or applica-       the way. This session puts you in
        look at fixes for them, so that, by    ments, and so forth, unless your                                               failure and suggest ways of over-                                              the shoes of somebody that has
        the end of the session, you will no   system is designed to accommo-          that our successors will heap effu-                                            tions and then are asked for their
                                                                                      sive praise upon us at the mere        coming them. Where programs             feedback about the “user experi-       been asked to rescue a struggling
        longer suck at design patterns. :–)   date those practices. This talk will                                           were successfully parallelised but                                             .NET project. What are the prob-
                                              look at the characteristics of an       mention of our name? During this                                               ence”. While everybody has a gut
                                                                                      talk, we’ll read actual code and       did not perform as well as              reaction it can be hard to give a      lems and how would *you* put
                                              Agile design, and explore several                                              expected, we look at the underly-                                              the project back on track?
                                              design principles that will keep        discuss ways it could be                                                       well-founded and constructive
                                                                                      improved. As we work through           ing reasons and show how to             answer. This talk provides a 360-
                                              your design on track in an Agile                                               tune for better performance.
                                              environment. We’ll look, specifi-        real examples, we’ll explore the                                               degree view on what the different
                                                                                      importance of patterns, principles     Where the return on investment          dimensions of user experience are,
                                              cally, at the Single-Responsibility,                                           was considered to be too low, we
                                              Open-Closed, Liskov-Substitution,       like SOLID and SLAP, and essential                                             and what concrete things you
                                                                                      practices like unit testing and        analyse the reasons along with          want to look for when assessing
                                              Dependence-Inversion, and                                                      suggested estimates on program-
                                              Interface-Segregation principles.       continuous integration.                                                        these dimensions. Next time
                                                                                                                             ming effort for different kinds of      you’re in one of those UI review
                                                                                                                             parallel models. The examples           meetings, you’ll own the place!
                                                                                                                             here are all based on real projects.
                                                                                                                                                                     The audience will be involved in a
                                                                                                                             Finally we look at ways of spotting
                                                                                                                                                                     live usability test demonstration as
                                                                                                                             likely failures early in the software
                                                                                                                                                                     well as a five minute Q&A period
                                                                                                                             development cycle in order to
                                                                                                                                                                     right at the end of the presenta-
                                                                                                                             avoid costly mistakes and wasted
                                                                                                                             development effort creeping into
                                                                                                                             a project.
                                                                                                                             This session assumes attendees
                                                                                                                             have some experience in C

        Conference sessions
        THURSDAY                                                               20             TH
                                                                                                             OCTOBER                                                       2011

                 TRACK 1                                 TRACK 2                                 TRACK 3                                  TRACK 4                               TRACK 5                               TRACK 6

09.00   COFFEE

09.30   Parallel patterns                                           How much is                               Designing &                           Living on Cloud                       LINQ and the
        A N D Y C LY M E R                       NEAL FORD                              “just enough”?                            building services                     1001                                  Reactive
        Herb Sutter famously coined the          Agile has matured to the point of      SIMON BROWN                               the web & HTTP                        ALLEN HOLUB                           Framework – a
        phrase “the free lunch is over”
        back in 2005, when it became
                                                 mainstream success. Even large
                                                 companies have discovered that it      One of the major points of                way with WCF                          This session attempts to dispel       powerful new
        clear that processor clock speeds        helps them build better quality        disagreement about software
                                                                                        relates to how much up front
                                                                                                                                  4.5                                   some of the fog surrounding
                                                                                                                                                                        cloud computing. We’ll define
                                                                                                                                                                                                              way to write
        were no longer obeying Moore’s           software faster. But the agile prac-
        law. If developers wanted applica-       tices that are mainstream today        design to do, with people being           CHRISTIAN WEYER                       what “cloud” actually means, and      code
        tions to go faster they could no         have been around for a long time.      very polarised as to when they                                                  then go on to look at the two
                                                                                        should do design and how much             The Windows Communication             primary architectures available for   RICHARD BLEWETT
        longer rely on greater clock             What is the next wave of innova-
                                                                                        they should do. “Just enough” sits        Foundation (WCF) has had basic        cloud-based deployment: the
        speeds, they would need to think         tion in the Agile world going to                                                                                                                             Reactive Framework is a new
                                                                                        somewhere in the chasm between            support for building HTTP-            virtual-machine model (as charac-
        differently and restructure their        bring?                                                                                                                                                       library that uses the new
                                                                                        big design up front’s analysis            enabled services since .NET 3.5.      terised by Amazon’s EC2 service)
        code to take advantage of multi-         Agile software development works                                                                                                                             IObservable interface and LINQ to
                                                                                        paralysis and emergent design’s           But now new & powerful features       and the application-server model
        ple cores in order to get better         because of feedback loops, and to                                                                                                                            create a compelling new
                                                                                        refactor distractor, but how much         are available that let you design     (as characterised by Google’s App
        and better performance. It turns         make it better (or repair what’s                                                                                                                             programming model that allows
                                                                                        *is* “just enough”? Join us to find        and implement an even more            Engine), and look at the general
        out parallelising all but the most       broken), you identify missing                                                                                                                                you to build “event” based code
                                                                                        out.                                      HTTP- and web-centric view on         cloud infrastructure provided by
        trivial piece of code is challenging.    feedback loops, or replace broken                                                                                                                            with declarative LINQ statements.
                                                                                                                                  your service-oriented applications.   both Amazon and Google. We’ll
        .NET 4 attempts to assist the            ones. This talk uncovers two feed-                                                                                                                           This talk introduces the Reactive
                                                                                                                                  Christian will show you how to        finish up with a quick discussion
        developer by providing support in        back loops missing from most                                                                                                                                 Framework and shows how it can
                                                                                                                                  build WCF services that can lever-    of how cloud applications differ
        the framework to assist parallelis-      projects. The first uses Behavior                                                                                                                             greatly simplify your code.
                                                                                                                                  age the full power of HTTP. Come      from other applications, and the
        ing algorithms through the use of        Driven Development & Cucumber                                                    and learn how to create & expose      sorts of programming problems
        parallel constructs like Parallel.For,   to incorporate business analysts,                                                HTTP-based services and also          that are unique to cloud apps.
        and Parallel LINQ and a variety of       testers, subject matter experts,                                                 consume REST APIs in .NET and
        concurrent data structures. The          and developers on one platform                                                   on mobile platforms.
        framework vendors would like you         for requirements definition and
        to believe that the free lunch is        verification. The other anaemic
        now back, but whilst they can            feedback loop in many organisa-
        deliver a moderate free lunch, if        tions involves the last mile to
        you truly want a gut-busting free        production: you have error prone,
        lunch you will have to deploy a          horrific manual releases that
        range of tricks for your algorithm       everyone hates. Continuous
        to take full advantage of those          Delivery delivers proven tech-
        multiple cores.                          niques and tools to make “Done”


11.30   M-V-VM from the                          15 lessons from                        HTML5 fact and                            Architecting                          Windows Azure                         Production
        ground up                                15 years as a                          fiction                                    async UIs using                       Platform for                          operations: an
        DAVE WHEELER                             software                               N AT H A N I E L                          C# 5 and beyond                       architects                            architect and
        M-V-VM (or Model, View,                  architect                              S C H U T TA
                                                                                                                                  A N D Y C LY M E R                    CHRISTIAN WEYER                       developer’s point
        ViewModel) is a critical pattern for
        modern WPF and Silverlight devel-        INGO RAMMER
                                                                                        For the last few years, the web has
                                                                                        been all atwitter about Web 2.0           .NET 4 introduced the new ‘task’      As a solution architect you should    of view
        opment.                                                                         (and even the occasional refer-           abstraction, and C#5 will take        be aware of the benefits (and the
                                                 This session will give a point-by-                                               advantage of integrating this task    risks) of Cloud computing. In this    DAVE INGRAM
        But how do you actually do it?           point analysis of the fifteen key       ence to Web 3.0). Yes, the days of
                                                                                        static web applications are offi-          abstraction into the language via     session Christian Weyer will walk     Understanding the production
        And what are the benefits?                lessons the speaker has learned                                                  the async and await keywords.         you through the holistic set of
                                                 from his involvement in dozens of      cially over and while libraries like                                                                                  environment and the core func-
        This hard core, deep dive session                                               jQuery and Prototype make it              Furthermore, the new task             Cloud features that the Windows       tions of the live service Operations
                                                 software architecture reviews, i.e.                                              abstraction promotes a new way        Azure Platform (WAP) offers.
        will examine all aspects of the M-       the things which will make or          easier to build modern applica-                                                                                       and Service Delivery teams helps
        V-VM pattern; its benefits, prob-                                                tions, ultimately they are papering       of architecting asynchronous          Whether you want to run applica-      us to design and build solutions
                                                 break a project, or at least cause                                               behaviour; in this talk we will       tions and services in Windows
        lems, consequences, and all of its       severe budget overruns, technical      over issues in the web standards                                                                                      that can be better operated and
        warts.                                                                          (and the browsers that implement          explore how to take advantage of      Azure, store data in Windows          supported during live service and
                                                 and organisational issues.                                                       these new keywords and other          Azure or SQL Azure or securely
        This session is a must for anyone                                               them). Today we’re building to                                                                                        beyond. This session provides
                                                                                        standards that are from the palae-        new types and features being          communicate with and through          practical insights and proven prin-
        working in a modern Windows                                                                                               exposed in the next version of        the Cloud with the help of the
        and .NET application environ-                                                   olithic era of web design, but                                                                                        ciples for architects and develop-
                                                                                        that’s changing – and HTML5 is a          .NET to deliver far simpler asyn-     Windows Azure AppFabric: come         ers to help them design, build and
        ment.                                                                                                                     chronous Windows UIs.                 and see a pragmatic view on WAP
                                                                                        large part of that. In this talk, we’ll                                                                               implement solutions that are
                                                                                        discus just what HTML5 is and                                                   and learn which slice of the Cloud    resilient and operable. The session
                                                                                        why it matters. We’ll show how                                                  may fit for you.                       is framed around a medium-scale
                                                                                        you can build to HTML5 today                                                                                          production environment and
                                                                                        and which browsers support                                                                                            introduces & highlights the
                                                                                        what. Thankfully, after many years                                                                                    importance of the Operations
                                                                                        of stagnation, the future of web                                                                                      Manual as well as the Operations
                                                                                        applications looks bright!                                                                                            and Service Delivery activities
                                                                                                                                                                                                              such as backup & recovery, batch,
                                                                                                                                                                                                              reporting, monitoring, incident
                                                                                                                                                                                                              investigation and fix-on-fail. This
                                                                                                                                                                                                              session is targeted at developers
                                                                                                                                                                                                              and architects of all levels.

                                                                                                      18–21 OCT ’11

                TRACK 1                                 TRACK 2                                 TRACK 3                                 TRACK 4                                TRACK 5                                TRACK 6

14.00   Advanced                               Agile engineering HTML5 – offline                                                 Making WCF                             User interface    How to eat an
        M-V-VM                                 practices                         business                                       simple: best                           architecture for  elephant
        DAVE WHEELER                           NEAL FORD                         applications for                               practices for                          distributed       GARY SHORT
        Most M-V-VM demos stop with a          Most of the time when people talk desktops, tablets                              testing,                               (cloud-based,     Or, how to architect a codebase-
        single Model, View and
                                               about agile software develop-
                                               ment, they talk about project and
                                                                                 and phones                                     deploying and                          web) applications wide refactoring project. In this
                                                                                                                                                                                         advanced refactoring session,
        Not this session.                      planning practices but never             INGO RAMMER                             managing WCF                           ALLEN HOLUB                            we’ll look at such things as func-
                                               mention actual development, as if                                                                                                                              tional decomposition, code criti-
        We’ll take a hard look at multiple     development were an after-               HTML5 allows the creation of line       solutions in the                       This class presents three user-        cality, the correctness continuum,
        ViewModels; central commanding
        (such as File, Save All); isolation
                                               thought when writing software.
                                               This talk drills into the real details
                                                                                        of business applications which rely
                                                                                        on the browser’s offline storage
                                                                                                                                big enterprise                         interface architectures suitable for
                                                                                                                                                                       (or at least used by) distributed,
                                                                                                                                                                                                              sub-tree refactoring index and
                                                                                                                                                                                                              prioritisation. All these terms will
        and testing; secondary UI and          of how to do agile development. I        capabilities for application and                                               typically web or cloud-based,          be defined, explained and
        interaction between a View and a                                                                                        JESUS RODRIGUEZ
                                               discuss best practices like continu-     data. These applications can                                                   applications, discussing the pros      demonstrated, so that by the end
        ViewModel; and robust and reli-        ous integration, pair program-           provide user experiences compa-         During the past few years,             and cons of each approach. We’ll       of this presentation you’ll have
        able messaging.                        ming, how developers should              rable to native applications and        Windows Communication                  start with Model-View-Controller       the knowledge and confidence to
        This is an important session for       interact with story cards, how to        allow large percentages of code         Foundation (WCF) has established       and explain why it’s suboptimal.       architect such a refactoring
        those wanting to move beyond           handle enterprise concerns like          and markup reuse between                itself as the fundamental technol-     We’ll then move on to more             project… or eat an elephant,
        the trivial reference implementa-      integration with other software          Desktop, Android, iOS and the           ogy to enable service orientation      appropriate architectures:             whichever you prefer.
        tions seen in Prism or on the web.     packages, and a slew of other            most recent BlackBerry OSes (and        in the Microsoft platform.             Presentation-Abstraction-Control,
                                               topics related to agile software         Windows Phone 7 in November             However, adopting WCF in the           Visual Proxy, and bifurcated
                                               development.                             2011). In this session, you will        big enterprise requires comple-        objects.
                                                                                        learn about the capabilities of         menting the sophisticated capa-
                                                                                        HTML5 which pertain to these            bilities of WCF with efficient
                                                                                        kinds of applications, about the        practices in areas such as configu-
                                                                                        frameworks which can help you           ration management, unit/load
                                                                                        create offline business applications     testing, dependency manage-
                                                                                        and about the pitfalls and              ment, and versioning among
                                                                                        uncharted / semi-charted areas          many others. Enabling these capa-
                                                                                        you will have to enter.                 bilities facilitates the adoption of
                                                                                                                                WCF in the enterprise in an agile
                                                                                                                                and simple manner. This session
                                                                                                                                presents a series of solutions and
                                                                                                                                best practices for addressing
                                                                                                                                important aspects such as config-
                                                                                                                                uration management, endpoint
                                                                                                                                discovery, automated unit/load
                                                                                                                                testing, service dependencies, etc.
                                                                                                                                We illustrate these solutions using
                                                                                                                                a series of practical demonstra-
                                                                                                                                tions that will help developers to
                                                                                                                                implement large WCF solutions in
                                                                                                                                a more efficient and agile manner.
                                                                                                                                Additionally, the session presents
                                                                                                                                three case studies that highlight
                                                                                                                                how customers are implementing
                                                                                                                                some of these solutions to adopt
                                                                                                                                WCF at a big scale in the enter-


16.00   Entity Framework                       Agile database                           jQuery: Ajax                            Rapid                                  Why do UIs suck?                       Starting out with
        and the                                design – 21st                            made easy                               development and                        DAVE WHEELER                           event driven
        repository                             century solutions                        N AT H A N I E L                        quality matters                        Why do doors that you have to          systems
        pattern                                to an old                                S C H U T TA
                                                                                                                                DAVE INGRAM
                                                                                                                                                                       push to open have a handle on
                                                                                                                                                                       them? Why do lifts contain             EOIN WOODS
        A N D Y C LY M E R                     problem                                  Sure, Ajax might not be the
                                                                                        hardest thing you’ll have to do on      This session examines the princi-      buttons to close doors that don’t      Event Driven Architecture (EDA) is
                                                                                                                                ples and practices underpinning        actually do anything? Why do           an approach for system design
        .NET 4 comes with a version of         H O WA R D D E I N E R                   your current project, but that                                                 user interfaces contain so many
                                                                                        doesn’t mean we can’t use a little      rapid software development                                                    and integration that provides
        Entity Framework that is fit for                                                                                         models (RAD, Agile, Lean &             poor design choices?                   some useful characteristics not
        purpose. Entity Framework is           This talk focuses on the architec-       help here and there. While there
                                               tural and developmental differ-          are a plethora of excellent choices     Iterative etc.) and considers the      In this fun-filled session, we’ll       found in the classic approaches
        Microsoft’s ORM, their version of                                                                                       implications, enhancements and         examine numerous examples of           based around services, procedure
        NHibernate. Entity Framework           ences between the old-style BDUF         in the Ajax library space, jQuery is
                                               (Big Design Up Front) versus the         fast becoming one of the most           options for Technical Architects in    good and bad user interfaces, and      calls and centralised entity data
        version 1 forced developers to be                                                                                       their role to design (and deliver)     see what makes one great and           stores. Event driven systems
        tightly coupled to Entity              modern iterative approach to             popular. In this talk, we’ll see why.
                                               database design.                         In addition to its outstanding          software architectures & solutions     another poor.                          model the problem domain in
        Framework, this goes against                                                                                            to meet the ever-increasing chal-                                             terms of the event sequences that
        traditional ORM technology and         Databases have been a part of the        support for CSS selectors, dirt                                                Contentious and exciting, this
                                                                                        simple DOM manipulation, event          lenges of modern day functional-       session is a must for anyone who       different parts of the domain emit
        creates problems for unit testing.     computing landscape since the                                                    ity and “ilities”. In doing so, this                                          and consume and are imple-
        Entity Framework 4 fixes this           beginning, and database adminis-         handling and animations, jQuery                                                cares about what makes a great
                                                                                        also supports a rich ecosystem of       session examines the business          user experience.                       mented by recognising, trans-
        problem via POCO support.              trators have been around almost                                                  case for rapid development                                                    forming and processing events.
        However it is still up to developers   as long. Their background and            plugins that provide an abun-
                                                                                        dance of top notch widgets.             approaches, the business case for                                             They are particularly beneficial for
        to work out how to utilise the         culture can be an impedance                                                      quality and the “ilities” as well as                                          systems that need to be some
        technology to truly loosely couple     mismatch with modern Agile               Using various examples, this talk
                                                                                        will help you understand what           size, scope & complexity of a                                                 combination of reactive, loosely
        application logic from business        processes and practices. But it                                                  project. In addition, this session                                            coupled, scalable and flexible.
        logic. This talk will take you         doesn’t have to be. This session         jQuery can do so you can see if
                                                                                        it’s right for your next project.       covers various pros and cons for                                              This talk will introduce the EDA
        through these new features and         explains the problems and solu-                                                  rapid development and the role of                                             architectural style and the differ-
        show how the repository pattern        tions from both a process as well                                                the Technical Architect. This                                                 ent types of event driven system
        can be deployed with Entity            as practices standpoint, through a                                               session is targeted at developers                                             in common use, explain a number
        Framework to provide a testable        combination of presentation and                                                  and architects of all levels.                                                 of different approaches for build-
        and loosely coupled solution.          demonstration.                                                                                                                                                 ing such systems in practice and
                                                                                                                                                                                                              discuss common problems with
                                                                                                                                                                                                              building and running event based
                                                                                                                                                                                                              systems. It will also consider how
                                                                                                                                                                                                              to combine the event driven style
                                                                                                                                                                                                              with other popular approaches in
                                                                                                                                                                                                              order to meet the requirements of
                                                                                                                                                                                                              real systems.

Post-conference workshops
FRIDAY                      21       ST
                                              OCTOBER                          2011

The following workshops run for a full day (from 09.30 to 17.30), with a short
break in the morning and afternoon, and a lunch break at 13.00.
Unless otherwise noted in the description, they are presentation-based in style rather than ‘hands-on’ labs.

Design patterns in                            Inside Prism and MEF                           Just enough up front
depth                                                                                        design

ALLEN HOLUB                                   DAVE WHEELER                                   SIMON BROWN

WORKSHOP REF: SA07                            WORKSHOP REF: SA08                             WORKSHOP REF: SA09

                    Without good OO                              If you’re architecting                          Designing software
                    structure, Agile                             and building big WPF                            given a vague set of
                    development, which                           or Silverlight                                  requirements and a
                    mandates constant                            applications, then it’s a                       blank sheet of paper is
                    refactoring, fails.                          fair bet that you should                        a good skill to have,
                    Design Patterns help by                      be considering using                            although not many
                    providing classes of                         either (or both) of MEF                         people get to do this
                    solutions to common                          or Prism.                                       on a daily basis.
programming problems. Patterns,                                                              However, with agile methods encouraging
                                              The Managed Extensibility Framework
however, are usually presented in a                                                          collective ownership of the code, it’s really
                                              (MEF) makes it easy to build pluggable,
catalogue format that gives you no feeling                                                   important that everybody on the team
                                              flexible applications. Prism provides rich
for how the patterns are actually applied                                                    understands the big picture. And in order
                                              guidance and sample (reference)
in the real world, where the patterns                                                        to do this, you need to understand why
                                              implementations to help you build large,
interact in complex ways.                                                                    you’ve arrived at the design that you
                                              modular applications.
                                                                                             have. In a nutshell, everybody on the
This class discusses both good object
                                              This workshop provides an intensive day        team needs to be a software architect.
oriented structure and the most
                                              working with these two complementary
commonly used design patterns, using an                                                      This tutorial will show you what “just
                                              technologies. We’ll begin by building a
in-depth analysis of real code that                                                          enough” up front design is, how it can be
                                              modular application comparing and
demonstrates how the patterns work in                                                        applied to your software projects, and
                                              contrasting approaches that we can take
context. We’ll also cover interface-based                                                    how to communicate the big picture
                                              using MEF and Prism. We’ll examine
design and the make up of a well-                                                            through a collection of simple lightweight
                                              shells, catalogues and containers. We’ll
structured object and class hierarchy.                                                       diagrams.
                                              drill down into building region-based UIs,
The extensive code examples are in Java,      and we’ll power through commands and           Join us for a mixture of presentation,
but they should present no problem to         loose pub/sub event architectures.             discussion and deliberate practice.
C++ or C# programmers.
                                              Throughout the day, you’ll see how to
                                              combine MEF and Prism, and how you
                                              might go it alone with just MEF or Prism.
                                              Plus you’ll see how to handle issues such
                                              as deployment and versioning.
                                              The session assumes no prior knowledge
                                              of MEF or Prism (although we will go deep
                                              quickly!), but you should already have a
                                              basic knowledge of Silverlight or WPF.
                                                       18–21 OCT ’11

A day of building web                      REST in practice                               Git in a day: a hands-on
applications the .NET                                                                     workshop
4.0 way
A N D Y C LY M E R &                       JIM WEBBER & IAN ROBINSON                      M AT T H E W M C C U L L O U G H

WORKSHOP REF: SA10                         WORKSHOP REF: SA11                             WORKSHOP REF: SA12

                  .NET 4.0 introduced a                        The web is fast                                Git is a version control
                  number of technologies                       becoming a serious                             system which you may
                  into the .NET world.                         competitor to                                  have been hearing a bit
                  This workshop looks                          traditional enterprise                         about lately. But simply
                  not only at these                            architecture                                   hearing more about it
                  technologies but, more                       approaches. This                               may not be enough to
                  importantly, how they                        tutorial will provide an                       convince you of its
                  can be combined into                         introduction to RESTful                        value. Getting hands-
                  compelling                                   web service techniques,    on experience is what really counts. In this
                  applications.                                both from a theoretical    workshop, you’ll bring your Windows,
                                                               and practical              Mac or Linux laptop and walk through
                   We will cover ASP.NET
                                                               perspective.               downloading, installing, and using Git in a
                   MVC3, WCF 4.0,
                                                                                          collaborative fashion.
                   Workflow 4.0 and                             The tutorial is broken
                   Entity Framework 4.0                        down as follows:           The workshop style of this class will allow
                   along the way, and                                                     you to observe and discover the value of
                                                               I Introduction and
                   show you not only the                                                  this new version control tool first hand.
benefits of these technologies but also                                                    You’ll be cloning, creating, committing,
where they can cause problems.             I The web architecture                         and pushing repositories by the
                                                                                          conclusion of this session.
During the workshop we will build a        I Simple web integration including POX
functional n-tier application that           and URI tunnelling                           In this Git course, we’ll cover the full gamut
demonstrates the technologies “in-situ”                                                   of using Git effectively, including the syntax
and shows patterns that you can use to     I CRUD services using URI templates and        and the refactored thinking and capabilities
keep your architecture clean.                HTTP                                         that Git brings to the table. Once the new
                                           I Semantics using Microformats and RDF         mindset of Git and DVCS’s has been
                                                                                          established, the power of Git’s staging area
                                           I Hypermedia and the REST architectural        and content tracking (not just file tracking)
                                             style                                        is fully revealed. The performance
                                           I Scalability and how a text-based client-     characteristics of Git versus Subversion are
                                             server polling protocol outperforms          explored and put into perspective.
                                             everything else!                             The outline, which dynamically adapts to
                                           I ATOM and ATOMPub for event-driven            questions, is as follows: Setting Up Git;
                                             and pub/sub applications security            Configuring Git; Three Stage Thinking;
                                                                                          The Git File Workflow; Speed; Cloning
                                           I Conclusions and further thoughts             Repositories; Command Composition;
                                           Participants should be comfortable with        Storage; Hashes; Branches; Remotes;
                                           distributed computing concepts, but            Tagging; Merging; Rebasing; Undo; Git-
                                           won’t need any particular integration or       SVN.
                                           middleware experience.                         Attendees should have at least some
                                                                                          familiarity with any version control system
                                                                                          such as TFS, SourceSafe, Subversion,
                                                                                          ClearCase, CVS or Perforce.
                                                                                                              18–21 OCT ’11

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