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					                           HUNTINGTON BEACH

Date:                      July 2010                                          Vol.    38                       No.      7

POLICE/FIRE EMERGENCY                           911         Information Desk                       714 960-8843
NON-EMERGENCY/DISPATCH                714 960-8825          Graffiti Hot Line                      714 960-8861
POLICE Business Line                  714 960-8811          Neighborhood Watch- Nilda Berndt       714 536-5933
Vacation House Checks (RSVP)          714 374-1507          Layout/Graphic Design                 Tom Gaccione
Website                               E-mail                 
               Compiled and edited by Nilda Patiño de Berndt, HBPD Community Relations Specialist
                                                                  NEVER LEAVE
  The Huntington Beach Neighborhood Watch Program
  (HBNW) fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30 each year.       YOUR CHILD ALONE
  We have estimated we will need approximately $25,000             IN THE CAR!
  this year to cover the various HBNW program expenses
  which include, but are not limited to, newsletter assembly,   (Dept of GeoSciences, San Francisco State
  distribution costs, returned postage, mailing labels, etc.
  From the start of our fiscal year to now, we have received
  $16,414 in donations and newsletter advertisements--          Here are some hints when travelling with children:
  we still have $8,586 to go by June 30 2010. The HBNW                   Never leave a child in an unattended car,
  Board thanks you and our advertisers for your support and              even with the windows down
  generous donations.       A $6 donation pays for each
  subscriber’s distribution costs; a $10 donation helps with
                                                                         Be sure that all occupants leave the vehicle
  these costs and other needed expenses and puts your                    when unloading. Don’t overlook sleeping
  name in the Newsletter as a contributor; and a $25 or                  babies.
  more donation accomplishes the above, plus you will                    Always lock your car. If a child is missing
  receive a HBNW sticker and a token of appreciation.                    check the car first, including the trunk.
  Remember, HBNW is a non-profit organization; donations
  are tax deductible.
                                                                         Teach your child that vehicles are never to
                                                                         be used as a play area.
  As a citizen of the city, we encourage you to review the               Keep a stuffed animal in the car seat and
  HBNW program budget and expenses.
                                                                         when the child is put in the seat place the
  We strongly suggest you sign up to receive your                        animal in the front with the driver.
  Newsletter either electronically or through the mail. The
  Newsletter has valuable crime prevention information and
                                                                         Place your purse or briefcase in the back seat
  crime statistics. Donations are not necessary to receive               as a reminder you have your child in the car.
  the Newsletter, but if you wish to make a donation, please             Make “look before you leave” a routine
  make your check payable to:                                            whenever you get out of the car.
  HB NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH PROGRAM                                          Have a plan that your childcare provider will
                                                                         call you if your child does not show up for
  Send to:        HB NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH                                  school.
                  PO BOX 5667                                   Children left in vehicles can die of hypothermia:
                  HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92615
                                                                         Total number of hyperthermia deaths of
  Or:             HB POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                                                         children left in cars, 1998 – 2009: 444+
                  Attn: NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH                               Average annual number of hyperthermia
                  2000 MAIN ST.                                          deaths of children in cars, 1998 – 2009: 37
                  HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92648                             Heatstroke occurs when the body core
                                                                         temperature reaches 104 degrees F.
  For more information please call (714) 536-5933.
                                                                                                     (continued on page 2)
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER – July 2010                                                             Page 2

      Never Leave Your Child Alone
                (continued from page 1)                       sure that the cover of the pool is completely
       A body core temperature of 107 degrees F is            lifted over the pool. Do not partially open the
       usually fatal!                                         pool. Also make sure that your child does not
                                                              walk over the pool cover.
       A Child’s body warms 3 to 5 times faster than
       an adult’s.                                         6. Spas and Hot Tubs must also be avoided,
                                                              especially in the case of younger children who
                                                              are susceptible to overheating.
   Protect Your Child From                                 7. For good pool safety, you can make sure that
   Drowning With These                                        there is always a life saving floatation device
   Simple Pool Safety Tips                                    handy near the pool. Also, every parent
   From Dipika Mirpuri, former Guide
                                                              should be conversant in basic CPR techniques
                                                              in case of any accident.
Drowning is one of the major causes of accidents           8. The last, but not the least, to ensure
resulting in serious injury and death in children.            swimming pool safety, is to be observant.
Parents should not be fooled into thinking that their         Watch what your kids are up to, and supervise
child is safe just because he/she knows how to swim.          their activities. Do not leave them alone.
In a lot of these cases accidents happened even
though the child knew how to swim. Accidents in the
swimming pool can happen very suddenly without
warning. It is very important that all parents follow
these basic safety precautions especially if there is a
swimming pool at home.
    1. Never allow your youngster to swim alone
        without any adult supervision. It is quite
        common to develop a cramp underwater, or                     ADVERTISING SPACE AVAILABLE
        for accidents like hitting your head while                    HB NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH
        diving for example, to occur. It is paramount                        NEWSLETTER
        that there should be persons around to help in
        such situations.
    2. Do not allow children with no knowledge of
        swimming in or around the pool. For good          We are presently accepting applications for
        pool safety make sure that all kids above the     advertisements in our HB Neighborhood Watch
        age of 4 attend a certified swimming class, or    Newsletter. The space available is approximately
        at least learn basic flotation techniques and     4 ½” (length) x 3” (height).
        life saving techniques in case of accidents.      Your advertisement will be located on the bottom
        Children younger than 4 should always be          of page 7 of our newsletter.
        accompanied by their parents in the pool.         You will need to submit your advertisement in PDF
    3. Enclose your pool with high fences, which          format and we will request that you make a 6
        can be locked. Do not leave the pool open         month commitment.
        and accessible since children can fall in.        If you would like more information please call
        Keep your pool safe, and keep your kids away      Nilda Patiño de Berndt, HBPD Community
        from the poolside.                                Relations Specialist, at 714-536-5933 or send a
    4. Avoid leaving your kids alone even with            letter with your request and a copy of the
        small portable pools or water bodies like         advertisement to:
        buckets, fountains, and barrels. There is         HB Neighborhood Watch
        always a danger of drowning occurring even        Attn: Newsletter Advertisement
        in small bodies of water.                         2000 Main St.
    5. In case of a backyard swimming pool, make          Huntington Beach, CA 92648
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER— July 2010                                                                        Page 3

                                                         Important Reminder (2nd Printing)
                 Safe Jogging Tips                                                 Feeding Wildlife is
                            (Just Yell Fire)
                                                                                           Dead Wrong
                                                                                                   Wild animals are in
 Know your running route. Be familiar with your
                                                                                             trouble, and the problem
                                                                                               is people who are care-
 Avoid running in the early morning or at night                                             less with food and trash.
                                                                                               (CA Dept of Fish and Game)
 If you must run in the early morning or evening
  try to run with a group or a partner and be sure    Coyotes play an important role in the ecosystem,
  to run in well lit areas.                           helping to keep rodent populations under control. They
 Be aware of the terrain. Watch for cracks and       are by nature fearful of humans. If coyotes have access
  potholes in the sidewalk and road. This may         to human food and garbage, their behavior changes.
  sound simple but you don’t want to fall and be      They lose caution and fear. They may cause property
  vulnerable while running.                           damage. They might threaten human safety. They
                                                      might be killed. Relocating a problem coyote is not an
 Always bring a form of identification in a pocket   option because it only moves the problem to someone
  or in your running shoes.                           else’s neighborhood. Help prevent deadly conflicts for
 Bring enough money for a phone call or a cab        these beautiful wild animals.
  ride.                                                Never feed or attempt to tame coyotes. The result
 Carry a cell phone with you. There are many           may be deadly conflicts with pets or livestock, or
  stylish and fun arm and wrist bands with zipper       serious injuries to small children.
  pockets that can hold a cell phone.                  Do not leave small children or pets outside
 Be sure to always inform your parents, friend, or     unattended.
  spouse if you are going for a jog. Be sure that      Install motion-sensitive lighting around the house.
  there is always someone to receive a call in case    Trim ground-level shrubbery to reduce hiding
  you have an emergency or need assistance.             places.
 Wear reflective clothing and dress in a way that     Be aware that coyotes are more active in the spring,
  protects your safety. Unfortunately, we do live       when feeding and protecting their young.
  in a society where wearing revealing shorts and      If followed by a coyote, make loud noises. If this
  sports bra may increase your likelihood of being      fails, throw rocks in the animal’s direction.
  noticed by a predator.                               If a coyote attacks a person, immediately contact the
 Know your routes, but don’t take the same route       nearest Department of Fish and Game or law
  at the same time everyday. Vary the routes so         enforcement office.
  that your running routine is not too obvious.        Put trash in tight containers that can’t be tipped
  Stalkers and predators are more likely to attack      over.
  when they know your routine.                         Remove sources of water, especially in dry climates.
 We all love to run with music, but try to avoid      Bring pets in at night, and do not leave pet food
  wearing head sets while running alone. Not only       outside.
  can you not hear the cars coming up behind you,      Put away bird feeders at night to avoid attracting
  but you also can’t hear a person running behind       rodents and other coyote prey.
  you. If you must listen to music, wear the           Provide secure enclosures for rabbits, poultry, etc.
  headphones in only one ear.
                                                       Ask your neighbors to follow these tips.
 Find a reliable running buddy and look out for       Please respect and protect wild animals. Keep them
  one another.                                          wild.
 NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER — May 2010                                                              Page 4

                                      into the house was unlocked           None reported
The police patrol areas are the
                                      allowing the suspect to gain entry.
north and south.      The patrol                                            BEAT 6
                                      In RD 486, Melinde Cr.; the suspect
beats are 2-13.        Your RD                                              8 Residential Burglaries
                                      was described as, male, white, late
(Reporting District) is the half-                                           4 Vehicle Burglaries
                                      20’s, height 5.7”, weight 150 lbs.
mile square surrounding your                                                4 Grand Theft Auto
                                      thin build, no facial hair, wearing
                                      jeans, white button down shirt and    Residential Burglaries
To locate your Beat and RD,           a dark baseball cap.                  RD 349-2      RD 359-2
please check the map on the                                                 RD 441-1      RD 451-4
                                      There was one garage entry.
back inside page.    In most
cases,     your BEAT/RD    is                                               Streets: Pacific Coast Hwy. 15th
                                      Vehicle Burglaries
identified   on your  address                                               St., Lake St., Poppy Cr., 12th
                                      None reported
mailing label.                                                              St., and Frankfort Ave.8th St.,
                                      Grand Theft Auto                      3rd St., and 7th St.
                                      RD 466-1
31 entries   May 15 - June 15                                               In RD 349, Pacific Coast Hwy; It
                                      BEAT 3                                appears the suspect used a
37 entries April 15   - May 15
                                      0 Residential Burglary                spark plug to shatter a window
Seventeen of the entries were due     1 Vehicle Burglaries                  and gain entry.
to OPEN OR UNLOCKED windows           0 Grand Theft Auto                    In RD 349, 15th St.; A garage
or doors.        Twelve of these                                            door opener was possible used
burglaries were committed during      Residential Burglaries
                                      None reported                         to gain entry.
the day; Six were committed at                                              In RD 441, Lake St; It appeared
night, and thirteen were committed
                                                                            that someone had removed or
at an unknown time.                   Vehicle Burglaries
                                      RD 444-1
                                                                            broken the louvers to the
There were nine garage entries.                                             bedroom window to gain entry.
                                      Grand Theft Auto                      In RD 451, 12th St.; Suspect
There was one attempted entry.        None reported                         described as: male, unknown
VEHICLE BURGLARIES                    BEAT 4                                race, 30 to 40 years old, height
32 reported May 15 – June 15          3 Residential Burglaries              5’6”, with think build and
69 reported April 15 – May 15         1 Vehicle Burglaries                  shaved head.       Suspect was
                                      1 Grand Theft Auto                    wearing a dark jacket, dark
GRAND THEFT AUTO                                                            jeans, and possibly white tennis
                                      Residential Burglaries
22 reported May 15 – June 15                                                shoes.
                                      RD 432-1      RD 433-1
31 reported April 15 – May 15         RD 443-1                              In RD 451, Main St; Suspect
                                                                            removed screen from open
                                      Streets: Alabama St. Vasile Cr.,      bathroom window to gain entry.
3 Residential Burglaries
                                      and North Port Dr.                    Items stolen included a silver
0 Vehicle Burglaries
1 Grand Theft Auto                                                          “Ruger” P85 9mm pistol with a
                                      There was one garage entry.           15 round magazine and a black
Residential Burglaries                                                      “Ruger” .22 caliber pistol.
RD 466-1      RD 475 -1               Vehicle Burglaries                    In RD 451, 7th St; suspect in
RD 486                                RD 473-1                              custody.
Streets: Strathmoor Ln, Malibu Ln.,   Grand Theft Auto
and Melinde Cr.                                                             There were three garage
                                      RD 452-1
In RD 466, Strathmoor Ln; The
outside door that leads into the      BEAT 5                                There was one attempt entry.
garage may have been unlocked.        1 Residential Burglaries
Once inside the garage the interior   0 Vehicle Burglaries                  Vehicle Burglaries
door that leads from the garage to    0 Grand Theft Auto                    RD 327-1      RD 348-1
the interior of the house was also
                                                                            RD 359-1
left unlocked. This perhaps, was      Residential Burglaries
the point of entry and exit.          RD 425-1                              Grand Theft Auto
In RD 475, Malibu Ln; suspect                                               RD 339-1     RD 359-1
possible entered via an unlocked      Streets: Willhelm Cr.                 RD 451-2
doggie door (2’ by 1 1/2”) that
                                      Vehicle Burglaries
leads into the attached garage. The
                                      None reported
door that leads from the garage
                                      Grand Theft Auto
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER — May 2010                                                                    Page 5

BEAT 7                                     1 Grand Theft Auto
4 Residential Burglaries                                                           Residential Burglaries
                                           Residential Burglaries                  RD 251-1      RD 261-1
0 Vehicle Burglaries
                                           RD 164-1      RD 165-1
4 Grand Theft Auto                                                                 Streets: Bluesails Dr., and Tunstall
                                           Streets: Harkness Ct., and Sims St.     Ln.
Residential Burglaries
RD 413-3     RD 422-1
                                                                                   In RD 261, Tunstall Ln.; Suspect
                                           Vehicle Burglaries                      entered a locked storage container
Streets: Constantine    Dr.,   Flagstaff
                                           RD 153-1      RD 164-1                  and removed an electric cart
Ln., and Delaware St.
                                                                                   Vehicle Burglaries
In RD 413, Constantine Dr; Suspect         In RD 153 this was an attempt.          RD 241-3      RD 242-3
possibly used a key.
                                                                                   RD 251-1      RD 252-1
In RD 413, Constantine Dr., Suspect
                                           Grand Theft Auto                        RD 253-1      RD 261-1
enters residence through an unlocked
door then walks into the garage            RD 165-1
                                                                                   Grand Theft Auto
where they accessed the trunk from                                                 RD 242-2     RD 251-1
the unlocked vehicle.   The suspect        BEAT 11
                                                                                   RD 261-1
may be known.                              3 Residential Burglaries
                                           2 Vehicle Burglaries                           Free
There were two garage entries.             4 Grand Theft Auto                        Vacation house
Vehicle Burglaries                         Residential Burglaries                   checks Available
None reported                              RD 158-1      RD 159-2
Grand Theft Auto                                                                   Do you wonder whom you
RD 292-3     RD 423-1                      Streets:  Edinger Ave., Laurelhurst     should call to check on your
                                           Dr., and Whittier Ln.
BEAT 8                                                                             home when you’re going to be
1 Residential Burglaries
4 Vehicle Burglaries
                                           In RD 159, Laurelhurst Dr; suspect is   away for an extended period of
                                           in custody.                             time? Your first thoughts usually
2 Grand Theft Auto
                                           Vehicle Burglaries                      go towards a family member or
Residential Burglaries
                                           RD 156-2
RD 176-1                                                                           friend, but sometimes you may
                                           Grand Theft Auto                        feel it might be a bother for them
Streets: Greenleaf Ln                      RD 156-1     RD 157-1
                                           RD 158-1     RD 169-1                   because they live a distance away
There was one garage entry.                                                        or don’t really have the time.
                                           BEAT 12
Vehicle Burglaries                         2 Residential Burglaries                The Huntington Beach Police
RD 177-2      RD 281-2                     1 Vehicle Burglaries
                                           0 Grand Theft Auto
                                                                                   Department provides House
Grand Theft Auto                                                                   Vacation Checks courtesy of the
RD 176-1     RD 178-1                      Residential Burglaries
                                           RD 117-1      RD 139-1                  HBPD Retired Senior Volunteer
2 Residential Burglaries                   Streets:   San Souci Cr. And Hanover
                                                                                   Program (RSVP).
7 Vehicle Burglaries                       Ln                                      There’s absolutely NO fee for
1 Grand Theft Auto                                                                 this service and it’s easy to sign
                                           In RD 117, San Souci Cr; Suspect
Residential Burglaries                     entered an open garage and stole a      up. You may call the HBPD
RD 263-1       RD 273-1                    bicycle.
                                                                                   RSVP office at 714-374-1507 to
Streets:   Heritage Ln., and Marken        There was one garage entry
                                                                                   complete the form over the
                                           Vehicle Burglaries                      phone or you can check out the
Vehicle Burglaries
RD 263-1      RD 272-3                     RD 139-1                                HBPD         web       page      at
RD 283-3                                   Grand Theft Auto               and click on
Grand Theft Auto                           None reported                           “Vacation House Check”. Please
RD 273-1                                                                           provide at least 1 week notice
                                           BEAT 13
BEAT 10                                     2 Residential Burglaries               before you leave on your trip.
2 Residential Burglaries                   10 Vehicle Burglaries
2 Vehicle Burglaries                        4 Grand Theft Auto
  NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER – July 2010                                                                                 Page 6
                                                                            GRAND THEFT AUTO
      LISTED BELOW FOR THEIR                  40

             DONATIONS                        30

Dorothy Alexander                             20
Jerry Anderson
Carol Black                                   10
Mary Kay Blake
Kathy Bolton                                   0
                                                       JAN       FEB       MAR    APR    MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT    NOV    DEC

Joseph and Frances Borra                      2008
Norbert Bunt                                  2010     24        24        25     35     31    22

Tom and Tonia Cooper                                                       VEHICLE BURGLARIES
Carl Curtis
Kiyoko Deans
Danny Dempsey
Art Den Heyer                             100

Sam Eagle                                     80

Merrill Esaki                                 60
Frances Fain                                  40
S. M. Fairbanks
Anne Farber                                   20

Jack and Mary Felcoski                         0
                                                       JAN       FEB       MAR    APR    MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT    NOV    DEC

David and Ann Ferbert                         2008
                                                       64        64        73     39     77    67    68    60     61   112     97     69
                                                       74        59        58     83     60    75    111   31     79    71     76     49
Joan Jeanette Fisher                          2010     61        95        70     70     69    32

John and Victoria Frank
Dennis Gabrielli                                                           RESIDENTIAL BURGLARIES
Marilyn Harris
Delores Hartke                                  60

Lena Harvey                                     50

Dorothy Henderson                               40

Daniel Jimerson                                 30

Kirsten Kirleis                                 20

M. Jean Kovacs                                  10
Benton and Nicole Kunnecke                         0
                                                          JAN     FEB       MAR    APR   MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV    DEC
Manford Kunze                                      2008     44        24     33    14     51    27   37    33    25    44     32    32

Mary Kay Lowry
                                                   2009     30        26     23    39     30    37   40    30    59    33     37    22
                                                   2010     43        43     30    56     37    31

Anthony Mattazaro
William and Lorraine McCune
Ray and Grace Michihira
Luella Ottele                                 HUNTINGTON BEACH NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH
Vithalbhai Patel                                  EXECUTIVE BOARD OF DIRECTORS &
Prichard and Kathy Pearce                      EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE/SPEAKERS BUREAU
George Saitta
Mary Jo Settles                                                        TOM DOTI, President
                                                                    JIM DWYER, Vice President
Robert Slater                                                    MICHELLE GRANTHAM, Secretary
Lorraine Smith                                                        FENG VOGT, Treasurer
Damaso and Nessifa Sutis
D. M. Terry                                                      Gudelia Ramirez, Member at Large
Elizabeth Wolterman                                                Ken Kirkup, Member at Large
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER — July 2010                                   Page 7

                                            SPECIAL ENFORCEMENT BUREAU (SEB)
        N                                           Lt. Mitch O’Brien (714) 536-5588
                                            DIRECTED ENFORCEMENT TEAM (DET)
                                                  Sgt. Mike Freeman (714) 374-1664
W                 E                                     e-mail:
                                            SOUTH AREA: BEATS 2, 3, & 5
                                                   Officer Dan Boldt (714) 960-4540
         S                                  SOUTH AREA: BEATS 4, 6, & 7
                                              Officer Jerry Goodspeed (714) 536-2942
                                            NORTH AREA: BEATS 8, 9, & 13
                                               Officer Dave Wiederin (714) 375-5095
                                            NORTH AREA: BEATS 10, 11, & 12
                                                Officer Rich Eidlhuber (714) 375-5140

Locate your Beat and
Reporting District (RD) by
referring to this map. In most
cases your BEAT and RD are
on your mailing label.

If you live in Beat 3 and
RD 455, you will have
3-455 on your address label.