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					                                                                                                         November 2007

                                       IN RUSSELL COUNTY
    In Russell County we’re growing ideas that make a difference in your life, your family, and your community. We
 have a dedicated staff of trained professionals delivering educational programs in agriculture and natural resources,
 family and consumer sciences, 4-H youth development, and community and economic development. The Russell
 County Cooperative Extension Office is your connection to UK and the world.
    You’ll see some key numbers in this report. But the numbers don’t show you the people or the impact of our work.
 So the rest of this report shows the faces behind some of the numbers.

     Family and Consumer Sciences

    Marketing and Public Promotion of Kentucky
          Cooperative Extension Service

         Much emphasis and effort has been made to
market and promote the Russell County Cooperative
Extension Service.
         Articles have been written and submitted as
requested to Kentucky Families Today magazine. The
free magazine is available at numerous locations in
Russell and surrounding counties with a distribution of                        Sun Safety/Skin Cancer
2,000 copies.
         “Extension Dimensions” is a new weekly radio                 An estimated 10,000 persons in Russell and
program aired live on WJRS/WJKY local radio station on        surrounding counties have received information on sun
Tuesday mornings at 7:45 a.m. The program informs the         safety and skin cancer through the collaborative efforts of
listeners of current and future extension happenings within   the Lake Cumberland Cancer Consortium and the
the county. The program lasts approximately five              Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.
minutes. In addition, several special news features and/or            Twelve persons received free skin cancer
promotions have been aired live on WHVE radio station.        screenings from local dermatologists in Russell County.
Sixty second recordings have also been aired at random
throughout the month on various topics.                                        Family Diabetes Health Forum
         Duo County Telephone local cable runs timely
hints and tips, educational campaigns such as National                 The Cooperative Extension Service, in
Nutrition Month, Sun Safety Awareness, etc. on the local      collaboration with Russell County Hospital and Russell
cable access channel for their customers. A new theme is      County Extension Homemakers Association, joined forces
chosen each month and aired on the city cable system.         to offer the Family Diabetes Health Forum. One hundred
         You may check out all the upcoming events and        and fifteen persons attended the program. Participants
programs by going to                  attended the following sessions: “Diabetic Foot Care:
                                                              What You Can Do to Prevent Amputation”, “New Drug
                                                              Therapies: How Sweet It Is” and “Diabetes Snacks, Treats
                                                              & Easy Eats”.
Fifteen local businesses and agencies set up booths of              peppermint candy, 280 eraser caps, 500 pencils, 28
educational materials and/or displays for the participants          wedge-type erasers, and 36 pencil sharpeners. These
to browse through. Fasting blood glucose and cholesterol            items were place in the shoeboxes that left Russell County
screenings were offered to participants at no charge. In            to be distributed to children all over the world.
addition, the following screenings/demonstrations were
offered free or low cost to the participants: blood pressure,
spinal, stress release, pulse O 2, body fat analysis,
Dermascan (skin damage from the sun) and take home
colorectal kits were available.

               4-H Youth Development                                Kentucky 4-H Communications Day is the culminating
                                                                    event in 4-H speech and demonstrations. Five youth from
                                                                    Russell County competed in the state event. Madeline
                                                                    Hays was the state champion in Jr. Safety demonstrations.
                                                                    Sidney Malone was the reserve champion in Jr. Home
                                                                    Environment. Bailey Brown received a blue ribbon in Jr.
                                                                    Foods demonstration. Shelby Maldonado received a red
                                                                    ribbon in Jr. Clothing Demonstration. Katie Dick received
                                                                    a blue ribbon in age 11 speeches.

4-H Camp 2007
Thirty-eight youth and adults from Russell County
attended the Lake Cumberland 4-H Camp in Jabez during
July 10-13. The youth attended classes in high ropes,
swimming, canoeing, rifle, crafts, nutrition, archery and
soybean. The campers had three classes each morning                 4-H Horse Club members learn how to clean their
and an additional class and swimming time in the                    saddles properly.

                                                                        Agriculture Report to the People
                                                                                          Beef Cattle Events
                                                                             Farmers are taking the Cattle Industry seriously as
                                                                    they are participating in Phase I programs. The Russell
       4-H/FFA Youth Heifer Exchange Program                        County Beef leadership administered $350,000 dollars in
The Russell County Cattlemen’s Association received a               grants to help producers in four areas of production. Out
$20,000 grant to start a youth heifer chain. Heifers were           of 152 applicants, 80 finished their projects in six months,
purchased for 11 youth. The youth must return the first             which amounted to $236,000. The rest of the $350,000
heifer produced to the program so other youth can                   was invested last year in improving beef cattle genetics,
participate in this program in future years. The youth              management and feeding.
were required to show their animal in two county fair                        Russell County has the highest cow numbers in
shows in 2007.                                                      decades amounting to 14,300 beef cows. Russell County
                                                                    has a strong livestock base in which livestock produces
And My World … 4-H youth in the 4th, 5th, and 6th                   75% of the agriculture proceeds.
grade raised approximately $134 for Operation Christmas                      A partial list of beef cattle educational events
Child. This money was used to purchase 4,100 pieces of              offered in Russell County can be found at:

                                                                2             protection standards. In January 2007, the agriculture
ssoc%2006-07.pdf                                                  agent prepared PowerPoint presentations to address
                                                                  specific problems on specific crops beginning with home
            Farm Office Computer Technology                       gardens. Eight classes were held in Russell County.
         Many farmers are just now getting computers that         Attendance ranged from 6 – 32, which is much better than
can help them manage their farm businesses. Regular "off-         it was when traditional methods were used.
the-shelf" computers have limited useful business                          All the crop-specific classes produced lots of
software, except a browser.                                       interaction during the trainings and additional questions at
         The Cooperative Extension Service partnered with         the close of each class. Farmers agreed that they are
the adult agriculture education program through KCTCS             getting more than just safety training. In fact, a third of the
& Mr. Chris Pierce. Two groups of farmers were given              attendees already had pesticide certifications. To view the
free, used computers and four free classes were held in           schedule of the pest control trainings, go to:
July 2006 and again in January 2007 at the Russell County
Extension Office.                                                 06-07.pdf
         The Russell County Cattleman's Association
voted to offer computer classes using local Phase I funds.                   Advanced Master Cattleman Results
A grant was secured to pay for half the cost of Dell                       Approximately 120 farmers in the Lake
computers, printers and Microsoft Office and Quicken              Cumberland Area completed the Master Cattleman
programs. Seven farmers signed up and paid half the cost          Program since 2001. The Graduates wanted a more
of the complete set up. They attended ten two-hour classes        advanced class but were not interested in Cow College
on farm management.                                               because of the travel distance.
          Most of the farmers had little computer training                 Agents produced a survey to assess the interest of
but learned quickly. They learned how to keep both                the Alumni and found that forages, nutrition, weaning and
financial and production records and how to use the               marketing were topics that they wanted more information
internet to find goods and services.                              about. An Advanced Master Cattleman program
                  At the end of the classes they all              consisting of six classes rotated between participating
demonstrated their ability to keep financial records on           counties with the last meeting consisting of a field trip was
Quicken, produce budgets on Excel, use templates from             offered.
Microsoft Word to write business letters, prepare invoices,                The seminars attracted around 40 alumni each
purchase orders, cash receipts and make their own                 evening from 9-29-06 until 11-16-06. Russell County
business letterheads. The courses affected 37 farmers.            averaged about 8 people each night. Lake Cumberland
Allotted funds would allow for eighteen more farmers to           Area initiated the first Advanced Master Cattleman
participate in computer cost share. For topics and                programs in the state. For program details on Advanced
schedule of computer classes go to:                               Master Cattleman go to:   
07.pdf                                                            m
                                                                        Master Cattlemen learned how to make sound
                                                                  business decisions based on budgets and market forecasts
                                                                  rather than operating on a hunch. They also learned how
                                                                  to use fescue to reduce winter feeding costs. For Master
                                                                  Cattleman Program 2007 schedule go to:

                                                                       New Schedule for Master Cattleman Program
                                                                           Master Cattleman winter-schools are popular
          Farmer Training on Crop Protection                      around the country and in District 5 South as well, but the
     Many farmers were not aware of some of the tools             timing doesn’t support all schedules and allow producers
that are available for them to use to grow better crops and       to have the information just ahead of practice. Agents
livestock. Traditional teaching of pesticide safety has           planning the proposal decided to take a seasonal approach
centered on general pest management principles and                to the 10 seminars offered by the Master Cattleman
techniques rather than specific products for crops grown          program and get the information to producers 30-45 days
locally.                                                          ahead of practice, thus giving them time to implement
     The Russell County Cooperative Extension Service             changes in the current growing season.
began an educational series last summer on worker

          Agents laid out a course of study patterned after         related to changes in milk marketing. Declines in
the Beef IRM Calendar, planning to have a meeting each              efficiency have further reduced profits from milk income
month at the same location. The intent was to enroll the            by five million pounds (-$624,000) annually. The Russell
last of those farmers not willing to travel but needing to          County Extension Staff and the Russell County Dairy
complete the Master Cattleman program before funding                Advancement were prompt to get onboard with the
was exhausted. The program ended in November 2007.                  Kentucky Dairy Development Council (KDDC) in getting
          Master Cattle will increase productivity from what        milk incentives and production practices that maximize
they have learned in:                                               milk production efficiency. Extension agents organized a
          (1.) Increasing calf weaning weights                      farmer meeting in December 2006 at the Extension office
          (2.) Increasing fertility in the brood cow leading        to inform 19 dairy farmers about the program.
to a higher percentage calf crop                                             A Russell County Dairy Development Council
          (3.) Decreasing death losses in both cows and             was selected to ask for a Phase I grant to assist dairy
calves                                                              producers in the cost-shares with management program
          (4.) Increasing value (and quality) of calves sold.       like Dairy Herd Improvement Records (DHIA) & the
This is a formula for profit. For the list of classes go to:        Kentucky Farm Business Records Program.                      The Dairy Council formed a committee to gather
m                                                                   information for the Phase I grant which would become
                                                                    Dairy Diversification Menu Approach Cost-share
                                                                    Program. It included cost-share for genetic improvement
                                                                    through (beef & dairy) artificial insemination, feed storage
                                                                    and improvements to milking facilities.
                                                                             Participants in the MILK program will earn
                                                                    $10,000 more for their milk this year in addition to the
                                                                    improvements in efficiency. A list of dairy development
                                                                    activities can be found at:

 Activities of the Sheep & Goat Producers Association                 Reaching Out to Russell County
         The Russell County Sheep & Goat Producers                    Educational Programs
Association has cooperated with the University of                        Programs presented                                 383
Kentucky & Kentucky State University in providing                        Total participants                               8,163
essential training to the goat breeders in the region. The            Educational Contacts
Association members hosted a field day at the Sano Goat                  Clientele visits                                 1,089
Market in October 2006, where they served delicious                      Telephone consultations                          1,035
barbequed goat. Leadership has developed to promote and                  Newsletters distributed                         28,242
develop products for the industry.                                    Volunteer Development
         More than 250 people participated in the field day              Volunteers                                         353
educational activities. They learned the essentials of good              Volunteer hours                                  6,285
management and grading of goats and the use of ultra-                    Clientele reached by volunteers                  4,478
sound to determine pregnancy in goats. Producers are
reducing death losses due to internal parasites, saving
money on parasite treatments and reducing parasite
resistance to a precious reserve of medications.                       The Russell County
         Producers are also recognizing the need to cross-             Cooperative Extension Service
breed to get more vigor from their nannies and resistance              We deliver information, education, solutions.
to disease and parasites. A partial list of educational
activities can be seen at:                                             For more information, contact us at:                        2340B South Highway 127
%20Sheep%20Assoc%2006-07.pdf                                           Russell Springs, KY 42642
                                                                       (270) 866-4477
              Assistance for Dairy Farmers                             Fax: (270) 866-8645
        Before the increases in milk prices paid to          
farmers, dairy farmers across the State were struggling to
survive with high feed costs and relatively low milk prices


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