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									                             New Dimensions High School
                                   SAC Minutes
                                 December 1, 2009

Meeting began at 6:05 p.m.

I. A++ money Distribution – Dr. Grimm indicated that all teachers and staff received
their A++ bonus money. We are waiting for more information before purchasing a
Mimio system for the auditorium. Mr. Robert indicated that he would also check on
Mimio through his contacts and find a representative willing to help us make this

II. Auditorium Stage Curtains – Mr. Pettengill updated the SAC committee in
reference to the curtain quotes. He received two quotes for the curtains. The original
quote from MTI was for $10,900.00. The second quote was for $8,900.00. MTI reduced
their quote to $8,900 and included the side curtains for $300 which was $300 dollars less
than the second quote. MTI will be able to get the curtains up before the end of the
Winter break. The funds for the curtains will come from the following sources:
        Senior Class of 2009 $2,000
        NDHS Capital Outlay $3,500
        SAC                    $3,500
        A++ surplus money $ 200
        Total Funds            $9,200
Motion was made by Mr. Robert to accept the quote for $9,200 and contribute $3,500
toward the costs of the curtains. Motion was passed and accepted. Mr. Pettengill
indicated that the Music Department would try to contribute each year to the
reimbursement of the curtains paid through NDHS Capital Outlay money.

III. Upcoming Events –

       a. Dr. Cafiero updated the SAC committee on the progress of the Golf
          Tournament on April 24, 2010.
       b. Basketball won its first game
       c. Graduation will be at the Radisson WorldGate, June 10, 2010

IV. Open Issues -

FCAT retakes – NDHS had the highest passing rate of all schools in the District
9% of seniors received a Level 5
100% of seniors had a passing math score
78% of all juniors passed reading
42% of seniors passed reading

Motion was made to adjourn, motion seconded. Meeting adjourned at 6:45p.m.

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