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					your guide to doing business in the Solomons
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             PORT MORESBY             LAE                    SOLOMON ISLANDS            SUVA             SUVA            LAUTOKA                NADI               VANUATU
             Cameron Road,            Ground Floor, Post     Commonwealth Avenue        Ellery Street    41 Gordon Street,
                                                                                                                         Corner Narara Parade   Shop 145 Morarji
                                                                                                                                                                   Orchid Bld,
                                                                                                                                                                                Multi-Functional Devices
             Waigani                  Office Building        Ground Floor, BJS Bld      P.O. Box 299     Suva,           & Tavewa Ave,          Kalidas Bld.       Fr. Linin Fully Certified Technicians
             PO Box 1711, Boroko.     PO Box 566, Lae. MP,   P.O. Box 855, Point Cruz   Suva.            Fiji            Lautoka,               Main Street        P.O. BOX 276
             NCD. Papua New Guinea.   Papua New Guinea.      Honiara, Solomon Island    Fiji                             Fiji.                  Nadi               Port Villa,Vanuatu
             P+ 675 302 2200          P+ 675 472 8449        P+ 677 25100               P+ 679 3315091   P +679 330 0854 P +679 666 0277        P+ 679 6724822     P+ 678 22537

             F+ 675 325 6558          F+ 675 472 8455        F+ 677 25114               F+ 679 3315093   F +679 330 1768 F +679 666 0279        F+ 679 6724832     F+ 678 23559

 ORT MORESBY             LAE                     SOLOMON ISLANDS                  SUVA              SUVA            LAUTOKA                       NADI                 VANUATU
 ameron Road,            Ground Floor, Post      Commonwealth Avenue              Ellery Street                     Corner Narara Parade
                                                                                                    41 Gordon Street,                             Shop 145 Morarji     Orchid Bld,
Waigani                  Office Building         Ground Floor, BJS Bld            P.O. Box 299      Suva,           & Tavewa Ave,                 Kalidas Bld.         Fr. Lini Highway
 O Box 1711, Boroko.     PO Box 566, Lae. MP,    P.O. Box 855, Point Cruz         Suva.             Fiji            Lautoka,                      Main Street          P.O. BOX 276
 CD. Papua New Guinea.   Papua New Guinea.       Honiara, Solomon Island          Fiji                              Fiji.                         Nadi                 Port Villa,Vanuatu
 + 675 302 2200          P+ 675 472 8449         P+ 677 25100                     P+ 679 3315091    P +679 330 0854 P +679 666 0277               P+ 679 6724822       P+ 678 22537

                                                                                                       In the village or in town
                                                                                                      In the village or in town
                                                                                                       In the village or in town
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                            Dear Readers,
                            Introducing the 31st Edition of the Solomon
                            Islands Trade Directory gives me great pleasure.
                            For this Directory has proven over its three
                            decades of existence to not merely be a list of
                            businesses and organisations with interests here in
                            the Solomon Islands, but an indispensible tool in
                            getting things done here in these, the Happy Isles.
                            Flipping through its pages reveals a wealth of
                            information on this country, giving not only
                            business people, but anyone interested in the
                            Solomons a clear idea of what is taking place here.
As Prime Minister, I would be remiss if I did not make clear to the readers of
the Trade Directory that as the Solomon Islands emerges with the rest of the
world’s economies from the global financial crisis and economic slow down,
the government of the Solomon Islands provides a wide range of investment
incentives to those contemplating doing business here.
Tax holidays, import concessions, duty free exports, duty free entry,
accelerated capital write-offs, double deductions, long-term exemptions from
withholding taxes, and special additional incentives for those involved in
developing tourism – together, these and many other measures provide an
attractive setting for investment opportunities.
I invite you to learn more by taking a look at the website:
Looking back to the Solomon Islands Trade Directory’s now long-ago first
edition and seeing how it has grown in scope and scale over the years,
it occurs to me that the publication has proven to be as resilient as the
Solomons itself.
Indeed, you could say the Directory and the Happy Isles have grown up, and
weathered, and prospered, side by side, and I commend the BJS Group of
Companies for providing what has become a necessary guide to so many of us.
So enjoy the 2010 edition of the Solomon Islands Trade Directory, and as you
put it to use, please consider yourself a key player in the life of the Solomon
Islands – like the Directory itself.
                                               Hon. Dr. Derek Sikua MP
                                               Prime Minister

                                                     Trade Directory 2010   Iv
The publishing date for the 2010 Solomon Islands Trade
Directory was planned to coincide with the Shanghai
2010 World Expo. As such it will provide the Solomon
Islands Delegation participating in ‘Expo 2010’ with a
publication containing comprehensive information.
It has been thoroughly reviewed and is enclosed in a
stunning new cover that will catch the attention of readers.
The coming months will see general elections for
members of National Parliament. Much interest is being
generated in the election since the beginning of 2010 – voter registration and
awareness has been in the forefront. So the country waits in anticipation to
learn who will lead the nation for the next four years.
The World stage is a changing scene as technologies bring us closer together
with others on the planet. Technology is impacting more and more into the
rural life of the nation – becoming a welcome tool for the resilient villagers
throughout the nation.
Transport and infrastructure development have been aided greatly by
Donors and RAMSI continues to develop the human resources and capacity
of the Nation. Genuine efforts in making it easier to do business in the
Solomons have seen the Companies act updated and streamlined. The focus
on tackling corruption is making inroads into the consciousness of the people
and leaders of the country.
The recognition of the role of women in society is achieving the attention
it deserves. The launching of two acts in March of this year were warmly
welcomed by the women of the country and are a big step to ensuring their
protection from violence and enhance their ability to play the necessary role in
the development of the Nation. Greatly assisting all of these steps has been the
introduction of free education at primary level throughout the Solomons.
So with the continuation of building blocks of a nation being established, the
Solomons is well placed to play its part in the economic recovery of the region.
The information in the Directory will provide an excellent understanding of
the state of the country from many points of view – and may assist interested
parties to invest, to visit and /or support the Happy Isles as they move forward.
Finally I wish to thank the editorial team who have so wonderfully reviewed
and provided the publication for 2010 – one that is available on-line at

                            Bruce Saunders OBE
                            Managing Director BJS Group of Companies

                                                    Trade Directory 2010    I vii

Solomon Islands Very Own Beer
             Available throughout Solomon Islands.
P.O.Box 848, Honiara, Solomon Islands. Ph: (677) 30257. Fax: (677) 30852. Email:
x   I Trade Directory 2010
           31st Edition
      Solomon Islands

Your Guide to Doing Business
      in the Solomon Islands

                 Trade Directory 2010   I xvii
Published by                                                              Contents

BJS Group of Companies
PO Box 439 Honiara, Solomon Islands                                       Prime Ministers Foreword                                             v
T: +677 22393                                                             Editorial Foreword                                                   vii
W:                                                             Acknowledgements                                                     xviii

                                                                          Chapter 1 - OVERVIEW
BJS Editorial Team                                                        Recent Historical Perspective & Political Overview                   1
Bruce Saunders, Sandra Gartner, Lisa Waterson                             Economic Overview                                                    3
                                                                          Government Investment Priorities                                     4
                                                                          Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI)               5
BJS Advertising Team                                                      People’s Survey                                                      8
Natasha Smith, Daisy May Pororara, Myrtle Atienza, Tony Saunders,         Solomon Islands Police Force                                         9
Nester Nonga                                                              Aid Donors Funding & Support                                         12

BJS Artwork, Layout and Graphic design                                    Chapter 2 - INDUSTRY SECTORS
Carolyn Daunt                                                             Agriculture Sector                                                   13
                                                                                   Guadacanal Plains Palm Oil Plantation                       15
                                                                          Banking Sector                                                       16
Printers                                                                           Wespac Banking Corporation                                  17
Colourscan Pty Ltd.                                                       Construction and Engineering Works Sector                            19
Brisbane, Australia                                                       Forestry Sector                                                      21
                                                                                   Kolombangara Forest Products Ltd.                           23
                                                                          Education Sector                                                     25
Acknowledgements                                                                   Don Bosco Technical Institute                               32
The editorial team would like to acknowledge the following people whose   Employment Sector                                                    34
contributions were key to this publication.                               Fisheries Sector                                                     35
                                                                          Health Sector                                                        37
Nick Gagahe, Mary-Louise O’Callaghan, Kamal Azmi, Peter Marshall,         Infrastructure Sector                                                41
Simon Legassicke, Peter Knee, Nick Williams, Calvin Ziru, Ivor Hansen,    Mining Sector                                                        54
Peter Tam, Dr. William Adu-Krow, Peter Potter, Fr. Ambrose sdb, Lousia             Gold Ridge Mining                                           55
Baragamu, Yolande Yates, Deanne Easton, Harry Brock, Justin Baguley,      Manufacturing, Installation and Servicing Sector                     57
Nathan Kama, Christine Heiser, Jack Gulauma, Aluta Kakadi,                Retail Sector                                                        58
Craig Lonergan, Brown Pwai, Aaron Levine, Nick Blanche, Michael Tokuru,            Honiara Shopping Mall                                       60
Bill MacGregor, James Kim, Jenny Keli, Robertson Szetu, Marie-Claire      Tourism Sector                                                       62
Saunders, Fiona Cortis.                                                            Papatura Island Resort                                      68

BJS Adverising Photography:                                               Chapter 3 - SETTING UP A BUSINESS
Megan Squire-Brown, Elisa Dingle & Carolyn Daunt                          Overview                                                             71
Advertising Models:                                                       Industry Support for Business                                        71
Archena & Jonathan Fuller, Emily Fitzsimmons, Masoud & Keyvan Izadi,      Direct Sales - Finding a Customer                                    75
Thomas Knee, Melina Pitamama, Joash Fika, Bruce Thomas Ilala, Kathy       Advertising & Promotional Support                                    76
Lulumani, Gerry Vilio, Ivor Hansen, Elle-Marie Oppenheim.                 Importers Requirements                                               77
                                                                          Terms of Trade                                                       77

xviii   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                          Trade Directory 2010   I xix
           Freight Rates                                      77    Tipping                                                               106

           Shipping Marks & Documentation                     78    Finding a Home                                                        106
           Customs & Excise                                   79    Domestic Consumables & Services                                       107
           Restrictions which are Enforced                    80    Emergency Telephone Numbers                                           112
           Current Goods Tax                                  80    Clothing                                                              113
           Sales Tax                                          81    Hair & Beauty Salons                                                  113
           Credit References                                  82    Domestic Staff                                                        114
           Exchange Control                                   82    Vehicles, Driving & Public Transport                                  115
           Repatriation of Profits                            82    Your Health & Medical Facilities                                      116
           Intellectual Property                              82    Schooling                                                             117
           Redress in Case of Problems                        82    Leisure & Entertainment                                               118
           Ombudsman                                          83    Unpaid Activities/Volunteering                                        122
           Registering your Business                          84    Pets                                                                  122
           Land Ownership                                     84    Cost of Living                                                        123
           Companies                                          85             Narasirato Pan Pipers                                        125
           Work Permits                                       86
           Labour Force                                       86    APPENDICES
           Unions & Disputes                                  87    Accommodation Directory 2010                                          126
           National Provident Fund (NPF)                      87    Honiara                                                               126
           Income Tax                                         88    Guadalcanal                                                           128
           Individual Tax                                     88    Western Province - Gizo                                               128
           Company Tax                                        89    Western Province - Munda & Roviana/ Tetapare                          129
           Withholding Tax                                    89    Western Province - Marovo Lagoon                                      130
           Export Duty                                        90    Western Province - Kolombangara & other                               131
                    Jedom Organic Fruits                      91    Choisel Province - Far West                                           131
                                                                    Rennell & Bellona Province                                            132
           Chapter 4 - THE ENVIRONMENT FOR BUSINESS                 Central Islands Province                                              133
           Geography & Geology                                93    Makira/ Ulawa Province                                                133
           Climate                                            94    Isabel Province                                                       134
           History                                            94    Malaita Province                                                      134
           Government                                         96    Temotu Province                                                       135
           Population                                         96
                                                                    Information & Contacts Easy Reference
           Language                                           97
                                                                    Official Assistance                                                   136
           Culture                                            99
                                                                              High Commissions                                            136
           Religion                                           99
                                                                              Foreign Heads of Missions                                   136
                                                                              Diplomatic Representatives Abroad                           137
                                                                    Government Ministries                                                 137
           Useful information                                 101
                                                                    National & Provincial Public Holidays                                 140
           Currency & Money Matters                           101
                                                                    Your Guide to Learning Pijin                                          141
           Hours of Business                                  102
                                                                    International Airline Schedule                                        142
           Travelling to & Around the Islands                 102
                                                                    SI Chamber Commerce & Industry Membership List                        143
           Arriving                                           103
                                                                              Solomon Islands War Memorial                                174
           Hotels                                             103
                                                                              Solo Enviro Beautification                                  179
                                                                    List of Advertisers                                                   183

           xx   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                             Trade Directory 2010   I xxi
                   bjs recruitment

       We are the recruitment specialists in
       Solomon Islands catering for all your
       recruitment needs.
       We provide a full service including:
       •	   Job advertising design & placement on
            internet & in local newspapers
       •	   Collection of CVs /applications
       •	   Analysis & ranking of candidiates
       •	   Drafting of interview questions
       •	   Management of interview process
       •	   Expert HR personnel for interview panels
       •	   Collation & analysis of panel assesments
       •	   Submission of final recommendations
       •	   Liaison with successful/unsuccessful
       •	   BJS boardroom & catering available for
            interviews & meetings

       For more information contact Monique on:
       T: +677 23508            E:
xxii   I Trade Directory 2010
Chapter One - Overview
Recent Historical Perspective & Political Overview
Between 1978 and 1998 considerable post independence social and eco-
nomic progress was made. Unfortunately ethnic tension significantly crip-
pled the country from 1998 to 2003. The initial gains, particularly through
until 1995 were almost lost during the tension period.
During 1999, about 30,000 people left Honiara. Early in 2000, many of
them returned and became part of the Malaita Eagle Force to counter
the Guadalcanal Revolutionary Army. The GRA had “forced” the Malaitan
settlers (some were third generation and married to Gualie women) from
their homes on Guadalcanal.
A Commonwealth Secretarial envoy was unable to establish a basis for
peace between disputing parties and police seemed powerless. The
Townsville Peace Agreement resolution in October 2000 did lead to an
immediate cessation of fighting but failed to bring a long term resolution
of the conflict.
This ethnic tension resulted in more than a hundred deaths, social
disruption, loss of jobs and personal freedom in the capital, political
corruption, breakdown in law and order, the emergence of strongmen
and crime figures. The general population, particularly on Guadacanal
and near-by islands were living in fear.
In 1980, Solomon Islands was in the upper half of income per capita for
the Pacific Islands region but by 2003 had fallen to the lowest bracket
following a political coup in June 2000. Whilst the political unrest did not
significantly affect the rural majority, the export economy was in free fall
and the government seemed unable to collect revenues and could no
longer pay staff.

                     RAMSI Military with Solomon Islands Police Officer

                                                  Trade Directory 2010   I1
Law and order was out of control and political leaders seemed powerless     Economic Overview
in spite of accords, to do anything to change the situation. As a result,   As the storm clouds of the recent Global Financial Crisis start to lift
both sides of politics sought outside intervention. This unanimous          worldwide, the Solomon Islands still have a way to go before they once
support came on 17 July 2003 when legislation to “authorise and protect”    again see clear skies.
allowed intervention in the affairs of the Solomon Islands through
the appointment of the multi-national Regional Assistance Mission to        The Solomon Islands economy emerged from recession after the ethnic
Solomon Islands (RAMSI).                                                    tensions (1999-2003) experiencing strong growth averaging 7% over the
                                                                            next 5 years (2004-2008) This growth at times was one of the highest in
Another short period of civil unrest following elections in April 2006      the region.
had a fairly small impact on the overall economy. Riots broke out in the
capital, Honiara, after a new Prime Minister was named, resulting in        The country began to feel the effects of the Global Financial Crisis
serious damage to property. RAMSI was reinforced and law and order          towards the end of 2008 with the full impact being felt in 2009. With an
was soon restored.                                                          economy based primarily on timber, fish, cocoa, copra and palm oil, the
                                                                            global downturn reduced both demand and prices of these commodities.
Since 2003 and the arrival of RAMSI, Solomon Islands’ relations with its    This slump could have been far more severe for the domestic economy
regional neighbours have improved. This has led to an increase in aid       had it not been partially cushioned by development aid and foreign
flow and investor confidence. The current government, The Coalition for     investors inflows.
National Unity and Rural Advancement (CNURA) led by Dr. Derek Sikua, is
committed to working with RAMSI. The 2009 Peoples Survey reports that       The domestic economy contracted 2.2% in 2009. All sectors except
88% of Solomon Islanders support the presence of RAMSI in their country.    transport & communication and construction experienced negative
General elections are scheduled for August 2010 which could impact          growth. The biggest of these was the forestry sector with a fall in revenue
on political stability in the short term and may affect the Government’s    of 28% from the previous year. (see Chapter 2 for more details)
ability to manage the economic challenges facing the country.               This contraction in the economy resulted in a decline in government
                                                                            revenue from these economic sectors. A reduction in prices also
                                                                            affected the collection of other revenue such as goods tax. Faced with
                                                                            fiscal constraints as well as lower taxes and duties, the Government
                                                                            struggled to maintain sufficient cash flow to fulfill its payroll obligations.
                                                                            This compelled the government to introduce a number of cost cutting
                                                                            measures in April 2009 to try and balance the books.
                                                                            The very high level of population growth at 2.5% per annum means it
                                                                            will be difficult to continue to achieve real GDP per capita growth as the
                                                                            logging industry continues to decline. The resurrection of the mining
                                                                            sector with the opening of the Gold Ridge mine in 2010 is expected to
                                                                            boost GDP in the medium term.
                                                                            On a positive note, the annual rate of inflation was 1.3% down from
                                                                            19.4% in 2008. The drivers for this significant drop were falls in the
                                                                            Consumer Price Index across all categories except for transport and
                                                                            communications. The Central Bank Solomon Islands (CBSI) does not
                                                                            envisage a rapid return to high levels of inflation in the long run given the
                                                                            weaknesses in both the domestic and global economies.
                                                                            Prospects for the domestic economy to rebound in 2010 are positive
                                                                            given the increase in worldwide commodity prices. CBSI estimates
                                                                            5% growth overall with anticipated growths coming mainly from the
                                                                            Fisheries, Utilities, Transport & Communication and the Construction
                                                                            sectors with 36.5%,17.5%, and 14.5% respectively. (See Chapter 2).

2   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                     Trade Directory 2010   I3
Government Investment Priorities                                               Incentives are granted at the discretion of the Minister of Finance. For
While all form of investments are encouraged, there are certain                more information on investment incentives and how to access them,
characteristics of investments that will be most favoured and supported        contact the Foreign Investment Division of the Ministry of Commerce,
by the National Government. Current focus of the National Government           Industry and Employment.
is to attract more investments that support the national development           Contact:          Foreign Investment Division   T: +677 22856
strategies based on the “Bottom-up-Approach”. This is a concept devised                          W:
to decentralize development to rural areas.
Most favoured investments are those that will improve the livelihood of        Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI)
rural people including down stream processing or manufacturing. The            RAMSI is comprised of civilian, police and military personnel from the
national government will support directly these types of investments           16 countries of the Pacific Islands Forum. Since RAMSI arrived in July
especially where local raw materials are fully utilized in the production      2003, much has been achieved through the close co-operation between
stages. Investments intended for international markets are also listed as a    the Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI. Law and order has been
priority for government support.                                               restored, national institutions are being rebuilt and considerable progress
                                                                               has been made towards stabilising and reforming the economy.
Investment Incentives                                                          The Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI now focuses on working
The Solomon Islands Government offers a wide range of business                 together to develop the strength of institutions of government, to build
assistance or investment incentives to enable business growth in any           a sustainable law and justice system and to preserve a stable and secure
of the country’s investment sectors. Investment incentives include tax         environment. This is being done through a partnership between the
holidays, import concessions for raw materials including machinery and         Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI based on mutual respect,
plant, duty free exports, carry forward losses, accelerated depression,        understanding and open dialogue.
export market development incentives and training incentives. A brief
outline of these incentives include:                                           The Solomon Islands Government – RAMSI Partnership Framework, the
                                                                               key work plan for RAMSI’s work in Solomon Islands, outlines RAMSI’s work
•	    Up to 10 years tax free holidays                                         in the following key areas:
•	    Up to 10 years exemption from withholding tax on dividends
                                                                               Law & Justice
•	    Up to 10 years exemption from withholding tax on interest                The RAMSI Law & Justice program is focussed on re-establishing the local
      paid to non residents                                                    police force as one of the leaders of the Pacific and helping to provide a
•	    Accelerated capital write off of 40% in the first year and 5% per        judicial system that takes into account traditional values whilst ensuring
      annum thereafter for manufacturing enterprise. 50% for tourism           the Solomon Islands has a sustainable justice system.
      development projects
•	    Double deduction for expenditure on apprenticeships and tertiary         One of the core objectives of RAMSI’s work in Solomon Islands is the
      education                                                                rebuilding of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF). The RAMSI
•	    150% deduction for cost of inter province transport of raw materials     Participating Police Force (PPF) work alongside the RSIPF to help build
•	    150% deduction for export promotion expenditure                          their capacity to serve Solomon Islands. Much of this work sees PPF
•	    Duty free entry for capital equipment and drawback on re-export items    officers side-by-side with their RSIPF colleagues to help build their skills
                                                                               and the long-term future of law and order in Solomon Islands.
•	    Special additional incentives for tourism developments. Hotel and
      resort establishment including other tourism settings are eligible for   Justice
      these special incentives.                                                RAMSI advisers work alongside their colleagues within the Solomon
•	    Free movement of capital and profit remittances                          Islands judicial system. Their work is focussed on improving the capacity
                                                                               of local judges, lawyers, and legal staff in Solomon Islands. RAMSI’s
                                                                               assistance has also helped to improve legal infrastructure such as the
                                                                               High Court and the new Malaita District Magistrate’s Court.

4    I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                       Trade Directory 2010    I5
Law Reform                                                                 Machinery of Government
The Solomon Islands Law Reform Commission has been re-established          Through the Machinery of Government program, RAMSI works closely
with the help of RAMSI. Since RAMSI’s arrival, the Law Reform Commission   with key government agencies to strengthen their capacity to meet all
has helped to drive reform in more than 30 areas.                          their responsibilities – from implementing government policy, delivering
Corrections                                                                services and holding elections.
RAMSI advisers provide support to the rejuvenated Correctional Services    Public Service
of Solomon Islands. This support includes major improvements to            RAMSI’s Public Service Improvement Program is assisting the Solomon
infrastructure, such as redevelopments at Rove Correctional Centre, and    Islands Ministry of Public Service, Public Service Commission and Institute
the construction of new Correctional Centres throughout the Solomon        of Public Administration and Management to improve their skills in HR
Islands provinces that ensure Solomon Islands meets all of its United      management, processes and skills, which will assist with the development
Nations obligations.                                                       of a professional public service.
                                                                           Accountability Institutions
Economic Governance                                                        RAMSI provides assistance to Solomon Islands accountability and
Through its Economic Governance and Growth program, RAMSI is               integrity institutions, such as the Office of the Auditor-General,
working with the Solomon Islands Government to rebuild the economy.        Ombudsman’s Office and Leadership Code Commission. Since 2008, all
                                                                           audits carried out by the Office of the Auditor-General have been led by
Reforms and legislation
                                                                           Solomon Islanders.
RAMSI is assisting the Solomon Islands Government to improve
legislation that provide a stronger environment for business and           Parliament & Elections
investment. Recent changes to the Foreign Investment Act 2005,             Through the Parliamentary Strengthening Project, which RAMSI co-
for example, have resulted in positive changes to the private sector       funds with the United Nations Development Program, the National
environment that have provided a significant boost in foreign investment   Parliamentary Office is also working to strengthen the Solomon Islands
in Solomon Islands.                                                        Parliament’s core representative, oversight and law-making functions.
State-Owned Enterprises                                                    RAMSI’s Electoral Strengthening Program is also helping to improve the
RAMSI has assisted the Solomon Islands Government in its efforts to        electoral process within Solomon Islands. This program aims to assist
allow greater competition in a range of areas. The sale of Home Finance    the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission with critical activities such as
Limited, the Solomon Islands main mortgage lender, together with the       voter registration, electoral reform – and of course, to ensure the safe and
end of the telecommunications monopoly held by Our Telekom represent       proper operation of the country’s election in 2010.
recent significant achievements.                                           Women in Government
Revenue & Budget                                                           The joint Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI Women in
RAMSI’s assistance has helped to restore many of the country’s core        Government Strategy is working to enhance women’s leadership
revenue collection processes, which have helped the Government             potential and improve opportunities within the public service.
increase the country’s revenue growth by an average of more than 25%
since 2007. With RAMSI’s help, the Solomon Islands Government is now       Contact:          RAMSI – Office of the Special Co-ordinator
also delivering fully funded Budgets that meet all of the Government’s                       T: +677 25122 W:
debt repayment obligations.

6   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                   Trade Directory 2010   I7
People’s Survey 2009                                                          The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force
Business opportunities and media access are just two of the areas             The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) is headed by the
covered in the third annual People’s Survey 2009 which are of particular      Commissioner of Police who, under the Constitution of the Solomon
interest to potential new business investors.                                 Islands, holds an independent constitutional post. The RSIPF has the
Commissioned by RAMSI, 5035 people were interviewed across 7                  mandate under the laws of Solomon Islands to maintain peace and order
provinces to record perceptions of living conditions and current issues in    in the nation and is the primary law enforcement agency in the country.
the Solomon Islands.
                                                                              The RSIPF is a national organisation and currently has 1050 personnel
Business Opportunities                                                        covering the ten Police Provinces.
•	 27% of respondents said that conditions for starting a business were
                                                                              The various roles that the RSIPF undertake include:
     better than two years ago. 28% said that conditions were the same
     and 29% said they were worse and 15% did not know.                       •	   patrols to rural villages on foot and in small boats
•	 The majority of respondents thought it was no harder for women to          •	   dealing with disturbances amongst groups and villages
     start a business than for men (69%) while 19% thought it was harder.     •	   attending to motor accidents
                                                                              •	   investigating crime
•	 Thirty Percent of respondents said they tried to start a business in the
                                                                              •	   prosecuting alleged offenders in court
     past two years. Of this thirty percent, 90% said they had experienced
                                                                              •	   assisting in the enforcement of fisheries and border related matters
                                                                              •	   providing a general policing service to the people of Solomon Islands.
Media Access
                                                                              The Solomon Islands does not have a defence force and accordingly
•	 Forty-four percent of respondents said they never read a newspaper
                                                                              issues of national security are also the responsibility of the RSIPF.
     and 35% said they read a newspaper only rarely. Six percent read a
     newspaper every day, 10% weekly and 5% monthly.                          As a result of the ethnic tension period (1999 -2003) the RSIPF struggled
•	 Thirty-eight percent of respondents said they listen to the radio every    to carry out its Constitutional and legal obligations. In 2003 the Regional
     day, 9% said every week, 5% said every month,17% said rarely and         Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) arrived in the country.
     8% said never, whilst 31% said they did not have a radio.                Since 2003 the RSIPF has been assisted by the Participating Police Force
•	 Forty-seven per cent said they could always receive Solomon Islands        (PPF) component of RAMSI. Fifteen police forces from the Australasian
     Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) in their community. Thirty-one per       and Pacific areas contribute to the PPF. Their mandate is to capacity
     cent said they could receive it sometimes, 3% said rarely and 8% said    build, assist and generally reinvigorate the RSIPF. The PPF numbers
     never, while 11% said they did not know.                                 approximately 250 personnel as at February 2010.
A full report is available online at                            The RSIPF has recently completed its Strategic Plan for the period 2010
                                                                              – 2013 and the specified Mission Statement is “Working in partnership
                                                                              with the community, building confidence in the RSIPF for a safe, peaceful and
                                                                              prosperous Solomon Islands.”
                                                                              The Specified Goals are:
                                                                              •	      Improve	community	confidence	in	the	RSIPF
                                                                              •	      Improve	RSIPF	resource	management
                                                                              •	      Protect	the	sovereignty	of	the	Solomon	Islands
                                                                              •	      Reduce	crime	and	the	fear	of	crime
                                                                              •	      Protect	natural	resources
                                                                              •	      Provide	emergency	response	and	management
                  Solomon Islanders walking through a river                   •	      Provide	support	to	the	criminal	justice	system.

8   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                       Trade Directory 2010   I9
With the assistance of RAMSI, and in particular the PPF, the law and order              The RSIPF has recently launched a project in the Provinces involving the
situation has returned to a more than acceptable level.                                 re-introduction of the former ‘Area Constable’ model that was evident
                                                                                        pre Independence in 1978. The new ‘Community Officers’ are respected
The country, with a population of approximately 600,000 people,
                                                                                        village representatives who act as the intermediary between RSIPF and
experienced 17 homicides in 2009. Almost 90% of those homicides
                                                                                        the villagers. They wear a distinctive item of clothing to identify them
involved domestic related disputes over family or land where the
                                                                                        and they are instrumental in solving a large number of minor disputes.
offender was known to the victim.
                                                                                        The system is being trialled and is proving very popular, especially in
In 2008 there were 18 fatal motor accidents throughout the Solomons.                    remote locations where the RSIPF is not immediately available.
That number was reduced to 6 in 2009.
                                                                                        With the normalisation of the law and order situation there has been
In 2003 thousands of firearms were seized and destroyed by RAMSI                        greater attendance at schools, tourism has grown and considerable
personnel. Since that time it has been illegal to possess a firearm and                 foreign investment has returned to the Solomons. Honiara, in particular,
they do not feature in the Solomons environment.                                        has seen many significant building projects over recent years.
In the three years since January 2007 there has been no reported criminal               Crime is most often linked to the abuse of alcohol, although petty theft
incident involving firearms.                                                            and burglaries do occur. Pick pockets sometimes operate out of the
                                                                                        Central Market Place and people should exercise normal common sense
There is a renewed confidence within the RSIPF and in recent years there
                                                                                        in terms of leaving valuables unattended.
has been a big emphasis upon ‘high visibility policing’ which has resulted
in more community related initiatives and beat patrols, particularly in                 Incidents involving assaults on expatriate members of the community are
Honiara.                                                                                very rare, although they are at times the victim of burglaries.
                                                                                        Honiara City remains a peaceful location and by international standards,
                                                                                        with a population in excess of 60,000 people, crime is comparatively low.
                                                                                        Crime is certainly very low in the outer Provinces.
                                                                                        The challenge for central government is to deal with the influx of people
      A.R. H OUSEKEEPING S ERVICE                                                       from the Provinces into Honiara city who are looking for employment.
                                                                                        There are limited opportunities for unskilled workers and the resultant
                                                                                        ‘squatting’ situation causes issues over land ownership.

     SERVICES OFFERED INCLUDE                                                           A significant challenge also involves the demographics which projects
                                                                                        the population to almost double by the year 2020, with the average age
     Housekeeping Service Office Cleaning Gardening Service Party Staff                 being 12-15 years of age.
     Washing & Dusting     Sweeping         Mowing               Waitressing,
     Cleaning & Mopping    Dusting          Weeding              Bar Attendant          Most citizens are overwhelmingly honest and very friendly towards
     Laundry               Washing          Watering             Clean-up               foreign travellers, but be sensitive to cultural subtleties.
     Window Cleaning       Mopping          Yard Cleaning        Washing-up
     Polishing             Windows          Trimming             After Party Cleaning
     Ironing               Desk Cleaning    Pool Work
     Shopping              Emptying Bins
                           Cleaning Walls

      Reasonable Rates                      Experienced Staff
                              (Many with High Commission & Expatriat Experience)
 For a quote & interview, please call Annette: Phone mobile 7478303

10   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                            Trade Directory 2010   I 11
Aid Donors Funding & Support                                                   Chapter Two - Industry Sectors
The bulk of public sector investments comes from Donor Aid. In 2009 this
assistance totalled SBD$1,590,285,163 up 24% on 2008 figures.                  Agriculture Sector
The single largest donor to the Solomon Islands since 2003 has been the        Solomon Islands is an ideal place to produce a range of agricultural
Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI). Composed           commodities because of its warm tropical climate, fertile soil, plentiful
of 16 neighbouring nations, it is a separate development partner whose         rainfall and predominantly organic farming methods.
largest contributors are Australia and New Zealand.                            The Agriculture sector employs more than 75% of the countrys work force
The World Bank currently has projects building institutional capacity          in an informal subsistence way and 20% more formally for commercial
in the health and energy sectors. Asian Development Bank is focusing           operations.
on improving transportation infrastructure and services and a stronger         This sector is dominated by 3 crops – palm oil, coconut and cocoa. There
business enabling environment.                                                 are also small areas of coffee and honey production emerging as cash
The United Nations Joint Presence includes representatives of the United       crops. Agricultural products are the second largest contributor to export
Nations Development Program (UNDP), the UN Population Fund (UNFPA)             revenue after logging.
and UNICEF. The World Health Organisation also has a small country office      Coconut products have traditionally been both consumed domestically
based in the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.                          and exported as copra, coconut oil and some coconut meal. Cocoa is
Other significant donors include Australia, New Zealand, the European          exported in dried bean form.
Union, Japan and Taiwan which are represented by their respective              This sector experienced zero growth in 2009 however the Central Bank
diplomatic missions.                                                           hopes that there will be strong growth in the cocoa industry in 2010 as
In addition to Australia’s significant contribution to RAMSI, Australia’s      sustained high prices will attract farmers. A small recovery is expected in
bilateral development assistance program is guided by the Solomon              the copra industry as world prices may pick up.
Islands Australia Partnership for Development. It focuses on improving         The Solomon Islands Government is assisting cocoa farmers to increase
health outcomes across the country, improving income earning                   production from currently 4,000 tonnes to 10,000 tonnes a year by 2014.
opportunities, especially for rural Solomon Islanders, and improving           This will take export earning from SBD$71 million to over SBD$200
infrastructure such as roads, telecommunications and energy. Australia         million a year. (Solomon Star March 12, 2010). They are doing this with
also provides a substantial number of scholarships (Australia Awards) to       funding from the Australian Government in a project called Cocoa
Solomon Islands students to study at regional institutions and in Australia.   Livelihood Improvement Project which teaches growers improved
New Zealand’s Solomon Islands Program, is its largest bilateral aid            farming and management practices.
programme, and is guided by a new strategy for 2009-2018. New Zealand          A new franchised shipping scheme that was proposed to start March
aims to contribute to a prosperous and stable Solomon Islands by fostering     2010 by Snowy Mountains Engineering Company (SMEC) promises
broad-based economic and social development. NZAID focuses on:                 reliable shipping on uneconomical routes, many of which service copra
•	   improving livelihoods and broad-based economic growth                     producing regions.
•	   investing in people through education and skills development              One of the largest plantations of both coconut and cocoa, was the Russell
•	   support for building peace and stability.                                 Islands Plantation Estates Limited (RIPEL) occupying 10,000 hectares.
Whilst the bulk of donor assistance is delivered in collaboration with         Commercial production at the plantation has ceased due to disruptions
Government Departments, they provide significant aid though direct             during the ethnic tensions and subsequent land and labour disputes.
assistance programmes such as Australia’s Community Sector Program             Resolution of the RIPEL issues are urgently required by the Government if
(CSP), Japan’s Grassroots Scheme, and the EU’s Micro-projects. These           it wishes to see a significant increase in coconut and cocoa production.
work directly with Solomon Islanders. In addition, non-governmental
organizations such as Oxfam, World Vision and numerous Church groups           With the assistance of Taiwan, dry rice farming is developing in many
provide important development assistance, particularly in rural areas.

12   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                     Trade Directory 2010   I 13
provinces as a cash crop and a way of reducing living costs. There is also a                              Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Ltd.

                                                                                                                                                             Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Ltd
growing focus on farming animals such as chickens and pigs.                                             Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Ltd continues
Opportunities                                                                                           to gain momentum. Production has steadily
•	 Rice farming                                                                                         grown over the past 3 years. In 2009 GPPOL
•	 Cattle farming                                                                                       produced 25,000 tonnes of crude palm oil and
•	 Spices                                                                                               3,000 tonnes of palm kernel oil. This level of
•	 Honey farming                                                                                        production is now on par to the levels prior to
•	 Small livestock                                                                                      the ethnic tension. A total of 5,800 hectares of
•	 Root crops                                                                                           oil palm is now in to production, and GPPOL
•	 Coffee                                                                      has highlighted new potential areas for further oil palm expansion.

Constraints                                                                    With the rehabilitation program now completed and the areas replanted
•	 Access to land (80% Customary & 20% Government owned)                       in 2006/7 coming into production the potential is very encouraging. In
•	 The sector is still primary production orientated                           2010 we should see the production of crude palm oil exceed 30,000
•	 Lack of skilled personnel for commercial production.                        tonnes. The oil is all exported back to Europe and used in the food
•	 Government policy objectives                                                industry.
•	 Lack of Infrastructure                                                      GPPOL now employs approximately 2000 employees, the majority of
•	 High transport and power costs                                              which are housed on site in company villages. Since 2005 the company
Government Incentives                                                          has built over 300 buildings, mainly employee housing and offices. If the
•	 3-6 year exemption period on export tax                                     expansion plans go forward, GPPOL will be increasing its workforce and
•	 5-10 year tax exemption on company profits                                  further company villages will be constructed.
•	 40% capital write off as depreciation in the first year and 5% per          In conjunction with the company managed estates , GPPOL have also
   annum thereafter when constructing a factory                                been developing the small holders program whereby families are
                                                                               encouraged to establish their own small 3 ha plantation. There are now
                                                                               221 block holders, some of which are harvesting already whilst others
                                                                               have only recently planted their area. GPPOL encourages this sector with
                                                                               interest free loans for seedlings and tools as well as technical support.
                                                                               The small holders are then able to sell the fresh fruit to the company for
                                                                               processing in the mill. This provides an alternative revenue source for
                                                                               villages in and around the plantation area.
                                                                               The past 4 years have seen major changes on the Guadalcanal Plains, with
                                                                               support from ADB, in providing a tar sealed road, ANZ in providing the
                                                                               rural banking program and Solomon Telekom, providing both fixed and
                                                                               mobile communications.
                                                                               The joint venture partnership with the landowners has proven to be a
                                                                               very successful model of how rural development can be implemented in
                                                                               a very short period of time. GPPOL’s expansion plans will hopefully see
                                                                               this rural development spread over a much broader geographical area
                                                                               over the next few years.
                                                                               In 2010 GPPOL will become a certified sustainable palm oil producer
                                                                               through the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil initiative (RSPO). RSPO
                                                                               unites stakeholders from the seven sectors of the palm oil industry,

                                                                                                                               Trade Directory 2010   I 15
                                                                                                                                                                Westpac Bank
producers, processors, traders, consumer goods manufacturers, retailers,
investors, environmental or nature conservation NGO’s and social or
development NGOs, to develop and implement global standards for
sustainable palm oil production. The certification will be an important
milestone for Solomon Islands and GPPOL to be recognised as a social,
environmental and legally responsible palm oil producer.
Contact:          T: +677 21003/21005      W:

Banking Sector
Despite the recent global economic downturn, banks, although cautious
in their lending policy are continuing to expand client services.              Westpac Bank - Celebrating 25 Years of Serving the
There are three private banks in the Solomon Islands. These are:               Solomon Islands Community
Bank of South Pacific (BSP)
                                                                               In 2010, Westpac celebrates 25 years of serving the Solomon Islands
T: +677 21874 W:
                                                                               community. The bank opened in Honiara in 1985 following a request
This is a branch of Papua New Guinea’s BSP operation. It has a wide
                                                                               from the then-prime minister, Solomon Mamalone. Westpac consolidated
network of offices and agents throughout the Solomon Islands.
                                                                               its position in 1988 with the purchase of the Hong Kong and Shanghai
The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ)                          Banking Corporation’s South Pacific operations.
T: +677 21111 W:
                                                                               Today, Westpac Solomon Islands provides business and consumer
This is an Australian bank that has been aggressive in promoting rural
                                                                               banking and financial services to more than 5,000 customers. The reach of
banking. It has a good network in the Solomon Islands and operates a
                                                                               services will soon be expanded through a number of electronic banking
mobile banking service to cater for the villages.
                                                                               initiatives designed to make banking easier, faster and more secure. These
The Westpac Banking Corporation (WBC)                                          include mobile telephone banking, outlets in remote locations to provide
T: +677 21222 W:                                            limited services and facilities for larger corporations to better manage
This is another Australian bank with a focus on business banking. (see         multiple-country accounts through online services. The electronic
story Chapter 2)                                                               network of banking services complements the centrally located main
                                                                               branch in Honiara. The branch provides a full range of banking services
Then there is the Central Bank                                                 including overseas transfers, payroll services and trade finance. A Gold
The Central Bank of the Solomon Islands (CBSI) issues currency notes           Card area provides specialised service for high value customers. Westpac
and coins, manages the country’s foreign reserves, supervises the              is perfectly positioned to provide banking and financial services for the
financial system and formulates and implements monetary policy in              Solomon Islands’ budding tourism sector. Services such as Westpac’s
Solomon Islands.                                                               Internet Payment Gateway allows local operators to offer booking and
T: +677 21791 W:                                               payment services via the Internet, opening the window of opportunity
                                                                               for the world to experience this tropical island as a tourist hotspot, a place
There has been international pressure from USA on all Government in            to invest in and to conduct business.Westpac’s sustainability agenda has
the region to effect greater scrutiny and control on international financial   seen the delivery of financial literacy workshops to various schools and
transactions to control terrorism and crime. Several bills to meet the new     community groups. The workshops provide basic money management
international standards have been implemented over the recent two years        skills. These will be complemented with the introduction of business skills
bringing the Solomon Islands into the International arena - the Central        training sessions, targeted to small to medium size local enterprises.
Bank plays a significant role in this regard as the oversighting body.
                                                                               Since Westpac’s arrival in the Solomon Islands, it has provided meaningful
                                                                               employment and training to many local employees. There are currently

16   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                      Trade Directory 2010   I 17
               50 local staff members, 10 of which have been with the Bank for more          Construction & Engineering Works Sector
Westpac Bank
               than 20 years. Their banking expertise combined with their knowledge          The construction sector was one of only two economic sectors that
               of the customs and businesses environment of the Solomon Islands is           experienced positive growth in 2009 amounting to a 1.3% increase on
               invaluable for customers.                                                     2008 levels. Building activity around Honiara is vibrant with the newly
                                                                                             completed Heritage Park Hotel leading the charge. Other significant
               They join more than 37,000 Westpac Group employees across the globe           projects which will be completed in 2010 include the Town Ground Sports
               servicing 10 million customers, primarily in the Western Pacific region.      Stadium, the Central Market Shopping Mall and the new headquarters for
               The Westpac Group is considered one of the largest banks in the world,        the Bank of the South Pacific. Chinatown continues to expand with new
               by capitalisation, and one of a few with a AA rating by Standards & Poor’s.   retail shops opening on a frequent basis.
               Contact:          Craig Lonergan, General Manager                             Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) forecasts a growth rate in 2010
                                 T: +677 21 222 F: +677 24 957                               of 7.7%. This is mainly due to the increase in building approvals along
                                 W:                                           with Bemobile’s entry into the telecommunications market and the
                                                                                             subsequent construction of mobile towers.

                                                                                             During 2008, 146 new buildings valued at over SBD$61 million were
                                                                                             approved. Whilst final figures are not yet available, January to September
                                                                                             2009 saw 152 new buildings valued at over SBD$87 million approved. Of
                                                                                             these, 97 were residential, 52 commercial/ industrial, and 3 other. This
                                                                                             spending will spread over a few years.

                                                                                             Rural and Provincial Work
                                                                                             Much work is yet to be done on the infrastructure development programme
                                                                                             funded through aid partners. Increased funding has seen an increase in
                                                                                             road and bridge works along with the soon to commence upgrading of 10
                                                                                             wharf sites around the country (see Infrastructure Sector, Chapter 2).

                                                                                             The Solomon Islands is also littered with vessels from failure to maintain and
                                                                                             upgrade navigational aids. Ship maintenance is poor and slipway operators
                                                                                             with any real skills are almost non-existent. This aspect of transport
                                                                                             infrastructure and compliance with marine regulations is yet to be properly
                                                                                             addressed. Each of these leads to commercial opportunities.

                                                                                             The further development of the energy and water supply sectors
                                                                                             throughout the country will provide much needed growth of the civil,
                                                                                             mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering fields. Bio-diesel fuel and
                                                                                             coconut oil generators may provide opportunities for chemical engineering,
                                                                                             as well as further construction and installation work. Hydro and solar power
                                                                                             for rural areas will also lead to much needed work.

                                                                                             The upgrade of airstrips (all weather), the technology and construction
                                                                                             associated with the installation of essential navigational aids will also
                                                                                             provide work in the Provinces as these programmes are carried out as part
                                                                                             of infrastructure development.

               18   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                     Trade Directory 2010   I 19
Maintenance & Re-Engineering                                                 Forestry Sector
With these construction and engineering programmes in place, added           Historically, the Solomon Islands have relied heavily on the logging
to the existing lack of maintenance of capital infrastructure, there are     industry for its export earnings and employment. The sector consists
tremendous opportunities for maintenance and re-engineering. There is        of round log exports, domestic & export sawmilling and an emerging
little evidence that this aspect of built environment has been addressed.    plantation based sub-sector.
The result has been the need to simply replace much of the capital
infrastructure and major plant previously purchased or installed during      According to Central Bank data, the volume of logs exported in 2008
the eighties and nineties.                                                   hit a record level of 1.5 million cubic metres accounting for 16% of GDP,
                                                                             SBD$974 million in export receipts and 13% of government revenue. The
For the construction and engineering sectors, this is an almost untapped     majority of timber is sourced from native forests and has been harvested
field. The critical factor will be developing the opportunities to improve   over many years at approximately 5.5 times the sustainable level. It has
the infrastructure investment effect through sound ongoing maintenance       been estimated that SI native forests will be exhausted within 3 years.
and the concurrent training of staff through the TVET education.
                                                                             2009 proved to be a sharply different economic result for the industry.
                                                                             The forestry sector experienced a sharp fall in revenue of -28% from 2008
                                                                             levels with log exports barely reaching 1 million cubic metres.

                                                                             The global financial crisis saw overseas orders drying up and prices
                                                                             plummeting during the year along with diminished logging activity due
                                                                             to native stock depletion. This had a significant impact on Government
                                                                             revenue for the year and resulted in a revision of the budget in April 2009
                                                                             and a subsequent reduction in spending.

                                                                             The Central Bank assumes the sector will continue to fall in 2010 by
                                                                             -7.3% due to terminal decline in stocks. Although there has been a
                                                                             significant pick up in world demand for logs from the lows of early
                                                                             2009, international log prices sourced from the World Bank continue the
                                                                             downward trend that began towards the end of 2009.

                                                                             The long term strategy for this sector is to develop sustainable
                                                                             plantations. Currently there are only 2 such commercial plantations –
                                                                             Kolombangara Forest Production Limited (KFPL) in the Western Province
                                                                             and Eagon Pacific Plantation Limited in Central New Georgia. Both
                                                                             plantations are between 12,000 and 14,000 hectares each.

                                                                             KFPL is one of the few “sustainable” companies in the Pacific to have
                                                                             achieved Forest Stewardship Council certification and therefore attracts
                                                                             a premium on the sale price of its logs. It is a joint venture between the
                                                                             state owned Investment Corporation of Solomon Islands (40%) and a US
                                                                             investment fund (60%).

                                                                             100% Korean owned company Eagon, was acquired from the government
                                                                             in 1995 and exports mainly eucalypt logs to Korea.

20   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                  Trade Directory 2010   I 21
Opportunities                                                                   Kolombangara Forest Products Limited (KFPL)

                                                                                                                                                              Kolombangara Forest Products Ltd
•	 Sustainable plantations                                                      Kolombangara Forest Products Limited (KFPL) in the Western Province was
•	 Value added timber eg timber milling, timber products                        founded in 1989 and is currently a joint venture between the Government
•	 High quality high value plantations eg teak, mahogany                        of the Solomon Islands represented by the Investment Corporation of the
                                                                                Solomon Islands (ICSI) and the Tropical Timber Fund (TTF).
•	 Land tenure                                                                  The global economic crisis significantly impacted KFPL operations and,
•	 Shipping frequency and reliability                                           although not directly related, TTF intends to exit with impending changes
•	 Ports                                                                        in ownership to be completed in 2010.
•	 Bureaucratic difficulties                                                    Sales volumes were 32,762 cubic metres in 2009 down by 49% from 2008
•	 Government regulations                                                       figures of 64,323 cubic metres. Revenue was down to US$ 2.4 million from
                                                                                2008 figures of US$ 5.5 million.
Government Incentives
Limited technical support and financial assistance is available at this stage   According to Simon Le Gassicke, KFPL General Manager, the company
for plantation forests.                                                         was caught with considerable log stock which became unsalable
Contact Department of Forestry for more information.                            resulting in significant financial loss in 2008 and 2009. He expects KFPL
T: +677 24215/24611                                                             to export more than 40,000 cubic metres during 2010 generating US$
                                                                                3.2 million in revenue. Round logs will be exported predominantly
                                                                                to Vietnam. Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and China. Less than 2% of
                                                                                production stays in the Solomon Islands for domestic use.

                                                                                KFPL continues to develop its 14,000 hectare hardwood timber plantation
                                                                                principally Gmelina arborea (“White Teak”) and Eucalyptus deglupta. The
                                                                                plantation also has about 15,000 ha of protected rainforest most of which
                                                                                is virgin.

                                                                                                 Trays of Seedlings in the KFPL Nursery

22   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                     Trade Directory 2010   I 23
                                   The company has held full Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification     Education Sector
Kolombangara Forest Products Ltd
                                   since 1999 and continues to strive to apply best business practice.          Education in the Solomon Islands is largely the responsibility of the
                                   Demand for FSC timber is still a very small part of total demand with most   public sector. There are 10 Provincial Authorities (including for Honiara
                                   interest stemming from northern Europe and USA.                              City Council) under the Ministry, 14 Church and 7 Private Education
                                                                                                                Authorities. Education is valued - most parents will make real sacrifices to
                                   KFPL’s management practices are transparent and orientated for the long-     meet their children’s desire to go to basic education and continue with
                                   term. Annually FSC undertake an audit to confirm the principles are being    secondary, vocational or higher education. However because of high fees
                                   fully applied – this makes the FSC reputation meaningful.                    from year 10 (Senior Secondary School) onwards and other costs such as
                                   The company was pleased to provide FSC certified sawn timber to Non          for uniform, travel, school infrastructure projects many parents often find
                                   Government Organisations who have honourably upheld their principles         it hard to afford school costs at the higher levels of formal education.
                                   when delivering assistance in the tsunami relief programme. Simon Le         In 2009 the Solomon Islands government, with financial assistance
                                   Gassicke said that management was a little disappointed with the fact
                                                                                                                from Australia and New Zealand introduced fee free education for an
                                   that some donor programmes preferred to import timber products rather
                                                                                                                estimated 145,000 primary and junior school students. This is designed
                                   than utilise domestic production.                                            to encourage all children to have access to basic education regardless of
                                   KFPL intends to expand its involvement in the Solomon Islands forestry       financial circumstances.
                                   sector as well as increase its own production in the medium term. A          Another initiative being trialled in the Western Province is the One Laptop
                                   change of ownership may also bring some degree of processing on shore        Per Child (OLPC) programme. This programme is based on the concept
                                   rather than exporting 98% of production as round logs.                       of low cost durable laptops being supplied to school children to enhance
                                   Contact:          General Manager, Simon Le Gassicke                         learning. The effects are currently being evaluated before expanding the
                                                     T: +677 60230 E:                  program to more schools.
                                                     W:                                         Reform in Education
                                                                                                                Since 2004 the Government has embarked on a Sector Wide Approach
                                                                                                                (SWAp) which aims at a comprehensive and coherent review of
                                                                                                                its complete education sector including Early Childhood, Primary,
                                                                                                                Secondary, Technical Vocational Education and Training and Tertiary
                                                                                                                Education, The Education Strategic Plan, 2004-2006 was produced and an
                                                                                                                Education Sector Investment Programme, (ESIRP) phase I framework for
                                                                                                                joint government and donor support (mainly from European Delegation
                                                                                                                and NZAID) had been signed for the period 2004-2006 to start the
                                                                                                                first sector wide programme in the country. Based on reviews and the
                                                                                                                successes of the phase I, the same partners (the Government, EU and
                                                                                                                NZAID) continued with an ESIRP, phase II .All stakeholders including
                                                                                                                the Ministry, Education Authorities, NGO’s and the Development
                                                                                                                Partners produced a detailed National Education Action Plan (NEAP),
                                                                                                                2007-2009 and Education Strategic Framework (ESF), 2007-2015 to
                                                           Above - Mature Eucalyptus Forest                     guide the planning, implementation and monitoring of the different
                                                           Left - Plantation Worker                             education activities. In 2009 there were 2 main reviews of the education
                                                                                                                programme; a review of the NEAP, 2007-2009 and a review of the SWAp-
                                                                                                                mechanisms. The main outcomes were positive; a lot had been achieved
                                                                                                                in the areas of access, enrolment rates had increased and many schools,
                                                                                                                classrooms etc. had been constructed, however the quality of teaching
                                                                                                                and learning, management issues such as teacher planning, data

                                   24   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                   Trade Directory 2010   I 25
management and capable human resources in the education sector are           7.   Infrastructure To develop and implement an improved infrastructure
seen as challenges.                                                               programme for primary and secondary education and TVET.

The Ministry produced a new National Education Action Plan, 2010-2012        8.   Co-ordination To strengthen and improve linkages among central
and although the aims are the same, the focus in the coming years will be         Government Ministries, provincial and church education authorities,
on the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning in all the sub         and schools.
sectors; Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, TVET and Tertiary Education.
Active involvement of communities in the school development is another       9.   School & Community Engagement To strengthen community
important strategy now and in the near future. Here below the goals,              participation, school leadership and the role of the school
strategies and expected outcomes are presented:                                   committees, as well as improving awareness of parents and members
                                                                                  of the public as to why education is important.
Three strategic goals proposed for the National Education Action Plan are:   Outcomes
                                                                             For Basic Education:
Strategic Goal 1: to achieve equitable access to education for all people    Outcome 1 (Access and Equity): All children in the Solomon Islands
in the Solomon Islands;                                                      regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, location or disability have access
                                                                             to Basic Education, which includes pre-school, primary, and secondary
Strategic Goal 2: to improve the quality of education in the Solomon         junior school till Form 3, achieved through an adequate number of
Islands; and                                                                 schools, classrooms, desks, dormitories and other infrastructure and
                                                                             financial support from government and other stakeholders.
Strategic Goal 3: to manage resources efficiently and effectively.
                                                                             For other levels and types of education:
Strategies                                                                   Outcome 2 (Access and Equity): People in the Solomon Islands regardless
Nine key strategies have been developed as a focus for the period 2010 to    of gender, ethnicity, religion, location or disability have improved access
2012. These are the following:                                               to relevant, demand-oriented community, technical, vocational or tertiary
                                                                             education achieved through an adequate number of schools or centres,
1.   Planning and Management To strengthen the planning,
                                                                             classrooms, desks, dormitories, equipment and other infrastructure and
     management, co-ordination and monitoring of the sector–wide
                                                                             financial support from government and other stakeholders.
     approach to education, and in particular of NEAP (2010-2012).
                                                                             In relation to the quality of education:
2.   Policy Development To develop appropriate policies for the
                                                                             Outcome 3 (Quality): All levels and dimensions of the Solomon Islands
     education sector in the Solomon Islands.
                                                                             education system consistently demonstrate standards of excellence
3.   Basic Education To place priority on access to good quality Basic       and deliver a quality education, which means a high quality of learning
     Education for all children in the Solomon Islands.                      achieved through provision of an adequate number of qualified teachers
                                                                             and other workers in the education sector, relevant national school
4.   TVET To strengthen technical and vocational education and training      curriculum and local curricula, an adequate number of modern, relevant
     and ensure it is linked to labour demand in the work force.             teaching and learning materials or facilities, and sound standards of
                                                                             student literacy and numeracy.
5.   HRD To develop and implement a programme of Human Resource
     Development and capacity building.                                      In relation to management:
                                                                             Outcome 4 (Management): The management of the Solomon Islands
6.   School Grants To maintain and implement an improved grants
                                                                             education system is effective and efficient, including effective education
     system to support school operations in primary and secondary
                                                                             policy development, planning and budgeting, effective management of
                                                                             human and financial resources, a sound system of monitoring, evaluation
                                                                             and reporting and effective development of appropriate skills and
                                                                             competencies in the education work force.

26   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                    Trade Directory 2010   I 27
The Education Sub Sectors                                                        Yet the Ministry and Education Authorities struggle to improve the
                                                                                 quality of teaching and learning. The drop out is still very high and
Early Childhood Education (ECE)                                                  seems to increase in relation with the level (13% at primary, 26% at
In 2008 a Policy Statement and Guidelines for Early Childhood Education          secondary, 63% at senior secondary schools). Similarly, only 76% of the
(ECE) was approved by Cabinet, which promoted the integration of                 students complete primary education, 68.7% junior secondary and only
ECE-centres in the formal education system and the importance of ECE             23.8% of the students finalise senior secondary with Year 12. Generally,
for children of 3 up to 5 years. It supports the individual, social, cultural,   students with disabilities are not provided with adequate facilities and
physical and mental development of children and also prepares the                therefore only a few enrol; in primary schools just 2% of the total number
children for the more formal primary school. In 2008 there were 525              of students and increasingly less for higher levels. Although, more
registered centres in the country. An increasing number of ECE-teachers          classrooms and schools have been built, classroom-student ratios have
is trained and according to the policy now also paid from the Ministry’s         not improved because of the increased enrolment numbers. In particular
recurrent budget. Before the provision of ECE was mainly based on                in urban centres, such as Honiara, the classrooms are overcrowded.
volunteering and community support. Yet the percentage of teachers
with the right level of training is low, only 19% (of the total working in       The quality of pre-service teacher training has improved and more
ECE). Field based training in the communities aims to provide basic skills       students have enrolled in the teacher training, but the ratio of ‘untrained
to ECE-facilitators and to bridge the gap of qualified personnel.                teachers’ in the country is still high: only 59% has the right teacher
                                                                                 qualification for primary and 73% for secondary schools.
Basic Education and Secondary Education
The Coalition Government for National Unity and Rural Advancement                Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET)
(CNURA) introduced Fee Free Basic Education for All since the beginning          TVET has been supported by successive Solomon Islands governments.
of 2009. No public or Church school is allowed to charge school fees             In 2005 a special TVET-policy was developed, ‘Education for Living’, which
from Year 1 up to Year 9. Several surveys indicated that the enrolment           reflected a new phase in the government’s commitment to improve the
(including for girls) to schools compared to 2008 has indeed increased           quality and relevance of programmes at the Rural Training Centres (RTC’s)
(e.g in Honiara with 9.6% more children for primary and 6.7% for                 and build capacity of the Solomon Islands Association of Vocational and
secondary schools, 13% growth in enrolment for primary schools and               Rural Training Centres (SIAVRTC) and the TVET-division in the Ministry.
secondary schools in Guadalcanal and 9.22% for primary schools in                A financing agreement with the European Union was signed in October
Central province and 23% more children for secondary, of which the               2007 to support the government with 8.2 million Euro to develop the
major share are girls).                                                          TVET-sub sector. The project purpose is to enhance the quality of skill
                                                                                 training provision in the country. New or upgraded curricula for courses in
The other good news is that Net Enrolment Rates have strongly grown              high demand and capacity building for RTC-managers and TVET-division
in primary schools from 56% in 1999 to 94% in 2008. The Ministry is also         are proposed as main strategies to improve the training and education in
making progress towards one of the other Millennium Development                  the TVET-sub sector. Yet this important programme has still to start.
Goals for education, namely gender parity. Data show that the gap
between girls and boys decreases with 94% of girls and 95% of boys               There are 34 RTC’s in the country and all fall under the responsibility of
going to school. The influx of young children into primary education had         Church Authorities. Also other non-state actors provide TVET, such as
positive influence on secondary education where higher net enrolment             NGO’s, community based organisations and private institutions. The
ratios can be seen as well, In 2008 the net enrolment rate was 31%               Teachers’ College in Vanga, Western Province, is the only institution which
at Junior Secondary School level. Here it seems that more girls than             prepares instructors for the RTC’s and provides practical skills training.
boys enter that level. More school are built, in particular Community            It does this consistently by a ‘learning by doing’ approach. The RTC’s
High Schools which provide more places for students. In 2008 a total             enrolled 2753 students for short and longer term courses. More male
of 161 CHS was registered. New learner outcome oriented curriculum               (73%) than women (27%) do participate in courses such as carpentry,
is developed and new text books and teacher guides are regularly                 life skills, mechanics, building and agriculture. The majority of RTC’s
published and distributed to schools. Teacher training has been reviewed         struggle with outdated curricula, lack of updated equipment and modern
and 406 new teachers enrolled in training in 2009 for different levels.          tools and limited financial support. Yet there is a growing demand from

28   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                       Trade Directory 2010   I 29
students who drop out from Junior and Senior secondary schools in                 What the country can expect from the education reform
particular for basic business, computing, secretarial, administrative
assistant skills. From the private sector there is a general demand for           It is hoped that a number of areas of general concern will be addressed
improved quality and relevance of the courses.                                    over the medium term (to 2015).

Some communities and Churches have developed Community Learning                   •	   Improvement of the quality of teaching and learning. A focus on
Centres as well who mainly provide livelihood and life skills programmes               learning outcomes is critical and better outcomes can be achieved
                                                                                       by ensuring that curricula are relevant, teachers are trained, regularly
Higher vocational and technical education is provided by the Solomon                   inspected and the promotion of innovative learning strategies
Islands College of Higher Education (SICHE), with schools for Education,               which include interactive computer technology, distance learning,
Industrial development, Finance and Administration, Marine and                         assessment strategies and other flexible strategies across all sectors
Fisheries, Natural Resources, Nursing and recently Tourism. Enrolment has
increased strongly over the years and 2708 students enrolled in 2009 for          •	   The gradual removal of disparity in access, quality of education and
six schools, excluding for Tourism.                                                    literacy and numeracy levels between rural areas and provincial or
                                                                                       urban centres.
Literacy and Numeracy
At this moment of writing, the outcomes of the new population census              •	   The human resources – skills and attitudes of education officers
are not known. But according to the 1999 Census Report, adult literacy                 at the national and provincial level and teachers’ skills must be
has improved since independence in 1978. The 2002 UNHDR-report                         improved to organise a more effective and efficient education
states that the approximate average literacy level was 76%, with wide                  service. A series of measures need to be taken; review of the
variations from one region to another and between the genders. It should               education structure (e.g. of the National Ministry and Education
be noted, however, that these figures, taken from the 1999 national                    Authorities), capacity building for education staff and systematic
census, are self-reported and not compiled from a formal demonstration                 high quality in-service training for teachers and the reallocation of
of literacy skills (Springfield, 2006). The last literacy survey, where reading        financial resources on these quality items.
and writing skills were formally assessed was in 1991. This study assigned        •	   Increased active involvement of school committees and boards
a literacy rate of 69% for men and 56% for adult women. Although                       to promote stronger ownership for school development by
actual and accurate literacy data are not available, it is expected that               communities.
literacy rates have increased overall as a consequence of many education
investments towards Education for All by the Government, supported by             •	   Tougher control and sanctions for teachers who are absent.
Development Partners in the period 2003 to date. However, MEHRD-data
from the SISTA (Solomon Islands Standardised Test of Achievements) in             •	   Improved management of the scholarship award systems to close
2005 and 2006 for literacy and numeracy in Year 4 and Year 6 of selected               the skills gap by improved efficiency, stricter monitoring of student
schools were worrying, in particular for literacy the majority of the                  results and the introduction of cost sharing principles.
students did underachieve. The majority scored higher for numeracy,
                                                                                  •	   Improved data management for information based planning and
but still large numbers did not match the standards in both years, in
                                                                                       efficiency measures.
particular in Year 6
                                                                                  •	   More investments in the TVET and national Tertiary sub sectors;
                                                                                       adapt training to skills and labour demand, higher involvement from
                                                                                       private sector and regional linkages with professional and tertiary
                                                                                       education providers in the region and the matching of national
                                                                                       standards with these regional systems.

30   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                         Trade Directory 2010   I 31
                                Don Bosco Technical Institute                                                   Currently there are 196 students enrolled for 2010 and 77 students

                                                                                                                                                                                            Don Bosco Technical Institute
Don Bosco Technical Institute
                                                                                                                completing their final on-the –job year. Courses are subsidized by the
                                Few who have been in business will argue that well trained staff are vital      Government and the Salesians of Don Bosco with students contributing
                                to success.                                                                     40% via course fees. Scholarships are awarded to the two most
                                                                                                                outstanding students in each course at the end of their first year.
                                Skilled workers from many disciplines are often in short supply in the
                                Solomon Islands however there is one technical institute that had been          “We encourage companies to become leaders of corporate social
                                producing work ready graduates for over 10 years.                               responsibility in the Solomon Islands by sponsoring a student thoughout
                                                                                                                their studies and then offering them employment once they have
                                Don Bosco Technical Institute is run by the Salesians of Don Bosco who
                                                                                                                graduated.” Says Fr. Ambrose.
                                are a worldwide International Congregation catering for the young.
                                Currently they have 16,500 members and are working in 131 countries.            The Don Bosco Technical Institute has identified additional trades most
                                                                                                                needed by the business community and hope to offer them in the
                                The Institute has 2 campuses situated on Guadalcanal. One is the Don
                                                                                                                future. These include computer technology, information technology and
                                Bosco Technical Institute at Henderson that offers courses in auto-
                                                                                                                multimedia studies.
                                mechanics, electrical, carpentry, life skills and machine fitting. The other
                                is the Don Bosco Rural Training Centre at Tetere that offers training in        Contact:         Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb
                                agriculture and animal husbandry.                                                                T: + 677 36512 E:
                                All courses are three years in duration with the final year having an ‘on the
                                job’ component. At the end of the second year, the National Trade, Training
                                and Testing Unit evaluate all students and grades them accordingly.

                                “Besides training the technical skills required to be proficient in industry,
                                we also stress the much needed values of discipline, punctuality,
                                honesty, humility and commitment thoughtout the course” says Institute
                                Rector Fr. Ambrose.

                                                  Carpentry Students at Don Bosco Institute                                     Electrical Students at Don Bosco Institute

                                32   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                   Trade Directory 2010   I 33
Employment Sector                                                                  Fisheries Sector
The majority of adult Solomon Islanders are engaged in informal volunteer          The Solomon Islands lies in one of the worlds richest fishing grounds and
work or are self-employed. These include subsistence farming to meet               its sea area covers a total of 1.6 million square kilometres of ocean. The
family needs, fishing and growing vegetables and fruit for local markets in        fisheries sector is the third largest earner after forestry and agriculture in
urban centres and small-scale producers of export commodities. Less than           the Solomon Islands. In 2009, revenue from this sector was SBD$101.4
25% of the population is involved in any paid work.                                million with revenue from fishing licences alone totalling SBD$90.9
There is no accurate data on employment numbers in the Solomon                     million.
Islands. However, data available from the National Provident Fund for
                                                                                   Although the fisheries sector continued to increase for 3 consecutive
member contributions can be used as a proxy. The numbers indicate
                                                                                   quarters in 2009, overall the sector contracted by -3.9% on 2008 figures.
that formal employment in 2009 was 57168 up 1.5% from the previous
                                                                                   The Central Bank anticipates stronger growth in 2010 due to 3 additional
year. The government work force grew 3.7% to 12,782. A freeze on
                                                                                   boats added to the National Fisheries Development’s (NFD) fleet of purse
government recruitment has been in place since mid 2009 due to
                                                                                   seine vessels thereby increasing boat capacity. NFD is a SI registered
austerity measures announced by the government in response to a sharp
                                                                                   company owned and operated by Trimarine International, a world scale
decline in revenue due to the global financial crisis.
                                                                                   integrated tuna fishing and export company.
In terms of labour market regulations, the Labour (Minimum Rates of
Wages) Order of 1996 sets minimum wage rates and conditions for the                Commercial fishing of tuna is dominated by licensed foreign vessels
Solomon Islands. The minimum wage rate currently effective 1st May                 with more than half of all exports currently made up of frozen fish with
2008 is SBD$3.20 for agriculture plantations and Fishing Sectors and               no additional processing beyond freezing. Typically foreign boats do
SBD$4.00 for all industries.                                                       not land their catch for processing but ship it direct to Bangkok or other
Classification of employees by industries indicates that women continue            markets as their countrys own export, or to their home country for
to dominate the education sector while men were largely in the                     domestic consumption or to re-export
agriculture and public administration sector.
                                                                                   Most on-shore fishing activity is based in Noro in the Western Province.
As of June 2009, males dominate employment with 74% of the paid jobs               State owned Soltai Fishing and Processing Ltd. is the one major domestic
compared to women at only 26%. The largest age group in employment                 operator value adding in this sector. They provide freezing, canning,
are in the 40-49 age bracket with 41%. Of concern is the 14-29 age                 smoking and loining operations.
bracket which has only 6% in paid employment.
Currently over one in four people employed are in the agriculture and              Soltai is facing a challenging future. Canning production for the domestic
fisheries sectors as the pie chart below indicates. With the sharp decline         market is greatly reduced but should return to a greater volume later in
in output from the logging industry due to lack of native stock, this is           2010. The cannery provides work for more than 300 women in Noro.
likely to be significantly reduced in the near future.                             Tuna is the main export product and is exported to the European Union
                 Other12%             Legislators, Senior Officials, Managers 4%
                                                                                   market where the Solomon Islands has preferential access. In 2009 it
                                             Professionals 11%                     experienced a production fall however growth and maximum returns are
     Occupations 12%
                                                                                   predicted to pick up in the years ahead.
                                              Workers in Service
                                              Shop & Market Sales 13%              The Solomon Islands Government is well advanced in talks with a Korean
     Plant &
     Machine Operators,                                                            fishing company to invest in a new cannery. Minister of Fisheries, Nollen
     Assemblers 10%                                                                Leni announced on 12th March 2010 that cabinet had endorsed the
                                           Skilled Agricultural 26%                project which is expected to employ up to 3000 staff.
          Craft & Related                  & Fishery Workers11%
          Trades Workers 12%

Population 14 years and over currently active in paid work by occupation

34   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                          Trade Directory 2010    I 35
Opportunities                                                               Health Sector
Apart from tuna fishing, the following activities can be developed into a   Solomon Islands is currently at various stages of the “health transition”
viable project:                                                             and as such, is facing the so-called “double burden” of disease
•	   Shore based development – processing facilities                        (communicable as well as non-communicable diseases). Injuries and
•	   Coastal /inshore resource development – diversification of             traffic accidents also represent an ever-increasing burden in the country
     resource use.                                                          and the term “triple burden” is used at times as is also the case in some
•	   Aquaculture                                                            other South Pacific countries.
•	   Game/ sport fishing                                                    Communicable diseases such as diarrhoea, dengue fever, tuberculosis,
•	   Leisure fishing                                                        Malaria and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) remain a major concern.
Constraints                                                                 The increasing impact of Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as
•	 Lack of basic infrastructure                                             obesity, diabetes and heart failure is already a serious health issue in
•	 Cost of fuel, telecommunications and transport                           many parts of the Pacific. The prevalence of obesity is on the rise in
•	 Land access may cause delays                                             the Pacific as revealed by the WHO NCD STEPS surveys with Solomon
•	 Bureaucratic delays                                                      Islands having a rate of 45% in the age group 15-64 years being either
•	 Over-fishing                                                             overweight or obese.
Government Incentives
                                                                            Maternal mortality rate has improved in Solomon Islands but is still
•	 3-6 years exemption of income tax on export
                                                                            of concern with a rate of about 184/100,000 as compared to those of
•	 Enterprises which have a capital investment more than $10 million
                                                                            Kiribati (MMR 103/100,000) and Vanuatu (MMR 96/100,000. As such, there
   will have a tax holiday of 5 to 10 years.
                                                                            is room for further reduction. Strengthening of reproductive health
•	 Extension of withholding tax on dividend paid to share holders can
                                                                            services including family planning is indicated as the contraceptive
   be sought from the Commissioner of Taxation.
                                                                            prevalence rate (CPR) of any modern method is about 27 with a high total
•	 5 – 10 years exemption of tax in respect of its income.
                                                                            fertility rate (TFR) of 4.6.

                                                                            Health service
                                                                            Primary Health Care: After many years of effort, the geographic
                                                                            distribution of health service facilities is relatively good. In many remote
                                                                            areas and outer islands, there are health centres with community based
                                                                            nurses and midwives, with some centres having a nurse practitioner and
                                                                            santitation aides. This accounts for the high percentage of pregnant
                                                                            women being cared for by skilled health personnel.

                                                                            Unfortunately, in many cases, health service systems in Solomon Islands
                                                                            do not function properly due to various reasons such as the lack of quality
                                                                            staff, lack of financial resources, lack of support and supply of essential
                                                                            resources and lack of proper management and supervision. Due to these
                                                                            reasons, as well as low access and use of existing health service systems,
                                                                            low coverage has been the result in Expanded Program of Immunisation
                                                                            (EPI), Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) Mass Drug Administration (MDA) and real
                                                                            Directly Observed Treatment (DOTs) coverage for Tuberculosis (TB) patients.

36   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                  Trade Directory 2010    I 37
Secondary and tertiary health service                                              The National Referral Hospital and Donor Support
In Solomon Islands, the delivery of clinical care and progress towards the         The National Referral Hospital also known as the Central Hospital or
health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDG) are limited by a                 Number 9 (Number 9 camp for the US Army during World War 2) is the
continuing shortage of skilled health care workers and the cost of service         major referral specialist hospital in the country. It receives thousands of
delivery. Small populations and health budgets mean it is not feasible for         referrals from all over the country, and also has technical ties with highly
many of the smaller island states to train and retain a full range of clinicians   specialist health professionals and hospitals in Australia and Taiwan.
with specialized skills, while small case loads and professional isolation
make it difficult for individual specialists to use and maintain their skills.     The Government prioritises preventative and community health care,
Smaller countries are unlikely to become self-sufficient in the provision          which is reflected in the annual health budget. It plans to upgrade
of secondary and tertiary health care in the foreseeable future and will           and renovate all its primary health care infrastructure, reconditioned
remain reliant on larger Pacific island countries and more developed Pacific       equipment, small mobile units that do not require sophisticated energy
neighbours for in-country and out-of-country specialist support.                   sources, systems for immunization and family planning.

Recent population-based studies have, however, found that there                    The Government is embarking on a Sector Wide Approach for health
has been some improvement in the Millennium Development Goals                      development with its current and interested new developing partners.
indicators concerned with infant and maternal mortality. Life expectancy           The idea is to foster better coordination and integration with external
has risen by 10.5 years since 1986. Child mortality is down, although still        and internal partners in health development around planning, financing
relatively high.                                                                   and monitoring and evaluation. The ‘roll back malaria’ project has led to
                                                                                   malaria elimination activities and ‘healthy islands initiatives’ are among
The Government aims to reduce the incidence of tuberculosis, leprosy,              the drivers keeping health development in motion. Rotary Clubs from
diabetes, malaria, acute respiratory infections, and diarrhoea, eye and            Australia provide much support and goodwill through their efforts
skin diseases through its medical and educational programmes. This is a            particularly in Honiara and major provincial centres. A recent innovation
primary aim of health workers.                                                     has included prosthetic technical support on Malaita and further
                                                                                   increases to the physiotherapy programmes.
Lifestyle and dietary changes have increased the risk of a number of
diseases. These include sexually transmitted infections particularly in            Essentially the NRH exists to provide Referral Hospital Services for the rest
urban areas. The changes have also increased the risk of heart and kidney          of the country and act also as the main hospital for the people of Honiara
disease as well as incidences of lung, colon and uterine cancer. These             and Guadalcanal. In doing so it provides Primary, Secondary and tertiary
problems are more difficult to combat.                                             Health Services in the hospital setting and sees approximately 110,000
                                                                                   non-inpatients per year through its various clinics and services and as
The Government through the Ministry of Health and Medical Services are
                                                                                   well over 11,000 inpatients who are usually admitted into the hospital for
embarking on new technologies and people-centred healthcare systems
                                                                                   more extended treatment. These patients tend to stay on average over 7
to address the health problems of this country.
                                                                                   days in hospital. 257 deaths were recorded in hospital last year which is
HIV and tobacco smoking are among the biggest concerns at the                      about 2.38% of all admissions.
moment, posing serious threats to Solomon Islanders’ health. A rise
                                                                                   There are over 540 staff employed to provide this service with about 300
in sexually transmitted diseases indicates risk behaviour among
                                                                                   doctors and nurses.
young adults. The National HIV Policy and multi-sectoral Strategic
plan 2005 - 2010 is gaining strength and momentum. One of the key                  Sector Wide Approach
positive changes is the increase in the number HIV prevention partner              The goal of the Solomon Islands National Health Strategic Plan for 2006-
organizations to fight HIV and the stigma.                                         2010 is to support the Solomon Islands Government in achieving agreed
                                                                                   priority health outcomes through effective, efficient, and equitable
                                                                                   services responsive to the population’s health needs by focussing on
                                                                                   eight strategic areas.

38   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                         Trade Directory 2010    I 39
1.   People Focus – to promote a people-centred approach to health.             Infrastructure Sector
2.   Public health programs – to strengthen public health functions to be       Infrastructure development remains one of the greatest priorities for the
     responsive to community health needs.                                      Solomon Islands government in its aim to build economic growth. Power
3.   Malaria – to reduce malaria incidence and mortality.                       and water are two crucial areas where there is still much work to be done.
4.   Common childhood diseases – to reduce morbidity and mortality of           Power
     children less than 5 years of age due to common childhood illnesses.       Diesel generated electricity is supplied by the Solomon Islands Electricity
5.   Non-communicable diseases – to prevent, to moderate and to                 Authority (SIEA) to Honiara and the larger provincial centres of Noro,
     control non-communicable diseases (NCDs).                                  Gizo, Auki, Kirakira, Lata and Tulagi. Outside of SIEA supply areas, rural
6.   HIV and sexually transmitted diseases – to ensure the burden of HIV        electricity is largely small hydro electric or solar generators.
     and AIDS will not undermine the health and wellbeing of the people         Importing expensive diesel to generate power results in the cost of
     of the Solomon Islands.                                                    electricity being one of the highest in the world – SBD$4.64 kw/h. To put
7.   Family planning and reproductive health – to improve reproductive          this in perspective, the average cost of electricity in Australia is SBD$1.20
     health services and to increase the uptake of family planning              kw/h – nearly a quarter of the price. In addition to this, loss of revenue
     methods.                                                                   from illegal connections was reported to be 27% of total output in 2008.
8.   Health systems strengthening
                                                                                Output from the Honiara power station struggles to keep up with
     8.1. Accountability – to improve management and leadership                 demand resulting in regular power outages across the capital averaging
     throughout the Ministry of Health to achieve health outcomes.              72 hours month. Rural areas can lose power for up to a week due to the
     8.2. Infrastructure – to establish appropriate infrastructure reflective   lack of spare parts and diesel needed to keep the generators operating.
     of identified needs and resources.                                         For this reason most businesses, public institutions like hospitals and
     8.3. Information management – to redevelop and to increase                 schools, along with residential houses deem it vital to have back up
     capacity and utilization of MoH health information systems.                generators.
     8.4. Organizational change – to create an enabling environment in          High cost of electricity with unreliable supply all add to the cost of doing
     MoH to adopt a people-centred approach to public health.                   business here in the Solomon Islands. However there are a number of
AusAID is supporting the Ministry through the Health Sector Support             initiatives currently underway which hopefully will address this.
Program (HSSP), a sector-wide approach, that brings together donors             The World Bank has been working with the SIEA to improve the reliability
to the health sector in a more harmonized, integrated effort to support         and cost of power in the capital through the Solomon Islands Sustainable
the National Health Strategic Plan. HSSP’s objectives are to raise service      Energy Project (SISEP) and, in the longer term, a planned hydropower
performance, improve the long term financial sustainability of public           generation project on the nearby Tina River.
services, and improve the management of the health system over the
period of 2008-2012 and beyond. In particular, HSSP will support the            The Solomon Islands Sustainable Energy Project became effective in
National Plan’s focus on people through a re-energized and refocused            June 2009 and is designed to improve the financial operations, technical
health promotion initiative working directly with communities and               operations and management of the SIEA. Additionally, an improvement
encouraging participation by all, reinvigorated malaria prevention and          of the maintenance of generators is set to be carried out along with
control, and sustained health systems strengthening.                            the implementation of loss reduction schemes to protect the city from
                                                                                continued power outages.
The Partnership Arrangement between the Solomon Islands
Government, Ministry of Health and Medical Services, and Health                 Tina River Hydro Development is currently in its early stages of
Development Partners including Government’s of Australia and Japan,             planning with a feasibility study underway due for completion in early
World Bank, World Health Organization, UNICEF and UNFPA, and was                2011. It is estimated that if this project proceeds, then it will generate
signed on 18 April 2008 at the National Health Conference and witnessed         approximately 50 % of total power needs of Guadalcanal. There would
by National and Provincial Health Authorities.

40   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                       Trade Directory 2010   I 41
also need to be a number of crucial steps taken before construction could    Telecommunications
commence. These include changes in legislation, surveying of land, and       Historically, all telecommunications in the Solomon Islands have been
identification of investors.                                                 provided by Solomon Telekom Limited (STL), a joint venture between
                                                                             the National Provident Fund (64%), Cable & Wireless (32%) and the
Interest is growing in developing coconut fuel oil as an alternative to      Government.
diesel. The government is looking at a pilot scheme involving the supply
of coconut fuel oil to a power plant in the remote Lata region.              In 2009, the Government reached a settlement agreement with Solomon
                                                                             Telekom to remove its monopoly on the market. The Government has
Water                                                                        since licensed a second mobile operator, Bemobile, which is permitted to
Urban water supply is governed by the Solomon Islands Water Authority        launch services after 1 April 2010 and must do so, under its licence, by 18
(SIWA) servicing Honiara, Auki, Tulagi and Noro. Water supply in rural       June 2010.
areas has been the responsibility of individual villages, which are often
served by one central standpipe only.                                        Also in 2009, the Telecommunications Act was passed. This envisages
                                                                             further market liberalisation and creates the Telecommunications
Overall water supply is a serious problem with major investment needed       Commission to act as the industry regulator. It is ultimately the decision
to upgrade pipes and tanks as well as install new treatment facilities and   of the Telecommunications Commissioner what form liberalisation will
metering systems.                                                            take and to issue licences or general authorisations. However, under the
                                                                             terms of the settlement agreement with STL, no additional operators, be
Another critical issue impacting supply is that SIWA is in financial
                                                                             they fixed or mobile, may enter the market before 1 April 2011.
difficulty and unable to pay its SIEA power bill which currently stands at
SBD$16million and growing. As a result, SIEA has been forced to restrict     Liberalisation of the telecoms sector is expected to result in lower prices,
power supply to SIWA resulting in the water authority’s pump stations        greater choice and better quality over time.
becoming inoperable for 4 hours per day.
SIWA is cracking down on illegal water connections suspected to be up to     STL, under its brand ‘Breeze’ offers a GSM service. After significant
50% of water used in a bid to increase revenue.                              subscriber growth, the network has suffered severe congestion problems.
                                                                             STL is replacing the whole network and will also launch a 3G network,
Another complex issue affecting water supply in Honiara is the dispute
                                                                             albeit the latter will probably only be available in Honiara initially. Both
between 2 sets of landowners which lay claim to owning the source of the
                                                                             networks are being supplied by Chinese vendor Huawei and are due to
water. As a result, efforts have been made by traditional landowners to
                                                                             come into service in April 2010.
block water at the source reducing flow by an estimated 50%. The Attorney
General’s Office is looking to resume the area as public land through a      At the end of 2009, analysts estimated that mobile penetration stood at
settlement offer to land owners however that seems to have stalled.          10% representing 53,000 Breeze customers.
Tenders are being called in Japan under a Japan International Agency         Bemobile has a licence to provide mobile services and may do so using
Cooperation (JICA) and SI Government Aid project to improve greatly the      any technology. It has been issued a range of frequencies that would
Honiara water issue. However the success of this project is dependent on     allow it to launch both GSM and 3G. Whether it will do so remains to be
the resumption of the land area in question.                                 seen as no announcement of its intention, beyond a GSM network, has
                                                                             been made as at March 2010. Huawei is supplying the network.

                                                                             Under its licence, issued on 18 December 2009, Bemobile must meet
                                                                             specific network roll-out milestones. Initial launch, within 6 months of
                                                                             the date of issue of the licence, must cover an area in which 25% of the
                                                                             population live. The licence includes further milestones culminating in
                                                                             a requirement for its network to meet certain performance conditions
                                                                             across an area in which 81% of the population live by 18 September 2011.

42   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                   Trade Directory 2010    I 43
While no new operator is permitted to launch before 1 April 2011,           Internet services
the Telecommunications Commissioner has indicated his intention to          Type              Locations                          Description
offer a third mobile licence during 2010, subject to the results of prior    Dial-up      Anywhere with a telephone         Prepaid and post-paid are available
consultation on the issue.                                                                                                  anywhere as long as there is an
                                                                                                                            existing telephone connection.
Fixed Lines
                                                                             WiFi         Honiara (airport terminal         Prepaid only, available in the
Fixed penetration is limited with about 12000 lines but performance
                                                                             Hotspots     buildings, most major hotels      immediate vicinity of the hotspot.
is generally good. ADSL, typically at download speeds of 128kbps                          and selected other sites), Gizo
residentially and 512kbps to commercial premises, is available. There is                  (x3), Auki (x2), Noro, Munda
also a public-access pre-paid Wireless LAN service available in Honiara
                                                                             ADSL         Honiara                           Post-paid only. A wide variety of
under the “Bumblebee” brand name, provided by STL and available at
                                                                                                                            broadband packages are available.
hot-spots such as the airport and hotels. Solomon Telekom has managed
the Solomon Islands internet domain name .sb. Management will, in            Wireless     Gizo, Ringgi, Auki                Prepaid and post-paid broadband
                                                                             Broadband                                      packages are available.
time, pass to the new telecoms regulator. Domain name registration
costs just over $150.                                                        CIRIC        Honiara, Gizo, Ringgi, Auki       Committed Information Rate Internet
                                                                                                                            Circuit - Post-paid only, available
Internet in Rural areas                                                                                                     wirelessly (Gizo, Ringgi and Auki only)
The People First Network (PFNet), funded by UNDP and other donors,                                                          or via an existing telephone connection
is a non-profit Internet service with an internet café in Honiara and an                                                    (Honiara, Gizo, Ringgi and Auki).
expanding network of 25 workstations, that provides access to email
in rural and remote areas of the country using simple computers, short
wave radios and solar power. The European Union has also provided           Source: Author/ Solomon Telekom Company Limited, July 2008
valuable funding for Internet access via satellite dishes in a number of
rural communities.

44   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                   Trade Directory 2010     I 45
Transport Infrastructure by Land and Sea                                       funded according to maintenance needs and public demand. This new
                                                                               arrangement will provide an improved, transparent approach to transport
Background                                                                     infrastructure management, and provide a catalyst for attracting
The Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MID) vision is to provide      increased maintenance funding.
“Effective transport infrastructure and transport services to support
sustained economic growth and social development in Solomon Islands”.          Under the arrangements being established under the NTF, all
The core of this vision is sustainable maintenance of national and feeder      maintenance work will be outsourced to private sector contractors.
roads, bridges, wharves and airfields that meets community expectations.       However, given the dearth of contracting opportunities in Solomon
                                                                               Islands over recent years, the contracting industry has been severely
In response, the Government, with Asian Development Bank (ADB)                 depleted both in terms of equipment and skilled personnel. To address
assistance, prepared a National Transport Plan to provide the strategic        this issue several projects are being implemented by MID to support
framework for developing and maintaining physical infrastructure,              development of contracting industry through training, capacity building
facilitating transport services, improving the capacity of government          initiatives and business opportunities.
agencies, and increasing private sector participation. It is centred
on (i) rehabilitating high-priority roads and bridges on Guadalcanal           Since 2008 a nationwide labour based road maintenance program has
and Malaita; (ii) extending such rehabilitation to other provinces; (iii)      been implemented by MID to support the establishment of rural, small
strengthening the capacity of the MID to manage projects, contracts,           scale contractors capable of maintaining low trafficked roads. As of
and road assets; and (iv) promoting the participation of the private           mid 2010, approximately twenty long term maintenance contracts will
sector, communities, women, and youth groups in road maintenance               be in place in 7 provinces. This approach is bringing both business and
(v) rehabilitating and maintaining domestic wharves in rural areas (vi)        employment opportunities to the rural populations and ensures the
establishing a franchise shipping scheme to remote areas considered            importance of road maintenance is embraced by the rural communities
commercially unviable, and (vii) developing and maintaining a                  as significant stakeholders in national transport.
nationwide network of aids to navigation.
                                                                               This program will continue to expand over the coming years, with further
Since 2007, the MID and donor partners comprising ADB (lead transport          labour based contracts being rolled out across the country. To support
sector donor), AusAID, NZAID, EC, JICA have taken steps to improve             the contract supervision tasks young, talented national works supervisors
the performance of national transport infrastructure by supporting             are being trained as part of the program for developing the consulting
policy change on road management, and implementing infrastructure              engineering sector. These staff have specific duties to regularly monitor
construction/rehabilitation projects to assist reinstatement of transport to   and evaluate maintenance contractor performance.
conditions comparable or better than those existing prior to the Tensions.
                                                                               A major focus of the National Transport Plan is to improve access to
One of the key policy changes of MID has been the move away from               rural communities. This important statement is a core policy of Solomon
the direct implementation of works toward a greater emphasis on                Islands Government. Recognizing that the Solomon Islands has special
sector planning, governance and outsourcing of all maintenance and             logistical challenges in terms of both inter island and intra island
construction work. In support of this policy Solomon Islands Roads             transport, the key to improving transport services and rural access is to
Improvement Project (SIRIP 2007-2012) is currently developing capacity         provide integrated transport. That is, roads with well maintained bridges,
within MID for policy development, planning and programming,                   that serves well maintained wharves and jetties. Improved intra and inter-
regulation, asset management, administration, contract supervision,            island transport is a key requirement: (i) if producers are to be connected
quality assurance, and private sector participation in road maintenance.       to domestic and international markets; (ii) to enable labour mobility; and
                                                                               (iii) to access social services.
Much of this work has been a precursor to the implementation of the
National Transport Fund (NTF) which will provide a funding source              In 2010, the implementation of this policy is being realised through
for transport infrastructure maintenance from 2010. The NTF will be            a number of initiatives including the construction of 25 river crossing
managed by the National Transport Board and will have a mandate                structures on Makira, the improvement and replacement of structures
to ensure maintenance projects are appropriately prioritised and               on West Guadalcanal, rehabilitation of roads and bridges on Malaita, and

46   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                    Trade Directory 2010   I 47
new bridges and wharves in various locations across Western, Choiseul            economic development to take place. As cargo volume and passenger
and other Provinces. In addition, road conditions will be improved               numbers increase, commercial services may well become sustainable
in almost all provinces through either rehabilitation or labour based            and the focus can shift to other remote locations. The contracted supplier
maintenance activities.                                                          will be required to provide clear evidence of satisfactory financial
                                                                                 management, compliance with safety requirements and suitable marine
A constraining factor in infrastructure development in recent years              insurance cover. This, combined with the new regulatory regime, will
however, has been recurrence of natural disasters and impacts of                 lead to better managed and structured domestic fleet and, in due course,
climate change. In the past few years, transport infrastructure has              better quality of service to users in the community.
been impacted by tsunami, intense rainfall, deforestation and logging
activities. Combined with the sensitive location of most of the national         The third is the rehabilitation or reconstruction of about 12 wharves
roads along the low lying coastal areas on almost all islands, has resulted      and jetties throughout 7 provinces. The maritime civil work will be
in loss of expensive bridges and river crossing structures. The economic         undertaken primarily in remote areas of the provinces that experience
impact of these infrastructure losses are significant, and cause much            a greater incidence of poverty than national average. In this case a
social dislocation, with children unable to attend school, people unable         total of 23 wharf-sites are being evaluated, out of which 12 will be
to access health care and increased costs of goods through higher                selected for implementation. All provincial wharves evaluated were
transport costs. It also results in diversion of funds from future projects to   constructed primarily for two main purposes: to collect copra from the
addressing these unscheduled projects.                                           copra buying centres within the wharf areas; and to provide a means for
                                                                                 social economic and community needs of the provinces. All wharves are
Consequently, under the current works programs much more investment              either in total disrepair and unusable, or still in use but unsafe for public
is being made on climate change mitigation, with greater focus on river          use. The main objective is to facilitate increased economic and social
bank protection, high level bridges on major rivers, longer low level            activities and accessibility in remote provincial areas by rehabilitating
bridges, bitumen sealing of road surfaces where economically affordable.         or reconstructing the identified wharves and jetties. The restoration of
                                                                                 accessibility and improved transport connectivity to adjacent rural areas
In the maritime sector, three major initiatives are being progressed with
                                                                                 will therefore allow a resumption of or an improvement in, the efficiency
overseas donor funding. The first is the establishment of the Solomon
                                                                                 of economic activities and improved access to social services, including
Islands Maritime Safety Administration (SIMSA), addressing the largely
                                                                                 public health and education facilities. The project will also make the
dysfunctional SI maritime regulatory regime. This will bring proper
                                                                                 wharves less vulnerable to climate change and natural hazards.
regulation to the domestic shipping industry and facilitate orderly
development through better managed vessel operations and compliance              After falling into disrepair, the Solomon Islands network of navigation aids
with SI maritime laws and international conventions (IMO etc.). This             (lights, day marks and buoys) has been upgraded with the construction of
in turn will lead to easier commercial finance for vessels and shipping          forty plus units spread throughout Solomon Islands. These aids, funded
operations. Part of this project is a reform of maritime laws which will         by overseas donors, address SI obligations under international maritime
place SI in the forefront in the region. SIMSA will be established by            conventions and provide significant benefit to the shipping industry,
Ministry of Infrastructure Development with guidance from a two-year             both domestic and overseas vessels, either calling in Solomon Islands
Technical Assistance project.                                                    or on international routes passing through Solomon Islands waters. The
                                                                                 new aids, as well as substantially increasing safety of navigation, will have
The second is the development and implementation of a SI Government
                                                                                 economic benefits by providing more efficient vessel routing and by
franchise shipping scheme that will provide incentive for private-sector
                                                                                 developing tourism by encouraging calls by cruise vessels.
ship operators to provide reliable regular calls at remote locations where
insufficient passenger numbers and cargo volumes have previously made
commercial shipping services unsustainable. The scheme, expected
to run for ten years, is funded initially by overseas donors but will
eventually be funded by SI Government as its capability develops. It will
aim to provide services initially to seven target areas. The objective of
the scheme is to provide frequent and reliable ship calls that will allow

48   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                        Trade Directory 2010   I 49
Major Projects in Progress in 2010                                         Shipping
Below is a list of donor funded projects that are underway in 2010 under   Inter-island sea and air travel is still unreliable, inefficient and costly. Most
the MID. Under this ambitious program MID limited personnel resources      local sea freight and passenger service providers are constrained by
are fully engaged in their implementation.                                 inadequate funds, and increasingly expensive vessels in need of either
                                                                           replacement or substantial upgrading. These problems are aggravated
•	   Solomon Islands Road Improvement Project (ADB, AusAID, NZAID)         by high fuel costs and price fluctuations in the market. Ferries have a
•	   Solomon Islands 2nd Road Improvement Project (ADB, EC, AusAID,        reputation for unreliability and breakdown. Prices are affordable though,
     NZAID)                                                                and three classes are usually offered on larger ships, the first-class
•	   Solomon Islands Emergency Assistance Project (ADB, EC)                providing adequate air-conditioned salons and seating. Toilet facilities are
                                                                           inevitably poor.
•	   Community Sector Program (AusAID)
•	   Rapid Employment Program (World Bank)                                 The 2009 Diagnostic Trade Integrated Study (DTS) highlighted that
•	   Preparing the Domestic Maritime Support Project and Technical         around 35 ships operate in the deregulated industry, yet co-ordination
     Support Program (ADB)                                                 remains poor. For example boats supplying smaller areas do not
                                                                           co-ordinate their activities to bring back agricultural products. Most
•	   Domestic Maritime Support Project (ADB, EC.)
                                                                           operators are now from the private sector, often just operating one boat.
•	   Establishment of the Solomon Islands Maritime Administration          There are now dedicated high-speed passenger sea services between
     (ADB, EC)                                                             Honiara, Western Province and Auki in Malaita.
•	   Preparing the Transport Sector Development Project (ADB)
                                                                           Many outer islands are inadequately served due to the un-economic
Major Achievements in 2010                                                 viability for private operators. A joint ABD/EU sponsored project is currently
                                                                           being established that will create a framework for the granting of licences
•	 Outsourcing of all road and bridge maintenance;
                                                                           to run subsidised services to approximately seven remote locations.
•	 Establishment of Labour Based Contracting Industry to maintain
   roads and bridges in Rural Provinces of Temotu, Malaita, Makira,        Inter-island cargo prices and schedules are rarely published and tend to
   Choiseul, Western, Renbel and Isabel;                                   be on an ‘ad-hoc’ basis at the wharf. There is now a need for greater co-
•	 Navigational Aids put into service in Guadalcanal, Malaita, Central,    ordination and distribution of shipping information.
   Western and Isabel Provinces
                                                                           International incoming freight is offered by international lines such as
•	 Commencement of work in Makira Province on construction of 25           Sofrana, China Navigation, Niugini, Pacific Line, Great Bali Hai, and Chief
   river crossing structures including bridges and causeways by an         Container Service. The shipping agent for the above shipping links,
   international contractor;                                               is TRADCO (Ph: 22588 & Fax: 23887, PO Box 114, and e-mail: tradco@
•	 Commencement of work on the rehabilitation and reconstruction of
   12 wharves and jetties in the provinces.
•	 Rehabilitation/Construction of 4 wharves, 1 jetty, 51 km roads and 19
   bridges in Western and Choiseul Provinces;                              •	   Ship/Boat maintenance
•	 Development of National Contracting Industry with major road,           •	   Streamlined inter-island shipping/cargo booking agency
   bridge and wharf construction contracts awarded to national
   contractors;                                                            •	   Charter boating and tourism
•	 Establishment of Solomon Islands Maritime Safety Administration
•	 Establishment of the National Transport Fund;
•	 Establishment of Franchise Shipping Scheme;
•	 Establishment of National Consulting Engineering Capacity for
   design and supervision of civil works contracts;

50   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                    Trade Directory 2010    I 51
Constraints                                                                     Because of the poor conditions, some of these runways are often
                                                                                closed temporarily by the civil aviation authority causing cancellation
•	   Safety: Many boats are in need of upgrade and repair. Overloading is
                                                                                or rerouting of domestic flights. Support from aid partners is critical for
                                                                                navigational aids and a greater commitment to maintenance at airline
•	   Maintenance of wharves and ports and navigational aids                     destinations, including passenger facilities, is essential.
•	   Unreliability of services                                                  Construction and engineering programmes need to be put in place.
•	   Mother Nature: Weather conditions and natural events may delay or          Through the existing lack of maintenance of capital infrastructure, there
     prevent ships from travelling.                                             are tremendous opportunities for maintenance and re-engineering.
                                                                                The result has been the need to simply replace much of the capital
Aviation and Airports                                                           infrastructure and major plant previously purchased or installed
The years of conflict and tensions, and economic and fiscal crisis required     during the eighties and nineties. Much work is yet to be done on the
that most transport infrastructure maintenance be shelved. This has             infrastructure development programme funded through aid partners.
severely undermined most transport infrastructures nationwide. The              The upgrade of airstrips (all weather), the technology and construction
capacity of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development to plan and          associated with the installation of essential navigational aids will also
coordinate responses has inevitably also been weakened by lack of staff         provide work in Provinces as these programmes are carried out as part of
and institutional capacity.                                                     infrastructure development.

The severe resource constraint that prevented development and                   For the construction and engineering sectors, this is an almost untapped
maintenance in recent years is, however, now lessening and significant          field. The critical factor will be developing the opportunities to improve
financial resources are becoming available for rehabilitation, capital          the infrastructure investment effect through sound ongoing maintenance
investment, and maintenance. In order that best use can be made                 and the concurrent training of staff through the TVET education.
of these new funds, greater reliance is expected to be placed on the
private sector, allowing Government to concentrate its efforts on
policy development, regulation, asset management and contract                   •	   Infrastructure development in airfields and associated facilities.
                                                                                •	   Helicopter and Plane charter services. Currently there is only one
The lack of proper infrastructure has to date, impeded economic and                  helicopter charter service and two plane charter service operators
tourism growth and the country will not achieve economic growth until           •	   Tourism
reliable and competitive transport services are established in the country.
At present, Solomon Airlines, Our Airline and Pacific Blue provide a total
                                                                                •	   Lack of proper maintenance of airfields
of six international flights per week to Honiara from Brisbane, Australia. In
addition, Air Niugini operates four flights per week to Honiara from Port       •	   Unreliable domestic air service
Moresby and Nadi and Air Pacific operates one flight per week from Nadi
                                                                                •	   Mother Nature – Tsunamis and earthquakes can impact on
through Port Vila to Honiara. The current frequency of international flights
                                                                                     infrastructure and reliability of services.
to Solomon Islands appears to be adequate, however, higher airfare and
tariffs, and unreliable domestic airline services is making Solomon Islands
quite an unattractive destination for holiday travellers.

At present, the Honiara International Airport is the only port of entry
for international flights. While the airport runway and facilities at the
Honiara International Airport are adequate, most of the airport runways
and facilities in over twenty airline destinations throughout the country
including the Honiara domestic airport terminal are poorly maintained
and equipped.
52   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                       Trade Directory 2010    I 53
The Mining Sector                                                             Government Incentives

                                                                                                                                                             Gold Ridge Mining
The Solomon Islands sits within the rich mineral arc that stretches           •	   Exemption of with holding tax on dividends paid to shareholders.
between New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Survey information points           •	   40% write off on depreciation in the first year and 5% per annum
to a variety of mineral deposits capable of development in the long                thereafter when constructing a factory.
term – gold, copper, nickel, molybdenum and massive undersea sulphide
deposits.                                                                     •	   50% depreciation of capital expenditure (excluding land).
                                                                              •	   150% tax deduction for expenses incurred in overseas promotional
The main mineral extraction activity in recent years had been confined             programs once approved by the Commissioner of Income Tax.
to gold with a 2 year period of operation of the Gold Ridge lease on
Guadalcanal under its former owners Ross Mining. This mine was partially
destroyed and rendered inoperable during the civil unrest between
2000-2003. In 2005, Australian based “Australian Solomon Gold” (ASG)          Gold Ridge Mining – Industry Hope For The Future
commenced work to re-open the mine. In late 2009, Allied Gold, an             History may recognise this development as being significant culturally,
Australian based firm with existing gold mining operations in Papua New       socially and economically for the people of the Solomon Islands.
Guinea gained control of ASG. It is anticipated that Allied Gold will begin
                                                                              In 1994 the Solomon Islands Government sold the Gold Ridge Mining
producing gold at Gold Ridge in the first quarter of 2011.
                                                                              project to Saracen Minerals Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of the Australian oil
Before the ethnic tension in 2000, the mining sector had contributed          and coal mining company Crusader Limited. In March 1995 it was sold
about 30% towards the country’s GDP. Once production commences, Gold          to Ross Mining N L. On May 1, 2000, Delta Gold Ltd purchased all of the
Ridge Mine could potentially offset a large share of the export and job       shares of Ross and became the owner of GRML, the owner and operator
losses from the declining logging industry. Local employment is predicted     of the Gold Ridge Project. Delta Gold was forced to abandon the mine
to rise from 180 to 500 workers once the mine is fully operational.           in June 2000 because of the civil unrest on Guadalcanal. Commercial
                                                                              production during a time of less than 2 years, over 210,000 ounces of
With the issuance of about 57 exploration licences in the past two years,     gold was produced. In January 2002 Delta Gold merged with Goldfields
the imminent opening of Gold Ridge mine and the increase in world             to form Aurion Gold which was subsequently taken over by Placer Dome
prices for gold and other commodities, this sector is ready to once again     Inc. In December 2002, the AHAC paid out on the political risk policy to
be a significant contributor to the Solomon Islands economy.                  Delta Gold and in return received ownership of the mine through a new
                                                                              holding company, JV Mine. ASG acquired the Gold Ridge Project through
Opportunities                                                                 an international bidding process that commenced in September 2004,
•	   Gold is found on the bigger islands such as Guadalcanal, Vangunu         and took control of the Gold Ridge Project on May 30, 2005.
     and Shortlands in the western Province.
                                                                              In December 2009, Allied Gold acquired Australian Solomons Gold Ltd.
•	   Nickel is found on the islands of Isabel and Choisel                     Allied Gold’s move to reopen Gold Ridge Mine four months after it came
•	   Other minerals such as silver, copper, bauxite, phosphate, zinc and      on board was a vote of confidence for a country where many foreign
     gem stones are also found in other islands.                              investors still view as risky. They plan to employ over 500 people and
                                                                              invest $SBD 1.2 Billion into redevelopment of the mine site. Production
Constraints                                                                   is expected to recommence in the first quarter of 2011 with anticipated
•	   Solomon Islands Government is yet to develop a comprehensive             output of 135,000 ounces a year for the first five years.
     “Minerals and Mining Policy”.                                            The 2009 Diagnostic Trade Integrated Study (DTIS) report anticipates
•	   Skilled labour force shortage for this industry.                         that this will equate to approximately one third of Solomon Islands
                                                                              Current GDP. The GDP growth of 3.5% for 2010 is anticipated from mining
•	   Land Access
                                                                              operations at Gold Ridge Mining is the next great hope for the Solomon
•	   Infrastructure                                                           Islands economy especially with the anticipated winding down of the

54   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                  Trade Directory 2010     I 55
                    logging industry. Up to 10 companies are currently prospecting for gold           Manufacturing, Installation & Servicing Sector
Gold Ridge Mining
                    and nickel across the Islands.                                                    Statistics about growth in this sector are unavailable however anecdotal
                                                                                                      evidence suggests that manufacturing activity has grown with the advent
                    Success at GRML mine is contingent on a number of factors. The                    of Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) and its
                    most important being a close partnership between the company, the                 stabilizing influence to the country.
                    government and the landowners and their communities. Previous
                    experience from the logging industry and also from previous mine                  Manufacturing, servicing (except the servicing of ships undertaken
                    site owners, has lead to distrust and reduced co-operation with                   in Vella La Vella, Malaita, Florida and New Georgia) and maintenance
                    local communities. Responsible investment of returns is important                 industries are mainly operational in Honiara.
                    for the success of this and future projects. In the past, revenue to              There has been some maintenance and servicing undertaken in provincial
                    tribal landowners has been mismanaged and wasted leaving entire                   capitals but this is not a robust activity away from the Ranadi Industrial
                    communities with nothing .                                                        Estate and Henderson Development. With unreliable electricity and more
                    Chairman of GRML, Mr Caruso said his company is committed to working              recently water supply plus the lack of other supporting infrastructure,
                    with landowners to move the operation forward. “We remain committed               industrial business development has been quite problematic.
                    to recognising and respecting the rights of landowners and communities            Skilled tradesmen are now returning to the capital after a period of
                    and we will operate in consultation with landowners, local, provincial            absence due to the ethnic tensions however there are still shortages of
                    and central governments in a culturally, socially and environmentally             skilled workers in some areas.
                    responsible manner,” he said.
                                                                                                      The most significant manufacturing is in food and beverage processing.
                    Part of the redevelopment plan is the relocation of communities near              Companies such as Szetu Enterprises (bottled water and soft drink),
                    the Gold Ridge mine site to a safer location. Mr Caruso said there are            Solomon Breweries, and Solomon Islands Tobacco all produce
                    four specific areas which have been identified where the people will be           consumables for the local market. These are followed by building
                    relocated. The exercise will cost the company between $SBD 8 million              materials and some milling activities.
                    and $10 million. Each community must first agree to the relocation,               A policy of the government is to improve food security through locally
                    agree to the standard type of homes to be built, and agree on churches,           grown and processed foodstuffs so as to achieve the implementation
                    schools, health, recreational centres and other infrastructure to be built.       of its import substitution policy. Its capital building and construction
                    Negotiations have involved the Gold Ridge Community Land Council                  infrastructure programmes will likewise encourage growth of
                    whose chairman, Dick Douglas, is encouraging support of the land                  manufacturing to help support its policy implementation.
                    owners to allow social and economic development for the area.
                    A skilled and consistent workforce is also important. After many years            •	 Cannery - fish, poultry, meat and agricultural crops
                    of unfriendly relations between the Solomon Islands National Union of
                    Workers (SINUW) and the various Companies which have owned the                    •	 Aqua-Cultural Sector Down stream processing
                    project, a historic collective agreement was signed in April 2010, allowing       •	 Furniture Industry
                    open and transparent discussion for future workers terms and conditions.
                    Mr Caruso has said that they will recognise the rights of workers and             Constraints
                    provide training and uplift the skills and qualifications of all employees.       •	 Public Utility - Power & Water supply consistency and quality
                    This is a priority. Time will be the test of the promises made and their          •	 Shortage of Land for new industries and land tenure
                    success. Allied Gold’s success is the litmus test for future investors. As Dick   •	 Infrastructure - buildings, roads, inter - island shipping
                    Douglas said, “The world is watching us.”
                                                                                                      Government Incentives
                    Contact:          Solomon Islands Gold Ridge Office
                                      T: +677 38351 W:                          •	 Check with the appropriate Ministry

                    56   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                       Trade Directory 2010   I 57
Retail Sector                                                               Crafts and Artefacts
Most retailers of products are based in Honiara - including food and        Solomon Islanders are great craftsmen, making items with traditional
beverages imported for supermarkets and hotels. Importers will source       (kastom) significance, decoration, and ceremonial function. Crafts include
for individuals and companies.                                              weave work, wood and stone carving, and shell work of the highest
                                                                            global standard, although sometimes quite expensive.
There are an abundance of retail outlets in Honiara with very similar
product lines. These well catered for outlets can be broken down into 2     The crafts industry continues to enjoy a revival with continuing interest
categories. Food/grocery store and department style stores.                 in traditional pieces, being reproduced at a high level and in demand and
                                                                            use within the lifestyle of the village communities.
The food/grocery stores are small shop outlets, but most are happy to       The growing realisation by the Government that the development of
wholesale as well as retail. They tend to sell predominately low cost       the fledging Tourism industry can provide a cash stimulus to the rural
Chinese brands. Some stores are now importing more Western brands to        areas will further develop this village level activity. Eco Tourism is the
cater for the demands of the Western market.                                focus. These visitors come to experience the rural village life and sales of
The department type stores import low cost mostly Chinese brands of         handicraft at that level provide money and good returns to the carver.
electronics, kitchen ware, linen, plastic containers and household items.   The carvings of the Solomon Islands are hand made, are of a high quality
Imitation brands are very common.                                           and workmanship and are unique in the use of nautilus shell inlay work.
                                                                            The product is readily exportable and faces no quarantine problems
There are also a number of roadside stalls selling noodles, tuna, bread
                                                                            when imported to the home nations of tourists.
and cigarettes to constant foot traffic.
There are currently four supermarkets in Honiara and one in Gizo. These     More Specialty stores:- such as books, shoes, clothing, jewellery, cameras,
supermarkets are small and offer limited product ranges in comparison to    newsagents, health practitioners, computer games, toys, furniture,
Western supermarkets.                                                       linen, cosmetics, golf equipment, home accessories, arts and crafts,
                                                                            coffee shops, baby accessories, gift shops, cinema, music, shoe repair/
Retail outlets in other major towns around Solomon Islands are minimal
                                                                            keycutting/watch repair are just a few examples.
and products more costly due to transportation costs. Many of these
stores are owned by larger companies based in Honiara. These stores are     *Proper market research should be conducted before entering into any of
mostly small grocery outlets with a small array of clothing and household   these specialty lines. The future opening of the Town Ground’s shopping
items. There are few or no stores in most villages. The expansion of        precinct and the Honiara Shopping Mall later in 2010 is focused on more
business in the outer regions is limited by village minimal requirements.   new specialty stores.
There are specialty retail outlets in Honiara such as hardware, office      Constraints
supplies, electronics, souvenirs, pharmaceuticals, beauticians, baking      •	 Market size
supplies, vehicles, agricultural goods, air-conditioning, marine, and       •	 Import delays, shortages of products have been known to happen
sporting equipment. Recently opened in the Heritage Hotel are two              while waiting for the next shipment to arrive.
clothing boutiques catering for the higher end of the retail market.
                                                                            •	 Irregular transport schedules to outer islands
Clothing stores tend to be restricted to low-cost new casual and island     •	 Regular electricity supply - cold goods suffer with regular power
wear, or used designer wear imported by ‘second hand’ shops.                   outages.
                                                                            •	 Use by dates:- expired grocery items are still regularly sold
                                                                            •	 No consistent labelling laws. Product information does not have to
                                                                               be in English.

                                                                            Government Incentives
                                                                            There are no government incentives for this sector.

58   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                  Trade Directory 2010    I 59
                        Honiara Shopping Mall                                                            is expensive to rent or not available at all. It takes about 2 months for
Honiara Shopping Mall
                                                                                                         materials to arrive from Korea therefore extra planning is required. The
                                                                                                         rainy season at the beginning of the year also delayed the project.’

                                                                                                         Future plans after the grand opening is to maximize synergy between
                                                                                                         Kosol Group of Companies and their patrons by developing a customer
                                                                                                         loyalty program to be introduced in 2012. The Kosol Group currently
                                                                                                         owns the Hyundai vehicle dealership and car rentals in Solomon Islands.
                                                                                                         The have plans to further expand into the retail and tourism sectors, with
                                                                                                         the Honiara Shopping Mall being the first step.

                                                                                                         Contact:         James Kim
                                                                                                                          T: +677 7494846            E:

                                          Honiara Shopping Mall Under Construction

                        Honiara Shopping Mall is a multi-million dollar commercial complex
                        currently under construction adjacent to the main market in the heart of
                        Honiara’s CBD. Due for completion in the latter half of 2010, this three story
                        building will mark the start of a new era in retail shopping in Honiara.

                        This mixed use commercial complex will have a total of 50 retail and
                        specialty shops plus 10 office spaces. There will also be an alfresco café
                        and parking for 120 cars.
                        Management recognized that sufficient parking space was vital for a
                        successful shopping centre, especially as it is becoming increasingly
                        scarce in Honiara’s CBD.
                        James Kim, Financial Controller of Kosol Group of Companies who owns
                        the Shopping Mall, said ‘when we acquired the land, it reminded us of
                        the Myer Centre in Queen Street Mall Brisbane, Australia. We wanted to
                        recreate that same atmosphere here in Honiara.’
                        This concrete building has an international standard steel frame that
                        is engineered to withstand earthquakes and other Acts of God. The
                        finishings will use modern building materials, overseen by expatriate
                        managers to ensure a high quality final presentation.
                        ‘It’s a challenge to construct a good quality building in Honiara,’ says
                        James Kim. ‘Supply of concrete is limited and heavy building equipment

                        60   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                      Trade Directory 2010   I 61
Tourism Sector                                                                      Honiara has the only international airport in the Solomon Islands so all
To date, the Solomon Islands lag well behind its Pacific neighbours in              inbound tourists must pass through the capital before catching domestic
exploiting its abundant natural beauty. The ethnic tensions from 1998 to            flights to other islands. The current monopoly in the domestic market
2003 and again in 2006 at the time of the election of the Prime Minister,           of the national carrier, Solomon Airlines is a major impediment to rapid
put the brakes on an already fledgling industry and rebuilding this sector          growth in this sector. Reliability, capacity and cost are all factors that need
has been a slow process.                                                            to be addressed.

Visitor Arrivals                                                                    Rooms and Beds
Visitor arrivals to the Solomon Islands in 2009 increased by 12.2 % to              In 2009, a total of 134 hotels, motels and resorts were recorded
18,260 over the previous year. Of the total, 41% came for business and              throughout the country (SIVB Report 2009). Of the total, 39
conferences; 29% came for holidays; 12% came to visit friends and                   establishments were registered in Western Province; 29 in Honiara City; 17
relatives; 4% were in transit; and 13% came for other purposes.                     in Malaita Province; 11 in Renbel Province; 10 each in Makira and Central
                                                                                    provinces; and 18 in the remaining provinces.
Australia made up 49% of the total visitor arrivals in 2009; followed by NZ
(7%); PNG (6%); USA (6%); Fiji (5%); and the remaining 27% came from                In terms of rooms and beds, a total of 1,498 rooms which provided a total
over twenty other countries in Asia, Europe, America, and the Pacific.              of 2,956 beds were recorded from the 134 establishments in 2009 (SIVB
                                                                                    Report 2009).
Visitor Spend
Based on average visitors spend per visitor (IVS 2007), Solomon Islands             Honiara-based establishments led the country with 854 rooms and 1,563
Visitors Bureau estimated the country received $200.8 million from                  beds; followed by Western Province with 289 rooms and 640 beds; Central
visitors spent on goods and services in the country in 2009 compared                Province with 72 rooms and 154 beds; Renbel Province with 71 rooms
with $178.9 million in 2008. Prior to that, it is estimated the country             and 154 beds; Makira Province with 57 rooms and 114 beds; Malaita
received $151.2 million on visitors spend in 2007.                                  Province with 55 rooms and 98 beds; and 100 rooms and 233 beds in the
                                                                                    remaining provinces.
The increase in the country’s foreign exchange earnings from the increase
in visitors’ spending in the country is expected to continue over the next          The opening of the new international class Heritage Hotel in Honiara
three years.                                                                        accounted for a large percentage of the increase in beds in Honiara along
                                                                                    with the upgrading of both the King Solomon and Mendana Hotels. Gizo
Tourism Employment                                                                  Hotel in the Western Province has recently been renovated, Tavanipupu
In 2009, a total of 1,097 people were employed in the accommodation                 Resort on Guadacanal has been re-opened and Solomon Islands newest
sector throughout Solomon Islands compared with 1,063 in the previous               resort Papatura Resort in Isabel Province, all signal a growing confidence
year (SIVB Report 2009). Honiara-based hotels made up 56% of the total              in this sector.
employment; followed by Western Province (20%); Central Province (6%);
Renbel Province (5%); and six other provinces (13%).                                More eco lodges and village stays are expected to be established over the
                                                                                    next two years to cater for the diver and surfer market. The industry now
Airline Competition                                                                 needs a one point internet reference site for the international traveller.
The Solomon Islands Government introduced competition on the
international routes in 2008 which has allowed Pacific Blue (Virgin) to operate     The market trend shows that recreational divers dominate the
a twice weekly service Honiara to Brisbane along with Solomon Airlines.             composition of holiday visitors. Surfing is also attracting a growing
The perception of the travelling public on the safety and desirability of           numbers.
the Solomon Islands as a travel destination was greatly improved with the
arrival of Pacific Blue. Solomon Airlines uplifted 53% of the total visitors from
Australia; followed by Pacific Blue (41%); and others (6%).

Currently the tourist industry is based primarily in Honiara and the
Western Province.

62   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                           Trade Directory 2010    I 63
Foreign Investment                                                            Strategic Plan 2007-2010
The new Foreign Investment Act 2007 has significantly reduced the             Under its Three Year Strategic Plan 2007-2010 launched in September
waiting period for applications to be processed. Most of the applications     2007, the Visitors Bureau aims to achieve its visitors’ arrivals target of
from foreign investors in the tourism sector which had been approved          20,000 by 2010. If achieved, this would bring an estimated revenue of
by the Foreign Investment Board are in the areas of accommodation,            SBD$220 million into the country’s economy. The provisional statistics
restaurants, transport, and associated activities.                            for the first quarter of 2010 indicated the target is achievable by the end
                                                                              of the year. Last year, Solomon Islands received 18,260 overseas visitors
Statistics received from the Foreign Investment Division in October 2008      which exceeds Visitors Bureau’s target of 18,000 visitors for 2009.
put the total number of new and existing tourism investment projects
at 39 establishments with an investment value of $565.9 million and           As part of its new direction, the Visitors Bureau will improve the country’s
130 jobs being created. However, data is not available to determine how       brand name, standardize its positioning statement and adopt a trade
many of these tourism projects have actually started; new capital injected    name during the first year. Except for the trade name, the Visitors Bureau
into the country; or how many new people were employed during the             has reinforced the country’s brand name in its promotional campaigns;
period.                                                                       and positioned the country as an authentic, eco-tourism holiday
                                                                              destination in its marketing campaigns.
The increase in foreign investment on SMEs in the tourism industry in
                                                                              One of the Visitors Bureau’s key strategies to achieve its visitors’ arrivals
Solomon Islands is expected to continue over the next three years.
                                                                              target by 2010 was to upgrade its website and manpower skills in order
Any tourist operators in the country are required under the SIVB Act 1996     to increase the use of its website for marketing and promotional activities
to register with and obtain an operating licence from SIVB (T: +677 22442,    over the next three years. Since its launching in April 2009, the Visitors
F: +677 23986 Address: PO Box 321, Honiara).                                  Bureau’s new website has recorded a steady growth in the number of
                                                                              visitors who continue to visit the website.
Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau
                                                                              Similarly, the Visitors Bureau saw the need to conduct public relations
During the past five years, Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau has
                                                                              campaigns in Australia in order to increase consumer awareness and
consistently carried out its role and functions as outlined under the
                                                                              improve Solomon Islands image following the negative publicity
SIVB Act 1996: to encourage, promote, and develop tourism in Solomon
                                                                              on events of the recent past. A PR company in Australia had been
Islands. Under-resourced, the Visitors Bureau has focussed mainly on
                                                                              commissioned and has been carrying out PR and media campaigns
marketing and promoting the Solomon Islands as a viable, attractive and
                                                                              in Australia for the past two years. The PR campaign in Australia was
alternative destination for holiday travellers to the South Pacific.
                                                                              successfully completed in March 2010 and the Visitors Bureau is satisfied
The negative effects of the ethnic tension in 1999, the riot in Honiara       with the advertising and publicity value achieved.
in 2006, and the earthquake and tsunami which devastated Western              Opportunities
Province in April 2007 has not made things easier for the Visitors Bureau
                                                                              •	 Ecotourism – pristine environment and some of the world’s best
in carrying out its marketing and promotional activities during this
                                                                                 diving destinations.
                                                                              •	 Development of Resorts and Hotels
In spite of these setbacks, the Visitors Bureau’s marketing and               •	 Tourism operators may engage in
promotional activities have contributed positively to the growth in visitor
                                                                              •	 Dive tourism
and tourist arrivals to Solomon Islands from 9,400 visitors in 2005 to
18,260 visitors in 2009. Since 2005, the Visitors Bureau has been able to     •	 Adventure tourism
improve its bed levy collections and control its spending compared with       •	 Game fishing
previous years. The increased revenue and cost-savings has enabled the        •	 Kayaking
Visitors Bureau to increase its marketing and promotional activities over
                                                                              •	 Village stay tourism
the past five years.
                                                                              •	 World War 2 Heritage tourism
                                                                              •	 Surfing expeditions

64   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                    Trade Directory 2010   I 65
Constraints                                                               Travel Agents in Honiara
•	 Tourism infrastructure
                                                                          Guadalcanal Travel Services        Solomon Airlines
•	 Inter islands transport costs are high and not always reliable
                                                                          PO Box 114 Honiara                 PO Box 23, Honiara
•	 Shortage of tourism skilled labour                                     T: 677 25887/22586, F: 677 26184   T: 677 20152, F: 677 23992
•	 Communication costs and quality                                        E:                E:
Government Incentives:                                                    Pacifica Travel Centre             Travel Solomons
•	 Up to 10 years tax free holiday                                        PO Box 1977, Honiara               Karen Foimua; Managing Director
                                                                          T: 677 39100, F: 677 39101         PO Box 1784, Honiara.
•	 The capacity to carry forward losses for up to 5 years
                                                                          E:              T: 677 24081 M: 677 7489974
•	 Depreciation on capital expenditure of 50% in the first year and 5%            F: 677 24223
   per annum thereafter for capital expansion                               E:
•	 Double deduction for expenditure on apprenticeships and tertiary
•	 150% deduction for cost of inter province transport of raw materials
•	 150% deduction for export promotion expenditure
•	 Duty free entry for capital equipment and draw back on re-export
•	 Free movement of capital and profit remittance

The following websites contain useful tourist information

Refer to Appendix for listing of available accommodation throughout the

Airline Services
Refer to Infrastructure Section – Aviation (Chapter 2) and Appendix for
International Airline Schedule.

66   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                           Trade Directory 2010   I 67
                         Papatura Island Resort                                                           Besides increasing tourist numbers to Solomon Islands, this resort
Papatura Island Resort

                                                                                                                                                                                          Papatura Island Resort
                         The early success of the country’s latest resort, Papatura in Santa Isabel, is   benefits the local community by giving them the opportunity to start
                         testimony that investment confidence is building in Solomon Islands. At          their own microbusinesses.
                         a time when the tourist industry is still shaking off the devastating effects
                         of the global financial crisis, Papatura sends a strong message that this        ‘Some people have started their own tours and sight seeing trips’ Nick
                         country has something unique to offer the world.                                 says. ‘We are encouraging them to offer village stays as a future source of
                         Opened in 2009, the resort offers surfing, fishing and snorkelling for
                         holiday makers looking to get off the well worn tourist tracks. It has           The locals also benefit through direct employment, sub contracting and
                         enjoyed solid bookings since opening with plenty of repeat guests                supply of building materials as well as providing fresh fruit, vegetables,
                         booked through to 2011.                                                          and seafood to the resort.

                         Family owned Australian company Go Tours Travel, developed the resort            Papatura is also the agent for Suavanao air strip which was left
                         because as Nick Blanche, Reservations Manager says ‘We love Solomon              unattended and unkempt after a logging camp moved out. Recently Go
                         Islands and its people. We have been in the travel industry for many             Tours opened of new leaf haus terminal and are pleased to say that the
                         years specializing in Solomon Islands, and recognised the need for               airstrip is now one of the best maintained in the country.
                         international standard tourist accommodation outside of the main island          As soon as Telekom provides internet access to the area, resort owners
                         of Guadalcanal’.                                                                 plan to open a post office and bank branch. This will enable local school
                          Australian based Nick and his parents Peter and Marg who live and work          teachers, nurses and government employees easy access to their wages
                         on Papatura Island, started the building process in 2008. They have leased       rather than travelling 5 hours by boat to Buala or flying to Honiara.
                         the island from the Isabel Provincial Government and have an agreement           With all money being poured back into the facilities at Papatura,
                         with the reef owners which enables their guests to enjoy the waterways           Isabel Province can be proud to offer to the world a new, exciting and
                         for surfing, fishing and recreational activities.                                international standard tourist destination.

                                                                                                          Contact:         Go Tours Travel
                                                                                                                           T: +61 755279855           W:

                                           Papatura Island Retreat Reception                                                Water Activities at Papatura

                         68   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                       Trade Directory 2010    I 69
                              Chapter Three - Setting Up a Business
                              At an investment conference held by the Pacific Island Chamber of
                              Commerce in Brisbane 2009 to which many interested parties in the
                              future of the Solomon Islands participated, one of the speakers stated,
                              “The Solomon Islands has many investment opportunities however
                              it has its challenges – the best way to sum it up is the IT IS FRONTIER
                              If the opportunities and the environment for business are viewed with
                              this perception then an investor will succeed in the Solomon Islands.
                              Patience, perseverance, flexibility, a willingness to learn and appreciate
                              other points of view and understanding will enable progress and success
                              to be achieved. It is an environment where an investor should not look
                              at quick short-term success – it is a process involving the investor and his
                              relationship and goodwill that are developed with the Solomon Islanders.
                              The necessary laws and regulations are all there and the recent financial
                              legislation enacted brings the Solomon Islands up to International
                              Standards. The country is ensuring it is not marginalised in the
                              International business arena due to lack of compliance of international
                              The outgoing Government has taken many steps to change the business
                              environment to be one that is much more user friendly. To this end it has
                              made good progress. It has now embarked on a retraining of the public
                              service – the outcome will be a more responsive and effective supply of
                              Government services.
                              To invest in the Solomon Islands is now a good time provided one
                              understands that it is a Frontier Investment environment, which for
                              genuine long-term operators will ensure success for all concerned – the
                              investor and the Solomon Islands.

                              Industry Support for Businesses
                              When looking to market unsolicited product direct to the Solomon
                              Islands without having a representative on the Pacific Rim to go between,
                              traders should contact the export promotion unit of their own country’s
                              Trade Commission.
                              Pacific Islands Trade and Investment Commissions (PITIC) facilitates trade
                              and investment relationships between the Pacific Islands and the region.
                              T: +61 2 9290 2133          W:

70   I Trade Directory 2010                                                   Trade Directory 2010   I 71
A number of trade associations are active in the Solomon Islands              SICCI’s Values
and provide assistance across a wide range of areas to potential and           Collaboration      SICCI encourages collaboration between business,
existing businesses. Of these, Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce                                government and other development partners.
and Industry (SICCI) is the largest and recently received European
Union funding to expand and enhance its services which include the             Innovation         SICCI supports innovative practices and new ways of
development of Provincial Chambers.                                                               making a difference.
                                                                               Openness           SICCI promotes openness with each other and our
1. Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI)                                       trading partners.
The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the peak
                                                                               Professionalism    SICCI is committed to the highest professional
representative organisation for the private sector in Solomon Islands.
                                                                                                  standards in all that we do.
SICCI currently has over 75 members as well as a number of affiliations
to other national private sector organisations, covering approximately
80% of the Solomon Islands private sector workforce. SICCI continues to       Services
be a strong advocate of private sector interests – for both small and large
companies alike – and aims to work constructively with the government,         Advocacy and        •	   Driving the agenda on three core issues: (1)
the Solomon Islands community and international donor organisations.           representation           Infrastructure; (2) Regulatory Environment (3)
SICCI is driven by its vision for the Solomon Islands, its own mission and
the values which govern the way it goes about its work.                                            •	   Representing members on matters that are
                                                                                                        important to them
       SICCI vision for the Solomon Islands
       “A prosperous and skilled nation underpinned by sustainable                                 •	   Responding on behalf of members to
       economic growth, leading to better lives for our people.”                                        important national issues as they arise
                                                                                                        throughout the year
       SICCI mission                                                           Coordinating the    •	   Building a relationship with all private sectors
       “To make the Solomon Islands an internationally competitive place       private sector           through development of MOU
       for business.”
                                                                                                   •	   Collaborating with NPSOs on major advocacy
                                                                                                        issues and training and development

                                                                                                   •	   Working constructively with employee groups
                                                                                                        and government representatives
                                                                               Membership          •	   Holding an Annual Gala Night (inclusive
                                                                               services                 of business awards) to celebrate the
                                                                                                        achievements of the private sector

                                                                                                   •	   Producing a monthly newsletter for members

                                                                                                   •	   Providing regular networking opportunities
                                                                                                        for members

                                                                                                   •	   Offering a range of training and development

72   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                   Trade Directory 2010   I 73
Members, partners and supporters of SICCI                                        6. Solomon Islands Chinese Association (SICA)
SICCI is a membership-driven organisation, relying on members for                Is an information centre for the Chinese community visiting the Solomon
both resources and internal expertise. SICCI also recognises that other          Islands for either business or pleasure. SICA can assist with immigration
organisations may want to be formally recognised as supporting the               and legal requirements when setting up a business. They also work to
efforts of SICCI, and so SICCI provides mechanisms of association other          maintain the long standing Chinese heritage in the Solomon Islands.
than direct membership for private sector organisations.
                                                                                 Contact:         Matthew Quan
Contact:          Calvin Ziru                                                                     T: +677 22351 / +677 20838
                  T: +677 39542 E:
                  W:                                   Direct sales: finding a customer
                                                                                 The Solomon Islands has no agency legislation and few agents and
2. Association of Solomon Island Manufacturers (ASIM)                            distributors by global standards as it is a small market. Most private
This was formed in 1998, to represent all local manufacturers. With 25           sector importers are either retailers or set up in a related service or in
current members, the Association represents manufacturers based in               the manufacturing industry. Larger concerns order through their parent
Honiara and overseas, as well as builders, packers, and other associated         companies, while smaller businesses source products through personal
industries.                                                                      knowledge and contacts.
Contact:          Peter Tam                                                      Established links with agencies and distributors abroad are often though
                  T: +677 30304     E:                  not always, in Australia or New Zealand, also Japan for cars and Hong
                                                                                 Kong for some foods. Commercial Officers or Trade Directories at High
3. Business Council of Solomon Islands (BOCSI)
                                                                                 Commissions and Embassies prove very useful too, as well as trade
The Business Council of S.I. (BOCSI) Incorporated links private sector
                                                                                 magazines and the Internet.
organisations together and is also an advocate on National Issues. BOCSI
comprises of the membership of ASIM and Small and Medium Enterprises             On the whole, potential buyers must have a clear idea of the
Council (SMEC)                                                                   manufacturer and product they want, and about the reliability and
                                                                                 ease of acquiring spare parts. Although the market is price-sensitive,
Contact:          Peter Tam
                                                                                 some products can be offered at a premium - as ever, it depends on the
                  T: +677 30304     E:
                                                                                 product, the demand and the competition.
4. Solomon Islands Small Business Enterprise Centre (SISBEC)
                                                                                 The Solomon Islands government orders in bulk on purchase order
SISBEC is a not for profit organisation whose goal it is to assist, strengthen
                                                                                 through its own supply organisations, and tenders in the usual way. Its
and support the development of small businesses in the Solomon Islands
                                                                                 top priority is repayment of foreign debt (see Economic Overview) and
Contact:          T: +677 26650     E:                       the attraction of investment, and much of its equipment is aid-financed.

5. Solomon Islands Women in Business Association (SIWBA)                         Its main trade links are with Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Republic of
Is an organisation formed to encourage and support women in business             China, the UK and Singapore. For advice on tendering for aid projects,
or about to do business in the Solomon Islands. It aims to tap economic          consult your Trade or Commerce Department.
opportunities for women and provide a voice for women in both the
formal and informal sectors as they face many challenges. They also
aim to be partners in economic development by empowering women
to attend training and access finance, mentoring and networking with
government agencies and Non Government Organisations as well as
other pacific women in business.

Contact:         Ning Gabrino
T: +677 26838/ 24348

74   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                      Trade Directory 2010   I 75
Advertising & Promotional Support                                            Importers requirements
There are no specialised marketing and advertising companies in              Once potential importers have been identified, you can send them your
Solomon Islands, however, the following organisations may be able to         trade literature and price list direct. If you are exporting from a distant
assist:                                                                      market, make sure your products have a long shelf life: shipping from the
                                                                             USA for example, can take 95-125 days, taking into account handling at
The Solomon Islands Yellow Pages is a good first source for research         origin and destination and clearance.
from Solomon Telekom. T: +677 21164 F: +677 24185 Address: PO Box
148 Honiara W:                                            Your prices should be quoted if possible in SBD$, c&f or cif (cost,
                                                                             insurance, & freight).
Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI): refer to
section above. Contact: T: +677 39542 F: +677 39544                          Terms of trade
E:                                                     Importers may buy foreign exchange at normal cost for imports. Because
                                                                             of the small size of the market and the flexible exchange rate, payment
BJS Events: Offers a range of promotional and marketing services.
                                                                             can be asked up-front, although of course much will depend on demand
Contact: Monique Porras T: +677 21737 Address: PO Box 439 Honiara
                                                                             for your product.
                                                                             Documentation tends to be sight draft; payment against shipping
Access Plus: for signs and advertising and promotional material.
                                                                             documents, and requesting letters of credit is feasible and - as in any
Contact: T: +677 22522 E:
                                                                             market - probably advisable.
Newspapers and Radio: A number of local daily and weekly newspapers
accept advertising, along with the government broadcasting corporation,      Freight rates
SIBC. They offer commercial spots on radio which are avidly listened to      Terms must be negotiated with your usual freighter, but as a general
for public service announcements by families, who often live on outlying     indication only, the following rates could apply:
islands and may not have access to newspapers.
Contact: Manager Cornelius Rathamana T: +677 20051 F: +677 23159              Origin             Container                     LCL/cubic meters
Address: PO Box 654, Honiara                                                  Australia          AUD $3400                     US $200

Commercial radio stations also offer contracted advertising services in       New Zealand        US $4800                      US $285
prime time for a negotiated period (number of spots) fee.                     EU/UK              US $4800
                                                                              Singapore          US $3300                      US$380
Solomon Telekom Television has three VHF frequencies and one UHF
frequency. There is now one local television station, One News which          US – West coast    US $4500                      US $500
is still in its infancy. One News is a fully locally owned Television News    ROC                US $3500
Company that was launched alongside the last Football World Cup in
                                                                              Japan              US $4500                      US $200
2006.The company currently produces one hour of news, sports, business
and short TV magazine type programs. News times are 9pm every night 7         Hong Kong          US $3100
days a week. The nightly bulletins are repeated at 7am the next morning.
They sell advertising and sponsored programs.                                LCL = Less than Container Load (part of container)
Contact: Dorothy Wickham T: +677 24446 E:
Address: PO Box 851, Honiara

Many households have TVs receiving broadcasts from Australia, the BBC
World Service via international satellite.

76   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                   Trade Directory 2010     I 77
Shipping marks and Documentation                                                 Customs & Excise
                                                                                 A scheduled list of goods are exempt from customs duty, including
To facilitate clearance of your product your must have -                         sundry educational and health aids, goods for a charity, service or
                                                                                 industry’s own use, and MOU’s with foreign organisations. Check with
The original bill of lading, a certified combined invoice/certificate of
                                                                                 your Trade or Commerce Department.
value and origin acceptable to the Customs and Excise Division, a phyto-
sanitary certificate for rice, fresh fruit and vegetables (but not packaged      Personal and business tax, import duties, and particularly export levies
frozen foods), a government veterinary officer’s certificate for live animals,   including duty on log exports, are the country’s most important sources
birds and fish; and a certificate of age, authenticated by an Excise or other    of government revenue.
government official in the country of origin for rum, brandy or whiskey.         In recent years the percentage of import duties on the value of imports
                                                                                 declined; partly because of the complexity of the Solomon Islands tariff
If you are using SITPRO-aligned documentation systems, a special                 structure, and under-invoicing. As a result, the government has reduced
certified invoice overlay will enable the required declaration to be             the tariff structure and removed export duty relief on logs.
reproduced on the lower quarter of the export invoice.
                                                                                 Solomon Islands uses a one-column metricated tariff structure, based on
                                                                                 the CCCN classification - there are no import preferences. Some duties
Contact:          T: +677 22393 F: +677 21027
                                                                                 were high, but have been reduced, and most are now between 5-10%.
                  Address: PO Box 439, Honiara
                                                                                 Apart from excise and customs duty, the greatest impact on the price
                                                                                 of goods is the exchange rate. Check with your Trade or Commerce
                                                                                 Department, but some examples are as follows:

                                                                                  Commodity                                             Rate
                                                                                  Live animals                                          5%
                                                                                  Meat, Fish                                            10%
                                                                                  Other food stuffs (Varying according to processing    20% 5% - 10%
                                                                                  Alcoholic beverages: Varies from some beers to        SB$ 10/litre SB$ 100/litre
                                                                                  most spirits wines:                                   SB$ 10/litre
                                                                                  Tobacco                                               SB$ 660//kg, 396/kg
                                                                                  Cigarettes                                            SB $1.25/stick
                                                                                  Minerals                                              5% 10%
                                                                                  Chemicals, pharmaceuticals                            5% 10%
                                                                                  Clothing                                              10%
                                                                                  Metal articles                                        10%
                                                                                  Iron and Steel                                        5%
                                                                                  Ships transport equipment                             Free
                                                                                  Aircraft                                              10%
                                                                                  Works of art                                          10%
                                                                                  Miscellaneous                                         5% 10%
                                                                                  Manufactures                                          10%
                                                                                  Motor vehicles are now only                           15%

78   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                            Trade Directory 2010     I 79
Restrictions which are enforced                                                Existing goods tax rates are as follows:
Customs officials meet all flights and ship arrivals. Few goods are             Category                                                             Rate
restricted, except all fruit, vegetables and animals, for which an import
                                                                                General Rate on Imported goods                                       15%
permit is necessary, issued by the Agriculture Quarantine Section.
Bringing honey into the country is prohibited, an arrangement to protect        Locally manufactured tinned fish, soap, lavatory paper,              10%
the local honey producing industry.                                             biscuits, bread, nails, paint, soft drinks, livestock feeds, coffee,
Contact:          T: +677 27987 Address: PO Box G13, Honiara                    noodles, honey, peanut butter, tobacco products, etc.

Other goods that may not enter the country without a police permit
include weapons, including guns and ammunition.
                                                                               Sales Tax
                                                                               Sales tax applies to most sales and service provision in the Solomon
Contact: Police T: +677 23800 Address: PO Box G1723, Honiara.
                                                                               Islands, as in the prescribed goods and services list below:
Pornography and recreational drugs are banned, and please check
                                                                                Prescribed Goods                                            Service Rates
the status of specific prescribed drugs and pharmaceuticals with your
own Trade or Commerce Department before negotiating their sale or               Local and overseas telecommunications                       10%
arranging their dispatch.                                                       Restaurant Services                                         10%
Some restrictions exist on importation of alcohol/tobacco products -            Tickets purchased for overseas travel                       $10/ticket
check with your importer.                                                       Tickets purchased for domestic travel by air                $10/ticket
Current Goods Tax                                                               Tickets purchased for domestic travel by sea                10%
Since 1992, Goods Tax is payable on a cif (cost, insurance & freight) basis,    Hire of movie                                               $2/tape/dvd
on the wholesale value of all goods manufactured in Solomon Islands,
                                                                                Accounting, legal & security services                       10%
and a range of imported goods.
Manufacturers and wholesale merchants must charge and remit tax on              Real estate agency services                                 10%
the sales value of goods, unless a goods tax number is quoted by the            Sale of petrol                                              10c/lt
customer, or the goods or purchaser is specifically exempt.                     Sale of diesel                                              10c/lt
                                                                                Video equipment hire                                        10%
                                                                                Computer equipment hire                                     10%
                                                                                Hiring/leasing of vessel and aircraft                       10%
                                                                                Hiring/leasing of plant, machinery & equipment              10%
                                                                                Electronic repairs and equipment                            10%
                                                                                Services provided by hairdresser, beauty shops              10%
                                                                                Casino entrance fee                                         $5
                                                                                Laundry services                                            10%
                                                                                Tyres services                                              10%
                                                                                Professional Services                                       10%

80   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                      Trade Directory 2010       I 81
Credit References                                                              A number of lawyers practising in Honiara may be well positioned to offer
As with all markets, it is unlikely that your Trade or Commerce Department     advice. A list of such professionals can be obtained from the Chamber of
or diplomatic representative will be able to offer credit references for       Commerce & Industry T: +677 39542/39544 Address: PO Box 650, Honiara
companies who approach you, although many can offer advice on the              E:
standing and status of foreign firms. For advice on credit-worthiness,         Solomon Islands courts administer the UK Statutes of General
international firms such as Dun and Bradstreet can be consulted.               Application. The High Court of Solomon Islands is presided over by the
Exchange Control                                                               Chief Judge of the Solomon Islands, Sir Albert Palmer. The President of
The Central Bank administers exchange control, and all transactions            the Court of Appeals is Sir Robin Auld who served on the Court of appeal
between residents and non-residents must have their approval, or under         in the UK. T: +677 21632 Address PO Box 404, Honiara
certain circumstances, that of a commercial bank or authorised dealer.         Local Courts are presided over by village elders, who hear relevant
Anyone who lives in the Solomon Islands is regarded as a permanent             matters. Appeals relating to land are dealt with by Customary Land
resident for foreign exchange purposes unless they have been given             Appeal Courts.
temporary residential status (such as a foreign citizen under contract to      Debts (up to SBD$50,000) and other civil matters are dealt with in
work and reside in the Islands for a fixed term, who has no interest in any    magistrates courts. Contractual matters (for instance, a dispute with a
business venture or real property in the Islands).                             building contractor) would be dealt with in the High Court.
Residents need exchange control approval to import or repatriate capital,      The Bar Association of Solomon Islands is a professional body
profits, dividends, interest, royalties, borrowing from abroad, repayment      representing over 80 practising lawyers. The current president is Rodney
of interest to foreign lenders, crediting of non-resident accounts, transfer   Kingmele, T: +677 23886 E:
of property to non-residents, the operation and settlement of inter-
company accounts, transfer abroad of the proceeds of sales of Solomon          All transactions over this limit need to be applied for at the Central Bank.
Islands assets, direct investment abroad, the lending abroad of Solomon        The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (T: +677 39542
Islands currency and the issuing, and registering and despatching of           E: can provide a brief list of facilitators. Your own
benefits of shares in the name of non-residents. More information can be       Trade or Commerce Department, or diplomatic representative should also
obtained from the Central Banks W:                             be able to help, and further advice on requirements is obtainable from
                                                                               the Foreign Investment Division at the Ministry of Commerce, Industries
Repatriation of profits                                                        and Employment T: +677 22856 W: www.
A number of accountancy firms in Honiara can advise prospective
entrepreneurs setting up business in Solomon Islands, on whether               Ombudsman
a permit is needed from the Central Bank of the Solomon Islands for            The Solomon Islands Ombudsman’s office was set up in 1981 and is based
repatriation of profits, and how to go about getting it. The amount of         on the British model. The role of the Office is to receive and investigate
money allowed to remit at any time without reference, is SBD$30,000 for        complaints from the public on services provide by Government
individuals and SBD$50,000 for business transactions.                          departments, Ministries, provincial assemblies, police and various local
                                                                               official organisations..
Intellectual Property                                                          The present Ombudsman’s term of 5 years commenced in 2006. A
Laws for patent and trademarks follow those of the UK, although recent
                                                                               new office for the Ombudsman will be completed by mid 2010. The
changes may not be incorporated. Check with a lawyer or get advice from
                                                                               Leadership Code Commission will be sharing the same premises. These
the Registrar General T: +677 21048 Address: PO Box 404, Honiara.
                                                                               two important constitutional bodies are now fully resourced - a factor
Redress in case of problems                                                    that over recent years has hindered their effectiveness.
Diplomatic representatives may be able to establish whether there has
been a misunderstanding, or otherwise advise you, but will not be able to
get involved.

82   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                    Trade Directory 2010      I 83
Registering your Business                                                     Companies
Private and public companies must be registered in Solomon Islands, and       A private company must have at least two members, and is limited to fifty
registration fees vary with the complexity of the company although they       shareholders (with some exceptions, where they do not need to file accounts)
start at a very modest level.                                                 and a public company must have at least seven shareholders (although
                                                                              under the new act described below, this requirement will be at least 51
Registering a straight-forward business previously took up to six months.
                                                                              shareholders). Submission of audited accounts annually is obligatory.
New rules have made this easier. Accounting practices in Honiara can
help facilitate this.                                                         If any shares or part of a company is owned by non-Solomon Islanders,
The Chamber of Commerce & Industry could provide a list:                      such company’s establishment and name must be approved by the
T: +677 39542 F: +677 39544 E:                           Minister of Commerce. Its Memorandum and Articles of Association must
Address: PO Box 650, Honiara                                                  then be submitted to the Registrar of Companies (T: +677 24692 Address:
                                                                              PO Box 404, Honiara). Check with the Registrar which documents and
Many aspects of business registration were simplified in 2006 and 2007.
                                                                              returns are required under the Solomon Islands Companies Act. This
All foreign investment proposals must be put to the Director of the
                                                                              may be quite a lengthy process, but a necessary one in order to obtain
Foreign Investment Division.
                                                                              the Registrar’s Certificate of Incorporation, without which one cannot
T: +677 20521 Address: PO Box G26, Honiara
                                                                              operate. The Registrar of Companies will hold, among other things, the
                                                                              constitutional documents, the details of your registered office, the list
A straight forward foreign investment application may now take as             of shareholders, directors, secretaries, managers, charges, shares and
little as two weeks to approve. This is part of significant encouragement     debentures on issue. An annual return must be submitted.
packages to foreign investors and on which more details are provided
                                                                              The Companies Act Reforms
elsewhere in the Directory.
                                                                              A new Companies Act was passed by Parliament in March 2009 and is
All foreign investors are required to submit an annual survey form to the     expected to come into force in the second half of 2010. The new Act will
Foreign Investment Division.                                                  greatly simplify the incorporation of companies, allowing for submission
                                                                              of incorporation documents and annual returns electronically. The
All companies registered with the Registrar of Companies in Solomon
                                                                              incorporation process is expected to take substantially less time as a
Islands, are required to submit an annual return to the Registrar.
                                                                              result of the reforms.
Land Ownership                                                                The new Act will allow for the incorporation of a single shareholder/single
Development plans are often complicated by issues of land ownership. At       director private company, and also provides for a new form of company
present, land can only be owned by indigenous Solomon Islanders, and          called a community company. The community company must have as its
87% of the Islands are owned by tribal groups. This is a complex issue also   principal objective the promotion of a community interest, and certain
dealt with in Chapter one.                                                    rules apply to the structure to ensure that all benefits remain within the
The rest is state owned and can only be leased out, through arrangement       community.
with the Commissioner of Lands (Land Centre T: +677 28509 Address: PO         Other highlights of the new Act include:
Box G38, Honiara) which can be time consuming. Title to land in Solomon
Islands may or may not be registered: some 80% of Solomon Islands is          •	   the removal of the requirement to obtain the Minister of Commerce’s
communal land owned by clans, 12% is registered, and its ownership &               approval for a company name;
boundaries are guaranteed. Only indigenous Solomon Islanders may be           •	   the removal of the requirement to identify the company’s objects in
granted freehold rights. Others, including expatriate residents, may only          the memorandum of association;
lease registered land.                                                        •	   the option of adopting model rules for a company to replace
                                                                                   memoranda and articles of association; and
                                                                              •	   the removal of the requirement to have a company secretary or
                                                                                   company seal.

84   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                   Trade Directory 2010   I 85
A new Companies (Insolvency and Receivership) Act will also commence               The minimum wage currently effective May 1st 2008, is SBD$3.20 per
in 2010, providing a modern and up-to-date framework for companies                 hour for agriculture plantations and fishing sectors and SBD$4.00 per
which are insolvent or are placed in receivership.                                 hour for all other industries. A shortage of skilled labour exists. Wages
                                                                                   and salary increases are usually negotiated between workers’ unions and
Company Re-registration
                                                                                   employers. Salary increases in the government sector often prompt pay
As part of the reform, the registry will be conducting a re-registration
                                                                                   rises of workers in the private sector.
process for all companies registered in Solomon Islands at the time the
Act commences. Each existing company will have 9 months from the                   Employment aspects are governed by labour legislation, and apart from trade
date of commencement of the Act to re-register, which will involve the             union laws, labour legislation needs to be reviewed, to address the problem of
completion of a straight-forward form, and the inclusion of supporting             high accident rates, particularly in the forestry, fishing and construction sectors.
documents to prove the company’s registration. Re-registration will be
                                                                                   The Department of Commerce, Industry and Employment (T: +677
free of charge, and relevant dates will be widely publicised.
                                                                                   28856 Address: PO Box G26, Honiara) deals with labour and employment
Work Permits                                                                       legislation, the promotion of industrial relations, collective bargaining,
Non-citizens of Solomon Islands are only allowed to work in a job where            arbitration, etc. The legislation governs written contracts of employment,
no suitably qualified Solomon Islander is available - this is strictly enforced.   minimum wages, leave, sick and maternity pay, redundancy and disputes.
                                                                                   No payroll tax exists.
To take up such work - including voluntary and unpaid employment -
prospective employees must apply for a work permit from the Labour                 Unions and Disputes
Division (T: +677 25082 Address: PO Box G26, Honiara) before entering              The largest of the dozen or so trade unions in the Solomon Islands is the
the country to take up employment, as well as a permit to enter and                Solomon Islands National Union of Workers (SIPEU - Solomon Islands
reside in Solomon Islands.                                                         Public Employees Union T:+677 23108 Address: PO Box 14, Honiara).
Employers in the country can also inquire at the Labour Division front             Other unions include for the public service, seamen, teachers, nurses and
desk about work permit requirements and the work permit process if they            telecommunications workers. A council of Trade Unions at the national
are intending to employ a non-indigenous or foreign worker.                        centre, and two employers’ associations, also represent employees
                                                                                   - the two employers’ associations are the Chinese Association, and
Shareholding or ownership does not give an automatic right to a
                                                                                   the Chamber of Commerce and Employment. Relations are good and
work permit. However, the work permit system is lenient on investors.
                                                                                   problems are solved by consultation between the three parties.
Inquiries and applications for visa, resident and work permits should be
directed to the Commissioner of Labour at the Labour Division, and the             The first and compulsory arbiter in a dispute is the Trade Disputes Panel
Director of Immigration, Immigration Division, Ministry of Commerce.               (T: +677 23500 Address: PO Box 404, Honiara), and once the Panel is
Contact: T: +677 25082 Address: PO Box G26, Honiara                                involved, the right to strike is removed. Compensation for injury at work
                                                                                   and occupational illness is the office of the Workmen’s Compensation Act
Work permits need to be specific and all embracing. For instance a
                                                                                   - all employers are obliged to insure against such hazards but many do
technical advisor may not direct people but should only recommend
                                                                                   not do so.
others to do it. A trainer is just that (a mentor or counter-part support.
If a qualification is claimed, be sure that documentary evidence can be            National Provident Find (NPF)
lodged. Non-indigenous workers must follow the conditions as set out               Most employees in the Solomon Islands are members of a compulsory
in their work permits. Breaches to the conditions of a work permit may             savings scheme, the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund. NPF
result in the revocation of such permit by the Commissioner of Labour and          provides retirement and death benefits.
subsequently the permit to enter and reside by the Director of Immigration.
                                                                                   Employers contribute 12.5% of employees’ earnings to the NPF, which is
Labour Force                                                                       made up of 7.5% from the employer and 5% from the employee’s salary.
At present almost three-quarters of people of working age, are engaged             This is required for all staff including casual staff.
in village work only, and therefore rural development is a priority.
                                                                                   There’s no upper limit on how much employers or employees may
Proposals for projects outside Honiara would enjoy considerable interest.
                                                                                   contribute, but income tax legislation restricts the amount deductible
                                                                                   from tax.
86   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                              Trade Directory 2010     I 87
Members may only withdraw their money once they are over 40 years of           Company Tax
age, or upon retirement from employment, or while still in employment          Company tax is 30% for companies incorporated in Solomon Islands, and
but over the age of 50.                                                        35% for the rest. Resident companies may claim dividend payments as a
NPF may also guarantee two thirds of loans that employees wish to make         deduction from taxable income provided Withholding tax has been paid
with commercial banks.                                                         as required (see Withholding Tax).
                                                                               Particular rules apply for residents whose income is less than SBD$10,000.
Contact: NPF      T: +677 21659 F: +677 20484 W:              Specific rules also apply for issue of bonuses, losses, tax credits for
                  Address: PO Box 619, Honiara                                 business licence fees paid to provinces, and special classes of business
                                                                               such as insurance or co-operative ventures. Also, various categories of
Income Tax                                                                     income are tax-exempted, including income from fixed deposits with
The tax system is administered by central government, which levies
                                                                               Solomon Island Banks up to SBD$5,000.
income tax, sales tax, goods tax, and customs and excise duties, stamp
duty and export tax. Indirect taxes are administered by Honiara City           Three rates of diminishing return are:
Council and Provincial governments in order to secure revenue, through
licence fees and basic rates.                                                   Category                                                       Rate
Resident and non-resident individuals and companies pay tax on all income       Immovables: buildings, fixtures and fittings, bridges,         5%
accrued or derived from the Solomon Islands, or received in the Islands.        wharves, slipways, boilers and oil storage tanks
This tax is calculated over a calendar - (also financial) year, although        Vehicles, vessels, aircraft and all plant and machinery        25%
businesses may adopt a different accounting period. Returns on income           Assets as above used by a timber concessionaire in defined     35%
are due within three months of the balance date.                                circumstances and in certain building activity, and fixtures
PAYE (Pay As You Earn) tax applies on salaries, wages and allowances.           and fittings associated with employee housing
Taxpayers deriving a business income must make quarterly payments
of provisional tax, on account of tax projection for the existing year. The    Again, this serves as a guideline only, and one of Honiara’s accountancy
payments are credited at the annual assessment date.                           firms could provide further details, or contact Inland Revenue.
                                                                               Contact:          T: +677 28506 Address: PO Box G26, Honiara
Individual Tax
                                                                               Guidelines have been issued by Inland Revenue on exempt procedures
Tax on income, includes income from employment and services rendered,
                                                                               for sales and goods tax, import duty and income tax.
rent, dividends, interest, pensions, alimonies, and amounts deemed as
income by legislation.
                                                                               Withholding Tax
Most benefits in kind are taxable, including the value of free or subsidized   Business owners and Solomon Islands residents are liable to deduct
housing, the private use of motor vehicles, and education allowances           withholding tax on certain payments to both residents and non-residents;
provided by employers. Leave passage, medical expenses and employers’          the withholding tax must be paid within 15 days of the following month.
contribution to National Provident Fund are exempt.
                                                                               Under a withholding system certain types of payments (listed below)
If one spouse’s income is less than SBD$7,800 per year, the income of          require the payer to withhold a portion for direct remittance to Inland
a married couple is taxed jointly. Tax is payable on income less a basic       Revenue. The amount withheld is a credit against the annual tax of the
personal exemption of SBD$7,800.                                               recipient of the payment.
Details about other exemptions and deductions can be obtained from
one of Honiara’s accountancy firms or from Inland Revenue.

Contact:          T: +677 27895 Address : PO Box G26, Honiara

88   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                     Trade Directory 2010   I 89
                                                                           Jedom Organic Fruits

                                                                                                                                                        Jedom Organic Fruits
 Payment to Non Residents                                 Rate
 Interest                                                 15%
 Professional services                                    20%
 Royalties                                                15%
 Contracting including - installation, maintenance,       7.5%
 construction, erection, clearing and draining
 Income from ships and aircraft                           5%
 Insurance premiums and premiums on insurance             15%
 Rent for hiring of films                                 5%
 Pole and Line Fishermen                                  10%
 Purse Seiner Fishermen                                   15%
 Lease Income                                             15%
 Management Services                                      35%
 Dividends                                                30%
 Payments to Residents                                    Rate                              Jenny Keli with some of her products
 Contracting including - installation, maintenance,       7.5%
 construction, erection, clearing and draining                             Jenny Keli of Jedom Organic Fruits is a great example of a Solomon Island
                                                                           woman achieving success in the business arena.
 Royalties                                                10%
 Fishing Operations                                       10%              In 2004, Jenny began investigating ways to preserve excess fruit that
                                                                           would have otherwise spoiled. Solomon Islands have some traditional
 Lease of Property                                        10%
                                                                           methods of preserving fruit, but these methods were not suitable for fruit
 Sale of Cocoa                                            NIL              and nut production at a commercial level.
 Sale of Copra                                            NIL              With the loan of a food dryer from Kastom Garden Association, Jedom
 Sales of Marine Product                                  10%              Organic Fruits Ltd was born. The name ‘Jedom’ is the combination of the
 Stevedoring services                                     15%              first initials of herself, husband and three children. The company has
                                                                           never received any Solomon Island Government assistance or foreign aid
 Dividends                                                20%
                                                                           and is testament to Jenny and her family’s determination and hard work.
 Interest                                                 10%
                                                                           As well as her extended family, Jedom employs many young mothers and
Export Duty                                                                women helping her community and those families whose sole income
Export duty is payable on the fob (free on board) value of goods such as   is often from her company. Jenny also encourages other local women to
un-milled timber, palm oil and kernels, under various conditions. Goods    grow and then sell their raw produce to Jedom.
entered for re-export, exported on drawback, or samples, are exempt.       Currently Jedom sells organic muesli, chips such as banana and taro,
Export duties no longer apply on cocoa beans, some fish, shells, corals    dried fruits and nuts all sourced locally. She has also expanded into
and skins; 15% for some metal scrap; 20% for refined gold; 30% for some    filleted fish. The dried fruits and nut products are packaged and sold
shells and rattans; 35-38% for some sawn logs; and to SBD$3.50 per litre   in several retail outlets in Honiara such as El Shaddai, Lime Lounge,
for beers. Check the status of your goods with Customs and Excise.         Cornerstone at Panatina Plaza and Rain Tree Café. Alternatively they can
                                                                           be purchased directly from Jedom.
Contact T: +677 28144 F: +677 20788 Address: PO Box 26, Honiara

90   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                               Trade Directory 2010   I 91
                       Starting a business is never easy and Jedom has had its challenges over        Chapter Four - The Environment for Business
Jedom Organic Fruits
                       the years. Developing the correct method of drying different types of fruit
                       and nuts has been very much a trial and error process. Currently Jenny is      Geography and Geology
                       looking for land to expand her business which is operating from home. A        Solomon Islands, one of the biggest Pacific island countries (together
                       shortage in packaging, labels and sometimes even produce is a constant         with (Papua New Guinea and Fiji), is situated in the south-west Pacific,
                       challenge.                                                                     about 1,800 km East of North Australia. The country is a double-chain
                        Jenny’s next major challenge is to receive Organic Certification. There are   archipelago with total land area of over 30,000 square kilometres.
                       no set rules currently in the Solomon Islands for certification; therefore     Of the 999 islands that make up the Solomon Islands, about 350 are
                       Jedom will need overseas assistance for this to happen. At the same time       populated. There are 6 main islands, one which hosts the capital of
                       Jenny is working with Carolyn Daunt of BJS Group of Companies design           Honiara on Guadacanal. The islands stretch across 1,300 km of the Pacific
                       section to modernise the company logo and packaging.                           Ocean. This expansive spread of its islands gives to the Solomon Islands
                       This local business is meeting new markets head on whilst helping others,      an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of 1.3 million square kilometres in
                       in particular women, through employment opportunities. Eventually              total. Travel between individual islands is possible by outboard motor
                       Jenny hopes to provide healthy children’s snacks to the local market in        and canoe, inter-island traders and ferries. There are weekly domestic
                       competition with the unhealthy alternatives.                                   flights/charters to and from all provinces via Solomon Airlines. Currently
                                                                                                      Solomon Airlines has three De Havilland Twin Otters and one Briton
                       Contact: Jenny & Don Keli                                                      Norman Islander planes servicing the islands.
                       T: +677 7472926/ 7456089            E:           Much of the inter-island communication is per radio, although telephone
                                                                                                      radio and postal services link most bigger centres. Telephone, data,
                                                                                                      fax, internet and email services are available in the capital Honiara, and
                                                                                                      at provincial capitals of Auki (Malaita), Gizo, Munda & Noro (Western
                                                                                                      province), Taro (Choiseul), Lata (Temotu), Kira Kira (Makira), Buala (Isabel),
                                                                                                      and Tulagi (Central). (See Infrastructure Sector Chapter 2).
                                                                                                      The islands, formed by fertile volcanic rock, are believed to have
                                                                                                      erupted from the seabed some 25 million years ago, and were covered
                                                                                                      by subsequent coral growth. Tectonic activity (known as the Pacific
                                                                                                      Ring of Fire) continues. There are more than 900 earth tremors each
                                                                                                      year, most of them to the north west of the island group, and often
                                                                                                      unnoticed at the surface. Some volcanic activity also occurs, and five
                                                                                                      volcanoes are active of which three are on shore. Extensive damage
                                                                                                      from volcanic movement is rare however a recent earthquake
                                                                                                      measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale originating 40km southeast of Gizo
                                                                                                      at a depth of 10km, prompted a tsunami, believed to be between 2 and
                                                                                                      10 metres high hit the Western Province on Monday 2nd of April 2007
                                                                                                      affecting 36,500 people with 52 people confirmed dead. About 6,300
                                                                                                      houses were damaged or destroyed across 304 communities in the
                                                                                                      following areas; Choiseul, Gizo, Kolombangara, Munda, Noro, Ranongga,
                                                                                                      Simbo, Shortland, and Vella La Vella.

                                                       Jedom’s new packaging design

                       92   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                      Trade Directory 2010    I 93
A variety of mineral deposits (gold, bauxite and nickel) occur across the      European settlement was tried in 1568 with the arrival of Spaniard Alvara
group, although some of insufficient quality and quantity for commercial       de Mendaña in search of King Solomon’s gold, but the islands proved
exploitation (see Mining chapter 2) and further complicated by land            aggressive to foreigners and Mendana himself died of malaria. Spanish
ownership disputes (see Land chapter 3). Exploration for oil has been          interest in the islands ended in 1606, and apart from some limited trading
named as a possibility, and has recently been embarked upon on islands         and missionary work, the islands were largely neglected by the outside
off South Malaita. There are as yet no proven commercial volumes.              world until the mid nineteenth century.
The island terrain is mostly covered with dense tropical rain forest, with     In 1893 European colonization of the South Pacific led to the Solomon
coconut palms growing on the outer perimeter. Possums, bats and                Islands becoming a British protectorate and bearing the name British
rodents are indigenous, while dogs, cats, pigs, cattle and horses were         Solomon Islands Protectorate. The British aimed to stop so-called
introduced. The islands are known for a fantastic variety of insects and       blackbirding (enforced recruitment and exportation of labour), head-
amphibian life and butterflies, as well as over 150 bird species and 70        hunting (which became more devastating with the introduction of
species of reptile. Many of the 15 snake varieties are not poisonous, and      guns by Europeans) and the establishment and maintenance of order.
all land-based snakes are non-aggressive. Two sea snakes are poisonous         British political, legal, and justice systems were established into the local
and may be aggressive. The seas are a diver’s paradise (see Diving,            governance system, and Christianity had been introduced to some areas
Chapter 5), with a wealth of brilliantly coloured fish and coral. Frequently   by as early as 1842.
you will see black tipped reef sharks and dolphins, and occasionally
                                                                               World War II – In 1942 the Islands were invaded by the Japanese, who
whales, dugong and other types of sharks may also be seen.
                                                                               moved down from the Shortland Islands in the North West, to establish a
Climate                                                                        base on the island of Guadalcanal. They set Korean labourers to building
The islands have a tropical equatorial climate with high humidity              an airstrip, recruited local villagers as unpaid labour, and laid claim to
sometimes reaching 90% saturation but modified by trade winds. The             local clothing, property, crops, and other foodstuffs. American forces
temperature is a fairly consistent 28-30 C (80-84F) but in the evening         countered the invasion and severe fighting followed on land and sea.
it may drop to 23 C throughout the year, and rain falls in short, heavy        It is here that America suffered amongst her worst strategic sea defeats
bursts most of the year round, although the months between November            ever, near the island of Savo, when the Americans first tried to recapture
and April are known as the rainy season. Rainfall is influenced by global      the territory. The war eventually claimed 7,000 Americans and 39,000
weather conditions such as El Niño phenomenon.                                 Japanese lives (including 15,000 at sea; 2,400 in air battles almost 14,000
Honiara’s annual rainfall is about 2,800mm (110”). Hurricane winds,            in land battles, and 8,000 from starvation and disease). Many Islanders
known locally as cyclones, might occur between November and January,           helped the Allied forces, especially as scouts or guerrillas, and received
but are mostly south moving and seldom cause damage. Daily sunshine            military decorations for bravery (see War Memorial Story Chapter 4)
averages seven hours; sunrise is around 5:30 to 6:00 and the sun sets at       Numerous friendships with Americans were formed, in contrast to the
about 6:00 to 6:30 pm.                                                         islanders earlier unpleasant experience with colonialism. One result was
                                                                               the formation of the Ma’asina Rule (sometimes called Marching Rule)
History                                                                        on the island of Malaita – a nationalist movement meaning “sibling
Pre-1942 – Habitation of the Islands started an estimated six thousand         solidarity” in Kwaio language. Ma’asina Rule opposed co-operation
years ago, when a Neolithic south-east Asian population arrived – the first    with the returning British government and its institutions, and pledged
Proto-Melanesians. Archaeological findings suggest that they settled as        alliance with the United States. However, rebels were arrested heavy-
tribal villagers under chiefly rule and survived by hunting and growing        handedly by the British in 1948.
crops. In about 2000 BC they appear to have been supplemented by the
Lapitans, who may have introduced ceramics and pottery to the islands.         Post-1945 – The War was an economic disaster for the islands, as many
                                                                               of the wealth-producing expatriates did not return afterwards. The
Archaeologists estimate that Polynesian settlers arrived about 1500 AD,        previous capital had been destroyed, so a new centre of government was
absorbing into or conquering the indigenous population and raiding             established around the wharves and ports and the new American airstrip
neighbouring island groups. Evidence shows that the Islanders practiced        (Henderson Airfield) on Guadalcanal. The British learnt from the Massina
ancestor worship, and that blood feuds and cannibalism were common.            incident, to respect islanders’ pride, and the process of self-government

94   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                      Trade Directory 2010    I 95
began with the establishment of democratically elected Local Councils             old people under the traditional wantok social system, which instils
from 1952. Emphasis was on development of the economy and                         personal and family responsibility for the elderly.
improvements in healthcare and education. Independence from Britain
                                                                                  Solomon Island women bear on average 4.8 children, although the
was achieved 7 July 1978, when the Solomon Islands became the 37th
                                                                                  government is trying to reduce this figure to three children per core
member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Relations with Britain remain
                                                                                  family unit by year 2016. The average life expectancy of Solomon
nevertheless close, and many systems, such as legal and parliamentary
                                                                                  Islanders is 61 years for men and 62 for women. The gender balance at
procedures, are still based on the British model.
                                                                                  the moment is 107 males to 100 females.
Government                                                                        At the time of the 1999 census, about 86% of the population lived in rural
Solomon Islands has an unicameral Parliamentary democracy with the                villages mostly along the coasts, counting over sixty thousand (65,000)
British Monarch as Head of State, represented by a local Governor-General,        households with an average of 71 persons per village and 6 people per
who is recommended to the Queen by National Parliament. The seventh               household. Malaita (with the highest population), Western Province
and current Governor-General is Sir Frank Kabui. Parliament has 50                (second highest population), and Guadalcanal, accounted for 68% of the
members, including 24 Cabinet Ministers (see appendix), who elect the             rural population; and until 1999 there was increasing migration towards
Prime Minister. General elections are held every four years, and the next         Honiara, where 12% of the population lived – particularly from origin
elections will be held in mid 2010. Every Islander over 18 is entitled to vote.   Malaita – and where many remained unemployed.
International relations are generally uncontroversial. The islands are            Ninety per cent of Honiara’s residents were born elsewhere. The growth
members of many international organizations, including the UN, the                rate of Honiara was 7% but the civil unrest halted this trend and caused
World Bank and the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone.                               people to return to Malaita causing ‘displacement’ of an estimated
Population                                                                        30 thousand people who left their homes/villages in search of safer
A population census is carried out roughly every ten years. The latest was        accommodation and after, staying with family in Honiara to await
an EU-funded census project in 2009 the results of which will be released         compensation payouts. In 1999, before the coup on 5th June 2000, only 16
in June 2010.                                                                     percent of the population was considered ‘urban dwellers’ the migration to
                                                                                  Honiara is also motivated by a desire to find gainful employment. Only 23
Solomon Islands population is projected to be approximately 518,388 at            percent of the population over 14 years old had employment at the time
end 2009. It is expected to rise to more than 577,179 by end 2014. 52% of         of the Census, with 2.5 men employed for every woman.
the population are males and 48 % female.
                                                                                  The expatriate community usually numbers around one thousand, but
In 1997, before the civil unrest, the population was thought to be 426,000        numbers fluctuate continually as foreign projects are completed and
strong. The annual population growth rate was then 3.5% and although              investors, aid workers, missionaries, and peacekeepers come and go.
the rate has reduced to about 2.8% now, it is still among the highest             Foreign nationals are mainly from Australia, New Zealand, Britain and
growth rates in the world. At this growth rate, the 1999 population will          USA. Most of them live in Honiara, with some aid and voluntary workers,
have doubled by 2024 and the population will have reached an estimated            tour operators, and people working in the arts or capital projects,
one million people by 2033.                                                       on outlying islands. Islanders and expatriates socialise and work well
The population distribution is roughly 95% Melanesian; 3% Polynesian;             together and live in the same residential areas. Much of the small Chinese
1.4% Micronesian; 0.4% European; and 0.1% Chinese, Filipino, Malaysian            commercial community tends to live in one broad geographical location.
Origin. Relations between different communities are generally good,               Language
however they were severely strained during the ethnic tension period              There are claims that up to 110 different tribal languages and dialects
2000-2003 (see Historical Perspective and Political Overview Chapter 1).          are spoken in Solomon Islands. As a result, most Islanders tend to
The Solomon Island population is very young, with 39% under the age               communicate informally in Pijin Inglis, which is broken English. Pijin (see
of 15 years, which makes youth dependency very high. Generally, the               back of book) as a lingua franca is constantly evolving and can initially
rate of economic growth has not been able to keep up with the rate of             sound deceptively complex to newcomers, when spoken rapidly and with
population growth. Old age dependency is low, and relatives look after            heavy intonation, but with a little effort becomes relatively easy for English

96   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                         Trade Directory 2010   I 97
speaking people to learn and make themselves understood. If you are              Culture
visiting – and certainly, if you are planning to live in the Solomon Islands     The social system in Solomon Islands is complex and self-contained.
for any length of time – you should try to master at least basic pijin – local   Some groups are patrilineal, and some, matrilineal societies. Traditional
people appreciate it, and it will go a long way towards breaking down            leadership is both a chiefly system of inherited leadership and acquired
barriers. The beginner’s guide at the back of this book will help you.           competitive leadership sometimes called the “big man” system.
Nonetheless, for a number of years already, all education is conducted in        Outside Honiara, the tendency is towards subsistence fishing and
English, and professional and management level Islanders speak English           agriculture and hierarchical chief-led communities. Government supports
quite naturally and with sophistication. Most of the rest of the population      the traditional wantok social safety net, traditional support systems of
can understand and speak basic formal English. The language for                  the church and family, and other mechanisms that promote personal and
business communications should be in straightforward, un-ambiguous               family responsibility for vulnerable sectors of society. The responsibility
but courteous English. Meetings with business and political figures are          to support the extended family is integral to the culture, impacting
also easily conducted in adequate English. Parliamentary debates are             on commercial and domestic life. Islanders are never short of support
however often conducted in Pijin.                                                and shelter from their wantoks (one-talks = those who speak the same
                                                                                 tribal language, who come from the same village). As a result, homes
                                                                                 and business places are often full of people enjoying hospitality and
                                                                                 exchanging news.
                                                                                 Land-ownership is an important and emotional issue. Land is generally
                                                                                 owned by extended families, whether by custom or registration. This is
                                                                                 important to remember when setting up business.

                                                                                 Solomon Islanders are a spiritual nation. About 96% are Christian –
                                                                                 including the Anglicans (35%), Roman Catholic Faith (20%), Evangelical
                                                                                 (18%), Methodist (11%), Assembly of God, Seventh Day Adventist (10%);
                                                                                 and Baha’i Faith and Jehovah’s Witnesses. The different denominations
                                                                                 exist happily alongside one another, for instance, singing hymns together
                                                                                 at community events. There are a few Hindu and Muslim believers, also
                                                                                 happily integrated, and they tend to make domestic arrangements for
                                                                                 worship. Some areas particularly in Malaita, continue non-deity specific
                                                                                 practices, including some ancestor worship and animism, even among
                                                                                 some Christian communities.
                                                                                 Solomon Islanders generally follow their faith visibly and whole-
                                                                                 heartedly, and are disappointed by those who do not profess to one.
                                                                                 Many meetings begin with a prayer, and meals with grace.

98   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                      Trade Directory 2010   I 99
                                                       Chapter Five - Guide For New Residents & Visitors
                bjs services for                       Useful information to know before your visit
                                                       Time: Solomon Islands is 11 hours ahead of GMT and one hour ahead of
                          new residents                Eastern Australia Time

                                                       Weights and measures: Solomon Islands use the Standard International
                                                       units of measure, but some imperial system measures persist.

                                                       Currency and Money Matters
  BJS group of companies offers a full range of        The Solomon Islands Dollar was introduced in 1977.
                                                       Its value is determined by the Central Bank. Notes are in 2, 5, 10, 20,
  services for the new resident                        50 and 100 dollar denominations, and coins in values up to SBD$1. No
  •	 Induction services - cultural and business        restrictions exist on imports of currency, and individuals can take out
                                                       SBD$30,000 cash at any time without reference – for more, approval from
  •	 Advice and counselling for new arrivals           the Central Bank is required.
                                                       Contact: T: +677 21791 F: +67723513 Address: PO Box 634, Honiara
  •	 Settling in packs
                                                       Travellers’ cheques and letters of credit can be brought in or taken out.
  •	 Assistance with international pet relocation
                                                       Banks                               Opening hours
  •	 Real estate rentals and property management
                                                       ANZ Bank                            9:00am - 4:00pm on weekdays
  •	 Work permit and residence visa assistance         ANZ Bank Business Centre            9:00am - 5:00pm on weekdays
                                                       Bank South Pacific                  8:30am - 3:00pm on weekdays
  •	 Clearance of imported cars, government            Westpac Bank                        9:00am - 4:00pm on weekdays
     registration and vehicle insurance
                                                       ATM’s                               Locations in Honiara
  •	 Packing and uplifting of personal effects and     ANZ Bank                            Point Cruz, Solomon Post Office,
     specialised handicraft packing                                                        Panatina Plaza,
                                                                                           Henderson International Airport
  •	 Shipping and customs clearance of
                                                       Westpac Bank                        Point Cruz, Mud Alley (between ‘BSP’ &
     personal effects                                                                      ‘Our Telekom’, Panatina Plaza
  •	 And of course the Lime Lounge Café to meet new    Bank South Pacific                  Point Cruz, Mud Alley
     friends once you have settled in!
                                                       Opening a bank account is easy although patience is sometimes required
                                                       during busy periods. Cash is the preferred form of payment, but local
                                                       cheques (with a telephone number on the back) and credit cards are
      For more information contact Monique on:         accepted at some places. Defaulting cheques are often photocopied,
                                                       enlarged and displayed outside business premises. See elsewhere for a
                                                       list of banks and contact points.
      T: +677 23508            E:
100   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                          Trade Directory 2010   I 101
Hours of Business                                                            The local shipping agent is Tradco Shipping Ltd.
In planning your business programme – or making business or                  Contact: T: +677 22588 F: +677 23887 E:
household arrangements once you arrive, best allow for ‘Solomon time’.                Address: PO Box 114, Honiara
Like most tropical countries, punctuality is given a low priority, but
things do get done.                                                          Arriving
                                                                             Visitors need a valid and current passport with at least six months before
Your programme should allow extra time for personal transactions
                                                                             expiry date in order to enter Solomon Islands, and visitors other than
which might be routine elsewhere, and for traffic delays, cancellation of
                                                                             subjects of Britain, the European Community, the British Commonwealth
transport, or meetings, and for unexpected social or business encounters
                                                                             or USA, also need a visa. Do arrange these at an early stage of planning
which can lead to useful and enjoyable networking or hospitality.
                                                                             your travel, including a transit visa if you are just passing through. (A
All shops are open by 9:00am – some earlier – and close anytime from         transit visa might not be necessary if you have a confirmed onward
4:30pm onwards on weekdays, but many family-run businesses operate           booking – check with your travel agent or the nearest Solomon Islands
for longer. Most shops close on Saturday afternoon and Sundays. Central      diplomatic post).
market is open for most of the day, winding down by 3:00pm and closing
                                                                             On arrival, you may obtain a Visitor’s Permit for up to three months (ask
around 5:00pm. The Central Market is open on Saturdays, while Kukum
                                                                             at the airport). When you receive it you may, for a period of fourteen days
fish market is controlled by believers of the SDA faith, and is closed
                                                                             from its issue pursue your business, provided it arises from your usual
between Friday late afternoon and Saturday late afternoon.
                                                                             business outside the Solomon Islands. You may be expected to show
Commercial businesses tend to work from 7:30am – 12:00 and 1:00pm            evidence of adequate funding for your stay, and your onward tickets.
– 4:30pm on weekdays, also on Saturday morning. Government offices
                                                                             You may bring in your personal effects, including 2 litres of alcoholic
open from 8:00 am– 12:00 and 1:00pm - 4:30pm on weekdays.
                                                                             beverages and 200 cigarettes (provided you are over 18) duty-free.
Travelling to and around the islands                                         To bring in arms or ammunition you need to show a licence from the
Visitors to the Solomon Islands mostly fly in and back via Brisbane.         Ministry of Foreign Affairs (T: +677 28612 F: +677 20351 Address: PO Box
This 3 hour flight is among the most costly anywhere in the world, at        G26, Honiara). Animals, seeds, soil and plant materials require a licence
SBD$11,588.84 (up from SBD$ 8771.90 in 2008) return. Cheaper trip deals      from the Controller of Customs and Excise (T: +677 26251 Address: PO
are often on offer, monitor the Pacific Blue and Solomon Airline websites    Box G26, Honiara). Up to 25kg of meat can be brought in with a meat
for special offers.                                                          licence. The meat licence costs SBD$200 and can be obtained from
                                                                             Quarrantine. T: +677 24657/24658
The Solomon Airline flight schedule in March 2010 is three flights per       Commercial samples may be brought in duty free, but prior approval is
week from Brisbane to Honiara, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays,           required from customs.
and three flights per week from Honiara to Brisbane, on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays. Connecting flights to Brisbane are also              Hotels
available from Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Vanuatu (see flight schedule       Honiara offers a reasonable range of hotels for business visitors, and caters
in appendix). Get advice on critical connections from your travel agent      for all budgets across the board. A top-class sea-view room may cost over
in Honiara, before leaving your country of origin (see Chapter 2 Tourism     SBD$1000.00 per night, with air-conditioning, satellite TV, hotel swimming
Sector for a list of Travel Agents in Honiara).                              pool and in-room tea and coffee making facilities. Facilities are often
                                                                             available at such hotels, to send international faxes and to use a laptop
Departure tax is SBD$100.00 for outbound international passengers 12         computer (remember to bring an adapter and current spike arrester).
years and over. This is included in the cost of the flight ticket. Regular
shipping services operate from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong,            The Heritage Park Hotel, King Solomon Hotel and Solomon Kitano
Japan and Europe. Honiara is the main port, while foreign log ships also     Mendana Hotel have a business/conference centre and wireless internet
use ports at Gizo, Noro and Yandina. Inter-island shipping and flights are   access. But do not expect business centres as the norm, nor beauty salons
subject to change, depending for example, on weather conditions.             or health clubs. Solomon Islanders can give reasonable massages!

102   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                 Trade Directory 2010   I 103
Service tends to be charming but leisurely. At the bottom end,              Restaurant meals are mostly reasonably priced by international standards,
accommodation may cost as little as SBD$30.00 a night, and the facilities   with high quality European, Japanese, and Chinese cuisines, seafood
will match the price. Tourist class hotels and resorts are also found at    buffets and table-served dinners often with local entertainment. Seafood
Gizo, Munda and Auki. Other islands have self-contained resorts and         buffet meals cost from SBD$150 to SBD$225 per person at the Honiara
eco lodges, offering ‘leaf hut’ houses often amongst scenery of stunning    hotels. Good quality Chinese restaurants charge less and relaxed, low-
natural beauty. But do not – in view of the small market and under-         cost meals at the Yacht Club, and Panatina Plaza, might cost less than
developed tourist trade – expect or demand the highest world class.         SBD$50.00. Panatina Plaza has three food outlets serving a range of foods.

Some hotels in Honiara that are suitable for business visitors’ are:        Take-away restaurants such as Nicky’s Take A-way’s, Garden Seafood
                                                                            Restaurant, and Crown Restaurant are popular with the local residents.
 Hotel                     Contact                  Room Rate - SBD$        Honiara’s first coffee shop, The Lime Lounge, (T: +677 23064) next to ANZ
                                                                            Bank in the centre of town, opened in 2003 and is very popular. Nings
 Heritage Park Hotel       PO Box 1598              $1760 - $3740           Coffee Shop is also proving popular after opening in 2005 and El Shaddai
                           Ph: 24007                                        located at the Tongs Building along Hibiscus Avenue is also proving
                           Fax: 21001                                       popular after opening in 2006.
 Solomon Kitano            PO Box 384               $900 - $2800
 Mendana Hotel             Ph: 20071                                        Wherever you eat, some dishes are likely to be unavailable, as restaurant
                           Fax: 23942 l                                     owners depend on ships and flights to bring consumables in – so have a
                                                                            second choice in mind!
 King Solomon Hotel        PO Box 268               $750 - $1300
                           Ph: 21205                                        Australian still wines and sparkling wines of varying quality are available
                           Fax: 21771                                       at several bottle stores in town, with prices varying considerably – expect
 Honiara Hotel             PO Box 4                 $522 - $996             to pay maybe SBD$70 – SBD$300/bottle. Bottle shops offer a variety of
                           Ph: 21737                                        imported ready mixed alcoholic drinks and local and imported beer. The
                           Fax: 20376                                       local beer is Solbrew, a German brew of high international standard, and
 Pacific Casino Hotel      PO Box 1298              $500- $1190             a 355ml bottle can cost SDB$15-SBD$24 in clubs and hotels. Around
                           Ph: 25009                                        SBD$228/carton of 24 bottles is the usual price.
                           Fax: 25021                                       Outside Honiara the choice and standard of food can be very limited,
 Quality Motel             PO Box 152               $352 - $682             but the kaikai (food) at most resorts is excellent. The Visitors’ Bureau (T:
                           Ph: 25150                                        +677 22442) and Solomon Travel (T: +677 24081) makes bookings for
                           Fax: 25277                                       visits to outlying resorts, and can advise visitors further. Word-of-mouth
 Airport Motel             PO Box 251               $450 - $660             recommendations and advice are easy to obtain though, and expatriate
                           Ph: 36446                                        residents will be keen to help you.
                           Fax: 36411
                                                                            The following websites contain a lot of useful Solomon Island information:
 Iron Bottom Sound        PO Box 1892               $880 - $1430
 Hotel                    28630
                          Fax: 28638
 Sanalae Apartments       Panatina Ridge            $660-$880     

104   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                Trade Directory 2010    I 105
Tipping                                                                            Domestic Consumables and Services
Although always welcome with the recipient, tipping is not a common
practice and is discouraged because the implied obligation it carries              Electricity
contradicts the local culture of hospitality.                                      Electricity output is 240/415 volts AC (50 cycles). Australian-type flat three
                                                                                   pin plugs and bayonet-type light fittings are used. Standards and wiring
                                                                                   rules of the Standards Association of Australia apply (Ref AS3000 Part
Finding a Home and Real Estate Issues
                                                                                   1). Electricity costs $3.39 per Kw/hr plus fuel price adjustment of $0.632
Before you leave the other end, do ensure that for clearance of your
                                                                                   Kw/hr for domestic consumers. Commercial users pay $3.78 per Kw/hr
unaccompanied luggage, a bill of lading or airway bill should be shown,
                                                                                   plus fuel price adjustment of $0.632Kw/hr. A growing trend is a user pays
and a typed inventory listing the contents of each carton will make things
                                                                                   system called Cash Power where the customer prepays $4.64 Kw/hr. This
much easier.
                                                                                   avoids illegal power tapping to your power supply. Electricity is provided
Housing in the capital is in fairly short supply. It is possible to acquire land   by the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority, SIEA (T: +677 38842
on a 49 or 75-year leasehold and to buy a ready constructed property.              W: Expect regular interruptions to the power supply
A three-bedroom house in Honiara might cost between SBD$800,000 –                  (see Chapter 2 Infrastructure Sector)
SBD$4,000,000 but more residents rent – certainly expatriates. Despite             Gas
the economic downturn in the country since the coup in mid 2000, rental            No piped gas supply exists, but most households have both gas (stoves)
costs for executive style homes remain high. At the moment, a furnished            and electricity, to use in times of power outages. Bottled gas is used
house with pool and generator costs approximately SBD$24,000                       which is stored outside the house. This is easily available in Honiara and
to SBD$45,000 per month. Less exclusive houses are available from                  costs about SBD$1073 for a refill of a 45kg cylinder and SBD$1,973 for a
around SBD$8,000 to SBD$20,000 per month, but these homes may not                  new bottle that should last several months. Origin Energy will deliver the
come furnished or provide a generator. Air conditioning in the house               gas to your house for a fee of SBD$25 paid in advance.
and, a standby generator are strongly recommended. Many houses
have swimming pools and virtually all have rainwater collection tanks              Water
to enhance the main water supply when the town supply runs low.                    Water is metered and chargeable on consumption. It costs:
The majority of houses available for rent come with basic furniture,               SBD$2/KL for first 15 units
refrigerator and stove. All other services are acquired by the tenant.             SBD$3/KL for 2nd 15 units
                                                                                   SBD$3.50/KL after that.
A few hotels in Honiara offer rooms with kitchen facilities for short or long
                                                                                   The responsible authority is Solomon Islands Water Authority, SIWA
term rental contracts. In addition, a small selection of properties offers
                                                                                   (T: +677 23985). Pressure is frequently poor to even non-existent up on
one or two bedroom flats for rent.
                                                                                   ridges. Pumps and tanks are a good investment. Filters are essential and
Real estate operators in Honiara who can assist in securing rental homes are:      bottled drinking water is usual. Town water must be boiled before drinking.

A.J & G Blum Property Management (Blums)                                           Post
T: +677 23277 / 7494126                                                            No home-delivery for post exists in the Solomons – everyone has a
E:                                                                postal address and collects mail from the post office. Mail from abroad
W: (select Blums Real Estate Agency)                                should be sent by airmail. Important documents going or coming from
                                                                                   overseas, should be couriered to ensure timely delivery. DHL has an
Capital Real Estate                                                                agency in Honiara.
T: +677 25333 F: +677 25332

Premiere Real Estate
T: +677 21404/21413 M: +677 7495277

106   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                       Trade Directory 2010    I 107
Telecommunication Services                                                   International Direct Dial
Solomon Telekom Company Ltd, Our Telekom, is a full service provider in      Solomon Telekom provides full international direct-dialling. The
the Solomon Islands, offering Fixline telephone services, domestic and       international country code is 677 for Solomon Islands. To call overseas
international lease circuits, Prepaid & Postpaid mobile services with SMS,   from Solomon Islands dial “00” followed by country code and customer
MMS and GPRS & 3G Mobile data services, International mobile roaming         number. Diverted calls to answering machines or voice mail services are
services and satellite services.                                             chargeable calls. Note that hotels have their own tariffs on top of Telekom
                                                                             charges, and are usually very expensive. More information about services
Our Telekom also provides business communication solutions, offering         & tariffs can be found in the Solomon Islands Telephone Directory.
switchboard solutions with the proven NEC Zen Topaz & SV8 100 PABX
systems for small to large businesses.                                       Call Charges
                                                                             Our Telekom uses per second billing. This means if your call lasts 10
Our Telekom is also the Internet Service Provider in the Solomons offering
                                                                             seconds, you will be charged for only 10 seconds. All trunk, mobile and
dial-up and ADSL & Wireless Broadband services as well as Web Hosting,
                                                                             international calls are timed and charged to the nearest second, and
Domain name emails and other web related services.
                                                                             are in SBD$, unless specified in another currency. Local landline calls
Our Telekom has offices in all Provincial headquarters with an expanding     are un-timed. Payment can be made using American Express, Visa and
rural area presence offering mobile services to remote rural communities     Master Card. Off-peak rates apply to international calls from normal direct
and hamlets. When you are in Provincial towns you will not miss the          exchange lines (DELs) and mobile services. It does not apply to pre-paid
Telekom Office.                                                              services, satellite phones, local and trunk calls.
Our Telekom is a joint venture company majority owned by Solomon             Direct dialled calls to all Pacific Countries including Australia and New
Islanders through the National Provident Fund (64.7% share) and the          Zealand, now cost the same, at SBD$7.00 per minute, and to the rest of
Investment Corporation of the Solomon Islands (2.7% share). Cable &          the world at SBD$10.00 per minute. Cheaper International calls to ALL
Wireless Plc of the United Kingdom owns minority shares of 32.6%.            International destinations at SBD$6.50 per minute can also be made
                                                                             through our VOIP gateway by dialling ‘01’ for International access. The
                                                                             online charge for Internet use is at a discounted rate of SBD$0.38 per
                                                                             minute for dial-up service with fixed monthly volume-based packages for
                                                                             ADSL broadband or Wireless Broadband access.

                                                                             Domestic Mobile to Mobile Charge
                                                                             SB$1.50 per minute (per second billing)

                                                                             Domestic Mobile to Fixline Charge
                                                                             SB$2.00 per minute (per second billing)

                                                                             Domestic Fixline to Mobile Charge
                                                                             SB$2.00 per minute. (per second billing)

                                                                             Fixline to Fixline Trunk Call Charge
                                                                             SB$2.50 per minute (per second billing)

                                                                             Fixline to Fixline Local Call Charge
                                                                             SB$0.70 cents per call (Flat Rate)

                                                                             Government sales tax of 10% is payable on all services

108   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                               Trade Directory 2010   I 109
Breeze Mobile Services: 3G Network                                              International Roaming
Our Telekom has a world class GSM GPRS 2.5G/3G network offering                 Our Telekom has roaming agreements with ‘Yes’ Optus, Telstra, AT&T,
mobile connectivity in the capital, in all Provincial towns and in most rural   BeMobile PNG, Vodafone Netherlands, Vodafone Fiji and CSL Hong Kong.
areas. There will be some remote rural areas that you will find hard to get     You can visit these providers overseas office to setup a roaming account
that connection however these are increasingly few as Our Telekom rolls         before coming to the Solomons, which will allow you to conveniently
out mobile services right into rural communities out in the Provinces. See      use your overseas mobile phone account (Number) here in the Solomons
the areas of operation diagram below for mobile coverage nationwide.            without buying a local Simcard. If you are not able to do this then just get
                                                                                a Our Telekom prepaid Simcard at any Our Telekom Sales Office.
Our Telekom offers Postpaid Mobile Services, where customers sign up
for an account and get monthly bills for usage. Prepaid Mobile Service is       Important Contacts
also available. Just buy a Prepaid Simcard at any Our Telekom Sales office      For further information and queries about Our Telekom services below
and TopUp call credits as needed at any of the many MeTopUp Agents              are useful contacts.

3G Mobile Data Services                                                          Telekom Honiara       For General Enquiry and Service Provisioning.
Our Telekom offers a world class mobile network with 3G capabilities             Sales Office          T: + 677 21164
offering mobile Internet access, email, picture messaging and mobile                                   F: +677 24185
video calls to enable customers to share real-time pictures and videos.                                E:
Areas of Operation as of March 2010                                                                    W:
                                                                                 Customer Care         For General Enquiry & Billing Queries
                                                                                                       T: +677 28200
                                                                                                       F: +677 27767
                                                                                 Free-Call Internet    For all Internet service related queries.
                                                                                 Helpdesk              T: +677 24000
                                                                                 Directory             For all your domestic telephone or mobile
                                                                                 Assistance:           number enquiries
                                                                                                       Call: 109
                                                                                 Fault Reporting       To report your faulty landline services –
                                                                                                       Telephone or Facsimile.
                                                                                                       Call: 104

110   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                    Trade Directory 2010   I 111
Emergency Telephone Numbers                                              Clothing
                                                                         Bring a good stock of lightweight cotton garments, including plenty of
Emergency telephone numbers for public emergency services are TOLL       shorts and tee shirts for your children. You will rarely see anyone wearing
FREE from any phone, funded by Solomon Telekom Company Ltd.              a jacket, and dress is usually casual. Even for business, most men wear
                                                                         short-sleeved shirts and lightweight long trousers. Some wear ties, but
They are:                                                                this is not usual and certainly not expected; smart shorts with long socks
                                                                         are acceptable. At ‘Tropical formal’ events you may need a tie, or certainly
 Police                             999                                  a smart shirt and long trousers with reasonably smart shoes or sandals.
 Hospitals                          911                                  Bring with you plenty of shoes: they are difficult to buy or repair locally
 Crime Stop                         966                                  and wear out quickly on coral paths, unmade roads, and with embarking
 Marine Search & Rescue             977                                  and disembarking canoes on inter-island canoe trips. Thong sandals are
                                                                         widely available and cheap to buy.
 Fire                               988
 Meteorological Service             933                                  Women’s dress varies and is often elegant, particularly on social occasions
 National Disaster (Cyclones etc)   955                                  such as the Queen’s Birthday party, Rotary Ball or Melbourne Cup day. Do
                                                                         bear in mind that local people value modesty, and although many of them
 Civil Aviation                     922                                  also wear shorts, the exposure of women’s legs in particular, thighs, such as
                                                                         when wearing brief shorts, is regarded by many as ill-mannered. Beachwear
For your easy reference these phone numbers are repeated at the end of
                                                                         is acceptable, but should be kept for the hotel/home swimming pool, the
the directory.
                                                                         beach, or your garden. Local people swim fully clothed.

                                                                         Be prepared – poor water quality even brown colour and lack of
                                                                         biological detergent in town water, may cause your laundry to be less
                                                                         than satisfactory, and there are no dry cleaners. A number of shops sell
                                                                         second-hand clothes, sometimes including designer label clothes from
                                                                         Australia. Commercial dressmaking is available, but many residents prefer
                                                                         to make their own – you may consider bringing patterns, materials and
                                                                         sewing supplies with you. Choice of fabrics is limited.

                                                                         Hair and Beauty Salons
                                                                         Image Hair& Beauty has been opened since mid-2001 and has
                                                                         Australian-trained staff offering treatment for all hair types and beauty
                                                                         services. T: +677 26200
                                                                         Cut & Style Beauty Salon has been opened since mid-2003 and has
                                                                         locally trained staff also offering treatment for all hair types and beauty
                                                                         services. Contact: Leah Collinson T: +677 38865
                                                                         Trish’s Hair Salon has been opened since 1989 and has Australian trained
                                                                         staff also offering treatment for all hair types and beauty services
                                                                         Contact: Trish Dallu T: +677 27851
                                                                         Mary’s Hair Salon offers treatment for all hair types and beauty services
                                                                         T: +677 20246
                                                                         Mermaid Fashion offers beauty, massage and physiotherapy.
                                                                         Contact: Justina Radclyffe T: +677 24095

112   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                             Trade Directory 2010   I 113
Domestic Staff                                                                    Vehicles, Driving & Public Transport
Virtually all professional or expatriate households employ at least a             Most Honiara residents consider 4-wheel drive vehicles essential.
cleaner for house cleaning and laundry, as well as a gardener. Security           Purchasing of second-hand Japanese 4-wheel drive vehicles is
staff have also become increasingly in demand, and security companies             popular with expats in Honiara. Check out this website, at http://www.
in Honiara can arrange guards for your purposes. Good cooks and          . Fuel costs in April 2010 were: Petrol SBD$10.35/
drivers exist, but are difficult to find and are often snapped up by senior       litre; Diesel SBD$8.99/litre; and Kerosene SBD$9.20/litre.
diplomats. Staff at most workplaces are paid twice a calendar month,
                                                                                  Self-drive hire cars are available in Honiara only. Driving is on the left-
on the 15th and 30th. They will be prepared to work weekdays, often
                                                                                  hand side of the road, although potholes on the road may force drivers
Saturday mornings (except Seventh Day Adventists), and will invariably
                                                                                  to be flexible, especially in poor weather conditions. Drive slowly for the
help out when you are entertaining (but expect to pay overtime for extra
                                                                                  sake of safety in the congested main street of Honiara. Drivers who are
work). How much you pay them, can vary depending on the hours they
                                                                                  not used to roundabouts, should be aware to give way to traffic from your
work and accommodation you might offer if your property includes a
                                                                                  right. Seat belts are not compulsory however strongly recommended.
staff house.
                                                                                  Taxis are plentiful in Honiara, Auki and Gizo, but less so elsewhere. The
Many employers supply utilities and some other benefits. Bearing all this         standard taxi rate is SBD$7 per kilometre; others do not have meters,
in mind, you might expect to pay your cleaner – as a very broad rule of           so negotiate a rate before you start the trip. You can hail cabs from the
thumb – SBD$50 to SBD$70 per day. Establishing a friendly and flexible            roadside. It usually cost SBD$70 from the airport to central Honiara, and
relationship with staff can bring immense rewards, and if you offer               some drivers quote about $60 to SBD$75 per hour for longer hire. Allow
accommodation you should bear in mind they will be very unhappy if                plenty of time for your journey, as taxis do not drive fast and congested
at least their immediate family cannot join them, no matter how small             traffic and potholes in the road do not help.
the house you are offering. In practice they will want to bring a large
extended family into their household and most employers accept this,              Buses are plentiful and cheap to travel on, in Honiara. A bus fare in
up to a point. Also be sensitive to the fact that employees might find it         Honiara is SBD$3.00 and their end destinations are indicated on the front
awkward to ask their family members (wantoks) for payment for goods               windscreen. When you want to bus to stop, simply say “sss!” and the bus
and services they use at your house.                                              will stop at the next bus stop. There are no railways.

There is a shortage of reliable and well-trained staff so remember to fit their
pay levels according to their skills. All employees (both full time and casual)
are entitled to receive an employer paid superannuation contribution or as
it is called in Solomon Islands, the National Provident Fund (NPF). The law
states that the employer must pay 7.5% of the employee’s salary towards
NPF while the employee must pay 5% of their salary towards NPF. For your
information, the Solomon Islands Government’s minimum hourly wage as
at 1st May 2008 is SBD$3.20 for agriculture plantations and Fishing Sectors
and SBD$4.00 for all other industries.

114   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                    Trade Directory 2010   I 115
Your Health & Medical Facilities                                              Schooling
The Solomon Islands is a relatively healthy environment, but malaria is       Various privately-run schools exist: Chung Wah and Woodford
prevalent and Chloroquine-resistant strains are endemic – there is no         International School accept all nationalities and have metropolitan-
sure-fire prophylaxis. Get advice from your doctor at least a month before    trained teachers. Woodford International School caters for children from
your visit, as you may need to start recommended medication at least 2-4      Kindergarten to Grade nine (15 yrs).
weeks before departure. Pregnant women will need special advice. Some
foreign Governments advise their staff to take nivoquine and maloprim         For further information please contact Woodford International School
for long-term visits; others recommend 200mg paludrine daily with             T: +677 30186 F: +677 38021 Address: P O Box R44 Honiara,
300mg chloroquine weekly (reduce by weight for children). (Mefloquine         E: W:
and fansidar are not widely recommended). Many expatriates do not             Chung Wah School caters for Pre School to grade six (12 yrs). For further
take anti-malaria medication at all but instead try to avoid being bitten     information please contact Chung Wah School.School holidays are based
by mosquitoes. Shops here stock a good supply of insect repellent, and        on the Australian system of long holiday period being over December/
most houses have fly-screens and fans or air-conditioning. Several malaria    January. T: +677 22460 F: +677 24649 E:
testing and treatment centres are regarded as hygienic and safe, and your
diplomatic representative will be able to advise you.                         A few small private kindergartens for children under 5 are available as
                                                                              well. Most foreign children return to their home country for High School
It is also wise to be up-to-date with immunisations against tetanus,          education; others take part in distance learning schemes.
polio and hepatitis A and B. Visitors from or via an area infected with
yellow fever must show proof of immunisation against it. Tap water is not
suitable for consumption, and MUST be boiled or treated with chemicals,
both in Honiara and elsewhere in the country. Attend meticulously to
any cuts or grazes you may get, as they can easily become infected. It is
recommended that a three-month supply of any prescribed medicines be
brought with you. Check beforehand about requirements for importation.

The National Referral Hospital – “Number 9” – (T: +677 23600) is equipped
to deal with minor operations and illnesses; dental services are regarded
by expatriates as excellent; pharmacies in Honiara are usually well-
stocked, and a foreign optician visits regularly.

A doctor’s consultation may cost SBD$40 to SBD$200, but most medical
treatment is free to residents. However, the budget is limited and the
service could be correspondingly lacking in some more complicated
procedures. There are Church hospitals in Munda and Malaita; clinics
throughout the Islands are staffed by nurses, and in-patient facilities are
in Gizo, Buala, Auki, Tulagi, Kira Kira and Lata.

The outpatients’ department at Honiara’s National Referral Hospital
(T: +677 23600) is open 24 hours, both on demand (in order of arrival or
urgency) or by appointment. It also has a pharmacy open during normal
working hours, and Saturday mornings. A hospital patients’ fund exists,
towards which donations are welcome.

116   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                Trade Directory 2010   I 117
Leisure & Entertainment                                                          International newspapers are hard to obtain, but papers such as The
                                                                                 Australian or the UK Daily Telegraph are available to read a few days after
Television and Radio                                                             publication, during office hours at High Commissions and Embassies. The
Bring or buy locally a short-wave radio, to listen to both the Solomon           Week-end Australian newspaper is now available the following Thursday
Islands Broadcasting Corporation, broadcasting service messages and              from the Lime Lounge. The Internet provides current international
news in English and Pijin – and Parliamentary debates, music and relayed         information also.
Australian and BBC news, and various BBC World Service programmes
(although a good aerial is needed for those).                                    Here are a few of the websites that provide news of the Solomon Islands
                                                                                 and region;
There are a few local radio stations and their frequencies are listed below.
(Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation)         10.35 am            
PAOA FM                                            97.7 fm and 101.7 fm          Sight Seeing
Z FM                                              100 fm                         Visit and stroll through the Honiara museum, three vegetable markets,
                                                                                 a botanical garden, Parliament House, the American and Japanese war
WAN FM                                            96.3 fm
                                                                                 memorials, and a cultural centre with constructed leaf houses from
Radio Australia                                   107 fm                         around the Pacific. Most remarkable are the WW2 battlefield sites where,
                                                                                 on land, debris (shrapnel, bullets, even ration tins) can be spotted around
The local TV channel is One News. On this channel, BBC and Australia
                                                                                 still-visible foxholes, and quite often close to shore, sunken wrecks lie in
Network (ABC) are also broadcast. This is free to air; all you need is a small
                                                                                 various states of reclamation by brightly coloured fish and coral. Visit the
antenna which you can purchase from either Greyleen Electrics (Ranadi)
                                                                                 Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau for more information.
or Satellite Solutions (Point Cruz).
 Solomon Telekom Television has three VHF frequencies and one UHF
frequency. One News TV which is still in its infancy stages was launched
alongside the last Football World Cup in 2006. The company currently
produces one hour of news, sports, business and short TV magazine type
programs. News times are 9pm every night 7 days a week. The nightly
bulletins are repeated at 7am the next morning.
A decoder and satellite dish should enable you to get a full range of
                                                                                     Barristers, Solicitors & Notaries
satellite TV via South East Asia, or Australia. Bringing or buying an
Australian or multi-system video recorder is a good idea too, as the time            Legal Practitioners in Solomon Islands, Providing Services in:
difference between the countries means that evening broadcasts in the
                                                                                     Commercial Law                           Conveyancing
Solomon Islands herald children’s TV from elsewhere. Video recorders and             Company Law                              Civil Litigation
players, and video rental, are also available locally as are fridges, freezers       Taxation Law                             Admiralty
and, other domestic electrical goods. Their prices and choice reflect the            Trust and Estate                         Foreign Investment
fact that they are imported, and that the market is small.                           Trade Marks and Patents                  Resource Law
                                                                                     Banking and Securities                   Mining, Forestry & Fishing
                                                                                     Partners: John Sullivan, Thomas Kama, John Katahanas, Dennis McGuire & Rodney Kingmele
Local daily and weekly newspapers include the Solomon Star, National
Express and the Island Sun, are published in English and available at a
range of shops in the NPF plaza, Panatina Plaza, various general stores in          Level 5                      P.O. Box 498                   Telephone: (677) 23886
                                                                                    Anthony Saru Building        Honiara                        Facsimile: (677) 20356
Honiara, at certain popular bus stops and the Lime Lounge coffee shop at
                                                                                    Coronation Avenue            Solomon Islands      
Point Cruz.

118   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                           Trade Directory 2010       I 119
Surfing                                                                        are on the Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Dive Adventures, Uepi resort, Dive
For all the surfing enthusiasts, Solomon Islands is an undiscovered gem!       Gizo, Dive Munda, and Solomon Watersport.
Tony Jansen at Rain Tree Café has found many great surf locations around
Malaita and Guadalcanal and has encouraged locals there to establish           Dive boats are also operating with knowledgeable instructors and full
eco-lodges for surf travellers.                                                equipment, who tour a range of islands. These trips are popular even with
W: E:                               snorkellers and other non-divers. Information is available at Aqua Action
                                                                               or the Bilikiki office opposite the Yacht Club. Many scuba enthusiasts find
Papatura Resort on Santa Isabel also offer great surfing safaris.              prices prohibitive. World-class professional dive Instructors’ offer dives
(see chapter 2)                                                                at around SBD$700-$850 for one dive, SBD$850-$1000 for two dives
Contact: T: +61 755279855 W:                                  including dive gear. PADI- approved diving courses are available up to
Diving                                                                         Dive Master Standard. Potential divers should be over 15 years old and in
Solomon Islands is considered one of the four top diving sites in the world    a reasonable state of health (a scuba health check can be arranged with
– it would be a shame to visit and miss the opportunity to explore them.       a clinic in Honiara for perhaps SBD$300). An Open Water dive course is
                                                                               around SBD$2,500. All equipment and suiting is available for hire.
The coral and fish are remarkable to view up close, and hundreds of WW2
wrecks can be seen. At some beaches, such as Boneghi on Guadalcanal, a         The water is pleasantly warm with astonishing visibility however, it
kastom fee is charged for entry to the dive site. There are three dive shops   is recommended to wear something light to protect yourself against
operational in Honiara at the moment plus Bilikiki Cruises.                    potential coral brush – coral cuts in the Solomons easily become seriously
                                                                               infected. There is a decompression chamber in the Solomon Islands
                                                                               located behind the King Solomon Hotel at ‘In The Zone Medical Centre’.
 Dive Shops/        Contacts                              Location
                                                                               First point of contact is Geoff Allen from Coastwatchers Water Sports
                                                                               Limited on T: +677 73672. The other areas of close proximity in the region
 Tulagi Dive        Neil Yates                            Tandai Highway       with hyperbaric chambers are Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea, Cairns
                    T: +677 7475043                       Honiara              and Townsville in Australia. It is recommended worldwide and here that
                    E:                                     scuba divers to take out adequate diving insurance to cover diving-
                    W:                                   related injuries.
 Sun Reef &         Luke Wate                             Honiara Hotel        Social Life
 Wreck Dive         T: +677 23659                                              Professional and expatriate social life in the Solomon Islands is quite
 Coastwatchers      Geoff Allen                           Operates by          active. Favourite meeting places now include the Lime Lounge Coffee
 Water Sports       T: +677 21255                         phone                Shop (T: +677 23064), Point Cruz Yacht Club (T: +677 22500), where
                    M: +677 7473672                                            visitors (but not resident non-members) can be signed in (you are unlikely
 Bilikiki Cruises   Evan Thomas                           Point Cruz           to be turned away if you are a new arrival and just turn up). Annual
                    T: +677 20412                                              membership for sporting (yachting and fishing) or social membership
                    E:                                 cost is minimal in comparison to international standards.

Scuba diving businesses (including dive courses) are situated at Gizo and      At the Golf Club (T: +677 30582) new members pay a nomination fee
Munda in the Western province, and Tulagi on Gela.                             of SBD$2,500 per single member, or SBD$3,000 for a family. An annual
                                                                               subscription fee applies at SBD$1,100 for an individual member, and
As an example of what is offered, Solomon Islands Diving/Dive Tulagi           SBD$1,700 for a family. Children under 18 who accompany their parents,
(W:; E: T: +677 32131) is an      enter free of charge, but golfing children between 13 – 18 years of age
hour’s boat trip north of Honiara in the Florida Group (also has an office     classify as junior golfers and pay SBD$150 per year. Non-members can
in Honiara), where the waters around Tulagi hold some of the world’s best      pay a green fee of SBD$75 to play nine holes of golf.
diving, from pristine reefs to spectacular WWII wrecks. Dive courses/island
                                                                               Other social activities including a very active Rotary Club, weekly Hash
drop-offs/trips to Ghavutu Dolphin Park are offered. More dive businesses
                                                                               House Harrier runs on Monday starting at 5:15pm from a location posted

120   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                  Trade Directory 2010   I 121
at Westpac Bank window in the centre of town. There is also football,          In practice virtually all expatriates keep dogs both as pets and for
and various ladies’ interest groups, including Morning Tea on Thursdays        guarding purposes and many keep cats and /or birds. When they leave
10:00am – 12:00.                                                               the country (‘go finis’) they will usually hope to pass these animals on to
                                                                               their successor or seek a new owner in the community. Check with your
Everyone is welcome to join any of these activities, and a good way
                                                                               predecessors in advance whether they are hoping to pass their animals
to tap in is to turn up at one of the above social clubs and talk to the
                                                                               on to you.
members. Such interaction is both easy and rewarding. Daytime social
life in Honiara can be very active, with craftwork, bridge, aerobics, media    The Solomons has a problem with feral dogs, which can attack small pets,
groups, hiking, PTFA, children playgroups, and a number of other formal        and their nocturnal howling can be a nuisance. There is no rabies, but skin
and informal meetings.                                                         diseases, heart disease and Parvo threaten every dog and cat, and should
                                                                               be vaccinated. Parvo is a viral disease that affects canines, although not
In addition, church members can be assured of warm welcome at their
                                                                               endemic in the Solomons, it is a blood dysentery for which there is no
preferred place of worship (see elsewhere for further details), and families
                                                                               cure, nor treatment, and it kills dogs quickly. Puppies can be vaccinated
with children have few problems finding others with whom to socialise.
                                                                               against Parvo, hepatitis, and influenza, and it is advisable to have these at
Please ensure to enquire about membership fees where applicable as             age 6 – 8 weeks, and again between 10 – 12 weeks, to protect the animals.
they do change over time.
                                                                               Cost of Living
Unpaid Activities/Volunteering                                                 The cost of living is lower than in some South Pacific states, but rising
Voluntary work is possible, especially if you have teaching or medical         fast. A fair selection of imported foods is available – and local chicken,
experience – but even if not, the hospital offers opportunities for patient    fish, fruit, vegetables and salads are in good but seasonal supply.
care, including visiting. Schools also welcome individuals prepared to         Bread is available, but do not expect your home variety. Cosmetics and
make stimulating presentations or help with back-room work. Churches,          medications are imported and therefore expensive, contact lens fluid
the Red Cross (T: +677 22682) and Rotary Club (current president is Dr         and personal hygiene products are also available. But on the whole, be
William Adukrow, E: have plenty of ideas for            prepared to shop around, and possibly accept goods different from your
valuable community activity.                                                   favoured brand. Colour film can be bought and processed locally.
Care is however required in doing unpaid voluntary work if the task is one     The following list of products will give an indication of the availability of
which may be carried out locally for a payment. In other words, if what        goods and the widely varying prices. Prices of goods are determined by
you do could have been a paid job and you do not have a work permit for        the frequently changing exchange rate with Australia as well as freight
that task, questions may be asked by others. Just a word of caution: many      cost. Most of these prices were quoted by Wings, Honiara’s biggest
local people are out of work!                                                  supermarket. The quality of recorded music and quality perfumes and
                                                                               after-shave lotions on sale vary widely. Some second hand and new book
Pets                                                                           shops and music shops are available, and many people might be willing
Dogs and cats can be brought in from Australia without quarantine              to bring back small items from a visit in Brisbane – do not forget to return
provided they fulfil quarantine requirements elsewhere in transit on           the compliment.
the trip to Honiara. They must also have evidence of de-sexing and
conventional vaccinations. Further advice and guidance on importation
of more exotic pets, is available from the Agriculture Quarantine Service.
T: +677 24657 F: +677 28365 Address: PO Box G13, Honiara
Your carrier at point of origin should look carefully into any quarantine
regulations and confirm the availability of overnight care stations at all
points of transit on the way. Honiara has a good veterinary practice
(T: +677 24206 or M: +677 7475328), but there are no boarding kennels.
Proprietary pet foods are available in the shops but, are sometimes scarce
and expensive.

122   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                   Trade Directory 2010   I 123
                                                                   Narasirato Pan Pipers

                                                                                                                                                  Narasirato Pan Pipers
Sample Items                      Price ($SBD)   Price ($SBD)
                                  in 2008        in 2010
Taxi/km                           $6.00          $7.00
Kleenex lavatory rolls (4)        $40.40         $24.00
Harpic Lavatory cleaner (500ml)   $26.40         $27.70
Omo washing powder (1.5kg)                       $128.50
Lux soap (125g)                   $2.50          $2.80
Delite sliced loaf of bread       $6.00          $8.50
Edgell baked beans (425g)         $12.50         $15.00
Butter (250g)                     $19.50         $16.20
Nescafe coffee (50g)              $32.00         $35.50
Kellogg’s cornflakes (310g)       $33.00         $35.40 for 280g
1 doz local eggs                  $24.00         $28.00
Apples (each)                     $5.00          $6.00
Local fresh chicken (1kg)         $60.00         $70.00            The Narasirato Pan Pipers are subsistence farmers and fishermen, living
Minced beef (per kg)              $50.00         $50.00            at the end of a mangrove swamp on the remote southern end of Malaita
Rump steak (per 1/2kg)            $42.50         $52.80            Island in the Solomon Islands.
Longlife Milk (1L)                $14.00         $17.90            The Culture House Building Project is a Narasirato initiated and funded
Onions/kg                         $13.00         $14.50            Eco and Cultural Tourism project. This includes the building of a training
                                                                   shelter, two small tourist accommodations and a traditional Culture
Carrots/kg                        $16.00         $18.00            House. The project includes the release of their first CD, Naratana Hiona
English Potatoes/kg               $12.00         $16.00            (Cry of the Ancestors) (, a seventeen
Garlic/kg                         $39.00         $42.00            track CD featuring the best of their expansive music repertoire, their first
                                                                   CD since they formed in 1991.
Teabags Bushells (100g)           $39.60         $39.30
100g Cigarettes 25 Winfield       $16.00         $20.00            The members of Narasirato have astounded audiences worldwide,
                                                                   including England, Taipei, Bahrain, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia, Vanuatu
Woman’s hairstyling (cut)         $80.00         $120.00           and Australia, with their unique mix of powerful and haunting traditional
Man’s haircut                     $70.00         $100.00           ‘Are Are’ pan pipe music, and their high energy contemporary music.
Restaurant Coffee                 $20.00         $22.00            They feature unique bamboo instruments including thong-o-phones,
Hamburger lunch                   $60.00         $80.00            stomping tubes, pan pipes, mega bass pipes along with soaring vocals
700ml Scotch whisky               $220.00        $230.00           and exquisite island harmonies. All music is played while performing
                                                                   intricate dance choreographies in their traditional custom dress.
700ml Gin (Gordons)               $227.00        $220.00
                                                                   In 2010 the group has been invited to present in Australia, Netherlands,
                                                                   Portugal, Denmark and Malaysia
                                                                   Contact:          John Maneniaru (SI) T: +677 39078/ 23401
                                                                                     Peter Keelan (Aust) T: +61 427798438
                                                                                     E: W:

124   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                       Trade Directory 2010   I 125
Accommodation Directory 2010                                                    Travellers Motel     T: (677) 25721/24807                  Fijian Quarters
                                                                                P.O.Box 56                                                 Walking distance
Honiara                                                                                                                                    to Chinatown.
                                                                                BG Motel             T: (677) 20172                        Tanuli Ridge
Name & Address         Contact Details                   Location               P.O.Box 700          M: (677) 79740                        Kola’a Ridge Rd.
Heritage Park Hotel     T: (677) 24007                     Point Cruz Highway   Raintree Bed &       T: (677) 22086                        Tandai Highway
P.O.Box 1598            F: (677) 21001                     Mud Alley            Breakfast            E:
                        E:                  Roundabout           PO Box 1854,         W:
                                Seafront             Honiara
                        W:                                       Tropicana Beach      T: (677) 21099                        Tandai Highway
Solomon Kitano          T: (677) 20071                     Mendana Ave.         Motel
Mendana Hotel           F: (677) 23942                     Seafront             P.O.Box 873
P.O.Box 384             E:                                Market Side          T: (677)95220                         Ranadi Industrial
                        E:                               Apartments           F: (677)39006                         Area
King Solomon Hotel      T: (677) 21205                     Hibiscus Ave.        P.O Box 1619,        E:
P.O.Box 268             F: (677) 21771                     3 minutes walking                         W:
                        E:          distance to main     Damaris Motel        T: (677) 20758                        East Kola’a Ridge
                        W:       shopping centre      P.O.Box 1973
Pacific Casino Hotel    T: (677) 25009                     Kukum Highway        Solomon City Motel   T: (677) 24862                        Vavaya Ridge Road
& Apartments            F: (677) 22880                     Seafront             P.O.Box 279          F: (677) 25078
P.O.Box 1298            E:
                                                                                Chester Guest House T: (677) 26355                         Lower Vavaya
Honiara Hotel           T: (677) 21737                      Chinatown           P.O.Box 1479        F: (677) 23079                         Ridge
P.O.Box 4               F: (677) 20376                                                              E:
                        E:                     United Church Guest T: (677) 20028                         Lower Vavaya
                                                                                House               F: (677) 22064                         Ridge
Iron Bottom Sound       T: (677) 28633                     Rove Road            P.O.Box 620         E:
Hotel                   F: (677) 28638                     Seafront
P.O.Box 1892            E:                                        St. Agnes Mothers    T: (677) 27785                        Lower Vavaya
                        E:                                Union                E:             Ridge
                                                                                P.O.Box 1715
Sanalae Apartments      T: (677) 39218                     Panatina Ridge
                        E:     East Honiara         Bulaia Backpackers 1 T: (677) 28819                        Chinatown
                                                                                P.O.Box 849
Airport Motel           T: (677) 36255                     Henderson
P.O.Box 251             F: (677) 36411                     Highway              Bulaia Backpackers 2 T: (677) 23059                        Mbokona Vera
                        E:                               P.O.Box 849
Quality Inn             T: (677) 25150                     Lower Vavaya         Zome Lodge           T: (677) 26902                        Mbokonavera
P.O.Box 152             F: (677) 25277                     Ridge                P.O.Box 1345         F: (677) 20999
                        E:                                                        E:
Red Mansion             T: (677) 38463                     Panatina Ridge       Lennzin Motel        T: (677) 92175/7458910                Prince Philip
Comfort Inn             F: (677) 30847                                                                                                     Highway
                        E:                                                                                          Ranadi
Lenggakiki Seaview      T: (677) 39949                     Lengakiki            River Lodge          T: (677) 24175                        White River
Apartmetns              F: (677) 23649                                                               F: (677) 24211                        West Honiara
PO Box 491              E:

126   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                     Trade Directory 2010   I 127
Binaboli Resthouse    T: (677) 25836/25211           Kukum Area          Motel New Georgia     T: (677) 60845                        Gizo
PO Box 1434                                                              P.O.Box 194
Fountain Family Inn   T: (677) 21552/20581           East Kola’a Ridge   Rekona Lodge          T: (677) 60368/60376                  Gizo
PO Box 1196                                                              P.O.Box 91            E:
Islands Lodge         T: (677) 20254                 Honaira             Habour View Lodge     T: (677) 60594                        Gizo hilltop
PO Box 737                                                               P.O.Box
Mbumburu              T: (677) 27597                 Lengakiki           Leleana Lodge         T: (677) 60498                        Gizo hilltop
Resthouse                                            residential area    P.O.Box 7             F: (677) 60498
PO Box 483                                                                                     E:
Lolo Resthouse        T: (677) 30364                 Panatina Ridge      Phebes Guesthouse     T: (677) 60161                        Gizo
PO Box 1409                                                              P.O.Box 61
                                                                         Cegily Guest House                                          Gizo
                                                                         Nello’s Villa         T: (677) 60446                        Gizo
Guadalcanal                                                              P.O.Box 116
                                                                         Sun West Motel        W:   Gizo
Tavanipupu Resort     T: (677) 36081                 Marau Sound
                      E:                            Oravae Cottage        W:

Western Province – Gizo                                                  Western Province – Munda & Roviana/Tetepare
Gizo Hotel             T: (677) 60199                  Gizo              Agnes Lodge           T: (677) 62190                        Munda
P.O.Box 30             F: (677) 60137                                    P.O.Box 161           F: (677) 62190
                       E:                                             E:
                       W:                                                    W:
Sanbis Resort          T: (677) 60466                  2km of Gizo,      Zipolo Habu Resort/   T: (677) 62178                        Lola Island
P.O.Box 144            F: (677) 60137                  Babanga Island    Lola                  F: (677) 62179                        Munda
                       E:                         P.O.Box 165           E:
                       W:                                                 W:
Fat Boys               T: (677) 60095                  4km of Gizo,      Tetepare Island       T: (677) 62163                        Tetepare Island
P.O.Box 140            F: (677) 60095                  Babanga Island    Eco Lodge             E:
                       E:                         P.O.Box 131           W:
                       W:                            Munda
Gelvinas Motel         T: (677) 60276/60553            Gizo              Munda Transit Lodge   T: (677) 62168                        Munda
P.O.Box 106            F: (677) 60323                                    P.O.Box 138           F: (677) 62188
Naqua Motel            T: (677) 60012                  Gizo              Noro Lodge            T: (677) 61238/61250                  Munda
P.O.Box 127            F: (677) 60323                                    PO Box 31,            E:
                       E:                             Munda
Paradise Lodge         T: (677) 60024                  Gizo hilltop
P.O.Box                F: (677) 60200
Green Motel            T: (677) 60005/60549            Gizo
P.O.Box 145

128   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                          Trade Directory 2010     I 129
Western Province - Marovo Lagoon                                                Western Province - Kolombangara and other
Uepi Island Resort        T: +613 9787 7904                     Marovo          Hambere               W:   Kolombangara
                          E:                      Lagoon          Village Stay                                                Island
                                                                                Nusatuva Ecolodge W:       Kolombangara
The Wilderness Lodge      T: +61 145 125 948                    Paeva Village
                                                                                Mangrove Lodge        W:   Kolombangara
                          E:              Marovo
                          W:         Lagoon
                                                                                KFPL Ringgi           W:   Ringgi Cove
Vuana Guest House         E:               Paeva Village
                          W:      Marovo
                                                                Lagoon          Imbu Rano Lodge       W:   Ringgi Cove
Kuba Resort               T: (677) 76870/76660                  Marovo          Niami Guest House     W:   Ranongga Island
P.O.Box 1142              T/F: (677) 20552                      Lagoon          Emusa Lodge           W:   Ranongga Island
                                                                                Kesoko Inn            W:   Noro
Ropiko eco Lodge          E:                Marovo
Batuna Postal Agency      W:                Lagoon          South East Vella      W:   Vella La Vella
                                                                                Travellers Lodge
Kopikorapa                E:         Marovo
Seghe Postal Agency                                             Lagoon
Mavo Guest House          T: +67 724 951/722 442                Marovo          Choiseul Province – Far West
Ramata Postal Agency      E:              Lagoon
Mavo Ecolodge             T: (677) 24951/7487056                Ramata Island   Airport Bungalows     T: (677) 63120                        Taro Island
                          E:          Marovo                                                                      Choiseul Province
                                                                Lagoon          Taro Island/Transit   T: (677) 63171                        Taro Island
Charapoana Eco Lodge      E:          Marovo          Lodge                                                       Choiseul Province
Seghe Posta Agency                                              Lagoon          P.O.Box 21
Rogosakena                                                      Marovo          ES Lodge              T: (677) 63111                        Taro Island
Batuna Postal Agency                                            Lagoon          Taro                                                        Choiseul Province
Kajoro Village Homestay                                         Marovo          JQ Guest House                                              Taro Island
Batuna Postal Agency                                            Lagoon                                                                      Choiseul Province
Tibara Eco Lodge                                                Marovo          Nila Vocational                                             Nila Station
Batuna Postal Agency                                            Lagoon          Guest House                                                 Shortlands
                                                                                C/o- Nila Catholic
Ijarao Eco Lodge          E:          Marovo          Parish
Seghe Postal Agency                                             Lagoon
                                                                                Mono Clinic                                                 Mono Island
                                                                                Guest House
                                                                                C/o- Mono Clinic.
Seghe Resthouse                                                 Marovo
Matikuri Eco Lodge        E:          Marovo
Seghe Postal Agency                                             Lagoon
Vanua Kino Home Stay      E:          Marovo
C/Juliette & Terry Kimi                                         Lagoon
Chubikopi Rest House      W:   Marovo

130   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                    Trade Directory 2010       I 131
Rennell & Bellona Province                                                      Central Islands Province
Moreno Guest House                                            Tigoa,            Maravagi Island Resort    T: (677) 29065                  Mangalonga Island
Tigoa Postal Agency                                           West Rennell      P.O.Box 1101, Tulagi      E:
West Rennell
                                                                                Vanita Restaurant         T: (677) 32052                  Tulagi Station
Suan Guest House           T: (677) 97858                     Central Bellona   Accommodation
Tangakitonga Village       (Honiara based phone)                                P.O.Box 14. Tulagi
Central Bellona            E:
                                                                                Tulagi Holiday Inn        T: (677) 32019                  Tulagi Station
                                                                                PO Box 1119, Honiara
Aotaha Cave Lodge          T: (677) 27796                     East Bellona
                                                                                Solovoquin Eco Lodge                                      Russell Islands
East Bellona               (Honiara based phone)
                                                                                Yandina Russell Islands
                                                                                The Mothers Union         T: (677) 32113                  Tulagi Station
Tengano Lodge              E:           East Rennell
East Rennell                                                  Lake Tegano.
                                                                                P.O.Box 52. Tulagi.
Nukuma’anu                                                    Tigoa,
                                                                                Savo Sunset Lodge         T: (677) 21213/ 7489401         Savo Island
Guest House                                                   West Rennell
West Rennell                                                                    Kuila Village Stay                                        Savo Island
East Renell home stay      E:   East Rennell      Rodrick Bay Guest House T: (677) 84172                    West Ngella
East Rennell                                                  Lake Tegano       West Big Ngella
Tungua Eco-Lodge           E:     West Bellona
Bellona Postal Agency
                                                                                Makira/Ulawa Province
Kiakoe Lakeside Lodge                                         East Rennell
C/o- Tigoa Postal Agency                                                        Fresh winds               T: (677) 50073                    Kirakira
Rennell Bellona Province                                                                                  E:

Neitasi Eco-Lodge                                             East Rennell      Joridona                  T: (677) 50015                    Kirakira
Tepaitahe Village                                             Rennell Bellona                             E:
                                                              Province          Sanbis Resthouse          T: (677) 50226                    Kirakira
Tatiana Home stay          T: (677) 99030/73276/73948         East Bellona      San Cristobal Lodge       T: (677) 50175                    Kirakira
East Bellona               E:                       MUPIC Resthouse           T: (677) 50163                    Kirakira
Henuagoto Lodge            E:           East Rennell      Zambon                    T: (677) 50118                    Kirakira
East Rennell
                                                                                Star Beach Lodge          SIVB HF two way radio             Star Harbour
                                                                                Obed’s Guesthouse         SIVB HF two way radio or        Santa Ana

                 Henuagoto Lodge East Rennell

132   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                      Trade Directory 2010      I 133
Isabel Province                                                                   Temotu Province
Mothers Union Rest House     T: (677) 35136                   Buala Jejevo        Leulta Guest House        T: (677) 53155              Lata Station
P.O.Box 6. Isabel            E:                         Lata Postal Agency
DOY Rest House               T: (677) 35004                   Buala               Fresh wind Guest House    T: (677) 53012              Lata Station
P. O. Box 6, Buala           T: (677) 35071
                                                                                  Temotu Provincial         T: (677) 53027              Lata Station
                                                                                  Guest House
Gagaha Village Stay         Poro Village        Lata Postal Agency
Poro village
                                                                                  Rotary Lodge              T: (677) 54190/53060        Lata Station
                                                                                  PO Box 31 Lata
Kaolo Sunset Resort          T: (677) 25358                   San Jorge Island
West San Jorge               T: (677) 35015                                       Ngarando                  E:      Pigeon Island
Putuo Lodge                                                   Kia Village                                                               Reef Islands
Kia Village                                                                       Hibiscus Lodge            T: (677) 53145              Lata Station
Papatura Resort              T: (+61) 755279855               Papatura Island                               E:
c/-Go Tours Travel           Go Tours Travel                                                      

Malaita Province

                                                                                                       M A S E
FE Island Travellers Lodge   T: (677) 40153                   Auki
P.O.Box 68
Auki Lodge                   T: (677) 40079                   Auki
P. O. Box 171, Auki

                                                                                                       BUSINESS SERVICES CENTRE
Auki Dragon Motel            T/F: (677) 40166                 Auki
P.O.Box 16. Auki
Rarasu Motel                 T: (677) 40454
                             F: (677) 40352
                                                                                                       ‘Your growth is Business’
                                                                                                       YourGrowth is Ourour business
Hotel Malaita                T: (677) 40430                                             We specialize in Business Support Services & Assistance:
                             E:                              Business Management Training
Serah Kei Home Stay          T: (677) 72344 or 40344          Langa Langa                Business Consultation Services
                                                              Lagoon                     Research and Development
                                                                                         Project Management – Monitoring, Evaluation and Control
Daves Transit                T: (677) 40071                   Auki                       Business Courses as Short Term and Full-Time Programs.
P.O.Box 179, Auki
Auki Motel                   T: (677) 40014                   Auki
P.O.Box 153, Auki            F: (677) 40059
Busu Cultural Village &      Contact Person :Thomas Dakero    Langa Langa
Home Stay                    T: (677) 40344                   Lagoon
Sun Flower Enterprise Ltd.                                                       Helping You To Grow Your Business In Solomon Islands
P.O.Box 159. Auki.

134   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                  Trade Directory 2010      I 135
Official Assistance                                                               Diplomatic Representatives Abroad
Further advice on incentives and opportunities for your specific product, or      The following is a list of the Solomon Islands diplomatic representatives abroad.
assistance that governments might offer exporters – can be obtained from your     Approach the office nearest to you. The * indicates Honorary Consul only:
own national Trade or Commerce Department, or your diplomatic representative in
Honiara:                                                                           United Nations           Suite 8008
                                                                                                            2nd Avenue New York, USA.
High Commissions                                                                                            011 (212) 5996192
 Name                              Phone & Fax (+677)      Postal Address          Japan *                  Kitano Arms.
                                                           (Honiara)                                        10th Floor , 1615 Hirakawa Cho 2
 Australian High Commission        21561 & 23691           Box 589                 UK *                     19 Springfield Road, London SW19 7AL

 British High Commission           21705 & 21549           Box 676                 Australia                Unit 4, 19 Napier Close, Deakin West, ACT.
                                                                                                            00 61 (2) 6 282 7030, 00 61 (2) 6 282 7040
 Embassy of the Rep of China       38050 & 38060           Box 586
                                                                                   South Korea *            509 Daichi Dong, Kan gnang Ku, Seoul
 Delegation of the EC              22765 & 23318           Box 844
                                                                                   New Zealand *            41 McLeod Road, Henderson, Auckland
 Forum Fisheries Agency            21124 & 23995           Box 629
                                                                                   European Union           1040 Brussels, Belgium,
 Embassy of Japan                  22953 & 21006           Box 560                                          00 32 (02) 737 7085, 00 32 (02)732 6885
 New Zealand High Commission       21502 & 22377           Box 697
 Papua New Guinea                  20561 & 20562           Box 1109               Government Ministries
 High Commission
                                                                                  Please note that ministers and ministries change over time. This list is current as at
 US Consular Agent                 23426 & 27429           Box 1194               April 2010, but will change due to the election expected in the later part of 2010.
                                                                                  Refer to website:

Foreign Heads of Mission in the Solomon Islands                                    No: Ministry                 Ministers          Permanent Secretaries           Eps/Phone
April 2010
                                                                                   1.     Office of the Prime   Hon.               Jeremiah Manele                 22202
                                                                                          Minister & Cabinet    Dr. Derek Sikua    [Secretary to the Prime         21863
 Australian High Commission                  H.E Mr. Frank Ingruber                                             (Prime Minister)   Minister]                       F: 28649
 British High Commission                     H.E Mr. Timothy Smart                                                                 Jeremiah Manele
                                                                                                                                   [Secretary to Cabinet]
 Ambassador of the Rep. of China             H.E Mr. George Chan
                                                                                   2.     Ministry of Public    Hon. Milner        Ishmael M. Avui                 24275
 European Commission Charge d’Affaires       H.E Dr. Abdoul Aziz Mbaye                    Service               Tozaka             [Secretary to Public Service]   24268
 Embassy of Japan                            Mr. Akira Iwanade                                                                     E:          25550
                                                                                                                                                                   F: 25559
 New Zealand High Commission                 H.E Mr Mark Ramsden
                                                                                   3.     Ministry of           Hon. Steve Abana   Jane Waetara                    28608
 Papua New Guinea High Commission            H.E Mr. Frank Mizigi (Acting)                Development,                                                             38336
 US Consular Agent                           Mrs. Keithie Saunders                        Planning & Aid                                                           F: 30163
                                                                                          Coordination                                                                28199
                                                                                   4.     Ministry of Finance   Hon. Snyder Rini   Shadrach Fanega                 24102
                                                                                          & Treasury                               Email: psfinance@pmc.           22556
                                                                                                                                                   F: 28619
                                                                                   5.     Ministry of Police,   Hon. James Tora    Henry Pika                      28607
                                                                                          National Security                                                        22208
                                                                                          & Correctional

136   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                             Trade Directory 2010         I 137
6.     Ministry of Women,      Hon. Johnson Koli     Ethel Sigimanu              28602          19.   Ministry of             Hon. Manassehn     John Tuheila                 28606
       Youths & Children                                                         ext 201              Provincial              Maeloga            E:   21072
       Affairs                                                                   F: 23547             Government &                                                            25029
                                                                                    23543             Institutional                                                           F: 28708
7.     Ministry of             Hon. Mathew           Myline Kuve                 28643
       Education & Human       Waletofea          26248          20.   Ministry of Home        Hon. Peter Tom     Fred Fakarii                 28602
       Resources                                                                 28803                Affairs                                    E:      20021
                                                                                 F: 22042                                                                                     28601
                                                                                                                                                                              F: 24837
8.     Ministry of Health &    Hon. Clay Forau       Dr. Lester Ross             EPS – 20831
       Medical Services                                                          28610          21.   Ministry of National Hon. Sam S. Iduri     Joy Kere                     28616
                                                                                 F: 20085             Unity, Reconciliation                                                   23087
                                                                                                      & Peace                                                                 20127
9.     Ministry of Foreign     Hon. William          George Hiele                28612
                                                                                                                                                                              F: 22216
       Affairs & External      Haomae                                            21250
       Trade                                                                     F: 20351       22.   Ministry of Rural       Hon. Fred Fono     Dr. Judson Leafasia          25238
                                                                                                      Development &           Deputy Prime                                    25239
10.    Ministry of             Hon. Franicis Billy   Jefferey Wickham            28614
                                                                                                      Indigenous Affairs      Minister                                        25249
       Commerce, Industry      Hilly            22856
                                                                                                                                                                              F: 22170
       & Employment                                                              25045
                                                                                 F: 25084       23.   Ministry of Justice &   Hon. Laurie Chan   James Remobatu               21048
                                                                                                      Legal Affairs                              [PS - Justice]               28405
11.    Ministry of Culture     Hon. Seth Gukuna      Luke Eta                    28603
                                                                                                                                                 E:      F: 28424
       & Tourism                                                                 F: 26875
                                                                                                24.   Ministry of Forestry    Hon. Job Dudley    Gordon Konairhmo             24215
12.    Ministry of             Hon. Selwyn           Edward Kimele              22143
                                                                                                                              Tausinga                                        24611
       Agriculture             Riumana      F: 28365
                                                                                                                                                                              F: 24660
       & Livestock
                                                                                               SPECIAL DUTIES: John Tuhaika - Constitutional Reform Unit/OPMC
13.    Ministry of Lands,      Hon. Samuel           Ruth Liloqula               28600
       Housing & Survey        Manetoali             E:       21511
                                                                                 F: 21514
14.    Ministry of             Hon. Stanley          John Ta’aru                 28605
       Infrastructure          Festus Sofu                                       25641
       Development                                                               F: 28705
15.    Ministry of             Hon. Varian           Jeffrey Wickham             36106
       Communication &         Donamei                                           36109
       Aviation                                                                  36107
                                                                                 F: 36108
16.    Ministry of             Hon. Gordon           Rence Sore                  23031
       Environment,            Darcy Lilo            E:    F: 28054
       Conservation &
17.    Ministry of Fisheries   Hon. Nollen Leni      Dr. Christian Ramofafia     39143
       & Marine Resources                            E:   F:38730
18.    Ministry of Energy,     Hon. David Pacha      Luma Darcy                  28609                                                                      7494506
       Mines & Rural                                 E:       25937
       Electrification                                                           21521                              
                                                                                 F: 25811
                                                                                                             SPECIALIST IN LOCAL SALES
                                                                                                      MILLED & MOULDED TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS

138   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                                           Trade Directory 2010      I 139
National Provincial Holidays May 2010 – April 2011                                Guide to Pijin
                                                                                  Your Starter Guide to Learning Pijin
Date          Event                          Type
01.05.2010    Whit Monday                    Public Holiday                        always            olowe               lower              daonem
02.06.2010    Isabel Province                Special Provincial Public Holidays    and               an                  know, able         save (savvy)
08.06.2010    Temotu Province                Special Provincial Public Holidays    at                long                make               mekem
11.06.2010    Queen’s Birthday               Public Holiday                        bus fare          basfea              money              seleni
29.06.2010    Central Province               Special Provincial Public Holidays    best, first       nambawan            myself             mi seleva
07.07.2010    Independence Day               Public Holiday                        child             pikinini            reach              kasem
20.07.2010    Renbel Province                Special Provincial Public Holidays    clear             klia                really             barava
01.08.2010    Guadalcanal Province           Special Provincial Public Holidays    close             kolsap              return             baek
03.08.2010    Makira Ulawa Province          Special Provincial Public Holidays    diarrhoea         beleran             see                lukluk
15.08.2010    Malaita Province               Special Provincial Public Holidays    do                duim                shower/bath        swim
07.12.2010    Western Province               Special Provincial Public Holidays    early             eli                 spectacles         eyeglass
25.12.2010    Christmas Day                  Public Holiday                        eight             eitfala             talk, speech       toktok
27.12.2010    National Day of Thanksgiving   Public Holiday                        every day         evridei             that               datfala
01.01.2011    New Year’s Day                 Public Holiday                        everything        evrisamting         thank you          tengkiu
25.02.2011    Choiseul Province              Special Provincial Public Holidays    expatriate        araikwao            they, you-all      olketa
22.04.2011    Good Friday                    Public Holiday                        future            bae, baebae         to                 fo
23.04.2011    Holy Saturday                  Public Holiday                        father            dadi                story, tell,chat   stori
25.04.2011    Easter Monday                  Public Holiday                        fabric, clothes   kaleko              very               tumas
                                                                                   food              kaikai              we                 iumi
                                                                                   got               garem               why                waswe
                                                                                   him/her/it        hem                 work               waka

140   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                       Trade Directory 2010    I 141
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Solomon Island Chamber of Commerce

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    from 1/5/10-12/6/10 & 1/9/10-26/3/11
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    from 1/5/10-12/6/10 &1/9/10-26/3/11
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Membership List 2010

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sector/Member                     Contacts (+677)         Email
                                                                                                                1950 HIR-BNE 2205                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             C-Corp Ltd.                           23525

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    1550 HIR-BNE 1805
                                                                                                                                                           0145 HIR-INU 0435

                                                                                                                                                                                                     1815 INU-HIR 1905

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    1415 INU-HIR 1505
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Kokonut Pacific                       20027
                                                                                                                                    from 13/6/10-31/8/10

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         from 13/6/10-31/8/10
                                                                                           Dept .From-To Arr.

                                                                                                                                                                               from 1/5/10-26/3/11

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           VLI=Port Vila
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Solomon Islands Limited
                                                                            Our Airline

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Small & Medium Enterprises            26789
International Airline Schedule - Solomon Islands - Honiara - All Airlines

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1310 HIR-NAN 1830

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    0830 NAN-HIR 1210
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              GPPOL                                 21003
                                                                                           Dept .From-To Arr.

                                                                            Air Pacific

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Access Plus                           22522
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              DJ Graphics                           22011
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Solomon Telekom                       21576
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               0945 POM-HIR 1305

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       0945 POM-HIR 1305
                                                                                                                1140 HIR-POM 1300

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   1140 HIR-POM 1300
                                                                                                                0900 NAN-HIR 1100

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               1345 HIR-NAN 1745

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   0900 NAN-HIR 1100

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       1345 HIR-NAN 1745
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Construction & Engineering
                                                                                           Dept .From-To Arr.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Fletcher Kwaimani Joint Venture       30556
                                                                            Air Niugini

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Kramer Group                          21996
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Pacific Architecture                  20066
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           POM=Port Moresby   BOC Gases Limited                     30261
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1000 BNE-HIR 1410
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1500 HIR-BNE 1710

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           1000 BNE-HIR 1410
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           1500 HIR-BNE 1710
                                                                                           Dept .From-To Arr.

                                                                            Pacific Blue

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              GRP & Associates Limited              7460157
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Origin Energy Limited                 21833
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              South Pacific Oil                     21838
                                                                                                                0930 BNE-HIR 1345
                                                                                                                1445 HIR-BNE 1715

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    0930 BNE-HIR 1345
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    1445 HIR-BNE 1715

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               0930 BNE-HIR 1345
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               1445 HIR-BNE 1715

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                0910 VLI-HIR 1110
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1210 VLI-HIR 1405
                                                                                           Dept .From-To Arr

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Financial and Professional Services
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ANZ Banking Group                     21111
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Bank South Pacific                    21874
                                                                            Sol Air

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              BJS Agencies Limited                  22393
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              BJS Insurance Limited                 21510
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              GOH & Partners                        24184




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Kosol Corporation                     30081

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Misi & Associates                     30372
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Morris & Sojnocki                     21851

                                                                            142            I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Trade Directory 2010   I 143
Pacifiki Services                20453                     Australian High Commission          21561
QBE Insurance (International)    38884
                                                                                Australian Trade Commission         +61
                                                                                                                    13 2878
SINPF                            21659
                                                                                Retail and Wholesale Goods
Sol-Law Limited                  23886
                                                                                Bishop Brothers Engineering         30046
Sol-Law Partnership              23886
                                                                                C&I Distributors                    38176
Tower Insurance                  22955                                           30153
Westpac Banking Corporation      21222   Farmset Ltd                         30327
Forestry                                                                        Greyleen Electronics Ltd            30057
Kolombangara Forest              21078                Honiara Refrigeration &             39189
Products Limited                                                                Air Conditioning Ltd                30015
Pacific Timber Company Ltd                                                      Island Enterprises Ltd              30152
Health                                                                          Lee Kwok Kuen & Co. Ltd             22446
Eastern Medical Centre           39220                                          Officeworks Ltd                     39045

Honiara Dispensary               23587                  QQQ Holdings Ltd                    22351

Information Technology                                                          Solomon Sheet Steel Ltd             30151

Daltron (SI) Limited             25100                   Sullivans (SI) & Nambawan Meat      21643

DATEC                            27009                     Universal Traders Ltd               26301

E-World Technology               25004                  Security

Technisyst                       38338           Solomon Security Services           28270

Manufacturing                                                                   Tourism and Hospitality

APCO (SI) Ltd                    30484         GTS Ltd                             22586

BP Investments Co.               30284                                          Helicopter Support                  38506
                                                                                Heritage Park Hotel                 24007
Solomon Breweries Ltd            30257
Solomon Islands Tobacco Ltd      30127                                          SI-Tulagi Divers                    7475043
Solomon Rice Company Ltd         30826
                                                                                Discount Auto Parts                 39209
Solomon Shell Supply Co. Ltd     39527
                                                                                Eastern Motors                      30475
Sullivans (SI) & Nambawan Meat   21643
Tongs Corporation Ltd            38159
                                                                                Ela Motors                          30314
Tropic Glass & Aluminium Ltd     30836
                                                                                Motor Corporation                   39290
Mining                                                                                                              39562
Gold Ridge Mining Ltd            38351                                          Pacific Air Express                 39248
Pacific Porphyry (SI) Ltd        30250                                          PDL Toll                            4500

SMM Solomon Ltd                  27075                                          Silentworld (SI) Limited            25416
                                                                                Silentworld Expeditions (SI) Ltd.   96283
                                                                                Toyota Tsuho (SI) Limited

144   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                         Trade Directory 2010   I 145
Tradco Shipping Ltd   22588

                                                      Trade Directory 2010   I 147
                               C       BL              Certi ed Practising Accountants

                                         Your Finance & Management Advisors

                               We provide professional service as follows:
                                 Accounting & Auditing Services        Management Consulting
                                 Foreign Investment Submissions        Loan Application Submissions
                                 Company Formation                     Project Management
                                 Company Liquidation                   Tax Advice & Planning
                                 Work & Residence Permit Submissions   Statutory Secretarial Services
                                 Advice & Support to the NGO Sector    MYOB Certi ed Consultant &
                                                                       Product Sales & Service

                               For more information contact Gideon Zoleveke on

                                                       26373            Fax 26374

                                     Unit 2 Komi Fera Pako Building           P.O. Box 2066
                                     Commonwealth Street                      Honiara
                                     Point Cruz                               Solomon Islands

                                     Email: or

148   I Trade Directory 2010                                            Trade Directory 2010   I 149
             For Courteous, Efficient, Fast & Reliable Service
AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES                        For More Information
Specialize In: (Motor Repair Workshop)         Call Us Now!
                                           Ask For Tamana or John Au
1. General Vehicle Service / Maintenance
2. Vehicle Inspection For Road Worthy               30475
3. Auto Mechanical & Electrical Repairs              Fax 30400
4. Panel Beating & Spray Painting             Mobile 74 75868
5. Vehicle Air Condition Service
 We Also Provide Special Orders For Vehicles / Spare Parts
P.O. Box R136, Honiara
Ranadi Industrial Estate        EMAIL
(Next To XJ6 Warehouse)
The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) is the premier financial institution in the Solomon Islands
established by an Act of Parliament to act as advisor and banker to the Government and supervisor of
the commercial bank and other financial institutions.

  Other Services include:
  • Issuance of National Currency and Numismatic coins
  • Facilitate Government security market
  • Provide banking services for commercial banks and government
  • External reserves investment and management
  • Facilitate foreign currency and international trade transactions
  • Fixing of daily exchange rates
  • Registrar of Credit Unions
  • Produce Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Economic Reports

                                                   Telephone: (677) 21791 Facsimile: (677) 23513
                                                   Email: Website:

                                                                Trade Directory 2010       I 153
      World-class services and
                                    Heritage Park Hotel is situated on the site of the former Governor’s
       facilities to pamper the
                                  Residence and boasts more than 5 acres of prime waterfront land and

individual and satisfy the most
                                  tranquil landscaped gardens.
            discerning guests.
                                    The Hotel offers a blend of modern luxury coupled with cultural
                                  heritage. The Hotel has achieved a well earned reputation for its
                                  creative dining menu.
                                    Guests can enjoy cuisine from around the world and excellent
Our focus is on your comfort      restaurant service.
   and enjoyment while in           A selection of rooms and apartments in one and two bed room

            Solomon Islands.      designs plus a Presidential apartment with 2 bedrooms and study
                                  or third bedroom are available for permanent and short term rental.
                                  Apartment guests can enjoy the hotel facilities including in-room
                                    Guests can relax in the large swimming pool, a fabulous place to
   Whether you are relaxing       admire the view and soak up the essence of this peaceful location.
        about the pool or the       Heritage Park Hotel is well equipped for the business traveller and

               hotel grounds.     includes:	 •	Four	conference	facilities	•	Business	Centre.
                                  	 	        •	Wireless	internet.	•	Broadband.	•	Poolside	function	area.

    The hotel’s business centre

   provides everything for the

     modern business person.                    Heritage Park Hotel Honiara, Solomon Islands
                                                       Post Office Box 1598 Honiara.
                                                   Tel: (677) 24 007 Fax: (677) 21 001
                                               Web: Email:

                                                        Trade Directory 2010              I 161
                      GET SERIOUS, GET STIHL


 CHAINSAWS & BRUSHCUTTERS                                                           The Pride of Honiara
                                                                                    Our fully refurbished 100 rooms,
                                                                                    4 executive suites and 14 executive
                                                                                    rooms, all boast splendid sea views,
                                                                                    quality facilities and contemporary
                                               Hotel Kitano Group
                                               Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel,        Our New Conference Centre
                                               P.O.Box 384 Mendana Ave.,
                                               Honiara, Solomon Islands.            accommodates from 20 - 150 people
                                               Tel: 677- 20071                      and is equipped with a modern
                                               Fax: 677- 23942
                                                                                    communications system.

                                               tHe Kitano new YorK                  The New Capitana Restaurant offers
                                               66 Park Ave., At 38TH St.,
                                               New York, NY 10016, U.S.A.           international cuisine. Panoramic views
                                               Tel: 1-212-885-7000                  of the historic Iron Bottom Sound Lagoon
                                               Fax: 1-212-885-7100
                                                                                    can be enjoyed over drink and snack on
                                                                                    the Raratana Terrace in front of Capitana
                                               Hotel niKKo Hanoi                    Restaurant.
                                               84 Tran Mhan Tong St.,
                                               Hanoi, Vietnam.
                                               Tel: 84-4-822-3535                   Traditional furnishings imported from
                                               Fax: 84-4-822-3555
                                                                                    Japan complete your authentic dining
                                                                                    experience at the popular Hakubai
                                                                                    Japanese restaurant. Dine at the sushi
                                                                                    bar or enjoy table cooking such as

         38049 39210
                                                                                    Shabu-shabu, Sukiyaki, and Yosenabe.

phone:                      fax:
   P.O. Box 410, Honiara, Solomon Islands
                                                                                  PO Box 384, Honiara, Solomon Islands
                                                                   Tel: (677) 20071 • Fax: (677) 23942 • Email:

        “At the Big Chainsaw, Ranadi”
   25 years in
   the Solomons.
   Westpac has a long history of financial expertise
   in the Solomon Islands. Talk to a Westpac
   Relationship Manager about banking solutions
   for your business – including E-Banking, Bill Pay
   facility and Internet Payment gateway.

   We can visit you or you can call into the branch
   to discuss our complete range of financial

   Call 677 21222
   Visit Mendana Avenue, Honiara

                  We’re a bank you can bank on.

Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141. The liability of
its members is limited.
166   I Trade Directory 2010   Trade Directory 2010   I 167
168   I Trade Directory 2010   Trade Directory 2010   I 169
                           tropiC gLaSS & aLUMiniUM
                             po. BoX 1551, ranadi indUStriaL area honiara, SoLoMon iSLandS
                                                    teL: (677) 30836 FaX: (677) 39029

                                                                                                         owned &

                     We have Pride in everything we do
     TGA has just completed another project with Lamana Development ‘this time in PNG Kokopo” the project was
                    We have pride in everything We do
     another Hotel complex the “Gazelle International Hotel” which is due to be fully completed by the end of May
     TGA has played major part in the construction of the hotel by Supplying and installing all the Glass and Aluminium
     to the project.
TGA has just completed another project with Lamana Development ‘this time in PNG Kokopo’ the project was
      The construction
                          the ‘Gazelle very Francis (project Manager), to be Cooper work on the project. Mr Luke
another hotel complex team of Mr Steveimpressed in thewhich is dueMr Philfully their(site Manager)end of May 2010.
     Strain (senior supervisor) where International Hotel’ way that TGA carried out completed by the
      Mr Phil Cooper who also worked on the Heritage Park Hotel project for Lamana Development has only praise
     for played       the professional way they carried out their work supplying and also in the way TGA presented
TGA hasTGA staffainmajor part in the construction of the hotel byon the project andinstalling all the glass and
     themselves to the local
aluminium to the project. people of Kokopo PNG .
      Lamana Development has been very happy in the way that TGA performed on the project seeing that it was TGA first
     project out-side of
The construction teamthe Solomon Islands, a lot of larger foreign companies who do work in the outer areas of PNG do
                           of Mr well due to the (Project Manager), Mr Phil Cooper (Site the natural environment,
     find it very hard to perform Steve Francis procurements of materials and fitting in with Manager) and Mr Luke
     but TGA had very little problems in impressed to their fore planning carried out their work
Strain (Senior Supervisor) were verythat area duein the way that TGAof their management. on the project.
Mr Phil Cooper who also worked on the Heritage Park Hotel project for Lamana Development has only praise
for TGA staff in the professional way they carried out their work on the project and also in the way TGA
presented themselves to the local people of Kokopo PNG.
Lamana Development has been very happy in the way that TGA performed on the project seeing that it was
TGA’s first project outside the Solomon Islands, a lot of larger foreign companies who do work in the outer
areas of PNG find it very hard to perform well due to the procurement of materials and fitting in with the natural
environment, but TGA had very little problems in that area due to their forward planning of their management.
                                                   Real Estate Agent
                                                   & Property Management
                               BJS Corporate Headquarters   Rentals - residential & commercial
                               Commonwealth Street          long or short term leases
                               Point Cruz, Honiara
                               Solomon Islands              Sales - residential & commercial
                               Box 439, Honiara,
                               Solomon Islands              Storage for personnal effects
                                                            or commercial goods
                                                            Negotiate & assist with sales & purchases
                                                            of residential or commercial properties
                                                            Property valuations
                                                            Property management

                                                   +677 7494126 or +677 23277

172   I Trade Directory 2010
                               Solomon Islands War Memorial                                                  The longer-term plan of the Trust is to incorporate the stories of the
Solomon Islands War Memorial

                                                                                                                                                                                             Solomon Islands War Memorial
                                                                                                             Coastwatchers and Scouts into Solomon Islands educational history
                                                                                                             curriculum. The history and stories of these heroes are disappearing fast
                                                                                                             and need to be recorded for sharing with future generations.
                                                                                                             Contact: Bruce Saunders T: +677 23508       E:

                                                 Digital Artist’s Impression of War Memorial

                               A Memorial is being built in Honiara to ensure the history and stories
                               of Solomon Islands war heroes, the Coastwatchers and Scouts, are not
                               American veterans and those from Australia and New Zealand who
                               served in the South Pacific will remember the heroic actions of Solomon
                               Island Coastwatchers and Scouts who observed and reported on the
                               movement of the Japanese. There is no doubt that the success of the
                               Solomon Island campaign depended upon the bravery and tenacity of
                               this dedicated group of people. Admiral Halsey said...” The Coastwatchers
                               saved Guadalcanal, and Guadalcanal saved the Pacific!”
                               To honour their memory and to help develop a sense of national pride                                                        Above Left:
                               through their war heroes, a Trust has been established to raise funds to                                                    District Officer Martin Clemens
                               build a Memorial to the Coastwatchers and Scouts. The memorial will be                                                      with Scouts
                               located at the harbour end of Commonwealth Street, for all the incoming
                               and outgoing Solomon Islanders who leave/arrive from the port, to see
                                                                                                                                                           Wartime Scout
                               the memorial.                                                                                                               Alfred Alesasa Bisili
                               Nationally respected carver Mr Frank Haikui Sr. who comes from Bellona
                               designed the Memorial. Included in the construction of the memorial will                                                    Drawing of sculpture by artist
                               be an Honour Roll, a list of the names of the Solomon Scouts engraved                                                       Frank Haikiu
                               for posterity. Finding these names will be a task in itself as many records
                               were lost during the ethnic tensions and a lot of information will be from
                               word of mouth and verifying stories.

                               174   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                                Trade Directory 2010     I 175
176   I Trade Directory 2010   Trade Directory 2010   I 177
                               Solo Enviro Beautification (SEB)

                                                                                                            Solo Enviro Beautification
                                                        Highcourt Landscaping
                               SEB has been providing protection and maintenance of the natural
                               environment of Solomon Islands through the Honiara Beautification
                               Committee since 1999. Support for SEB activities has been through
                               generous funding support from the European Union; Japanese
                               Grassroots Programme; AusAID; British High Commission; New Zealand
                               High Commission, HKL, BSP, ANZ, City Centre, Pacific Casino Hotel, World
                               Bank, Solbrew, Telekom, SINPF, BJS and the German Embassy. Private
                               support has come from Solomon Tobacco; Markwarth Oil; South Pacific
                               Oil Ltd; Price Waterhouse Coopers; Goh and partners.
                               The office of the SEB, now situated at Hasting Deering, Ranadini is the
                               base for operations in Honiara. For the previous ten years, SEB worked
                               from the Honiara Botanical Gardens, however, due to unforeseen
                               circumstances SEB had to relocate.

                                                       Weed Control

178   I Trade Directory 2010                                                 Trade Directory 2010   I 179
Solo Enviro Beautification

                                                                                                                                                                                       Solo Enviro Beautification
                             SEB continues to maintain The Memorial Park Henderson, Police
                             and Children’s Parks at Rove, city roundabouts, World Bank gardens,
                             city centre gardens, NPF and Westpac gardens, Pacific Casino and
                             Commonwealth Street. Tree planting, creating structures in harmony with
                             the environment and training of future staff are other vital roles played by
                             Other initiatives include Solomon Islander’s art, showcased on the
                             large flower pots situated on the median strip in central Honiara. Street
                             cleaning/sweeping and grass cutting are also part of this programme.
                             SEB, through its training activities also reaches out to the Provincial
                             Centres. Its long term emphasis will be on providing open space for
                             passive recreation and community interaction; to cultivate, conserve,
                             research and display plants of the region; provide relevant education and       Nursery Practice Training
                             be a centre for art and cultural activities. By expanding its role as an NGO,
                             it seeks a measure of financial independence through ongoing business
                             Contact:          Tiffany Tena Tuhaika
                                               T: +677 22832              E:

                                                                      Tree Planting on Median Strip

                                                                      Mendana Hotel Landscaping

                                                                                                                               Equipment Operation Training

                                                                                                             Horticultural Training Graduation

                             180   I Trade Directory 2010                                                                                               Trade Directory 2010   I 181
                               List of Advertisers
                               Company Name             Tel +677   Pg     Company Name                Tel +677    Pg
                               Access Plus              22522      156    Discount Auto Parts Ltd     39209       162
                               AJ & G Blum Ltd          23277      173    Eastern Motors Ltd          30475       150
                               ANZ Bank                 21111      iii    Fiesta Restaurant &         25599       160
                               APCO Coatings            30484      36     Fletcher Kwaimani JV        30556       108
                               AR House Keeping         7478303    10     GOH & Partners              21654       45
                               Arania Enterprises Ltd   38510      22     Guadalcanal Electrics Ltd   30897       151
                               BJS Agencies Limited     23532      xvi    Guadalcanal Travel          22586       147
                               (Buyers of Non-Ferrous   22393             Service                     22587
                               BJS Events &             39619      158    Hasting Deerings            30274       ix
                               BJS Group of             39619      vi     Heritage Park Hotel Ltd     24007       161
                               BJS Logistics            23508      172    Hibiscus Lodge              53051       170
                               BJS Recruitment          23508      xxii   Honiara Hardware            30352       xxiv
                                                                          Supplies Ltd
                               BJS Services             23508      100    I.D.C Shipping              22122       20
                               Bluewater                38355      160    Jedok Trading Ltd           23545       xxiii
                               Bowmans                  21901      xiii   Jedom Organic Fruits        7472962     178
                               Budget Car & Truck       39082      xii    John Wesley Timber Ltd      39801       139
                               Café El-Shaddai          25005      157    Kramer Ausenco              21996       2
                                                        38187             (Solomon Islands) Ltd
                               CBL Accountants (CPA)    26373      149    Lei Gift Shop               24007 ext   168
                               Central Bank of the      21791      153    Lime Lounge                 23064       155
                               Solomon Islands (CBSI)
                               Courier Bike Express     22393      14     Lime Lounge catering        23064       173
                               Dalgro S.I Ltd           39394      169    LKP Hardware Ltd            22594       148
                               Daltron Elecctronics     25100      i.c.   MASE Business               25035       135
                                                                          Training Centre
                               Datec                    27009      167
                               DHL Worldwide Express 22393         157    Melanesian Handicraft       22189       xi

182   I Trade Directory 2010                                                       Trade Directory 2010         I 183
Motor Corporation         39290         61       Solomon Airlines           20031    166
(SI) Ltd                  39562
Nambawan Architects       38055         67       Solomon Breweries Ltd      30257    viii
Ltd                                                                         30958
Ocean View Restaurant     25009         i.b.c    Solomon Islands Printers   22641    152
& Captain’s Bar                                  Ltd                        23642
One Steel                 (61) 7        70       Solomon Islands Tobacco    30127    i
                          3249 5000              Co Ltd
Origin Energy             21833         80       Solomon Islands Visitors   22442    182
Solomons Ltd                                     Bureau
Our Telekom               21576         ii       Solomon Kitano Medana      20071    163
                                                 Hotel                      20072
Pacific Air Express Ltd   39248         98       Solomon Security           28270    146
Pacific Casino Hotel      25009         bc       Solrice Company Ltd/       30826    x
                                                 SolRice Ltd
Premiere Real Estate &    21404         18       Tatalani Builders Ltd      28237    164
Property Management
Provincial Press          21247         150      TDA Ltd                    53145    170
                          21729                                             53051
QBE Asia Pacific          38884         112      Terminal Services          36912    44
Quality Foods Limited     30157         78       Tradco Shipping Ltd        22588    154
Quan Chee Motors          22399         117      Tropic Glass & Aluminium   30836    171
Satellite Solutions       25589         166      Westpac Banking            21222    165
Silentworld Shipping      30956         xiv      Y.Sato Marine              21636    159
and Logistics Ltd         25416

Sol-Law Barristers,       23886         119      Y.Sato Mini Mart           21636    159
Solicitors & Notaries

 Emergency Phone Numbers
 Emergency telephone numbers for public emergency services are
 TOLL FREE from any phone, funded by Solomon Telekom Company Ltd.
 They are:
  Police                          999         Fire                                  988
  Hospitals                       911         Meteorological Service                933
  Crime Stop                      966         National Disaster (Cyclones etc)      955
  Marine Search & Rescue 977                  Civil Aviation                        922

184   I Trade Directory 2010