RIKEN laboratories that can accept young researchers through the by nyut545e2


									           RIKEN laboratories that can accept young researchers through the
              RIKEN-DAAD Research Internship Scholarship Program

■ Wako Institute

Advanced Science Institute
Cellular Systems Modeling Team
Developmental Systems Modeling Team
Computational Astrophysics Laboratory
Condensed Matter Theory Laboratory
Materials Fabrication Laboratory
Organometallic Chemistry Laboratory
(only graduate students on doctoral courses or post-docs can be accepted.)
Condensed Molecular Materials Laboratory
Nanophotonics Laboratory
Magnetic Materials Laboratory
Cellular Dynamics Laboratory
Molecular Entomology Laboratory
Antibiotics Laboratory
Lipid Biology Laboratory
Molecular Membrane Biology Laboratory
Metamaterials Laboratory
Low Temperature Physics Laboratory
Chemical Genetics Laboratory
Chemical Dynamics Laboratory
Atomic Physics Laboratory
Nano Medical Engineering Laboratory
Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Surface Chemistry Laboratory
Molecular Cellular Pathology Research Unit
Plant Acquired Immunity Research Unit
Biosphere Oriented Biology Research Unit
Viral Infectious Diseases Unit
Molecular & Informative Life Science Unit
Digital Materials Laboratory
Macroscopic Quantum Coherence Team
Quantum Nano-Scale Magnetics Laboratory
Disease Glycomics Laboratory
Glycometabolome Laboratory
Structural Glycobiology Laboratory
Tera-photonics Laboratory
Functional Elemento-Organic Chemistry Unit

Nishina Research Center
Heavy Ion Nuclear Physics Laboratory
Radioactive Isotope Physics Laboratory
Radiation Laboratory
Advanced Meson Science Laboratory
Superheavy Element Laboratory
Theoretical Nuclear Physics Laboratory
Experimental Installations Development Group
Experimental Installations Operation Group
Radiation Biology Team

Brain Science Institute
Hosoya Research Unit
Laboratory for Cortical Organization and Systematics
Yamanaka Research Unit
Diesmann Research Unit
Gruen Research Unit
Laboratory for Perceptual Dynamics
Laboratory for Integrated Theoretical Neuroscience
Moore Research Unit
Laboratory for Motor Learning Control
Laboratory for Cognitive Brain Mapping

■ Headquarters

Center for Intellectual Property Strategy
VCAD Applied Fabrication Team (only from October to April)
■ Harima Institute

RIKEN SPring-8 Center
Spin Order Research Team

■ Yokohama Institute

Genomic Sciences Center
Cellular Systems Biology Team
Synthetic Genomics Team

Plant Science Center
Plant Functional Genomics Research Team
Plant Genomic Network Research Team
Plant Nutrition and Basal Metabolism Research Team
Morphoregulation Research Team
Plant Immunity Research Team
Growth Regulation Research Team
Cellular Growth and Development Research Team

SNP Research Center
Laboratory for Diabetic Nephropathy
Research Center for Allergy and Immunology
All laboratories in RCAI

■ Tsukuba Institute - on request

■ Kobe Institute - on request

※   RIKEN Website (http://www.riken.jp/engn/r-world/research/lab/index.html)
    provides further information about the laboratories.

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