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                      Educational Technology Online Newsletters

   Issue: December 2008              Murray County School District               Technology Department

            Techno News
OAS/CRCT is Up and Ready                                        Tech Department Shaken’ it Up
Online Assessment System is now available to use        Congratulations to Eric Pearson who has taken
for the Elementary and Middle Schools.                  the position as Bartow County’s Technology
                                                        Director! With his departure came
Don’t forget that you must press the CTRL button        reorganization for our Tech Department. It will
and click when logging in or allow pop-ups for that     be familiar faces taking on new roles.
site to gain access to the site due to the Pop-Up
Blocker.                                                Ann Scott              Technology Director
                                                        Israel House           Technology Coordinator
Click Here for Pop-Up Blocker Directions for OAS        Stanton Jones          Lead Technician
                                                        Suzan Curtis           Lead Technician
                                                        Jason Flood             Technician

                                                        Congratulations to all that are involved in this
       Upcoming Technology Trainings                    new reorganization!

Mini T’s Topics & Dates
                                                        Listed below are the names of each technician
Click here to view the schedule online.                 and their school assignments:

Upcoming Topic:                                         Suzan Curtis     Network, MHS Office & Labs
                                                        Stanton Jones    Network, Bus Shop, Central Office,
Top 10 Sites for Teachers- David Letterman Style                         Enrollment ,Technology
                                                        Angie Jones      Food Services, Bagley, Eton
                                                        Bucky Banks      Mountain Creek & High School
                                                        Bryan Winters    Chatsworth, Gladden
                                                        Chris Childers   Special Ed & Pre-K
    Make Up Day for Mini T-Session 1                    Jason Flood      Coker & Spring Place
If you were unable to attend the first Mini T Session   Petra Calhoun    Food Services, Woodlawn, NWest
on Thinkfinity, please join us on Friday, December      Ed Johnson       Security Intercom, Sound
19th at 10:00 am in the Technology Lab.                 Lamar Chambers Alarm Systems, Phone
                                                        Heath Miles      Install Team
                                                        Russell Richards Install Team
Please email Kara to reserve a seat.                    Evelyn Wright    Instructional Technology Specialist
                                                        Kara Leonard      Instructional Technology Specialist
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                                                           Subject Area Sites
December PowerPoint Templates
                                                           Language Arts
                                                           Stay Afloat - Interactive game played like
                                                           Hangman. Choose letters to find the word. If
                                                           the letter you choose is not in the word, objects
       Polar Express          Christmas Around the World   are placed in the boat. Guess the word before
                                                           the boat sinks! Vocabulary is categorized by
                                                           subject. (Elementary)

       Christmas Stories (Nutcracker, Dickens & more)
                                                           The Write Site An interactive language arts
                                                           and journalism project for middle schools
                                                           (Upper Elementary/ Middle)

                                                           Persuasive Writing Map An interactive
                                                           language arts to help students create a thesis
      “Presents” for the Classroom                         for a persuasive writing activity (Middle/High
Thematic Units & Activities on Christmas Topics
You will find bulletin board ideas, subject-area
activities along with great book suggestions, web Reading
resources and more!                               Christmas Stories – The North Pole
                                                           Here you will find more than two dozen
                                                           original, creative stories throughout Santa’s
          Christmas Lessons & More                         Secret Village. Felicia Ashe Students can
                                                           choose to read the story or to use the audio
                                                           feature to hear the story read to them.
          Christmas Theme Activities & Lesson
                                                           CNN Stories – This website has an archive of
                                                           stories regarding current events.
                                                           After student read the story, they can interact
       December Bulletin Boards & More                     with vocabulary, multiple choice, and
                                                           sequencing activities. Other activities include
                                                           finding conclusions based on comprehension.
                                                           (Various Levels)
          Christmas Craft Ideas
                                                           Social Studies
                                                           Primary Games - (Elementary)
                                                           This website has interactive social studies
                                                           games on a variety of topics or skills.
         Spotlight Website of the Month
                                                           Lakota Winter Counts - (Various Levels)
NewsCentral– (Various Levels) This website has links
                                                           This is an online exhibit from the Smithsonian
to 3500 online newspapers around the globe.
                                                           Institute featuring a searchable database of
                                                           actual Lakota drawings used to mark the
                                                           passage of time on calendars known as winter
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Yahtzee Math Game (Various Levels)
Students will enjoy this interactive version of the    Art
popular dice game.                                     Smart Kids - (Elementary)
                                                       This website is designed to help students
Applets for Math (Middle/ High School)                 discover ways to look at, think about, and
These interactive tools can help students visualize    respond creatively to art.
difficult mathematical concepts. A few include
middle school geometry, in addition to trigonometry,   The Artist’s Toolkit – Explore visual elements
Calculus and other topics of interest.                 and principles with these great interactive
                                                       resources for art! (Various Levels)

Sea and Sky (Elementary)
Students can learn about the solar system or visit     Music
the coral reef and play interactive games about        Sphinx Kids -(Elementary)
each topic.                                            This website has interactive matching games
                                                       and other activities about composers,
Science Animations (Middle/High School)                instruments and more.
This website has many links to various animations
and video tutorials in Science. Scroll down to find    Ricci Adams’ Music Theory (Middle/High School)
your subject or topic of interest.                     This website has lessons, ear trainers, and
                                                       other tools for the study of music.

Foreign Language
Spanish Numbers (Various Levels)
This webpage has an interactive introduction to the    Votech
numbers 1-100.
                                                       Kids.gov Careers – This government website
Spanish – Here you will find a variety of activities   offers descriptions of various careers. Click on
and games for practicing Spanish grammar and           K-5 or 6-8 for appropriate grade level.
vocabulary in PowerPoint format. (Various Levels)      (Elementary/ Middle)

Physical Education/Health                              First Paycheck Web quest-(High School)
Kidnetic – (Elementary) This webpage has links to      You finally got that first paycheck,
activities to motivate kids to move for fitness and    congratulations! Now you have some serious
health. It includes games, fitness challenges, and     decisions! Explore this online activity to make
recipes for healthy snacks.                            some financial decisions!

Interactive PE Quizzes – (Various Levels) This
webpage has general questions in an interactive        Technology/Computer Applications
quiz format, plus links to information on anatomy      Keeping it Legal -(Various Levels)
and physiology as well as training and fitness.        Learning about Copywriting issues from using
                                                       images to downloading music.
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ELL                                                         The Twelve Days of Technology
Boggle's World ESL
Free worksheets, lesson plans, and job listings.            On the twelfth day of Christmas
This site is extensive.                                          My Tech IT gave me:

                                                               Twelve Techs-a-helpin’
Excel/Gifted                                                    Eleven hours a-surfin’
Nick’s Mathematical Puzzles – (Various Levels)                   Ten clickers clickin’
This webpage has several challenging math                       Nine videos bufferin’
activities                                                      Eight websites loadin’
                                                               Seven bloggers bloggin’
                                                                 Six students hackin’
Exceptional Student Services
Special Artists – (Various Levels)
                                                                 Five projector bulbs!
This website offers several links to art activities/
lesson plans for exceptional students.
                                                                 Four printers printing
                                                                   Three webinars
                                                                  Two PowerPoints
                                                            And 50 ways to use technology!

             Extra! Extra!
For more great teacher resources, please go to the         All of us from the Technology
Murray Instructional Technology Website!               Department would like to wish you and
                                                        your family a very Merry Christmas!
                                                       Thank you for helping shape the future
                                                                     by teaching!
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