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									eLibrary Science
   Product Demonstration
            eLibrary Science

• Get ready to experience science in a
  whole new way
  – eLibrary Science offers targeted science text and
    tools along with unique multimedia, manipulative,
    and interactive content
  – Found in no other online science reference database
              Why eLibrary Science?

• Go beyond basic science reference and
  textbook information
  – Support earth, life, physical, medical, and applied sciences
    in one integrated source
  – Explore thousands of standards-aligned full-text and
    multimedia files that help students research and
    understand science concepts
  – Use tools that allow educators to build engaging science
    materials, lessons, assessments, and activities for students
Easy-to-Use Interface

               Powerful, yet friendly
               interface built for K-12
               • Features the easy-to-use
                 natural language and topic
                 search of eLibrary
               • Offers new editorial content
                 designed to highlight topics
               • Provides advanced search
                 capabilities for serious
              Versatile Science Content

• Tap into a vast library of content from general
  interest to peer-reviewed
  – Use keyword and advanced search to locate information
  – More than 300 leading science magazines and journals
  – Use Topic search to expand searches across the entire
    vault of eLibrary sources
  – Easy to locate highly relevant content from general
    interest titles indexed to thousands of science topics
Salem Press Titles

               Exclusive Salem Press
               •   More than 20 of Salem's
                   high-quality reference titles
               •   Available for the first time in
                   electronic format
               •   Hands-on content that’s
                   classroom ready
Compelling Multimedia

              Experience science
              concepts first-hand
              with multimedia
              •   Use thousands of images,
                  websites, and streaming
                  video files for illustration,
                  demos, or presentations
              •   Enhance text-only
              •   Illustrate complex theories
                  with interactive tools
           Compelling Sources



                 Interactive Features

                                    Fig. 1: Select any element
                                   from this interactive periodic
                                 table to display key information
                                          on the element.

Fig. 2: View and interact with
  a model of the element’s
     structure and optical
Editorial Content

                Editorial content
                explores science,
                past and present
                •   Famous Scientists
                    examines leading
                    scientists from around
                    the world
                •   Science News highlights
                    the latest news in the
                •   Today in Science History
                    features important
                    discoveries from the past
Curriculum Tools

               Integrate eLibrary
               Science directly into
               •   Search and find resources
                   by your state science
               •   Build and share customized
                   content that links to online
               •   Reliable, relevant, and
                   appropriate for daily
                   classroom use, research,
                   or activities
Science Standards-Aligned

              Find content aligned to
              state and national
              •   Saves time during the
                  lesson planning process
              •   Provides targeted,
                  on-task information
              •   Ensures resources are
                  aligned to benchmarks
              •   Provides a vast pool of
                  reliable, relevant content to
                  augment existing curriculum
               Standards Alignment Example

                                 Fig. 2: Topics lead to related full-text
                                  and multimedia sources. Ensures
                                 educators can find updated content
                                    as new documents are added.

Fig. 1: eLibrary Science queries
 the benchmark against the our
topic tree. Results display topics
   related to the benchmark.
Create Customized Content

              Create customized
              lesson content using
              •   Build reading lists, topic
                  pages, project pages, and
                  lesson plans content
              •   Easy-to-use templates link
                  to publications, articles,
                  multimedia files, websites
              •   Share your BookCarts within
                  a school or district
              •   Create and deliver
Science BookCarts

             Using BookCarts, you can keep
             students on-topic during
             classroom or lab use, and can
             ensure students are using only
             the most relevant material for a
             topic as identified by you
              •   Include author, subject,
                  grade level, date, title, and
                  description in your
              •   Access relevant titles,
                  documents, and sites
              •   Add assessment quiz
Model Curriculum: BookCarts

               Educator Models
               •   Pre-created BookCarts
                   are a click away
               •   List of models @
               •   Hands-on examples
               •   Perfect starting points
               •   Customize for local usage
               •   Add pre- and post-
eLibrary Science
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representatives at 1.800.521.0600

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