The Life of Roald Dahl

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					      Children’s Books                    Some Popular Attractions

The BFG (1982).                         The Roald Dahl Children's Gallery
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
(US 1964, UK 1967).
                                        Located at:
                                        Buckinghamshire County Museum
                                                                                   ROALD DAHL
Charlie and the Great Glass             Church Street, Aylesbury, UK, HP20               1916-1990
Elevator. (US 1972, UK 1973).           2QP
Danny, the Champion of the World        Tel: 01296 331441
(1975).                                 Fax: 01296 334884
The Enormous Crocodile (1978).
Esio Trot (1990).                       Some of the things you will experience
Fantastic Mr. Fox (1970).               at the Gallery:
George's Marvelous Medicine. (UK        -Discover Willy Wonka's inventions
1981, US 1982).                         -Go inside the Giant Peach
The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me        -Crawl along Fantastic Mr. Fox's tunnel
(1985).                                 -Ride in the Great Glass Elevator
The Gremlins (US 1943, UK 1944).
James and the Giant Peach (US
1961, UK 1967).                         Gipsy House
The Magic Finger (US 1966, UK           This is where
1970).                                  Roald Dahl
Matilda (1988).                         lived with his
The Minipins (1991).                    family in Buckinghamshire, England.
The Twits (UK 1980, US 1981).                                                         A favorite in
The Vicar of Nibbleswicke (UK           Note: His second wife still lives here
1991, US 1992).                         thus visitors are not welcome             children’s literature.
The Witches (1983).                     unannounced and it is important to
                                        respect the property. The property is
His works also include short stories,   open during scheduled dates usually in
   poems, and novels for adults.        the summer for Garden Open Days.
    The Life of Roald Dahl                  All of this changed in 1942 when he                   Some Awards
                                            talked with C. S. Forester about the war
    Roald Dahl was born in Llandaff,        for a book Forester was writing.                New England Round Table of
Wales, on September 13, 1916. He was                                                         Children's Librarians Award
one of seven children (combined from             His first book was a picture book in        1972: Charlie and the Chocolate
two marriages) growing up. His mother       1943 called The Gremlins. He first               Factory.
was left the task of raising her children   began writing for adults, and then              Surrey School Award 1975:
when Roald’s father died. In fact, many     turned to children’s books when he               Charlie and the Glass Elevator.
of his books reflect memories of his        became a father himself in the 1960s.           California Young Reader Medal
childhood. The grandmother in The           He wrote books in the “hut” which was            1979: Danny the Champion of the
Witches is based off of his mother as a     at the bottom of the garden where his            World.
tribute to her.                             family lived in 1960. It was a cozy             Whitbread Awards
                                            refuge to him where he                           1983: The Witches.
    He first began putting pencil to        could write his many drafts                     Children’s Book
paper at age eight when he began            in pencil and paper.                             Award 1988:
writing in a diary. He went to a series                                                      Matilda.
of schools and it was at this time that         Some of his works have
his sweet tooth, as well as ideas for a     become movies, most notably, Charlie
future Charlie and the Chocolate            and the Chocolate Factory, which             Some Helpful Websites for
Factory, were born. Roald and his           Roald himself was not a fan of when it           Roald Dahl Fans
friends would visit Cadbury’s chocolate     came out in 1971. His literary works
factory after school. Despite this, he      have been translated into thirty-four
was unhappy in school,                      languages.                        
and this reflected in his
works, since he                                 He married twice and had a total of     Roald Dahl Fan Club:
remembers what it is like                   five children. In 1990 Roald was  
to be young.                                diagnosed with a rare blood disorder        Free to join and includes games,
                                            called Myelodysplastic anemia. He           newsletters, and contests.
    Before writing, Roald was a             died on November 23, 1990 at the age         Sorry parents, only for fans who are
salesman and served in the Air Force.       of 74 years old.                               under 13!