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					                                                                                                                     Appendix 1

                                          ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BEST VALUE REVIEW

Review of Action Plan as at 30 September 2003 (Originally approved February 2002))

                    Key Priority Area                  Achieved     Not                           Comments
                                                                  Achieved            No Scrutiny report prepared to date
(i)     To set up an Economic Development Forum                              The ED Forum was established in November 2002 and is
                                                                           now actively working with Consultants to develop the ED
                                                                             Strategy for Shropshire.
(ii)    To work with partners to develop a strategy                          The development of the Strategy is making progress to a
        for the Shropshire economy based on the                       X      final draft which has been delayed until November 2003.
        concept of Norfolk‟s „Shaping the Future‟                            The delay was caused by a protracted consultation period
                                                                             with partners.
(iii)   Define key actions and activities to                                 The Action Plan will be developed immediately following the
        implement the Economic Development                            X      final draft of the Strategy for completion in November 2003.

(iv)    Complete a map of Economic Development                               As above
        provision with partners                                       X

(v)     Agree with each agency delivery of that part                         As above
        of the Strategy to which it is best suited                    X

(vi)    Develop a SLA with Business Link                                     SLA Draft agreed for finalising July 2003. New support for
        Shropshire for the delivery of business                             Start-up businesses has been agreed and a funding
        support                                                              application made for Regional funding.

(vii)   That the SLA with Shropshire Tourism (UK)                            To be reviewed as part of Tourism Strategy by December
        Ltd be reviewed                                               X      2003.

                                                                                                                     Appendix 1

         Key Priority Area                              Achieved     Not      Comments
                                                                   Achieved   No Scrutiny report prepared to date
(viii)   Develop a detailed policy framework with                           Framework agreed, Tourism Strategy being developed and
         partners as the basis for the development of                         Strategy Group established. The Strategy has progressed
         the Tourism sector in Shropshire                                     to final draft stage with completion now expected November
(ix)     To formalise partner arrangements for the                            Developed structure for ED Team agreed as first stage.
         production of effective research and                                Discussions with partner organisations to establish joint
         information services                                                 research and information facilities within the county. Audit
                                                                              of research availability and requirements to be developed
                                                                              by December 2003.
(x)      Commission and use research and                                      Involvement in Regional work and study ongoing. Medi-
         information to inform development work on                           Park project being developed with partners.
         existing and new sectors in the Shropshire                           Further research will be undertaken into Environmental
         economy                                                              Technology business development in Shropshire by
                                                                              December 2003.
(xi)     Decide the new structure of the Economic                             Structure agreed and three new members of staff appointed
         Development Unit to focus on the agreed                             during September 2002. This has assisted the development
         County Council role and services                                     of Strategies and policy programme.

(xii)    To re-focus emphasis to developing existing                          Work ongoing with AWM and strategy and action plan
         businesses and to work to attract                                   developed for „Investor Development‟ (aftercare
         businesses in emerging sectors                                       programme). Restructuring within AWM has generated
                                                                              new interest from inward investors.
(xiii)   To continue to identify and bring forward                            External funding secured and infrastructure development at
         employment land in Shrewsbury and the                               Craven Arms and Shrewsbury is complete, and will be
         Market Towns                                                         underway at Whitchurch during November 2003.

(xiv)    To work with partners to ensure that                                 On-going with funding agencies. Funding applications
         demand for SME workplace in the County is                           underway for Bridgnorth and Craven Arms.

                                                                                                                       Appendix 1

          Key Priority Area                             Achieved     Not      Comments
                                                                   Achieved   No Scrutiny report prepared to date
(xv)      To encourage the framework within which                             Market Towns Initiative programmes developed with
          regeneration of Shropshire Market Towns                            partners through the development of Market Towns
          can occur                                                           Partnerships. Programme on-going in 5 market towns to
(xvi)     To continue to support the food sector as a                         Sector Development Group established and working with
          potential significant value added growth                           local, Regional and Sub-Regional Partners on the
          sector                                                              implementation of a Regional Action Plan for Farming, Food
                                                                              and Drink.
(xvii)    To implement with partners the Creative                             Creative Industries Plan for Shropshire prepared by
          Industries Development Plan                                        consultants. Final Report will be available following a further
                                                                              „Mapping‟ study now underway. Completion November
(xviii)   To relinquish role in administering the                             This scheme is now completed but allocated funds will
          Community Grants Schemes                                           continue to be monitored during 2003/04.

(xix)     To ensure that sustainable development is                           Awaiting final report of Policy Commission of Sustainable
          incorporated into all aspects of Economic                    X      Development but „Sustainable Development‟ principles
          Development service delivery                                        being incorporated into some major projects.

(xx)      To measure user satisfaction with service                           To be established as on-going monitoring systems by
          delivery                                                     X      November 2003.

(xxi)     To increase awareness of Economic                                   Awareness raising meetings with private sector businesses
          Development Services in Shropshire                                 on-going. Communications strategy being developed
                                                                              through the ED Forum by September 2003. Member
                                                                              seminars inform Members of ED activities county-wide.
(xxii)    Improve the use of ICT                                             Website development and improved information available to
                                                                              community and on-going development.
(xxiii)   To agree with partners key performance                              To be part of ED Action Plan development by November
          indicators to measure progress with the                      X      2003.

                                                                                                                        Appendix 1

                                                   TRADING STANDARDS SERVICE

Review of Action Plan - Note: the numbers refer to the original Recommendations. The Review is limited to the key priority areas so
that the numbers are not sequential as at 30 September 2003 (Originally approved July 2002)

                 Key Priority Area                Achieved     Not                                   Comments
(1)    Undertake a re-assessment of Trader                               LACORS guidance now received. Trader risk currently being
       risk in line with LACORS and FSA                                   reassessed. Early indications suggest that the number of
       protocol.                                                          medium risk premises will increase substantially leading to a
                                                                          consequential increase in the number of required inspections.

(2)    To establish inspection targets for high                  X        The full impact of the risk assessment regime and details of the
       and medium premises in line with                                   top quartile performing authorities will not be known for
       LACORS and FSA guidance and within                                 sometime.
       top quartile of performing authorities.

(3)    To increase primary inspection levels.                    X        Targets for primary inspections were increased in 2002/03 but
                                                                          not achieved due to pressures affecting the Animal Health
                                                                          Section. The targets have been increased to 2,123 inspections
                                                                          in the current year but are unlikely to be achieved due to the
                                                                          need to hold a post vacant to meet potential budget reduction in
                                                                          2004/05. Additional enforcement activity at Worfield Car Boot
                                                                          Sales and in relation to food infringements will also contribute to
                                                                          the shortfall.

(7)    To increase the level of consumer                         X        The number of negotiations on behalf of consumers increased
       negotiation by 5% per annum.                                       in 2002/03. This may not be achievable in the current year due
                                                                          to a long term vacancy however the post will be filled in

                                                                                                                 Appendix 1

                 Key Priority Area             Achieved     Not                                Comments
       c) Seek to appoint a further trainee                  X       Funding within the Trading Standards Service budget is not
       consumer advisor                                              available. We will seek external funding if possible, but
                                                                     opportunities are limited.

(8)    The Authority to review the resources                 X       Budget reviewed - no increase in allocated resources.
       devoted to pro-active checks on food,
       safety etc. Implementation of
       increased sampling programme if

(9)    Consolidate the Authorities                                  The CtB partnership network is due to end in its current format
       participation in Crossing the                                 in March 2005. The authority will seek to renew similar
       Boundaries Partnership                                        partnership arrangements with authorities in the West Midlands.

(13)   Greater liaison between County                               Greater liaison has been developed between the Authority and
       Council and District Borough/Council                          the District Councils leading to a number of joint working
       Officers                                                      projects with Environmental Health.

(14)   Through the Consumer Support                                 A three year Action Development Plan has been agreed. To be
       Network, improve Consumer Advice                              submitted by Summer 2003 to DTI for additional external
       provision within Shropshire by                                funding. This will lead to joined up advice service and improved
       producing and implementing an agreed                          consumer advice.
       Development Plan.

(25)   To ensure a Foot and Mouth / disease                         The preparation of the Foot and Mouth Disease Contingency
       control contingency plan is in place                          Plan was dependent upon national developments. The Plan has
                                                                     now been prepared and is being submitted to other agencies as
                                                                     part of a consultation exercise.

                                                                                                                      Appendix 1

                                                         TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT

Review of Action Plan as at 30 September 2003 (Originally approved November 2000)

                     Key Priority Areas                  Achieved     Not                             Comments
1 and     Develop and implement new quality                                   Expansion of Traffic Management Team to 6 Area Traffic
13        procedures for policy and programmes                                 Engineers enabling vastly increased capital programme to
          outlined in LTP and Policy Commission)                               be delivered as reported in 2002 and draft 2003 APRs.
                                                                               Continuing to achieve overall downward casualty reduction

2         Improve TRO delivery                                                Creation of dedicated traffic management administration
                                                                               team of 3 carrying out TRO process in house directly with
                                                                               Area Traffic Engineers. A significant increase from 12
                                                                               TRO‟s per annum to 30 TRO‟s, implemented in 2002/03
                                                                               demonstrates the effectiveness of this approach. In the
                                                                               first 6 months of 2003/04 18 TRO‟s have been
                                                                               implemented. In association with term consultant IT
                                                                               systems to streamline the processing and recording of
                                                                               TROs have been investigated. A joint system has been
                                                                               ordered for key traffic systems.

3,4,5,6   Improve communications/partnerships with                            Minuted Joint progress meetings at Team Leader and at
8,17      stakeholders including term contractor,                              Area Traffic Engineer level introduced. Meaningful working
and 19    term consultant, other local authorities,                            groups with various Town and District Councils on parking
          people with disabilities, access officer etc                         development transportation issues. Input into recent
                                                                               workshops with term contractor on partnership and Health
                                                                               and Safety issues. Feedback on target outputs via
                                                                               distribution of Annual Progress Report, July 2003 and
                                                                               attendance by stakeholders at regular Road Safety Panel
                                                                               and Freight Quality Partnership meetings.

                                                                                                               Appendix 1

               Key Priority Areas                 Achieved     Not                             Comments
12   Address Staff Training Needs                                     Staff training on necessary IT systems eg GIS and the
                                                                        Management Control system have taken place
18   Increased awareness of environmental                        X      In progress as part of close working with term consultant
     issues.                                                            and contractor. Draft Shropshire Best Practice Guidelines
                                                                        on signs and lining currently being reviewed by Traffic
                                                                        Client and ideas circulated to colleagues for comments.

23   Review Traffic Signal maintenance contract                       New contract let and operational from 1 April 2003 after
     to improve service and response times.                             effective quality and value tender process. Improved
                                                                        response times already evident and assessment of existing
                                                                        sites completed with recommendations for actions.

                                                                                                                      Appendix 1

                                                INTEGRATED TRANSPORT UNIT

Transport Services Review Action Plan – Outstanding Actions as at 30 September 2003 (Originally approved March 2001)
Supplemented by the recommendations for further action from the Joint Scrutiny Panel Review of Transport Costs (Originally
approved July 2003)

            Key Priority Area         Achieved        Not                                      Comments
(i)   Issues arising from staff /
      client / service user
      a) Route Packs                                            Route packs are being issued following resolution of IT problems -
                                                                 backlog will be shortly addressed.
      b) Customer Satisfaction

       Bus User‟s Survey                                         Bus User‟s Survey was carried out in February 2003 on all SCC
                                                                   subsidised local bus services. 2000 questionnaires were distributed
                                                                   and 400 were returned.

       Education Transport                             X          Future survey requirements under consideration by Education

       Social Services Transport                       X          To be incorporated into Social Services Directorate surveys.

                                                                                                                        Appendix 1

        Key Priority Area                   Achieved   Not        Comments
(ii)    IT Upgrades.
        a) ITU - Brokerage                                     Current IT Phase completed.
                                                           X      Further development deferred. ICT Action Plan 2003-05 submitted to the
                                                                  CES ICT Panel.

        b) Fleet and TMO                                        EMS link to Fleet installed.
                                            Ongoing               Drawing up vehicle management software specification - tender invitation
                                                                  November/December, operational April 2004.

(iii)   The Fleet.
        b) Investment                                     X      The £370K bid for capital to fund further vehicle replacements in 2004/05
                                                                  will be considered against other corporate priorities for the capital
                                                                  A rolling vehicle replacement bid has been included in the Medium Term
                                                                  Financial Plan 2004/05 - 2008/09 (Improving the Environment - page 9)
                                                                  but capital funding is unlikely given the financial pressures on the
                                                                  Leasing will continue to be the primary source of funding.
                                                                  Linked to the JSR Action 2.5.1.

(iv)    Social Services service
        delivery issues.
        a) Liaison with the Social                               Monthly meetings held with the Client.
        Services Client, centres, drivers                        Monthly financial monitoring reports and on-going financial liaison.
        & escorts.                                               Fleet Manager Staff Surgeries held regularly at centres.

                                                                                                                    Appendix 1

        Key Priority Area              Achieved   Not         Comments
        b) Meole Brace Modernisation                        Implemented in September 2003:
                                                               Drivers and escorts recruited.
                                                               Route and timings changed.
                                                               New centre based vehicles ordered and delivered.
                                                               Linked to the JSR Action 2.9.

(v)     Re-examine the Youth           Ongoing                Discussions continuing regarding the service required.
        Service’s working                                     Linked to the JSR Action 2.4.4.
        arrangements with ITU.
(vi)    Review of contract
        documentation and
        monitoring procedures.
        b) Contract procedures          Ongoing               Audit & consultancy have reviewed the Procurement & Payment Process
                                                                Standards Compliance and Tendering. The draft reports are under
                                                                discussion and some of the recommended actions have been already
                                                                been implemented.
(vii)   Securing efficiency savings
        for Education Transport.

        a) Mainstream Transport         Ongoing               Efficiency savings being delivered. Full year target - £80K.
        b) SEN Transport                Ongoing               Efficiency Assistant appointed in August 2003. Efficiency savings being
                                                              delivered. Full year target - £62K.

                                                                                                                          Appendix 1

         Key Priority Area                  Achieved     Not       Comments
(viii)   Extended driver register and                     X        Deferred because of workloads and staff resource shortfalls in the ITU
         PNC checks to cover                                       and CESD Personnel Section (who manage the PNC process and
         hackney carriages and                                     maintain the register). A Contracts Compliance Officer is necessary and
         private hire drivers.                            X        has been agreed by Cabinet. Funding is being sought by re-allocation of
                                                                   Linked to the JSR Action 2.6.3.

(x)      Investigate joint working with                   X        The scope for potential linkages and joint working between the ITU and
         the Royal Shrewsbury                                      the wider NHS Transport System will be considered at the same time as
         Hospital.                                                 discussions are held with the Primary Care Trust Joint Commissioning
                                                                   Team in October/November 2003.
                                                                   Linked to JSR Action 2.4.3.

2.2      To consider the cost
         implications of the Council’s
         policies for transport
2.2.4    Education
         ITU to undertake a consultation                           Review of single occupancy pupils in taxis underway. Letters sent out to
                                            Ongoing                parents 17 September asking if they are interested in transporting their
         exercise with parents to
         determine whether it might be                             children to school. Initial returns suggest that there will be no savings by
         cost effective to increase the                            increasing the mileage rate.
         rate paid to parents taking                               Action - report to Education Scrutiny Panel on findings and
         entitled children to school from                          recommendation. Implementation not until January 2004 at the earliest.
         14p to 35.59p per mile.

                                                                                                                         Appendix 1

        Key Priority Area                  Achieved     Not       Comments
2.2.5   Social Services
        To break down the countywide       Ongoing                Social Services have advertised a block contract for transport provision in
        Learning Disabilities Budget to                           the Bridgnorth area. Despite an initial high level of interest only one
        highlight areas of high cost and                          incomplete application was received. Further work is to be undertaken
        to continue with pilot plans to                           to establish why Providers did not pursue this business opportunity.
        reduce the level of transport                            Following a six month trial of a Transport Reviewing Officer post, Social
                                                                  Services have recruited a permanent post for Learning Disabilities (the
                                                                  area of highest expenditure). The post holder will lead on devolving the
                                                                  Learning Disability Transport Budget to enable more focused
                                                                  management of this expenditure and will continually review and look for
                                                                  the most efficient means of transport delivery for this service user group.
                                                                  Social Services introduced a Fairer Charging Policy on 31 March 2003.
                                           Ongoing                As a result all users were asked to make a £2 a day contribution to their
                                                                  travel costs, irrespective of the number of journeys being made or the
                                                                  length of the journey.
                                                                  Action - await the Social Services full report on the Fairer Charging

                                                                                                                      Appendix 1

        Joint Scrutiny Review –               Achieved     Not      Comments
        Key Priority Area requiring                      Achieved
        Public Transport
2.2.6   Review of the level of subsidies                           Cuts in subsidised local bus services (LBS) have been introduced
        provided and the accessibility of                           countywide on 03.09.03. Community transport has provided some
        public transport.                                           limited alternatives in some cases. More LBS cuts are being
                                                                    considered for 2004/05.
                                                                    Linked to JSR Action 2.4.5.

2.4     To consider alternative means of
        providing transport across all
        three sectors (Education, Social
        Services, Public Transport)
2.4.1   To continue to promote volunteer      Ongoing               Rural Transport Partnerships - networking / forging closer working
        transport schemes.                                          relationships / providing practical support, advice and assistance.
                                              Ongoing               Voluntary groups - assisting with publicity and marketing initiatives,
                                                                    and securing grant aid and funding.
                                              Ongoing               Community Council of Shropshire – assisting in joint volunteer
                                                                    recruitment initiatives. The Shropshire Community Cars Scheme
                                                                    driver recruitment campaign is beginning to show results: 49 new
                                                                    drivers recruited since April 2002 (net increase of 19.6%) and 6 new
                                                                    Bus Contacts.

2.4.2   To work more closely with                                  Training Seminar held 25 September.
        community transport operators and
        to hold a training seminar on local
        authority contract work for
        community transport groups in
        Autumn 2003.

                                                                                                                      Appendix 1

        Joint Scrutiny Review –                Achieved     Not       Comments
        Key Priority Area requiring                       Achieved
2.4.3   To promote opportunities to work                     X        No progress yet with a policy/strategy - target March 2004.
        more closely with other                                       The meeting with the Joint Commissioning Team has yet to be
        organisations such as the Primary                             scheduled, but is planned to take place in October/November.
        Care Trust and to hold a meeting                              Linked to BVR Action (x).
        between the ITU and the Joint
        Commissioning Team.
        To follow up on the joint working      Ongoing                The Bridgnorth Pilot continues successfully - over 600 journeys have
        initiative in Bridgnorth.                                     been undertaken to date by the Community Car Scheme.

2.4.4   To investigate making SCC vehicles                   X        No progress yet in investigating the potential to extend the hire
        available to hire to community                                service given the pressures on the Fleet with Social Services
        groups by reviewing and possibly                              modernisation, staff recruitment workloads and other service
        extending the existing hire                                   pressures. It will, take time to negotiate, reach agreement on and
        arrangements with the County                                  deliver partnership arrangements.
        Youth Service
                                                                      Linked to BVR Action (v).

                                                                      (Note: Some opportunities to use vehicles used for school transport
                                                                      but deployment could conflict with the needs of the Youth Service
                                                                      and voluntary groups to which the vehicles are currently hired out.
                                                                      Limited scope to use Social Services vehicles limited given the
                                                                      current arrangements.)

2.4.5   To continue to utilise community                             Discussions have been held with voluntary organisations regarding
        transport as a substitute for highly                          tendering opportunities for subsidised LBS contracts. The
        subsidised public operator routes.                            Corvedale Buzzard will be providing replacement services on two
                                                                      routes from Bouldon to Ludlow and Corvedale to Ludlow, and the

                                                                                                                     Appendix 1

        Joint Scrutiny Review –               Achieved     Not      Comments
        Key Priority Area requiring                      Achieved
                                                                    Oswestry Community Action on a route from the Bryn area to
                                                                    Ludlow. Services started on 1 September.

                                                                    Linked to JSR Action 2.2.6.

2.5     To consider reinvestment in the
        in-house Fleet, and to check
        whether reinvestment would
        reduce costs, provide greater
        cost stability, provide better
        quality or prove too expensive.

2.5.1   To consider further investment in     Ongoing               Continuous investment is needed in the Fleet - difficult at present
        the Fleet in response to market                             given the budgetary pressures on the Council. Leasing will, for the
        pressures and avoid exploitation by                         foreseeable future, continue to be the primary source of funding.
        operators. An in- house Fleet can
        fill gaps in the market place,
        influence market prices and provide                         Linked to BVR Action (iii).
        a flagship for the industry.

                                                                                                                     Appendix 1

        Joint Scrutiny Review –               Achieved     Not      Comments
        Key Priority Area requiring                      Achieved
2.6     To consider how we can support
        the private sector in providing
        services (e.g. training, financial

2.6.1   To set up an insurance seminar for                         An insurance seminar has been arranged for 27 November 2003.
        private sector operators, hosted by
        a commercial insurance broker.

        To advise private operators on how    Ongoing
        to become „greener‟.                                        Questionnaires have been sent by G Fleet (the Council‟s
                                                                    environmental consultant) to taxi operators offering advice on how to
                                                                    make their fleets more user-friendly. Poor response rate to date -
                                                                    Stage I should be completed by late Autumn. Visits and seminars
                                                                    will then be arranged to help operators become “greener” and to
                                                                    seek to reduce their operating costs.
                                                                    Linked to JSR Action 2.10.

2.6.2   To continue to issue Codes of                              The last issue was in March 2003. A revised code will be launched
        Conduct for private sector                                  in December 2003 at the same time as the new Contract Documents
        operators.                                                  are introduced.

                                                                                                                      Appendix 1

        Joint Scrutiny Review –              Achieved     Not       Comments
        Key Priority Area requiring                     Achieved
2.6.3   To appoint a Contract Compliance                   X        This post needs to be filled but funding is being sought by re-
        Officer to ensure that Codes of                             allocation of resources.
        Conduct are being adhered to by                             Linked to BVR Action (viii).
        private sector operators.

2.6.4   To investigate whether private                             A CCTV pilot on a school bus at the following schools is being
        sector operators might participate                          planned for the start of the Spring Term:
        in a CCTV scheme to reduce bus                              Oldbury Wells ( Bridgnorth), The Grove (Market Drayton),
        vandalism and misbehaviour.                                 William Brookes (Much Wenlock), Mary Webb (Pontesbury),
                                                                    Rhyn Park (St Martins) and Thomas Adams (Wem).

2.7     To consider community                Ongoing                Linked to JSR Actions 2.4.1, 2.4.2, 2.4.4 and 2.4.5.
        transport across the County and
        particularly to investigate a
        countywide community
        transport arrangement

2.9     To consider the impact of Social
        Services modernisation on
        transport provision

        Modernisation /reconfiguration of                          The ITU has worked closely with Social Services in planning and
        services                                                    implementing a phased programme of transport changes (routes,
                                                                    vehicles and drivers) which came into effect in September 2003.

                                                                    Linked to BVR Action (iv) (b).
                                                                    The Social Services Transport Reviewing Officer will play a key role
                                                                    in monitoring these developments. (JSR Action 2.2.5).

                                                                                                                  Appendix 1

         Joint Scrutiny Review –             Achieved     Not      Comments
         Key Priority Area requiring                    Achieved
2.10     To investigate means of                                  Linked to JSR Action 2.6.1.
         mitigating increased insurance
         costs for transport providers.

2.12     To explore additional means of
         funding contributions from

2.12.1   To continue to explore vehicle      Ongoing               The grant purchase of an Optare Solo and several super low floor
         partnerships with operators using                         Dart buses for use by operators on SCC subsidised local bus
         County Council vehicles,                                  service routes, for introduction in 2004/05, is currently being
         particularly when the purchase of                         pursued.
         these vehicles can be grant-

                                                                                                                     Appendix 1

                                                            MUSEUM SERVICE

Review of Action Plan as at 30 September 2003 (Originally approved March 2001)

        Key Priority Area                              Achieved        Not achieved   Comments

        Review the potential of Much Wenlock and       Ongoing                        Community consultation has informed
1.      Ludlow as community museums                                                   development proposals at Much Wenlock
                                                                                      Museum including the background work to a
                                                                                      Heritage Lottery Fund bid.

                                                                                      Stakeholders and potential Friends identified.
                                                                                      Initial development meetings to be held during
                                                                                      December 2003.

        Remove charges at Museums and Review                                         Visitor figures remain approximately 100% up on
        impact on visitor numbers.                                                    visitor numbers prior to the introduction of free

2.      Assess the strategic context, value and                                      Development study nearing completion,
        contribution of Acton Scott Historic Working   Ongoing                        consultants due to report November 2003.

3.      Develop Education Programme for the new                                      Second phase lifelong learning programme
        Ludlow Museum Resource Centre and                                             introduced June 2003. Evaluation of first full year
        Library                                                                       of operation will take place in May 2004.

                                                                                                             Appendix 1

     Key Priority Area                          Achieved        Not achieved   Comments

4.   House all collections in improved          Ongoing                        Transfer of natural science collections, social
     environments with improved access                                         history and fine art collections (approx 140,000
                                                                               items) from the Old Street store into the new
                                                                               Museum Resource Centre was completed in June
                                                                               2003. The first lifelong learning programmes have
                                                                               been piloted in the Education Centre.

5.   Refine consultation mechanisms with non-   Ongoing                        Next phase of non-user research for Museum
     user groups in partnership with other                                     Service scheduled winter 2003.
     internal departments.

6.   Develop Education Working Party as Key                                   The Education Working Party continues to be an
     Development Group.                                                        active group. A 2003-4 version of the Education
                                                                               Visits Directory is due to be produced in
                                                                               November. The new working partnerships
                                                                               established between the County Museum Service
                                                                               and external bodies within the group e.g.
                                                                               Shrewsbury and Atcham Museum Service have
                                                                               begun to produce results e.g. a project to produce
                                                                               and integrated school and community loads
                                                                               service is proceeding well and is due for
                                                                               completion in February 2004.

                                                                                                                 Appendix 1

     Key Priority Area                                Achieved        Not achieved   Comments

7.   Develop efficient linkages with other internal   Ongoing                        CALM 2000 selected, planned introduction 2003.
     (SCC) databases. Investigate the potential
     to adopt the CALM 2000 database

                                                                                                                   Appendix 1

                                                       SHROPSHIRE ARCHIVES

Review of Action Plan as at 30 September 2003 (Originally approved February 2002)

        Key Priority Area                          Achieved         Not achieved    Comments

(i)     Support individuals and communities                         X               Shropshire Archives draft volunteer policy and
        working to understand and preserve their                                    guidelines complete. Cultural Services volunteer
        own heritage                                                                review, target date for completion Oct. 2003.

                                                                                   Shropshire Archives Trust wound up at AGM, July
                                                                                    2003. Functions transferred to the Friends.
                                                                                    Friends action plan agreed including targets to
                                                                                    increase membership and to develop fund raising,
                                                                                   Sept. 2003.

                                                                                    Information on caring for records available as
                                                                                    leaflet and on line. Training sessions for staff and
                                                                                    public planned for 2003/04.
(ii)    Introduce and improve access beyond the                                    NOF funded Secret Shropshire project started
        Shropshire Records and Research Centre                                      May 2002. 12,000 resources digitised from
        to key elements within the collection                                       project target of 30,000, Oct. 2003.

                                                                                   First stage regional Access to Archives (A2A)
                                                                                    project completed to target May 2002.

                                                                                   Second stage regional A2A bid „Seven Ages of
                                                                                    Man‟ successful in securing grant of £49K.
                                                                                    Project completed to target July 2003.

                                                                                   Third stage regional A2A bid, „Pay and Power‟,
                                                                                    including new cataloguing, successful in securing
                                                                                    grant from HLF, Sept. 2003. Project being co-

                                                                                                   Appendix 1

                                                                     ordinated by MLA West Midlands. Detailed
                                                                     planning underway.
                                                           X         Web server for Internet access to catalogues
                                                                     awaiting implementation by IT services (No target
                                                                     date at this point – dependent upon IT Services
                                                                     work commitments)

                                                                     Bid to provide access to resources at Ludlow
                                                                    Library successful. Project started Oct. 2003.
                                                                     Complimentary bid by the Ludlow Historical
                                                                     Research Group to the Local Heritage Initiative
                                                                     was also successful, Oct. 2003. Working group
                                                                     established to manage project.

                                                                     Work on bid to Heritage Lottery Fund to include
                                                           Ongoing   all large libraries in scheme continuing, in
                                                                     conjunction with additional bid involving the SMR.
                                                                     Target date for completion of both bids, Dec.
                                                                     Digitisation and reprographics strategy to be
                                                                     developed, Mar 2004.
(iv)   Improve awareness and use of the service                     Consultation completed. Name changed to
                                                                     „Shropshire Archives, gateway to Shropshire‟s
                                                                     History‟. Marketing strategy and action plan
                                                                     completed. Improved signage at the Records and
                                                                     Research Centre to be developed in Partnership
                                                                     with Shrewsbury Library and Reference and
                                                                     Information Services, Nov. 2003.

                                                                    Free public access to the internet at the
                                                                     Shropshire Records and Research Centre
                                                                     achieved by the installation of two People‟s
                                                                     Network computers, Jan 2003. Service also

                                                                                                Appendix 1

                                                                  selected for regional broadband pilot by
                                                                  Re:source: Two additional public internet
                                                                  terminals installed July 2003.

                                                                  £12K funding from the Education Directorate
                                                                  supported the Unlocking Shropshire‟s Past
                                                                  project. Over 700 adult learners participated in
                                                                  over 40 events, project completed August 2003.
(v)    Assess the status of the collections to                   Bridgnorth conservation project completed Jan
       identify and evaluate gaps in holdings and                 2003.
       ring fence time for preservation and
       cataloguing                                            X   Cataloguing and conservation priorities and action
                                                                  plan complete. Implementation under review,
                                                                  Nov. 2003.

                                                                 National Preservation Office audit of preservation
                                                                  needs completed May 2003.
(vi)   Ensure ability to deliver Best Value Review               New agreement negotiated with Telford & Wrekin
       recommendations and continue to improve                    Council for support of the Records and Research
       and develop                                                Service, April 2003. Improved monitoring and
                                                                  evaluation arrangements in place.

                                                                 In house staff training programme developed. All
                                                                  staff to achieve ECDL standard by end of 2004.

                                                                 Directorate Performance management framework

                                                                                                                    Appendix 1

         Key Priority Area                             Achieved        Not achieved   Comments

(vi)     Ensure ability to deliver Best Value Review                                 New agreement negotiated with Telford & Wrekin
         recommendations and continue to improve                                      Council for support of the Records and Research
         and develop                                                                  Service, April 2003. Improved monitoring and
                                                                                      evaluation arrangements in place.

                                                                                     In house staff training programme developed. All
                                                                                      staff to achieve ECDL standard by end of 2004.

                                                                                     Directorate Performance management framework
(vii)    Ensure that Records and Information                                         Improved awareness and use of the Records
         Management issues are understood and                                         Management Service, increase from 27% (2001)
         supported by all Shropshire County Council                                   to 64% (Oct. 2003) of SCC services.
                                                                       X              Directorate Information Management policy and
                                                                                      action plan to be finalised, Oct. 2003.

                                                                                     Training sessions delivered to a total of 88 SCC
                                                                                      staff during 2002/03 and 2003/04.
(viii)   Ensure SCC archive is as complete and                                       Information Audit in CESD completed Sept. 2003.
         accessible as possible
                                                                                     Guidelines for long term preservation of paper and
                                                                                      digital information to form part of Directorate
                                                                       X              Information Policy, Oct. 2003.

                                                                                      Action plan to catalogue SCC archives, Dec.
(ix)     Ensure that the Requirements of Freedom                                     First stage of Freedom of Information Act
         of Information and Data Protection                                           publication scheme complete, Dec 2002. To be
         legislation are integrated into all areas.                                   reviewed and developed, Mar 2004.

                                                                                                                      Appendix 1

                                                    PLANNING & SUSTAINABILITY

Review of Action Plan as at September 2003 (Originally approved June 2003)

                    Key Priority Area                   Achieved     Not                          Comments
        To develop the role of the Sustainability

        a) Appointment of staff to new posts                                 Staff appointments completed September 2003.

        b) Preparation of Team Plan 2003/04                                  Completed.

        c) Integration of the Group and systems                              Work progressing satisfactorily, will be completed by
        (PLUMS/Development Control                                            end of 2003.
        Systems/former NHET systems

        To raise awareness and understanding of
        the role of the Group within the County
        Council and with other partners
        a) Notifying partners of the re-structure and                   X     Not achieved because of slow progress with filling
        re-stating benefits                                                   posts, over 300 applications received. Will be taken
                                                                              up as part of developing the Baseline Service
        b) Engaging with known customers to                                   Will be included in forthcoming preparation of
        promote service improvement                                     X     Baseline Service Statement.

                                                                                                          Appendix 1

Key Priority Area                            Achieved     Not      Comments
Develop the Information Baseline Service                     X     Included in Team Plan for completion December
Statement                                                          2003.

Develop and improve the County
Council’s Environmental Record
Identify Environmental Record‟s Role (with                   X     To be part of the development of Baseline Service
Partners)                                                          Statement.
Integration and identify gaps in wider                       X     Environmental Record Development Plan to be
Environmental Record                                               completed by end of Nov 2003.
Prioritise filling of significant gaps                       X     Environmental Record Development Plan to be
                                                                   completed by end of Nov 2003.
Report on recommendations of Local                           X     Consultations with partners on report‟s
Records Centre Study                                               recommendations to be completed by end of Oct.
Implement preferred options                                  X     Implementation report to be prepared by March

Agree the approach to RSS and sub-
regional plans with the shire and non-
metropolitan unitary authorities in the
a) Work with Regional Shires Group to                    Ongoing   Work continuing alongside progress of Planning &
develop policy role for Counties                                   Compulsory Purchase Bill through Parliament.
b) Secure Regional Planning Funding from                 Ongoing   Final approvals for funding for 2003/04 sought by
LGA                                                                Regional Assembly. Now expected to be confirmed
                                                                   in Oct. 2003.

                                                                                                             Appendix 1

Key Priority Area                              Achieved     Not      Comments

Fully integrate sustainability issues into                     X     Discussions initiated by Corporate Centre on future
the County Community Strategy                                        of Community Strategy. Integration of sustainability
                                                                     issues will form part of future discussions.
Confirm and agree the role of the County
Council in District Local Development
a) Discussion with District Councils in                    Ongoing   One meeting held with District Council officers to
Shropshire to agree ways in which the                                discuss way forward. Agreement reached on joint
County Council contributes to strategic                              working on certain policy issues. Final agreements
policies and means of delivering information                         cannot be made until procedures and regulations
requirements of Local Development                                    associated with Planning & Compulsory Purchase Bill
Schemes.                                                             have been issued by ODPM.
b) Continued co-operation with non-                        Ongoing   Discussions continuing. Final arrangements unlikely
metropolitan strategic authorities in                                to be agreed until Dec. 2003.
negotiating arrangements with the Regional
Assembly for monitoring and scrutinising
LDF‟s in relation to the Regional Spatial

Work with the WMLGA, Regional
Assembly, AWM and other partners to
ensure that Shropshire’s strategic
planning and environmental priorities
a) Ensure the County Council is                            Ongoing   Officers attend appropriate groups.
adequately represented on appropriate

                                                                                                    Appendix 1

regional groups
b) Influence AWM in the delivery of                    X   Meeting to be arranged with AWM. Delay due to
regeneration programmes to encourage                       staff changes at AWM.
sustainable development
c) Establish links to the Bid evaluation                   Meeting arranged for November with RRZ Team to
process, set priorities and monitor impacts                set up sustainability criteria for projects.

Develop mechanisms within the new
Sustainability Group to ensure a cross
team approach to responding to queries
from County colleagues and promote the
services available
a) Further develop the Advisory Service to             X   The new Sustainability Officer begins work in
County Colleagues to promote sustainable                   September and will progress this.
b) Co-ordinate the Team Plan with that of                 Discussions have been held between Head of
Heritage Plan                                              Sustainability Group and Head of Access and
                                                           Heritage to co-ordinate Team Plans. Sustainability
                                                           Group represented in Countryside BVR.
c) To re-establish the Advisory Service for            X   Consultant‟s report on scope of task and
care and repair of SCC owned historic                      recommendations on the way forward due end of
buildings                                                  October.

Regularly review involvement in local                  X   A review will take place as part of the development of
partnerships to ensure that the County                     Baseline Service Statement.
Council’s priorities are met
Examine opportunities for better                          Data exchange methodology agreed and to be
integration of Datawright and PLUMS                        implemented by Datawright.

                                                                                                                 Appendix 1

Key Priority Area                                Achieved     Not      Comments
In addition to the Audit Commission
Quality of Life Indicators, work with
internal and external partners to develop
Local Indicators with which to effectively
monitor the Authority’s progress on
furthering the sustainability agenda
a) Develop Sustainability capacity within the                         New Sustainability Officer appointed to enable this
new Group                                                              work to be taken forward.
b) Develop local Sustainability Indicators for               Ongoing   Will be carried out as part of roll forward of
inclusion in Community Strategy                                        Community Strategy.
c) Monitor the Authority‟s progress on                       Ongoing   Will be a key role of new Sustainability Officer in post
furthering the sustainability agenda                                   from September.
d) Review the performance of the County                      Ongoing   Will be a key role of new Sustainability Officer in post
Council against the agreed indicators                                  from September,

                                                                                                                    Appendix 1

                                                      WASTE MANAGEMENT

Review of Action Plan as at September 2003

                    Key Priority Area                 Achieved     Not                          Comments
        Joint Strategy/Implementation Plan                        Ongoing   Strategy agreed at SCC Cabinet in July 2002 and full
1&2         a) Publish draft version of Joint Waste                         Council in September 2002. Also agreed by District
                Management Strategy for                                     Councils. GOWM requested minor amendments
                consultation                                                March 2003. Points being addressed prior to re-
            b) Produce Final agreed Strategy                                submission for final approval. Final adoption likely
                                                                            January 2004

        Implementation Plan                                                 Agreed 5 year rolling business plan will be used to
        a) Define key actions / activities to                     Ongoing   implement strategy. Senior Officer sub-group
        implement waste strategy with contractual                           established to develop plan. Plan drafted by
        agreements where required                                           Executive Officer – requires more detailed budgetary
                                                                            information. Scheduled for Shropshire Waste
                                                                            Partnership meeting on 11th December.
        Joint Working – set up Joint Waste                                  Investigations completed including visit to
3       Management Executive Committee                                      Hampshire, successful application for Pathfinder
            a) Investigate above through working                           status, member/officer awayday, memorandum of
               group and make recommendations                               understanding agreed by SCC and 4 districts
               to all authorities
                                                                            Agreement in principal reached to establish joint
                                                                  Ongoing   committee. Investigations ongoing with regards to
           b) Establish preferred structure                                 legal and financial considerations. Constitution
                                                                            intended to be approved at Shropshire Waste
                                                                            Partnership in February 2004

                                                                                                      Appendix 1

4   Joint Working – Waste Partnership Co-                    Partnership agreed to jointly fund post for 3 years
    ordinator                                               fixed term – post filled from January 2003

    Develop markets for recycling                            Consultants engaged and initial report produced.
5                                                            Shropshire Local Authority Re-cycling Group
       a) amalgamate contracts where               Ongoing   (SLARG) involved in joint working. Investigations
          practicable                                        undertaken around paper, glass. Officer tasked with
       b) explore new markets and outlets                    raising awareness in commercial sector. Recyclate
       c) promote development of businesses                  processors attended conference. Follow up meetings
          using recyclates                                   taken place. Issue continues to develop positively.

    Procurement of Waste Management
6   Services
                                                   Ongoing   Extensive work undertaken during 2003/03 in
    a)Oswestry                                               preparation for joint contracting arrangements
                                                             but due to legal representations the planning
                                                             application was withdrawn (Summer 2003) and joint
                                                             contract not proceeded with. Arrangements for
                                                             continuation of service successfully negotiated.
                                                             Alternative plans now being pursued. Consultants
                                                             engaged for evaluation of sites with a view to
                                                             submitting new joint proposal in progress.

    b)Whole County                                 Ongoing   Officer appointed for co-ordination of work.
                                                             Integrated Waste Management Contract Group
                                                             established. Preparatory work undertaken. PFI Stage
                                                             1 document submitted and accepted by DEFRA
                                                             October 2003. Timetable for this work still on track

                                                                                                             Appendix 1

                 Key Priority Area            Achieved     Not                          Comments
7    Improving Facilities at Existing HWRCs                         Improved facilities introduced in Oswestry in October
                                                                    2002 and at other sites in February 2003. Improved
                                                                   design of sites, better staffing levels. Opening times
                                                                    reviewed internally but not changed. New survey
                                                                    results to be analysed in November 2002.
     Control of Trade Waste Inputs to HWRCs                        Joint Waste Permit Scheme with Telford and Wrekin
8                                                                   launched on target in February – commencing April
                                                                    2002. Reduced trade waste at HWRCs, 22%
     Development of new HWRCs                             Ongoing   All possible funding streams explored and secured
9                                                                   where possible. Exploratory and investigative work
                                                                    undertaken. Development work for new facility at
                                                                    Craven Arms undertaken (opening October 2003)
                                                                    Planning applications for sites at Battlefield and
                                                                    Whitchurch delayed but now due for consideration in
                                                                    November 2003
     Green Waste Composting Capacity                                Agreed Districts will progress own arrangements until
10                                                        Ongoing   2006. Composting schemes underway in Oswestry (
                                                                    composting at Welshpool) and at Bridgnorth and
                                                                    Shrewsbury. Green waste from all five HWRCs now
                                                                    composted. Growing interest from local farmers.

11    Establish County wide home composting                        One year scheme launched jointly in April 2002.
     scheme                                                         Leaflets distributed. Web site set up. Promoted at
                                                                    Flower Show in August and in Museum on the Move.
                                                                    In 2002/03 3500 composters issued. Follow on
                                                                    scheme launched in April 2003 with composters,
                                                                    water butts and wormeries. Sales are exceeding
                                                                    expectations. Free composters issued to schools
                                                                    who requested then – in all very successful

                                                                                                       Appendix 1

                 Key Priority Area        Achieved     Not                         Comments
12   Abandoned Vehicles                                         Action delayed on this due to new legislation and
                                                                awaiting outcomes of second stage national
         a) Develop new policy                            ×     consultation which closed in June 2003 In contact
         b) Implement new policy                                with districts and situation being monitored.
13   Enhance landscape management to                  Ongoing   In contact with SCCs Ecologist – one site visit
     increase bio-diversity                                     undertaken, three further visits to be arranged.
                                                                Pressure of work on Ecologist will determine speed
                                                                of progress.

14   Waste Minimisation and Education                 Ongoing   Range of activities established including:
     Promote Minimisation and Education                         Museum on the move – a highly successful scheme
                                                                which was submitted for National Re-cycling Awards,
                                                                Partnership working with Shropshire Real Nappy
                                                                Campaign undertaken.
                                                                Partnership working with furniture re-cycling
                                                                schemes progressed leading to establishment of
                                                                SHOFUR (Shropshire Household Furniture Recycling
                                                                Partnership). New Wheels Partnership also
                                                                established for re-cycling bikes.
                                                                Overall good progress being made

     Promote recycling                                Ongoing   Monthly advert in Shropshire Star
                                                                Re-think Rubbish adopted by all Shropshire Councils
                                                                Buy re-cycled campaign undertaken
                                                                Promotion of re-cycling at all HWRCs

     Develop Schools Initiatives                                ECO schools initiative underway, Eco schools
                                                                conference planned (Nov 2003)
                                                                Input made to Environmental Education Conference
                                                                in partnership with Education Advisory Service.

                                                                                                 Appendix 1

                                                         Waste Education Officer appointed – 12 schools
                                                         active in WESP scheme which includes school waste
                                                         audits and practical learning activities with pupils,
                                                         very successful so far

     Develop Joint Waste Management Website    Ongoing   Shropshire Online portal has been launched and
                                                         Waste Management has information available for the
                                                         public – Waste Management pages are frequently
                                                         visited eg. 14000 hits since launch up to end of
15   Implementation of Waste Promotion and               Meetings held with Wastepak, Valpak and SITA‟s
     Education Campaign                        Ongoing   Environmental Trust but no further progress to date.
                                                         £25,000 budget established and used to support
                                                         voluntary/community groups. Government moves to
                                                         release funds for education/promotion being closely
16   Improved Waste Management Data                      Electronic weekly waste management newsletters
                                                         are sent to Senior Officer‟s Group (SOG) members
                                                         and other partners.
                                                         Discussion forums established via SOG and SLARG
                                                         Waste Partnership Communication Strategy
                                                         developed and approved. Arrangements for cross
                                                         referencing between various groups improved. Client
                                                         Officer Group resurrected
     Analysis of Information provision
                                                         A Waste Analysis contract was issued in July 2003 to
                                                         Save Waste and Prosper (SWAP)and an interim
                                                         report is due November 2003
17   Benchmarking of performance               Ongoing   Formal benchmarking process with family group still
                                                         to be investigated.
18   Invoice Procedures                        Ongoing   Electronic transfer of invoices being explored with
                                                         contractors. System for dealing with discrepancies
                                                         and credit notes improved

     Appendix 1