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					The American Recovery and
 Reinvestment Act of 2009

            Presented by:
  Cooperative Educational Services
     Assistive Technology Team
Laura Giovanetti and Ashley Tremblay
    What the ARRA States:
The IDEA ARRA funds constitute a large
one-time increment in IDEA, Part B
funding that offers states and LEAs a
unique opportunity to improve teaching
and learning and results for children with
Generally, funds should be used for short-
term investments that have the potential
for long-term benefits, rather than for
expenditures the LEAs may not be able to
sustain once the ARRA funds are
     Some possible uses of these limited-term IDEA
     ARRA funds that are allowable under IDEA and
     aligned with the core reform goals for which
     states must provide assurances under SFSF
    • Obtain state-of-the art assistive technology devices and
      provide training in their use to enhance access to the
      general curriculum for students with disabilities.
•    Provide intensive district-wide professional development for special education and
     regular education teachers that focuses on scaling-up, through replication, proven and
     innovative evidence-based school-wide strategies in reading, math, writing and
     science, and positive behavioral supports to improve outcomes for students with
•    Develop or expand the capacity to collect and use data to improve teaching and
•    Expand the availability and range of inclusive placement options for preschoolers with
     disabilities by developing the capacity of public and private preschool programs to
     serve these children.
•    Hire transition coordinators to work with employers in the community to develop job
     placements for youths with disabilities.
      Let’s take a step back…
• Currently ONLY students who have IEP’s have
  the right to assistive technology. Which
  means, we only consider this for students
  AFTER they have failed more than they have
• How can we help students succeed more times
  than they fail?
• We need to look at the technology that is
  termed Assistive technology and find the
  solutions that have broader applications that will
  help our students access their curriculums!
    It’s about more than just the
It’s about the children and saying:

“We care about you, and we want
       you to succeed!”
           What are the possibilities?
General Assistive Technology                                                             Description

                                                  An AT Specialist from CES can come and work with your district to assess the assistive
                                                  technology that you already have, as well as help prioritize what is needed to best
           Assistive Technology Audit
                                                  service your district. This service is designed to help decide what tools may need to be
                                                  purchased, refreshed, updated, or tossed and to look at training needs.

                                                  This consultative service is designed to be open-ended to meet the needs throughout
                                                  the district. The 4 hours can be split into a variety of ways per month. An AT
                                                  Specialist from CES can meet with teachers and students as a way to help assess the
      Assistive Technology Consultation
                                                  use of assistive technology or determine if there is a need. This is a great way to
                                                  facilitate communication between CES and the teachers or AT person within your

                                                  An AT Specialist from CES can go over the IEP and discuss how and when AT should be
        Assistive Technology in the IEP           added to the document. This is especially important for teachers who are new to
                                                  Special Education as well as those that may benefit from a refresher.

                                               Do you have teachers that struggle with how to implement assistive technology in their
                                               classrooms? With a big push for inclusion a CES AT Specialist can provide advice on AT
Assistive Technology Modeled in your Classroom
                                               devices/strategies that help students how have or need assistive technology to help
                                               them be successful in the regular education classroom.

                                                  You have assistive technology in your district, now what? An AT Specialist from CES can
                                                  come and help your district plan and organize how to make the most of the assistive
 Assistive Technology Planning/Organization
                                                  technology in your closets. We can help you analyze where the needs are and how to
                                                  meet those needs.
Assistive Technology Software Training                                                 Description

                                                This training session will provide an in-depth look into Boardmaker as well as provide
                                                hands-on training to teachers who are new to the program. Teachers will be able to
                                                walk away with essential tools need to help facilitate communication in their academic

                                                This training session will provide an overview of Bookshare and who can access it. We
         Boardmaker – What’s New?               will also work with your individual district on setting up accounts for schools and

                                                This training session will provide an overview of Bookshare and who can access it. We
                  Bookshare                     will also work with your individual district on setting up accounts for schools and

                                                This training session will provide an overview of ClassroomSuite. This dynamic
             ClassroomSuite v.4                 software program can help teachers to meet the needs of many different students of a
                                                variety of abilities.

                                                A session that can provide some tips and tricks of no-tech/low-tech assistive
       No Tech/Low Tech AT Solutions
                                                technology solutions.

                                                This session will provide your teachers an overview of all of the amazing features of
           Read & Write Gold v. 9               Read & Write Gold v. 9. A session that can show you how to adapt curriculum
                                                materials that you are already using to meet the needs of students in your classroom.

                                                This session will provide your teachers an overview of all of the different programs that
                    SOLO                        make up SOLO. You will learn how to use the different programs individually as well as
                                                together as the SOLO unit.

                                                CES AT Specialists can provide an overview course on Assistive Technology and its
              Summer Institute
                                                benefits for students with disabilities.

                                                A session that can help you to utilize tools that are already available on your
 Wonders of Word, Power of Power Point, and
                                            computers. With just the programs you use every day, you can create accessible
              Amazing Adobe!
                                                documents for your students and so much more!

                                                Do have other needs in your district? Tell us about them and we will create a training
              Create Your Own
                                                session tailored to your needs.
                                               AT Software
    Adobe                 .com
                                                                                            Teacher   Student   Grade   Ability

                   Adobe Professional       Digitizes worksheets makes PDF’s accessible       x                  All

 Boardmaker                                                     Teacher   Student   Grade   Ability

                                           Picture communication software, also used for
                    Boardmaker Plus                                                           x         x        All
                                                interactive learning on the computer.

                                           Allows students to use Boardmaker Plus
                   Boardmaker Player       activities on the computer without needing                   x        All
                                           the Boardmaker Disc.
                                           Supplemental pre made activities for BM and
                  Boardmaker Add ons                                                          x         x        All
                                                       IntelliTools - Ken Flott
Classroom Suite
                                                       1-800-547-6747 ex. 658
                                                                                            Teacher   Student   Grade   Ability

                                            Reading, Writing and math skill development
                                           software. Classroom Suite 4 includes research-
                                                                                                                 K-4      All
                                             based activity templates that can be used
                  Classroom Suite V.4                                                         x         x
                                            out-of-the-box, or easily customized to meet                        5-12*    *More
                                                targeted needs. Lessons can even be                                     severe
                                              sequenced into ―intelligent‖ units to alig
                                             Includes IntelliKeys USB, Overlay Maker 3,
                    Access Bundle #5        IntelliTools Classroom Suite, and Alternative     x         x
                                                              Access Kit.
                                       AT Software
                                                    Crick Software
                                                                                      Teacher   Student   Grade    Ability

                                   Clicker is a writing support and multimedia tool
                  Clicker 5          - it enables you to write with whole words,        x         x       K-6
                                                  phrases or pictures!
                                   Integrates with Clicker 5, should be purchased
                Clicker Paint                                                           x         x       PK - 6
                                                   with Clicker 5
                                      Allows Boardmaker pictures to be used in
            PCS Symbols Deluxe                       Clicker 5
                                                                                        x                 PK - 6

            Crick USB Switch Box         Switch interface for Crick products                      x        All

Naturally                                                         Teacher   Student   Grade    Ability

                Dragon Naturally
              Speaking Preferred            Speech Recognition Software                           x       5-12
                                                                                                                   OHI, MI

                                          USB Microphone
            UBS Microphone         (desktop or headset) is critical                               x

                                    for successful use of product
                                            AT Software
                                                        Jennifer Loucks
Don Johnston
                                                      800-999-4660 ex. 596
                                                                                          Teacher   Student   Grade    Ability

                     Co:Writer                    Word prediction software                            x        All

                  Write:OutLoud                    Text-to-speech software                                     All

                                          Read:OutLoud is an accessible text reader
                   Read:OutLoud            that provides below-grade level readers                             K-5
                                              access to the general curriculum.

                                         Co:Writer, Write:OutLoud, Read:OutLoud and
                       SOLO                                                                           x       6-12    LD, OHI
                                                     DraftBuilder Bundle

                                         Start-to-Finish Library offers your struggling
                                         readers a wide selection of age-appropriate                                  reading
               Start-to-Finish Library                                                                                 levels
                                            narrative chapter books written at two                    x       5-12
                      (96 Titles)                                                                                     2nd - 3rd
                                           readability levels and delivered in three                                  4th - 5th
                                                         media formats.

                Start-to-Finish Core     Start-to-Finish Core Content offers engaging,                                reading
                                          standards-based informational texts written                                  levels
                      Content                                                                         x       5-12
                                           at two levels and delivered in three media                                 2nd - 3rd
                     (30 Titles)                            formats.                                                  4th - 5th

                                          By strategically combining three text types
                                           and built in computer supports, Start-to-
                  Start-to-Finish                                                                                     For older
                                           Finish Literacy Starters provide beginning                                  non- and
                 Literacy Starters                                                                    x       5-12    beginning
                                         readers with meaningful reading experiences
                     (18sets)             that will increase their motivation to read

                                                    while building their skills.
                                                    AT Software

                www.lexialearni                        800-435-3942                         Teacher   Student   Grade      Ability
                                               A powerful combination of methodology and
                                          motivation. Lexia Early Reading has engaging, age-
                                          appropriate activities which introduce phonological                          Interes
                                                                                                                        t Level
                   Early Reading          principles and the alphabet—both proven predictors                    x      Ages 4-
                                                                                                                                  PK - 1
                                            of reading success. It reinforces both emergent                                6
                                             literacy skills and introduces students to basic
                                                              computer skills.

                                            Lexia Primary Reading is a web-enabled reading
                                          program designed to help all students master basic                           Interes
                                                                                                                        t Level
                 Primary Reading          reading skills. Students using Lexia Primary Reading                  x      Ages 5-
                                                                                                                                   PK - 3
                                          work independently through 5 levels of reading skill                             8

                                            The activities in Strategies for Older students are
                                         specifically designed to remediate basic reading skills
                                         while offering age-appropriate content and interface.
                                            The focus of the activities helps students increase                        Interes    Reading
                                                                                                                        t Level    Level
                       S.O.S                automatic word recognition by reinforcing phonic                    x       Ages 9    Grades
                                           elements and sound symbol relationships. Activities                          - Adult     1-8
                                          in SOS provide extensive practice in everything from
                                             basic phonological awareness to advanced word
                                                                attack skills.
Write It Live                                                              Teacher   Student   Grade      Ability

                                          WriteIt! Live is a web-based writing application that
                                           creates a paperless writing environment. WriteIt!                                       All,
                  Write It Live
                                         Live allows teachers to distribute new assignments to       x         x        5-12       LD,
                (                                                                                                  OHI
                                            their students from any computer with internet
                                           access. Students can view, complete, and digitally
                                               AT Software
Merit Software                     800-753-6488                      Teacher   Student   Grade   Ability

                          Math                                                                            x
                                               Merit Software improves reading                                    ES,
                                                                                                                          All, LD,
                                          comprehension, writing, vocabulary, grammar                             MS,
                        Reading                 and math skills. Research Based                           x       HS

                        Writing                                                                           x

                                          The Merit Text Talker, a new innovation, speaks
                                              text as it appears on the screen. Students
                      Text Talker             experience the benefits of text-to-speech                   x
                                           technology as a fully integrated part of Merit’s
                                            reading, grammar, and vocabulary programs.
                                                 Texthelp Systems Inc. - Nate Stevens
Read & Write
                              District Sales Manager                Teacher   Student   Grade   Ability
   Gold                                                  Tel: (781) 503-0422

                                            Read&Write GOLD, award-winning literacy
                                            support software, helps students who need
                                                                                                                          All, LD,
                 Read & Write Gold V. 9    support with reading, writing and learning by                  x       4-12
                                           making support tools available right at their

                                          Read&Write GOLD MOBILE comes on a USB flash
                                           drive and contains all of the files required to
                                            run Read&Write GOLD with no installation                                      All, LD,
                         Mobile                                                                           x       4-12
                                          necessary. Users simply plug the key ring-sized
                                             device into the USB port of any computer
                                                 running Windows Vista, XP, or 200

                                            Software Maintenance Services includes 12
                                           months telephone support, remote software
                          SMS                                                                   x
                                           maintenance, resource website, free product
                                             upgrades, and 25% discount off training.
                                     AT Hardware

Mini Laptops         Website                          Description                       Teacher   Student   Grade    Ability

   M& A
Companion PC                         The M&A Companion PC is an Intel-powered
                                   classmate PC specifically designed for learning
                                        and growing! An ideal mobile personal
         learning device for primary students, ages 5 to                  x       PK - 5
                       m                14. Developed specifically to enhance
                                      teaching and learning, our Companion PCs
                                     engage children with ―real PC‖ performance
                                           in a rugged, kid-friendly design.

Dell Latitude
2100 Welch                          Along with the Atom CPU the Dell 2100 Welch
                                       features up to 2GB RAM, 802.11 a/g/n,
             Ethernet, optional SSD, 3x USB 2.0, a SD/MMC                     x       6-12
                                   slot and 3 or 6-cell battery options. It will also
                                             have a touch screen display.

HP 2140 Mini

                                   Ultra-mobile for students ― who need a fully-
                                                                                x       6-12
                                     functioning notebook without the weight.
                                                  AT Hardware
Student Tablets         Website                              Description                          Teacher   Student   Grade    Ability

 Dell Latitude
                    Same as above wit a touch screen display option.                    x       3-12

   HP 2730P
                                       Starting at only 3.7 lb /1.7 kg and 1.11 in/28.2mm thin,
                                         the HP EliteBook 2730p Notebook PC offers you the
                                                                                          x       6-12
                                         functionality of a notebook plus the flexibility of a

HP Touchsmart
     tx2Z                                  Weighing just 4.65 lb. 1 our TouchSmart tx2z is
                                          ultraportable. A simple finger stroke on the 12.1"
                                                                                          x       6 - 12
                                          diagonal screen delivers quick and easy access to
                                          information, entertainment, and social networks.

Always Innovating
                                       The Touch Book is both a netbook and a tablet thanks to
  Touchbook                               a detachable keyboard and a 3D touchscreen user
                                                              interface.                                      x       2 - 12
                      Breakthrough 10 to 15 hours battery life
                                         Silent, leading-edge miniaturized, ARM-based design

M&A Companion
                                       The Companion Touch provides a unique opportunity for
                                        students to stay connected with the school by allowing
                    www.shopmanda         them to take home what they learn in school. The
                                                                                                              x       PK - 5
                         .com          Companion Touch offers the best value under $500. This
                                        mini-tablet PC is designed to withstand the day-to-day
                                             usage by children in the school and at home.
                                                   AT Hardware

Note Taking          Website                                  Description                           Teacher   Student   Grade     Ability

Live Scribe
                                        The Pulse Smartpen records and links audio to what you
            write so you'll never miss a word in a lecture or meeting                x      5 - 12

                     Website                                  Description                           Teacher   Student   Grade     Ability
 elo Touch
             The 1515L touchmonitors are designed, developed
              Products/LCDs/151         and built to provide the most cost-effective touch                      x       PK - 12
                5L/default.asp              solutions for system integrators and VARs.

Magic Touch
USB window
                                           Magic touch fits directly over the monitor you
  (13-15")                              already have, making the computer accessible for
              http://www.magictouch.c                        all students.
                                                                                                                x       PK - 12
                        om/              Magic touch can be activated on touch by almost
                                        anything - finger, fingernail, gloved hand or stylus.
                                         Magic touch and mouse can be used concurrently.
                                                      AT Hardware

   Low Tech
                             Website                                   Description                    Teacher   Student   Grade    Ability
Colored Reading
     Strips                                           Flexible reading guide with built in colored
                                                       filter. This filter is easy to use and carry
                                                                        x       1 - 12
                                                     around and is valuable for tracking as well as
                                                                        color needs.

  Lined Paper
                  http://preview.officedep                      Tops Stinger Legal Pads
                                                                                                        x         x       1 - 12
                                            (Green/White or Blue/White)
                                           AT for Computer Access
                          Website                                       Description                            Teacher   Student   Grade    Ability

  Big Keys
 Keyboard                                        BigKeys Keyboard by Greystone Digital Inc. is the size of a
                                                   standard keyboard with 1‖ square keys, 4 times larger
                                                                                                                                    PK -
                         than a standard key. An easily accessible switch allows                 x
                                                    you to choose the keyboard layout that best fits your
                                                              needs, QWERTY for standard use

  Keyboard                                         IntelliKeys USB plugs into the computer's USB port and
                                                     provides access for anyone with physical, visual, or
                                                                                                                                    PK -
                    cognitive disabilities who has difficulty using a standard               x
                                                 keyboard. In combination with its many overlays, it is the
                                                                most flexible alternative key

Little Fingers
                 om/education_base.                       Smaller keyboard for smaller hands                               x       PK - 4

                                                   Flexible Foldable Spill Proof Full Sized Keyboard                                PK -
                   le-Foldable-Spill-Keyboard-                                                                             x
                     Silicone/dp/B00092Q210                *Also available in store at Staples                                       12
                                    AT for Computer Access
                          Website                                Description                       Teacher   Student   Grade   Ability
 Mini mouse
                                                                                                                       PK -
                            Smaller mouse for smaller hands!                          x

Ergo Trackpad

         Fast Easy & Fun, Small, Thin, Water Resistant,                           PK -
                             m/                 & Durable, and you can put it anywhere!                                 12

  Joy Stick
                                               TRAXSYS' Roller II line are sturdy three button
                                              switch adaptable pointing devices. They come
                                              in either a large 2.5" trackball or a 3" joystick.
                                              They have separate buttons for left click, right
                                                click and drag lock with color corresponding
                                                   switch ports on the back of the units. A                            PK -
                                                 flashing light indicates the drag button has                           12
                                               been activated. The Roller II products include
                                                    a keyguard to help users isolate on the
                                                    buttons. The Joystick comes with two
                                              alternative handles to accommodate different
                                                   input needs, T-Bar and Soft Sponge Ball.

  Track Ball

                                              Many varieties from which to choose. Explore                             PK -
                                                     website for more descriptions.                                     12
                                    AT for Computer Access
 Switch Access           Website                             Description                     Teacher   Student   Grade   Ability

  Intelliswitch                               The new IntelliSwitch is a wireless switch
switch interface                            interface engineered by Madentec. Offering
                                           greater mobility and easy access to software,                         PK -
                                                IntelliSwitch is compatible with both                             12
                                          IntelliTools’ software and Madentec’s Discover
Crick USB switch

                                          The Crick USB Switch Box is the only switch box
                                                                                                                 PK -
               that is supported by Crick Software for use with               x
                                                           our software.

 Don Johnston
Switch Interface                           Don Johnston’s Switch Interface Pro 5.0 is the
      Pro                                   industry’s easiest to use interface because it
                                          requires no software and can be used with both
                                                                                                                 PK -
              Windows and Macintosh computers. Five ports                   x
                                           allow you to plug in multiple switches and the
                                              flexibility of emulating everything from a
                                                         single-click to a return.
                                  Communication Devices
 Single Message         Website                             Description                         Teacher   Student   Grade   Ability

   BIGmack                                 Record any single message directly into the
                                         BIGmack communicator and press its activation
                                                                                         PK -
                                        surface for playback up to two minutes in length.                   x
                          m                                                                                          12
                                            Connect a toy or appliance for additional

 Go Talk Button                          The new GoTalk Button records one 10-second
                   www.attainmentco                                                                                 PK -
                                        message, and the large PLAY button ensures easy                     x

Multiple Message        Website                             Description                         Teacher   Student   Grade   Ability

                                            The Tech/TalkTM is an augmentative and
                                               alternative communication device.

                                           The Tech/SpeakTM is an augmentative and
                                               alternative communication device.

   Go Talk 20
                                        GoTalk 20+ is lightweight and rugged, and now has
                                       a 100 message capacity . PLUS five ―core messages‖                   x

 Go Talk Pocket
                                          Six message keys with five levels give the user
                                       plenty to talk about. Overlays slide in easily and are               x
                      stored in a removable compartment on the back.

  Step-by-Step                         Record any series of messages directly into the BIG
            Step-by-Step Communicator and press its activation
                          m             surface for the first message. Press it again and it
                                            automatically steps to the next message.
                                     Communication Devices
Dynamic Display          Website                               Description                          Teacher   Student   Grade   Ability

   Chat PC 4
                                            ChatPC-4 is the very ruggedized member of the
                                             ChatPC family. It is a portable dynamic display
                                           augmentative communication device with powerful
                                                      communication capabilities.

  Dynavox V                                  Powerful and flexible enough for all ages and
                                            abilities, they are the complete communication
                                             solutions for augmented communicators. Full                        x
                           m               Windows XP computers and environmental control

AAC Software             Website                               Description                          Teacher   Student   Grade   Ability

Dynamically Pro                            For use with the tablet mini computers as a touch
                                           screen dynamic display AAC device for assessment           x         x

Proloquo 2.0 for                          Proloquo is a multilingual speech and communication
      Mac                                 solution for Mac OS X that provides: (1) a full-fledged
            communication system; (2) provides speech feedback
                            m               in any application while typing; (3) can serve as a
                                            talking word processor; (4) provides an advanced,
                                                        multilingual speech engine.


                     For use on Itouch/Iphone, available from Apples
                                                              iTunes Store
                                              Online Subscriptions
Accessible Book     www.accessiblebookcolle
                                                                                                       Teacher   Student   Grade   Ability

                                               Provides high interest/low reading level digital text                       PK -
                                                                                                                   x                  All
                                                      to qualified persons with disabilities.                               12

                                                                   Peter Glovin
                                                                866.542.7246 x345
                                                                                                       Teacher   Student   Grade   Ability

                                                  BrainPOP creates animated, curriculum-based
                          Brian Pop               content that supports educators and engages            x         x       3-12       All
                                                  BrainPOP Jr. provides educational movies and
                                                 homework help for K-3 students. Each animated
                      BrainPop Junior          movie has quizzes, games, vocabulary, and activities
                                                                                                         x         x        K-3       All
 User Name: FAPPA
  Password: CES                                                      for kids.

  Bookshare                                                                 Teacher   Student   Grade   Ability
                                                                                                                                    VI, MI,
                         Bookshare                             Free etext repository                               x       K-12    disabilit

                                                               Online video library                    Teacher   Student   Grade   Ability
  Streaming                   m

                                               Discovery Education streaming integrates seamlessly
                     Discover Education          into any curriculum with 5,000 full-length videos
                                                                                                         x         x       K-12       All
                         Streaming              segmented into 41,000 content-specific clips tied
                                                       directly state and national standards.

                                                   Discovery Education streaming Plus integrates
                     Discover Education        seamlessly into any curriculum with 9,000 full-length
                                                                                                         x         x       K-12       All
                       StreamingPlus            videos segmented into 71,000 content-specific clips
                                                     tied directly state and national standards.

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