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					                                        Demon News
June 12, 2011

Volume 2, Issue 2

 New to summer swimming?
   Feeling overwhelmed or                Disqualifications
   confused by Team Unify?
 Join us Wednesday June 15th             DQs happen; we wish they didn’t, but they do. They happen at all levels of swimming - from time
 at 5:30 at the pool for a new           trials to the Olympics - and all swimmers, no matter how talented and hard working, DQ at some
                                         point or another. It is not something to get upset about, but it is a warning to always focus on
       parents meeting!                  proper stroke technique.

    Blue Team pulls                      Below is a summary of some common DQs in swimming.

    ahead in Color                       First and foremost, a swimmer will be DQed if he or she stands up during a race. Swimmers must
                                         swim from the starting wall to the finishing wall without touching the bottom of the pool. This is
    Wars Competition                     especially important at the finish when many swimmers want to stand up and then reach for the
                                         wall. We coaches remind them at practice to swim all the way to the wall so that they develop
    with a Decisive                      good habits. Secondly, a swimmer will be DQed if he or she swims the wrong stroke.
                                         Sometimes, swimmers dive too deep and work their way to the surface by doing freestyle. If it is
    Win at Time Trials                   not a freestyle event, they will be DQed. Thirdly, a swimmer will be DQed if he or she uses the
                                         lane rope to gain an advantage. Just bumping into the rope is not illegal, but pulling on it or in
                                         any way propelling off of it is illegal.
    Thanks to all the parent
                                         Swimmers often DQ as they touch the wall at the end of a race. In freestyle and backstroke, the
    volunteers who helped time           arms are not moving in sync and therefore it is legal to touch the wall with only one hand.
    trials run smoothly and              However, in breaststroke and butterfly, the arms move simultaneously and swimmers must
    efficiently. We were done a          touch the wall with both hands at the same time.
    half hour earlier than we
                                         In backstroke, swimmers most often DQ by turning onto their stomachs at some point during the
    expected!                            race, perhaps to check where the wall is or perhaps at the finish. The backstroke flags hang in
                                         the same place at all pools as a warning to swimmers that they are approaching the wall.
    Everyone swam fast and we            Swimmers should know their stroke count - the number of strokes they take from the flags to the
    got a glimpse of what our            wall.
    season will be like: close races     In breaststroke, swimmers may get DQed because of their kick or their pull. In breaststroke kick,
    and strong finishes!                 both legs must move around simultaneously and in the same plane. Swimmers will be DQed for
                                         flutter kick and dolphin kick during breaststroke. Many swimmers find it difficult to turn their
    The blue team won time trials        feet outward, but when their feet are turned inward, they tend to kick with some degree of
                                         upward or downward movement. In breaststroke pull, both arms must move around
    with a score of 1787 to 1455         simultaneously as well. Many swimmers pull too far and end each stroke at their hips. A
    for the red team. For their          breaststroke pull must be shorter that that and the arms must move forward sooner,
    victory, the blue team earned        immediately after they come to the elbows. Finally, swimmers may get DQed if their head does
    10 color wars points. Blue now       not clear the surface of the water in each stroke cycle. A swimmer must breathe every stroke in
                                         breaststroke and each cycle must include the following sequence: pull, breathe, kick, and glide.
    leads the color wars 10 to 5.
                                         In butterfly, swimmers may get DQed because of their kick or their pull. Butterfly requires that
    If you were unable to attend         swimmers do a dolphin kick in which the legs, from thighs to feet, remain together at all times.
    Saturday’s time trials, please       Like in breaststroke, the arms in butterfly move in sync. Furthermore, swimmers must get their
                                         arms above the surface of the water as they recover or move forward. Particularly when
    come to the pool this Tuesday        swimmers breathe, they tend to take little mini strokes under the water. Legal butterfly requires
    (June 14 ) at 7:00 PM for a          strength. If your swimmer struggles to move both arms at the same time and struggles to clear
    make up session. This session        the water, push ups are a great way to gain upper body strength.
    is only for those who could not
    attend time trials, not for those
    that want to swim an event                 Swimming etiquette requires all swimmers to remain in the
    again. Please email Kate at                    pool after a race until all swimmers have finished.
    .org to tell her you are coming
    so that she can plan the races.
 Swimmers of the Week                  The Importance of Breakfast                                   by, Sophie Segreti
               th           th
Week 1 (June 6 - June 10 )
                                       If standardized testing has taught us anything, it’s that to perform well you need to eat a good
                                       breakfast. But what MCPS and the College Board neglect to say, is that your body needs a healthy
Esther Quackenbush
Not only is Esther one of the          breakfast every day. Breakfast isn’t a secret weapon to be called on only when you need an extra
fastest girls in her age group, she    boost, but an essential part of always performing your best. If you had a good night’s rest, you
is also one of the hardest working.    have gone about 8 hours without food or water. Your body is dehydrated and your blood sugar is
She gives her very best at practice    low; in other words you essentially have no energy. Breakfast is the kick start needed to give
and never complains. Esther            humans energy to get moving and start their day, not to mention essential for surviving morning
listens to her coaches and tries her   swim practice! Imagine one of Kate’s fly practices on an empty stomach; not very enticing.
very best to implement the
                                       However, an 8:00 practice does not lend itself easily for preparing a lengthy breakfast. Luckily,
suggestions they make. Finally,
she smiles the whole time -            there are some basic rules and go-to combos that will serve as quick, easy, and healthy breakfast
whether it is a race or a warm up,     ideas.
Esther approaches every swim
with a positive attitude that makes    Triple Threat: A healthy breakfast meal should include all of these nutrients.
her everyone’s favorite teammate.      1. Protein: An essential nutrient that does more than build muscles. It plays a role in cell repair,
                                       hormone production and fluid balance.
Steven Huntley                         2. Fiber: Helps deliver the meal’s nutrients slowly and steadily, meaning feeling fuller longer.
Steven is one of our hardest           3. Complex Carbohydrates: Body’s main source of energy (aka whole grains)
working and most thoughtful
swimmers. He expects a great
deal from himself and understands      Triple Threat in ACTION: examples of great breakfast ideas
that achieving goals does not          -Fruit Parfait: low fat yogurt (protein , fruit (fiber), and cereal(complex carbohydrates). Just mix
happen right away, but requires        the three together and enjoy! Dannon Light and Fit, FiberOne, Yoplait, and Chobani (greek yogurt
patience, sustained effort, and        style) are good examples of low fat yogurts, Light and Fit has the least amount of fat and calories,
good listening skills. Steven goes     Chobani has the most protein, and FiberOne yogurts have…fiber. Any fruit will do, but berries and
out of his way to help and             bananas typically taste the best in a parfait. Use whole grain cereal, favorites like cheerios and
encourage his teammates!
                                       chex are examples of whole grain cereals most kids will eat. Watch out for really sugary cereals,
                                       granola is also typically very high in sugar so be sure to read the nutrition facts.
Friday Color Wars Practices
                       th              -Breakfast Burrito: whole grain tortilla, turkey or some other type of lean protein (egg works too),
   begin Friday June 17 from 9-
             10:30 AM!                 slice of cheese. No, this is not an invitation to go to McDonalds and grab their sausage, egg, and
Each swimmer has been assigned         cheese burrito. By either eating a tortilla that contains fiber, or by grabbing an apple too, this
to a team: either red or blue. If      combination covers all the Triple Threat nutrients, and is extremely portable!
you are unsure of your color, see      -Oatmeal: Instant or normal oatmeal, fruit. You don’t even have to eat plain steel cut oatmeal.
Coach Kate or check the bulletin       Quaker instant oatmeal contains a good amount of fiber and protein and is always made with
board at practice. Swimmers
                                       whole grains. For example, their maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal has 3 grams of fiber and
remain on their team for their
                                       4 grams of protein. Add fruit for added flavor and fiber.
entire career at Darnestown.
Family members belong to the           -PB and J Toast: Whole wheat bread, peanut butter, jelly. A classic lunch and breakfast food
same team.                             combined to make a crowd pleasing breakfast. Also easy to eat on the go, the whole wheat bread
                                       can be as grainy or soft as you like, as long as it has a good amount of whole grains. Peanut
The red and blue teams will            butter (or almond butter for those allergic) provides a great amount of protein and fiber. Some
compete against each other each        jelly’s are better than others, and can range from having real fruit and fiber to just sugar.
Friday during practice to earn
                                       -Energy Bars: energy bar, fruit. To substitute a meal, an energy bar should have 3-5 grams of fiber
points for their team. Points can
also be earned at meets for            and 10 grams of protein. Good examples are Odwalla bars, Kashi golean bars, and TruSoy. Typical
showing spirit, sportsmanship, and     cereal or granola bars like Nature Valley, typically don’t have enough nutrients to pass as a
creativity in selecting a costume!     healthy breakfast. Special K bars and FiberOne bars only have one Triple Threat in them, protein
A Color Wars winner will be            and fiber respectively. Consequently, to ensure a well rounded breakfast, make sure you get your
announced at the swim team             missing Threats from different sources
Demon Coaches                                    A and B Meets                              Themes make
                                                 A meets are held Saturday mornings.
Kate Ulicny is returning for her second          In order to compete in an A meet, a        Summer
season as Darnestown’s head coach. During        swimmer must be one of the top three
the school year, she teaches AP Biology at       swimmers in his or her age group in a      Swimming even
Clarksburg High School.                          particular event. An exception is made
                                                 for the freestyle events so that the top   more Fun
Bob Norr is a long-time Darnestown               six swimmers in each age group may
swimmer, guard, manager, and coach. He           compete in an A meet. Swimmers are
has just finished his second year at Frostburg   allowed to swim only three of the four     A theme has been selected for
State University.                                strokes in an A meet, but they may         each A and B meet this
                                                 also swim a relay and the individual       season. Coaches and
Imre Namath is a long-time Darnestown            medley (IM). Coach Kate enters
                                                                                            swimmers (and their parents!)
swimmer, guard, and coach, as well as the        swimmers in A meet and swimmers
only one of the Namath triplets with us this     may not chose the events in which          have a great time dressing up
summer. He has just finished his second          they compete. The championship             for meets to fit the themes.
year at The College of Wooster.                  meet for A swimmers is Divisionals.
                                                                                            Below is a list of the themes
Jean Murray has been a swimmer at                B meets are held on Wednesday
Darnestown since her pre-team days and           evenings. Swimmers may sign up for         for our meets this season:
was a junior coach last summer. She will         the events they would like to swim in a
graduate from Sidwell Friends School in          B meet. To do so, swimmers must sign       June 18 and June 22
Washington, D.C. later this month and is         up on Team Unify by noon on Tuesday.
headed to Sewanee: The University of the         No one will be allowed to sign up for a
South this fall.                                 B meet past this deadline each week.
                                                                                            June 25 and June 29
Quinn McGee has been swimming at                 There are restrictions on who may          WATER AEROBICS
Darnestown since he was 8 years old and          compete in a B meet so in some cases,
was a junior coach last summer. Quinn also       even if a swimmer signs up for the B
swims for his high school, Gonzaga.              meet, Kate may have to take him or         July 2 and July 6
                                                 her out.                                   MISSION IMPOSSIBLE / SPIES
Ryan Reis began swimming for Darnestown
at age 7 and was a junior coach last summer.     For example, a swimmer may swim a
                                                                                            July 5 and July 10
Ryan just graduated from Quince Orchard          total of three individual strokes and
High School last week and is headed to St.       one IM per a swimming week                 RED, WHITE, AND BLUE
Mary's College of Maryland to swim for the       (Saturday-Friday) between the A meet
Seahawks this fall.                              and the B meet.                            July 9 and July 13
                                                                                            LAX / PREPPY
Sophie Segreti has been a Demon since she        Furthermore, a swimmer who scored
was 7 and was a junior coach last summer.        in two or more events in the A meet
She is currently a student-athlete at Quince     cannot compete in the B meet for that      July 16
Orchard High School.                             swimming week.                             POOL PARTY
Nina Cohen has been a Demon since the age        Finally, a swimmer competing in any
of 8 and is a junior coach this summer. She is   25m race must be able to swim the          July 20 and July 23
currently a student-athlete at The Holton-       stroke legally and in 60 sec or less. A    DARNESTOWN TEAM SPIRIT
Arms School in Bethesda.                         swimmer competing in the 100m IM
                                                 must be able to swim all strokes legally
                                                                                            In addition to providing an
Tyler Shapiro has been a Demon for seven         and finish the event in 3 minutes or
years nowand his first season as a junior        less.                                      opportunity to have fun,
coach. He is currently a student-athlete at                                                 dressing up for meets based
Quince Orchard High School.                      Swimmers are not assigned to A or B        on themes is a great way to
                                                 meets for the entire season. Some
                                                                                            earn color wars points. The
Zoe Kaplan has been a Demon since the age        swimmers will switch back and forth
of 8 and is a junior coach this summer. She is   each week.                                 swimmer or parent with the
currently a student-athlete at Northwest                                                    best costume at each meet
High School.                                     The championship meet for B                will earn points for their color
                                                 swimmers is Superstars.
Practice Schedule                   Meet Schedule                       Upcoming Events
                                                                        Friday June 17
May 31 – June 16                    A meet schedule
                                                                        First color wars practice
5:00-5:45          8 and under      6/18    at Cedarbrook               All Demons “practice” from 9:00-
5:45-6:45          9-12 year olds   6/25    at Potomac                  10:30 AM. “Practice” will include a
6:45-8:00          13 and up        7/2     Flower Valley               warm up and then a series of colors
                                    7/9     River Falls                 wars competitions planned by Bob
June 20-July 22                     7/10    A relays at Germantown      and Imre.
The schedule below is for           7/16    at Germantown
Monday-Thursday mornings.           7/23    Divsionals at Germantown    Parents Coffee
8:00-9:15          13 and up                                            During practice
9:15-10:15         9-12 year olds
                                    B meet schedule
10:15-11:00        8 and under                                          Top 10 Pizza Party
10:30-11:00        pre-team         6/22    at QO                       All Demons are invited to the pool
                                    6/29    at Westleigh                from 6:00-8:00 for a pizza dinner and
June 20-July 22                     7/5     B relays at QO              a celebration of our swimmers who
The schedule below is for all       7/6     Manchester Farms            are part of Darnestown’s top 10
                                    7/13    Germantown                  fastest swimmers in each event.
team swimmers on Friday
                                    7/20    Superstars at Poolesville   Cost is $3 per person or $10 per
mornings.                                                               family of 4 or more
9:00-10:30         Color Wars!
                                    Other dates                         Saturday June 18

June 20-July 22                     6/11    Time trials                 A meet at Cedarbrook
The schedule below is for all       6/26    possible mini meet          Meet at Darnestown at 7:30 AM
team swimmers Monday,               6/27    Team trip to Hershey Park   Caravan leaves at 7:45 AM
Tuesday, and Thursday evenings.     7/3     Family fun night            Warm up 8:25 AM
6:00-7:00                           7/12    Coaches Longcourse          Meet begins at 9:00 AM
                                    7/17    possible minimeet
                                    7/23    Banquet                     Pool address: Cedar Lane and Summit
Lessons Schedule                    7/30    All Star relays
                                                                        Avenue, Kensington 20895
June 20-July 22                                                         (301) 365-2292
                                    7/31    All star individuals
The schedule below is for all
                                                                        THEME: HAWAIIAN
group lesson participants
Monday-Thursday mornings.                                               Monday June 20
11:30-12:00                                                             - Morning and evening practice
12:00-12:30                          If you have questions or           schedule shifts
                                                                        - Preteam begins (10:30-11)
June 20-July 22                     concerns or would like to
                                                                        - Group lessons begin (11:30 and
The schedule below is for all           add something to an             12:00)
group lesson participants              upcoming newsletter,                                st
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday                                           Tuesday June 21
evenings.                             please contact Kate at            Deadline to sign up for B meet online
7:00-7:30                                                               is noon
                                       (240) 498-8100 or via
                                              email at                  Wednesday June 22
                                                                        B meet at Quince Orchard
Private Lessons                                                         Warm ups at 5:00 PM
All assistant coaches and junior                     Meet begins at 5:30 PM
coaches teach private lessons.                                          Pool address: 16601 Roundabout
Speak to them directly or to                                            Drive Gaithersburg, 20878
Kate if you are interested in                                           (301) 948-316
private lessons.
                                                                        THEME: HAWAIIAN