Redeemer Episcopal Academy---A P

					Redeemer Episcopal Academy---A Peanut Free School

Thank you for helping to keep Redeemer Episcopal Academy a peanut-free safe
environment for our students!
Information/Facts about Peanut Allergies

   1) A great resource to learn more about food allergies is

   2) Peanuts can trigger a severe reaction which may include anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction that
      is rapid in onset and may cause death.

   3) Peanut allergies are unique. Most people with food allergies -- even severe allergies -- can manage their allergies
      by simply not eating foods that have their allergens in them. They read labels, don't eat food if they don't know its
      origins, and ask questions to stay aware of cross-contamination. People with peanut and tree nut allergies follow
      all these steps, but there are two limits to this approach.

       First, it's possible for people with these two allergies to react to traces of nut dust in the air (from peanut shells,
       for example).

       Second, nuts are full of natural oils that leave residues. While these residues can be removed with common
       household cleaners, it can be difficult to clean peanut oils off of doorknobs, chairs, computer keyboards,
       pencils, paintbrushes, and playground equipment during the school day.

   4) "Everybody that has contact with this child (with peanut allergy) and any room this child goes into has to
      essentially be made peanut-free," says Marc McMorris, M.D., assistant professor of internal medicine and
      pediatrics in the division of allergy-immunology at the University of Michigan Health System. A recent study
      showed that 50 percent of patients react to the equivalent of one-fiftieth (1/50) of a peanut, a very small
      amount, says McMorris. The allergy is even more serious because the food does not have to be ingested to have
      fatal effects.

It is because of these issues, and the reality that peanut and tree nut allergies can be life-
threatening, that REA will be a peanut-free school for the 2010-2011 school year. We
thank you for your cooperation!

Understanding Labels

Under federal law, peanuts and tree nuts have to be clearly identified in the food label if they're used as an
ingredient. Look for the word PEANUTS or TREE NUTS in the list of ingredients, OR following the
word "Contains: " which appears right after the ingredient statement.

Manufacturers are NOT required to list possibilities of cross contamination (i.e., if a food was produced on the
same line as peanuts.) Although not required, some manufacturers voluntarily list possibilities of cross
contamination. Foods are NOT safe if the label has statements such as “May contain traces of peanut/tree
nut…”, or “Made on equipment used in manufacturing or processing peanut products…”, or “Made in a
facility that manufactures or processes peanuts…”

Manufacturers with GREAT labeling practices

Manufacturers that have excellent labeling are listed below (i.e., if PEANUT is not listed in the ingredient list
AND there is NOT a “May Contain peanut” type of statement on the package---then the food would be
considered PEANUT SAFE):

Kroger Generic Brand                          Delmonte

Walmart Great Value (Generic Brand)           Motts

General Mills                                 Sunmaid

Kellogg’s                                     Dare cookies and cracker products

Frito Lay                                     Laughing Cow/Babybel


Quaker Oats

Frito Lay

Betty Crocker/Duncan Hines
Peanut-Safe Snack/Party Food Ideas
The following is a list of foods that are CURRENTLY safe for a peanut free/nut free school. Manufacturers
often change their recipes or manufacturing process, making what was once a safe product, no longer safe.
Therefore, it is important to read the labels carefully at the time of every purchase.

Look for the word PEANUTS or TREE NUTS in the list of ingredients, OR following the word
"Contains: " which appears right after the ingredient statement. Avoid products that say “May contain

Ingredients can vary from brand to brand. While one brand of an item is safe, another brand may contain
peanuts. (i.e., Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish are safe but Stauffer’s Whale Crackers are not safe)

These are just suggestions and are by no means a comprehensive list. If you have a question about a
specific product, please ask your teacher or contact Lori Scafidi at 478-387-8551 or

-Fresh Fruit
-Fresh Vegetables with Kraft Salad dressing for dips
-Mott’s Applesauce cups-all varieties
-Delmonte Fruit Cups-all varieties
-Craisins-original, blueberry
-Sunmaid Regular raisins and Golden raisins (vanilla and chocolate covered raisins NOT safe)

Fruit Snacks
-Betty Crocker Fruit Rolls-Ups
-Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Snacks
-Betty Crocker Fruit By The Foot
-Kellogg Clever Kids-Letter Bites (fruit flavored snacks)

-Yogurt such as Dannon/Yoplait Kids/Yoplait Cups/Yoplait Trix
-Danimal Smoothies
-Cottage Cheese
-Sargento String Cheese
-Frigo String Cheese
-Blocks of cheese from Kraft or Kroger (some of Walmart brand cheese is NOT safe)
-Sargento Cheese Slices/Kroger Cheese Slices
- Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese
-Laughing Cow Cheese
-Mini Babybel Cheese
-Pepperidge Farm Goldfish- Wholegrain, Pretzel, Colors, Baby, Original, Cheddar (all varieties
        EXCEPT chocolate dunked pretzel crackers)
-Sunshine Cheez-It Crackers-Regular, Reduced Fat, Multigrain
-Nabisco Wheat Thins
-Nabisco Triscuits
-Keebler Town House Flip Sides
-Keebler Town House Original Crackers
-Keebler Club Crackers-Original and Multigrain
-Nabisco Ritz Crackers-Wholewheat and Regular

-General Mills Multigrain Cheerios
-General Mills Cheerios
-General Mills Corn Chex, Wheat Chex, Rice Chex
-General Mills- Lucky Charms
-Kellogg Corn Pops
-Kellogg Frosted Mini-Wheats-Strawberry, Blueberry, Original
-Kellogg Apple Jacks

Chips                                              Cake Mixes/Frostings
-Frito Lay Baked Products                          -Betty Crocker Cake Mix-many varieties
- Frito Lay Cheetos                                -Betty Crocker Frosting
-Frito Lay Doritos                                 -Betty Crocker Angel Food Cake
-Frito Lay Tostitos                                -Duncan Hines Cake Mix-many varieties
-Frito Lay Sun Chips/Fritos
-Frito Lay Classics/Ruffles
-Rold Gold Pretzels
-Santitas White Corn Chips
**Most Frito Lay Products are safe EXCEPT the Kettle Cooked varieties

-Nabisco Oreos-Original and Reduced Fat
-Nabisco Fig Newtons-Strawberry, Original, Fat Free
-Nabisco Barnum’s Animal Crackers
-Nabisco Honey Maid Graham Crackers-Original, Honey, Cinnamon
-Nabisco Nilla Wafers-Reduced Fat, Original, Mini
-Nabisco Ginger Snaps
-Nabisco Teddy Grahams-Original, Chocolate
-Kellogg Rice Krispies Treats-Original
-Kellogg Pop-Tarts
-Kellogg NutriGrain Cereal Bars-Strawberry, Blueberry, Mixed Berry, Apple Cinnamon
- Dare Cookies-Any Varieties
-Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows
-Kraft Jello Pudding (all except for pistachio)
-Kraft Jello