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									This "Free Hotel Room" Vacation Certificate Works

C&B Getaways, Inc. is the sponsor of this Vacation Certificate offer. The "Terms & Conditions" to receive your Free Accommodations are listed below.
Our affiliate Travel Agency and the participating hotels will do everything necessary to make your vacation a wonderful and memorable experience.

Even though your accommodations are free, you will be treated like a VIP at your host hotel. The reason for this is simple. All of the participating hotels in
this program are in it for one reason. They want you to have a great time on your first visit, so you'll come back on future vacations. Maybe even tell some
friends about their superior service so they'll come for a visit as well. They know... if you don't have a fantastic vacation... you won't be back.

So... how do you think you're going to be treated?

Have Fun & Enjoy Your Vacation.

1. This offer provides deluxe accommodations for two (2) adults. (21 or older)
2. You can check in at your host hotel on any day of the week. There are no blackout dates.
3. Up to two children under the age of 18 may stay in their parent's room at a cost of $5.00 per child, per night.
4. Reservations must be taken within 1 year of the issue date on your reservation form.
5. You can book your arrival date as soon as 30 days after receipt of your reservation form.
6. This offer does not include food, transportation, taxes, tips, telephone calls or items of a personal nature.
7. Two or more vacation certificates may not be used within the same year.
8. This offer is not valid for groups. A group is considered two (2) or more parties.
9. A "refundable" $50 reservation guarantee, payable by credit card, is required when you book your reservations.
This $50 reservation guarantee will be refunded to you after arrival at your host hotel.
10. You are "Not Required" to attend a timeshare presentation to receive your Free Accommodations.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Q: Are your Vacation Certificates just "Timeshare Vacations" by another name?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. No customer will ever be required to listen to any sales pitch, take a tour, or in any other way be required to
consider buying anything to take advantage of the "Free Accommodations" offered on our Vacation Certificates.
Q: How can the Hotels at the resort locations listed on the Vacation Certificates afford to give away Free Hotel Rooms.
Aren't they losing money?
There is one main reason the Hotels participate in this "Free Hotel Room" Certificate program. They are willing to give the rooms
away "Free" to get people to come and see what they have to offer. They are expecting to make money "In The Future" when
people decide to come for a return visit. Once people have a great experience at a Vacation spot, they usually return many times. It's
the same as a company sending you a "Free Sample" of their "New Product" in the mail. They want you to try it for FREE, hoping
you'll like it and buy it in the future.
Q: What are the Hotels like?
The Hotels used for our Vacation Certificate Program are all two and three star hotels such as DoubleTree, Holiday Inn, Ramada,
Marriott, Red Roof Inn and other well-known franchises. In Las Vegas we only use Major Casino Hotels. We have many hotels &
resorts under contract at each destination so your customer will have no problem getting their vacation on the dates they requested.
Q: Are there any hidden charges to get what is offered on the Vacation Certificate? No.
You pay $29.00 to redeem your certificate. You'll receive your reservation form in the mail in 7 to 10 days from the travel agency
that will be booking their Free Hotel Accommodations. You will be required to send a $50 reservation guarantee when you book
your reservations which is refunded at the hotel. When you return from their vacation you will receive a $50 Visa Gift card from
the travel agency. You can spend that $50 anywhere Visa cards are accepted. Net cost for the vacation... $0.00.
Q: Can a certificate user take their children on vacation with them.
Yes they can. Up to 2 children under age 18 at a cost of $5.00 per child per night.

How To Redeem Your Vacation Certificate

This certificate, when redeemed, is valid for, and entitles you to receive "A Reservation Form" from our affiliate travel agency. The reservation
form you receive will offer you Free Accommodations for two adults, at your choice of the 90 Resort Destinations listed on the front of this
certificate. Your cost is $29, which covers shipping & handling and the administrative cost of processing your reservation package.

To receive your reservation package, simply complete the shipping information and mail your Vacation Certificate, along with $29, to the address

You may pay by check, money order or credit card. If you pay by credit card you may fax in the information to redeem your certificate and save
the mailing time.

We guarantee delivery of your reservation form by US Mail, within 10 days of redeeming this certificate.

Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
You may cancel this certificate without any penalty or obligation within 30 days from the date this certificate is redeemed. You may also cancel if accommodations or facilities
are not available pursuant to a request for use as provided in the reservation form contract. If you decide to cancel, you must notify C&B Getaways, Inc. in writing of your
intent to cancel by returning the reservation form and sending notice to: C&B Getaways, Inc. - P.O. Box 1638 - Oldsmar, FL 34677

No certificate user should rely upon representations other than those included on this certificate.
SHIPPING INFORMATION - PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY                                                DID # 6794

NAME: ________________________________________________________ PHONE: ___________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________________

CITY: ____________________________________ STATE: __________ ZIP: _______________________
Method of Payment: __ Check __ Money Order (Payable to: C&B Getaways, Inc. ) __VISA __ MasterCard

Credit Card #: _______________________________________________ Expiration Date: ______________
DID # 6794
You are authrized to charge my card card $29.00 Signature:______________________________________

To Redeem On Line Go To: (Please enter DID# 6794 when ask)

To Redeem By Mail: Mail this certificate along with your redemption fee ($29.00) to:

C&B Getaways, Inc. - PO Box 1638 - Oldsmar, FL 34677

To Redeem By Fax: Complete the Credit Card information above, sign where indicated and fax to: (813) 818-7653

We proudly endorse and adhere to the "Code of Ethics" of the West Florida Better Business

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