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        Munters Cargocaire

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                                          MOISTURE LOAD CALCULATION WORKSHEET
    Application Description                                                  INFILTRATION LOADS

      Location                                                             Conveyors (Based on continous operation)
Design Conditions and Inside Building Conditions                                          speed fpm                 density
  Condition                  Conditions @       in Hg Barometer                           ft2 area                  min open/hr
               Temp (F) Gr/lb         "Hg vap other                                       delta grains
Outside-Win                                                                                                                 Wc=           0
Outside-Sum                                                                Doors
Surround                                                                                  fpm velocity              density
Cond Space                                                                                sq ft (ft2)               min open/hr
Ground/well                                                                               delta grains
Other important factors and remarks                                        Wd=vel*ft2*d*min open/hr*delta gr                Wd=           0
                                                                                          Other doors hanc calcs          Wdo=            0
                                                                           Air Lock or Vestibules
Vapor Transmission into Dehumidified Space                                                  Ft3 Volume                  min open/hr
              Mat'l                 Area
                           Perm/factor sq/ft Delta Vp Gr/Hr                                 density                     delta grains
Wall 1                                              0                 0    Wa=ft3*d*min/hr*(delta Gr/2)                         Wa=       0
Wall 2                                              0                 0
Wall 3                                              0                 0    Cracks
Wall 4                                              0                 0                    ft3/hr/ft                    density
Ceiling                                             0                 0                    ft of crack                  delta grains
Floor                                               0                 0    Wc=ft3*ft crack*d*delta Gr                   Wc=               0
                                                 Wp=                  0                    Other crack hand calcs       Wco=              0
Personnel Load                 Wn= # of People * # gr/hr/person Factor     Walls
                 #of People      *                 Gr/hr/per
                 #of People      *                 Gr/hr/per                               cuft/hr/ft                   density
                 #of People      *                 Gr/hr/per                               ft2 Walls                    delta Gr/lb
                                                       Wn=             0   Ww=cuft/hr/ft*ft2*d*delta Gr/lb                     Ww=        0
                                                                                           Other wall hand calcs              Wwo=        0
Product Load, Including Packaging Material   Table:
                MCent               MC leavg
                Rate lbs/hr                                                Caution: ducting must be tight, otherwise
Load=Rate lbs/hr * (MCent - MCleaving)         Wpp=                   0    infiltration into duct must be calculated
Open Gas Flame             Table                                                            Total infiltration               Winf =       0
Wg= #cu/ft/hr * 650 Gr/hr Natual Gas                   Wg=            0                     Total Internal Load               Wint =      0
               1050 Gr/hr Propane
                                                                           Make Up Air Load
Evaporation From Water Surface      Table:                                                cfm                           delta Gr/lb
                sqft water                                                                density
                Ht or Hp                                                                                                Wm=               0
              1 HL
              0 Delta Vp                               We=            0    TOTAL LOAD= Wm+Wint
Note:default Delta Vp is Ground Water temp                                                                       TOTAL LOADGr/hr =        0

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