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					                             Volume 10 Number 1 / Winter 2010 / A Publication of Jewish Family Service
                             Houston, Texas

                                                                                                                             Honoring Linda and
                                                                                                                                Rabbi Roy Walter
                                                                                                                         With the Joan Alexander
                                                                                                                    Chesed Award on February 28

                                                      Walk Down the Red Carpet into Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

                                                      L   inda and Rabbi Roy Walter will be the recipients of the 2010 Joan Alexander Chesed
                                                       Award at Reel Hope... A Night at the Movies on Sunday, February 28 during a fun-filled movie
                                                        night reminiscent of star-filled red carpet events at Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.
                                                                       “Linda and Rabbi Walter clearly epitomize the essence of the Talmudic
                                                                    concept of chesed: compassion and loving kindness, giving beyond mitzvot or
                                                                        obligation in service to our people. Both are known for their community
                                                                          involvement and leadership as well as the daily actions of chesed they
                                                                             perform for so many. They are a couple who embody the values of Joan
                                                                              Alexander, the woman for whom the award is named,” stated Eric
                                                                                Mayer, Jewish Family Service President.
                                                                                      For almost four decades, the Walters have served the community.
                                                                                Following his ordination in 1970 from the Hebrew Union College,
                                                                              Rabbi Walter came to Congregation Emanu El as an Assistant
                                                                            Rabbi. In 1978, upon the retirement of the late Rabbi Robert I. Kahn,
                                                                            Rabbi Walter became Senior Rabbi. He has served as president of
                                                                      the Southwest Association of Reform Rabbis and the Houston Rabbinic
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                             Challenging “
                                  Times =
                                                                                         Changing Assistance”
Strategic Plan


                                T      he lives of many in the Houston Jewish community have been negatively impacted by the current economic
                             conditions. JFS, aided by a $500,000 Economic Assistance Fund created by the Jewish Federation of Greater
                             Houston, has responded by providing both direct financial assistance and supportive employment services.
Employment              5        “Those who have been adversely affected by the economic downturn and find it a struggle to put food on the
                             table are grateful for the Federation and the many donors in the community who recognized this immediate need
                             and stepped forward. Those who have come to JFS seeking assistance are actively working to reverse the downward
Alexander Institute   6, 7
                             spiral,” explained Linda Burger, JFS Chief Executive Officer.
                                 “JFS was a blessing we could never have imagined. We thank JFS for paying our bills. The electricity was still on
Volunteers              8
                             as were the water and gas. There was food on our table and gas in the car… [we were] protected with health and car
                             insurance. My husband could focus on finding a job and we could keep all of this from our children…ages 10 months,
Donors                  9    7 and 10 years. Linda Greene [LMSW, JFS Financial Aid Case Manager, who oversees the distribution of Economic
                             Assistance funds] has been incredible and a G-d send…We have received incredible news with my husband finding a
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                                             J e w i s h F a m i ly s e r v i c e
Eric Mayer, President, Board of Directors

                         Becoming the                          Begins Strategic Planning
                                                               for Future Growth
                         46th President
                         of Jewish Family
                         Service is both

                         exciting and
                         challenging.                  ewish Family Service has launched a                         knowledge of the community and understanding of JFS
                         The times are       comprehensive strategic planning process chaired by Eric              will help guide us through this in-depth assessment. The
                         changing and our
                                             J. Mayer. Several years ago, JFS’s last planning process led          process will involve a large segment of those touched by
                         community with
                                             to organizational changes, expanded services, heightened              and involved in JFS. The data collected will be of immense
them. JFS continues to be committed
                                             visibility and the creation of the JFS Alexander Institute.           value and will help JFS continue to be the first responder,
to meeting the needs of the Jewish and
                                             This process is designed to transparently examine the                 serving our community and those in need.”
general communities. Helping families,
singles, teens, seniors and those with       agency’s internal and external strengths, challenges,                      Ruth Sherman, LBSW, JFS Senior Adult Department,
special needs will be more critical as our   opportunities and threats. The results of this analysis will          commented on the staff portion of the process. “As a vital
economy struggles to rebound and our         help JFS envision its future and set goals and objectives             part of this agency, staff members were able to look beyond
community ages. JFS has been serving         to continue meeting and serving the needs of the Houston              our specific professional roles and to concentrate on the
Houston for almost 100 years, and over       Jewish and general communities.                                       agency as an entity. We are hopeful that our input will be
those years our services have changed            The process began with a series of meetings, including            conducive to the overall strategic planning of Jewish Family
to meet the evolving needs. One thing,       a half-day review of the services, programs and future                Service.”
however, has remained constant: we           plans of Jewish Family Service, with the JFS Board of                      Looking at this process from the board vantage point,
help those who need assistance, and          Directors and the agency staff.                                       Ben Samuels remarked, “The goal of the strategic planning
we do so in a professional and                   In January, seven separate task forces - Senior                   is two-fold. First, we need to check on the direction and
confidential manner.                         Services, Family and Children, Chaplaincy and Hospice,                programs of JFS and if it is accomplishing its goal. Secondly,
      At the end of 2009, JFS launched       Alexander Institute, Community Mandate, Volunteers and                and more importantly, we hope to see what ‘can be’ for JFS
a comprehensive strategic planning           JFS Professional Staff - began their work as part of the              in the years to come by setting several key priorities for the
process. I agreed to chair this important                                                                          future. Nothing is more important to an organization like
                                             agency planning. According to Mayer, “The framework is
project because focusing on the future                                                                             JFS than a clear, shared sense of who we are and who we
                                             designed to create a wide-ranging vision and to facilitate
is essential. The process is designed to
                                             an understanding of the diverse strengths of the agency,              want to be.”
elicit input and critical thinking from
                                             staff and board as well as engage community lay leaders to
various segments of the community
about JFS and what we do. We will            think about the role JFS can and should play.”
focus on the services the community              Lauren Kaufman Blachman, a professional facilitator                                                          Kicking off the 2010 Strategic
                                             and consultant, is facilitating the year-long process. “I have                                                   Planning Process during
wants and needs and study how best
                                             been exceedingly impressed by the positive energy of JFS.”                                                       a full JFS Board Retreat
to deliver those services. Change is
                                                                                                                                                              are (l to r) Eric Mayer,
inevitable and can be a very powerful        Blachman observed. “It is clear that there is a high level of
                                                                                                                                                              Planning Process Chair;
catalyst for making our institutions         commitment, clarity of purpose and donor support at the                                                          Lauren Kaufman Blachman,
stronger and more relevant to those          agency. These will be invaluable as the process continues                                                        facilitator; Donald Freedman,
we serve.                                    and we are able to articulate the future agenda.” Mayer                                                          past President; and Linda
      To facilitate this multi-level         noted, “We are delighted to work with Lauren whose                                                               Burger, JFS CEO.
project, JFS asked Lauren Kaufman
Blachman to help organize this strategic          Working on one of the                                               During the kick-off retreat,
planning process. Lauren’s background           process items during the                                                members of the Board of
includes strategic planning for private       JFS Staff process meeting.                                            Directors review the strengths
corporations, non-profits and Jewish               They are (l to r)Ethan                                            of the services offered to the
philanthropic institutions.                   Klein, Babe Green, Linda                                                community by the agency.
      On a personal note, I have had the            Greene (at the door),                                                      Board members are
pleasure of working with our outgoing          Stella Blumenthal, Shelly                                             (l to r): Harvey Rosenstock,
president, Donald Freedman, and am                  Bleisweiss, and Ruth                                                  M.D., Michael Richker,
lucky to be able to call him a friend and     Sherman, who chaired the                                                           Cheryl Levy and
mentor. Our chief executive officer,         Staff portion of the process.                                                      Albert Krafcheck.
Linda Burger, and the entire JFS staff
are tireless, dedicated professionals
                                                                                  Members of the JFS Alexander Institute planning committee review the opportunities ahead for
who serve us all well. Together we can
                                                                                  JFS during a process meeting. Writing the groups suggestions is Lynne Aronoff. Participating
change things.
                                                                                  are (l to r) Joel Farb (back to camera), Barbara Wechsler, M.D., Adrienne Golub, and Marni
      I invite you to be a part of our                                            Litvack, JFS Alexander Institute Project Director. Others on the committee, but not pictured are
exciting agency; we welcome your                                                  Joan and Stanford Alexander, Sandra Block, Joel Dinkin, Kelli Cohen Fein, M.D., Fredi Franks,
participation.                                                                    Donald Freedman, Carol Goldberg, Sandi Greenstone, Rabbi Robert Haas, Sally Jayroe, Richard
       To get involved, contact me at                                             Kammerman, Joy Kaplan, Albert Krafcheck, Eve Lapin, Esther Polland, Stephen Rosenbloom, and
713-653-7853. I welcome your input.                                               Ruth Strudler, Ph.D.

       Friends in Deed                                                            Linda L. Burger, Chief Executive Officer

           Help Friends in Need
                                                                                  “There is an ever-rotating
                                                                                  wheel in this world. One
                                                                                  who is rich today may not
                                                                                  be so tomorrow, and one
                                                                                  who is poor today may

  ive JF hand!
        S           Not once, but twice!
                                                                                  not be so tomorrow.”

                                                                                  – Exodus Rabbah, (ch. 31, section 3)

G                Matching Grant Challenge!                                              This statement, written
                                                                                  hundreds of years ago, is
                                                                                  as accurate today as it was

                  B            y joining the JFS FRIENDS Campaign,
                     donors provide assistance to the single mother who
                                                                                  then. It describes what we have been seeing at JFS
                                                                                  during the past year since we have become the Jewish
                                                                                  community’s first responder for those suffering from
                                                                                  the economic tsunami of the past eighteen months.
                     needs a helping hand, to the man experiencing                With JFS as the Jewish Federation of Greater
                     depression, to the grandfather who can no                    Houston’s partner in responding to this need, I am
                                                                                  convinced that the vital services and programs at JFS
                     longer live alone. This annual appeal reaches                are a reflection of this community’s values.
                     out to the entire community, providing everyone              Our people are hungry. One client recently expressed
                     an opportunity, at any level, to help create the             embarrassment that she was quite hungry; another
                                                                                  grateful to be approved for food stamps and a third
                     safety net that protects those who are vulnerable.           reported that her daughter was accepted into the free
                     Including JFS in your tzedekah priorities is a               lunch program at school. One was so worried that she
                     reflection of the community we have and the one              had enough money for groceries that she broke down
                                                                                  in tears in the store.
                     we hope to build.
                                                                                  Our people need health care. When you read about
                         Each year approximately 400 individuals                  CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), do
                     and families support the FRIENDS Campaign.                   you ever think that this includes children in our
                     This year, the campaign is where crisis meets                community? What about the Harris County Hospital
                                                                                  District Gold Card which provides low income people
                     opportunity: a good Friend of JFS has offered                access to services at Ben Taub or other Harris County
                     to match any new FRIENDS campaign gifts or                   clinics? During the past eighteen months, our staff
                     increases in gifts from $36 to $5400 per gift!               has helped individuals apply and be accepted for
                                                                                  these programs. Clients speak about the impact of
                         Therefore, because a “Friend Indeed” has                 lost wages and health insurance coupled with life-
                     offered a helping hand to JFS with a matching                changing diagnoses. The co-pays are “eating me alive”
                     grant challenge, we invite you to lend a hand to             one said of the cost of his chemo medications. He is
                                                                                  lucky – he has insurance.
                     double the impact of your donation.*                         Our people need shelter. Too embarrassed to tell
                         JFS appreciates your FRIENDship.                         his family that he lost his job, one client began living
                                                                                  in his car. We find adult children and their entire
                     *Please return your donation in the attached envelope.       families moving in with their aging parents. Young
                                                                                  college graduates have moved back home with no job
                                                                                  Our people are without jobs. Our community has
                                                                                  come together to help network and open doors on
                                           Celebrate with us!                     behalf of our clients. One client sent me a note that
                                                                                  said, “Finally, after 184 days I have a job. It may not be
                                             Thursday, January 21, 2010           my dream position but I can put food on our table!”
                                                                                  Our people are human. They find themselves
                                               Congregation Beth Yeshurun         ashamed to ask for money. There is a sense of grief,
                                                                                  of loss. When they arrive at JFS, they have already
                                            Introduction of new JFS President     reached out to family members, friends, and their
                                                       Eric Mayer                 synagogues. Accustomed to being the “rock” of the
                                                        and officers              family, one client stated this has “been the most
                                                                                  painful experience of my life.”
                                          Recognition of outgoing JFS President   Our people find light, hope and help. Clients come
                                                                                  to JFS through many different paths and find that
                                                   Donald Freedman                we can provide many of the services that they need
                                                                                  in one place: Financial aid, employment services,
                                              Becker Award presentation to        individual and family counseling. A client reported
                                                       Joy Kaplan                 that her situation is gradually improving; another
                                                                                  expressed gratitude to JFS and the larger Jewish
                                                      Appreciation of             community; and a third said that the support they
                                                  JFS Staff Members               have received leaves them optimistic that they can
                                                                                  piece together an adequate living. No matter where
                                               Farfel Award presentation to       you are on the ever-rotating wheel of life, there is a
                                                                                  place for you at JFS. Whether you need our services
                                                  Shelly Christensen              or can help us provide them for others, we are here
                                                                                  for you.

Reel Hope (continued from page 1)                                                                        Challenging Times (continued from page 1)

Association as well as a two-term presidency for Interfaith Ministries of                                job! We will be sending money to JFS monthly once we get on our feet.”
Greater Houston. Nationally, Rabbi Walter has been and remains active in                                 Anonymous client.
many phases of the Central Conference of American Rabbis and the Hebrew                                       Greene notes, “Each time I meet with clients who come to JFS in a state
Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. His passionate commitment to                                 of financial crisis, I am grateful that we have the resources available to meet,
social action has marked his career and personal life.                                                   at least in part, their basic needs.”
     Linda’s community service includes work with United Way of Greater                                       “A family came to JFS whose wage earner had lost his $75,000 job. JFS
Houston, Jewish Federation of Greater Houston, Congregation Emanu El
                                                                                                         paid rent, utilities, car and insurance payments, COBRA for two months
Sisterhood, and the Jewish Community Center which she served as president
                                                                                                         and money for food for two months. Following a lengthy job search and
(1990-1992). Her dedicated leadership was recognized
                                                                                                         participation in the JFS third cycle of the Employment Job Search Workshops,
in 2002 when she received the D. H. White
Award for Community Service from                                                                         the wage earner began a job in November. As the client left JFS after sharing
the JCC.                                                                                                 the news with me, she said, ‘Don’t take this personally, Linda, but I hope I
     Both Linda and Rabbi Walter have been                                                               never have to see you again,’” remembered Greene.
actively involved with Jewish Family Service.                                                                 In addition to the direct financial assistance offered to individuals and
Linda has served as Chair of the Program                                                                 families, the Economic Assistance Fund also supported additional staffing at
Services Committee and currently serves on                                                               JFS for employment counseling. In November, Elyse Spector Kalmans joined
the agency’s Executive Board. Rabbi Walteris                                                             JFS as the Employment Services Coordinator.
a valued partner in the financial aid process                                                                 “As a reminder for both Elyse and Linda Burger, what you are doing is
at JFS.                                                                                                  life changing. I had been out of a job for one year, and in less than 30 minutes,
     Barbara and Mark Brookner are serving                                                               Linda thought of a contact that has resulted in a new job for me…In our world
as chairs for Reel Hope…A Night at the                                                                   today,…how BIG is that??? You are both lifesavers!!” - Job Search Client.
Movies 2010. “In 2009, our first Reel Hope, A                                                    alter
                                                                                       abbi Roy W             “I started my new job today as a Help Desk Engineer, Level 2. What a great
Night at the Movies was a Real Success with                                Linda and R
                                                                                                         feeling to wake up on a Monday morning and know I was going to work… I
a sell out crowd. This year, working with Allen
                                                                                                         wish you great success in placing many people into new positions!” - Newly
Becker and the Becker and Markowitz families as Honorary Host Committee
Chairs and a wonderful Finance Committee, we are looking forward to                                      employed client.
another premier evening at the movies,” stated Mark Brookner.                                                 Kalmans’ background includes marketing, brand management and
     Carrying out the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre theme, a delightful movie                                community relations roles at several Fortune 100 companies. “I am thrilled to
box supper will be served along with beverages, candy and popcorn as the                                 have the opportunity to assist so many professional people who have fallen on
audience watches the first-run star-studded motion picture, Valentine’s Day.                             hard times due to the economy,” she said. “It is fulfilling to help them network
The film, directed by Gary Marshall, features a who’s who ensemble cast                                  across our community as they seek employment and to have the assistance of
including some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.
     Linda Walter reflected on the significance of the honor she and the Rabbi
will receive, “Over the past decade, I have been involved in the extraordinary
work accomplished daily by Jewish Family Service. It is very humbling for
Roy and me to receive the Joan Alexander Chesed Award, putting us in
the company of past recipients Sidney (z’’l) and Irving Pozmantier, Frances
Friedman and Dolores Wilkenfeld, Linda Susman, Shirley Toomim and
Dan Trachtenberg.”
     Inviting the community to join them at Reel Hope…A Night at the
Movies, Mark Brookner said, “This is JFS’s major fundraiser to support our
                                         ongoing programs and services; we encourage
                                         the whole community to support JFS as we
                                          honor Linda and Rabbi Walter.”
                                                There are two ways for those who
                                           wish to participate in Reel Hope 2010:
                                           tickets are available either in a sponsorship
                                            package or individually, and a beautiful                     Kathy Wachsman (right) brought Elyse Spector Kalmans packages of Life Savers to thank her for
                                            electronic tribute journal will offer space                  suggesting an employment contact that resulted in Wachsman securing a job. “You are truly a life
                                             for congratulatory messages (See page 13                    saver! This new career is really exciting,” stated Wachsman.
                                             for ticket and tribute journal form or go to
                                     Barbara Brookner
                                                                                                         many of our business leaders. I also, encourage job seekers to take advantage
                                              issued a final invitation, “Mark and I are
                                                                                                         of the two new job search workshops and the Job Fair set for January 26,”
                                              having so much fun planning this special
                                                                                                         Kalmans advised.
                                               evening! We look forward to seeing you
                          Mark Brook                                                                         David Mincberg, President/CEO, The Flagship Properties, Corp., and
             B arbara and                      at the movies.”
                                                                                                         one of the community business leaders who has helped those seeking

employment by “expanding their network,” stated, “My goal with those looking      of job search assistance.”
for employment is NOT to find them a job, but, using their background,                 Anyone or any family who has been impacted by the economic downturn
employment history and experience, to put them in contact with several people     and needs financial assistance should contact Linda Greene, Financial Aid
I know that have a commonality with their employment history and might be         Case Manager, at Jewish Family Service, 713-667-9336. Those who are out
adding positions.”                                                                of work as a result of recent layoffs in Houston, please contact Elyse
    Continuing, Mincberg said, “Those of us in the Houston business arena         Spector Kalmans, Employment Services Coordinator, at JFS or via email,
who are fortunate to have good companies or jobs are happy to be able to offer
our assistance. It helps those seeking employment to broaden their outlook             “Jewish Family Service, as is our fundamental practice, respects the
and gives them new horizons to go after.” Concluding, Mincberg noted, “The        confidentiality of all our clients. We wish to help families before they have
highest form of Tzedakah is to offer this kind of assistance to those eager to    fallen into an abyss. Our goal is to bring light, hope and help to those who are
find employment. It’s my pleasure to help Jewish Family Service offer this kind   in trouble, and we welcome your calls,” Burger concluded.

                                                                                               JOB SEARCH
                                                                                         ASSISTANCE WORKSHOPS:
                                                                                                              DAY or NIGHT

      J E W I S H FA M I LY S E R V I C E
      in collaboration with the Jewish Community Center, will host an

                   OPEN HOUSE
                 To assist professionals seeking employment
                                                                                          JFS is offering two series of FREE workshops
                    TUESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2010                                          designed to help displaced professional job seekers
                         10:00 A.M. TO 12:00 P.M.
                        MERFISH TEEN CENTER –                                              Wednesdays: January 20 & 27 and February 3 & 10
                  9000 South Rice Avenue @ N. Braeswood                                                 11:30 a.m. - l:00 p.m.
                                                                                                       at Jewish Family Service
               Executive Recruiters and Placement Managers                                       Facilitator: Elaine Preisman of Donovan & Watkins,
                        will assist participants with:                                                           Full Placement Services
                 • Resume review • Effective networking
            • New job search directions • Follow-up meetings                              Monday evenings: February 22 and March 1, 8 and 15
                                                                                                           6:30 -8:30 p.m.
                             Debra Dluhy, COMSYS IT                                                   at Jewish Family Service
                   Cliff Greenbaum, Global Recruiters of Houston                        Facilitator: Howard Spiegel, Human Resources Information Specialist
                             Engineering/Oil & Gas/GeoScience
            Mike Kahn, Lucas Group Human Resources/ Full Placement Services                                     Topics will include:
            Barbara Marcus, Marcus Personnel Inc. Full Placement Services                                 New rules for today’s job market
                    Robert Nutinsky, TAPFIN Accounting/Finance                                              New resume requirements
             Elaine Priesman, Donovan & Watkins Full Placement Services                                         effective networking
                Morgan and David Warren, Warren Recruiting Legal                                       marketing plan, and how to create one
                                                                                                       New, tougher interviewing techniques
          For additional information, please contact elyse spector Kalmans, JFs                           Seating is limited. RSVP is a MUST.
       employment services coordinator, or 713-667-9336                       Call 713-667-9336 to make your reservation.
                                                                                        Both workshops will be held at Jewish Family Service, 4131 S. Braeswood

In the Spotlight!
Celebration Company is a Life Changing
Celebration…for participants and volunteers!

     JFS Board and Alexander Institute Advisory Board members
Joy Kaplan and Richard Kammerman found work at the Institute’s
Celebration Company that fits their backgrounds, talents, schedules and                   Getting to the Heart of Jewish
desires to volunteer for a meaningful JFS program. They both remarked                    Community Inclusion
                                                                                     Shelly Christensen, M.A., Program Manager for the nationally recognized
the “volunteer work” they do is rewarding and exciting as they watch
                                                                                                  Minneapolis Jewish Community Inclusion Program for
and share the experience of the fledgling company “growing each day: all
                                                                                                  People with Disabilities, will meet with lay leaders, educators,
together, working to succeed. “                                                                   rabbis, Jewish Communal Professionals and several
     Richard Kammerman has been active on the JFS Board since                                     congregational inclusion committees in January. Through
becoming a member in 2007. He has truly found “a home” at Celebration                             the auspices of the JFS Alexander Institute, Christensen will
Company. As Employment Committee Chair, Richard, an attorney,                                     inspire and help agencies and organizations address the
helped write the business plan and develop documents for the new                                  challenges posed by Rabbi Bradley Artson in his successful
company; he also assisted outside legal counsel in completing compliance                          presentation - Inclusion and Jews with Special Needs.
regulations. Most work days find Richard riding the Alexander Institute                                An author, lecturer and member of the staff of Jewish
                                                                             Shelly Christensen
bus as it picks up the majority of company participants at their homes. He                        Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis, Christensen is
welcomes them, making sure they are safely belted into their seats and       a recognized national leader in the area of community inclusion. Her book, The
                                                                             Jewish Community Guide to Inclusion of People with Disabilities, is widely used
helps to create a sense of enjoyment and camaraderie during the ride to
                                                                             by Jewish organizations and communities as they develop community inclusion
the Company site.
                                                                             programs and initiatives.
     “ Celebration Company helps develop a sense of inclusion, self-             Christensen, will receive the prestigious Bettie and Bernard Farfel Jewish
esteem, and independence for the participants. From the very first           Family Service Award during the 97th Annual Meeting of Jewish Family Service on
day, everyone has bonded as a group: willing to care for each other,”        Thursday, January 21 at Congregation Beth Yeshurun, 4525 Beechnut, at 7 p.m.
Kammerman said with pride.
     Joy Kaplan knew from her first meeting as a member of the JFS           Large Crowd Receives Inclusion Challenge
Alexander Institute Advisory Board she wanted to work on the planning,            “If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention,” said Rabbi Bradley Artson,
opening and future of Celebration Company. Her background as a special       as he opened his passionate and powerful address on Inclusion and Jews with
education teacher for ten years with HISD and her love of creating crafts    Special Needs at an event co-sponsored by the
items and designs with family and friends made her the perfect choice for    JFS Alexander Institute and the JCC’s 37th
                                                                             Annual Book & Arts Fair. A rapt crowd of 300
Volunteer Coordinator of the new company.
                                                                             people filled the Jewish Community Center’s
     “Volunteering at Celebration Company is a great mix for me. It has
                                                                             Kaplan Theatre to hear Artson, Dean of the
brought balance to my day. I have found that the collaborative efforts       Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, speak at a
of local agencies, as well as the talented staff (Marni, Shelly, Esther,     program dedicated to heightening awareness
Jody, Nick and Laura) and volunteers, to be key ingredients in meeting       of inclusion issues in the Jewish community.
the challenges and goals that we experience as we grow at Celebration             Those attending were welcomed by JFS
Company.                                                                     and Alexander Institute staff and received
  “This is NOT work!!! From getting on the bus for the first time to         materials including “How to Start an Inclusion
                                                                                                                                Rabbi Bradley Artson shares a laugh
accomplishing a task together…it IS a celebration for the good of life!”     Program in Your Congregation,” an Alexander with Stanford Alexander during a
Kaplan exclaimed.                                                            Institute brochure and a form to complete          break in the Inclusion Discussion in
     “This is the most rewarding volunteer job I have had in almost 40       to join in the work of building a more             the JCC Kaplan Theatre.
                                                                             inclusive Houston Jewish community. Closed
years as a community volunteer,” exclaimed Kammerman.
                                                                             captioning of the event was underwritten by the Alexander Institute.
                                                     Volunteers Richard           Speaking as a rabbi and as the father of Jacob, his 17-year-old son who lives
                                                     Kammerman               with autism, Rabbi Artson shared his family’s journey from observation and
                                                     and Joy Kaplan          Jacob’s diagnosis through years of seeking services, support and understanding.
                                                     work out schedule       He eloquently expressed the frustration and isolation that people with disabilities,
                                                     for participants        caregivers and loved ones often feel. The sense of loneliness, exhaustion,
                                                     of Celebration          helplessness and hopelessness, he noted, is exacerbated by feeling apart from
                                                     Company.                – rather than a part of - the Jewish community. “Jacob is my blessing,” he said,
                                                                             noting what he, his wife Elana and Jacob’s twin sister Shira have come to know.
                                                                                  After answering questions from the audience and speaking with individuals,
                                                                             Rabbi Artson spoke of next steps. Recognizing the initiatives, programs and
                                                                             services offered by the JFS Alexander Institute and its Coalition of Related
                                                                             Agencies, Rabbi Artson added, “Inclusion is as inclusion does and there is

                                             much more work to do if we wish to approach                    “In spite of the times,” she said,
                                             inclusiveness: individually, as congregations,            “we are delighted to have clients who
                                             institutions and as a Jewish community.”                  have gone to work and are successfully
                                                                                                       maintaining their jobs.” .
                                             Celebration Company                                            Some MainStreet clients are actively
                                                  After a stunning sold-out success with their         volunteering with the Holocaust Museum
                                             Rosh Hashanah gift packages, the participants of          of Houston, Hadassah and Seven Acres
                                             JFS Alexander Institute’s Celebration Company got         Geriatric Center; others volunteer at
                                             to work creating and packaging Hanukah items              hospitals, libraries and senior citizen
                                             for sale. For Hanukah, participants made 350 gifts        agencies.                                       Michael adjusts the computer graphic
                                             that included packages of hand-rolled beeswax                  Michael Corn, a young man working          he has donated as part of his
                                             Hanukah candles, pre-measured ingredients for             in a full-time position, also wanted to         community service.
                                             a Dessert Gallery sugar cookie recipe, a cookie           give back to the community. Using his
                                             cutter and a decorative serving tray.                     computer skills, he has created beautiful,
                                                  With the help of dedicated volunteers, the           colorful graphic artwork. After framing
                                             Celebration Company participants produced                 the art pieces, Michael donated many
                                             15,000 of the unique bright and colorful candles:         to be used in the apartments at Aishel
                                             each individually measured, cut, and rolled with the      House, a community organization
                                             wick embedded. Within two weeks of the product’s          providing assistance and lodging to out-
                                             introduction, the season’s supply was sold out!           of-towners seeking medical treatment at
                                             Everyone had a great deal to celebrate during the         Houston’s Texas Medical Center.
                                             Company’s Chanukah party for guests, participants,             “When I wanted to increase my skills
                                             parents and staff.                                        at my job, Laura helped me, and now I
Celebration Company participant                   Celebration Company, the JFS Alexander               am enjoying my work a lot more. I have          Dale (in the foreground) is on the front
(foreground) Gabby Howard helps sell                                                                                                                   line of service at Belden’s Grocery Store
                                             Institute’s 3-day/week structured employment and          received compliments from my boss and
the Hanukah Gift prior to the beginning
                                             life skills program, currently has 12 participants        my co-workers, and the most exciting was as he sacks groceries for a customer.
of the Inclusion Discussion. Members                                                                                                                   Steven St. Clair, Asst. Grocery Manager,
                                             ranging in age from 23 to 57. Working as a team           being named Employee of the Month.
of the Alexander Institute Staff assisting
were right to left: Laura Alter and          and in partnership with one another, staff and            With the assistance I received from Laura is checking out the purchases for
                                                                                                                                                       the customer.
Joy Kaplan.                                  volunteers, participants learn and grow together.         and the recognition from the company,
                                             The program, based on an entrepreneurial model,           I have become more confident in my
                                             opened on August 4, 2009.                                 abilities,” Michael said.
                                                  Plans for future products and gifts are                   Dale Rosen has found employment
                                             currently being researched. The program was               at Belden’s Grocery Store very rewarding.
                                             recently featured in a front-cover, 3-page article –      Commenting on Dale’s employment,
                                             complete with color photographs - in the “Belief”         Darryl Ames, Store Director, stated,
                                             section of the Houston Chronicle. The article,            “Dale is fitting in very well with the
                                             appearing on the first day of Chanukah, showed            customers and the other employees.
                                             staff, volunteers and participants working together       Working a varied weekly schedule, he is
                                             to complete the thousands of candles used to              on the front line of service as a sacker. He
                                             light up the holiday in homes across the Jewish           is very comfortable interacting with the
                                                                                                                                                       Elaine working in the mail room of St.
                                             community.                                                customers and assisting them by carrying        Luke’s Hospital as her volunteer service
                                                  Every Friday, Celebration Company welcomes           their groceries to their cars.”                 to the community.
Shelly Heffler, left, Celebration Company    parents and invited guests to join in a festive                “I really like working at Belden’s very
participant with her family, Val Marks       Shabbat lunch that participants help to prepare.          much. I help customers as they come in
and Michael Kelminson, visits with                                                                     and offer customer service by sacking their groceries. If they need help, I take
Stephen Rosenbloom, Alexander                MainStreet Opportunities                                  groceries to their car. If there were other places in the store where I could
Institute Advisory Board member, during      “Work not only provides us money to pay bills, but        help, I would like to be in the bakery or deli section. Taking orders or doing
the Chanukah party.
                                             also the opportunity to gain satisfaction and a sense     some baking would be great. I would really like to learn to do some baking,”
                                             of pride in what we have accomplished.”                   Dale said with enthusiasm.
                                                  “The JFS Alexander Institute’s MainStreet                 Elaine Goldgar, a participant in Celebration Company, is also a long-
                                             Opportunities, a customized employment program,           time volunteer in the St. Luke’s Hospital mail room. “Elaine wanted to learn
                                             has an evaluation and in-take process designed to         some additional skills for her mail room work, and she asked for assistance
                                             identify clients’ abilities and interests. Clinical and   in learning how to forward mail to patients who have left the hospital. After
                                             vocational counselors assist clients in identifying       several training and practice sessions, Elaine enhanced her computer abilities
                                             the right work or volunteer environment, preparing        and was able to apply new skills to her mail room work,” explained Alter with
                                             for the job search through resume development             excitement.
                                             and interviewing skills, and by contacting                     “It was easy to work with Laura on my computer training, and now I can
                                             companies for job openings. And we continue               add another step in my mail room activities. To know that patients who had
                                             to support each client on the job,” explained             left can also receive their hospital mail, gives me real excitement,” exclaimed
                                             Laura Alter, JFS Alexander Institute Vocational           Elaine.
Babe Green,(left) JFS staff, talking with    Rehabilitation Counselor. Alter noted that today’s             Alexander Institute MainStreet Opportunities clients are work-ready. They
Celebration Company panticipants (l to       economy provides a challenging atmosphere for             can and will provide positive work to your company, business or organization.
r) Gabby Howard and Melissa Shapiro          clients. Many single-task entry level positions no        To find out how you can find the right employee, contact Laura Alter at 713-
during Chanukah party.                       longer exist.                                             667-9336 x207 or visit our website

      Volunteer Anonymous       David Brownman           Sandi Greenstone            Josh Kasoff            Rochelle Marynovsky         Miranda Ruzinsky            Dan Trachtenberg
      Cindy Abrahams            Melvin Buck              Ranya Gruber                Aaron Katz             Eric Mayer                  Randa Safford               Gabbye Utay
      Matt Abrahams             Koby Caplan              Rabbi Robert Haas           Dylan Katz             Marge Mayer                 Ben Samuels                 Sandy Van de Graaff
      Andrew Alter              Daniel Cech              Sherry Hager                Shoshana Kessler       Judy Mellon                 Marc Scheinthal             Cynthia Van der Smissen
      Lindsey Alter             Debra Cohen              Chuck Hanovich              Janelle Klein          Gerald Merfish              Michael Scheinthal          Larry Wadler
      Judy Arfa                 Karen Collman            Jon Harris                  Joe Kornfeld           Rici Miller                 Susan Schneider             Dr. Alisha Wagner
      Ken Arfa, M.D.            Adele Croft              Jana Heaton                 Albert Krafcheck       Sheila Moser                Barbara Schneidler          Rachel Waldman
      Alyssa Arnold             Robyn Croft              Samantha Hershorn           Linda Lang             Mike Moszczyc               Marsha Schooler             Linda Walter
      Jakob Avery               AZA Cyrus Adler          Henry Hochman               Mike Lang              Marshall Mucasey            Tiffany Schreiber           Jamie Weiser
      Lynne Aronoff             David Davis, Jr.         Molly Horowitz              Nicole Lang            Toby Myers                  Howard Schultz              Holli Wertheimer
      Barnston BBG              Elena Dinkin             Houston Congregation        Eve Lapin              Nicki Nachenberg            Joe Secan                   Jackie Wertheimer
      Terri Barker              Alvin Edelstein, M.D.       for Reform Judaism       Alex Lederman          Steffie Odle                Cara Sheena                 Lindsay Weycer
      Mitchell Barth            Alison Elberger           Lillie Hurwitz             Richard Leibman        Amy Omessi                  Tami Sheena                 Alex Wiesenthal
      Emma Basen-Enquist        Mitzvah Day Emanu El     Winnie Isaacs               Nadia Leibovitz        Ellen Penner                School Shlenker             Dr. Cyril Wolf
      Hebrew Club Bellaire      Middle School Advisory   Willie Isaacs               Sylvia Levin           Avrohm Perl                 Emory Skolkin               Thomas Wolff
        High School               Classes Emery          Michal Jacknin              Fred Levine            Dana Philibert              Marlene Slobin              Roberta Wolynec
      Cody Berdinis               Weiner School          Jewish Community Center     Michelle Levine        Nancy Pryzant Picus         Carol Soroka                Becca Wolinsky
      Shayna Berkowitz          Tikkun Olam Club            Middle School Group      Benjy Levit            Denise Rashti, MD           Howard Spiegel              Shelly Zacharia
      Elizabeth Black Berry       Emery Weiner School    Bellaire High School        Andi Levy              Larry Reader                Alexa Spolane               Stefan Zaidenweber
      Mitzvah Day Beth Israel   Lisa Estes                  Jewish Student Union     Bruce Levy             Danielle Resh               David Spolane               Andrew Zinn
      Lynn Bliss                Denise Estrin            HSPVA Jewish                Cheryl Levy            Gillian Richter             Marlene Spolane
      Sandra Block              Kelli Cohen Fein, M.D.      Student Union            Elliot Levy            Jackie Riff                 David Spolane
      Fannette Blum             Steve Feldman            Memorial High School        Emily Levy             Larson Riff                 Renee Spolane               We have made every
      Laurie Boniuk             Marla Feldman               Jewish Student Union     Haran Levy             Ellen Robinson              Bruce Stein                 attempt to list the
      Troop 807 Boy Scout       Aaron Fradkin, M.D.      St. John’s School Jewish    Gregory Lewis          Sarah Robinson              Josh Tabin                  names of all our very
      Paulette Bregman          Donald Freedman             Student Union            Thomas Lewis           Steve Robinson              TEFTY                       special volunteers. If,
      Sandy Breslauer           Rae Gerson               Patti Kagan                 Annette Liftman        Christine Rodriguez         Rabbi Ranon Teller          however, your name
      Stephen Breslauer         Sharon Gerson            Richard Kammerman           Jessi Liftman          Michael Rodriguez           Men’s Club Temple           has been accidentally
      Jennifer-Joy Bronk        Jeanette Getz            Sharon Kammerman            Karen (Kacie) Liput    Ashley Rogers                  Beth Tikvah              omitted, please contact
      Sara Brook                Mara Gittess             Cindy Kaplan                Barbara Loeser         Miriam Rosenbloom           Religious School            Cheryl Levy, Volunteer
      Lauren Brookner           Carol Goldberg           David Kaplan                Simon Lusky            Harvey Rosenstock, M.D.        Temple Sinai             Coordinator, at
      Mark Brookner             Allie Goodfriend         Jane Kaplan                 Hadassah Machar        Emily Roth                  Gundy Terry        or
      Ariel Brown               Galveston Good News      Joy Kaplan                  Jay Marks              Alex Rubin                  Harlan Ticatch              713-667-9336. Thanks for
      Toby Brown                Dan Gordon               Shira Karpel                Shirley Marks          Julie Rubin                 Davi Tofilon                your understanding.

              JFS is grateful to The Simmons Foundation for a one-year grant supporting our volunteer program. The Simmons Foundation has been a gracious
           benefactor in the past, allowing us to expand volunteer efforts. The current grant will allow JFS to strengthen the Friendly Visitors Program, manage the
                                volunteers of Celebration Company and provide additional outreach for those seeking meaningful volunteer service.

          Linda and Mike Lang for donating flameless tea lights to be given to patients in the Texas Medical Center who request Shabbat candles.

      you! Because real candles are not allowed in the hospital, these flameless lights offer patients therequest candles. candle.
                            JFS hospital volunteers maintain a supply and provide them to patients who
                                                                                                             illusion of a Shabbat

      Nicole Gibson and her daughter, 2-year-old                                                                                              Margaret Goldberg of Temple Emanu El(left)
      Eliya, cuddle under one of 22 warm 6 foot by                                                                                             and Toby Brown, JFS Chaplaincy Volunteer
      6 foot blankets made during the December                                                                                                Coordinator, show one of the 36” by 56” fleece
      Mitzvah Day at Houston Congregation for                                                                                                     “no sew” lap blankets for hospital patients
      Reform Judaism. These blankets for hospital                                                                                                in the Texas Medical Center. These creative
      patients have made for the past three years                                                                                                blankets in a variety of patterns were made
      during the congregation’s Mitzvah Day in                                                                                                   by a volunteer committee on November 15
      honor of JFS past president and congregation                                                                                                during Temple Emanu El’s Mitzvah Day.
      member Madeleine Appel, along with Hope Lipnick, JFS Chaplaincy Director; and Toby              Helping Goldberg make the blankets were Sondra Brooks, Lara Fields, Catherine Holste,
      Brown, Chaplaincy Volunteer Coordinator, who introduced the Chaplaincy program to                                                                   Madeline Holste,and Linda Stein.
      Nicole, Mitzvah Day Chair.
                                   For those wishing to explore volunteer opportunities at Jewish Family Service, please contact Cheryl Levy,
                                                                713-667-9336, ext. 204 or

                                                                                                                                  Ellen Penner                             Linda and Andrew Burger                   Tracy and Gary Stein
                                                                                                                                  David Perlick                            Alyse and Robert Caplan                   UHY Advisors
                                                                                                                                  The Pockets and Tus Family Fund*         Theba & Buster Feldman Family Fund*
                                                                     These gifts make it possible to respond to                   Esther and Gary Polland                  Karen and Buster Freedman                 Celebration Company
                                                                  those who come to us seeking hope and help.                     Donna and Dr. Harry Price                   Family Fund*                           Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                                                  Doris F. Pryzant                         Shifra and Terry Gardner
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sandra and Sam Block
                             Donations listed in this issue of Mishpacha were received between May l, 2009 and January 6, 2010.   Lynette and Alan Rauch                   The Max and Isabel Herzstein Foundation
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Jewish Chaplaincy Fund
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                                                                                                                                  Evelyn Reichenthal                       Dorothy and Albert Krafcheck              Phyllis and Allen Applebaum
Friends for Life                            Francine and Bruce Spain                     Marty and Dr. Jan Fuerst                 Susan and Max Reichenthal                Arlene and Jerome Levy                       In Honor of Mr. and
                                            Paul Sternberg                               Arlene and Dr. Charles Gaitz             Joan Reichstein                          Sunni and Gary Markowitz                     Mrs. Jeff Applebaum
Mollie Aczel                                Jeanie and Joseph Stoller                    Alyson and Elliot Gershenson             Pamela and Alan Reingold                 Rochelle and Sheldon Oster                Temple Beth Shalom
Allen Becker                                Helen Tapick                                 Ellen and Dr. Franklin Gittess           Claire and William Reingold              Paula and Irving Pozmantier               Sandra and Sam Block
Fran and Mark Berg                          Mimi and Leon Toubin                         Jarrold Glazer                           Hilda and Hershel Rich                   Linda and Alan Rosen                      Gail and Mark Folloder
Martha and Donald Freedman                  Linda and Ronnie Turboff                     Veda Mae and Morris Glesby               Mallory Robinson                         Naomi Goldstick and Gary Rosner              In Honor of Muriel Folloder Phillips
Carol and Michael Goldberg                  Scott Turk                                   Jean Goldberg                            Helen and Dr. Larry Rose                 Dr. Kamal Sheena                          Naomi and Jack Friedman
Eileen and Steven Lee                       Sarah and Adam Williams                      Barbara Goldfield                        Barbara Winthrop Rose                    Judy and Ronnie Yambra                    Rabbi Dan Gordon
Barbara and Jacob Leon                      Linda and Dr. Frank Yelin                       In Memory of Stuart Goldfield            In Honor of Cheryl Levy               Laura and Wayne Yaffee                      In Honor of Hope Lipnick
Rici and Dr. Harold Miller                                                               Helen Wils and Leonard Goldstein         Marcie and Rabbi David Rosen                                                       Gottschalk Family Revocable Trust
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                                        The Daniel P. and
Trudy and Hyman Applebaum                 Annette B. Gordon Foundation          Congregation Brith Shalom                 Donald and Martha Freedman               Aaron Howard                                  In Honor of Eugenia Tugender
    In Honor of Harold Caplan             In Honor Carol and                    Barbara and Mark Brookner                    Charitable Fund*                      Tobi Cooper and Daniel Horwitz            Naomi and Michael Levy
Pinhas Bendayan                           Dr. Barry Goodfriend                  Lorraine and Sid Brown                    Rhonda and Seth Freedman                 Harriette Jackler                            In Honor of Jacob Leon
Mimi and Michael Berkowitz                In Memory of Norris Goodfriend        Linda and Andrew Burger                   Tommy and Lisa Friedlander                  In Honor Toby Newman                   Susan and Gregory Lewis
    In Honor of Carol Bartlett Bowman   Punkin and Walter Hecht                    In Memory of Norris Goodfriend            In Honor of Maurice Dubinski          Ricky Kamins                                  In Honor of Martha Klein Lottman
Megan Bladen - Blinkoff                 Helen and Dr. Larry Rose                Jean and Dr. Gene Burke                   Fredda and Gary Friedlander                 In Memory of Betsy Kamins                  In Honor of Irving Pozmantier
Rita Blumenfeld                           In Memory of Edith Blacher               In Honor of Gloria and Robert Reader      In Honor of Joanne and Bruce Levy     Joy and Joe Kaplan                            In Honor of JFS Staff
  In Memory of Sammy Magids             Evelyn Wisenberg                        Andy Caplan                               Fran and Abe Friedman                       In Honor Martha and Don Freedman       Celia Lewis
Linda and Andrew Burger                   In Honor of Leon Weiner               Marilyn and Dr. Coleman Caplovitz         Beverly and Harold Friedman Fund         Joy and Joe Kaplan                        Janet and Elton Lipnick
    In Memory of Sonny Penner                                                      In Honor of Dr. Herman Lapin           Fulgore Decorative Designs, Inc.         Joan and Rabbi Samuel Karff                   In Memory of Julie Klein
Hilda and Robert S. Frank               Farel-Stark Fund                        Mandy and Ronnie Caress                   Elizabeth and Mark Getz                     In Honor of Gloria and Robert Reader   Lynne Lipsitz
    In Memory of Leah Schultz                                                   Anita and Max Chanon                         In Honor of Steve Finkelman           Geraldine and Jay Karkowsky                   In Honor of Shirley Toomim
                                        Helen Dow                               Chevron Corporation                       Veda Mae and Morris Glesby                  In Memory of Charles Leff              May and Dr. David Litowsky
Carol and Dr. Barry Goodfriend
                                           In Honor of Carol and                Debra and Steven Cohen                       In Honor of Edith and Robert Zinn     Doris Katz                                Fran and Gerald Lowe
    In Honor of Punkin Hecht
                                           Dr. Barry Goodfriend                 Betty Rae and Ralph Cohen                 Global Impact                               In Honor of Gloria and Robert Reader       In Honor of Shirley Marks
    In Memory of Larry Jacobson
                                        Carol and Dr. Barry Goodfriend             In Honor of Martha Friedman            Beverly and Robert Goldstein             Tatyana and Mark Kazhdan                      In Memory of Dr. and Mrs. Bill Brill
    In Memory of Charles Nathan
                                           In Memory of Daniel Stark            Lisa and Eric Cohen                       Stefani and Andrew Golub                 The Keeper Trust                          Katie Lowery
Jonas Haley
                                        Joan and Ralph Minchen                  Ellen Cohen                               Carol and Dr. Barry Goodfriend           Nathan J. Klein Fund                          In Memory of Elizabeth Levy
Punkin and Walter Hecht
                                           In Honor of Carol and                   In Memory of Charles Leff                 In Honor of Ruth Peaceman             Tillie Koch                               Linda Levit
    In Honor Carol and
                                           Dr. Barry Goodfriend                 Robert Colton                                In Memory of Jules Maltz              Myra and Dr. Marvin Kogutt                Helaine and Dr. Sandy Lubetkin
   Dr. Barry Goodfriend
    In Honor of Beth Schlanger                                                  Joan and Dr. Louis Daily                     In Honor of Ralph Minchen                In Memory of Libbie Fisher                 In Honor of Martha Freedman
Saranne and Livingston Kosberg
                                        General Fund                            Rose Davidoff                                in Memory of Betty Moore              Saranne and Livingston Kosberg            Cheryl and Scott Magzen
Anita and Arthur Kotlen                 Donna and Steven Abramson                  In Memory of David Davidoff               In Honor of Dr. Jerry Wilkenfeld         In Honor of Martha Freedman                In Memory of Gwen Davis
    In Memory of Isadore Segal          Agency Solutions International          Gillian and Michael Davis                    In Honor of Lee Levit                    In Memory of Charles Leff              Shirley and Joel Mandel
Lauri Laufman                           Joan and Stanford Alexander             Joan and Dr. Stevan Dinerstein               In Memory of Amy Bassist              Dorothy and Albert Krafcheck              Jeanne and Milton Mandell
Sylvia and Dr. Stuart Levinson          Tammi and Bob Altshuler                    In Honor of Rona and Jerry Levit          In Honor of Harry Zuber                  In Honor of Marianne and                   In Honor of Fran Friedman
    In Memory of Richard Kramer            In Honor of Milton Zahn              Paula and Daniel Dreyfus                  Norma and Larry Gordon                      Larry Greenfield                           In Honor of Carol and
Cheryl and Haran Levy                      In Honor of Barbara Loeser           Dianna Dushkin                               In Memory of Benjamin Gordon          Mary and Dr. Burt Kunik                      Dr. Barry Goodfriend
    In Honor of Toby Newman                In Honor of Laura Lynn                  In Honor of Babe Green                 The Daniel P. and                        Frank S. Ladin II                         Myron Marks
Millicent and David Lewis                  In Memory of Betty Moore             Ruth and Raymond Eagle                       Annette B. Gordon Foundation          Eve and Bobby Lapin                       Shirley and Jay Marks
    In Memory of Ellanie Beth Lewis        In Honor of Babe Green               Andrea and Steve Eisenstein                  In Honor of Punkin and Walter Hecht   Johnita and Robert Lebow                      In Memory of Charles Leff
    In Honor of Bobby Lapin                In Honor of Jack Helfman                In Honor of Toby Newman                   In Honor of Dr. Sam Weber               In Honor of Madeleine Appel             Mabel Massin
Linda and Gary Mendeloff                   In Honor of Renee Spolane            Congregation Emanu El                     Selene Gorel                             Selma and Jay Leiber                      Linda May
   In Memory of Ida Miller                 In Memory of Sam Abramson            Vikki and Rich Evans                      Linda and Mike Gornek                    Richard Leibman                           Isabelle and Eric Mayer
   In Memory of Bernice Gardner         Madeleine and Dr. Michael Appel         Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein and Martin Fein         In Honor of Susie and                 Suzanne and Dr. Maurice Leibman           Marsha and Malcolm McAlpin
Joyce and Ambassador Arthur Schechter      In Memory of Norris Goodfriend          In Honor Mimi Lait                        Leonard Kammerman                        In Memory of Debra Geen                Nancy and Hal McKay
Marsha and Lenny Schooler               Judy and Dr. Kenneth Arfa                  In Honor of Jeanne Samuels             Mickey and Noel Graubart                 Sheila Sage Leif and Jason Leif               In Memory of Gwen Davis
Gloria L. Sharney Memorial Fund         Betty and Sidney Aron                   Bernie Feld                                  In Honor of Mort Seline               Barbara and Jacob Leon                    George Mello
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Ryan Mendeloff
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Sherry and Gerald Merfish
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Jeffrey Meyer
                                                                                                                                                        JFS is grateful to the                               Rici and Dr. Harold Miller
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Clayton and Michele Moliver
                 SUPPORTING OUR SENIORS…                                                                                                            Hugo and Edith Kahn Trust                                    In Honor of Melissa Tabin
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Susan and David Morris
                                                                                                                                                for special support for Senior Adult
                               The Mitzvah of

Honor your Mother
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 In Memory of Morris Zeidman

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Barbara Morrison
                                                                                                                                                        Counseling Services.                                     In Memory of Libbie Fisher
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Phyllis and Bob Mueller
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 In Memory of Gwen Davis
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Leah and Dr. Stewart Mueller
                                                                                                                                                        JFS is grateful to the                                   In Memory of Charles Leff
                                                                                                                                                    Shirley and David Toomim                                 Hania Najer

   and Father”
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Shirle L. Nathan
                                                                                                                                                Foundation for a three-year special                              In Memory of Sam Abramson
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 In Honor of Jack and Elaine Helfman
                                                                                                                                                 grant for Senior Adult Services.                            Cassie and Spencer Newman
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Toby and Richard Newman
                                                                                                                                                    In addition, this foundation                                 In Honor of Ruth Bachrach
                                                                                                                                                   funds ongoing life education                                  In Memory of Charles Leff
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Rochelle and Sheldon Oster
                                                                                                                                                   workshops in the community                                    In Honor of Fran Friedman
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Pasadena Eye Associates
                                                                                                                                                 for family caregivers for seniors.                          Ellen Penner
        Jewish Family Service is privileged to serve in the role of “caring children” for hundreds of                                                                                                        Harry Pepper
                                                                                                                                                    Organizations are invited to                             David Perlick
    seniors in the Houston community. In addition to working as a Care for Elders service provider
                                                                                                                                                  request program dates through                              Mark Picus
    through the United Way 211 Hotline, the Senior Adult Services staff assists seniors through case                                                                                                         Jay Plotkin
                                                                                                                                                           Leah Mueller,                                     Lillian Putterman
    management for those living in the community and                                                                                                                                                         Ruth and Dr. Trevor Rabie
                                                                                                                                                     713 – 667 – 9336, ext. 111.                                 In Honor of Colin Scher
    at Goldberg B’nai B’rith Towers and the Pinemont                 JFS is grateful for the many                                                                                                            Sue Radoff
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 In Memory of Bella Frankle
    Apartments. At JFS, our four in-house case managers           years of significant support of the                                                                                                        Lila Rauch
    have over 500 open cases at any one time.                       Pauline Stern Wolff Memorial                                                           JFS is grateful to                                    In Honor of Molly Ann Kaplan
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. Archie Leder
           In 2010, donors, recognizing the profound                  Foundation for both direct                                                     Edith and Robert Zinn for                                   In Honor of Lee Levit
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 In Honor of Dr. Archie Leder
    importance of our work, have begun to step forward           financial aid for seniors and senior                                              special support for Senior Adult                              In Honor of Renee Spolane
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Wolff
    to help JFS support this department this year.                     adult counseling services.                                                        Counseling Services.                                    In Honor of Jerry Katz

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (continued on page 11)

      10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 13
Donor Appreciation (continued from page 10)                                           Rick’s Uhaul of Galveston                      Stanford Alexander                     Shirley and Leon Cooper
                                                                                      Erwin Ritter                                   In Memory of Charles Leff                 In Honor of Ruth Sherman
                                                                                      Leslie and Toby Robbins                        In Memory of Eli Shaffer               Lucille Golen
   In Honor of Shirley and Jay Marks      Thelma Zirkelbach                           Robert’s Carpets                            Jane and Larry Wagner                     Louise and Rubin Joskowitz
   In Honor of Paula and                  Erla and Harry Zuber                        Wendy and David Rosenfeld                      In Honor of JFS-Summer                 Matthew and Shelley Stein
   Alfred Friedlander                        In Honor of Ralph Minchen                David Sack                                     Intern Emily Roth                         Philanthropic Fund*
   In Honor of Norman Bock                   In Memory of Norris Goodfriend           David Schlanger                             Shelley and Vic Wisner                    Sterling Family Foundation
   In Honor of Gloria Leder               Merryl and J. Gordon Zuber                  Zane Segal                                     In Honor of Rabbi Roy and
   In Honor of Fern Granowitz’ birthday      In Honor of Muriel Folloder Phillips     Estelle Silverstein                            Linda Walter                           Volunteer Program
   In Honor of Liz Weingarten                                                         Somebody Cares America                      M.B. and Edna Zale Foundation
Gloria and Bob Reader                     Harp                                                                                                                              The Simmons Foundation
                                                                                      Beverly Steinfink
   In Honor of Paula Friedlander          Rachel and Robert Davis                     United Way of Galveston, Inc.               Nathan J. Klein
   In Honor of Dr. Gene Burke                                                                                                                                               * Philanthropic Fund of the
                                             In Memory of Charles Leff                                                            Student Loan Fund                           Houston Jewish Community
Nancy and Larry Reader                       In Memory of Harding Frankel                  JFS is grateful to the following       Dr. Margaret Waisman and                    Foundation.
Claire and William Reingold               Fran and Abe Friedman                         donors who gave financial and other
Pamela and Alan Reingold                                                                                                             Dr. Steven Callahan
                                             In Memory of Sophie Yambra                  support to feed the Jewish Disaster      Marilyn and Dr. Coleman Caplovitz         Every effort has been made to
   In Memory of Oscar Mueller                In Memory of Monnie Goldfine                  Response Corps workers from               In Honor of Philip Getz                ensure accuracy. Please notify the
Gloria Ribnick                            Jeanette and Philip Getz                      Brandeis University, Union College,                                                 JFS Development Department for
   In Honor of Maurice Dubinski              In Honor of Sally Fuchs                   New York University, Yeshiva University,   Project Shalom                            corrections 713-667-9336, ext. 213.
Mallory Robinson                          Carol and Michael Goldberg                          and Rutgers University.
  In Memory of Monnie Goldfine               In Honor of Mimi Lait                                                                Dorita and Hertzel Aron
  In Memory of Mercelle Sondock                                                               Susan and Sandy Baum                                                          Supporting Partners
                                             In Honor of Brad Gaber                                                               Vicki and Dr. Mark Ephron
  In Memory of Mel Nagler                                                                            Belden’s                        In Memory of Ruth Ephron               Thank You to Our Supporting Partners
                                          Barbara and Jacob Leon                              Sylvia and Aubrey Farb
Regina Rogers                                                                                                                        To Commemorate the First Yahrzeit of   Stanford and Joan Alexander
                                             In Honor of Inez Eskowitz                       Rose and Wolf Finkelman
   In Honor of Joan and                                                                                                              David Rahmanian’s Father                  Philanthropic Fund of the Houston
                                             In Honor of Harvey Siegel                         Aaron and Pat Fradkin
   Stanford Alexander                                                                                                                In Memory of Benjamin Gavin               Jewish Community Foundation
                                             In Memory of Charles Leff                             Peggy Green
Roberta and Dr. Bernard Rosen                                                                                                     Sandra and Steven Finkelman               Anonymous Donor for Matching Fund
                                             In Honor of Matthew Goldberg                    Danny and Jennifer Hart
Josette and Neil Rosenstein                                                                                                       Muriel Folloder Phillips                     Challenge Grants
                                             In Memory of Max Buchman                              Sandy Lusky
   In Memory of Sonny Penner                                                                                                      Rae Goldgar                               Anonymous Foundation of the Houston
                                          Judy and Mal Lusky                                  Sandy and Allen Miller
Naomi and Gary Rosner                                                                                                             Celine and David Hecht                       Jewish Community Foundation
                                             In Memory of Betty Moore                         Ione and Sidney Moran
Janice Rubin                                                                                                                         In Memory of Dorothy Ross              The Brown Foundation, Inc.
                                             In Memory of Evelyn Rosenthal                       New York Bagels
Brenda and Mansel Rubenstein                                                                                                      Luisa Kluger and Arnoldo Efron            Conference on Material Claims
                                             In Honor of Bernie Feld                              Joan Reichstein
   In Honor of Carol and                                                                                                          Toby and Richard Newman                      Against Germany
                                             In Memory of Aimme Strunk                             Celseste Stein
   Dr. Barry Goodfriend                                                                                                              In Honor of Susie and Nir Eshet        The Fondren Foundation
                                             In Memory of Sali Szlam                            3 Brothers Bakery
Marci Rosenberg and Ben Samuels                                                                                                   Esther and Gary Polland                   Houston Endowment Inc.
                                          Rici and Dr. Harold Miller                           Karen and David Wolf
The Samuels Foundation                                                                                                               In Honor of Sandy Breslauer            Houston Jewish Community Foundation
                                             In Honor of Terry Gordon
Michael Schiff                                                                                                                       In Honor of Bunny Radoff               Houston Jewish Family Foundation
                                             In Honor of Linda Burger                 JFS Alexander Institute
Adelle and Dr. LeRoy Shaw                                                                                                         Mila and Boris Shurin                     Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
                                             In Honor of Betty and Mike Tapick
   In Memory of Henry Wexner Jr.                                                      Seth Alberts                                   In Memory of Charles Leff              Nathan J. Klein Family fund
                                             In Memory of Victor Leon
Dr. Kamal S. Sheena                                                                   Joan and Stanford Alexander                 Robin Sofer                               The Simmons Foundation
                                             In Memory of Sarah Levit
Elizabeth and Robert Shoss                                                               In Honor of Jimmy Falik                     In Memory of Harding Frankel           The Shirley and
                                             In Memory of Vicki Cohn
Betty and Gilbert Sichel                                                                 In Honor of Emily Stein                  Peggy Tabony                                 David Toomim Foundation
                                             In Memory of Charles Leff
Sherry Simon                                                                             In Honor of Zak Katzenellenbogen         Barbi and Stanley Topek                   The Lillie and Dan Sterling Foundation
                                             In Memory of Henia Leibman
   In Honor of Toby Newman                                                               In Honor of Jeri and Marc Shapiro           In Memory of Morris Zeidman            The Harry and
                                             In Honor of Carol and
Robin Sofer                                                                           Ilene Alexander                             Ellen and DanTrachtenberg                    Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
                                             Dr. Barry Goodfriend
   In Honor of Isadore Segal’s                                                           In Honor of Stanford Alexander                                                     United Way of Greater Houston
                                          Ellen Penner
   100th Birthdayz”l                                                                  Elaine Altschuler                           Senior Counseling Fund                    Pauline Stern Wolff Memorial Foundation
                                             In Memory of Devora Urkowitz
   In Memory of Nancy Steiner                                                            In Honor of Miriam Selig                                                           M.B. and Edna Zale Foundation
                                             In Memory of Harold Raizes                                                           Elba Alexander
   In Memory of Rita Fox                     In Memory of Harding Frankel             Sandra and Sam Block                        Judith and Dr. Nachum Dafny
Lilly Stark                                  In Honor of Mimi Lait                    Nancy Beren and Larry Jefferson             Andrea and Steve Eisenstein
   In Honor of Veda Mae Glesby               In Honor of Ellen Robinson                  In Memory of Ethel Norman                   In Honor of Leah Mueller
Lois and George Stark                        In Honor of Martha Freedman              Lisa Bourgeois                              Sandra Herzog
  In Honor of Punkin and Walter Hecht        In Honor of Martha & Duck Freedman       Shirley and Meyer Chaskin                   Esther Lester
Matthew and Rebecca Starr                 Nancy and Larry Reader                         In Honor of Carol and                       In Honor of Leah Mueller
   In Honor of Martha and                    In Memory of Selma Leff                     Dr. Barry Goodfriend                     Hugo and Edith Kahn Trust
   Don Freedman                              In Honor of Mimi Lait                    Linda and Joel Chess                        Dr. Matilda Melnick
Morton Stein                                 In Honor of Toby Newman                     In Memory of Eugene Kornhaber            Barbara and Robert Sheffield
Ruth and Larry Steinfeld                     In Memory of Charles Leff                Betty Rae and Ralph Cohen                   Lisa Ullmann
   In Honor of Mimi Lait                     In Memory of Nancy Steiner                  In Honor of Gloria and Robert Reader     The Pauline Sterne Wolff
Edith and Bernard Stolbun                    In Memory of Stanley Leventhal              In Memory of Charles Leff                   Memorial Foundation
   In Memory of Charles Davidoff          Renee Spolane                                  In Honor of Bernard Weingarten           Edith & Robert Zinn Foundation
   In Memory of Libbie Fisher                In Honor of Mimi Lait                       In Honor of Renee Spolane
   In Memory of Jack Levine                  In Memory of Dora Adler Horwitz             In Honor of Jack Weingarten
Harriet Stoler
                                                                                                                                  Shalom Bayit
                                             In Honor of Sally Fuch                   Adrienne and Harold Harris
Dorothy and Bill Swann                                                                   In Honor of Sandy Breslauer              Maureen Coleman
                                             In Memory of Norris Goodfriend
Betty and Mike Tapick                                                                    In Honor of Dr. Bill Lipsky                In Honor of Barbara and
                                             In Honor of Gloria and Robert Reader
   In Memory of Andree G. Rosenblum                                                   Harriette Jackler                             Alan Lemberger
                                             In Memory of Harding Frankel
Vicky and Rabbi Ranon Teller              Shirley and Nate Tudzin                        In Honor of Toby Newman
Jerome and Jeannie Tiras                     In Honor of Beverly Trachtenberg         Phyllis and Sheldon Kaufman                 Senior Financial Aid
   In Memory of Charles Leff              Bess Wishnow                                   In Honor of Zak Katzenellenbogen         Josie and Heron Alaniz
Andrea and Kevin Toledano                    In Memory of Harold Raizes                  In Honor of Linda and Joel Chess         Elba Alexander
   In Honor of Andrea Toledano               In Memory of Harry Grenader              Janelle and Lawrence Klar, Jr.              Melvin Berkowitz
Shirley Toomim                               In Honor of Shirley Stein                   In Honor of Jodie Francesca Coorsh          In Honor of Leah Mueller
   In Honor of Hershel Rich
Barbi and Stanley Topek                   Hurricane Relief
                                                                                      Luisa Kluger and Arnoldo Efron
                                                                                         In Honor of Joan Alexander
                                                                                                                                  Megan Bladen - Blinkoff
                                                                                                                                  Ruth Chary
Mimi and Leon Toubin
   In Honor of Carol and
                                                                                      Dorothy and Albert Krafcheck
                                                                                         In Honor of Millie Turetzky
                                                                                                                                     In Memory of Richard Kuranoff
                                                                                                                                  Marsha and Steve Cohen
                                                                                                                                                                                     Reel Hope
                                              JFS is grateful to the Gulf Coast Ike
   Dr. Barry Goodfriend
Ellen and Dan Trachtenberg
                                            Relief Fund and The Jewish Federation     Erin and David Litvack
                                                                                         In Honor of Marni Litvack and
                                                                                                                                     In Honor of Toby Newman                      Tribute Journal
                                            of Greater Houston for underwriting the                                               Nancy and Michael Darsky
Jeanne and Dr. Stanley Vogelfang
Volunteer Houston
                                             work of JFS case manager Dr. Melissa        Jose Trejo                                  In Memory of Charles Nathan                   Ads Deadline
                                               Lusky Tabin to work in the coastal     Drs. Julia and Jack Mazow                   Dr. Shirley Friedman
Susan and Syd Waldman                            areas for those most impacted           In Memory of Bennie Roder                Dr. Mark and Ellen Kalish
   In Honor of Linda and Herb Lesser                   by Hurricane Ike.                 In Honor of Joan and                     Jeanie and Larry Krim                           February 15, 2010
Linda and Rabbi Roy Walter                                                               Stanford Alexander                          In Honor of Joanne and Bruce Levy
Shirley and Dr. Hy Warshaw                Anonymous                                   Kathy and Stephen Parven                    Sue and Ted Levy
Ray and Teri Wathen                       The Jewish Federation of Greater Houston

                                                                                                                                                                            Don’t be
                                                                                         In Honor of Rabbi Roy and                   In Memory of Richard Kuranoff
   In Honor of Gloria Ribnick             Donna and Steven Abramson                      Linda Walter                             Ruth and Steven Sherman
Sandra and Leon Weiner                    Congregation Or Ami                         Aaron Poscovsky                                In Memory of Oscar Mueller
                                          Betty Freedman

The Emery/Weiner School                                                               Marian Prager                               Dr. Ellen Lefkowitz and
Sol B. and Annette                        Gerber and Eisenberg, LLP                      In Honor of Julie Best                      Rabbi Howard Siegel
   Weiner Foundation, Inc.                Alan Gover and Rick Gover                   Ileane Radack                                  In Memory of Herman and Sally Siegel
Arthur and Joan Weisberg                  Help 4 Galveston                            Karen Rosenthal                             Ahuva and Solomon Stopnicki
   Family Foundation, Inc.                Hess, Hopkins and Alexander, LLP               In Honor of Marianne and                                                                    lease Send to
                                                                                                                                  The Pauline Sterne Wolff
Judith Winograd                           Susan Hirsch                                   Larry Greenfield                            Memorial Foundation             
   In Memory of Libbie Fisher             Suzy and Peter Josef                        Sue and Harry Rosenzweig
Shelley and Vic Wisner                    Dorothy and Albert Krafcheck                                                                                                                   or to
                                          Ellen Levin
                                                                                         In Honor of Marianne and                 Sterling Survivors Fund
   In Honor of Albert Stein                                                              Larry Greenfield
   In Memory of Charles Leff              Andrew Loeb                                 Barry Schaps
                                                                                                                                  Arjeco Builders Inc.                           Jewish Family Service
                                          Simon Lusky                                                                             Nicci and Harvey Arsham
Paula and Marc Wolens                                                                 Donna and Philip Tenenbaum
                                                                                                                                     In Memory of Seymour Smith
                                                                                                                                                                                  4131 S. Braeswood
Francis Wolff                             Rici and Harold Miller                      Shirley Toomim
   In Honor of Frances Ross               One Mission Galveston                          In Memory of Monnie Goldfine
                                                                                                                                  Maria Barkhausen                                Houston, Tx 77025
Edith & Robert Zinn Foundation            Robert Penn                                                                                In Honor of Ramiro Garcia
                                                                                         In Honor of Joan and

                                                   JFS Staff News
       A       s Linda Burger, Chief Executive
Office, announced additions to the JFS Staff, she
                                                         work at Houston’s Menninger Clinic where she
                                                         worked with young adults (18 to 30) who struggled
                                                                                                                 and couples. In addition, I was surrounded by an
                                                                                                                 incredibly talented staff that provided guidance and
also introduced interns and social work graduate         with depression, anxiety, substance abuse and           supervision throughout my internship. That is why I
students who will be part of the agency staff in 2010.   family conflict.                                        interviewed for a permanent position here and am
       Sheldon “Shelly” Bleiweiss, LCSW, has                  Elyse Spector Kalmans, M.A., joined the staff      so pleased to be counted as a member of the JFS
joined JFS as a Group Worker and Therapist. With         in early November as a part-time Employment             Staff. JFS continues to give back to the community
                over 30 years experience as a social     Services Coordinator. A portion of the Economic         by serving as a high quality training ground for up
                worker, Shelly recently relocated        Assistance Fund, established by the Jewish              and coming professionals.”
                to Houston from San Diego. As a          Federation of Greater Houston, included funding a            Haley King, a second year University of
                clinician, supervisor and program        position to assist those seeking employment during      Houston master social work graduate student,
                manager, he worked in such settings      this economic downturn. The new Employment              working as an intern at JFS seeing clients in the
                as adult day treatment, adolescent       Services Coordinator will work with individuals in      Family and Children’s Department. She will also
residential services, hospice and special education.                    the community who need additional        assist the JFS Alexander Institute Social Group and
While in San Diego, Shelly also became a Holocaust                      support and “networking” assistance      Celebration Company.
educator, teaching Jewish high school students and                      to secure employment.                         An advanced standing post graduate from the
adults and lecturing to civic and church groups                           Elyse’s business background and        University of Houston Graduate College of Social
about the Holocaust. Shelly is planning to become                       experience in marketing, brand           Work, Intern/Fellow, Nadia Leibovitz, LMSW,
a docent for the Houston Holocaust Museum.                              management and community                 will be seeing clients in the Family and Children’s
     Nicole Zangara, LMSW, who joined the                relations, combined with her extensive community        Department. JFS in conjunction with the Jewish
staff in September, is a 2008 graduate of the            involvement, make her a perfect fit for that            Federation’s YAD group will sponsor Marriage 101
George Warren Brown School of Social Work at             position. She currently serves as a lay leader on       beginning in January and Nadia will facilitate this
Washington University in St. Louis, and completed        the Executive Board of Trustees of Congregation         program for engaged and newly married couples.
her undergraduate studies at the American                Emanu El, the Boards of Directors of the Jewish              Kacie Liput, a second year student at the
University in Washington, D.C.                           Federation of Greater Houston and Anti-                 Houston-Galveston Psychoanalytical Institute,
     While at the Brown School of Social Work,           Defamation League and as a Sustainer of the Junior      and Alex Lederman, LPC-intern, working on
the new JFS staff member did her                         League of Houston.                                      his Master’s degree in counseling at Prairie View
first practicum at Kids in the Middle                         Two years ago, Nick Tofilon, LMSW, who             A & M, will be seeing clients in the Family and
in St. Louis. She focused on helping                     came to JFS as Master’s degree intern from the          Children’s Department.
children, adolescents and parents                        University of Houston Graduate College of Social             Barbie Horowitz, who ably served as Event
through divorce and separation.                          Work, spoke about the interns and graduate              Coordinator for REEL HOPE 2009, returns in
Her second practicum was at St. Louis’ Jewish            students serving on staff at JFS, “Two years ago,       the same position for REEL HOPE…A Night at
Family and Children Service where she counseled          I began as an intern at Jewish Family Service           the Movies 2010 honoring Linda and Rabbi Roy
individuals and couples in therapy. Prior to joining     during which I was given a wide range of clinical       Walter as they receive the Joan Alexander Chesed
JFS, Nicole did her postgraduate fellowship in social    experiences working with seniors, children, families    Award on Sunday, February 28, 2010.

                                                                       SAVE THE DATE
                                                                            for YOM LIMMUD 2010
                                                                           Jewish Family Service and the JFS Alexander Institute will have an active presence
                                                                       at YOM LIMMUD, the community’s annual Day of Learning. It will be held this year on
                                                                       February 14, 2010 at Congregation Beth Israel, 5600 N. Braeswood, from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
                                                                           JFS Alexander Institute’s Project Shalom will be selling hand-crafted Judaica, gifts and
                                                                       other items.
                                                                           JFS Alexander Institute is sponsoring supervised day-care (part of Camp Gibor) for
                                                                       children with special needs in Session I (9 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.) and Session II (1:00 p.m. - 3:00
                                                                       p.m.), providing their parents an opportunity to participate in Yom Limmud. The cost is $5.00
                                                                       per child per session.
                                                                           Pre-registration before January 26, 2010, is required. Contact Diane Brezner at the
                                                                       Bureau of Jewish Education, 713-729-7000 or, to register.

     12                                                                                                                                                       12

(As it will appear on printed materials)
Tribute Committee underwriters are listed on printed materials, will have RESERVED SEATING,
and will receive a full page ad in the Electronic Tribute Journal with their sponsorship.
I would like to join the Tribute Committee at the following level:

       $50,000            12 tickets
                          Star-Studded Full Page Ad
                          Logo on Invitation/Movie Night Ad on the Big Screen
                          Logo on JFS website and all 2010 materials

       $20,000            12 tickets
       $2,000             Per ticket #_______
                          Platinum Full Page Ad
                          Movie Night Ad on the Big Screen

       $10,000            12 tickets
       $1,000             Per ticket #______
                          Gold Full Page Ad
                          Movie Night Ad on the Big Screen

       $5,000             10 tickets
                          Silver Border Full Page Ad
                          Movie Night Ad on the Big Screen

       $2,500             8 tickets
                          Bronze Border Full Page Ad
                          Movie Night Ad on the Big Screen

 I would like to purchase individual tickets.
                   Per ticket            Reserved Seating                                     Name
                   Per ticket           General Admission                                     City                                           ST.           Zip
                                                                                              Contact Name

                                                                                              (W) Phone                                (H) Phone

              $1,800 GOLD SCREEN MESSAGE (Full Page)                                          Email
                          Big Ad on the Big Screen
                                                                                              Total Enclosed $
              $1,000 SILVER SCREEN MESSAGE (Full Page)
                          Big Ad on the Big Screen                                            Please make checks payable to Jewish Family Service or
              $ 500 BRONZE SCREEN MESSAGE (Full Page)                                         charge $                to     Visa     MasterCard      American Express
              $ 250 JFS BLUE SCREEN MESSAGE (Half Page)                                       Account No.                                              Exp. Date
              $ 180 GREEN MESSAGE (Quarter Page)                                              Name on card
              $      72 MAZEL TOV MESSAGE (Up to three lines)
       The electronic ad journal will be posted on the JFS website
       and will be shown prior to the movie. Linda and Rabbi Walter                                  Optional - You may charge my credit card 2% to cover credit card
       and Joan Alexander will receive a bound copy of the journal.                                  surcharges to JFS.
       Submit your message by email to:                              Federal law requires us to inform you that the non-tax-deductible portion per person for
       or mail to:                                                                            attending this event in $45. For more information 713.667.9336 or
       JFS, 4131 S. Braeswood, Houston TX 77025

                                                                                                                      We will not be using #         of my tickets. Please
      REGRETS                                                                                                         donate them to JFS to use for agency volunteers.
        I/We cannot attend but would like to make a gift of $
        Please send an acknowledgement of this donation to:
                                                                                                                 4131 S. Braeswood Blvd., Houston, TX 77025
                                                                                                                 713.667.9336 office / 713.667.3619 fax /

      Executive and
      Administrative Staff
Linda L. Burger, MSSW
  Chief Executive Officer
Toby Newman, LCSW
  Chief Program Officer
Alan Reingold, CPA
  Chief Financial Officer
Rachel Davis, MAJS
  Chief Development Officer
Gloria Ribnick, BJ
  Director PR/Marketing
Tammi Altshuler
  Executive Assistant
                                   Donate your car to Jewish Family Service and
                                                                                           to Donate your car!
                                                                                       bottom of the JFS home page:
                                                                                                                                             Programs and services of
                                                                                                                                             Counseling Services
                                                                                                                                             • Families
                                                                                                                                             • Children and adolescents
                                                                                                                                             • Adults and seniors
                                                                                                                                             • Play and group therapy
                                                                                                                                             • Pre-marital counseling

                                                                                                                                             Senior Adult Services
                                                                                                                                             • Social and medical Assessments
                                                                                                                                             • Long-term planning and case
                                                                                                                                               management services
                                                                                                                                             • Kosher Meals on Wheels
                                                                                                                                             • Guidance for adult children
                                                                                                                                             • Referrals to caregivers, nurses
                                                                                                                                               and sitters
2010 Officers and
Board of Directors            help support vital programs and services for families,       Donate your car to Jewish Family Service today!   • Lifeline Emergency Phone
Eric Mayer                    children, and older adults throughout Houston.                  Those in need...
Lynne Aronoff                      Donating your car, van or truck is easy. All you
                                                                                                                 Th ank !                    Jewish Chaplaincy Program
                                                                                                                                             • Visits to hospital patients at
  Vice President
Mark Brookner
  Vice President
Debra Cohen
  Vice President
                              have to do is call 1-877-JFS-4-CAR (877-537-4227),
                              and a driver will pick up your vehicle from your
                              home, business or repair shop within a few days of
                                                                                                                     yo u                      M. D. Anderson
                                                                                                                                             • Congregational care team
                                                                                                                                             • Guidance for families of patients
                                                                                                                                               from out-of-town
Cheryl Levy
                              your call. Almost all cars are accepted: even those                                                            • Service to Hospice patients
Linda Walter                  with engine trouble or unable to pass a state                                                                  Community Outreach
  Assistant Secretary                                                                                                                        • Emergency financial aid
Steve Robinson                inspection. Free pick-up!                                                                                      • Information and referral services
                                   To make automobile donations                                                                              • Mental health consultation to
Donald Freedman                                                                                                                                schools and camps
  Immediate Past President    online, click on the key icon at the                                                                           • Programs for mental health
Directors                                                                                                                                    • Shalom Bayit, domestic violence
Judy Arfa                                                                                                                                      awareness program
Sandra J. Block
Toby Brown
Kelli Cohen Fein, M.D.                                                                                                                       JFS Alexander Institute for
Marla Matz Feldman, D.D.S.                                                                                                                   Jewish Families with
Sandra Greenstone                                                                                                                            Special Needs
Henry Hochman                                                                                                                                • Special Needs Online
Patti Kagan                                                                                                                                    Resource Directory
Richard Kammerman                                                                                                                            • Customized and supportive
Joy Kaplan                        Published semi-annually Jewish Family Service                                                                employment
Albert Krafcheck                  4131 South Braeswood Blvd. at Linkwood                                                                     • Information and Referral Services
Eve Lapin                         Houston TX 77025
Richard Leibman                                                                                                                              • Counseling
                                  Phone: 713-667-9336 Fax: 713-667-3619
Benjy Levit                                                                                                                                  • Support Groups
                                  President: Eric Mayer                                                                                      • Ma Nishma: Weekly social group
Gregory G. Lewis                  Executive Director: Linda L. Burger
Gerald Merfish                                                                                                                               •
Rici Miller                       Mishpacha Staff Writer: Gloria Ribnick                                                                     • Project Shalom
Steffie Odle                      Mishpacha Editor: Sandy Block                                                                                º Weekly group for Adults with
Ellen Penner
Michael Richker
                                  Graphic Design: Graphics II                                                  To strengthen Jewish              Chronic Mental Illness
Harvey A. Rosenstock, M.D.        Jewish Family Service Hours:                                               individual and family life        º Group activities and
                                                                                                                                                 individual therapy
Ben Samuels
Alana Spiwak, M.D.
                                  8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday                                            through counseling, education       º Trips to theaters, museums and
David Spolane
                                  8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday–Thursday
                                  8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Friday
                                                                                                                and social services.             other cultural events
Rabbi Ranon Teller                                                                                                                             º Medication management
Dan Trachtenberg                  Publication postage paid at Houston, Texas                                                                   º Life skills education