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					                                        AND SABBATH HERALD.
                       " Here Is tUe Patience ot the Saints; Here are they that keep tlie Commandments ot <iod, and the Faith of Jesus."

    VOL. XII.                              BATTLE CKEEIC,                 M 1 0 II., FIFTH-DAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1858.                                               No. 1 i

    THE KEV1EW AND HERALD                                   round the Lord's table and receive the sacred me-            kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrust out."
                 IS PUBLISHED WEEKLY                        morials of the Saviour's death ? Instead of com              Luke xiii, 27, 28.
       AT BATTLE            OBEJilK, KICK,,                 meliorating his sufferings we become " guilty o                  0 the darkness that must gather around the spir-
                                                            the body and blood of the Lord." Do we give o                it when the light of hope is thus suddenly and for-
                      Publishing Committee.                 our substance to feed the poor or to support anc            ever extinguished ! The hope of the hypocrite, it
                                                            extend the gospel ? Verily we have our reward                is said, shall he " as the giving up of the ghost."
           VTKBAIf SMITH, Resident Editor.                  the praise of man, but not the approbation of God            " His hope shall be cut off, and his trust shall be a
        J. N". ANDREWS, JAMES WHITE,                                 2. Self-deception also deprives us of the presen spider's web. He shall lean upon his house, but it
     J. H. WAGGONER., R. F. OOTTRELL,         Corresponding      comforts of religion.                                  shall not stand; he shall hold it fast, but it shall not
           and STEPHEN PIERCE,                   Editors.
      Tei'lllS.—ONE DOLLAR IN ADVANCE FQH A VOLUME or25 Nos.         It may indeed import a certain kind of peace endure." Job viii, 14, 15. The fabric which he
     JJ2|^ All communications, orders and remittances for the The mind, before agitated with fear, may beeom            had all his life been rearing will fall, and great in-
  REVIEW AND HERALUshouldbe addresaedto URIAH SMITH, calmed, but to the "joy of salvation" we shall not deed will be the fall! Matt, vii, 27.—Helffenstein.
  Battle Creek. Mich.
                                                                 withstanding remain strangers. Religion, so fa
                                                                 from proving a pleasure, will prove a task. Its du                         How to Believe.
                     THE BOOK OF BOOKS.
                                                                 ties will be observed, not because they are deemed
  I HAVE a little book at homo, it has been mine for years;      desirable in themselves, but only as a means forth         TAKE your Bible, and turn to 1 John v, 9—12.
  There's many, many a leaf within that's blotted with my attainment of some selfish end.                               May I ask you to read this passage aloud, verse by
  The covers are defaced, and e'en the gilding worn with age,        3. Self-deception will prevent us from deriving verse? In order to believe, you want to know how
  And pencil-marks are scattered round on almost every page. any benefit front, the means of grace.                     you are to believe, whom you are to believe, what
                                                                                                                        you are to believe, when you are to believe, what is
  My father gave this book to me, 0, many years ago,                Regarding our condition as already safe, we shal the sin of not believing, and what you are to get
  When little of its real worth or import I could know;         of course see no ground for alarm.
  It pleased my fancy and my pride ; I felt extremely grand                                                             by beiieving. Perhaps in these verses, of all oth-
 That I had sueh a pretty book to carry iu my hand.                 Whatever denunciations the Bible may utter ers in the Bible, this all-important subject of faith
                                                                against the impenitent, these denunciations will be is stated in terms the most simple and unmistak-
  But when the first great sorrow came—my loving father died, lost upon us. Ministers may preach with the ut-
  And broken-hearted, how t longed to lay down by his side—                                                             able.
  Within this book I found that God would comfort and would most fidelity, " warning every man with tears,''                Verse 9. " If wo receive the witness of men, the
       bless,                                                   '• reproving, rebuking, exhorting with all long-suf- witness of God is greater."
 And be a heavenly Father to the poor and fatherless.           fering and doctrine," but the gospel, instead of be-        To " receive the witness of men," is to believe
 When I am saddened or perplexed, with trials sore distressed, coming to us " the savor of life unto life," will be- their testimony, (the old English words, witness,
 I read that ho-will surely " give the heavy-laden rest;"        30.lie " ' 'ie savor of d.ath unto death."            and testimony, being the same.) To " receive the
 In every trouble of my life unto this Rock I floe,
 And sweet refreshing streams of love seem gushing out to mo.       Do they urge their hearers to " flee from the witness of God," is to believe his testimony. It is
                                            [Am Messenger.      wrath to come ?" According to our apprehension, precisely the same act of the mind which receives
                                                                we have already been saved from that wrath. Do both, it is believing what has been said. In other
   THE CONSEQUENCES Of SELF-DECEPTION. they point to the Lamb of God which taketh away words, if you want a definition of faith in its simp-
                                                                the sin of the world? We have already looked to lest form, it is "giving God credit for what he says;"
     SELF-DECEPTION in religion is a terrific evil. Its him as our Saviour. Do they portray the glories receiving his testimony as true ; believing what he
 disastrous influence both iu this world and the next of heaven, and call upon us to lay hold on eternal has declared ; taking him at his word ! See Christ's
 exceeds all description. Nothing can befall vis this life? Heaven b already made sure. Do they cau- definition. John v, 24.
 side eternity which should be more deprecated, and tion us against self-delusion ? Others may be de                        Whose testimony is the best, or greatest?
 against which we should rnora carefully guard. A ceived, but as it respects ourselves, we cannot be                        God's, of course, for he cannot lie ! 1 Sam. xv,
 false hope is worse than no hope. Whatever dis-                mistaken.                                              29.
 tress may attend the latter, the former is by far the              It is comparatively easy to shake the hopes of          Which of the two, then, ought it to be the easi-
 more ruinous.                                                 some real christians, while the same truths which est to believe ?
     1. Self-deception renders all our religious per-          disturb them leave the hypocrite unmoved. While             It ought to be, though I never thought of it just
formances vain.                                                some weak, trembling believer may Jay these re- in thtt light before, easiest to believe God.
     With whatever complacency they may be viewed marks aside, writing bitter things against himself,                      Read now the remainder of the verse.
 by ourselves or by our fellow-men, infinite purity the very class of persons for whose benefit it is more                 '• For this is the witness of God, which he hath
 cannot behold them but with abhorrence. If the immediately intended, may read its pages without ;estified of bis Son."
 heart be wrong, all is wrong. Where there is no one feeling of distrust or apprehension.                                  Of whom has God given the testimony he wish-
 holy principle, there can be no holy practice. The                 4. The drtadfulness of self-deception will further es you to believe ?
 same works that the Christian performs we may appear when we reflect that in eternity it will be                          Of his Son, Jesus Christ.
perform, and they may be performed, too, with the too late to rectify the mistake.                                         So far, then, all is plain. Faith is believing what
same apparent zeal; but if our motives be impure                   Then indeed it will be manifest. A view of the God says; believing what God says nbout his Son.
 they destroy the moral virtue of our deeds, howev holy character of God, and of the spirituality of his This you can believe; this you ought to believe.
 er splendid and imposing to the eye of man, and la\v, will at once dissipate every delusion. The But do you believe it ?
 render them iu the vtew of God nothing but '• vain heait will appear without a covering, and every                        How am I to know whether I believe it or not?
oblations."                                                    form of self-delusion will vanish forever; but there        The next verse will tell you.
     Do we " spread forth our hands" in prayer. "He will be no remedy—probation has closed—thechar-                        Verse 10. "He that believeth on the Son of
 that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, acter is formed, and the record of our lives sealed }od hath the witness in himself."
even his prayer shall be abomination." Prov. xxviii, up for eternity.                                                      The belief in the testimony of God concerning
9. Do we appear in the sanctuary ? " Who,"                         5. Self-deception will also aggravate our future u's Son, leading naturally, if not of necessity, to a
says God, "hath required this at your hand to tread misery.                                                            relief or trust in the Son himself, simultaneously
my courts?" Isa. i, 12. Do we pay an external                      The more confident our hopes of future happi- with this believing in the Son of God, the Holy
respect to the Sabbath ? " The new moons and ness are here, the more bitter will be the pain of Spirit enters the heart along with this truth thus
sabbaths, the calling ot assemblies, I cannot awav disappointment hereafter. How awful to go to the •eceived, and begins to bear witness there. 1 John
with: it is iniquity, even the solemn meeting." gate of heaven, expecting admission, and then meet r, 6; Rom. viii, 16; Gal. iii, 2. What this wit-
Verse 13. Do we afflict ourselves by fasting? " Is the sentence, " Depart from me, alt ye workers of ness of the Spirit is, you can only learn by experi-
 t such a fast that I have chosen ? a day for a man iniquity 1" Imagination can form but little con- ence. If you have it, you will know and feel it. If,
to afflict his soul ? is it to bow down his head as a ception of the anguish which must follow this ex- as still seems to be the case, you have it, not, it can-
bulrush and to spread sackcloth and ashes under clusion. " There shall be weeping and gnashing of not be explained in advance. This is one motive
bim? wilt thou call this a fast and an acceptable teeth," says Jesus, " when ye shall see Abraham, for believing; it appeals to your hopes; but in the
day to the Lord ?" Isa. Iviii, 5, 6. Do we Hir- and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets in the • last clause of the verse there is another motive, and
138                                                       THE REVIEW AND                            HERALD.                                                     [VoL.

one that appeals very strongly to your fears. Bead         tlement with a world that has a long credit It is       up to Jerusalem from the coast, as he appears to
on.                                                        the winding up of this earth's bankrupt estate, and     have traveled in some conveyance moved on wheels;
    " He that believeth not God hath made him a            each man's individual interest. It is the closing of    for it is so far from being in any degree possible to
liar, because he believeth not the record that God         an open account that has been running on ever since     draw one along, that, on the contrary, a great ex-
gave of his Son."                                          the Fall. It is the day when the balance is struck,     ertion is necessary to travelers to get forward their
    Up to this moment, probably, you have never            and our fate is heaven or hell; and what invests my     mules."
learned that the greatest of ^ill your sins is unbelief.   text with solemn and sublime importance is this,            The error here is a comparatively harmless and
Think of it in reference to God. " It makes him a          that by the manner in which we hav£ walked in           amusing one, but the same mistake has been made
liar !" It insults him on the throne, and would            these statutes and kept these judgments and done        the foundation of serious cavil at the truth of the
bring him down to a level with Satan! Think of             them, shall our destiny be determined.                   passage. " How is this possible," says a modern
it in reference to yourself. "While it lasts, it binds        The most common action of life; its every day,       objecter, " when there is nothing but a mountain
the guilt of all other sins upon you ! For every           every hour, is invested with a solemn grandeur, when    track, impassable for wheels, between Cesarea and
drop of sin in the life, what un ocean of sin in the       we think how they extend their issues into eternity.    Jerusalem ?" The blunder in the former case and
 heart does this expression reveal, " He that believ-      Our hands are now sowing seed for that great har-        the sneer in the latter would alike have beensaved,
eth not God hath made him a liar!" la it not the           vest. We shall meet again all we are doing and           had the writers known that when the Bible was
fiist of your sins c" which to be convinced, for which     have done. The graves shall give up their dead,         translated, "carriage" did not mean "that which
to be sorry, the very first to be confessed and for-       and from the tombs of oblivion the past shall give      carries," but " that which was carried." " We took
saken ? John xvi, 9; 1 John iii, 23.                       up all that it holds in keeping, to be witness for or    up our carriages" means no more and no less than
    Hoping that such is your determination, let me         witness against us. O think of that, and in yon-        " we took up our baggage," or, as one of the earlier
ask you now to read the llth verse.                        der hall of the Inquisition see what its effect on us    translations familiarly expresses it, " we 'trussed up
    "And this is the reuord, that God hath given to        should be. Within those blood-stained walls, for        our fardels."
us eternal life, and this life is in his Son."              whose atrocious cruelties B/>me has yet to answer,         Prof. Scbolefield. in his " Hints for an Improved
    There are few verses in the Bible on which more        one is under examination. He has been assured            translation of the New Testament," recommends
souls have anchored their hopes for eternity than          that nothing he reveals shall be written for the pur-    that the passage be rendered, " we put up our bag-
this. God grant that you may do the same! Ev-              pose of being uwd against him. While making              gage." There are other passages in the Bible where
ery thought that it contains is infinitely precious.       frank and ingenuous confession, he suddenly stops.       the word " carriage" is evidently used as synony-
Let us take them, therefore, one by one.                   He is dumb—a mute. They ply him with ques-               mous with baggage. For example:
    What has God given ?                                   tions, flatter him, threaten him; he answers not a          " So they turned and deserted, and put the little
    Life, life eternal 1                                    word. Danger makes the senses qn'ck. His ear           ones, and the cattle, and the carriage before them."
    To whom has he given it?                               has caught a sound; he listens; it ties his tongue.     Judges xxviii, 21.
    To us.                                                 An arras bangs beside him, and bf hind it he hears          "And David left his carriage in the hand of the
    Who are meant by "us?" Every one but you               a pen running along the pages. The truth flashes         keeper of the carriage," 3 Sam. xvii, 22.
and I?                                                     on him. Behind that screen a scribe sits commit-            David's " carriage" consisted, as we learn from
    No, it means us both. 1 John ii, S; 1 Cor. xv,         ting to the fatal page every word he says, and he       the preceding verses, of an ephah of parched corn,
 1-4.                                                      shall meet it all again on the day of trial.             ten loaves of bread, and ten cheeses. Examples of
    Suppose I draw a pencil-mark around the word,             Ah I how solemn to think that there is such a        a similar character may readily be cited from histo-
us, and you substitute, me, or your own name if            pen going in heaven, and entering on the books of       rians and essayists who were contemporaneous with
you will, how would it then read ?                         judgment all we say or wish, all we think or do.        the translations of the Bible.
    "And this is the record, that God hath given to         Would to Gad we heard it—every where, and al-              North, in his translations of Plutarch, says, " lhat
 (me) eternal life."                                       ways heard it! \VLat a check ! and what a stim-         Spartacus withdrew an opposing army, and took all
    There is such a thing, then, as eternal life; eter-    ulus ! Are we about to sin, how strong a curb; if        their carriage;" and Bacon, quoting 1 Sam. xxx, 24,
nal life for you, already given, or provided for you       slow to duty, how sharp a spur! What a motive           speaks of those " who stood with the carriages,"
by God ? 1 John ii, 25. Where is it to be found ?          to pray for the blood that blots out a guilty past,     substituting the word "carriage" for "stuff," which
    And this life is in his Son.                           and for such grace, as in tima to come shall enable     appears in the ordinary version.
    "He that hath the Son hath life, and he that hath      us to walk in God's statutes, to do them. "Know-            In fact, "carriage," -'luggage," and "baggage,"
not the Son of God hath not life."                         ing therefore the terror of the Lord, we per.-uade      were not only formed in the same way, but were
    Christ is God's first gift, with or for the sake of    men."                                                   originally synonyms; baggage being that which is
whom he bestows all others. Accept Christ as he                                                                    bugged, luggage that which is lugged, and carriage
is offered, and with him you will freely receive all
that is in him '.                                             A PASSION FOR HOARDING.—Wa have raroly that which is carried.— Vt. Chronicle.
    Yes, my dear friend, when God's Lamb was offer-        seen a more graphic description of a lionrdins; pro-
                                                           pensity than the following from "Law's Serious                        A Solemu Interrogation.
ed on Calvary as the one great sacrifice for sin,          Call:"
[John i, 29,] when God's own and only Son hung                                                                         " WHO may abide the day of his coming? and
dying upon the cross, our sins upon him, our guilt            " If you should see a m«n that had a large pond
between him and his Father in heaven, he full as           of water, yet living in continual thirst, not suffering who shall stand when he appeareth ?" 1. Shall the
deep a pang for yon, as for any other sinner. It is        himself to drink half a draught, for fwu- ol' lessening infidel— he who has " rejected the counsel of God
not too much to suppose that his omniscient eye            his pond; if you should see him wasting his timi- against himself," against argument and entreaty,
looked even to you, and that so to speak, he said          in fetching more water to his pond, always thirsty, and appeal, and perhaps assuming a bolder port and
within himself, " I die for him; my blood is shed          yet always carrying a bucket of water in lu» hand, form of impiety, has announced the record of inspi-
for him; his sins are laid upon me; and by tny             watching early and late to catch the drops of rain, ration as but an imposture and a lie—sballhestand?
stripes, if he will, he may be healed!" O, how near,       gaping after every cloud, and running greedily in- No; for it is pronounced, " He that believed not, is
how very near, does such & thought bring the cross         to every mire and mud, in hopes of water, and al- condemned already." " He that believeth not, shall
to our souls! and the Crucified One almost within          ways studying how to make every ditch empty it- be damned." 2. Shall the sensualist—he who has
sight and hearing ! Even while I speak, are you            self into his pond; if youshould see him gray in these degraded the high and immortal gift of reason for
turning your back upon this sinful world t Leav-           anxious labors, and at last end a careful, thirsty life the vulgarities of animal appetite, herding with the
ing earthly things behind? Yielding as you are             by falling into his own pond, would you not say drunken, with the gluttonous or with the lewd, and
drawn by the Holy Spirit? Even now, do you                 that such an one was not unly the author of his own thus " glorying in his shame"—shall he stand ? No;
cast yourself at the foot ot that cross, beneath those     disquiet, but was foolish enough to bo reckoned for it is pronounced of all such, " They shall in no
out-stretched hands, those bleeding feet, that wound-      among madmen? But foolish and absurd as this wise enter into the kingdom of God." 3. Shall the
ed side, and thank the Saviour that he died, and           character ia, it does not represent half the follies worldling—he who has concentrated his activities
                                                           and absurd disquiets of the covetous man."—Set.         and desires on that which perishes in the using,
died for you ? Do you say, just as really as though                                                                prostrating his faculties and his powers in idolatrous
he were visibly present, and you addressed him per-                                                                service to mammon—shall he stand? No; for it is
sonally, " Lord, 1 believe, help thou mine unbelief I                     Tlie Word « Carriages."
                                                                                                                   pronounced, " Whosoever would be the friend of
I accept the atonement thou hast provided, I take
tbee as the only Mediator between me and my of-              "We took up our carriages, and went up to Jerusalem." the world, is an enemy of God." 4. Shall tiisphar-
                                                           Acts xxi, 15,                                           isee—he " who being ignorant of God's righteous-
fended Father ! I call thee my Saviour, mine 1                THIS is one of those passages, whose meaning is ness, has gone about to establish his own righteous-
          '• Here, Lord, I give myself away,               quite likely to be misapprehended, unless the read- ness," and who, repudiating the grand evangelical
           'Tis all that I can do."                        er is well acquainted with the changes which have principles of the gospel, h*s believed that by the
                                                           taken place in the English language since the Bible merit of his own penances and works, he can estab-
                                                           was translated. Probably nine-tenths of all who lish a claim to acceptance before the heart-search-
               The Feu of Heaveu.
                                                           read the verse, suppose, and very naturally too, ing God—shall he stand? No; for it is pronounc-
          BY THfl REV. THOMAS GUTHRIK* D. D.
                                                           that Paul and his companions Were provided with ed, " Whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased;''
                                                           such conveniences as now aie known by the name and that " the bail shall sweep away the refuge of
  " I will . . . cause you to walk in ray statutes, and    of carriages. Even writers of books have fallen in- lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding-place."
keep my j udgraentB and do them." Eze xxxvi, 37.           to the same error. Thus we read in Wilson's 5. Shall the hypocrite—he who assumed the " form
   THE day grows yet more solemn. Its solemnity            "Travels in Egypt and the Holy Land:"                   of godliness." while he knew that he had not the
reaches its highest point, and culminates in the mo-          " This, I am inclined to believe, was not the track power, and who, deluding his fellew-men with a
mentous issues of judgment. It is God's day of set-        which was taken by the apostle Paul, when he went falsehood, will pass into eternity with "a lie in his
No. 18.]                                            THE REVIEW AND HERALD.                                                                                           139
 right hand," as though he could deceive and delude       tate is but a painted sin. " He that offeretli an ob-     by a spirit of fault finding rather than of love. This
the omniscient Oue—shall he stand ? No; for it is         lation is as if he offered swine's blood ; and he that    sin of self-righteouness ia quite peculiar, strange as
pronounced that God abhors (he sacrifice, when            burneth incense, as if he blessed an idoj." The na-       it may seem, to Christian lands. The poor pagan
men draw nigh unto him with their lips, when their        ture must be renewed before the command can be           is really more enlightened as to his own sins than is
hearts are far from him, and that into the New Je-        rightly obeyed; for " a corrupt tree cannot bring        the moralist at our door. He does not argue with
rusalem " there shall in no wise enter anything           forth good fruit." Whatever a man's performances          his teflcher that he is whole and needs not a phy-
 which defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomi         are, they cannot be called obedience whilst the          sician ; but deplores his guilt, shudders at the thought
nation or maketh a lie." " Who may abide the day          heart rernaineth unregenerate, because the principle     of his angry God, and offers his heart's blood or
of his coming? or who shall stand when heappear-         is false aim unsound. Every duty done by a be-            the child of his love to appease his wrath. Surely
eth ?" Brethren, none but those who have repented         liever is accepted of God, as part of his obedience      it will be more tolerable, in the day of judgment,
towards God, and who have believed on the Lord Je-       to the will of God, though it be done in much weak-       for him than for one who, knowing his Father's will,
sus Christ; none but those who have been justified       ness ; because, though the believer's hand is weak,       did it not. Nothing but divine power will enlight-
by the blood of the atonement and sanctified bv          his heart is right. The hypocrite may have the            en this darkness. One gleam from the Sun of Right-
the influence of the Spirit. As to all beside—and        most active hand, but the believer hath the most          eousness will reveal to the profoundest pharisee
still it is a solemn and heart-searching truth in all    faithful and sincere heart.                               the uncleaness of his heart, and lead him to cry for
—that if they be fount1 in any of the classes which          3. A man may obey the law and yet have no             a rightousness not his own. O, that these "good
have been enumerated, or in any otherclasses which        love to the law-giver. A carnal heart may do the         sinners" would believe that they have deeply sin-
embody especial forms of the iriipenitent and unbe-      commands of God, but he cannot love God, and              ned ; then would they flee to the fountain opened
lieving sin, they will amid the burning grandeur         therefore cannot do it aright, for love to God is the     for their cleansing, and clothe themselves in the
and tremendous development of the two worlds pre-        foundation and spring of all true obedience. Every        robe of Christ's righteousness.
sented before and around the tribunal of the great       command of God is to be done in love ; this is the
and resistless Judge, themselves have to cry out, in     '.'fulfilling of the law." The Apostle saith, ''Though        What Must I Do to Inherit Eternal Life?
the last accents of despair, " Rocks and mountains,      T bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though
fall on us and hide us from the face of him tha'sit-                                                                   " LIFK, life, eternal LIFE," the most important of
                                                         I give my body to be burned, (these seem to be the
                                                                                                                   all things to the lost, the dying. What must I do
teth upon the throne, and from the Lamb, for the         acts of the highest obedience,) yet if I have not
                                                                                                                   to inherit it!
great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be         love, it profiteth me nothing."
                                                                                                                       " What must I do ?" Something must be done,
able to stand ?"                                             4. I might add that a man may be much in
                                                                                                                   and done soon, and done in earnest, or I perish.
    " When thou, my righteous Judge shall come,          obedience from sinister and base, selfish ends: as        If I remain idle, inactive, unconcerned a little lon-
      To bring tby ransomed people home,                 the Pharisees prayed much, gave much alms, fasted         ger, it will be too late.
    Shall t among them stand?                             much ; but our Lord Christ tells us that " it was to
      Shall such a worthless worm as I,                                                                                " What must I do?" Not only is something to
    Who sometimes am afraid to die,                       be seen of men, and have glory of men." Most of          be done but I must do it. God has wrought out a
      Be found at thy right hand?"                       the hypocrite's piety empties itself in vain glory ;      great salvation; I n.ust receive it at the hand of
                                  James Parsons.         and therefore be is but an empty vine in all he does,     GOD.       No one else can do this for me.           I
                                                         because "he bringeth forth fruit to himself." It is       must myself accept the proffered gift, or never
              The Commandment!.                          the end that justifies the action; indeed a good end      be saved.
                                                         cannot make a bad action good, but yet the want               " What must I do?" There is a necessity in the
   OUR Lord Christ tells us expressly, " Ye are my       of a good end makes a good action bad.                    case, urgent, pressing, inevitable. The work rnust
friends if ye do whatsoever I command you." And              Now then, if a man may obey God partially, and        be done, or I am undone, for ever undone. Think-
can a man be the friend of Christ and yet be but         by halves; if he may do it and yet be in his natu-        ing, feeling intending, resolving—all this is not
almost a Christian ?                                     ral state; if he may obey the commands of God             enough. What God directs must be done, and
   I answer, There is an obedience to the commands       and not love God; if the ends of his obedience may        done as he directs, or I perish.
of Christ, which is a sure proof of our Christianity     be sinful and unwarrantable—then a man may be                 And now, do you ask in sincerity and earnest
and friendship to Chiist.                                much in o 'eying the commands and yet be but al­          ness, " What must I do ?" By the grace of God>
   This obedience hath a three-fold property.            most a Christian.—Mead's Almost Christian.                and according to his truth, I will tell you. You
   It is, 1. Evangelical. 2. Universal. 3. Contin-                                                                 must admit and feel that you are a sinner, guilty,
ual. First, It is evangelical obedience, and that in                                                               polluted, condemned, lost and so dead in sins as to
matter and manner, ground and end. In the mat-                                                                     be in need of eternal life. You must realize that
ter of it; and that is what God requires: Ye are             A mother was striving to impress on the mind          life is to be found in Christ. "In him is life," John
mv friends if ye do whatsoever I command you. In         of her little son the claim God hss on the heart,         i: 4; and he "giveth life unto the world," John vi ;
the manner of it; and that is according as God re-       and the gratitude we owe for the gift of his Son,         33. And do you ask, "How shall I obtain it?"
quires: " God is a spirit, and they that worship him     who died for sinners.                                     ''He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting
must worship him in spirit and in truth." In the            " Who are the sinners, and where do they live,         life," John iii: 36. This, then, is what you must
ground of it; and that is '• a pure heart, a good        mamma?'' asked blue-eyed Charlie, looking eager-          do; you must believe that he is the Saviour, the
conscience; and a faith unfeigned." In the end of        ly into her face.                                         ouly Saviour, an all-sufficient Saviour, able to save
it; and that is the honor and glory of God. "What-           " We are all sinners, my son," replied the moth-      to the uttermost, willing to save all that will come
soever ye do, do all to the glory of God."               er.                                                       to him; ready and waiting to save you, and to
   Secondly, It is a universal obedience, which ex-          " Not you and I, mamma!" cried the little boy;        save you now.
tendeth itself to all the commands of God alike: it      " we are good 1"                                              And if you believe him thus to be a Saviour,
respects the duties of both tables. Such was the            "No my love; all who live are sinners. You             and are willing to be saved by him, you will ac-
obedience of Caleb " who followed the Lord fully,"       and I do not love God nor obey him as much as we          cept hi in, as your Saviour, according to his word.
and of David who had "respect to all his com-            ought; and that makes us sinners, even if we should       You will repent; that is, you will cease to do evil,
mands."                                                  never do one evil thing, or speak one unkind, word        that you may learn of Christ to do well; sorrowing
   Thirdly. It is a continual obedience, a putting       before our fellow-creatures, God sees every naughty       that you n*ave ever broken God's commands, and
the hand to God's plough without looking bank:           thought, and he calls us all sinners."                    resolving and praying that you may do so no more.
" I have inclined my heart to perform thy statutes            "Does he, mamma?" .asked the little learner in       You will believe ; that is you will receive all that
always, even unto the end."                              a serious tone. " But we—you and I—are very               Christ has said, and trust all that he has promised;
   He that thus obeys the commands of God is a           ffood sinners, I'm sure, mamma!"                          and give up yourselves and all that you have and
Christian indeed; a friend of Christ indeed. But             O, that self-righteouness and incredulity as to in-   are, to him, for time and eternity. You will obey;
all obedience to the commands of God is not this         nate depravity were confined to pharisees of Char-        that is you will endeaver to do Christ's will, as the
obedience. For,                                          lie's tender years; then might the truths of the          Bibledeclares it; and to do itsincerely,iramediately,
   1. There is a partial obedience—a piecemeal re-       gospel be brought to bear on hearts convinced of          uniformly, prayerfully, to the end of life, relying on
ligion, when a man obeys God in one command and          sin. But alas, the trouble in many a New England          the Holy Spirit for strength, and on the grace of
not in another; owns him in one duty and not in          community is to find any sinners (o preach to, or         GOD in Christ Jesus for acceptance at the final day
another; when a man seems to make conscience of the      to plead with! Every body is righteous; and the           Do this and you shall " inherit eternal life." Your
dutiesofone lableandnotof another. Now this obedi-       minister or private Christian who hints to the con-       sins shall be forgiven; your heart be renewed;your
ence is no obedience; for as he that doth not love God   trary is looked on as a slanderer. If, for politeness'    hope rest on the sure (foundation; though an out-
above all, doth not love God at all, so he that doth     sake, or from early prejudice formed by the As-           cast you shall be restored ; though deserving
not obey all the commands universally, cannot be         sembly's Catechism, a select few be found to admit        death, you shall inherit, through grace, eternal life.
said to obey any command truly. It is said of            that all men have sinned and come short of the glo-       —Tryon Edwards, D. D.
those in Samaria, that they " feared the Lord, and       ry of God; sijtt like little Charlie, they will insist
served their own gods after their own manner."           that, if sinners at all they must be "very good sin-         How insane the delusion, that the sinner's case,
And yet in the very next verse it is said, " They        ners;" too good to be saved by the same plan              while yet in his sins, is growing better. As well
feared not the Lord;" so that their fear of the Lord     drawn for the salvation of rebels, vile and inpure.       might the drunkard fancy he is growing better be-
was no fear. In like manner that obedience to            This soil is the hardest on which a man can toil          cause every temperance lecture convicts him of his
God is no obedience, which is but a partial and          hoping for a harvest of souls. The heart is mellow-       sin and shame, while yet every next 'lay's tempta-
piecemeal obedience.                                     ed, cultivated, and bearing golden fruit, in the view     tion leaves him drunk as ever! Growing better!
   2. A. man may obey much and yet be in his old         of its possessor; and therefore all attempts to break     There can be no delusion so false and sc fatal as
nature; and if so, then all his obedience in that es-    up its soil are looked upon as ii'le work prompted        this!—Finney.
140                                                        THE KEVIBW AND HERALD.                                                                                      [VOL.

                                                                             WESTERN TOUK.                                bors sick for want of rest and sleep. He remained
                                                                                                                         feeble all summer in consequence of too much c»t»
  " SaneHfy them through thy truth ; thy word is truth."        OUR general Tent-meeting at Crane's Grove, was           and hard labor upon him. He has preached too
                                                             one of great profit we think, and a very pleasant           much, and in addition to this, had much of the la-
                                                             meeting, with the exception nf the interruptions men-       bor and care of the Tent upon him, having no Tent
          THE FIRST COMMANBIHEtlT                            tioned last week. The attendence was not as large           master.
                                                             from different parts of Illinois, and from Wisconsin,          It is dae the friends of Bro Waggoner to say that
    "THOU shalt have no other gods before me," is            as we hoped to see. The season has been so rainy,           they have shown their love for him in deed. The ef-
 the first of chosu precepts which God gave to man to        that many could not fully secure their grain in sea-        fort made at our last conference to assist him in ob-
 guard his honor and his glory ; and it may be, that,        son to come to the meeting. We were happy to                taining a home for his family, has succeeded well.
on the basis that the Psalmist lays down.—that the           meet Bro. W. Phelps from Wisconsin, and find that           When $125, pledged, shall be paid, he will own a
commandment is exceeding broad,—its violation will           he has no sympathy for what is called the Age to            good home free. A part of this same we have ad-
 be found to be involved in acts where we had little         Come, and that his heart is fully with his brethren         vanced and shall advance the rest, and shall be very
dreamed it. The justice of the command, none will            who continue to teach the Third Angel's Message.            glad to receive it again /rom the hands of those who
 question ; for certainly the glorious Maker and Sun-        With pleasure we united with the preaching brethren         wish to help in the work. If any class of men should
 porter of all things, is the only God that we should        in presenting his case before the Lord that he might        be free from the annual task of hunting up a place
 acknowledge and worship. Ha alone should be fear-           be raised to health, and go out free again to gather        fur their families a home, it is our traveling preachers.
 ed, loved, honored and obeyed; and all other beings         souls to the standard of truth. Here we had the             Brethren, remember Bro. Waggoner in his feebleness
in heaven or on earth should oe subordinate, or as           pleasure of meeting again with Brn. Hull, S. Myers          and afflictions. You who have had the truth brought'
nothing, compare with him. And hence it follows              and Sanborn. These brethren had been under the              to your doors by him, and have shared his labors
that the worship we pay him must be fervent, sin-            influence of J. M. Stephenson. Bro Sanborn said             in spiritual things, visit him with those temporal
cere and spiritual, or such as he requires in his holy       that he received the message in rather a mongrel'           blessings which he now needs. Learn to sympathize
word. To forget, therefore, or neglect, to despise or       lorm, it being mixed with the Age to Come, but he            more fully with those who nave enfeebled themselves
hate him, to forsake his ordinances, and refuse to          was coming out free. His decided testimony was re-           in laboring for your salvation. We hope that rest,
pray to, praise and love him, is to break this, the         freshing. Bro. Myers is seeing clearly where the             the care of the church, and the blessing of God. will
first of his commandments.                                  truth and the work of the Lord is. Bro. Hull re-
    Again, we may not, in view of this commandment,                                                                      so restore Bro. Waggoner that the Cause may still
                                                            turned to Iowa fully settled in his mind in regard to
substitute the creature, or created things, in the place                                                                 be blest with his labors.
                                                            the Age to Come, and the sad condition of its advo-
of the Creator, nor seek our happiness in them in-                                                                          Since Bro. Waggoner returned from the West, Bro.
                                                            cates. The spirit manifested by these Age-to-Come,
stead of him. Hence whatever is loved, feared, obey-                                                                     Hull has pitched the Tent, and reports as follows:—
                                                            no-Sabbath men, served to settle the wavering, and
ed or followed, more than God, is to us an idol, and        to unite commandment-keepers in the strongest bonds             " I pitched the Tent here last Fourth-day, and
is our god. And this opens tc us the broad field            of Christian fellowship. The Lord poured out his             commenced meetings the next night, I preached
where lie all those innumerable objects upon which          Spirit graciously on the occasion of Brn. Hull and           twice Sixth-day, and three, times on Sabbath, and
we are liable to bestow inordinate lovs; and here the       Sanborn being set apart to the work of the gospel            three times on First-day. The interest is the best I
commandment appears strikingdown the idols of our           ministry by the laying on of hands. How solemn               have ever seen anywhere. The Tent will not hold
hearts, restraining our ambition and oar passions, and      and glorious was the place where the Lord met his            the congregation,and yesterday my book sales amount-
directing onr affections in the right channel, and to       servants in this act of obedience to the order of the       ed to more than $15. The interest still seems to
the right object.                                           gospel. Praise his holy name.                               be on the increase. I have looked for Bro. Sperry
    Thus the covetous man makes a god of his wealth,           We were happy to meet Bro. J. N. Andrews at              for the last three days, but he has not yet arrived."
It is recorded of John Jacob Astor, who died some           Crane's Strove, though at a late period. He received           The Tent-meeting at Monroe, Wis., waked up the
years since the richest man in America, that when           the notice of the general Tent-meeting too late to at-      deepest interest in the community, and quite a
he had approached so near the hour of death that his        tend it, but came during the discussion. His general        number decided to keep the Sabbath, and Bro. In-
eye-sight had entirely failed him, he called for money.     health has become quite good, and he feels a deep in-       graham writes that the interest has not abated. We
The attendants placed in his hands a piece of tissue        terest in the prosperity of the cause of truth. We          expect much will be done the coming winter. A
paper, thinking that in this low state he could per-        trust the way will open soon before our dear brother,       good work is begun in the West, God grant that it
ceive no difference, and it would answer every pur-         that he may be so situated as to labor efficiently in       may be carried on judiciously and perseveringly.
pose. But his practiced fingers detected the decep-         the great work. Sabbath. Aug. 28th, Mrs. W. was             Our Tents are a great help in the warm season of the
tion, he tore the paper into shreds, and called again       taken very ill. and grew worse till First day morning       year; for in this season of the year, when most all
for money. They gave him a genuine bill, and he             when her sickness was alarming, and she requested           classes are actively engaged in worldly pursuits, noth-
was satisfied; and so, with the sordid dollar in his        the prayers of the elders of the church. Brn. Wag-          ing less than a Tent-meeting will call them out to
clenched hand, he died. He had made gold his god            goner, Sperry, Andrews and Ingraham engaged in              hear the truth. But the great work must be accom-
through life, and it was but natural that he should         prayer for her. The earnest prayer of faith moved           plished in the cruntry when the people will take
cling to it in the hour of death.                           the arm of the Lord, and she was raised up and the          time to read and to attend meetings in then- school-
    And if the covetous man makes a god of his wealth,      next morning took the cars for Battle Creek, and            houses. 0 God lead thy ministers forth into the
so does the ambitious man of his honors, and so does        reached home at midnight in good health. We can >           wide harvest, and open the hearts of thy people to
the voluptuous man of his pleasures and sensual             look back upon our Western tour with pleasure, and          sustain them in this great work.                   J. w.
gratifications. And hera another broad field is             feel the strongest attachment to those dear brethren
opened before us, covered by the stern prohibition of       with whom we have labored. The way now >s open                        THE FEARFUL. Rev. Ml, 8.
this commandment. We here see that every sensual            to do much in the West. Many have been sadly
gratification, and unlawful appetite, as indulged in        disappointed in their worldy schemes, and can now              WH\ should the fearful be condemned with the
contrary to that love and obedience which God just-         stop and investigate Bible truth. The lack of means         wicked ? Because they are so nearly allied to the
ly demands from his creatures to himself, is included                                                                   nnbelieving and the abominable, &c. The /earful,
                                                            West is a great discouragement, yet a little means
in it, and consequently prohibited by it. One illus-                                                                    here, are not those who fear to offend God, but thoae
                                                            now will accomplish more than much means would
 tration on this point. The object to which we refer                                                                    that fear to trust his word, and therefore will stand
                                                            when men were crazy with the idea of getting rich.
is the product of nature, and some foul manipula-                                                                       for years undecided upon a point which is as clearly
                                                            Now is the time for those who have ready means to
 tions of human art. The thralldom which it exer-                                                                       revealed in the Bible as words can reveal it. If the
                                                            use it.
 cises over the race is various in form but alike in na-                                                                first step is a fear to trust the word of God, of coarse
                                                                At our general Conference at Battle Creek, last         the next step is unbelief; then follow all the sins which
 ture. Its name is Tobacco ! The only reason for            May, Bro. J. H. Waggoner was chosen to visit the
 its use, is the pleasure arising from the gratification                                                                characterize unbelievers.
                                                             Western field, and if the way opened, labor with              The fearful not only fear to trust the word of the
 of a perverted and unlawful appetite } and this, too,      Bro. M. Hull of Iowa. The mission was well advised,         Lord, but they fear to offend their fellow-men more
 in defiance of the deleterious effects which it is         and has resulted in much good. Bro. Hull is free            than they fear to offend Uod. Do not marvel then
 known to exert upon the system. If the principles
                                                            from the chilling, bewildering influence of the Age to      that they are condemned. They want a reputable
 here laid down are correct, those who thus bow at           Come, so called, and is fully with us in the present
 the shrine of Tobacco, can be regarded in no other                                                                     standing among those they know to be in error. They
                                                            truth. He is poor, and has cares upon him which             seek the praise of men more than the praise of God,
 light than as trespassers on the forbidden territory        we hope may soon be removed. We hope the time              I know some who have been convicted, have been in-
 of the first commandnient.                                 is not far distant when Bro. Hull , jjj bis family          vestigating and inquiring, and halting between two
    And now, brethren, how plead you 1 Guilty 7 or           may be comfortably situated in the midst of experi-        opinions on the Sabbath question, for from five to
>pot guilty 7                                               enced friends of the cause who shall supply all their       ten years, unable to decide on so simple, and so clear-
                                                             temporal wants, and leave Bro. Hull free to labor in       ly revealed a subject. Did I say, 'unable to decide 7
   PBAYER is nothing without earnestness and reso-           the message, assisted by the prayers and counsel of        In their practice they have decided to keep the popu-
lution. How can we expect that God should regard             the church.                                                lar day, and maintain their standing with those that
svpplicat'uiit*, with which we art unaffec'ed our-              Bro Waggoner left for the West, worn down by            break God's law and teach men so ; and they will
selves.                                                      incessant labors day and night, and entered upon his la-    probably remain so till it is too late to repent. They
  No. 18.]                                              THE REVIEW AND HERALD.                                                                                        141
    are not yet decided against the seventh day, and they and I will quote it for your benefit. Acts xiii, 40, alizing that we are poor, weak, earthen vessels, and
    cannot be ; for all the Bible testimony is in its favor; 41. " Beware therefore, lest that come upon you that the excellency of the power is of God, and not
    but they seem decided to smother their own convic- which is spoken of in the prophets: Behold, ye de- of us. I never have seen a greater stir mads in so
    tions and remain undecided, fearing to let go the spisers, and wonder, and perish : for 1 work a work short a time than has been made by the six lectures
    praise of men, for the sake of the approbation of God. in your days, a work which ye shall in no wise be- already given in this place. The Lord helps to bring
    It is no wonder, then, that the fearful have their part lieve, though a man declare it unto you."                 out the truth, and it seems to go down into the heart.
    in the lake of fire.                                         The Lord is doing a work in your days, in the vin- The people seem compelled to yield consent that this
       Again, I know others who keep the Lord's Sab- dication and restoration of his long neglected law; is the truth. May the Lord give them strength to
   bath, and have been from three to five years examin- and can you not believe it when you see it? 0, be- come out into the whole truth, is my prayer.
   ing the claims of the Third Angel's Message, and ye,t ware of unbelief! Do not fall like the unbelieving             If I can judge by my own experience for the past
   .are undecided. It seems to me, that, with the word Jews. Throw away your prejudices and false theo- three months, this message is rapidly rising in pow-
   of God, and with the past and present history of the ries, and believe the Lord while he works in his own er: soon will the earth be lighted with its glory.
   Advent movement, one year is a long time to waste way. Decide at once to have a part in this good The best description I can give of my feelings is of a
   in indecision. I thought I was slow enough to be- work of the Lord, and escape the portion of the fear- bird loosed from a cage into free air. I am free, my
   lieve, and I did not use up but eight or nine months ful and unbelieving. While the Lord is fulfilling his. soul doth magnify the Lord. I hope ever to remain
   before I could say, I believe with all my heart. Some own word, and vindicating his own righteous law, in God's free man.                 God is blessing his servants.
   will have to decide this question, with less time than his own appointed way, through the last Message, There is power in the truth to reach hearts. We
  this in which to make the decision, before the mes- can you stand aloof from the work 1 Shall your fear may expect success if we move out in the counsel of
  sage closes. And the faith of such wiU condemn the of men, and your lack of faith in God, cause you to the Lord. The message is onward. Brethren and
  unbelief of those that have been undecided for years ; wait till the work 's done 1 How then can you hope sisters are we rising with the message ; are we do-
  they will obtain the crown, while the fearful lose it. to hear, Well done, good and faithful servant? Awake! ing our whole duty, and by every possible effort put-
      An undecided person is fit for no service. Their and work while it is called to-day. Bear the cross ting side and shoulder to the work to move on the
  time is running to waste. They are always fighting while you may, and a crown of glory will be yours, message? Don't allow the message'to lag for means.
  the battle and never getting the victory. At the end that fadeth not away.                              R. p. c.   I believe the time has come to begin to push matters
  of each struggle they are weaker than before, while                                                                more extensively than we ever yet have done. The
  the foe grows strong through their cowardice. "Where-                   UAttS> JBEPAB'MCENT.
                                                                                                                     facilities for getting out the truth were never greater
  as, if they would settle the question of duty between
                                                                BRO. SMITH : I see you have suggested the idea of among us than now. Brethren don't be afraid to
  themselves and him who justly demands their fear                                                                   make investments, for this work is of God and must
                                                             a Ears' department in the Renew ; I am much pleas-
 and reverence, and then make a bold and decisive
                                                             ed with the idea. It is always of great interest to me triumph. Awake to your duty; don't let the mes-
  charge, the victory would be theirs.
                                                             to learn the position of our enemies, as well as the sage suffer in any of its parts, but let self stand
      O, ye undecided ! no longer charge God with a lack
                                                             strength of the weapons with which they fight. It second at least, and let the, message go. If those
 of evidence, nor consume more of your precious time                                                                 God has enlightened in regard to their duty, will not
 in ruinous delay. Time is swiftly passing, and God shows us God's hand is in the work when we see the act, God will, doubtless, raise up others who will
 is now requiring your whole heart in his service, He resort of our enemies to slang, railery and lies, their sacrifice, and leave doubting '•' Demas" to his." love
 is not pleased with your fearfulness and indecision. most powerful weapons against the truth. Their at- of the world" with TEKEL written upon him.
                                                             tempts to show with what great zeal and earnestness
 Years ha?e fled, and all those lions are yet in the                                                                                                 J. N. LODGHBOROCGH.
                                                            what they are pleased to call great errors are advo-       Republic, Ohio, Sept, 6lli, 1858.
 way. You are no nearer a decision, perhaps not so
                                                            cated, and meet with success, only excites in the peo-
 near, ae when you had had a reasonable portion of ple an anxiety to see and hear for themselves.
 time in which to decide. God will do no more for               One course among them has been to show that we                             HOW IS IT ?
 you than he has done, till you take a decisive stand were a people subject to change; and so since we
 in his service. Those dear friends who hold you back, have come to this place some have been busy circu-              THE advocates of the popular view of the state of
 and for whom you wait, might be saved by a bold                                                                     the dead maintain that the thinking part of man, at
                                                             lating the report that Bro. Cornell, who advocated
 and resolute discharge of duty on your part. But if those \v_.vs so zealously in this State last year, has the dissolution of the body, goes directly to heaven
 they will not go with you, why tarry in the plain to renounced all his faith iu them. If you think tho fol- or hell, according as it has been good or bad, and con-
 be consumed. If you do your duty, you may be cen-                                                                  sequently is happy or miserable. But there appear
                                                            lowing sketch bad enough for a place in your new de-
 sured by them, but, in that case, their blood will not                                                             to be some objections to tiiis idea, although popular
                                                            partment, it is at your disposal. It is a description
 be found upon your garments. What folly, to make of our excellent Tent meeting at Bowling Green, giv- it may be. We read in Matt, vii, 22. 23, that
 the present life miserable, half believing, half doubt- en by an editor of the Perrysburgh Journal. Suf-              ''Many will say unto me (Jesus) in that day, Lord,
 ing, half decided and yet undecided, and after all have fice it to say he heard not an argument of our lec- Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name ? and in
 a portion with the fearful and unbelieving ! If the tures, yet seemed to feel fully prepared to judge us thy name have cast out devils ? and in thy name done
 Third Angel's Message is not the present truth, de- before hearing, as he has in the following testimony : many wonderful works ? and then will I profess un-
 cide against it, and enjoy yourself. If it is, decide          " j^2jg~ A traveling company of 'Second Advent- to them, I never knew you : depart from me ye that
 accordingly, and enjoy the approbation of your God. ists,' have been holding a tent meeting at Bowling work iniquity,"
 The question can be decided; why halt then between Green. We understand several persons have been                     It appears from this that there will be a company
 two opinions ?                                             converted to their faith. They think the world will at the judgment day who will be astonished at the
     Let me ask my Sabbath-keeping friend, Is not God come to an end in seven or eight years, and that all idea that they arc going to be consigned to outer
 doing a great work for his down-trodden command- who are not accounted righteous will then suffer an- darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing
 ment through the proclamation of the Third Angel's nihilation—that the earth will become a paradise and of teeth. One would naturally think that if they
Message 1 It will not do to ascribe this work to the the saved will live upon it forever. That would be had already been there for ages, writhing in the ago-
devil. He can do nothing in favor of the law of God. a very nice arrangement, but the time is so indefin- nies of hell, the eyes of their understanding would
The carnal mind also is enmity against God; it is ite and the result so mixed up with superstitious im- have become enlightened, and they would not be thus
 not subject to his law, neither indeed can be. Do agination, with such a small sprinkling of reliable startled at the just sentence of the Lord !
you object to the work, because it is connected with facts, that the Devil himself could not tell 'a reason            '• But," replies one, "I don't believe the righteous
 the Adventdoctrine? That is a Bible doctrine, and you                                                              or wicked are either happy or miserable, although
                                                            for the hope' of its followers."
 mustbeslowof heart tobelieve,if youdo not know that                                       J. N. LOUGHBOHODGH.      conscious, between death and the resurrection." Well,
Christ is near, even at the doors. But the great ob-                                                                my good sir, willyou please locate and explain the case
jection now comes up, that is, that the ^reclaimers of                    Letter From Bro. Loughborough.            of the rich man and Lazarus. Here is comfort and
this Message teach that man has no immortality out                                                                  torment. What will you do with this ? If yon ap-
of Christ. Very well. That may be a Bible doctrine              DEAR BRO. SMITH : I can hardly express what I ply it in the intermediate state, it is destructive to
after all, notwithstanding all men desire immortality. feel in my heart of joy, peace and victory. God's the words of the Saviour just quoted, and if you lo-
 The penalty of the violation of the law—the wages hand has of late (in this State) been set with power cate it after probation, it is only what we believe—bnt
of sin—may be death, and jt is possible thfct death to the Third Angel's Message. When I read Bro. mark, it takes away your strongest proof that a dead
 does not mean eternal life in torments. It may be Cornell's statement that it was a great wonder to the man has greater wisdom than all the living, and is
 that God will give eternal life to those that seek for people that the servants of God had so much free- presumptive evidence that this darling doctrine is not
it by patient continuance in well doing, and that the dom and power in presenting the truth, I felt that I of God.                                               «• w. A.
saints will put on immortality at the resurrection of could say, it is just so here. Never since I professed
 the just. God has promised such things, and I would to follow the light of the Third Angel's Message                  WE have reason to blush at the mention of our
 not admit the possibility of a failure on his part to have I felt more as though an ALL POTENT arm was best services, and yet Jesus will mention them with
perform them.                                               under it. than I have since I have been in Ohio. approbation by and by: "Well done, good and
     But the Third Angel's Message does not come in God's Spirit has at times rested on me in a power- faithful servant."
your own way exactly. Neither did Christ come in ful manner, more especially since I have been in Re-
a way to suit the Jews exactly. But Paul had an public. The people are filled with wonder, and al-                     Confidence and caution both find a home in the
exhortation to them, which may be applicable to you, most think the servants of God are prodigies, not re- believer's mind, and dwell amicably together.
                                                        THE REVIEW AND HERALD.                                                                                            [Voi. JUT
           TO YOUNG THEOLOGIANS.                             modest apparel, and with a meek and quiet spirit,            aro hanging fearfully over a guilty world. The un-
                                                              hich Peter informs us, is in the sight of God of great      mingled wrath of God is soon to be poured out j and
YOUWG theologians, wisely set apart                           rice.                                                       the decree is soon to go forth, " He that is filthy let
To learn tbe rules of theologic art,                           My desire and prayer to God is that we may be              lim be filthy still, and he that is holy let be ho-
A few brief words let me address to you,                                                                                  ly still." '• Knowing the time, now it is high time to
I have the pulpit now, and you the pew ;                     ollowers of that which is good, and meet with the
And all can see at but a single glance,                      edeetned on mount Zion.                                      awake out of sleep ; for now is our salvation nearer
Uow seldom laymen get so good a chance ;                            From your sister.                       R. S.         than when we believed. The night is far spent, the
And Dr. Wayland, with his views of teaching,
Would bate some laymen take a hand at preaching.               Megan, Mich.                                               day is at hand; therefore let us cast off the works of
Avoid, I pray you, all approach to rant,                                                                                  darkness, and put on the armor of light."
Or to the meanest of all vices, cant.                                      From Sister Bramhall.                             Dear sisters, the times require a decision. Let us
Thought, and not noise, the understanding fills ;
It is the lightning, not the thunder, kills ;              DEAR SISTERS : Why wait ye one for another and                 not drink into the spirit of the world, but let us be
And simple truth, in simple words expressed,             et Bro. Byington's question concerning dress remain              modest in our apparel, and our adorning be of the
Has been, is now, and ever will be, best.               unanswered t III health alone has prevented my en-                hidden man of the heart, and our ornament, a meek
Sermons, like wells, should soiall circumference sweep, ering my feeble protest against the articles there
 Be short in their diameter; but deep.                                                                                    and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great
And public prayer, as in the iScriptures taught,        mentioned being recommended to the church thatex-                 price.
Beyond a cavil, always should be short.                  >ect to stand when Jesus shall appear. He says,                     The little church here is trying to arise. I think
Had good St. Peter, in his hour of need,                 ' Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way." What
Stopped to recite the Calvanistic creed,                                                                                  we have made some advancement. We have of late
 As he was sinking through the yielding wave,           think ye? As we near the end,, is " the way" so                   been made to rejoice in seeing that the Lord is
The Galilean sea had been his grave.                    broad that we can deck ourselves in the fashionable               searching out his people and bringing some to the
The royal pronoun WE, but seldom touch ;                attire of the day 1 That we may " not be conformed
Quote the original not over much ;                                                                                         knowledge of the truth. Two have recently embrac-
 For with due deference and submission meek,            to the world" is the prayer of your unworthy sister.               ed the Sabbath. Others are searching to see wheth-
 We all prefer good English to p >or Greek.                                                  L. A.                         er these things are so.
                long thiough shallows to beg               Parma, MM., Aug. ZSth, 1858.
 But over head and ears jump bravely in.                                                                                      Yours hoping to be sanctified through obeying the
 Have but one " lastly ;" let that come about                                                                              truth.                                 E. D. SCOTT.
 As soon as thought and feeling have run out,                                From Sister Scott,                             Parma, Mich., Aug. Wth, 1858.
 But " finallies" and " in conclusions/' send,              BHO. SMITH : I expected to see an answer before
 As was suggested, to one common end.
 With your attainments ever keep in view                this to Bro. Byington's question from some of our                                   Nailed to tbe crou.
 That "common people" know a thing or two ;             sisters who are in the practice of writing for the pa-
 And can discern between those shops that group          per. 1 have felt of late more than usual for the pur-
 AH of their wares upon the outside stoop,                                                                                   This seems to be the most conclusive argument of
 And less pretentious ones, whose alcoves deep          ity of the church. I have feared that there was not               the opposers of the Sabbath ; as they hereby get i t out
 Their valued fabrics in good order keep.               that deadness to the customs and fashions of the                  of the way ; the ten commandments are nailed to the
 Be chaste in manner ; throw aside the vile,             world that there should be. I do think the articles              cross; still some how or other nine have escaped cru-
 Florid, high-sounding, and " spread eagle" style.
 Get wisdom, learning, all without pretense ;            Bro. B. has mentioned are altogether unbecoming                  cifixion. This is all well enough, but the fourth, by
 And with your gettings, get good common sense.          women professing godliness; therefore not to be rec-             unanimous consent, should remain nailed there. But
 The broad-brimraed beaver and the white cravat,         ommended to the church. I do protest against them.               why are we dissatisfied with the memorial God has
 Gold-headed cane and all such things as that,
 Hai • had their day ; the people now will search           Dear sisters, let us see to it that we stand not in           given us of creation ? No better reason can be given
 For the TEBB MAM, in Physic,. Law and Church.           the way of our brethren who are proclaiming the                   ,han was given by the Jews when asked by Pilate,
                                      [ WOier't Poemt        whole truth to a dying world. I have thought per-            Shall I crucify your King ? they answered, We hare
                                                             haps the reason Bro. B, proposed that question, was          no king but Caasar. The answer is now, We have
                 The Drcnu Qnestlou.                         that his soul bad been stirred within him, and his           no Sabbath but Sunday. The ancient Jews crucified
                                                             mouth stopped while attempting to preach against             the Lord of the Sabbath because they would not have
    WE have been waiting for a general expression            the sin of pride, when among those who profess to be-        this man, Christ Jesus, to reign over them; his pro-
from our sisters in answer to Bro. Byington's ques-          lieve his teachings. As one brother has said in speak-        essed people would crucify his Sabbath because they
tion in REVIEW No. 12. The following responses               ing of our examples,." Who shall cast a stone at this        will not be brought under its restraint; and I of-
have been made which we give in the order in which           soul-destroying sin while the least traces of it can be      ten think when they bring up the plea " nailed to the
they were received.                                          seen about him 7 And even if he is contident that            cross." that their own mouth condemns them ; for
                    From Sister Ourner.                      the stone he is about to cast will not hurt himself,         they witness themselves that they are the children of
    BRO. SMITH : 1 notice Bro. Byington's request in         when he looks around and sees beloved brethren and           them that slew the Saviour.
 the Review. No. 12. Permit tne to say.                      sisters in danger, how can he throw it? Or to come            And if any should ask me the reason I stay
    Any article of drcs? worn with respect to health          at the point without a flgu re. how can he preach           From the place where the people assemble to pray ;
comfort, economy, or convenience, cannot justly bi           plainness of dress &c., when among those who profess          It's because I've no ear for the fables there told.
condemned. But conforming to the world in thei:              to believe his teaching, he can scarcely find one who         While the words of the Lord are like " apples of gold."
 fashions, varying from the above principle, mus             is a living illsutration of his subject."                     The great moral law to the cross they have.nailed,
 be destructive to the Christian faith; therefore " im                                                                     That the Rest-day of God may thereby be assailed;
                                                                  0 let us by our examples, help our brethren to           And the day of the Pope they blasphemously say
                                                             preach. I fear there is too much of the pride of life         To God, and repeat it, is thy holy day.
    The moment we try to keep up appearances with            among the remnant of God's people. John says, " If            The plain Scripture truths by their creeds they deny;
 the world or those conforming to it, holiness is depart     any man love the world the love of the Father is not          For sleeping in Jesus is made to imply
 ing from the heart and the Spirit of God is grieved                                                                       Praising God with the angels in some brighter sphere,
                                                              in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the        And the first resurrection, experienced here.
 As lightis opposed to darkness, so is pride to holiness      flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life is
    On the above principle, why may not " hoops b
                                                                                                                           That the Son is the Father, we too must concede,
                                                              not of the Father but is of the world. And the world         And not " God was with him" as the Scriptures read.
 recommended to the church generally" in tliis season         passeth away and the lust thereof, but he that doeth         Thus tne words of our Saviour they plainly deny
 of the year, when used with moderation 1 In regarc           the will of God abideth forever." Paul to the Rom-           When he says that " my Father is greater than I."
  to •• sleeves which are the largest at the little end, :    ans says, " Be ye not conformed to this worlrl, but be       The coming of Christ is at death, too, they say ;
  I have never had any experience; I see no reason                                                                         Thus his second coming transpires every day ;
                                                              ye transformed by the renewing of your minds, that           To die is to live, and to sleep is to wake,
  why they are justifiable, either in regard to conven
 iesiee or economy. Elance, as they are not limited t
                                                              yo may prove what is that good and acceptable and            And when we read one thing, the opposite take.
                                                              perfect will of God." He also to the Corinthians             Such heterodox creeds must ere long pass away.
 due bounds, wan ting in the restraint which christianit                                                                   As the darkness recedes at the light of the day ;
  requires. I therefore conclude they are immodest.
                                                              says, " Know ye not that ye are the temple of God,           And the remnant shall stand girt about with a shield,
           A lover of the whole truth.                        and that the Spirit of God dtrelleth in you 1 If any         And the sword of the Spirit successfully wield.
                                     ANN E. GCRNEY.
                                                              man defile the temple of God, him shall God de-                                                     CORNELIA RICE.
   Jackson, Mick , Aug. 6th, 1858.                            stroy. Wherefore come out from among them and                  Folsomdale, N. Y., S'pt. 2d, 1858.
                                                              be ye separate saith the Lord, and touch not the un-
               A Sister from Allegan* IXich,                  clean thing, and I will receive you. Having there-                            L E TT E RS.
   In answer to your inquiries concerning the wear            fore these promises dearly beloved, let us cleanse our-      Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another.
 ing of hoops and other useless articles of dress, I, fo      selves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, per-
 one, do not think they are becoming women profess            fecting holiness in the fear of God." 0 how much                                 From Bro. Hall.
 ing godliness. My heart has been pained within m             scripture testimony there is exhorting us to keep               BRO. SMITH: Brother Phelps and myself went
 many times to see this conformity to the world               ourselves unspotted from the world.                          from the debate to brother S. Myers1, where he
 those who profess to be a separate people, zealous               While looking over the Scriptures for certain pass-      preached twice and I four times. Truth had a good
 good works. By their fruits ye shall know them               ages, my soul has been fired anew with zeal. Do let          effect there. Some of the no-law, age-to-come folks
 Dear sisters, let us not give a lie to our profession, o     us be zealous and repent, and put on the whole ar-           came out and resolved to keep all of the comiuand-
 bring a reproach upon the cause of our Master J               ~"
                                                             4Hoi>r of God that we may be able to stand when he            ments of God. While we rejoice to see some honest
 such unscriptural apparel. As the outside is an i!    il     ariseth to shake terribly the earth. Solemn indeed are
                                                              arif                                                         ones embracing the truth, we mourn to see so much
 dez to the heart, it becomes us to adorn ourselves in        the times in which we live. The judgments of God             of the di agonic spirit manifested. Some seem to bo
No. 18.]                                             THE REVIEW AND HERALD.                                                                                                 143
willfully ignorant of the present truth, and have re-       my life shall appear, I may appear with him in             How TO ESCAPE DOUBTS.—Are you in depths
solved, come what will, to persist in their present         glory.                                                  and doubts, staggering and uncertain, not knowing
course. They seem to think they can natter their                  Yours in hope of gaining victory.                 what is your condition, nor whether you have any in-
Saviour with tha excuses they are choosing in the                                                 JOHN BARVOBS.
                                                               Ulyssss, Pa,., Aug. SOtfi, 1858.
                                                                                                                    terest in the forgiveness that is of God? Are you tossed
stead of obedience. But the King says, They shall                                                                   between hopes and fears, and want peace, consolation,
not taste of ray supper. I wish they could realize                               From Bro. Farobam.                 and establishment 7 Why lie upon your faces t Get
the importance of the truths they are resisting. They
                                                               BRO. SMITH : I wish to say to the friends through up, watch, pray, fast, meditate, offer violence to your
are making lies their refuge, but the "hail-storm" of
                                                            the Review that I feel thankful to God for the truths lusts and corruptions ; fear not, startle not at their
God'3 wrath will sweep away the refuge of lies, and
                                                            of the Third Angel's Message as far as I understand crying to be spared ; press nnto the throne of grace
the waters will overflow the hiding places. May we          them. The clear light now shining gives me to see by prayer, supplications, importunities, restless re-
live so that we may be sheltered in that day.
                                                            the frailties of my nature. I see what I have to quests ; this is the way to take the kingdom of God.
                                          M. HULL.          overcome in order to stand on mount Zion with the These are not peace, are not assurance ; but they are
                                                            Lamb. I wish to make clean work in this day of part of the means God hath appointed for the attain-
                   From Sister Palmiter.                   judgment. It is high time to wake out of sleep, pot ment of them.—Set.
   BBO. SMITH : My heart overflows with love to             on the whole armor and be prepared to stand in the
God for his truth. While perusing the pages of ho-          day of the battle of the Lord. Time appears to me to be    THE Sabbath was sanctified and set apart for God
ly Writ, I feel to say. Good is the word of the Lord.       near its close. We have but a little longer iu which from the beginning. It has indeed been objected that
It is good to wait on the Lord. All that the Lord           to work. O lay brethren, let us gird up the loins of there is no subsequent mention of the observance of
hath said we will do and be obedient. I can truly           our mind and address ourselves with new vigor to the the Sabbath by the Patriarchs; but not to s&y that
say that the Lord is my hope and strong tower; he          journey. Mount Zion is just before us; the new there are intimations of a division of tima into weeks
is the hope of Israel.                                      earth with all its Eden loveliness opens to our view. (Gen. viii, 10.12: sxix, 27. ) it might for the same
   Straying into a camp-meeting a day or two since           What a contrast there will bi between the new earth reason have been thought that the Jews did not
which was held not far distant, I heard it asserted         and the old one. We are now subject to disease and ev- observe the Sabbath from Moses to David, since in
from the stand that the church was purer now than           ery evil, but there all will bloom in eternal health the history of all that time there is no mention of
in the apostles' days j that we had yet to see the sun      and vigor. There will be no more growing old nor that day. Those who object to the institution of the
darkened, stars fall &c.; that our souls were Gods'         dying, no more parting with friends, no more tempt- Sabbath from the beginning, admit that if the divine
immortal breath; that thousands were now wailing            ing Devil. The wicked cease from troubling, the command was actually delivered at the creation, it
in hell; that the judgment was yet to come, &c. I           tongue of slander forever silent, the weary forever at was addressed no doubt to the whole human species
took my Bible hoping to be made more familiar with          rest. 0 glorious thought ! I long to be there, and alike, and continues, unless repealed by some subse-
it by following their quotations, but it was useless.       be forever at rest. Dear brethren, I feel that heaven quent revelation, binding on all who come to the
Precious Word! how art thou hidden! My soul                                                                         knowledge of it.— Old tract.
                                                            is a good place. It is worth our while to sell all and
longs more than ever for the word of the Lord, and          buy the field. We feel that the testimony for the
I feel to praise the Lord to-day that he has a rem-         church is about to be revived here. The shaking
nant people, and faithful stewards abroad in the land,      has commenced that we think will separate the pre-         DIEO at Clyde, Ills., of typhoid fever Sept. 1st. at
who are holding up the Commandments of God and              cious from the vile. We pray, Lord spare thy peo- the rising of the sun, Martha G. Lockwood, in the
the Faith of Jesus, and are not afraid to show the          ple and give them another year. May we all bestir 61st year of her age. Brother and sister Lockwood
house of Israel their sins. I trust that there are          ourselves, and sacrifice for God. Those who make a have long looked for the coming of the Lord, and
many Marys who sit at their Lord's feet, inquiring          covenant by sacrifice will be hid in the day of his were among the first in Vermont who received the
earnestly. Lord what wilt thou have me to do, that I        wrath.                                                  Third Angel's Message. She never relinquished her
may be a co-worker in the vineyard, and a pattern to              Yours in hope.                 BENJ. FARNHAM.     faith, but was striving to enter into life by kesping
all of the faith I profess, and who do not covet the           Caledonia, Aug. Wth, 1858.                            God's holy law. The kindness of the wife, and the
Babylonish garment (costly array) and ornaments                                                                          tender care of the mother are greatly missed. Broth-
which adorn the professed followers of Christ at the                          Erom Sister O'aeil.
                                                              BHO. SMITH : My heart's desire is to be a Christian.       er L. deeply feels his loss, hut finds consolation in
present day. Let us pattern after holy women of old                                                                      the blessed hope that in a little while those that sleep
covet earnestly the best gifts, strive for the purity of   I am trying in weakness to keep all the holy, just and
                                                           good law of God. I want to live so that it will not           in Jesus will live to die no more.
the primitive church, that we may be clothed with                                                                                                                 C. W. SPERBY.
                                                           condemn me. I find that it is a great thing to live a
power. It is for us, praise the Lord! Let us not                                                                           Round Grove, Ills., Sept. 6th, 1858.
                                                           Christian. I am glad the light of present truth ever
rest short of it.
                                                           found way to my heart. It has been about five
        Your sister in hope.         F. M. PALMITEH.                                                                       DIED of typhoid dysentery, in Washington, N. H.,
  Verona., JV, T., Sept. 4«ft, 1858.                       months since I made up my mind to go with Gcd's
                                                           people. It was crossing for me to give up the world           Aug. 6th, Webster, son of Uyrus K. and Rachel D.
                                                           and the things of the world, and be accounted as the
                                                                                                                         Farnsworth, aged one year and nine months.
                  From Bro. Barrona.                                                                                        Also of the same disease, on the 9th, Rachel D.
                                                           offscouring of all things, but I thank the Lord that I        wife of Cyrus K. Farnsworth aged 33 years. Sister
   BRO. SMITH: I am still striving to keep the com-
                                                           can now say I am willing to bear the reproach                 Farnsworth has been a Sabbath-keeper from her
mandments of God and the faith of Jesus, and find
                                                           of the truth if I can only gam the smiles of Jesus.           youth, and a believer in the Third Angel's Message
great peace in so doing. I am glad that I ever was                                                                       for a number of years. Her sickness was of short
                                                           0 brethren and sisters, do let us be up and doing.
brought by the goodness of God to see the present                                                                        duration, which she endured without a murmur or
truth. About three years ago last February I, for          working while the day lasts, for soon the night com-
                                                                                                                         complaint. And while she rapidly sunk under the
                                                           eth when no man can work. Let us have our loins               power of the enemy, the Lord was her comfort and
the first time, heard the Advent doctrine, and by it
was brought to feel the need of an interest in the         girt about with truth, that we may be able to stand           hope.
                                                           in the time of trouble. 1 feel like pressing onward.             We deeply sympathize with our brother while he
blood of Christ that I might be prepared for his com-                                                                    is left with three little children, to mourn the loss of
ing, and saved with the rest of his people. 1 was lis-     I want to see the cud of the race, and Jesus and the
                                                                                                                         a companion and mother. The consolation of saving
tening to the word of the Lord as it was preached by       holy augels, Let us take new courage. Never think             grace and the blessed hope, in the bright prospect of
Brn. Ingraham and Hutchinsm this place, and 0 how          of stopping here. 1 mean to make heaven my home.              meeting those whom death has torn from his embrace
glad I am that I ever was permitted to hear the Third                                       JOSEPHINE O'NEIL.            in a little while, in the bettor land, where sorrow and
                                                             EUisburgh, N. Y.                                            death can never come, cheers his lonely heart.
Angel's Message, and that it brought conviction
                                                                                                                     I      " Ah ! she is gone— there enshrouded she lies.
home to my heart, and that it was followed up by              Sister P. D. Lawrence writes from Fairfield, Me.,             Hushed is her voice, and bedimmed are her eyes,
the Holy Spirit until I was willing to yield obedi-        Sept. 5th, 1858 : " More than one year has passed since          Cold is that form, and all motionless now,
ence to all of the requirements of God. How thank-         I have seen a brother or sister in the truth, or heard           Death's fatal seal on her calm, pallid brow.
ful I am that God was so merciful to me as to pluck        a prayer, or any sweet singing on the coming of Je-
me as a brand from the burning, and place my feet                                                                          Mournful we gazed on the face of the dead,
                                                           sus. I know he is soon coming j for his word de-                Many the tears that in sorrow we shed ;
on the Rock of ages, where if I stand a few more           clares it ;                                                     Deep was the anguish then rending the heart,
days. I, with you, and the rest of the people of God,         'This is my song.                                            Sad was the hour when we saw her depart.
shall be permitted to sing the song of Moses and the       Cheers the heart when joys depart
Lamb on Mt. Zion. Christ has gone to prepare a                And foes are pressing strong.'                               Peaceful thy slumber ! 0 sweet thy repose !
                                                                                                                           Safe from life's turmoil, its cares and its woes,
glorious home for those that love him and keep his            'Surely, they are gaining strength, and I too must           Short is tbe silent embrace of the tomb ;
Father's commandments. O I long to be there. I             be diligent to gain strength to withstand in this evil          Hope pointing upward, disperses the gloom.
long to see the heavens blazs with the glory of the        time, that having done all, I may stand.
coming of the Son of man, when the sleeping saints            ' I thank my heavenly Father for the comfort the             Soon will the King in his glory descend,
of all ages shall be waked and brought forth to life       Review brings ; it is my only companion in my lone-             Triumph o'er death, and the grave's fetters rend ;
                                                                                                                           Kindred and friends shall we meet as they rise,-
and immortality, and the living saints will all be         liness, though I trust I walk and talk with God                 Bright and immortal, ascending the skies."
changed. I am determined by the help of God to             sometimes. I will try and hold fast his truth and                                              JOSHUA PHILBRICK.
hold out faithful to the end, that when Christ who is      trust iu his mercy."                                            Washington, N. H., Sept. 1st, 1859.
144                                                       THE REVIEW AND HERALD.                                                                                                           VOL.
                                                              paid $28 for a cow, paid up some uther small debts, got               1. Be careful to make a distinction between matter for
THE REVIEW AND HERALD.                                        a few things to commence keeping house; and my mon-               publication and matters of business. If you have occa-
                                                                                                                                sion to write for the paper, and on business at the same
_B A T T LE C K E EK» _MI£H-_S_E FT . 23, 1858-               ey was all gone, leaving the mortgage still resting on            time, put the business matters on a separate leaf, or on a
                                                              my place, I have seen the man that holds it, paid the             part of the sheet that can be easily torn from the other.
   U^f^lM the hurry of preparing the Supplement for Bro.      interest for the last year, and have got him to wait a lit-       The reason for this is, we wish to file away and preserve
White to take with him on hia eastern tour, we found it                                                                         for future reference all business letters; nut if business
                                                              tle longer for the amount.                                        matters are mixed up with copy for the REVIEW, which
impossible to issue a REVIEW last week. We therefore             'But, dear sister, I am thankful that amidst the trials        in due time after publication, goes to the moles and bats,
issue No. 18 as early as possible this'week, and trust our    of the way, our heavenly Father knows them all, and               they are liable to be overlooked and so lost.
readers will excuse the interruption.                         will not withhold any good thing from those who walk                  2. Be careful to write all names of persons and places
                                                              uprightly. My heart is fixed to serve God, come what                pith the utmost distinctness.
          HE Supplement is now completed. In compil-                                                                                3. When you write on business for yourself, always
                                                              will, I desire still to be remembered in your prayers,            give your Post Office, County and State. *If the business
ing it, the object has been to introduce as great a variety   also my wife and children would share in your supplica-           is for others, give their Post Office, County and State.
as possible in a limited space; to select such tunes as       tions. Remember me in much warm love to Bro. White,               When a Town or Village is called by one name, and the
were simple in their construction, free from duetts, and      Bro. IT. Smith, and all the saints at Battle Creek. Could         Post Office by another name, always give the mune of
adapted to congregational singing, such as that of the                                                                          the Post Office. It will do us no good to know what
                                                              I write in English I would write often. As it is, Bro.            town a person lives in, if the Post Office where he re-
remnant will ever be. That all will be satisfied with,        Smith must excuse my silence.                                     ceives his paper goes by another name. Always state
everything found there, would be perhaps too much to             ' Permit me again to express my gratitude of heart to          ' n whose name the paper is sent.
expect; but we are confident that all will find something     my heavenly Father for his goodness to me, his kindness               4. Our terms allow a person to send the paper as a
there with which they will be pleased.                                                                                          do ination to their friends at half price. Therefore per-
                                                              in showing me the truth, and bringing me to the true                sons sending money in behalf of others, should be sure
   The Supplement, Controversy and Chart are now Bent         church, I remain with many kind wishes and much                    to state from whom the money comes, and whether the
to all who have ordered. And if any after waiting due         love, your brother in the Lord, waiting for his heavetiJy          paper is expected at half price. This will save us much
time shall not have received them, let notice be given,       kingdom and glory.                    M, B. CZECHOWSKI.            perplexity in giving credit,
and they shall be sent again.                                                                                                       5- When the direction of a paper is to be changed, never
                                                                 NOTE.—We have written to Bro. C. 0. Taylor to as-               think of such a thing as omitting to name the Office
                                                              certain the sum necessary to relieve Bro, O., and shall            where it has formerly been sent. We want the Office it
            E shall expect that all those subscribers for the                                                                   : - changed/rom, as well as the one it is changed to.
                                                              forward the sum soon, and shall receive free-will offer-
REVIEW who are in debt for their paper, and those who                                                                               6. Preserve these rules, and when about to write to
                                                              ings from brethren on our eastern journey, as they may   Office, read them over at least once very attentively;
wish to pay in advance, will come to the Conferences we       esteem it a pleasure to bestow.                     j. w.
may hold on our eastern tour, prepared to pay. We shall                                                                            nd then
                                                                                                                                    7. Let us hear from you often.
be prepared to wait upon them.
                                                                               Note from Bro. CoCtrell.
    We shall take along with us Paper Charts, Supple-                                                                                             APPOINT ME NTS.
ment to Hymn Book and Spiritual Gifts. We shall be               BHO. K. F. Gottrell writes from Folsomdale, N. Y., Aug.
glad to receive unsoiled lithographed Charts in exchange, 30th, 1858 ; "I am at the house of Sr.Kice. Bro. Whoeler                Providence permitting, Bro, and Sr. White will spend
                                                                                                                                the first Sabbath in October, in Western New York, where
                                                       j. w.  is also here. We have had two meetings in this vicinity, and      the brethren may appoint They design visiting Roosevelt,
                                                              I think the prospect is that one Seventh-day Baptist family       Lorraine, Bro. Abbey's, Buck's Bridge, Rouse's Pointj Ver-
                  The French Mission,                         will embrace the present truth, Bro. Wheeler brings me            mont, Washington, N, H., Boston, and Portland, Me. J. w.
                                                              word from Carlton, that the other daughter of Bro. Buckland              Appointment for Western New York.
    Bro. M. B. Czechowski writes to Sr. White, Aug. 29th, has decided in favor of the Sabbath and the present truth.
after being solicited to state the particulars of his situa- This is good news to us. There haa been a hard struggle in           THESE will be a general Conference at Rochester, N.
tion.                                                                                                                           Y. the first Sabbath in Oct. It is expected that Bro. and
                                                              that family since Bro. B. first embraced the truth; but the       Sr. White, and Bro. and Sr. Loughborough will attend.
    " My heart is still in tender ties of love and friendship truth has gained one victorv after another, tilt three of his       In behalf of the church,                J. T. OHTO.V.
united to God and his people. If they are called to suf- family, his wife and two daughters, are with him iu the
fer, I am willing to suffer with them, that when they are truth."                                                                 Providence permitting, I will preach at Oxford, Oak-
glorified, we may be glorified together. JVly heart and                                                                         land Co., where friends may appoint, Wednesday even-
mind is fully enlisted in this last message of mercy that                                                                       ing Sopt. 22d, and at Canandajgua on Thursday evening,
                                                                                    Note from Bro. Hull-                        Stpt. 23d, to continue evenings and over Sabbath and
our heavenly Father has caused me to see and feel. I              Bro. Hull writes from Iowa, Sept. 13th, 1858: "Thfe           First-day. Baptism will be administered.
am willing to spend and be spent in proclaiming this last tent-meeting1 is still going on at Dayton. The interest is                                                  M. E. CORNELL.
saving truth. I ask no greater honor. I am doing what still on the increase. Last night there must have been
I can, with all I meet, to bring them to a knowledge of more than a thousand people present. Ten or twelve                                              Bus! lie SB Items.
the truth. But my message is more particularly to tlie kept last Sabbath in Dayton."                                               31. E. Cornell : We would be glad to make the ex-
French. Among them are my labors mostly. But ig-                                                                                cliange for those books of which you speak,
norance, superstition, £c., make my labors hard, and the           ([^"Buo. J. N, Loughborougu writes concerning                   8. J. Voorus:—We add the 50 cts. to your present re-
progress of bringing to the knowledge of the truth slow. meetings in Republic, Ohio: '• We have sold upwatcls of                mittance. Excuse the oversight.
But my trust is ia that God who iy the author of the $34 worth of books at Republic. I have another ap-                            L. M.:—We do not know when we shall have com-
truth I love.                                                                                                                   mandment cards printed. You had better not depend
                                                               pointment there the 23d of this month: when I will re-           on them.
    "As the fruits of my labors, (wo families are now keep- port                                                                   B. Hostler:—Since you informed tbe Post Master that
ing ihe Sabbath of our heavenly Father, and rejoicing in                                                                        there was money in your letter, it should have been reg-
its light. The spirit of inquiry, 'Are these things so?'                                                                        istered. The Office does not feel that it can be responsi-
is made in all this section where I have put forth labor.                    Punctuation of Scriptures*                         ble for the money under the circumstances.
I have just arranged to have a Sabbath-school in Center-                                                                                     P. O, address of M. Hull is Iowa City, Iowa.
vaje, five miles west of my place, every Lord's day, and          HOKNE says : " The introduction of points or stops, to mark
                                                               the sense, is a gradual improvement, commenced by Jerome
two schools on Ihe first day of the week, one in Sciota,                                                                                                     Receipts.
                                                               in tbe fourth century, an j continued and improved by suc-
about six miles south, and the other in Champlain vil- ceeding critics "--.Home's Introduction to the Study of tht
                                                                                                                                  Annexed to each receipt intiie following Hat, ia the Volume and Number
lage, some fuur miles east. I hope by the blessing of Bible, p. Q\,.                                                            of (ho ' Review and Herald' TO which the money receipted pays Ii money
                                                                                                                                for thy paper is not in due time acknowledged, Immediate notice of the
 God to enlist the feelings of the young, and the interest                                                                           ;eiou bhould then be given.
of the parents in saving themselves from the wrath of |                       Extracts from Sclimucker*                                            FOtt REVIEW AND HERALD.
 God that is coming upun ail that worship the beast, and                                                                          G. Leighton (for 0. Bennet) 0,50,xiii,l7. M, B, Rich,
 receive his mark.                                                RET. xiy. 4. These are they which were not defiled with        lond 1 00,xiv,l. E. Wick (ior \V . Loucks) 0,50,xiii,17.
     " I cannot extend my labors far from home at present, women; for they arc virgins. This passage lias often been             W. O. Sherman 0(50,xiii,lS. 6. Lowree (for Dr.' B.'A.
 The health of ray wife 13 very poor. She suffers much, misapplied, to establish the doctrine of celibacy, and ex-
 and requires my care and attention. I propose, if the alt the holiness of virginity beyond measure, in the Rom                 x
 Lord will, to visit this country for twenty miles around, ish church, to which there is no direct reference in the             l,00,xui,l. J. K- Lewis l,00,xiii,l.- L. J, Richmond
 or more, and preach the Third Angel's Message. Oh) prediction. The word, women, here signifies churches,                       I,00,xiii,l6. P. D. Lawrence l,00,xiii,l. C. Amy 2,00,
 how I would love to visit my own native country across and does not only refer to the Roman Catholic commu-                    xii,l4. J. Lewis l,00,xiii,l. Chas. Crocs I.(JO,xni,I7.
 the big waters, and tell them all about Jesus* coming, nity, its different sects and adopted orders, the connec-               R. Alien l.OO.xiii,.!. C. H, Barrows l,00,xii,14. Geo.
                                                                                                                                Ferciot l.OO.xii.H. W. Eggleston I,00,xiii,l6. P. Mad-
 and the glorious institution, and how they- must keep tion with which, Protestants consider as spiritual whore                 dux l,00,xiii,18. Geo. W. Strickland 2,00,xvi,2l. M,
 the Commandments of God and vlte Faith of Jesus, and dom and adultery, because of image-worship; but relates                   Cryderman l,00,xii,l. E. W. Waters 2,00,xii,l i M. B6r-
 then they will bo brought to that better land, that heav- also to every other church, party or community it                    den l,00,xiii,14, W. McDowel] 2,00,xiv,l8. 8. Osborn
 enly country, and stand upon lit. Zion, and upon the sea Christendom. This company of the Lamb is here repre                   I,00,xiii,l8. W. H. Coffman 2,00,xiv,,l8. C. A. Ingulla
 of glass, and have the harps of God.                           sented as defiled by none; having uo bigoted attachment,        l,OG,xiii 1. L. Adams 2,00rxiii,l4. Mrs. E. R. Seaman
     " The church has received me as a brother and fellow- or unreasonable partiality for the distinctions and by-
 laborer with them in this great work. They have be<j n opinions of any one, upon which others lay a superlative
  very kind to rae, and have done in temporal things what importance, and oftun more than upon all true religion,
  they could, yet I have need of more in this direction, to In this respect they are virgins, and not the adorers o:
  meet and pass through, in any degree ot comfort, the cold Rabbles, Masters, or sectarians among men; but wholly                0,25,xiii,5. Jus. Crosley 25,xiii,5. S. A. Stro.jgO,25,xiii,5,
                                                                                                                                 C. W. Ferree 0,25,xiii,5. Jno. Vandenbufg 0,25,xiii,5.
  wincer that is approaching. Should I cease to proclaim and exclusively devoted to Christ and to his doctrine.                  Joan Hopkins 0,25,xiii,5. 8. L. Cole 0,25 xiii.5. Chas.
  the truth, I couJd support my family; but to do both at                                                                        Wikel 2,00,xii,l. Geo. W. Shaw 0,25,xiji,' . J. J. Cur-
  the same time, I cannot. I feel it my duty to proclaim                      Rules for Correspondents,                          tis (for E. G, Greenfield) 0,50,xiii,18.
  the truth. My house during ray absence was badly used,                                                                            FOE HEVIEW TO Poos.—A Friend $0,50, S. J. Voorus
   an<'l much torn to pieces. It will need some repairing          To insure correctness in the business transactions of           ' ^ U. E, Blinn $0,64. J. J. Curtis «n.*n
                                                                this Office, we are induced again to lay before our corres-
   before winter, I have no means to do it. It co?f. p-.v pondents a series of rules, to which we hope they wil*                    FOR MICH. TEUT, "R," $3,00. A. Gleason
   $80 to get here with my family from Battle Cret-. I pay particular attention, when writing to this Office.                    H, Moore $1,00. B. Moure $1,00.