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— Results Flash —                                                                           16 May 2006 (No of pages: 4)

Fidec (8423)
                                                                                                   Equity Research Dept
                                                                                                               Go Saito
                                                                                                              (03) 5683-6943
Miscellaneous Finance                                                                          
Share price: Y274,000                  Market cap: Y44,013 mil (11 May)

Raised brand awareness leads to high growth potential.

                                  Earnings Estimated to Grow 40% over Medium Term
Investment Opinion                There were two main points in FY05 results. Firstly, with the number of partner
                                  companies exceeding the company’s initial projection of 55 by one, factoring
                                  (transaction volume) rose from Y114.1 billion in FY04 to Y190.3 billion. Secondly,
                                  there was an improvement in the equity-to-assets ratio from 9.7% to 24.4% thanks to a
                                  new share offering and the moving of purchased receivables off the balance sheet, and
                                  this led to a decline in cost of funding.

                                  Overall, the improvements in brand awareness through the company’s listing on the
                                  TSE Mothers in December 2004 and its promotion to the TSE 1st Section in December
                                  2005 has had a major impact on revenue and profit growth. We believe that the impact
                                  on earnings from the move to the TSE 1st Section has yet to be felt, enabling the
                                  company to maintain high growth. We assume average annual profit growth of around
                                  40% over the medium term. That said, profit growth may be even higher thanks to the
                                  acceleration in additions to partner companies and the decline in cost of funding.

                                  The shares are currently trading at 53X our FY07 EPS forecast, a valuation that we
                                  believe factors in medium-term profit growth prospects. For the time being, we expect
                                  solid price performance driven by EPS growth.

Earnings Trends                   FY05 results include operating revenues of Y2,212 million (up 35% y/y), operating
                                  profit of Y766 million (up 69%), recurring profit of Y715 million (up 63%), and net
                                  income of Y403 million (up 68%). Revenue from receivable purchases grew 44% to
                                  Y1,657 million in line with higher transaction volume. Meanwhile, outsourcing
                                  service revenue advanced 12% to Y548 million amid the increase in partner companies.

                                  At end-FY05, the number of partner companies stood at 56, up by 21 from a year
                                  earlier. Receivable purchases reached Y190.3 billion, up 67%, in terms of transaction
                                  volume. The list of partner companies mainly consists of retailers, wholesalers,

 Income Summary (Y mil; y/y %)
          Year to            Sales              Op profit           Rec profit          Net income     EPS (Y) CFPS (Y) DPS (Y)
Consol    3/05               1,639     (53)       454    (191)        439    (178)        239    (188)  30,295   31,676    0.00
          3/06               2,212     (35)       766     (69)        715      (63)       403     (69)   8,340    8,837  800.00
          3/07 F             3,000     (36)     1,150     (50)      1,050      (47)       600     (49)   3,735    3,860  270.00
          3/08 F             3,800     (27)     1,540     (34)      1,440      (37)       830     (38)   5,167    5,292  270.00
          3/06 PF            2,400     (46)       740     (63)        670      (53)       370     (55)   8,575    8,806    0.00
          3/07 PF            3,000     (25)       930     (26)        930      (39)       500     (35)   3,113    3,175    0.00
          3/07 CP            2,952     (33)        NA       (-)     1,022      (43)       593     (47)   3,692    3,816  270.00
F: DIR forecasts.            PF: Previous DIR forecasts.         CP: Company projections.
Notes: 1) Consolidated accounting from FY02.
       2) Stock splits at end-March 2005 (5-for-1) and end-March 2006 (3-for-1).

                                                                                             Japanese Equity Research
                            construction and real estate companies. Of note, the list now includes manufacturers
                            and service industry players, including Japan Cash Machine (6418) and Tomy (7867).
                            We attribute this to Fidec’s listing on TSE.

                            Some market observers may be concerned over slower growth in revenue from
                            receivable purchases than the transaction volume of receivable purchases. In fact, the
                            ratio of revenue to transaction volume dropped to 0.87% from 1.01% a year earlier.
                            This represents a fall in the average interest per diem on purchased receivables from
                            Y0.33 to Y0.29. Collections increased in line with the abolition of the bill system.
                            More important, Fidec sought after volume growth supported by improved financing
                            capability. Of note, this did not happen in response to customer requests. As a result,
                            we believe excessive concerns are not warranted. At this juncture, there seems to be
                            no strong competitor to Fidec.

                            The ratio of financial costs to operating revenues has continued to slide despite the
                            recent clear-cut upward shift in the yield curve. Cost of funding dropped to 1.18% in
                            FY05 from 1.50% a year earlier, another merit from the company’s TSE listing, in our
                            view. Note that fees paid upfront in moving receivables off balance sheet are recorded
                            under SG&A costs.

                            The SG&A cost ratio markedly dropped from 64% in FY04 to 58.3% in FY05. We
                            attribute this mainly to slower growth in promotion and personnel expenses than
                            transaction volume. Temporary staff decreased by 15 to 129, indicating pronounced
                            efficiency improvement. In our view, the Chinese subsidiary established in Shanghai
                            has begun to contribute to efficiency gains.

Earnings Estimates          We foresee operating revenues of Y3 billion (up 36% y/y), operating profit of Y1.15
                            billion (up 50%), recurring profit of Y1.05 billion (up 47%), and net income of Y600
                            million (up 49%) for FY06. Our estimates assume 81 partner companies at end-FY06
                            and receivable purchases (transaction volume) of Y291.7 billion for the full year. Our
                            FY07 estimates call for operating revenues of Y3.8 billion (up 27% y/y), operating
                            profit of Y1.54 billion (up 34%), recurring profit of Y1.44 billion (up 37%), and net
                            income of Y830 million (up 38%). Our estimates assume 106 partner companies at
                            end-FY07 and receivable purchases (transaction volume) of Y414.3 billion for the full

                            Fidec projects 86 partner companies for end-FY06, which represents 30 net additions.
                            Should the company’s bullish assumption materialize, its growth prospects from FY07
                            would improve further. Our estimates are based on conservative assumptions for
                            financial and SG&A expenses in light of increased earnings risk amid the rise in
                            interest rates. We should bear in mind the likelihood of a lower cost of funding and
                            revenue efficiency gains providing a meaningful boost to earnings as they did in FY05.

Translation: Research Product Management Department        Editor: Stuart Starosta
                                                                                                     Fidec       2
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2: Outperform TOPIX/benchmark index by 5-15% over the next six months.
3: Out/underperform TOPIX/benchmark index by less than 5% over the next six months.
4: Underperform TOPIX/benchmark index by 5-15% over the next six months.
5: Underperform TOPIX/benchmark index by more than 15% over the next six months.


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Valor (9956).

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Tomin Bank Ltd.; Tietech; Time Warner, Inc.; Tocalo Co. Ltd.; Tohken Co. Ltd.; Toho Gas Co Ltd.; Tohoku Electric Power Co. Inc.; Tokai Corp/Gifu; Tokyo Electric
Power Co.; Tokyu Community Corp.; Tokyu Land Corporation; Tokyu Livable Inc.; Tokyu REIT, Inc.; Tokyu Store Chain; Toll Brothers; Toppan Printing Co Ltd.; Top
Engineering Co. Ltd.; Top REIT Inc.; Toridoll.corp.; Total Capital; Total Capital SA; Toyota Boshoku Corp.; Toyota Credit Canada, Inc.; Toyota Finance Australia Ltd.;
Toyota Finance Corp.; Toyota Industries Corp.; Toyota Motor Credit Corporation; Toyo Tanso Co. Ltd.; Toyo Tire & Rubber Co. Ltd.; Tradelink Electronics; Tradelink
Electronic Commerce Ltd.; Tsubakimoto Chain Co.; Tsuruha Holdings Inc.; TT Electronics; TV Tokyo Broadband Entertainment Inc.; Ube Industries Ltd/Japan; UBS AG;
UBS Jersey; UBS Preferred Funding Trust; UCS Co. Ltd.; UFJ Bank; Unicredito Italiano; Union Oil Co. of California; Union Pacific Corp.; United Microelectronics Corp.;
United Technologies; Universal Solution Systems Inc.; US Cellular Corp.; US Cellular Corp.; Valor Co. Ltd.; Verizon Global Funding Corp.; Viacom Inc.; Vinculum Japan
Corp.; Volkswagen International Finance NV; Wacom Co. Ltd/Japan; Waida Manufacturing Co. Ltd.; WDB Co., Ltd.; We’ll Corp.; Westpac Banking Corporation; William
Street Funding; Willcom Inc.; Wiz Co. Ltd.; Wuerttembergische Versicherung; Xiamen International Port Co., Ltd.; Xiamen Port; Yakuodo Co. Ltd.; Yamashita Medical
Instruments Co. Ltd.; Yasunaga Corp.; YKT Corp.; Yujin Co Ltd/Japan; Yume No Machi Souzou linkai Co. Ltd.; Zero Co. Ltd.; ZhongHui Holdings Ltd.; Zoa Corp..

The statements in the two preceding paragraphs are made as of May 1, 2006.

DSA Market Making. DSA made a market in securities or ADRs of the following issuers at the time this report was published: All Nippon Airways; Bridgestone; Casio;
Daiei Inc.; Fuji Photo Film; Fujitsu; Internet Initiative Japan; Kirin Brewery; Makita; Millea Holdings; Mitsui & Co.; NEC; Nissan Motor; Q.P. Corp.; Sanyo Electric;
Sharp; Shiseido; Sumitomo Corporation; Trend Micro; Wacoal Corp.

Research Analyst Conflicts. The principal research analysts who prepared this report have no financial interest in securities of the issuers covered in the report, are not aware of
any material relevant conflict of interest involving them or DSA, except as noted: no exceptions.

Research Certification. The views about any and all of the subject securities and issuers expressed in this Research Report accurately reflect the personal views of the research
analyst(s) primarily responsible for this report (or the views of the firm producing the report if no individual analysts(s) is named on the report); and no part of the compensation
of such analyst(s) (or no part of the compensation of the firm if no individual analyst(s) is named on the report) was, is, or will be directly or indirectly related to the specific
recommendations or views contained in this Research Report.

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