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Floridienne SA - Company Capsule


ICD Research's ‘Floridienne SA - Company Capsule’ is a crucial resource for industry executives and anyone looking to access key information about “Floridienne SA ICD Research's ‘Floridienne SA - Company Capsule’ reports utilize a wide range of primary and secondary sources, which are analyzed and presented in a consistent and easily accessible format. ICD Research strictly follows a standardized research methodology to ensure high levels of data quality and these characteristics guarantee a unique report.

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									Floridienne SA


Floridienne SA - Company Capsule
Reference Code: BR1117CC
Published Date: April 2011


Floridienne SA - Company Capsule                                                    Page 1
Floridienne SA


Floridienne SA - Company Overview

Floridienne SA (Floridienne) is an industrial holding company in Belgium. The company, through its subsidiaries and
associate companies offers wide range of chemical, food and life sciences products such as snails, scallops, stuffed
shellfish, smoked salmon, seafood salads, aperitif snacks, truffles, Non ferrous metal salts, Cadmium, Nickel,green
pepper, ethnic dishes. The company markets its products under Jean Victor, Basso, Domaine Dargens, Larzul, La
Palourdiere, Chantifrois and Mareval brand names. The company is also engaged in the recycling of waste generated
from metals through its chemical division. Floridienne owns and operates eight production plants. Floridienne operates in
various countries across the world which includes the US, Turkey, Romania, Lithuania, France, Germany and etc. The
company is headquartered in Waterloo, Belgium.

Financial Performance

The company reported revenue of EUR205.65 million during the fiscal year ended 2009. The company's revenue declined
at a compounded rate of 0.39% during the period 2007-2009 with a year on year decline of 10.49% over fiscal year 2008.
During the fiscal year 2009 its operating margin was 4.8% as against the operating margin of 3.93% in fiscal year 2008.
During the fiscal year 2009 the company registered a net margin of 3.79% as against the net margin of 2.78% in the fiscal
year 2008.

Floridienne SA - Key Facts

Floridienne SA, Key Facts

                                  Dreve Richelle 161, bte 4,
                                                                    Ticker Symbol, Stock
Corporate Address:                Waterloo, , 1410, Belgium
                                                                                               FLOB (Euronext Brussels)

Telephone                          + 32 2 3530028                   No. of Employees           962

Fax                                + 32 2 3530581                   Financial Year End         December

URL                               www.floridienne.be                Revenue (in EUR Million)   205.65

Industry                          Chemicals                         Revenue (in USD Million)   285.63

Locations                         Japan, Belgium, France, Germany

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


Floridienne SA - Company Capsule                                                                                     Page 2
Floridienne SA


Floridienne SA - Major Products and Services

Floridienne SA (Floridienne) is a Belgium based industrial holding company. The company’s key products include the

Floridienne SA, Major Products and Services

Non ferrous metal



Nickel Food

Snails Delicatessen








Jean Victor


Domaine Dargens


La Palourdiere


Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


Floridienne SA - Company Capsule                                                                               Page 3
Floridienne SA


Floridienne SA - Key Competitors

The following companies are the major competitors of Floridienne SA:

Apollo Solar Energy, Inc.

Clariant Ltd

Arcadia International

Invertec Agrofood


Floridienne SA - Company Capsule                                                    Page 4
Floridienne SA


Floridienne SA - Key Employees

Floridienne SA, Key Employees

          Name                             Job Title                      Board Level        Since   Age

Benoit Leemans             Secretary                                Senior Management

Bernard de Gerlache de
                       Director                                     Non Executive Board              62

Gaetan Waucquez            Managing Director                        Senior Management

Joseph De Waele            Functional Manager - Accounting          Operational Management

Philippe Bodson            Chairman, Chief Executive Officer        Executive Board                  65

Philippe de Spoelberch     Director                                 Non Executive Board

Philippe Jean Boonnen      Managing Director                        Senior Management

                           Advisor of the Management Board of
Philippe Lecomte                                                    Senior Management
                           the Chemical Division
Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


Floridienne SA - Company Capsule                                                                          Page 5
Floridienne SA


Floridienne SA - Locations and Subsidiaries

Head Office

Floridienne SA
Dreve Richelle 161, bte 4
Zip: 1410
Tel: + 32 2 3530028
Fax: + 32 2 3530581

Other Locations & Subsidiaries

Floridienne SA, Subsidiaries

Atlantis Resources b.v.b.a.
                                              2, Allee d Helsinki, CS 80072
Dreve Richelle 161 Bte 4 Bat.P,
                                              Zip: F-67013
Tel: + 32 2 3530028
                                              Tel: + 33 3 88593060
Fax: + 32 2 3530581
                                              Fax: + 33 3 88593061

Catena Additives                              Floridienne Chimie S.A.
Neue Bergstrasse 13,                          Quai des Usines 12 – B 7800 Ath.
Germany                                       Belgium
Tel: + 49 0 6257 5079                         Tel: + 32 68 28 19 12
Fax: + 49 0 6257 5079                         Fax: + 32 68 28 68 11

Francaise De Gastronomie                      IKA GmbH & CO.KG
2, Allée d’Helsinki, CS 80072                 Chemiepark Bitterfeld Wolfen
Strasbourg                                    Wolfen
France                                        Germany
Tel: + 33 88 59 30 60                         Tel: + 49 34 94 69 61 0
Fax: + 33 88 59 30 61                         Fax: + 49 34 94 69 61 2

Kimflor AS
Aydin Karayolu, 35. Km N° 23
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