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					Unisem (M) Berhad


Unisem (M) Berhad - Company Capsule

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Published Date: April 2011


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Unisem (M) Berhad


Unisem (M) Berhad - Company Overview

Unisem (M) Berhad (Unisem)is a semiconductor packaging and test services provider. The company is engaged in the
provision of semiconductor assembly and test services. Unisem provides an integrated set of packaging and test services
including wafer bumping, wafer probing and wafer grinding. The company also offers a wide spectrum of leadframe and
substrate IC packaging such as leaded, QFN, BGA and FlipChip packages, and high-end RF and mix-signal test services.
Additionally, it also delivers associated core services including design, assembly, test, failure analysis, and electrical and
thermal characterization. It has worldwide manufacturing operations in different countries namely, Malaysia, China, the
US and the UK. Unisem is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Financial Performance

The company reported revenue of MYR 1,036.30 million during the fiscal year ended December 2009. The company's
revenue grew at a CAGR of 3.22% during the period 2007-2009 with a year on year growth of 15.97% over fiscal year
2008. During the fiscal year 2009, its operating margin was 5.63% as against an operating margin of 1.95% in fiscal year
2008. During the fiscal year 2009, the company registered a net margin of 5.86% as against a net margin of 1.48% in the
fiscal year 2008.

Unisem (M) Berhad - Key Facts

Unisem (M) Berhad, Key Facts

                                  Letter Box #95, Kuala Lumpur, ,
                                                                    Ticker Symbol, Stock
Corporate Address:                50250, Malaysia
                                                                                               UNISEM (Bursa Malaysia)

Telephone                          + 60 3 20723760                  No. of Employees           9,000

Fax                                + 60 3 20724018                  Financial Year End         December

URL                               www.unisemgroup.com               Revenue (in MYR Million)   1,036.31

                                  Technology and
Industry                          Communications
                                                                    Revenue (in USD Million)   293.57

Locations                         Malaysia, Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


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Unisem (M) Berhad


Unisem (M) Berhad - Major Products and Services

Unisem (M) Berhad is a provider of semiconductor packaging and test services. The company’s key products and
services include the following:

Unisem (M) Berhad, Major Products and Services




wafer level packages





Failure analysis

Electrical and thermal characterization
Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


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Unisem (M) Berhad


Unisem (M) Berhad - Key Competitors

The following companies are the major competitors of Unisem (M) Berhad:

Achieva Limited

Genetec Technology Berhad

KESM Industries Berhad

eircom Group plc

Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.


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Unisem (M) Berhad


Unisem (M) Berhad - Key Employees

Unisem (M) Berhad, Key Employees

             Name                          Job Title                      Board Level     Since   Age

Andy Hawkins               Regional Head- Europe                    Senior Management

Chris Stai                 Senior Manager-Marcom                    Senior Management

Chye Hock Ang              Chief Operating Officer, Director        Executive Board       2007    60

                           Regional Vice President - North
Gil Chiu                                                            Senior Management     2008

Kee Leang Cheng            Vice President - Facilities              Senior Management

                           Vice President - Business Development
Mike Griffin                                                     Senior Management        2008
                           and Marketing

                           Senior Vice President - New Business
Mike McKerreghan                                                    Senior Management

Mohd. Rashdan bin Haji
                       Director                                     Non Executive Board   1998    74

Mong Tet Chia              Director - Group Finance                 Executive Board       2006    58

Ruth Chin                  Senior Manager-Corporate Affairs         Senior Management

See Wah Wong               Director                                 Non Executive Board   2002    64

                           Vice President - Quality & Reliability
Seong Chai Chow                                                     Senior Management     2005

Siew Chin Lim              Regional Head-Asia Pacific               Senior Management

Sin Tet Chia               Group Managing Director, Chairman        Executive Board       2007    60

Sundra Moorthi             Director                                 Non Executive Board   1991    66

Yee Loh Tee                Director                                 Non Executive Board   1991    55

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


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Unisem (M) Berhad


Unisem (M) Berhad - Locations and Subsidiaries

Head Office

Unisem (M) Berhad
Letter Box #95
Kuala Lumpur
Zip: 50250
Tel: + 60 3 20723760
Fax: + 60 3 20724018

Other Locations & Subsidiaries

Unisem (M) Berhad, Subsidiaries

"Unisem (Europe) Holdings Limited                                   "Unisem (Mauritius) Holdings Limited
United Kingdom                                                      Mauritius

"Unisem Advanced Technologies Sdn. Bhd.                             "Unisem International (Chengdu) Ltd
Malaysia                                                            China

"Unisem International (Hong Kong) Limited                           Unisem (Europe
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