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					                                      Terms and Conditions of Contract for Exhibitors

                                                                    6. EXHIBIION HOURS
1. LIABILITY                                                        Exhibitor shall maintain a responsible individual in the exhibit
Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Two Rivers          space at all times during the exhibition hours. Exhibitor shall
Antiques and RRVFA principles, agents, officers and                 be responsible for the conduct of any employees, agents,
employees from all claims, losses, costs, damages or expenses       visitors or guest of the exhibitor in or about the exhibit space.
resulting or arising from any and all injuries to or death of any   Exhibitor shall cause all such employees, agents, visitors or
person or damage to any property caused by an act, omission or      guests of exhibitor to be familiar with all rules governing
neglect of Exhibitor’s agents, employees, invitees, contractors,    exhibitors.
or guest which occur in or about the exhibit space. Exhibitor
agrees to use and occupy the Exhibit Space at Exhibitor’s own       Show Hours: Fri., Oct. 28, 2011 from 9 am – 8pm
risk, and hereby releases Two Rivers Antiques and RRVFA, its                       Sat., Oct. 29, 2011 from 9am -6 pm
agents, officers, employees and invitees from all claims for any    7.TAXES
damage, loss or injury to persons or property to the full extent    All sales taxes, income taxes, FICA or other withholding taxes
permitted by law occurring in or about the Exhibit Space,           arising out of or in connection with Exhibitors use of the
including, but not limited to damages, resulting from the acts of   exhibit space are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor in
other Exhibitors, theft, vandalism, fire and other casualty         compliance with Texas Law.
damage or damage arising from any defects in the premises.
                                                                    8. COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS
2. SPACE ASSIGNMENTS                                                Exhibitor, his agents, employees, or assigns shall comply with
Two Rivers Antiques will assign booths in any and all cases;        all rules regulations and requirements s of the Fire Marshal,
however, in every case the exhibitor’s choice will be honored       Health Department of the City of Paris, Texas, or any
based on the special needs, compatibility of other exhibitors.      governmental entity having jurisdiction over the premises.
Two Rivers Antiques reserves the right to rearrange or              Exhibitor may be required at Two River Antique’s sole option
renumber the floor plan and relocate any exhibit if it appears      to immediately cease its operations and vacate the Exhibit
for the general good of all exhibits.                               Space if Exhibitor’s operation thereof, or the conduct of its
                                                                    agents, employees, or assigns should be found to be in violation
3. INSTALLATION OF EXHIBITS                                         of any such lawful requirements.
Exhibits shall be set up, decorated in complete form and
approved by Two Rivers Antiques or its designated agent             9.USE OF EXHIBIT SPACE
BEFORE business may commence. Exhibitor’s exhibit shall be          a. No sound systems, musical instruments, noisemakers,
constructed, decorated, and maintained in a professional            loudspeakers, microphones or other sound amplification or
manner. Exhibits should be set up and open for business no          broadcasting devices of any kind may be used.
later than 9:00 a.m. on October 28, 2011 no move ins will           b. No demonstrations, trophies, decorations, portals, fountains,
be allowed after 9 a.m.                                             signs, banners, advertising matter or exhibits o any kind or
Exhibitor Check-in: Thurs., Oct. 27, 2011 by 4 p.m.                 character will be allowed in the aisles or public passageways or
Exhibitor Set up: Thurs., Oct.27 from 10:00am-8 pm                  attached to the show building walls, posts or doors.
                   Fri., Oct. 28 from 7:00 am- 8:45 am              c. General distribution of brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, flyers,
                                                                    newspapers, magazines or other literature or promotional
4. DISMANTLEING                                                     materials or any kind or character is strictly prohibited, but
Exhibitor shall not dismantle or remove any portion of his          such literature or material may be made available on
exhibit prior to closing time, October 29, 2011. The entire         counterpace or otherwise within the Exhibit Space, and may be
exhibits property must be removed from the premise within 6         distributed upon specific request thereof. Notwithstanding the
hours after the close of the show, unless changed by Two            foregoing, materials designed to stick to walls, car bumpers,
Rivers Antiques. Exhibitors shall be responsible for the            balloons, hats, tee shirts, or similar materials shall not be
supervision, control and maintenance of the Exhibit Space           distributed under any circumstances.
during the entire terms for which the Exhibit Space is reserved     d. Exhibitor agrees not to use the Exhibit Space for any
or used by Exhibitor. The Exhibit Space shall be returned to        political or religious purposes
Two Rivers Antiques in original condition or forfeit a $25          e. Solicitation of funds for any political, educational or
clean up deposit.                                                   charitable corporation or association or any other corporations
                                                                    associations, group, individual or cause of any kind of
5. EXHIBIT DISPLAY SPACE                                            character is strictly prohibited.
Exhibits will not exceed booth dimensions. Exhibitor must not       f. Exhibitor AGREES NOT TO PLACE ANY ITEM OR
obstruct the view of an exhibit in an adjoining Exhibits space,     MERCHANDISE OUTSIDE OF THE DESIGNATED
or permit such exhibit to be place or operated in any manner        BOOTH AREA.
offensive or objectionable, in the reasonable opinion of the        g. Two Rivers Antiques, at its discretion, reserves the right to
Two Rivers Antiques, to the adjacent or surrounding Exhibitors      assign Exhibitors to the best space available, and to make shifts
or to the Show as a whole: All signage must be approved by          in location as deemed necessary.
Two Rivers Antiques.                                                h. NO DISPLAY SPACE SHALL BE SUBLET. THERE
                                                                    WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.
i. Insurance. In all cases exhibitors wishing to insure their
goods must do so at their own expense
k. Consent is hereby given for any likeness of your exhibit for
any and all promotions for the Paris Texas Antique Fair.

Two Rivers Antiques reserves the right to prohibit any exhibit
(i) which, in Two Rivers Antiques’ reasonable judgment, may
detract from the general character of the show; (ii) if the
business or exhibition carried on by the Exhibitor or the
manner of conducting the same is not as represented at the time
of making this Contract or is not in keeping with the traditions
or character of the show; (iii) if the exhibit was entered under
false pretenses; or (iv) if the exhibit is in violation of any of
these Rules Governing Exhibitors. If an exhibits is prohibited
under the terms of this paragraph or because of a violation of
any of the terms hereof, Two Rivers Antiques shall have the
right, but no obligation, to remove the exhibit or any banner,
advertising matter or other property of the Exhibitor situated
within or about the Exhibit Space; but such removal shall in
any event be at the cost and expense of Exhibitor, and
Exhibitors shall immediately reimburse Two River Antiques
for any cost or expense Two Rivers Antiques incurred in so
removing Exhibitor’s exhibit or portion thereof. Under such
circumstances, Exhibitor shall not be entitled to a refund or
monies paid to Two Rivers Antiques under the terms of the

 Exhibitors shall take all necessary precautions for the safety of
their person(s), other exhibitors and all other persons upon the
premises and shall comply with all applicable provisions of
federal, state, and municipal safety laws, building codes and
ordinances to prevent accidents or injury.

We must have DL#, State issued and DOB to accept checks.
All returned checks are subject to a fee of a minimum of

Change venue locations, adjust days, adjust hours (add or take
away) for event enhancement and betterment of the event.

Completed application, a check for exhibit space and a separate
check for clean up deposit (*refundable) A complete and
accurate description of merchandise along with 2 photos are
*Please enclose a separate check for the $25 refundable clean
up deposit. Failure to include the deposit will result in an
incomplete application.