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									                       Blueprint for Prosperity
                  Fix Lansing, Get Michigan Back to Work!

                                  By Mike Bouchard
                    Forward by Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land and
                      Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson                                             1
Title Page – Blueprint for Prosperity                                                    1

Table of Contents                                                                        2

Introduction from Terri Lynn Land and L. Brooks Patterson                                3

Preface from Mike Bouchard                                                               4

Jobs – Getting Michigan Back to Work – Creating Jobs and Restoring Competitiveness       5

Economy – Rebuilding the Economy Now and in the Future                                   7

Tax Reform – Lessening the Burden on Michigan Businesses                                 8

Government Reform – Making Tough Choices and Reforming Government                        9

Education – Educating Michigan’s Next Generation                                         11

Public Safety – Keeping Michigan Safe                                                    12

Healthcare – Standing up to the Federal Government and Protecting our Healthcare         13

Transportation – Improving and Sustaining Michigan’s Transportation Needs                14

Environmental Issues – Protecting our Great Lakes and Preserving our Natural Resources   15

Agriculture – Keep Michigan Growing                                                      17

States’ Rights – Keeping Michigan’s Sovereignty                                          18

Endorsements - Key Endorsements gained by Mike Bouchard                                  19

Mike Bouchard’s Biography                                                                23                                                                   2
                         A letter from Terri Lynn Land and L. Brooks Patterson

Dear friends:

It is our privilege to share with you a glimpse of Michigan’s promising future under the leadership of Mike

Inaction and misplaced priorities in Lansing have caused our state to suffer greatly during the past eight years.
With record unemployment becoming a way of life, and too many recent college graduates fleeing Michigan to
launch their careers, taxpayers are fed up with an unresponsive and clueless state government.

Mike’s Blueprint for Prosperity is refreshing because it puts Lansing on notice that the days of “business as usual”
are finished. His critical step-by-step road map leads Michigan toward economic recovery, revitalized communities,
educational excellence and the enhancement of our unparalleled quality of life.

A Bouchard administration will demonstrate to job providers that Michigan can once again be a great place to set
up shop and grow. He will also assure working families their voices will be heard and more importantly their tax
dollars are not wasted in Lansing.

Reading this document, you will see it is indeed 100 percent Mike Bouchard. The plan takes a bold, realistic and
thoughtful approach to tackling Michigan’s challenges. Without gimmicks or empty promises, it incorporates
innovative approaches, common sense ideas, and recognizes that tough steps are needed in the short-term for
Michigan’s long-term success. Of course, a blueprint is only worthwhile when it is actually followed. Mike
understands it will take courage, patience and perseverance to get the job done. He also knows his blueprint is
right for Michigan—because he’s helped to implement it before. As a legislative leader under former Gov. John
Engler, he was part of the team making the difficult but prudent decisions that transformed Michigan into a
national leader in job growth. Mike continues to emphasize good government as the current sheriff of Oakland
County, where he uses innovation and fiscally conservative budgeting every day.

As proud members of Team Bouchard, we invite you to explore Mike’s ideas and to share your own. With your
support, we will fix Lansing and get Michigan back to work.

Sincerely,                                                                                         3
                         It’s about the Next Generation, not the Next Election

I have had many conversations with people from all across our state and they are worried about the future of their
families. We all know someone – a family member, neighbor or friend – who has lost his or her job. I believe the
next governor needs the experience, knowledge, and backbone to make tough choices and see them through.

My first priority will be to get the economy moving so we can keep and create jobs. We must stop the bleeding. To
succeed, we must get spending under control and fix the burdensome tax system driving businesses and talent out
of Michigan. While I was in the state Senate we balanced the budget and worked to cut taxes for eight straight
years. We need to get back to that way of thinking.

Businesses want certainty. Before they consider investing in Michigan, job creators need to know they’ll have an
economic climate which fosters success. My comprehensive plan encourages long-term job growth and gives
businesses a more predictable and stable tax environment. It cuts taxes, downsizes government and makes it
harder for the Legislature to increase taxes in the future.

I was under no illusions when I entered this race. It will take time to climb our way out of the mess Lansing has
created over the past eight years. Even with tough choices, we may not see things turn all the way around for
years. But, we need to have a sense of urgency and start now. If that means I’m not in a position to win a second
term - I can live with that because it’s about time we start focusing on the next generation and not the next

Our children deserve nothing less from us. Working together we can fix Lansing so Michigan can get back to work.

Warm regards,                                                                                         4
         Getting Michigan Back to Work - Creating Jobs and Restoring Competitiveness

Michigan is in crisis. Jobs are fleeing our state every minute. The next governor must have a laser focus on keeping
the jobs we have, and bringing new jobs here. Thus far, I am the only candidate with a short-term and long-term
economic plan. If elected Michigan’s chief executive, I will put my “Stop Wasting Time, Start Creating Jobs” plan
immediately into action. We must recognize the top two creators of jobs are business startups and expanding
businesses. As the former owner and operator of three small businesses, I know first-hand how Michigan
businesses and families are struggling. We will make sure government improves the business climate instead of
putting barriers in the way of prosperity and job creation.

       I will overhaul the state’s tax structure, beginning with the elimination of the oppressive Michigan
        Business Tax. I will replace it with a more stable and predictable system with low rates, ease of
        compliance and one that is profit based not activity or payroll based.

       Michigan’s tax policy should not be about picking winners and losers. We must concentrate on reducing
        the tax burden for all Michigan companies rather than a select few.

       My administration will slash red tape across government. No regulatory bills will be signed into law until a
        detailed analysis of the economic cost-benefit implications for citizens and job providers is known. Lansing
        must embrace the fact that no regulation is better than bad regulation.

       Environmental and regulatory standards will be required to be based on sound science, be reasonable and
        timely and not at the whim of a bureaucrat.

       Michigan’s business permitting process will be reformed, with some permit mandates eliminated and the
        rest simplified. The review process will be expedited and timelines set in stone.

       I will assemble a team of “economic development account executives” to help businesses cut through
        government red tape, secure necessary permits and successfully navigate government requirements.

       My administration would create a climate where jobs can flourish again and would restore Michigan’s
        economic competitiveness with other states and countries.

       We need to prepare Michigan for the jobs of the 21st century while addressing the needs of those
        currently in the work force. The manufacturing sector is at the heart of Michigan’s economy .

       If we’re going to boost the manufacturing sector, we need to ensure our companies are capable of
        competing with the rest of the world. To do so they must have access to the necessary capital, as well as
        reliable and reasonably priced power. Increasing our investment in today’s work force – and the workers
        of tomorrow – is also a key component to our future success.

       As governor, I will put Michigan’s economic and manufacturing interests first. Michigan’s economic future
        depends on the success of our homegrown businesses and their ability to compete in the global market.                                                                                         5
      I will work with industry leaders in all sectors to ensure our employers have access to the critical
       resources they need to create and maintain jobs in our state.

      From Day One, I will issue executive orders, push legislation and champion the constitutional
       amendments necessary to make Michigan the place to do business.                                                                                   6
                            Rebuilding the Economy Now and in the Future
The sad legacy of Jennifer Granholm’s administration is she proved once again when government gets into the
business of picking winners and losers in the marketplace, we all lose. The next governor cannot afford to repeat
this mistake. I have a strategy to energize Michigan’s lagging economy and spur investment in the state. Fixing
Lansing demands we break out of the mold and chart a new course. I will make Michigan the place to do business.
Starting from Day One, we will get government out of the business of picking the next successful industry and
refocus on making Michigan a state where all businesses have the opportunity to succeed.

       The Michigan Economic Development Corporation will be transparent and focused on making Michigan
        the place for businesses of all kind.

       My administration will consolidate the present 300 pages of economic development laws into a single,
        coherent Michigan Economic Development Code, which is easy to follow.

       I will help jump-start the state’s economy through my “Michigan Construction Jobs Now” plan. For a year,
        this proposal allows homeowners and businesses to renovate, remodel and expand without an increase
        on their property tax bill. This will fuel the demand for construction trades workers who have been hit
        hard by the state’s economic slump.

       My “Michigan Construction Jobs Now” plan will also lead to long-term investments in Michigan by
        encouraging homeowners and job providers to enhance the value of their properties now.

       Pursuing public-private partnerships which will reduce state spending and create jobs. For example, I
        propose turning Michigan’s 81 rest areas into leased-service centers. These service centers would provide
        travelers with a greater array of conveniences while generating additional revenue for the state. This one
        simple idea could save the state over 20 million dollars.

       My administration would use university-based research and development to stimulate the economy.
        Michigan’s universities play an important role in moving advancements in technology, health care and
        emerging sectors into the marketplace.

       As governor, I will use available state resources to support research and development efforts at
        universities which can be brought to market by Michigan-based businesses. For those products having
        commercial appeal and the ability to generate revenue, a small percentage of those funds would be
        placed into a revolving fund to continue investing in our research universities, making the program self-
        sustaining.                                                                                         7
                     Tax Reform – Lessening the Tax Burden on Michigan Businesses

Michigan needs to function like a business. We must deliver services better, faster and cheaper. Michigan
taxpayers have less to give. Lansing must learn how to deliver services so each dollar is stretched further. As
sheriff, I save taxpayers $1.6 million annually by competitively bidding the jail’s food services. This common sense
leadership is necessary to fix Lansing. I will be the leader who gets the job done for Michigan. I’ve owned my own
business, protected local communities as a police officer, served as a leader in the Legislature under Gov. Engler
and now head up the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, one of the nation’s largest, with more than 1,200
employees. I have a proven record of implementing the necessary reforms Lansing so badly needs.

        The Michigan Business Tax is suffocating our businesses. We must eliminate it and move toward a more
         competitive and stable system that is easy to follow and allows businesses to easily comply.

        Slashing red tape is a top priority. Between overregulation and oppressive tax codes, businesses are
         struggling to meet their obligations to Lansing. We need to make Michigan business friendly and
         government responsive.

        I know raising taxes is not the answer. I was the first candidate in the governor’s race to sign the
         Americans for Tax Reform’s “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” – pledging to fight “any and all efforts to
         increase taxes,” and I mean it. When I was a leader in the Michigan Senate, we worked together to deliver
         balanced budgets and cut taxes every year.

        We must make systemic changes so we can reduce the cost of government while still providing the same
         or even a higher level of priority services. As Governor, I am prepared to make those changes.

        While I was a state senator, I wrote the Real Estate Transfer Tax cut, saving Michigan taxpayers 358
         million dollars annually. In addition, I am opposed to all increases in the marginal tax rate for both
         individuals and businesses.

        Reducing government spending and lessening the tax burden for job creators and families is the key to
         our economic security. I understood this as a state senator when I sponsored a resolution requiring a two-
         thirds majority of the Legislature to pass increases in income and sales taxes.                                                                                            8
                          Making Tough Choices and Reforming Government

Michigan needs a leader who is willing to make tough decisions necessary to put us back on the right track, and get
government working for the people, not against them. As governor, I will push through the critical reforms needed
to create an environment in this state which offers people jobs and opportunity, not one that forces them to leave
the state to find work. I am putting Lansing on notice. The old, broken ways of doing things are over. There will be
a new sheriff in town.

       As governor, I will fight to keep lawmakers out of taxpayers’ pockets. We will mandate a two-thirds
        supermajority be required in each chamber to raise taxes or increase spending which outpaces the prior
        year’s private-sector spending (Gross Domestic Product minus inflation). This reform protects taxpayers
        and businesses now and in the future so they will have a stable tax environment in which to invest in
        Michigan and create jobs.

       We must also implement a part-time Legislature, which gives lawmakers part-time pay and eliminates
        healthcare benefits. Lawmakers should be citizen legislators.

       We will move public employees to a defined contribution plan and state workers to a cafeteria-style
        health care plan. State employees will get benefits comparable with the private sector and they may pay
        for enhanced options or choose reduced coverage. Universities, school districts and local units of
        government could opt in to lower their insurance rates as well.

       Under my administration, government transparency and efficiency would not just be catchphrases. I
        would increase transparency by requiring state agencies to post every check written online for taxpayers
        to review, and post state employee salary and benefit information, including unfunded liability

       On an annual basis we will systematically review every state agency for efficiency. We will eliminate any
        nonessential programs.

       My team and I will update Michigan’s broken budget process. We will implement a two-year budget with
        a three-year financial outlook based on externally verified numbers, instead of the existing crisis-driven
        process which has resulted in the government nearly shutting down in two of the last three years.
        Lawmakers would be able to address budget challenges as they are projected instead of being run over by
        them. Two-year budgets have allowed Oakland County to prosper and maintain its AAA-bond rating.

       I will mandate a hard May 15 budget deadline. This would ensure everyone affected by the budget would
        have all of the information they need to make changes in their own budget. The state’s current late
        gamesmanship puts citizens, cities, townships, villages and counties in an impossible situation to set their

       If lawmakers miss the May 15 deadline, they will be docked a day’s pay, along with the governor and
        lieutenant governor, for each day the budget is late. Each day missed would total about $30,000, or the
        equivalent of a new police squad car or seven college students receiving the Michigan Promise
        Scholarship, which was cut by the Legislature.                                                                                         9
      Under my plan, no nonessential legislation would be considered until a budget is in place.

      We would require all public service employees, on average to have wages and benefits that are within 3
       percent of those comparable skills in the private sector. It is time Lansing mirrored the reality of the
       people it serves.

      My administration will systematically review every state agency. Public spending cloaked in privacy invites
       waste and mismanagement of public funds. Under my leadership, every agency will be scrutinized with
       the purpose of eliminating wasteful spending with the ultimate goal of getting a larger percentage of
       funds to the critical impact point of the core mission, such as a teacher in the classroom, health care
       services to those with low incomes and seniors, law enforcement on the streets and correction officers on
       the blocks.

      I would change the current term limit system limiting an individual to serve six years in the House and
       eight years in the Senate for a total of 14 years, to a system allowing an individual to serve a total of 12
       years in any combination between the two chambers. This will eliminate the incentive to jump chambers
       building issue competency and encourage members to work across the aisle and between chambers.

      We will also benchmark government performance. The most successful businesses know how they stack
       up to their competition. To improve performance, I will adopt a private sector approach to running state
       government including benchmarking the state’s performance against other states and nations.

      Under my watch, Michigan will know what policy is needed to be more competitive with other states and
       the world. Programs not contributing to improving the overall business climate in Michigan will face

      Communication with the public and press is key with any administration. As governor, I will commit to
       holding roundtable sessions four times a year with the Capitol Press Corps in addition to other news
       conferences and announcements. I will also instruct my cabinet members to conduct at least two
       roundtables a year with the press corps.                                                                                      10
                                  Educating Michigan’s Next Generation

Education is the cornerstone to bringing jobs back to our state. Michigan is home to some of the greatest
educational institutions in the nation. As the former Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, I have a long
track record of championing improvements to Michigan’s education system. During my time in the state Senate, I
was recognized as the legislator of the year by the Michigan Association of School Boards. Most importantly, I am a
father with school-age sons and a daughter at Michigan State University. I understand the importance of a quality
education to the future success of a child and our state.

Providing a topnotch education to Michigan’s young people will be one of my highest priorities.

       I would continue supporting charter schools and school competition. Charters and schools of choice
        empower parents to make the educational decisions that best suits their children.

       Teacher merit pay also falls along these lines. Nothing demoralizes an excellent educator more than
        seeing other teachers retaining positions and obtaining more pay because they’ve been in the system
        another year. Teaching is not a job but a calling and we must motivate, support, encourage and reward.

       It is imperative we spend more time teaching essentials. Teaching a child to read, write and complete
        basic math problems is not outdated. We are neglecting to teach what students need to learn. Instead we
        are trying to teach them what to believe, rather than how to think. Parental involvement is one of the
        sure components of student success and we must drive that into the process as well.

       To put every available dollar into the classroom, I would have every school district competitively bid out
        secondary services, such as busing, janitorial and food service, on an intermediate school district level.

       My administration would move all future teachers to a defined contribution plan reflecting the private
        sector and current economic realities.

       Similarly, state employees would have a cafeteria-style health care plan with two or three choices, and
        could pay for enhanced options or choose reduced coverage. Universities, school districts and local units
        of government could opt in to lower their insurance rates.

       I support stimulating the economy with university-based research and development. We must understand
        the role Michigan’s universities can play in moving advancements in technology, health care and emerging
        sectors into the marketplace.                                                                                      11
                                              Keeping Michigan Safe

I have spent my career as a law-enforcement professional for 24 years serving and protecting the people of
Michigan. I have the privilege of leading one of the nation’s largest sheriff’s offices and have served as the
president of the Major County Sheriffs’ of America. I am also part of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

As a young street police officer, I was inspired by President Reagan to become active in politics to affect the issues
I worked on daily -- keeping people safe. When I served as a state Senate leader, I created the Michigan sex
offender registry to protect women and children from violent predators in our communities, requiring convicted
sex offenders to register with local law enforcement and allowing this information to be accessible to the public.

I believe one of government’s core responsibilities is the safety of its citizens.

        Under a Bouchard administration instead of releasing Michigan’s career criminals from prison to save
         money, we will find reforms and tighten budgets to better protect the public.

        I strongly oppose this wrong-headed approach which not only puts dollars before public safety but
         increases the strain on local budgets as well. I would honor the financial commitment to local sheriff’s
         offices housing the inmates that traditionally have gone to state prisons.

        In Oakland County, we privatized the jail food service, saving taxpayers over $1.6 million a year. If our
         leaders in Lansing took the same approach, according to a 2008 audit by the non-partisan Auditor
         General, a statewide implementation would save Michigan taxpayers $38 million or more annually. Those
         savings would help us keep the criminals behind bars, not on our streets. Michigan leads the Midwest in
         violent crime, has the least police officers per capita and dumping another 1,700 career criminals back
         into the streets of the state with the highest unemployment rate will lead to disastrous results.

        We must be more vigilant in securing our state’s border to ensure all people in Michigan are here legally.
         If Washington will not do the job, then Michigan will.

        Until the federal government acts more decisively, Michigan should do what it can to address illegal
         immigration. When people have a police contact, they routinely have their name run through local, state
         and federal databases but not against illegal entry lists. I want this to happen simultaneously. In everyday
         ordinary police contacts we enforce laws right down to unpaid parking tickets. Illegal entry should have
         the same attention. Sweeps are unnecessary but enforcing the law is necessary.

        As the Oakland County sheriff, I am responsible for the safety and security of the 1.2 million people in the
         county; and as a father of three, I am deeply concerned about the growing crime in Michigan. I will
         protect all Michigan families with the same concern as my own.                                                                                         12
             Standing up to the Federal Government and Protecting our Healthcare

I have pledged to stand up to the federal government and its growing penchant for forcing unfunded mandates on
Michigan. We must understand unfunded mandates result in major problems for us as a state. I would also note
that the national healthcare plan alone means an estimated $700 million in unfunded mandates to Michigan
taxpayers when our state already is facing a $1.7 billion deficit. We have enough problems without Washington
trampling our rights and I intend to do everything in my power to stop this and every other unfunded mandate
they try to heap upon Michigan families.

       I will use every means at my disposal to protect our state sovereignty and reaffirm our 10th Amendment

       We need to look at withholding federal tax revenues generated in Michigan to force the federal
        government to abandon all unfunded and unconstitutional mandates.

       With $700 million from the unfunded healthcare mandate we could create a system to help the uninsured
        receive treatment in a more cost effective preventative manner that does not destroy the health care
        system and still have money for other priorities.

       I will put the federal government on notice. Any additional unfunded mandates on Michigan will be met
        with a tough fight under a Bouchard administration.

       Government should focus on making healthcare more affordable, available and patient centered. They
        should not be forcing the public to purchase a product.                                                                                  13
                     Improving and Sustaining Michigan’s Transportation Needs

The condition of Michigan’s transportation infrastructure is critical to our ability to attract, create and maintain
jobs in our state. As Governor, I will commit to leaving no stone unturned. We will begin by differentiating
between our “needs” and our “wants.” We are in a position where we can no longer afford all of our “wants” and
must pay for those necessities, including fully funding transportation and maximizing on federal matching funds.

        Under a Bouchard administration, we will look for ways to fully fund our transportation infrastructure and
         guarantee transportation funds will be used only for transportation projects.

        We must do everything in our power to ensure Michigan keeps its fair share of federal transportation
         funding. For years, Michigan has been a donor state sending more money to Washington than we receive
         back in transportation dollars.

        Michigan must strongly oppose the use of any state resources, either current or future, to fund the
         Detroit River International Crossing (DRIC). As long as we have willing private investors to meet the
         current and future needs of international commerce and commuter traffic, it makes no sense to fight a
         Michigan business that wants to do the same job. We have plenty of other projects we can redirect the
         state’s time and money toward. Part of fully funding transportation will come from spending what we
         have wisely.                                                                                       14
                 Protecting our Great Lakes and Preserving our Natural Resources

Some of Michigan’s greatest assets are our Great Lakes and scenic landscape. We must do everything we can to
protect our Great Lakes and Michigan way of life. Our state’s natural beauty is another reason why Michigan will
once again become a prosperous state.

       Concerned about the spread of Asian carp into the Great Lakes, I propose Michigan and the federal
        government institute a bounty system to encourage the eradication of Asian carp from Chicago-area
        waterways leading to the Great Lakes as well as any in the lakes.

       I will call for state and federal laws to prohibit the sale of live Asian carp and listing them as injurious
        species, which would prevent their transportation into Michigan.

       As governor, I will encourage the Canadian government to stop the sale of live Asian carp in areas
        surrounding the Great Lakes. Small numbers of Asian carp have been found in Lake Erie near Toronto in
        past years, likely released into the lake by people who obtained the live fish from local markets.

       Additionally, I propose the Chicago-area canals leading to Lake Michigan be made into “dead zones” for
        fish by shutting off the aerators in the canals to deoxygenate the water.

       Nearby power plants should be allowed to discharge hot water into the canals instead of cooling the
        water first to make the canal system more inhospitable to Asian carp, which prefer cold water.

       I will fully support effective stewardship and conservation of our state and nation’s incredible natural
        resources. We must remain vigilant to any threat to our protection of the lakes from diversion. As an avid
        outdoorsman, I believe deeply we need to manage our resources so they are preserved for future
        Michigan generations.

       As governor, my administration will protect the rights of fishing and outdoor enthusiasts, and ensure they
        have a say in discussions about land and water use.

       Under a Bouchard administration, outdoors enthusiasts will know they will have no stronger advocate.
        Hunters and anglers will have a seat at the table when decisions about land and water use are made.
        Additionally, I will preserve Michigan’s hunting and fishing traditions and its incredible natural resources
        for future generations.

       We need more emphasis on getting young people into outdoor activities by offering more free fishing
        weekends and a two-for-one hunting license for parents and their children.

       I would appoint members to the state’s Natural Resources Commission who share my commitment to
        preserving Michigan’s hunting and fishing traditions, and safeguarding our state’s natural resources.

       The Department of Natural Resources and Environment will issue deer hunting permits to farmers based
        on the crop damage per acreage as assessed by DNRE biologists under a Bouchard administration.                                                                                            15
      My plan also proposes opening up access to land for hunting to allow farmers to decide if they want to
       sell or personally use the deer permits.

      High-energy costs hit Michigan especially hard in a number of ways. A sound energy policy does not mean
       sacrificing our natural resources or the environment. We need to look at innovative ideas promoting
       alternative sources of energy and reducing the amount of energy we consume by using more energy
       efficient technologies.

      We must also ensure we are meeting our energy needs, remaining competitive in the world, and
       protecting the environment at the same time. We need reliable, available and reasonably priced power
       now and that includes clean coal and nuclear power. As governor, I will strike the proper balance.                                                                                     16
                                          Keep Michigan Growing

Agriculture plays a critical role in our state’s economy. There are roughly 200 career choices in agriculture from
traditional food suppliers to biotech fields. I will be the agricultural industry’s number one advocate as governor.
The Granholm Administration has frozen the agriculture industry out. That will no longer be allowed under a
Bouchard Administration. I know Michigan’s economy and way of life depends greatly on our farmers and I will
make sure that we give them the tools necessary to be successful. As a senator, I supported a number measures to
ensure the agriculture industry continued success.

            Our fresh water is an economic driver for the state. Michigan needs to ensure access to and use of
             fresh water because it so important to many of our agricultural producers. We must also focus on
             pollution prevention programs and support the federal programs that bring funding into the state.

            Michigan leads the nation in production of geraniums, nursery stock, blueberries and apples.
             However, to move those commodities to the marketplace, these products need to be inspected. In
             my administration, I will ensure that inspections are done timely so that farmers can sell their
             products. We need to roll out the red carpet for the industries that can and should be successful in
             our state.

            Michigan’s horse racing industry has a long and storied history dating back more than 75 years.
             Approximately 14,000 people are employed directly or in related businesses supported by the horse
             racing industry. The industry has an economic impact of 1 billion dollars annually within the State of
             Michigan; however the current administration has done nothing to support the families, which make
             their livelihoods from horse racing. As Governor, I will appoint a strong Racing Commissioner and
             give them the power to aggressively advocate for the survival of the industry.

            I will also work to secure the long-term financial health of the Equine Industry Development Program
             Fund to ensure the horse racing tradition continues for future generations.

            Agriculture is a 71 billion dollar industry and it is time that Lansing treats it as such. The agriculture
             industry will have a seat at my table to discuss issues that play a critical role in the industry. The
             success of Michigan’s farmers means success for Michigan as a whole. The Department of Agriculture
             will be a key cabinet position.                                                                                         17
                             State’s Rights – Keeping Michigan’s Sovereignty

Our Constitution and the rights it affords all citizens are sacred and must be upheld at all costs. I am a true
constitutionalist and whether it is our state’s rights, personal property rights or the right to bear arms the federal
government will know if they come to Michigan trying to trample our rights it will have a fight on its’ hands.

        I believe that government at all levels needs to focus on doing its basic job rather than finding creative
          ways to run people’s lives.

         We must use the 10 amendment as our tool to keep the federal government from overstepping its
         bounds into our daily lives. Too many times in the past Washington has decided it knows more about our
         state and our families then we do, my administration will not allow this to continue.

        As governor, I will be the first in line to oppose anything injurious to our businesses’ ability to create jobs
         and will stand up to the federal government’s overreach. The recent healthcare bill is a prime example of
         Washington’s hubris and that piece of poorly advised legislation would be one of the first targets of my

        I have always been a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I’m a long-time NRA member, a gun
          owner, and an avid hunter. I believe in the U.S. Constitution and the protection of our individual rights. I
          have received “A” ratings and endorsements from the NRA and the Michigan Coalition of Responsible
          Gun Owners in each of my previous elections. I will continue to fight for sportsmen’s rights across the

        I have designed and implemented a streamlined process that has allowed Oakland County to issue more
          Concealed Pistol Licenses than any other county in Michigan. I will make the same successful process
          used in Oakland County available to all other Michigan counties.                                                                                           18
 “Michigan needs courage, vision      Key Endorsements gained by Mike Bouchard
and leadership. In short, Michigan
needs Mike Bouchard. I am             Former Michigan Republican Party Vice-Chairwoman Jane Abraham
impressed with his depth of
knowledge, well-thought agenda        Former Lt. Gov. Connie Binsfeld
and willingness to do what’s right
                                      Bishop Ira Combs
regardless of political
consequences.”                        Former U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole
    -   Former U.S. Senator           Former First Lady Michelle Engler
        Elizabeth Dole
                                      Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land

                                      Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson

                                      Senator Alan Sanborn
“Mike Bouchard has the experience
and a solid track record of fiscal    Sheriff Richard Mack
discipline that will be needed to
reform state government and           Sheriff Joe Arpaio
again make Michigan a national
leader in job creation.”              Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner John P. McCulloch

    -   Senator Alan Sanborn          Oakland County Commissioners

                                      Oakland County Representatives

                                      Citizens for Traditional Values

                                      Michigan Fraternal Order of Police
“The people of Michigan need Mike
Bouchard in the Governor’s office.”   Police Officers Association of Michigan

    -   Michelle Engler,              Detroit Regional Chamber
        Michigan’s former first
        lady                          Grand Rapids Regional Chamber

                                      Home and Building Association of Greater Grand Rapids

                                      Home Builders Association of Greater Kalamazoo and the Kalamazoo
                                      Friends of Housing

                                      Guitar Legend and Avid Hunter Ted Nugent

                                      Auto Industry Heavy Hitter Bob Lutz

                                      Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher                                                                           19
                                        Mike Bouchard’s Coalition of Sheriffs includes:

                                        Sheriff Douglas Atchison, Alcona County
                                        Sheriff L. Paul Bailey, Berrien County
                                        Sheriff Bradley Balk, St. Joseph County
                                        Sheriff Gary Ballweg, Delta County
                                        Sheriff William Barnwell, Montcalm County
                                        Sheriff Allen L. Byam, Calhoun County
                                        Sheriff Robert Beracy, Gratiot County
                                        Sheriff Robert Bezotte, Livingston County
                                        Sheriff Garry Biniecki, Sanilac County
                                        Sheriff James Bosscher, Missaukee County
                                        Sheriff Warren Canon, Branch County
                                        Sheriff Dale Clarmont, Cheboygan County
“Mike Bouchard is a proven vote-        Sheriff James Crawford, Osceola County
getter in Oakland County. His           Sheriff Tim Donnellon, St. Clair County
success will translate well across      Sheriff Kevin Grace, Oscoda County
the state.”                             Sheriff Dale Gribler, Van Buren County
                                        Sheriff Kelly Hanson, Huron County
    -    Former Michigan
                                        Sheriff Rory Heckman, Benzie County
         Republican Party Vice-
                                        Sheriff Daniel Heyns, Jackson County
         Chairwoman Jane
                                        Sheriff Ron Kalanquin, Lapeer County
                                        Sheriff Wayne Kangas, Clinton County
                                        Sheriff Steven Kieliszewski, Alpena County
                                        Sheriff Blaine Koops, Allegan County
                                        Sheriff Dar Leaf, Barry County
                                        Sheriff James McBride, Otsego County
“His knowledge of the Legislature       Sheriff Brian McLean, Houghton County
and his experience in the process       Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski, Isabella County
makes him the ideal candidate.          Sheriff James Mosciski, Arenac County
Mike has a great track record with      Sheriff Jerry Nielsen, Midland County
the voters. He has proved time and      Sheriff Michael Oltersdorf, Leelanau County
again that he is the right person for   Sheriff Robert Paschke, Presque Isle County
the job. Mike Bouchard has what it      Sheriff Michael Raines, Eaton County
takes to win in 2010.”                  Sheriff W. Don Schneider, Charlevoix County
                                        Sheriff Lawrence Stelma, Kent County
    -    Oakland County                 Sheriff Randall Stevenson, Roscommon County
         Executive L. Brooks            Sheriff Scott Strait, Mackinac County
         Patterson                      Sheriff Leland Teschendorf, Tuscola County
                                        Sheriff Joseph M. Underwood Jr., Cass County
                                        Sheriff Kirk Wakefield, Crawford County
                                        Sheriff Peter Wallin, Emmet County
                                        Sheriff Jack Welsh, Lenawee County

“His willingness to make the right
decisions for Michigan now instead
of focusing on the next election is
exactly what Michigan needs.”

    -    Secretary of State Terri
         Lynn Land                                                               20
“It gives me great pleasure to         Mike Bouchard’s Business, Economic and Finance Round Table:
support Sheriff Mike Bouchard for
the office of Governor for the great   Terry Adderley, Chairman of the Board, Kelly Services
state of Michigan. I honestly feel     Edwin Adler, Chairman, Foodtown Supermarkets
he is the man for the job at this      Nick Antakli, Chairman and CEO, Itraco Corp.
most crucial time in our nation’s      Blair Bowman, Owner, Rock Financial Expo
history. He knows the law, he          Steve Brownell, Vice President, The Kirlin Company
knows the economy, and most            Joel Dorfman, Managing Partner of North Star Partners, LLC
importantly, he knows and              Irma Elder, CEO, Elder Automotive Group
understands principles of freedom.     Jim Esshaki, Developer, Esshaki Properties
Mike Bouchard knows Michigan           Mike Ferrantino, Shareholder, EQ-The Environmental Quality Co.
and has the leadership skills to       Bud Fisher, President, Central Asphalt
move Michigan forward. Yes, I am       Alan Graham, Country Manager and General Counsel, Pilkington North
from Arizona, but when Mike            America Inc.
Bouchard is elected Michigan’s         Scott Jacobson, CEO, S R Jacobson Development
next Governor, I’m moving to           Maureen LaFontaine, Owner, LaFontaine Automotive Group
Michigan!”                             David Littman, Mackinac Center Senior Economist
                                       Spencer Partrich, Owner, Lautrec
                                       Cindy Pasky, President/CEO, Strategic Staffing Solutions
    -   Sheriff Richard Mack
                                       L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County Executive
                                       Marci Rice, VP Account Executive, Gail and Rice Production
                                       Tim Rice, Chairman, Gail and Rice Production
                                       Sydney Ross, President, General Wine and Liquor
                                       Russ Schulte, President and CEO, Metro Aircraft
                                       Russ Shelton, President and CEO, Shelton Pontiac-Buick
                                       Bob Skandalaris, Chairman, Quantum Ventures, LLC
                                       Frank Stella, CEO of The F.D. Stella Products Company; Chairman and
                                       CEO of Stella International
                                       Robert Wilson, Wilson Co.
                                       Gary Wolfram, President, Hillsdale Policy Group
                                       Todd Wyett, Partner and CEO, Versa Development                                                                            21
Prominent former Legislators     Oakland County Commissioners

Lt. Gov. Connie Binsfeld         Hon. Bill Bullard
State Rep. Dan Acciavatti        Hon. Kim Capello
State Rep. Clark Bisbee          Hon. Sue Ann Douglas
State Rep. Fran Amos             Hon. Michael Gingell
State Rep. Penny Crissman        Hon. Robert Gosselin
State Rep. Steve Ehardt          Hon. Bradford Jacobsen
State Rep. Robert Gosselin       Hon. Christine Long
State Rep. Mike Kowall           Hon. Thomas Middleton
State Rep. Terry London          Hon. Jeff Potter
State Rep. Jim McNutt            Hon. Jim Runestad
State Rep. Tom Middleton         Hon. John Scott
State Rep. Mickey Mortimer
State Rep. Sal Rocca
State Rep. Sue Rocca
State Rep. Scott Shackleton      Macomb County Republican Leaders
State Rep. Harold Voorhees
State Sen. Loren Bennett         State Sen. Alan Sanborn
State Sen. Bill Bullard          State Rep. Kim Meltzer
State Sen. Jon Cisky             County Commissioner Keith Rengert
State Sen. Mat Dunaskiss         County Commissioner Kathy Vosburg
State Sen. Harry Gast            Republican 10th Congressional District Vice-Chair
State Sen. Bob Geake             Marianne Weiss
State Sen. Mike Goschka          Republican 12th Congressional District State
State Sen. Joel Gougeon          Committee member Dan Tollis
State Sen. Phil Hoffman
State Sen. George McManus
                                 Kent County Republican Leaders
State Sen. Walter North
State Sen. Leon Stille           Libby Child, former Kent County GOP chairwoman
                                 TJ Carnegie, small-business owner, Grand Rapids
                                 Hank Fuhs, Michigan Republican State Committee
Oakland County Representatives
                                 Mary Hollinrake, Kent County clerk/Register of
State Rep. Hugh Crawford         Deeds
State Rep. Gail Haines           Joel Hondorp, Byron Center Township clerk
State Rep. Marty Knollenberg     Roger C. Morgan, Kent County Board of
State Rep. Eileen Kowall         Commissioners – chair
State Rep. Jim Marleau           Ken Parrish, Kent County treasurer
State Rep. Chuck Moss            Larry Stelma, Kent County sheriff
                                 Richard Vander Molen, Kent County Board of
                                 Commissioners -vice chair
                                 Harold Voorhees, former state representative,
                                 former Wyoming mayor and current Kent County

* Partial list of endorsements                                                          22
Mike Bouchard’s Biography

Born and raised in Michigan, Mike Bouchard is been committed to improving our state. Growing up in Oakland
County, he attended Birmingham Brother Rice high school. He and Pam, his wife of 20 years, are teaching the same
Michigan values they learned growing up to their three kids. From police officer to small business owner to elected
office, Mike has taken on many different roles in his efforts to preserve and protect our way of life.

Mike brings all his experience, knowledge and leadership to the race for Governor. He understands it’s a critical
time for the state, as many families face uncertain times as our economy continues to struggle. As governor, he’ll
be prepared on day one to start making the tough choices that will turn our state around. He knows it took a long
time to get here, so there are no easy fixes or simple solutions. But we need to take the first steps in order to get
us back on the road to prosperity. Mike believes if we fix Lansing, we’ll get Michigan back to work.

He’ll be able to bring his knowledge from serving as a leader in the state Senate to develop lasting solutions. He
was in the Senate when our leaders worked together to deliver balanced budgets and tax cuts every year he was
there. As Assistant Senate Majority Leader, he worked closely with leaders like Governor Engler and then-Senate
Majority Leader Posthumus. Mike placed a priority on helping families. He pushed for the Michigan Sex Offender
Registry requiring sex offenders to register with local law enforcement agencies and making that information
publicly available for concerned parents and neighbors. He also chaired the education committee where he
worked to empower parents and students to make more decisions about their future.

As Senator, Mike led efforts that made Michigan more business and people friendly, as well as a leader on cutting
taxes. He wrote the real estate transfer tax cut that has saved Michigan taxpayers billions of dollars. In fact,
keeping with his record, Mike was the first candidate in the governor’s race to sign the Americans for Tax Reform’s
(ATR) “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” – pledging to fight “any and all efforts to increase taxes.” Like many Michigan
families, he knows that government can’t tax or spend its way to prosperity.

He’s proud that when he left the Senate, Michigan was ranked one of the best states to do business and had
hundreds of millions of dollars in the rainy day fund. Unfortunately, for many struggling families, those days are
distant memories.

But Mike knows that better days are ahead if we make the tough choices that need to be made.

And Mike has that experience. Having run one of the largest sheriff departments in the country for nearly a
decade, he learned how to separate “needs” from “wants.” As Oakland County Sheriff, he manages 1,200
employees with an annual budget of more than $130 million. He’s always finding innovative and creative ways to
save taxpayer money while continuing to deliver on his department’s core mission to protect the community.

Mike privatized the jail’s food services – saving $1.6 million a year. He is also part of the Oakland County team that
anticipates potential budget shortfalls by operating on a three-year rolling budget. That kind of foresight and
planning has made Oakland County one of only 40 counties – out of over 3,000 – in America that has a AAA bond
rating. But he’s also had to make the tough choices during these difficult economic times – including cutting back
his budget by up to 20 percent over the past several years while not sacrificing community safety.

Mike’s also a hunter and an NRA member. Beyond that he’s earned the NRA’s support as well as the support of
gun owners across the state in each of his campaigns.                                                                                          23
As Mike and Pam’s kids start heading off to college – including their oldest daughter who’s already attending
Michigan State – Mike feels strongly that if our children choose to leave the state to look for different
opportunities, that’s their choice. But when many of them are forced to leave the state to find work – that’s simply

He’s ready to change things in Lansing to get Michigan back to work. He has the knowledge, experience and
backbone to make the tough choices from day one to turn our state around.

Mike believes that doing what’s right may not always be the popular choice for the next Governor because of the
entrenched special interests in Lansing. But to him, if it means he won’t win re-election he’s prepared for that
because he knows it’s time we focused on the next generation rather than the next election.                                                                                      24

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