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									       Issue 11                                  The
   Summer 2007                         Crusader Communicator
                                                Preparing the Next Generation of Christian Leaders
 Full Members                          THE WORLD IS FLAT AND OTHER INTERESTING FACTS                                   BY JOEL LANDSKROENER,

    • St. John, Chaska
      Pastor Gregg Snow                On June 3, sixty-five Mayer Lutheran High School seniors graduated
                                       from their beloved high school. The joy of such an accomplishment
    • Zion, Cologne
      Pastor Eric Zacharias            was shared with many family and friends. As our newest alumni
    • Emanuel, Hamburg                 reflect on their past four years at MLHS, they cannot help but think
      Pastor Don Andrix                of the many fascinating things they learned in the wide variety of
    • Zion, Mayer                      courses they studied.
      Pastor Lucas Woodford
      Pastor Adam Gless                Thomas Friedman, in his best-selling work The World is Flat,
    • St. John, New Germany            examines the role of technology in the world today and how it is
      Pastor Robert Rupprecht          helping to “flatten” the world as many communication barriers are
    • Trinity, Waconia                 decimated with the rise of broadband Internet, advanced search
      Pastor Phil Wagner               engines, and sophisticated communication and transportation
      Pastor Peter Peitsch
                                       systems that allow work to be completed more efficiently and
    • St. Paul, Watertown
      Pastor Paul Krentz               cheaply than ever before. Abundant information is available quickly, with relatively little
                                       effort, to anyone with a computer and Internet access anywhere in the world.
    • St. John, Young America
      Pastor David Winter
      Pastor Scott Gustafson           The next time you order a hamburger in the drive-through at the Brainerd, Minnesota
 Affiliate Members                     McDonalds, be aware that your order is actually being taken many miles away in Colorado.
    • Our Savior, Excelsior            When you need tech help on the newest gadget purchased at a local electronics store, you will
      Pastor John Zahrte               likely be assisted by a person in India who was trained to speak to you on the telephone in
    • Christ Victorious, Chaska        American English. When your Toshiba laptop computer breaks and you send it out to be
      Pastor Thomas Braun              repaired, UPS will pick up the device at your home, fly it to Louisville, fix it in a large
    • St. James, Howard Lake           warehouse manned by UPS workers trained to fix the machine, and return it to you within two
      Pastor Michael Nirva             days. These are only three examples that reveal increased efficiency, lower costs, and more
      Pastor Martin Schoenfeld         responsive service to the customer.
    • St. Mark, New Germany
      Pastor Allan Holthus             As I read Friedman’s book, I was wondering how we could take advantage of the flattening
    • St. Peter, Watertown             world to help accomplish the mission at MLHS while saving the school money. As hard as I think
      Vacant                           about it, there is not much that can help. You see, MLHS thrives by God’s grace because of the
                                       personal relationships that develop on our campus between students, staff, families, and
                                       supporters. You simply cannot outsource the work that goes on daily at this location. Oh,
        305 5th St. NE
                                       there are virtual high schools that allow you to study on-line and get an accredited diploma
       Mayer, MN 55360
                                       without ever leaving the comfort of your home. But, there is no substitute for the tender
                                       assurances of God’s grace shared with a struggling scholar by an alert teacher. No operator in
      Fax: 952-657-2344
                                       India can replace the smile of affirmation that one teammate shares with another when a
    Email:               personal record is set in a track race. And, UPS will never be able to deliver the eternal hope
                                       we have in the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ like the teachers, coaches,
                                       administrators, and students at MLHS (unless, of course, a Bible is in the package.).

                                       The close relationships that are forged at MLHS are one of many characteristics that make this
Inside This Issue
                                       a special place. In fact, those relationships help in flattening our world. It seems like
Alumni News                       2    everywhere I go, I run into MLHS alumni. They revel in sharing fantastic stories of their time in
Founder’s Luncheon                3    high school. They also are quick to assert just how important their time spent here helped them
                                       grow spiritually. We are blessed to have many alumni who are missionaries around the world,
Summer Theatre at MLHS            4    sharing the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who do not yet know of his love. They
                                       are taking advantage of the technological miracles of our age not to save money, but to save
Endowment Opportunities           5    souls.
Summer at MLHS                    6
Crusader Country News             8    What a joy to be able to train and equip the next generation of Christian leaders who graduated
                                       this past June! God richly blesses Mayer Lutheran High School with great opportunities and
Upcoming Events                   10   challenges that allow us to share His life-saving news of forgiveness, life, and salvation with
Thrivent Giving Plus Gift Form    11   folks throughout the world—even if it seems to be flatter every day!
A Final Word                      12
                                                In Christ,
                                                Joel P. Landskroener, Executive Director
Page 2                                                                                         The Crusader Communicator

           ALUMNI NEWS                                             CAN YOU HELP? The following are Alumni for whom
                                                                   MLHS does not have a current address. If you know of the
              John Taggatz (1999) celebrated his ordination        whereabouts of these alumni, please call 952.657.2251 x224
             into the preaching ministry on July 1, 2007 at his    or email with the information.
            home church, Our Savior Lutheran Church, in                1965   Tom Kusserow                  1991   Heidi Maresh
 Excelsior. John was installed as pastor of St. John Lutheran          1966   Paul Goethke                  1991   Shawn Smith
                                                                       1966   Paulette (Molnau) Monson      1991   Lisa (Kapuza) Spaudy
 Church in Baldwin, IL on Sunday July 8. John’s email address:         1968   Mardeen (Schultz) Jorgenson   1991   Tarra (Zehnder) Wendorf God’s blessings on your ministry,                 1968   Mike Miller                   1992   Melody Lange
 Reverend Taggatz!                                                     1969   Diane (Schlueter) Nadeau      1992   Shawn Veches
                                                                       1974   Randy Landsman                1992   Brett Wendorf
 Valerie (Buckentin) Homolka (1994) gave birth to Lauren               1974   Shelly Swanson                1993   Alexandra Glasmann
                                                                       1975   Bradley Barlau                1994   Lisa (Nelson) Bechtold
 Avery on Feb. 23, 2007. Lauren joins her four-year old                1975   Janet Gennrich                1995   Joshua Carlson
 brother, Logan. Valerie is the Assistant Director of Patient          1975   Scott Hess                    1995   Melissa Hoernemann
                                                                       1975   Mike Otkin                    1995   Jenny Hoese
 Financial Services for the Marshfield Clinic in Marshfield. Her       1976   Jodi (Latterner) Hoops        1995   Kristina Koester
 husband, Aaron, is Physical Therapist/Assistant Manager of            1976   Gary Lenzen                   1996   Thomas Hoese
 Physical Therapy for the Marshfield Clinic.                           1976   Debra Lindstrom               1996   Matthew Schmidt
                                                                       1978   Maija Ojansuu                 1997   Andrew Briggs
 Valerie’s Email address is                  1978   Sherry Roy                    1997   Mark Frederick
                                                                       1980   David Niebuhr                 1998   Brent Dahl
  Attention Class of 1998! Jay Schutte and Allie Radintz are           1980   Steven Quick                  1998   Chad Gutknecht
 eager to set up the class reunion for next summer. If you             1983   Andrea Mackenthun             1998   Aaron Perry
                                                                       1983   Drew Peterson                 1999   Jeremiah Larson
 would like to help please contact Jay at:
                                                                       1983   Jeffrey Stradtmann            1999   Lindsay Penaz                                                  1984   Melissa (Anderson) Burfeind   1999   Matthew Schwichtenberg
                                                                       1984   Paula Johnson                 1999   Jamie Zebell
                                                                       1984   Sonja Weibel                  2000   Lindsay Harman
                                                                       1985   Andrew Lehrke                 2000   Kristin Hoese
 The Class of 1982 should have received information about a            1985   Paul Stemper                  2001   Jacob Palen
 class reunion from Julie Crocker. Her contact information             1986   Theresa (Schauer) Graupmann   2001   Aaron Stender
 is as follows: You can also con-                1986   Daniel Hedlund                2002   Breanna Beck
                                                                       1986   Robert Marty                  2002   Kristine Pedersen
 tact Monica Wasser at:                       1987   Sheryl (Laesch) Johnson       2002   Erin Veches
                                                                       1987   Kimberly Spaulding            2003   Brandon Meyer
                                                                       1988   Darin Hormann                 2004   Paige Beddor
                                                                       1988   Sherr Selchow                 2004   Aaron Hatling
                                                                       1989   Timohty Boll                  2005   Paris Beddor
                                                                       1989   Bryan Dammann                 2005   Derek Meyer
 E-News from LHS      Would you like to receive a monthly up-          1989   Joe Davis
                                                                       1990   Melissa Lund
 date about activities, news, and events going on MLHS?                1990   Jennifer (Esgar) Mackenthun
 Please send your e-mail address to
 We look forward to hearing from you.
                                                                      $1,000 Grant Awarded to MLHS
  If you are thinking about trading in your
  vehicle and buying a new one, consider
  donating your used vehicle to Mayer Lutheran High School.
  In addition to automobiles, you can donate your, truck,
  boat, motor home, motorcycle, snowmobile/ trailer,
  personal water craft, or RV to MLHS. The vehicle needs to
  be in safe running order to be re-sold. Your donation is tax
  deductible based on the proceeds received from the sale by
  Cars with Heart. To donate call 952.657.2251 x224.

                                                                           Joel Landskroener Dave Lane & Maria Hendrickson
                                                                   Mayer Lutheran High School was awarded a Lutheran Church
                                                                   Extention Fund (LCEF) Outreach Event Grant for this year’s mis-
                                                                   sion trip to Ysleta which will occur in January of 2008.
                      You can support
                   Lutheran High School                            The mission team of 31 MLHS students and 12 counselors plan to
                      by filling out the                           build three houses for needy families in Mexico. We are grateful
   Giving Plus Gift Form and enclosing it with your gift .         for our mission partnership with LCEF as we serve God’s people in
                                                                   Carver County and the world.
Summer 2007                                                                                                  Page 3

Mayer        Lutheran
High School was 45
years old in 2006.
Some of you may
remember the first
day of school, the
first graduation, the
first freshman class,
or the first basketball
game in MLHS his-
tory. God has show-
ered blessings upon
MLHS       throughout Mr. Bernie Pettersen ad- Mr. Erlen Schroeder talks
the past 45 years. As dresses the luncheon     about the many years he
you read through guests.                       served LHS.                 Ernie Dreier & Bernie Pettersen
this issue of The
Crusader Communicator, there can be no doubt that MLHS is built on
a firm foundation that was put in place through the vision of those
leaders who came before our current students, parents, teachers, and

On May 7, MLHS honored the school’s founders and the Board of
Directors of Mayer Lutheran High School’s first ten years. Fifty-seven
guests gathered in the Fine Arts Center to share a meal, swap stories,
and listen to a program outlining the wonderful things happening at
MLHS. Students and staff members spoke to our guests and thanked
them for their work.

Mr. William Ebel, one of our first teachers and coaches, spoke briefly
about his time at MLHS. He was joined by Norlean Berndt who
shared the story of when she was called to serve at MLHS. “When I
arrived, there were two bricks in a field. My mother thought I had
made a mistake and suggested that I get my old job back.”

Mr. Bernie Pettersen, an original member of the Board of Delegates,
held everyone’s attention as he spoke about gathering funds to build
our school and planning the new campus back in 1960.                            Bill & Dorothy Ebel

The Mayer Lutheran High School campus was dedicated to the Glory
of God on December 10, 1961. Our school prospered as interest in
Christian education grew. Throughout the past 45 years there have
been many changes at MLHS, but one thing has not changed. Jesus
Christ is the cornerstone and solid rock of our special, precious
ministry to young people. As our founders can attest, God has richly
blessed MLHS as we prepare the next generation of Christian leaders.

                                                                           Paul & Theodore von Fange

Elaine Hoese, Arlys Honebrink, Lavonne & Norville Luebke
Page 4                                                                                                    The Crusader Communicator

IT IS REUNION TIME AT LHS                                “South Pacific” - Summer Theatre at LHS
Here is the rundown on reunions—                         After six summers of rest, the community members of Mayer Lutheran High
                                                         School are returning to the Fine Arts Auditorium excited to perform the first-ever
Class of 1962 you are celebrating 45 years -             summer musical, “South Pacific,” scheduled for July 19, 20 21 at 7:00 p.m. and July
                                                         22 at 2:00 p.m. Ticket Prices: $10.00 for adults; and $7.00 for students.
Class of 1967 you are celebrating 40 years -
Class of 1972 you are celebrating 35 years -             In 1998, 1999, and 2000, community members performed in the then new build-
                                                         ing under the direction of former MLHS art teacher and high school drama direc-
Plans are in the works for the classes of 1964—          tor, Richard Dorn. Shows performed then included: “A Thurber Carnival,” “Our
72 to gather this summer at Mayer Lutheran               Hearts Were Happy and Gay,” “The Count of Monte Cristo,” as well as three one
High School. Watch your mailbox!                         acts, “Black Comedy,” “Under the Lamplight,” and “Fifteen Minute Hamlet.”
The Class of 1982 is celebrating 25 years and
Julie (Mackenthun) Crocker is working on the             The present cast of “South Pacific” includes 25 members. Former Mayer LHS com-
event. If you would like to work with Julianne           munity cast members include current parents of MLHS students, Darel Radde
on planning you can contact her via email at:            (1977 alumni), Joan Schroeder and Betsy Werner. Other parents of LHS current                                    students or alumni included in the cast are: Steve Hirsch, Greg Johnson, Fred
You can also contact Monica Wasser (Jacques)             Limmel, Joel Noenning, and Nick and Gina Rogosienski. Alumni performing in
952.657.2188 or                 “South Pacific” will be: Wendy Bakken (1985), Luke Beck (2005), Nick Heckmann
                                                         (2005), John Landskroener (2007), Shannon Mellgren (2006), Christian Peitsch
The Class of 1987 is celebrating 20 years.               (2005), Leah Radde (2005), Lee Radde (2007), Lukas Radde (2004), Melissa
                                                         Schmidt (2005), Lyndsy Wasser (2004), and Jessica Werner (2005). Other mem-
The Class of 1992 has 15 years to celebrate.
                                                         bers include MLHS faculty members, Tim Bierbaum and Joel Landskroener and
The Class of 1997 is 10 years older and, finally,        future MLHS students, Brandon and Maddie Bakken.
The Class of 2002 is celebrating five years.             In March, a few enthusiastic individuals prompted a committee to head up the
                                                         new summer Mayer Lutheran Community Theater. Positions were quickly filled:
We would appreciate information about your               orchestral director - James Dulas, theatrical director - Pam Bierbaum, set design –
class reunion in order to help publicize your            Jessica West, and choreographic artist – Deseree Dantona. Many cast members,
gathering. Don’t forget to send photos of your           friends, parents, and students of Mayer Lutheran High School comprise commit-
party!                                                   tees working to prepare the set, costumes, technical support, programs, and pub-
                                                         lic relations necessary to make this exciting project successful.

                                                         We are eager to see you there!

                                                    On June 3, 2007, the class of
                                                    2007 walked the stage, ac-
                                                    cepted their diplomas, and
                                                    shook hands with Executive
                                                    Director Mr. Landskroener,
                                                    Principal Kevin Wilaby, and
                                                    Board of Directors President
                                                    Jeff Machemehl (pictured in
                                                    the lower left photo).

                                                     Of the 65 graduates, 24 of
                                                     them have a special connec-
                                                     tion to Mayer Lutheran High
                                                     School—one or both of their
                                                    parents graduated from MLHS
                                                    too! Pictured on the right is
                                                    Kreg (’84) and Dede (Schoen)
                                                    Schmidt (‘83) with their oldest son Aaron. On the left is the Buckentine family Alan &
                                                    Nancy (Schmidt) (‘78) with their daughter Heidi.

                                                    Kevin Wilaby mentioned in his comments at graduation that 100% of our graduates
                                                    will be moving on with post-secondary educational plans. Of our 65 graduates, 78%
                                                    will go on to a college or university, Twenty percent will pursue a two-year junior
                                                    college degree, and two percent of the class will be entering the military to serve their

                                                    We are very proud of the Class of 2007. May God continue His good work as they con-
                                                    tinue to be Christian leaders wherever they go.
Summer 2007                                                                                                                     Page 5

Your gifts make a difference in the lives of hundreds of families and students by helping to provide a
      Christ-centered education for all. Thank you for helping us in funding these accounts .

   ALUMNI CHURCH WORKER SCHOLARSHIP was created by donors               earnings are specifically used to supplement the music, art, and
who were interested in encouraging Christian Church Workers by          drama ministries of LHS. New equipment, repairs, capital prod-
providing a grant for alumni who graduate from a Lutheran col-          ucts, etc. may be purchased for the music, art, and drama de-
lege and enter a church work field.                                     partments of LHS from the earnings and interest made from this
                                                                        endowment. Thank you for supporting the arts at LHS.
                                                                           KLEMP/ MUELICH ACADEMIC ENDOWMENT created in December
loving memory of Allan Kramer who loved the ministry that oc-
curred between Christian coaches and athletes, the Ministry in          of 2006 by Wayne and Lois Muelich of Monticello, Minnesota,
Sports Endowment provides funding for improvements, develop-            provides grants to graduates of Lutheran High School in Mayer
ment, additions, and enhancement of LHS’s athletic facilities and       who will study for full-time church work in the Lutheran
programs. Thank you for supporting this special part of our minis-      Church-Missouri Synod and to current Mayer Lutheran High
try at LHS.                                                             School students who excel academically. The Muelich’s desire is
                                                                        that others will see the need for furthering the training of
   BRANDENBURG STUDENT AID ENDOWMENT The Brandenburg En-                graduates for full-time church work in the Lutheran Church-
dowment was established in memory of Emma and Erwin Bran-               Missouri Synod and for supporting high-achieving current stu-
denburg, and is funded by proceeds from the Brandenburg es-             dents and will be encouraged to contribute to this fund as well.
tate, to assist students in meeting tuition needs in order to attend
                                                                            MELCHERT OPERATING ENDOWMENT The earnings from this
                                                                        Endowment are to be used to help subsidize LHS’s general op-
   CRUSADER CLUB— FIRST THINGS FIRST ANNUAL FUND The Crusader           erating needs. The endowment was established by the Mel-
Club is LHS’s Annual Giving Program. Each year, the operating           chert family and helps to slow increases in tuition. Thank you
budget of LHS relies on gifts from Crusader Club members to meet        for helping to offset the costs of Christian education at LHS.
the daily costs of education at LHS. Did you know that it costs
                                                                           MELCHERT LOUNGE ENDOWMENT Earnings from the Melchert
almost $6,044 per day to fund LHS? It costs $9,116 to educate
each student at LHS; yet, tuition, before discounts and financial       Lounge Endowment are to be used only to purchase furnish-
aid, is only $7,500.                                                    ings for the student lounge.
Over 200 individuals belong to the various levels of the LHS               MUELICH LANDSCAPE ENDOWMENT was begun in December of
Crusader Club. If you are a member, thank you! If you are not a         2006 by Wayne and Lois Muelich of Monticello, Minnesota to
member, would you consider becoming one?                                provide financial support for outdoor beautification and mainte-
                                                                        nance of the Lutheran High School in Mayer campus. The
   CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP FUND The Christian                  Muelich’s desire is that others will see the need for improving
Leadership Scholarship Fund was created by donors who were              the school grounds and will be encouraged to contribute to this
interested in rewarding and encouraging the maturation, de-             fund as well.
velopment, and growth of Christian Leaders at LHS. Four an-
nual scholarship are given to graduating seniors of LHS who               NORMAN SCHWARTZ STUDENT AID ENDOWMENT The Schwartz
have exhibited growth in their personal relationship with Jesus         Endowment was set up so that the earnings can supplement
Christ, leadership skills, and a vision for using their God-given       and help needy families with scholarship assistance. The fund
leadership skills both at LHS and in the future. Thank you to all       was originally established in loving memory of LHS supporter
of you who are helping to support LHS’s mission and encour-             Norman Schwartz of Lester Prairie.
age Christian leadership development in our students.                      SCHROEDER STUDENT AID ENDOWMENT The Student Aid
    EXTRA CURRICULAR ENDOWMENT Over 90% of LHS’s student body           Endowment is very crucial to the future enrollment of stu-
participates in at least one extracurricular event. The Extracurricu-   dents at LHS. The earnings and interest made from this en-
lar Endowment earnings are used to pay for coaching and direc-          dowment provide scholarship assistance to families in need.
tor’s stipends in areas such as athletics, music, and drama. This       The bigger this endowment grows, the more aid LHS can
endowment also helps to provide extra revenue for the athletic,         offer to future and prospective LHS students and families.
music, and drama programs themselves. LHS students learn so             Thank you for helping LHS in this great cause.
much in their extracurricular programs—leadership, character,
hard work, etc. A gift to this fund ensures the future stability and        TECHNOLOGY ENDOWMENT The Technology Endowment en-
viability of these opportunities and programs.                          sures that LHS will be able to provide the very best education
                                                                        possible to students now and in the future. As the costs of com-
    GENERAL/MEMORIAL ENDOWMENT Do you wish to dedicate a gift           puters and technology use increase, the more operating money
in remembrance of a loved one? A gift to the General Endowment          is needed to fund these computer hardware, software, and
helps LHS both now and in the future. The earnings and interest         maintenance needs. The earnings and interest made on the
made from the General Endowment help subsidize LHS’s operat-            Technology Endowment are used to help support the operating
ing budget. In other words, the more the General Endowment              budget expenditures directly related to technology costs. Thank
grows, the more earnings and interest made can help to pay util-        you for supporting academic excellence at LHS.
ity expenses, materials, supplies, teacher salaries, etc. This endow-
ment truly helps to slow tuition increases at LHS. LHS is honored          TUTOR RESOURCE ENDOWMENT The Tutor Resource Endow-
to receive gifts in remembrance of your loved ones.                     ment earnings are used to assist with costs of helping special
                                                                        needs students, students who need extra one-on-one atten-
      JACOB PETER ZIMMER MEMORIAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE FINE ARTS           tion, special education training and tutorial service, and
Created in loving memory of Jacob P. Zimmer, who was tragically         learning materials for special needs students. Thank you for
killed in a car accident in the fall of 2000, the Zimmer Endowment      helping us meet the needs of all students who desire a
                                                                        Christ-centered education at LHS.
Page 6                                                                            The Crusader Communicator

SUMMER CAMPS                                        SUMMER RENOVATIONS
In spite of the gymnasium
renovations, summer                                 A great crew of folks
camps will still be                                 made up of past parents,                        South Side
held.                                               alumni, current students,                       Bleachers
                                                    and staff members
                                                    gathered on a Monday                            Being removed
                                                    evening to tear down our
                                                    current bleachers. The
                                                    bleachers have served
                                                    MLSH well since 1968.
                                           girls    In order to begin renova-
                              basketball camp       tion of the gymnasium,
                      was held at Trinity Lu-       the first order of business
                 theran School in Waconia and       was to remove the cur-
             was headed by Coach Kris Gustin.
Volleyball camp, lead by Coach Joelle Grimsley,
                                                    rent bleachers in order to
may be relocated this year depending on the         install the new floor.
renovation progress.
                                                    With the bleachers com-
Camps at MLHS have been a long-standing tra-        pletely removed, the next
dition. Attendance at these camps has been          step was painting the
increasing the past few years. Mr. Kevin            walls, which was com-
                           Boozikee’s boys bas-     pleted on Monday, June
                           ketball camp worked      18, just under the wire as
                           with 65 campers.
                                                    the benefit sale began on
                             Every camp at MLHS     Tuesday, June 19!
                             emphasizes leader-
                             ship. This year’s      After everything was                     South Side of the gym
                             boys basketball        cleared out, following the
                             camp coaching staff    sale, materials were
                             is pictured above.     brought in to complete
                             (From left to right)   the floor.
                             Luke Buttenhoff, Jon
                             Schmidt, Adam
                             Dorion, Ben
                                                    Pictured in the lower right
                             Schwanke, and          is Dan Pohl (‘04) and
                             Coach Boozikee.        Michael Schuette (‘06)
                             Curent MLHS stu-       who are working on
dents led, taught, officiated, and thoroughly       improving the storage
enjoyed the camp this year.                         area under the weight
                                                    room. When asked how
MLHS offers camps for aviation, baseball, basket-   it felt to be back, both
ball, dance, drama, football, soccer, and volley-   said they never thought
                                                    they would be working at
New this year is the Model Aviation camp            MLHS doing construction.
taught by Mr. Bud Hitchcock, a long-time friend
of MLHS.

In its second year, Drama Camp is directed by
Mr. Richard Dorn, a former teacher at MLHS.
Although he is retired, he enthusiastically leads
drama camp. Of course he was smiling!

LHS coaches are always looking for ways to
encourage, model, mentor and teach Christian
leadership skills. Our summer camps provide a
great opportunity for students to put into prac-
tice what they have learned from their coaches
— leadership in action!
                                                                                        Dan Pohl and Mike Schuette
Page 7                                                                                                                          The Crusader Communicator

                       10th Annual Crusader Classic Golf Tournament
                       Saturday, September 8, 2007
                       Shadowbrooke Golf Course,
                       Lester Praire, Minnesota

                       7:45 a.m. Scramble Shotgun Start – Rain or Shine - Entry Fee - $400.00 per Team and Includes:
                       18 holes of Golf, Carts, Coffee and Donuts at Registration, Lunch, participation in the Putting Contest, Two Mulligans
                       per golfer, Prizes, Fun, Fellowship, a Good Time for All!
   Plus – a chance to win valuable prizes on each par 3 hole. Prizes include a New Car on hole 17, sponsored by Lenzen Chevrolet

  Par 3 Card
   Take part in the Hit the Green Contests on                                                                       Thank You!
    all six Par-3 holes for $20.00 per person
                                                                                 All funds raised at this annual event supports
            (price at registration - $25.00)
               (on-course price- $30.00)                                                                     technology at LHS
                                                                                   Registration Deadline – Upon receipt of 36th team registration
                                                        Questions? – call Gerry Thomas at 952-657-2300 or
                                                   952-657-2251 ext. 315 or e-mail:

                     Please include one check, made out to Crusader Classic Golf Tournament and mail it and this form to:
                                                                             Lutheran High School
                                                    Attn: Gerry Thomas              305 5th St. NE        Mayer, MN 55360

                 Team Registration - 4 golfers at $100.00 each                                                                     $400.00

                              _____ Par 3 Cards at $20.00 per golfer                                                               ______________

                                                       Total Enclosed                                                              ______________

Please check here if you wish to have receipt mailed to you for income tax purposes. ___________

Team Contact Person: ______________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________

e-mail: ____________________________________ (your email address will not be shared with anyone)

Golfer # 2: ______________________________________________

Golfer #3: ______________________________________________

Golfer #4: ______________________________________________
Page 8                                                                                             The Crusader Communicator

 CHESS TEAM — GOOD MOVES                                                SCIENCE AT MLHS
                                                                Mr. Gary Loonjer’s physics class
The Mayer Lutheran High School Chess team had a good year.      built and launched rockets in late
The A team had a rough start, but ended up in 4th place out of  May — two-liter bottle rockets,
8 teams. The B team had a good start then they struggled the    that is. The rocket’s payload was
second half of the season and ended up in 5th place.            an egg which had to be carried
Practices were held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 - 5:00 aloft and returned safely to earth
PM. Matches were held on Wednesdays. Three out of the 5         via a parachute. Students earned
members of the A team just graduated. Next season’s captains    points for achieveing 50 or 100
will be Zach Hoerman, who is now first chair on the A team, and feet, rocket design, parachute
Joe Eischens, who is second chair.                              deployment and safely returning
                                                                the egg. There were only a few
This past season, every-                                        casualties.
one lettered. This was
our best season for                                             This project finished the year’s
chess—ever. We are                                              series of construction projects.
winning more and                                                Earlier, Mr. Loontjer’s class made
much of the credit is due                                       egg drop structures. The goal of
to the addition of having                                       the project was to have the egg
Pastor Krentz on board                                          padded in such a way that the
as the assistant coach as                                       impact would not break the egg.
well as the seasoned                                            The class also built toothpick
guidance from Mr.                                               bridges which were tested for
Robert Luecke.                                                  strength by placing sand in buck-             Eggs
                                                                      ets and heaping it on until each        Away!
                                                                      bridge eventually collapsed.

                                  Physics can be fun, and Mr. Loontjer certainly makes sure the kids are
                                  learning while challenging themselves and others in the class—to
                                  build a better bridge, parachute, or rocket. Mr. Loontjer is complet-
                                  ing his first year at LHS, but his 32nd year of the teaching ministry. He
                                  has been a great asset to the mission and ministry of LHS and we are
                                  thankful to have him as part of our talented staff at LHS.

                                                                                                         Getting Ready to Launch

                                                                                 Bridge Building

Mallory Christopherson, Rachel Anderson and Cassie Schlueter are
sure their rockets will beat the 100 ft. goal.
                                                  Summer 2007                                                                                                          Page 9

    TOP HONORS—CLASS OF 2007                                                                       CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP AWARD WINNERS
                                                                                                                                              Lee Radde is the son
                                                                                                                                              of Darel and Krista
                                                                                                                                              Radde (both ‘77) of
                                                                                                                                              Cologne. Lee plans to
                                                                                                                                              attend Dordt College
                                                                                                                                              in Iowa.

                                                                                                                                              Alyssa Kovar is the
                                                                                                                                              daughter of Dale and

                                                                                                                                              Linda Kovar of
                                                                                                                                              Winsted. Alyssa plans
                                                                                                                                              to attend Wartburg
                                                                                                                                              College in Iowa

                                                                                                                                              Quintin Biermann is
                                                                                                                                              the son of Brian (’80)
                                                                                                                                              and Kari Biermann of
                                                                                                                                              Hamburg. Quintin
                                                                                                                                              plans to attend the
                                                                                                                                              University of South
                                                                                                                                              Dakota in Sioux Falls.

                                                                                                   Selection Process: The Executive Director, two other administrators,
                                                                                                   and one teacher selected the winners. Scholarship applicants were
                                                                                                   chosen based on the following criteria:
                                                                                                          A clear vision on how they plan to use their leadership skills and
                               Katie Schaefer, the class of 2007 Valedictorian, lives with her            God-given gifts in the future (this was done in a written essay
                               parents Richard and Bonnie. Katie has two college-aged broth-              format).
                               ers, Christopher and Matthew.                                              Leadership development and growth in their own personal faith
                               Katie attends St. John’s Lutheran Church in Chaska and her                 lives.
                               favorite classes this year were Band and Advanced Placement                Active participation in LHS’s leadership development programs,
                               English.                                                                   student mission and service projects, and other faith-outreach
                                                                                                          opportunities on and off campus.
                               “My favorite things about LHS are the friends, the teachers,
                               band trips, and learning and growing in my faith.”                         A recognition, understanding, and the appreciation for the love,
                                                                                                          Grace, and saving faith that is theirs through Jesus Christ.
                               Lee Radde, the class of 2007 Salutatorian, lives with his parents
                               Darel (’77) and Krista (’77). His siblings are Lukas, Leah, Lael     The goal is to recognize and award scholarships annually to up to
                               and Logan.                                                           four graduating students who have demonstrated Christian
                                                                                                    leadership traits, characteristics, skills, and/or growth in their years at
                               Lee attends Zion Lutheran Church in Cologne and his favorite         Mayer Lutheran High School. This scholarship also hopes to
                               classes were Band, Advanced Placement English, Advanced              encourage students to use their Christian leadership skills in the
                               Biology and Physics.                                                 future.

                                                                                                      National Honor Society
                                National Honor Society
                                Back Row: Reid Bode,
                                Eric Pawela, Jon Schmidt,
                                Jason Buxcel, Quintin
                                Biermann, Allen Kassen,
                                Michael Geib, David
                                Mielke, Brian Wikstrom,
                                Nick Wilson, and advisor
                                Mr. Chris Jung.
                                Middle Row: Tim Zahrte,
                                Leah Burfiend, Bree
                                Schneider, Cassie
                                Schlueter, Rachel Ander-
                                son, Alyssa Kovar, Katie
                                Schaefer, Lee Radde
                                Front Row: Katie
                                Schwartz, Elle Gustafson,
                                Mallory Christopherson,
                                Kristen Sprengeler, Karen
                                DeRocher, Jordan Meyer
Page 10                                                                              The Crusader Communicator

Mark Your Calendar….
    July 19—22          South Pacific—Summer Community Theatre
    August 16           New Student Orientation 5:30 PM at LHS
    August 22           First day of School for the 2007-2008 school year.
    September 8         10th Annual Crusader Golf Classic
    September 21        Homecoming Football Game & Dance
    October 5           Booster Club Pork Chop Dinner
    October 5           Student Aid Brunch


“South Pacific” will be performed at LHS on Thursday, July 19 at 7:00 PM,
Friday, July 20 at 7:00 PM; Saturday, July 21 at 7:00 PM and on Sunday, July 22 at
2:00 PM.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved please contact Pam Bierbaum


 You will not want to miss out on being a part of
 the 10th Annual Crusader Classic on Saturday,
 September 8, 2007 at 7:30 AM Shadow-
 brooke Golf Course in Lester Prairie, MN!
 Two Holland Grills will be given as prizes—a
 $750 value each. (Thank You Stu Glock!)
 Two 27-inch LCD HDTV’s will be given away.
 The grills and TV’s can be won on the par-three
 contests.                                                                                     The day was chilly in 2006!
 How about a new car? One hole in one on a special par-three hole can get you
 a free vehicle courtesy of Lenzen Chevrolet.
 The Ysleta mission trip students will benefit from the tournament as well. How
 would you like to wear a grass skirt if you could tee off from the ladies tee? The
 mission trip team can make that dream a reality.
 It will be a great day for golf, food, fellowship and support of technology at Mayer
 Lutheran High School. Get your foursome in today!
 Visit the LHS website for a registration form
Spring 2007   Page 11
The Crusader Communicator

                                                                               In conclusion, the 2006-2007 school
                                                                               year was a terrific year. Now that
                                                                               sounds like a “Last Word”, but to write
                                                                               this article in the context of providing a
                                                                               “last word” doesn’t make sense to me.
                                                                               The year has been completed and
students are in the midst of their greatest desire – summer break. Summer camps are underway and teachers are
wrapping up the school year just completed. The end of the school year really doesn’t bring a finality to anything.
It does create a transition point, or if you will a spring board to something new and very exciting…the next school
year with all of the unknowns and possibilities that it will possess.

It is true, the past year was a terrific year. Students learned, athletes practiced, musicians played, vocalists sang, students acted,
teachers taught, coaches coached, and directors directed. Families attended games and concerts. The Booster Club held a terrific
Pork Chop Dinner. And the time, it went by so quickly.

Commencement, the last day of school, and a retirement were all exciting events. Why are these events so exciting to those involved
in them? I believe it is the anticipation of what will come next. The seniors (class of 2007) are anticipating the next phase of their
education and have an idealistic view of what their adult lives will be like. Teachers, advisors, and coaches are planning the upcoming
school year and looking forward to tapping into potential that is present in their students and participants. In retirement Mr. Hilk has a
new and exciting chapter to live. Our eyes are focused forward on the future, and I pray upward on the hope that we share because
of what Christ has done on our behalf.

This is a time to be thankful and looking back on the past year we are thankful!
           Sixty-five students have become alumni of Mayer Lutheran High School and each of them is planning to either continue their
           education next year or serve their country in the military.
           Mr. Hilk was a faithful servant of Christ in this place for so many years and we wish him God richest blessings in retirement.
           God has raised up dedicated Christian teachers to be in ministry here. The following teachers were honored for years of
           service: Mr. Tim Bierbaum (15 years), Mr. Kris Gustin (5 years), Mrs. Barbara Hoback (20 years), and Mr. Mike Zimmer (25
           God has provided dedicated support staff for this ministry. Karen Loehrs was recognized for her 20 years of service.
           Our incoming freshmen class, the class of 2011, will be in the mid-sixties and several transfer students will be joining the
           Crusader family as well.
           God has provided the students at Mayer Lutheran High School with diverse and exceptional talents which they displayed in
           the classroom, on stage, and on the athletic fields and courts. There were so many accomplishments and victories (too many
           to list here) earned via these venues, both individual and collective.
           For our families who desire an education for their sons and daughters that will nourish their spirit as well as their minds.
           For our supporters who keep this ministry in their prayers and chose to invest in it with finances, knowing the eternal impact
           that it produces through the power of the Holy Spirit.

God has blessed us and our future is exciting. When the new school year begins the gymnasium renovation will be complete. Our
hallways will be filled with students. The classrooms will hum with teaching and learning. And in all we do, Jesus Christ will be lifted

                                                                                                                             U.S. POSTAGE
           305 5th Street NE                                                                                                   Permit #2
           Mayer, MN 55360
                                                                                                                            Mayer, MN 55360

                                                                Parents of Alumni:
       RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED                                 If this publication is addressed to your son or daughter who no longer
                                                                  resides at this address, please call the school office with an update.

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