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					                             K/BIS 2006
                              Chicago, Illinois
                             April 20-23, 2006

One of the most noticeable differences in this year‘s show was
evident in all the signage and marketing materials: K/BIS is
proudly owned by the NKBA. Prior to that, we‘d only ever seen
the names of the production company (Freeman) that was involved
in the organization of the event. It‘s nice to see NKBA getting the
proper credit.

Thursday morning‘s class was ―Creating the Custom Shower‖ sponsored by Kohler. They went
over the differences between the numerous shower fixtures currently available and how to design
with them, as well as how to communicate with your plumber-not how to BE the plumber! This
class was full of god information and detailed applications. Showering has become a time-
efficient luxury for those longing for leisure. These clients have less time and more money. The
average master bath has tripled in size from the 1930‘s, once considered a very utilitarian space;
this is now a respite and sanctuary. These people now see the home as their castle and the bath
as their spa. ¾‖ supply lines to the master are mandatory for this spa experience due to the
increased flow of water. A shower with 3 or more outlets requires at least 45 psi at the valve or
60 psi measured at the inlet. The average American household uses 400 gal of water per day
with 10 gallons per person for the average 7 minute shower. With multiple heads, we increase
that amount so everything needs to increase: the size of the water heater, the flow rate of the
valve, as well as the drain for evacuation of all that water. The popularity of the ―rain head‖
shower is purely for an ‗experience‘. The orbital lobe contact from the rain head triggers a blink
reflex. This would not be comfortable for a shower of any great length.

             Keynote speakers included the celebrity, Ervin ―Magic‖ Johnson who spoke about
             how he has become a success with his 300M businesses: He has brought what was
             needed to urban America-housing and retail. He bought real estate there, found
             out who the movers and shakers are in the community by utilizing local pastors
             and the urban league, and then he hires them. They are the ―great people‖ that he
             has to manage his building that will contain a retail space in the bottom
             (Starbucks, food store) and condos up top. He has spoken to them in their own
             language through their own recognized leaders, ensuring a success. He describes
             work as a passion and that you have to love what you do in the morning. He and
Carolyn Kepcher (Trump‘s right hand woman) spoke about themselves in the same fashion.

The NKBA business luncheon on Friday had Dr. Andrew Tuck who mentioned that 81% in the
polls say that the kitchen is the most important room to renovate. The Master Bath came in
second at only 6%. Kitchens and baths have gone from mundane to new social meaning: the
kitchen is now the model of Modern Domestic Control. The bath is now the New Personal
Sanctuary. There is also a greater division of services with a lot of pressure to be either low cost
or full-service. The higher end puts all the related services together, the lower end just ―moves
the boxes‖. A wide range of tactics are assumed to be part of the retail experience because it‘s
now expected. The majority wants a high end service experience and they demand expertise.
We now have to sell the experience of ―Perfection‖ being more than a material acquisition, it‘s
an inspirational experience. Retailers and Dealers need the same full-service models from our
sales reps that our consumers expect from us. The manufacturer‘s rep can help deliver this
―Perfect Experience‖ by: Realizing the high-end service business,
Raising the level of service and support, ―Taking care‖ of
customer problems, communicate to salespeople the emotional
connection that the manufacturer was thinking of when they came
out with the item, and checking for out of date samples…because
nothing undermines the perfect experience quicker than unmet

My favorite conference speaker was Jack Uldrich speaking on
Nanotechnology and how it will change the way we live and
work. Nanotechnology is defined as the willful manipulation of atoms and molecules. On Nov 9,
1989 the Berlin wall fell and 2 researchers made the IBM logo out of 35 atoms. This becomes a
civilizational event: we can now mix and match parts of the natural and artificial worlds in the
same environment. There will be more changes in the next 25 years than in all of the 20th
century due to this material science. Example: Bethlehem Steel on the 1989 cover of Business
Week as the Best Managed Company went bankrupt 12 years later and was bought in 2005 by
the Smithsonian as a museum! Its technology outdated within 17 years. Practical applications
connect form and function – what do our customers need? Items already using nanotech: Self-
cleaning sinks (Nanogate) Antibacterial countertops (Silestone), Self-cleaning glass (Pickington),
Antibacterial refrigerator (Samsung), Nanopaint (Behr), Waterproof drywall (Ecology coatings).
Items are smaller, lighter and more conductive because we manipulate the atoms. Nano pants:
dirt repels off them due to nano ―whiskers‖. Frozen smoke aerogels are great thermal and sound
insulators. Embedded electronics will become much more prevalent…nanosensors will be
proactive about detecting health problems, locating utensils, control water flow and distributing
sound. Bold Predictions: Printable plates and utensils that will break down to molecular form,
purify and regenerate on command. 100‘s of cancer drugs. The entire Library of Congress
available in portable form. And then there is NanoInk, also based in Chicago, which is
perfecting a technique called Dip-Pen Nanolithography—a process that uses an atomic force
microscope to write nanoscale patterns on substrates using atoms and molecules as the ―ink.‖
Imagine reading your morning newspaper without any paper, directly from your counter or desk

New Trend: Property owners are prompted to take decorating and furnishing up to the property
lines-even outdoors having it function as many traditional indoor spaces.

Many thanks for your continued support of my attendance at this annual conference.
Respectfully submitted,

Maria Stapperfenne, CKD
Division Manager, Tewksbury Kitchens & Baths
- a division of Huston Lumber & Supply Co.

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