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					DataSend Australia
Print and stock flexibility enables
expansion into new direct mail markets

Case Study, June 2009
DataSend expands into new Direct Mail
markets thanks to print and stock flexibility

                                               Background                                      Utilising Fuji Xerox’s Sydney epicenter™,
                                                                                               DataSend successfully ran a test application
                                               DataSend Australia provides personalised
                                                                                               on the Nuvera 144EA Digital Production
                                               communication services to many of
                                                                                               Printing System.
                                               Australia’s largest businesses. Across its
                                               five departments, 100 employees provide         “We were confident that this was unlikely to
                                               data management, high-speed data                be a one-off. We realised early on that the
                                               printing, mail processing, warehousing          Nuvera would enable us to greater success
                                               and fulfillment services.                       when bidding on new projects nationally,”
                                                                                               said DataSend’s managing director Phillip
                                               Typical work includes direct marketing
                                                                                               Gray. “The Nuvera’s stock-handling and print
                                               campaigns and statement mailings across
                                                                                               quality made it a stand-out.”
                                               a broad range of industries including retail,
                                               automotive, finance and utilities.              Business Solution
                                               DataSend was looking for equipment              DataSend installed the Nuvera 288, Nuvera
                                               that was able to laser print heavy stocks       144, and Nuvera 100 Digital Production
                                               in high volumes. The business decided to        Printing Systems, making it the only
                                               investigate production platforms that could     Australian production site of its size using
                                               offer optimum substrate flexibility and         the Nuvera EA Production Printing Systems
                                               performance.                                    exclusively.

                                               Business Scenario and Challenge                 “Most mailhouses have a mix of Xerox
                                                                                               DocuPrint and Nuvera production platforms.
                                               DataSend wanted to tender for a project
                                                                                               Our investment is a testament to the
                                               that required overprinting onto a pre-printed
                                                                                               development and change in the Nuvera EA
                                               offset stock with a weight of 250gsm. The
                                                                                               platform as a suitable replacement to the
                                               company’s existing printing technology
                                                                                               DocuPrint range,” said Gray.
  “We realised early on that the               was unable to handle the requirement, so
                                               DataSend consulted Fuji Xerox Australia.        The Nuvera 288 production printing rate
  Nuvera would enable us to
                                                                                               of 288 A4 pages per minute surpassed
  greater success when bidding
  on new projects nationally”

  – Philip Gray,
    Managing Director

2 Fuji Xerox Australia: DataSend Australia Case Study
“The greatest benefit has been our increased capacity to handle heavier stocks
at high print speeds, particularly utilising pre-printed offset shell stock”
– Philip Gray, Managing Director

DataSend’s earlier technology “but the             multi-Nuvera install. “A job set-up on one       This approach, knowledge of and investment
accommodation of heavier and coated                Nuvera can be moved to either of the other       in our business is important to us,” said Gray.
stocks in high volumes were as important to        two without a need for realignment or a new
                                                                                                    DataSend is also benefitting as a member
us as gains in speed,” said Gray.                  set-up. Compared to before, our production       of the Fuji Xerox Premier Partner Program.
                                                   team has considerably more flexibility during
Benefits                                                                                            The Program aims to offer added value to
                                                   set-up stage,” explains Gray.                    qualified graphic arts enterprises through
Since installing the Nuvera Digital Production
                                                   The Nuvera 288, being two 144 engines in         global knowledge-sharing, networking
Print platform, DataSend has secured
                                                   tandem, also means quicker duplex printing.      opportunities, tools and resources.
substantial new business, and has seen
                                                   Faster speeds mean better scheduling             “Fuji Xerox is committed to helping
the business grow to embrace new market
opportunities in personalisation and 1:1           flexibility, with more jobs now being printed    members keep abreast of the latest trends,
direct mail. The business has increased its        in one shift. The Nuvera’s larger output bins    as well as addressing business challenges
volume of black and white pages by a million       have also helped realise efficiencies.           by offering information seminars and
each month.                                        “Previously it was necessary to empty our        programs on adding new revenue streams,
                                                   output bins more frequently. However, with       ways to expand services, increasing profit
“The greatest benefit has been our increased
                                                   the Nuvera’s larger bins, we can run for         and improving process efficiencies. It is
capacity to handle heavier stocks at high
                                                                                                    a worldwide community of 800 leading
print speeds, particularly utilising pre-printed   longer without interruption,” said Gray.
                                                                                                    digital print providers including many of the
offset shell stock,” said Gray.                    Gray is particularly impressed with              industry’s digital print pioneers. Participation
The Nuvera’s FreeFlow Print Server handles         Fuji Xerox’s service and support,                in the Premier Partner Program gives us great
complex variable data print jobs, RIP              believing DataSend now experiences an            insight into worldwide best practices and
multiple jobs simultaneously or break down         unprecedented level of attention and             overseas trends, enabling us to better spot
large or complex jobs across multiple RIPs. It     specifically tailored out-of-hours support.      new business opportunities,” said Gray.
has enabled DataSend to maximise prepress          “Fuji Xerox Australia has a solid service and
uptime, meaning a greater number of jobs
                                                   support infrastructure. They took the time
can be completed faster.
                                                   to understand our business model and were
Other time benefits have also been realised        able to make recommendations around
due to the compatible print alignment of the       possible future upgrade strategies.

                                                                                            Fuji Xerox Australia: DataSend Australia Case Study 3
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Fuji Xerox Australia is one of Australia’s leading document management technology and services companies marketing innovative
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Our mission is to be the unrivalled leader in providing print and electronic document services and solutions, as well as business process
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With more than 12 billion pages produced on Xerox technology in Australia annually, Fuji Xerox has the experience and knowledge to design
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The company, its management and its staff are driven to create sustainable value for its customers and that is reflected in its commitment to
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