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                                       Newsletter Feature

        Jeff Shively is the author of this issue of the “Hoosier Tailfin‟s” column featuring
an article about a member‟s automotive experiences or profiles a member of the club.
Jeff has a written a very interesting article about his 1960.

        If you are willing to write an article please advise Doug Brinson, Lars Kneller,
or me so that we can add you to the schedule. An article can be anywhere from one
paragraph in length or multiple pages long. Although not necessary, pictures always add
interest. I look forward to hearing about our members and their cars in future issues. We
are looking for an author for the next issue of the Hoosier Tailfin.

                                          National Club

        Please note Lars Kneller’s report of decisions made at the national winter board
meeting. After several years of study and investigation, the Gilmore Museum at Hickory
Corners, Michigan was selected. Hickory Corners is midway between Kalamazoo and
Grand Rapids, Michigan. The press release concerning this selection can be found at:

                                        Upcoming Events

       Upcoming events include a joint meet with the T-bird club. The date will be
determined by a joint agreement of the respective clubs.

        On March 20, 2010 we will be visiting Fair Oaks Farm.
Over the last couple of years I have heard positive reports from various individuals who
have visited a working farm known as Fair Oaks. Fair Oaks is located midway between
Rensselear and Demotte, Indiana just a short distance off Interstate 65. You can get to
Fair Oaks by taking Interstate 65 to the Winamac/State Road 14 which is exit 220. Upon
exiting I 65 go West on State Road 14 to 600 East and turn South into Fair Oaks Dairy

       Fair Oaks is, in their own words, “...the extraordinary world of dairy....


         Some of the more frequently asked questions are: Do we need to wear special
clothes? No. You can wear regular clothing and shoes. Will the weather affect our tour?
No. It doesn‟t matter if it rains or snows. Your adventure is primarily indoors. Our
facilities, as well as our tour buses, are climate controlled. Do you have restrooms? Yes.
Our facilities are fully equipped with immaculate handicap accessible restrooms. Can we
bring cameras? Yes. In fact, if you plan to document your adventure, be sure you don‟t
forget it. How long does the entire day take? Allow at least 2.5 hours. This includes 30
minutes. for lunch or shopping. Of course, you are more than welcome to stay all day, „til
the cows come home! What will we get to see?

        We will meet in the northwest corner of the parking lot at 10:00 a.m CST. In
addition to the tour we will eat lunch and have a short meeting at the farm. PLEASE
CALL OR EMAIL Bill Hedge at 219-362-6316 to advise whether you can attend.
This is important so that we can determine what kind of tour we will have.

        For those coming from the south, Barry Wheeler has suggested that you will
passing by the Indiana wind farms. For more information on the wind mills please see: Jim Snell, our webmaster, lives in the
area and also is very knowledgeable about the wind farms.

       June 12, 2010 Annual Cadillac & La Salle, Buick, Pontiac Oldsmobile Show at
Highland Park behind the Elwood Haynes Museum, Kokomo, Indiana.

        June 24-26, 2010 Red Power Line Up Although not officially scheduled as an
“official” event yet, if there is interest, I would be happy to schedule this as an “official”
event. Never heard of the Red Power Round Up? Neither had I until recently. The Red
Power Round Up is the annual summer reunion and show for members of International
Harvester Collectors World Wide. Exhibits come from all over the world. This event
always welcomes the members and also the general public.

       The 2010 show to be held in La Porte, Indiana hosted by International Harvester
Collectors Club Northern Indiana Chapter 33, Inc., will be the 21st annual show and will
also mark the 20th anniversary of International Harvester Collectors. For more
information on this event please see:

        Although farm equipment may not be of interest to everyone, one exciting part of
this event will be the convention of Highwheelers. The largest ever exhibit of
International Harvester Hiwheeler (autowagon) vehicles will be at the International
Harvester Collectors annual show( Red Power Round-up) at La Porte, Indiana in June
2010. All years, 1907 to 1915 will be present. This is a once in a lifetime chance to be a
part of a historic group. You will have a chance to compare years and meet and bond
with owners. The opportunity to view the Highwheelers is not to be missed. For more

information on this historic event please see: Please advise me as to
whether you would be interested in attending this event as a club event.

       July 14 to 17, 2010 National Cadillac & La Salle Club meet in Overland Park
       (Kansas City), Kansas.

       August, 2010 dealer show in Indianapolis - exact date to be determined.

        September 3 and 4, 2010 Labor Day weekend meeting Auburn. We are
considering having an over-nighter with a visit to the Kruse Auction, dinner Friday
night, the annual ACD Festival on Saturday, and then lunch together.

       We are looking for suggestions for events for April or May. If you have any
suggestions for events then, or at any other time, please contact any officer or me via
phone at 219-362-6316 or via email at


       If you have not recently visited the Indiana Region website, do yourself a favor
and do so. I would suggest viewing the website at least weekly. Improvements are
constantly being added. If you have pictures of your car, please email
them to our webmaster and member Jim Snell at: If you have
suggestions for improvements, please contact us.


       Please keep in mind prospective members you can invite to join the club! We
need to recruit new members. As Lars Kneller noted in his article, if you have not
renewed your membership by paying this year‟s dues, please do so immediately so that
you are not dropped as a member.

Respectfully yours,
Bill Hedge, Director

                                       Barn Update
                                      By Lars Kneller
Barn Update

This column marks a first for the Barn Update, as I am writing it 36,000 feet up in the air,
on a Southwest Airlines flight home from the Winter Board Meeting in Oakland, CA. I
had never been to the Oakland / San Francisco area before, and was impressed with its
beauty, warm temperatures (at least for this time of year by Indiana standards- in the
50‟s), and hills. We visited the San Francisco Academy of Art Museum‟s car collection
that numbered about 150. They had an impressive collection- several older valuable and
well restored cars. We stopped at several tourist points, including Telegraph Hill and the
Golden Gate Bridge.

The meetings went well. The big news from the CLCMRC Board meeting was that the
Site Selection Committee, of which I am a member, made a recommendation to place our
physical museum at the Gilmore complex in Hickory Corners, MI. The board
unanimously passed our recommendation! Gilmore has some room currently to display
some of our vehicles in one of their existing buildings, and with several of their
Cadillac‟s, our physical museum will be born! With time our goal is to build our own
building. There will be much excitement coming in the near future! The museum board
will be having a spring meeting at Gilmore as our next step.

The CLC board meeting went well too. Board elections are this year, and if any of you
are interested in running, please contact me and I can give you more information and the
deadlines to get your candidacy in. Herb Karow, our Central Regions Vice President, as
many of you know, had been diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment. He is
between treatments currently and was able to attend the meeting in Oakland. He really
looked good and has a very optimistic attitude. It was great to see him! He does realize
he cannot carry out his duties and has tendered his resignation. We have a great
candidate to replace him who will be announced shortly. We have a few other positions
that will be changing as this board term expires at the end of this summer‟s Grand
National, and are close to having a new IT Director too. I am happy we have a good
supply of able, willing, and skilled members to lead the club.

I‟ve had good barn time so far this winter. We‟ve had quite a bit of “quality” weather,
and had about 2 feet of snow on the ground when I left. Thus meaning time to hole up in
the barn! What I have left to accomplish on the 1972 Eldorado convertible isn‟t much,
and nothing I can do myself, so it is sitting covered up until the weather breaks. This
winter‟s project is to finish the under hood detailing on the 1968 Eldorado. You may
recall a couple winters ago I detailed the engine itself. Now I am working on everything
surrounding it. The whole front grille and headlamp area is all taken apart, and most
everything has been sandblasted and painted, or polished (read large aluminum grille!).
My mother, for Christmas, bought me one of Eastwood‟s tumblers for cleaning up small
parts. Its first job was a bunch of bolts, nuts, clips, etc, and did a pretty good job. It
wasn‟t quite as good as if I had sandblasted and wire wheeled all the parts, but was close,
and saved me quite a bit of time. I just tossed all of them in the tumbler with their media,
and let it run for a day or so, to de-rust everything. Then after cleaning it all up, I put the
parts back in to the tumbler with polishing media, let it run for another day or so, and
voila! Everything was done.

I ordered some new rubber parts from Steele Rubber. I bought a roll of the rubber
sheeting to make new pieces that go around the radiator. I have found it is quicker to
make new pieces using the old ones as a template. It is time consuming to clean up the
old ones and paint them with the pliable black paint. They look nice when done but also,
after several years, sometimes the paint starts to peal a little. The smaller ones are often

hard and crack easily too. I also bought a new radiator for the car. The original one has a
pipe for the heater return hose, but none of the new replacements come with that. I am
going to call my retired body man, and see if he would help me remove the pipe and graft
it on to the new radiator. He is very good at brazing and I suspect could fix this problem
for me.

My other winter project is to go through all my old car magazines and trim the collection
down some. I have endless boxes of Motor Trend‟s, Car and Driver‟s, and Road and
Track‟s I have kept over the years. I also have boxes of several old car magazines and
Trailer Boat magazines to thin down too. If anyone is interested in having some of these,
please contact me.

Being out in California, in the temperate weather, and seeing several old cars driving
around, has made me start wishing for spring! I have been able to use the snowmobiles
much more so far this winter than I have in the past several, due to all the snow. I taught
our German exchange daughter to drive them too, which she really enjoyed. In Germany
kids can‟t get their driver‟s license until they are 18, and I know she is envious of my
daughters being able to drive. It is interesting that the drinking age in Germany for beer
and wine is 16, and 18 for all other liquor.

I still have several members who haven‟t renewed their region membership. If I don‟t
hear from you soon, you will be dropped from the region roster. Please remember that all
region members must also be national members, due to the liability insurance the national
club carries on our region and its activities. The national club office sent me a list of
several members who had let their national membership drop. None of them had
renewed their 2010 region membership so I dropped them from our roster. None of them
had been active in the region.

Speaking of our roster, my home computer‟s mother board died, and my local geek
deemed the computer not worth fixing. It was quite the antique, a 2002 model. I bought a
new one and the geek was optimistic he could transfer all the old computer‟s files on to
the new one. I am hopeful too, as otherwise I will have to completely redo our roster!
My trusty work laptop has filled in admirably in the meantime, though somewhat of a
nuisance having to bring it home every night. My medical practice has been completely
electronic since the end of 2006, so my laptop is every patient‟s chart now. The nice
thing about the laptop is my employer has a 24/7 IT department that is only a phone call
away when it gets cantankerous. Let‟s all hope for an early spring!

                                       Lars Kneller

                                  Feature Article
                        1960 Sedan Deville by Jeff Shively
The 1960 Cadillac was originally purchased and used in upstate New York. The original
owners used it only as their summer car, which explains why it had so little rust. The next
two decades are a little sketchy, as I had no paperwork from this period. By the mid-
1980s, it was in Michigan. While cleaning the backseat, I found an old parking ticket
from Detroit dated 1984, so that verified its location at the time. Around 1990, Matt
Short, currently Program Director at the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum, bought it in
Lansing, Michigan. The transmission was rebuilt during this period. Matt was working
at the R.E.Olds Museum in Lansing at the time. In 1991, Matt became the registrar of the
A-C-D Museum, and the car came south with him.

I met Matt in 1992 and worked for him briefly during an internship at the Museum in
January 1993. At this time, he offered me the car for $4,000. I refused, as I still had two
years of college to go. He wanted to sell the car to focus his efforts on a 1940 Packard
110 sedan that was sitting in his father‟s garage at the time. In November 1995, I finally
relented, and agreed to buy the ‟60 for $2,000. It was shortly moved into storage at
NATMUS, where it stayed until I finished paying for the car. In April 1998, I drove the
car home to Greencastle. Prior to departure, I replaced the original exhaust system,
which was completely rusted out, as well as one rear wheel cylinder. On the drive home,
the car ran hot. As a consequence, I rebuilt the water pump and repaired the radiator.
Through 1998 and 1999, I drove the car about 5,000 miles, going to local car shows.
Perhaps the highest point in my ownership of the ‟60 came in October 1999 at the Great
Lakes Inter-Regional Meet at the Kruse Auction Park in Auburn. On the way home, two
pushrods on cylinder 4 failed, resulting in a seven cylinder 390. Once home, I replaced
the lifters and the two fail pushrods, and the car ran like new again. In 2000, while
pulling into the garage, one of the brake hoses broke, and the car hit a wooden chest,
damaging the right front “eye brow.” From that point until 2006, the ‟60 sat in storage,
being started periodically to make sure that it would still run. In 2006, I finally bought a
house with enough garage space for all of my cars, so I was able to drive the ‟60 on the
spur of the moment. As a result, I drove it a lot more over the next two years.

In late 2008, after long and careful consideration, I decided to sell my 1960 Sedan
deVille as the only way to raise the funds to get the ‟41 restoration back on track. Having
owned it for nearly 14 years, it was a very difficult decision. I had always hoped that the
‟60 could finally get the attention that it deserved, like a new windshield and a nice
paintjob. Those were dreams that would have to wait for the next owner.

Selling a car in a severe recession is not easy. I had a lot of lookers, but no buyers for the
first part of 2009. In April, I listed the car on E-bay, and got close to the reserve price. I
re-listed it in June and, after a little dealing, sold it to a collector in Holland. I would
have preferred to keep the ‟60 in this country, but I grew tired of tire-kickers. When
faced with a serious offer, I had to take it. A truck came to pick up the ‟60 on July 15. A
month later, I received an e-mail from the new owner, along with pictures of the car in its
new home. Although I‟m sad not to have that finny ‟60 in my collection, I am happy to
report that work on the ‟41 is proceeding at a rapid pace. I take peace in that thought.

Jeff Shively and his 1960 Sedan Deville

                           PARTS FOR SALE

Tube Sensor for Ultronic Eye, NOS Contact:

                         BOPCL Car Show:
In Highland Park behind Elwood Haynes Museum, Kokomo, IN on June 12, 2010
For more Info contact: Nina Belk 574 842-3468 or email

                                                             If this won‟t thaw the
                                                             snow, nothing will!

                                                             Lars Kneller and Phil
                                                             Compton at Cherry



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