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                    ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                    January 2009

     1516 King George Blvd., Savannah, GA 31419 ● 912-961-3475 ● Fax 912-961-3479

PTA Membership                                             and are found on Campbell’s soups, Prego sauces,
If you haven’t joined the PTA yet, please do; it only      Pepperidge Farm products, Swanson broths and V8
costs $5.00. We keep $2.25 and send $2.75 to the           products.
State and National PTAs. The two dollars we keep
doesn’t sound like much but it really goes a long way      Parent University
to help. Visit for a list of benefits   Parent University is a community collaborative,
such as discounts at Honey Baked Ham, Barnes &             sponsored by the Savannah Chatham County School
Noble online and T-Mobile.                                 System that supports families. This initiative
                                                           encourages parent involvement and participation in the
Thank you Food Lion!                                       education of our community’s children and youth.
Food Lion, one of our school’s business partners,          Some of the class topics are:
donated that beautiful Christmas tree in the lobby of        Choosing The Best - How to talk to your child about
the school. Thank you!
                                                                   sexual abstinence.
                                                             Testing, Testing, 1,2,3, - Helping your child prepare to
Put these dates on your calendar:
Jan. 14th - Spelling Bee (9:30 am)                                pass standardized tests.
Jan. 15th – Domino’s Dough Night                             Raising a Reader - Learn tips to help your child
Jan. 19th – MLK Holiday (no school)                                develop reading skills.
Jan. 27th - PTA Meeting (6:30 pm)                            Emotional Intelligence - Developing power over your
Jan. 28th - Early release for students (12:15 pm)               emotions.
Feb. 1st-7th – Fat Joey’s Pizza Week
                                                             COM - Computer Operating (in) Minutes.
Box Tops and Campbell’s UPCs                                 Coping With The Loss Of A Loved One.
February is our last submission date for Box Tops this       Knowing The Responsibility Level Of Your Child
school year!! Please send in all Box Tops and
Campbell’s UPCs that you have collected. We will           The next session will be held Saturday, January 31st,
need to clip, sort, and bundle them in January so we       2009 from 9 am – 1:30 pm at Savannah Arts
can send them off in February so please send them in       Academy, 500 Washington Ave., (912)201-5000.
as soon as possible. Box Tops look like this:              Everything is free including free childcare and free
                                                           lunch. Character and virtue classes are available for
                                                           youth. Magic Marc will be at the January session to
                                                           provide entertainment for the children. Please call one
                                                           of the following numbers to register or get further
                                                           information: (912)507-8566, (912)201-2155,
They are found on products such as General Mills
cereals, Yoplait/Trix yogurts, Ziploc bags, Betty          Note from the front office
Crocker baking products, Hamburger Helper and many         Be sure to keep your children's information updated
more. For a complete list go to  all         (i.e. phone numbers, address or employment). Let the
about Box Tops  participating products.                   office know of all changes promptly.
Campbell’s UPCs look like:
                                                           Still looking for a PTA President for the 2009/2010
                                                           school year. Call me with questions: Jenny
                                                           Johnson @ 920-8588 or

                                                           L.O.V.E. Mentoring
Local Outreach Volunteer Educator mentors serve                       If you have a baby at home and a younger aged
children in Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools                     child at school, make sure he changes clothes and
who need one-on-one help to achieve grade level                        washes up upon coming home from school before
proficiency in reading and/or math.                                    interacting with the baby.

Dr. Lockamy, our school superintendent, and Dr.                Lost and Found
Buck, our school board president, strongly endorse the         We had a large number of items in our lost and found
L.O.V.E. program as a way to help our children and             that were donated over the holidays. Please be sure to
increase parent/family involvement at the same time.           write your child’s name in all outerwear and on lunch
                                                               boxes. Remind them to check in the cafeteria for any
During tough economic times, volunteering is a great           lost items
way to give while not straining meager budgets.
During the December Georgetown School Council
meeting, Ms. Reid, our principal, outlined the AYP             Web Sites
(Adequate Yearly Progress) statistics. In the last    Savannah school system site
school year, 27.1% of eligible students did not make  National PTA site
AYP in math and 10.9% did not make AYP in             State PTA site
Reading/English Language Arts.                        Library site
                                                      Box Tops site
What does L.O.V.E. Mentoring involve? You will        Campbell’s website
receive a short training session and tool kit. Then you
will be assigned a student and you will come to the
school for ~45 minutes, once per week to work with
that student on math, reading, or both.                        Teacher Profiles
                                                               Ms. Roberson: Ms. Roberson is a 3rd grade teacher
We currently have 8 parents/grandparents etc. in the           and this is her first year here at Georgetown. She has
mentor program at Georgetown.                                  two children; Ethan who is in PreK and Anna Grace
                                                               who is in kindergarten. Her favorite book is “When I
If you are interested, please fill out the attached form       was Young in the Mountains” by Cynthia Rylant and
and Mrs. Clary, our Georgetown site coordinator will           her favorite movie is “Gone With the Wind”. She
contact you.                                                   loves reading and watching TV and her favorite food
                                                               is Italian. When she was a child she wanted to be a
                                                               lawyer and her favorite toy was her Barbie and all it’s
                                                               accessories. Her hometown is Murphy, North
                                                               Carolina. She attended Tri-County Community
                                                               College and Western Carolina University.

RSV                                                            Ms. James: Ms. James is a PreK teacher here at
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a contagious viral        Georgetown. She is from Savannah and attended
disease that can lead to serious health problems—              Windsor Elementary, Bartlett Middle, Windsor Forest
especially for young children and older adults.                High School, and Armstrong Atlantic State University.
School-aged children who are infected with RSV and             Her favorite book is “The Diary of a Shoe Addict” and
have a mild upper respiratory tract infection, such as a       her favorite movies are: “Pretty Woman”, “Steel
cold, often introduce RSV into the home. Here are              Magnolias”, and “Dirty Dancing”. She loves
some suggestions for prevention of this and other              shopping, scrap booking and eating pizza. Her
contagious illnesses:                                          favorite toys as a child were her Barbies, and she
       Do not send your child to school if he has a high      always wanted to be a teacher. If she won $1000, she
        temperature. Check with the school nurse if            would spend it on shoes (see favorite book ). She
        unsure.                                                also has a pet dog named Daisy.
       Teach your child to cover his mouth when
        coughing or sneezing with the inside of his elbow.
        If he covers his mouth with his hand then he needs
        to wash or use sanitizer right away.
       Clean toys, doorknobs, phones and other surfaces
        with warm water and soap or disinfectant.
       Don’t kiss your child on the face or hands if you or
        he has a cold.

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