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                                Highlights from Dayton Classic football showcase, pp. 8-9

                                                                                                                                                                                                    CSU professors visit the
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Republic of Senegal during
                                                                                                                                                                                                    the summer to focus on
 Campus cultural art,                                                                                                                                                                                renewable energy and
       p. 6                                                                                                                                                                                               African film,
                                                                                                                                                                                                              p. 11
Wednesday, September 21, 2005                                        Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio | www.goldtorchnews.com                                                                              Page 1

                           I LOVE A PARADE
                                                                                                                to semesters
                                                                                           Welcome many, but enrollment drops
                                                                                           Advantages touted by
                                                                                                    By Jirou Williams                       ties, including most other Historical-     twice a year instead of three times.
                                                                                                       Contributing Writer                  ly Black Colleges and Universities.           ■ The athletic department will

                                                                                               Central State University started             He said the semester calendar will         find it easier to schedule sporting
                                                                                           the school year under a new academ-              provide a host of other benefits:           events with other schools.
                                                                                           ic calendar. For the first time in more               ■ Students will now register for          ■ Teachers will be able to cover

                                                                                           than 30 years, the school is operating           class and go through financial aid                            Continued on page 10

                                                                                                                                            CSU assists students
                                                                                           under a semester calendar instead of
                                                                                           a quarter calendar.
                                                                                               “ We decided to do this five years

                                                                                                                                            affected by Katrina
                                                                                           ago,” said Dr. Terrence Glass, coordi-
                                                                                           nator of the semester conversion. “It
                                                                                           has many benefits.”
                                         Photo by Amy Harper, CSU Office of the President
                                                                                               Glass said Central State will now
 The Invincible Marching Marauders perform in Dayton Sept. 4, 2005.                        be in sync with most other universi-                                                     gression of the courses here. If they

Convocation’s success formula
                                                                                                                                                     Marian Stuckey
                                                                                                                                                      Contributing Writer           come too late it would be more of a
                                                                                                                                                Central State is doing its part to disservice to them.” Ali said. Ali is
                                                                                                                                            help victims of Hurricane Katrina. concerned that if the students come
                                                                                                                                            According to Mohammad Ali, Ex- too late they won’t be able to catch
          Dana Freeman                      The second part of the equation,               of inner-confidence about themselves              ecutive Director of Student Service up with classes.
          Contributing Writer            “SE (squared)”, stands for self esteem            or they won’t have much success.                 and Director of Assessment, CSU                    Ali expects that small, iso-
    Hundreds of students and area        (squared). A person should be arro-               Fairbanks told the students that they            will accept up to 100 storm victims lated groups of students will come
residents packed Robeson Audi-           gant about who he or she is, Fairbanks            have to challenge themselves even if             fall semester. “We are ready to do to CSU. Many storm victims have
torium Aug. 30, 2005, for the first       said. “I’m not going to allow anyone              their teachers won’t. “Challenge the             what it takes to                                            yet to heal after
convocation of the school year. An-      to stand in my way,” he explained.                faculty to live up to their syllabi,” he         help however we                                             enduring a dev-
                                                                                                                                                                    President Garland opens doors
thony R. Fairbanks, vice president of    Students need to have a double-dose                                     Continued on page 10       can.” Ali said. of university to students displaced astating experi-
institutional advancement, delivered                                                                                                        Ali has con-             by Gulf region disaster, p. 2      ence.
the keynote speech and spoke to the                                  GREETINGS FRESHMEN                                                     tacted local Red                                                Seven students
crowd about the keys to success.                                                                                                            Cross offices and                                            have contacted
    Fairbanks, who has had an ac-                                                                                                           asked them to direct any interested Ali. One of them — an elementary
complished career working for a                                                                                                             students to his office. Once contact- education major from Mississippi
number of non-profit organizations,                                                                                                          ed, Ali will help the student register —has registered for class. The uni-
spearheaded the $1.4 million “Bill                                                                                                          at Central. “We have to get students versity gave her a full financial aide
Cosby Challenge” at Central State,                                                                                                          in class soon because of the pro-                          Continued on page 2
as well as the $1.5 million fund drive

                                                                                                                                            Campus ROTC numbers
to restore Marauder Football. Fair-
banks also implemented the Project

                                                                                                                                            strong despite the war
100 program to draw out of state stu-
dents to Central.
    With all of his achievements,
Fairbanks spoke at the convocation
about his formula for success: SC +                                                                                                                    Britney Gray                    Post reported in April that enrollment
SE (squared) + U – FF= SUCCESS.                                                                                                                        Contributing Writer             has slipped more than 16 percent over
      “SC” stands for self control,                                                                                                            It’s no secret that the United States   the past two school years, leaving the
meaning everyone controls his or                                                                                                            military maintains a heavy presence        program with its fewest participants
her own destiny. “A person can not                                                                                                          overseas. Members of the Reserve           in nearly a decade.
blame anyone else for what happens,”                                                                                                        Officers’ Training Corps know that              Participation at Central State, how-
Fairbanks said. “Don’t allow peers to                                                                                                       they could one day be stationed in         ever, remains strong. Central State’s
negatively influence you.” He also                                                                                                           Iraq.                                      US Army Recruiting Officer, Cap-
said that no one should ever make ex-                                                         Photo by Amy Harper, Office of the President
                                                                                                                                               Nationally, U.S. involvement in         tain Ricarlos M. Caldwell, said the
cuses for themselves because excuses       A student at the Candlelight Ceremony for new students August 21.                                Iraq has coincided with a sharp drop in    university’s ROTC chapter has 67-74
are just “tools of incompetence.”                                                                                                           ROTC participation. The Washington                           Continued on page 11
Page 2                                                                                       NEWS                                                         The Gold Torch | Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Students surprised at Hurricane brings new students
cuts in cafeteria hours                                                               Continued from page 1
                                                                                      package. Both professional counsel-
                                                                                                                                placed students a break on tuition.
                                                                                                                                “Students originally from Ohio will
                                                                                                                                                                            understand these new students have
                                                                                                                                                                            had a traumatic experience and that
      By Ananeia Braham                      complaints would be sent to Thomp-       ing and student tutoring is available     have tuition fees waived for them and       students should make them feel wel-
           Contributing Writer               son’s corporate office for review.        to her.                                   only have to pay for room and board.”       come. Some of the newcomers have
    Thompson Hospitality has cut                Robinson said Thompson craft-              Many of the other six students       Ali said “Those who are from out of         lost friends and family. “Having
brunch and dinner hours on the               ed the new schedule in consultation      want to speak with their families         state will be charged in-state tuition      peers to relate to is very important at
weekend by half an hour. Students            with administrators. Thompson            before registering for class at Cen-      rates.”                                     this time.” Ali said.
did not learn of the new schedule            cannot change the hours without          tral. These students are living with          Ali said current students should

                                                                                                                                CSU president lends
until Sunday, Sept. 11, 2005, when
many students found the doors to
the cafeteria locked.                        “It is not fair for the café             “Students originally

                                                                                                                                aid to disaster victims
    The new brunch schedule is 11            to just be open for an                   from Ohio will have
a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and dinner 4 p.m.
to 5:30 p.m. Last year, the cafeteria
                                             hour and a half,”                        tuition fees waived for
                                                         — Junior Erica Johnson
stayed open a half hour longer for                                                    them and only have to
each meal.                                                                                                                          Office of CSU President,                 dent who is an Ohio resident. Out-of-
    “Since the weekends are a time           university approval. Robinson said
                                                                                      pay for room and board.”                            John W. Garland                   state students will be asked to pay the
                                                                                                     — Mohammad Ali,
when students rest from the long             Thompson would consider revising                                                       Central State University President      same tuition rates as Ohio residents.
                                                                                            Executive Director of Student
hours of classes, many like to sleep         the hours again in the future. “I will                                             John W. Garland, Esq., announced            Students will be responsible for pay-
                                                                                      Services and Director of Assessment
in,” Junior Erica Johnson said. “I           bring it up with management at the                                                 Sept. 6 that the university will open its   ing for room and board.
know I cannot make it by 12:30 p.m.          next meeting,” Robinson said.                                                      doors to students displaced by Hurri-           University admission and regis-
I feel it is not fair for the café to just       Thompson serves up to 800            relatives in Ohio. “One girl, who was     cane Katrina. President Garland said        trar officials said they have received
be open for an hour and a half.”             meals on a typical Saturday in the       relocated to Chicago, decided not to      although classes started August 22,         calls from students from Dillard and
    Many students said that the              cafeteria. Many students would like      come for the time being because she       students can enroll at Central State.       Xavier universities. Officials plan to
new hours are inconvenient. The              to see Thompson open the Grill, as       wanted to be with her mother. In cri-     The University will accept up to 100        meet with some of these students on
day that the new policy took effect          well, on the weekend. However,           sis young people stick with their par-    students.                                   campus Wednesday.
several students filled the cafeteria         Robinson says, “neither the univer-      ents,” Ali said.                              The University will waive tuition           For more information contact Mr.
suggestion box with complaints.              sity or Thompson has the money,              The university is giving the dis-     for this semester (Fall) for any stu-       Mohammed Ali at 937.376.6235 .

                                                                                      Katrina hits HBCUs in Southeast hard
Thompson Hospitality Office Man-              the labor, or the hours” to operate
ager Makeyla Robinson said the               the Grill on the weekends.

                                                                                           By Artisha S. Lawson                 Dillard,” she said. “I cannot afford to     68 of the nation’s colleges have of-
                                                                                                Black College Wire              pay another university and start all        fered fall semester enrollment to stu-
                                                                                          Katrina’s destructive blow to his-    over again.”                                dents from the storm-damaged Gulf
                                                                                      torically black colleges and univer-          In New Orleans, flooded Dillard          region.
                                                                                      sities in the Southeast leaves some       University, Xavier University and               Several colleges and nonprofit or-
                                                                                      students facing a difficult choice:        Southern University at New Orleans          ganizations have stepped up to help
                                                                                      postpone their education or transfer      were among colleges closed indefi-           the affected students -- and faculty
                                                                                      to other schools.                         nitely. The status of Bishop State          –- in picking up the pieces.
                                                                                          “It hurts,” said Shawnee McFar-       Community College in Mobile, Ala.,              Offers of tuition aid, admissions
                                                                                      land, a senior at Dillard University      was not clear.                              without red tape and academic ac-
                                                                                      whose graduation has been thrown              “We face tremendous challenges;         commodations have come from
                                                                                      into peril by Hurricane Katrina and       however, I want to personally reas-         many historically black colleges as
                                                                                      its aftermath. “It really hurts. All I    sure the Dillard community and the          well as mainstream schools.
                                                                                      have are three outfits, two pairs of       public that we will continue to offer           Here’s a roundup of reports citing
                                                                                      shoes, a toothbrush and some tooth-       education for our students,” Marva-         sources of help:
                                                                                      paste and my car.”                        lene Hughes, Dillard’s president, said          A new Web site providing state-
                                                                                          McFarland said she was noti-          in a news release Sept. 3. “Our spir-       by-state details about colleges offer-
                                                                                      fied at work on Saturday, Aug. 27, to      its are strong and our will unbroken.       ing aid and admissions to displaced
                                                                                      gather her belongings and leave town      Dillard will be back and better than        students is now available at www.
                                                                                      immediately. McFarland was able to        ever.”                                      campusrelief.org. Created by the
                                                                                      grab only what she could. Now, as a           Alternative classroom space             American Council on Education
                                                                                      result of the flooding to her off-cam-     and sites are being explored so that        (ACE) and the National Association
                                                                                      pus apartment a little more than a        instruction can resume as soon as           of College and University Business
                                                                                      mile away from Dillard’s campus in        possible, she said. She directed staff      Officers (NACUBO), this informa-
                                                                                      New Orleans, she fears she has lost       members and students to use two             tion clearinghouse is being continu-
                                                                                      everything.                               Web sites to find news of recovery           ously updated. Details include dead-
                                                                                          Aside from the loss of her material   plans and to locate far-flung faculty        lines for applying for transfers and
                                                                                      possessions, she was most concerned       and friends. Recovery news is being         descriptions of the tuition relief and
                                                                                      with the notion of changing schools       posted at http://www.centenary.edu/         other offers made by dozens of col-
                                                                                      and not to graduating on time.            and www.dillard.edu.                        leges and universities.
                                                                                          “I have already paid my money to          According to Hughes, more than                            Continued on page 10
The Gold Torch | Wednesday, September 21, 2005                                             ViewPoint                                                                                                           Page 3

Lets get                                 COMMENTARY

                                         Central faces challenges                                                                      Over 8 million listeners
involved                                   Reprinted with permission from the          sity continues to undermine the                    tune in to his #1
                                                                                       goal of attracting white students,
                                                                                                                                           radio program.
     By Tyler Brackenridge                        Dayton Daily News
          Contributing Writer                The return of football to Central         as some other historically black
   There is more to attending a uni-     State University marks a symbolic             colleges have done.
versity than reading a book, studying    completion of the school’s climb                  Meanwhile, the efforts of larger
for class, making the Dean’s List or
eating at the Grill. To become more
aware of your surroundings, you
                                         out of disarray and crisis. It is a time
                                         for celebration.
                                             Central State is not quite Cen-
                                                                                       public universities to diversify their
                                                                                       student bodies have complicated
                                                                                       the task of attracting qualified black
                                                                                                                                       Must be a wise guy…
must get involved. Get involved to       tral State without football. Having           students to CSU.
change the negative into the positive.   a football program is necessary to                And, most frustrating, the ef-
Get involved to know your rights as a    keep the school functioning as the            fort to maintain a small niche — to,
Central State University student and     one that people remember. It’s also           among other things, serve people
a United States citizen.                 necessary to give CSU the kind of             who might not otherwise go to
   I took a poll on the yard and         profile it needs for recruitment pur-          college — is complicated by the
found that just 1 out of 3 students      poses.                                        institution’s very smallness. The
actually researched the school, city         CSU continues to have an in-              smallness eliminates the savings
and state before they enrolled at        tensely loyal alumni community.               that come with size and makes the
Central State University. As a re-       That’s one of the school’s assets.            school relatively expensive to main-
sult, many students really have no       Alumni ties need to be nurtured.              tain on a per-student basis.
idea what is available to them at        And sports is an important way of                 Into this treacherously difficult
Central State.                           nurturing them. The connection                terrain comes the football program.
   Here are the names of just a          between sports and loyal alumni               It will feel under pressure to suc-
few organizations active at Cen-         is part of the American collegiate            ceed on the field, a task that will
tral State University: the NAACP,        scene.                                        apparently not be easy. (Perhaps
Student Government Association               And yet putting football’s return         now that the program is actually in
(SGA), the Diversity Club, the           at the end of a long list of other post-      place, rather than a dream, recruit-
football team and the Divine Nine        meltdown changes was appropriate,             ment will improve.)
greek letter organizations. These        as was requiring a private fund-                  The university administration,
organization can help you as a in-       raising effort for the game.                  which has done so much to bring
dividual to become more aware of             Football was not sufficient be-            the school back, need not be lec-
your surroundings.                       fore the collapse to prevent the              tured about the need to keep pursuit
   These organizations are com-          school’s collapse. Many other im-             of athletic success under control. It
munity-based. They work directly         portant things have to be in place.           knows the dangers.
and indirectly with the community            Even now, the school’s overall                Indeed, the school community as
                                                                                                                                         He’s been called “The Hardest Working
to provide educational, health and       situation remains tough, despite              a whole seems admirably focused.
political experiences to students        enormous progress in the admin-               Amid all the problems, there’s a                  Man in Radio” and in 30 years behind the
who are and are not familiar with        istrative and academic realms. In-            sense at CSU that the current teach-              mic Tom Joyner’s learned a thing (or 20)
the campus and city community.           deed, the return of football comes            ers, students and administrators are
They allow students to network, to       at a time when events have made               playing a crucial role in the survival
                                                                                                                                         about life, love, money, and frying chicken
grow both mentally and socially,         clearer than ever that life will never        of a school and the rebuilding of its             naked (don’t ask). So get ready for the kind
and to speak out on important is-        be easy for CSU.                              reputation. The sense that this is a              of savvy, down-to-earth advice and stories
sues.                                        The state is giving the school            historic time fuels a seriousness of
   Marauders, let’s get involved to      all manner of trouble with its                purpose that the broader commu-                   that will make you laugh, make you think
build a foundation for the future and    funding. Meanwhile, the nearby                nity — and the state government                   and go after those dreams one more time.
to maintain a great university.          presence of Wright State Univer-              — should notice and welcome.

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Page 4                                                                                  ViewPoint                                                           The Gold Torch | Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Student brings budget                                                                  The Gold Torch                            Thirteen Questions
concerns to Governor
                                                                                          Wednesday, September 21, 2005
                                                                                                                                        By Tobias Q. Brown                        like: Why is a brand new building be-
                                                                                         CENTRAL STATE UNIVERSITY
                                                                                                   Wilberforce, Ohio
                                                                                                                                             Contributing Writer                  ing built, but only one African Amer-
                                                                                                                                     Welcome back. It feels so good to ican seen working? Why haven’t any
June 29, 2005                               because many African American                   www.goldtorchnews.com                see so many new and familiar faces. other minorities such as Latino or
Governor Bob Taft                           students come from the low-income            The Gold Torch features articles by     My name is Tobias Q. Brown and I Asian Americans been seen moving
30th Floor                                  families.                                    students at Central State University.   serve as one two student trustee (Dom- a brick, a piece of metal, or a rock?
77 South High Street                            As an African American student              Views expressed herein do not        inique Squires is the other) representa- How does this speak to our university
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6117                   in this country, I think black col-             necessarily reflect those of the      tives. I will be contributing to the Gold history in future generations? Or, why
                                                                                              university, the newspaper
                                            leges and universities are historical                                                Torch this year for two reasons; 1. To does the café close at 6:30pm? When
                                                                                                 staff or its advisors.
Dear Governor Taft:                         treasures as well as living remind-                                                  keep you the student                                          is the last time you had
                                                                                         Letters to the editor are welcome at:                                      Tobias Q. Brown is a
    My name is Brian Dickens, and           ers of the struggles and successes                                                   informed of what’s go-                                        dinner at 6:30pm? What
                                                                                             editor@goldtorchnews.com                                         current student representative
I am a student at Central State Uni-        of African Americans. I choose to                                                    ing on. 2. To address on the CSU Board of Trustees. about the grill? Although
versity. Governor Taft, the reason          attend Central to continue the strug-             Students who wish to work          the needs of students to He is also in the process of it closes at 9pm, you can
                                                                                             at the paper should write to
I am writing you is because I am            gle into the twenty-first century and                                                 the university hierarchy promoting his new book titled, only swipe your card un-
                                                                                             editor@goldtorchnews.com                                         “It’s Easier Than You Think!”
quite disappointed about my school’s        beyond.                                                                              as a whole.                                                   til 6:30pm. Why even
                                                                                                                                                              on college success which may
budget cuts over the next two years.            Governor, while Central State did                                                    With that being               be published next year.     have the grill open that
President John Garland, Esq. has tes-       undergo some financial difficulties                       ADVISOR                      said, this year looks                                         long when students don’t
                                                                                               Mr. Michael Gormley                                              You can also read his piece
tified during budget hearings in Co-         eight years ago, currently the univer-                                               to be a promising               in our new online feature,    have the money to buy
lumbus about the cuts and how they          sity has made significant progress in              PROGRAM DIRECTOR                   one filled with op-              Gold Torch Interactive, at    the food? What can we
will affect the university. I feel it is    becoming financially stable and vi-                 Dr. Lovette Chinwah               portunities for each www.goldtorchnews.com/gti. do to extend the hours?
necessary for you to hear a student         able. For example, since 2000, we                 Our offices are located in          student. I notice so                                          What are we going to do
perspective.                                have built two new residence halls,             The Cosby Center                     many students with unlimited levels to add new extracurricular activities
    First, I would like for you to con-     have attracted more students, and are                  (937) 376-6491                of potential inside sitting dormant. beside parties? (Nothing wrong with
sider why I chose Central State Uni-        now in the process of building a new                                                 These could make a lasting impact parties, but is throwing parties all that
versity. My first reason is because          College of Education and Natural                                                     on this campus. I’m talking about we are good at?) Is it me or does every
Central State is an HBCU (Histori-          Sciences Building. However, hav-          the ability to thrive along with other     students with the ability to perform building close Friday at 5pm? What
cally Black College/University), and        ing a cut of $1.15 million is detri-      HBCU’s in our country.                     academically, the ability to speak are we supposed to do between Friday
I believe attending an HBCU plays           mental for the university. How can           Please schedule a time to visit our     and make things happen diplomati- and Monday? When will we change
an important role in developing and         a school operate, much less grow,         beautiful campus. Please help us in        cally, the ability to reach levels un- the short library hours? Why are the
educating black students. HBCUs             with its budget being continually         our resolve. Thank you for your time       tapped athletically. And when I see hours 1-5pm on Saturday when Satur-
promote academic and professional           cut? Granted, in the previous year        and attention.                             these students, I can’t help but notice day has the potential to be one of your
success and prepare their students          the university has been able to oper-                                                opportunities for students to use their main study day and times?
well for their chosen careers. The          ate on a budget cut, but how many         Respectfully yours,                        gift. Opportunities like the Student                 In this article and the ones that
history behind our black colleges and       times will we receive a cut before we     Brian D. Dickens                           Government Association, Student will follow I will continue to keep
the contributions to society made by        are not able to operate as a university   Student, Central State University          African American Brotherhood, and you informed and charge you with
HBCU alumni are beyond impres-              should? Not only will we not be able      cc: John W. Garland Esq.                   Daughters of Nia Anaya are outlets speaking up and making a difference
sive. As an African American student        to recruit and keep our students, but     President, Central State University;       for you to be heard and make some on your campus. Opportunities exist
attending an HBCU, I receive oppor-         how will we retain faculty? Salaries      Margaret Spellings,                        noise or ask questions.                          for all students, it’s up to you to step
tunities I do not believe I would re-       for our faculty members are already       U.S. Secretary of Education                    Many questions come to mind, up and make it happen.
ceive if I attended a majority school.      “significantly lower than any other
Also, since most of my classmates           public supported university and col-                                                         A FULL HOUSE
and professors are black, I am quite        lege in Ohio.”
sure I am going to at least get a fair          I understand your budget also
chance at academic success.                 calls for the Water Resources Man-
    Further, at a black college there       agement Program not to receive
are numerous opportunities for stu-         state funding. That program is one
dents to develop socially, profession-      of the highlights of the university. It
ally, and academically through orga-        provides students with educational
nizations such as student government        skills and background necessary
or programs related to their field of        for water resources management
study. Students at Central State and        careers in private industry, govern-
other HBCUs also have an opportu-           ment, and nongovernmental orga-
nity to build friendships that can last     nizations. Governor, there are only
for the rest of their lives, and that too   two undergraduate programs in our
is noteworthy.                              nation with such programs. Why is
    My high school principal attended       it necessary for you to cut funding
this institution, and she assured me I      to this one, the only undergraduate
would have an enjoyable experience,         program at an HBCU?I urge you to
that it would be one of the best pos-       reconsider the budget cut. The Cen-
sible educational choices for me.           tral State University Board of Trust-
Central is not too far from home, nor       ees and President Garland, as well as                                                                                              Photo by Amy Harper, CSU Office of the President
is it as expensive as some of the other     his executive cabinet, faculty, staff,     These student ambasssadors welcomed incoming freshmen at student orientation the first week of school.
black colleges. Cost is important           and students can equip Central with
The Gold Torch | Wednesday, September 21, 2005                                       SPORTS                                                                                                                    Page 5

     2005 MARAUDER
       Capital Freedom Classic
              Sat., Aug. 27
 v. Tigers of Lincoln University (MO)
             CSU: 0; LU 10
    Dayton Classic, Sun., Sept. 4
       v. Fighting Tigers of                                                                                                                                                                            Students
      St. Paul’s College (VA)                                                                                                                                                                           marched
          CSU: 6; SPC 20                                                                                                                                                                                down River-
    Lexington Heritage Football                                                                                                                                                                         side Drive in
       Classic, Sat., Sept. 17                                                                                                                                                                          Dayton before
         v. Thorobreds of
     Kentucky State University
                                                                                                                                                                                                        the Dayton
         CSU: 0; KSU 28                                                                                                                                                                                 Classic Sept.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        4, 2005.
                                                                                                                                                      Photo by Amy Harper, CSU Office of the President

Band throwsdown and fires things up for first football game
       By Jasmine Johns                  Body (down to the ground) by Mi-        bands competed in the so-called “fifth      sponsored by the Honda Corporation             eligible. Central State can win a place
          Contributing Writer            chael Jackson — which featured the      quarter.” Set on different sides of the    in an effort to raise money for Histori-       in the competition by finishing in the
   The Invincible Marching Maraud-       university’s dance troupe, The Belles   field, the two traded songs, which var-     cally Black Colleges and Universities.         top ten in an ongoing Internet vote.
ers wowed football fans in Kansas        — and a dance mix featuring various     ied in style, difficulty, and genre. The    At this battle, bands from selected col-           Marauder fans can vote at www.
August 27, 2005, at Central State’s      R&B and Hip Hop artists.                Marauders impressed the crowd by           leges and universities entertain thou-         Hondabattleofthebands.com under
first football game since 1990.              Sophomore drum major Artis           playing five technical pieces of music      sands of fans at a show in Atlanta.            the “independent“ category. Every
   After watching the first half of the   Olds enjoyed the field performance.      — known as “non-returnables.”                  This year the Battle will be held          vote will count toward the Maraud-
game against Lincoln University, the     “One word explains it,” he said.            With the return of the football        in the Georgia Dome Jan. 28, 2006.             ers’ total vote. People are encouraged
band marched onto the field perform-      “Showtime.” Olds said he feels like     team, the band is back on the black        Only ten university bands will be se-          to vote every day and use multiple e-
ing the fanfare Throwdown. It then       the long awaited return of Marauder     college football circuit and ready to      lected for the competition out of 20           mail accounts if they have them.

                                                                                                                            Outrageous River Derby
performed a Spanish opener Dos Eq-       football has given the band a chance    impress the world with its ability. “Be-
uis, followed by the Earth, Wind, and    to showcase its talents. “We are the    fore I graduate, I see us winning the
Fire classic Loves Holiday showcas-      epitome of musicians, showmen, and      Honda Battle of the Bands for God,

                                                                                                                            judged by CSU’s Tramble
ing the Marauder flag line. The band      bandsmen,” Olds said.                   for Central, for State,” Olds said.
finished the show with Shake Your            After the game, the two opposing         The Honda Battle of the Bands is

CSU postman moves very very fast ...                                                                                                 By Ken Marshall                       coordinating efforts to bring local and
                                                                                                                                                                           national celebrities to Dayton to par-

clocking about 119 miles per hour
                                                                                                                                   Sports Information Director
                                                                                                                               Central State’s Head Women’s                ticipate as derby celebrity judges. The
                                                                                                                            Basketball Coach Patricia Tramble              contestants build boats out of every
                                                                                                                            served as one of the judges in the             type of material but “boat” material.
    By Dominique Squires                 Ward said.                                 Ward began racing as a youth            “Outrageous River Derby” which                     The judges interview each appli-
          Contributing Writer                Ward said the key to success in     on the streets, which was danger-          was part of the “Fit Fest” held at Riv-        cant about their boat, add humor to
    Central State’s postman deliv-       drag racing is anticipating the exact   ous and illegal but not unusual.           erScape in downtown Dayton on Au-              their interview and judge the entries
ers mail fast for a reason: Norman       moment when the race will start.        “Dragsters” begin racing as early          gust 13th and 14th 2005.                       in different categories.
Ward is one of the top drag racers       The key is to take off at the pre-      as eight years old and are able to            The Rotary Club of Dayton and                   Along with Coach Tramble the
in the country.                          cise moment when the light turns        race oficially by age 16.                   Five Rivers Metroparks hosts the               judges included Clark Kellogg, CBS
    “I’ve shaken hands with some         green. “If you see green, you’re           Ward said he’ll continue rac-           annual event which focuses on fit-              Television Basketball analyst and
of the best: Sherri Muldowney,           late!” Ward said.                       ing on the weekends for the next           ness and healthy life style. The Mark          Paul Biancardi, Wright State Univer-
Bob Glitton, and Big Daddy Gar-              Drag racing can be a dangerous      few years and then retire from the         Baker Foundation also participates by          sity’s men’s basketball coach.
lits,” Ward said.                        sport. Ward said it’s common to         sport.
    Ward, who is the son of former       blow an engine or for cars to slip         Ward comes from a strong Cen-
                                                                                                                                              MARAUDER PLAN OF ATTACK
CSU administrator Norman Ward,           on leaked oil. However, Ward’s          tral State family. Ward’s father was
Sr., began drag racing in the early      only fear is damaging his car. “It’s    the director of the student union
1970s but took up the sport seri-        safer (to drive) on a drag strip than   building, named in his honor.
ously in 1989.                           it is on the streets, “ Ward said. “I   Ward Sr. was assistant athletic di-
    Ward competed in the 25th an-        don’t have to worry about anyone        rector and coached several athletic
nual Mopar National Drag Race in         running into me.” Ward has never        teams.
Columbus, Ohio, in August. He            been injured while racing.                 Ward Jr. coached with his fa-
drove a 1965 Dodge Coronet Sta-              Unlike most hobbies, drag rac-      ther on two national champion-
tion wagon 119 miles per hour in         ing is quite expensive, but Ward        ship football teams at Central. He
11.2 seconds in the quarter mile         says the excitement of drag racing      is a graduate of Central State and
race, finishing ninth out of 325          makes it worthwhile. “The takeoff       has worked in the mail room since
competitors.                             is similar to that first drop expe-      1979. His wife is one of the post-
                                                                                                                             Central State players gather to plan how they will mount their attack
    “If I had finished eighth, I          rienced on roller coasters,” Ward       al clerks at the post office across
                                                                                                                             against the the Thorobreds of Kentucky State University Sept. 17.
would have won a cash award,”            said.                                   campus.
Page 6                                                                     CreativeArts      The Gold Torch | Wednesday, September 21, 2005

                                                                    Photos by Mike Gormley

 Public art on campus
  enriches student life
    You don’t need to look far for great art at Central State.
Walk around campus and you’ll find many unique works of
art including the water resources sculpture (above), the “slave
ship” sculpture inside the water resources building (right), and
— in the library — a beautiful mural (below) celebrating Af-
rican American scholars.
    And if that doesn’t satisfy your appetite for public art, you
should visit the Paul Robeson building. It is filled with works
of art, many of them created by CSU students.
The Gold Torch | Wednesday, September 21, 2005                                   CreativeArts                                                                                                                  Page 7

                                                                                                                                        CSU grads are stars
                                                                                                                                            Five Central State graduates per-    Orchestra Band in Troy, Ohio August
                                                                                                                                        formed in the new American Opera         21. Caldwell performed works by
                                                                                                                                        “Margaret Garner” (based on the          Gershwin and narrated the Lincoln
POETRY                                                                                                                                  novel Beloved by Toni Morrison)          Portraits by Aaron Copland.
                                                                                                                                        with music by composer Richard              The Chorus has been invited to
Vultures                                                                                                                                Danielpour as part of the Cincinnati     appear with the Cleveland Orchestra
By Sheena Benson                                                                                                                        Operas Summer Festival in July.          at Severance Hall in January at the
                                                                                                                                            The graduates are Avery Ham-         annual Martin Luther King Celebra-
If misery loves company                                                                                                                 monds ‘92 , Jason Amos ‘96, Wesley       tion and to appear in February with
Then why be alone?                                                                                                                      Barnfield ’93, Grecia Vaughn ‘02,         the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra.
If good comes to those who wait                                                                                                         and Catherine Scott. Grecia Vaughn
Then why does is take so long?                                                                                                          who recently completed her masters
I’m treating folks how                                                                                                                  degree in vocal performance from         POETRY
    I want to be treated                                                                                                                Miami Univeristy in Oxford was one
But in return, I feel like all my                                                Photo by Phil Groshong/courtesy The Cincinnati Opera
                                       Avery Hammonds, Central State ’92, just over the shoulder of the older
                                                                                                                                        of the principal singers.                Until Next the Time
    efforts are defeated                                                                                                                    Chorus director and baritone Wil-    By Theopolis K. Caldwell
I’m out here all by myself             man on the left, part of the first couple to the immediage left of mezzo                          liam Henry Caldwell was the featured
With God, I’m trying to do right       soprano Denyce Graves (holding the baby) who plays Margaret Garner.                              soloist with the Dayton Philharmonic     You sit there in coincidence eying me

                                       Matthews’ mag attempts to present
I’m trying to keep my head above                                                                                                                                                    each second
    water                                                                                                                                                                        You sit there with unbelievable beau-
And trying to spread some light                                                                                                                                                     ty that strikes my attention

                                       on the “Level” student perspectives
Instead, I’m smacked in the face                                                                                                                                                 You sit there with obvious thoughts
    with reality                                                                                                                                                                    inviting me into your world
And that is fact that nothing                                                                                                                                                    You sit there,
    is how it seems to be                                                                                                                                                        Your lips cry out to my soul wanting
For so long, I’ve painted my own          By Theopolis K. Caldwell                 sues. He says it will never degrade                  a movie entitled “Prozac Nation,” re-       me to satisfy your thoughts with
    portrait of life                             Contributing Writer               women, like other youth-oriented                     leased in 2003, which featured a char-      each motion
From the examples of others,               We all have a vision, but do we         magazines.                                           acter writing for her school paper.      Your eyes send messages as you glare
    I created my own colors            all follow it? Some people dream                Level will have the following sec-                   Level magazine will first be in-         at me constantly
But how I pictured things were         big, but that is all that they do. When     tions: business and electronics, artist              troduced on the campus of Central        As you sit there entertaining your
    never like that from the start     you really are hungry for success and                                                            State. If it does well, Matthews will       thoughts with me on the brain
Reality says I’ve got folks out here   you can just taste it, you go after it.                                                          branch out to different campuses and     You think about how ironic this must
    ready to feast on the aches        Don’t you?
                                                                                   Matthews promises that                               possibly to other college campuses          be that I am sitting across from
    of my heart                            One Central State student is go-        [Level] will take a positive                         across the country.                         you once again
On the corners, they’re posted         ing after his dream and not letting         approach ... [and] will                                  Matthews has a team of six staff      but without any approach, no bodily
On my future, they’re focused          anything or anyone stand in his way.                                                             writers and a promotion and market-         motion, just the eye contact and
When will she screw up?                Junior Jeremy Matthews wants to             never degrade women,                                 ing team with five more students.            motions of my soul crying out
How many babies will she drop?         own his own business. He’s already          like other youth-oriented                            The company is looking for spon-            for your attention without a single
How far will she get in college?       started his own magazine called                                                                  sors both individuals and businesses.       breath being wasted from lips.
When will she give up,                 “Level.” Matthews hopes it will be a
                                                                                   magazines.                                           In the meantime, Matthews will           As you depart from my prescence,
    when will she stop?                big hit on campus. He says the maga-                                                             continue to invest his own money in         you glare at me one last time and
At my goals, they grin                 zine is a forum for young people to         profiles, community events, nightlife                 what he calls his “baby.”                   smile as you walk away thinking
At my plans, the mock                  present their views on issues that          and entertainment, music reviews, vid-                   After graduation, Mathews says          about the next time that you and
Everyday I stare into the              affect not only college students but        eo reviews, relationships, and fashion.              that he would like to continue build-       I will meet and possibly make a
    eyes of vultures                   people throughout society. Matthews             Matthews, a native of Cleveland                  ing his magazine. If that does not          move to pursue one another.
They are you, they are them            promises that Level will take a posi-       who lives in Dayton, decided to pub-                 work, he would like to build a recre-    but that would only be a coincidence
They are me; my culture                tive approach in discussing these is-       lish his own magazine after watching                 ational center for youth.                   until the next time.

               Campus news, sports, opinion, lifestyle & entertainment, ShoutOuts, GTi

   Available every day for the whole wide world to see. It‘s all about you. Don’t miss it.
Page 8                                                                              DAYTON CLASSIC                                                       The Gold Torch | Wednesday, September 21, 2005

                                            DAYTON CLASSIC | Sunday, September 4, 2005 | Welcome Stadium, Dayton, OH

 Marauders lose to Lincoln’s
  Tigers, but demonstrate
  skills in Dayton Classic
         See full rosters of players and coaches, game schedules and results under
                              Sports tab and the Football link at:

In Dayton Classic, CSU regains magic, despite loss
            By Tom Archdeacon                             A Saint Paul’s punt was coming her way and       went right, they went wrong. When Kentrale           seasons. Under pressure, he lofted the ball to the
                Dayton Daily News                     Central State’s Anthony Madison had run over         Tate blocked a Saint Paul field goal attempt, a       left corner of the end zone and receiver Jeremiah
   As she was standing near the goal line in the      and ill-advisedly fielded the ball even though he     Tiger player picked it up and ran in 12 yards for    Brown — the former Colonel White and Trot-
waning minutes of the Dayton Classic, Theresa         was just a couple of steps out of the end zone and   a score.                                             wood Madison product — made the diving, 17-
Check was saying how the big Welcome Stadi-           had a tackler bearing down on him.                       And now — just when it looked like Madi-         yard touchdown catch.
um scoreboard that burned so brightly above her           But suddenly, as Madison changed directions      son might get tackled in the end zone for a safety       On the sidelines, CSU head coach Theo Lem-
head really didn’t tell the story.                    and began a wild scamper that stunned everyone       — he’d broken free, gotten a teeth-rattling block    on had to fight off tears.
   “The score is insignificant as far as I’m con-      — the crowd, his own coaches, some of whom           from Springfield’s Jason Allen and was headed             In the stands, the Marauders band — nearly
cerned,” the Central State athletics director said.   had been yelling “No, No, No,” and especially        up field.                                             as big of an attraction as the football team — was
“This day is about so much more than that. It’s       the rival Tigers — Check was changing posi-              “Go, go go,” Check screamed as she jumped        on its feet, belting out the school’s favorite tune
about hard work and dreams. It’s about all those      tions, too.                                          up and down. “Score...Score!”                        as the Dayton Classic crowd, estimated at close
people you see up there in the stands and how             Suddenly, the scoreboard mattered.                   Not long after he’d crossed mid-field, he was     to 6,000, was standing and swaying and singing
proud they are of the kids and how ...”                   CSU was down 20-0 to the college from            caught, but the spark ignited his teammates and      along:
   Her eyes got big as saucers and the rest of her    Virginia and had had so much go wrong. Two           a minute later quarterback Chris Clark threw the         “I’m ... so ... proud, I go to CSU.”
words gave way to a gasp.                             lost fumbles. An interception. Even when things      pass Central State has been waiting for for nine                                   Continued on page 9
The Gold Torch | Wednesday, September 21, 2005                                         DAYTON CLASSIC                                                                                                                  Page 9

                                               DAYTON CLASSIC | Sunday, September 4, 2005 | Welcome Stadium, Dayton, OH

Dayton Classic scholarship benefits CSU students
Scholarship winners take to the field at the Dayton Classic held at Welcome Stadium Sept. 4, 2005. Each of the incoming students received a $1,000 scholarship.                          Photo by Jane Litttleton, Public Relations

          By Dominique Squires                           for the Sunday following Labor Day.                      The university announced the winning             Yasmin White, and Antoine Wilson.
                Contributing Writer                         Winning students wrote an essay explaining         students at halftime. They included Lemi-              Under the scholarship program, a $1,000
   Ten incoming CSU students won scholar-                the importance of college to their future suc-        cha Brown, Orlando Carnes, Krystyna Cum-            credit has been added to each student’s fi-
ships worth $1,000 at the Dayton Classic foot-           cess. All the students had to purchase a ticket       mins, Jacob Fairbanks, Steven Jackson, Hallie       nancial aid award. The university raised the
ball game on Sunday, Sept. 4, 2005. School               and attend the game to win. They also had to          Mirzamani, Daniell Mitchell, Kayla Trammell,        scholarship money from corporate sponsors.
officials said the scholarships will be awarded           reside in the Miami Valley. Continuing and
each year at the game, tentatively scheduled             transfer students were not eligible to apply.

Football returns, magic is back
Continued from page 8
    And while the score would end up Saint Paul
                                                             “The gloomy day that happened, it took a lot
                                                         of the breath out of CSU,” said Derrick Forward,
                                                                                                                   CAREER DAY
                                                                                                                    Wednesday, October 19
20, Central State 6, Check had been right in the         vice president of the NAACP chapter in Dayton
first place.                                              and a CSU grad. “But today we’re finally breath-
    The Marauders may have lost the game, but            ing deep again. Look up in that crowd. You see
the school regained much of its magic.
    “This is more than a game, it’s an event,”
                                                         the best of our school — CSU grads who are
                                                         educators, businessmen, athletes, politicians, the
Check said of CSU’s first game in the Miami               fabric of community — and there’s a lot of pas-                                                        You A
Valley — and second of this new year counting
last week’s opening shut-out loss in Kansas —
                                                         sion for this team.”
                                                             The team needs it because it’s still short on a
since the program was disbanded after the 1996
season. “This is the rebirth of CSU football. The
                                                         few other commodities. “We’re young, inexpe-
                                                         rienced and don’t have a lot of great talent yet,”
past is the past. A new day has dawned. And look         Lemon said. “But even so, we’re better than this.
around —the perfect weather, the great crowd             None of us are satisfied. We’ve got a lot of work to
— what a beautiful day it is.”                           do. But I’m proud of the way the kids played, how
    An entire weekend of festivities had been built      they didn’t give up. They gave what they had.”

                                                                                                                      Creating Connections
around this first annual Dayton Classic and CSU               And the people were glad to get it.
president John Garland liked what he saw:                    Dr. Robert Bains, president of the local
    “Our football team is about more than just           NAACP chapter, said after days of watching
athletics. It’s what’s at the core of our school. It’s   the devastating scenes from Hurricane Katrina
the glue. It’s what helps hold us to our history, to     — especially what happened to people of color in                  1-4 pm | Beacom / Lewis & Walker Gymnasium
each other. “                                            New Orleans — it was “good to give people here
    Before the program had been disbanded, CSU           a positive break, something to hold onto.”
was a national power, taking three NAIA na-                  And when Brown held onto that touchdown                                    For more information, call (937) 376-6383
tional crowns and sending several players to the         pass, he was thinking along the same lines:
pros. Then financial woes at the school — and                 “Our coach told us every catch we made, he’d                               CSU Career Services Center, Wilberforce, Ohio
to a lesser extent NAIA sanctions — got the plug         donate canned goods to the people who lost so
pulled.                                                  much in the hurricane.”
Page 10                                                                                      NEWS                                                             The Gold Torch | Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Semester schedule begins                                                                                                             Secrets to success
Continued from page 1
more material in a 15-week period
than in a 10-week period. Glass said
                                                                                                                                     at CSU are revealed
                                                                                                                                     Continued from page 1                           The final portion of Fairbank’s
most textbooks are written with a se-                                                                                                said. “You pay to be here, you have         equation is “FF,” meaning the fear of
mester calendar in mind.                                                                                                             the right to be taught the material and     failure. Everyone fails at something in
   ■ Students seeking summer jobs                                                                                                    master it.”                                 life because no one person is perfect.
should benefit since most companies                                                                                                      The “U” in the formula for suc-          “The best thing to do is to learn from
                                                                                                                                     cess means understanding the things         mistakes so that you can dare to be
                                                                                                                                     that determine success. A successful        great.” Fairbanks said.
“Students will be able to                                                                                                            student must perform well, meaning              Fairbanks said that if students take
spend more time on the                                                                                                               he or she has to work hard to achieve       this formula to heart they will suc-
course material. Quarters                                                                                                            goals. “Doing just enough to get by         ceed in school and life.
                                                                                                                                     is not good enough,” Fairbanks ex-              CSU President John W. Garland
were not long enough to                                                                                                              plained. Colin Powell, Martin Luther        added his own tips to finding suc-
learn effectively.”                                                                                                                  King Jr. and other leaders started out      cess. Garland said it’s important to
                                                                                                           Photo by Jirou Williams
                                                                                                                                     as normal people, but worked hard to        set goals and stick to them. High
                                            Dr Terrance Glass studied at Central under a semester calendar. More
hire on a first come first serve basis.                                                                                                get what they wanted.                       goals. A student who sets his sights
                                            than 30 years later, he led the effort to convert back to semesters.
    Junior Portia Bailey, a business                                                                                                    A successful student must also           low is doomed to a mediocre life.
major from New York State, is happy         cut their summers short,” Glass said.     shocked to see their tuition bills, for-       have a good image, meaning students         Garland said the secret to academic
about the new calendar. “Conversion             The university mailed a reminder      getting that they will now receive two         should carry themselves as serious          success is to prepare for class. He
to semesters was a good idea,” Bailey       to all continuing students about the      bills instead of three. He expects en-         individuals. “You’ve got to develop         told students that Central State is a
said. “Students will be able to spend       new calendar and most of the con-         rollment to rebound in the future.             a persona saying ‘I’m worthy of you         college, not a high school, and that
more time on the course material.           tinuing students returned. However,           Students are encouraged to see             investing in me,’ ” Fairbanks said.         they can’t depend on mom and dad
Quarters were not long enough to            many of them still registered for class   their academic advisors to develop a              Finally, students should expose          to wake them up and tell them to get
learn effectively.”                         last week of August, which meant that     transition advising plan. “The TAP             themselves to many opportunities            moving. “You have your own time,
    The conversion to semesters did         many registered late.                     provides a plan of classes,” Glass             because opportunities come to those         but with freedom comes responsi-
not occur overnight and did not occur           The number of incoming students       said. The conversion to semesters, he          who seek them. “The worst thing that        bility.” Garland said. Finally, Gar-
without some setbacks. Glass said the       dropped significantly and overall en-      added, will not delay a student from           you can do as a student is to leave         land said, students must dress for
conversion might be partly responsi-        rollment dropped by about 200 stu-        graduating the same time that he or            here not having five people who can          success. No one is going to take a
ble for a decline in the fall enrollment.   dents.                                    she would have graduated under                 say something good about you,” Fair-        person seriously if he or she doesn’t
“Some students weren’t prepared to              Glass said some students were         quarters.                                      banks said.                                 dress successfully, he said.

HBCU damaged by Katrina                                                                                                                Class president Rutledge
Continued from page 2
    Tennessee State University was
                                            the region affected by Hurricane Ka-
                                            trina. According to Associated Press
                                                                                      stitutions, such as Dillard, Xavier and
                                                                                      Southern University’s New Orleans
                                                                                                                                       plans for fun senior year
offering counseling and an opportu-         reports, the students must be enrolled    branch. Joe Lee, president of Ala-                         Marian Stuckey                   choir for two years and is preparing
nity for displaced college students to      in schools in Florida, Alabama,           bama State, said the university will                        Contributing Writer             to release her first solo album this
continue their education. The univer-       Mississippi and Louisiana and be          let students enroll without transcripts               The graduating class of 2006          winter She actively participates in
sity’s Health Center was offering in-       residents of those states or Delaware,    or financial records and then work                 can look forward to an exciting           community service and has par-
dividual counseling for students. Call      Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania,         with them to get those records later.             year, according to class president        ticipated in Meals on Wheels and
Fannie Perry at (615) 963-5632. For         New Jersey, New York or the District          Several organizations have banded             Lindsay Rutledge.                         several clothing drives.
specific information about Tennessee         of Columbia. Allen Sessoms, presi-        together to raise awareness and finan-                  Rutledge plans to begin a dance          Rutledge is a very motivated and
State University, call (615) 963-5105.      dent of Delaware State University,        cial support for the affected histori-            competition between sophomores            personable person. “No one should
Students who have been admitted to          said officials there wanted to make        cally black colleges and their students,          and seniors. She also hopes to host       be intimidated by me I’m very easy
institutions affected by the hurricane      sure that students did not have to put    according to a report on BlackAmeri-              weekend “fright nights” featuring a       to get along with.” he said. “I pos-
should contact the admissions office         their educations on hold.                 caWeb.com. The United Negro Col-                  scary movie and refreshments.             sess the energy and dedication to
at the University of Memphis at (800)           Alabama’s two-year college sys-       lege Fund has set up a special relief                 “More people need to stay on          my class to be an effective leader.”
669-2678. The University of Mem-            tem will cover fall semester tuition      fund to benefit Xavier and Dillard                 campus on the weekends in order to            With less than eight months un-
phis is serving as clearinghouse for        and fees for students enrolled in pub-    universities. Meanwhile, the National             fully experience the whole college        til graduation, Rutledge is promot-
inquiries about Tennessee colleges.         lic community, technical and junior       Association for Equal Opportunity in              atmosphere,” Rutledge said “I want        ing unity and among seniors and
    Howard University President H.          colleges in Mississippi and Louisiana     Higher Education is seeking to pro-               to promote lifelong friendships           all Central State students. “I would
Patrick Swygert announced efforts un-       that cannot reopen due to hurricane       vide for alternatives in the event that           through fright nights.”                   like to see more solid friendships
der way to enroll 51 students from the      damage, according to the Alabama          the colleges are not able to quickly re-              The senior class is also consider-    on campus,” Rutledge said.
flooded colleges. “We expect many            College System. Also: Three histori-      open and return to a regular academic             ing a trip to Cancun, Mexico. This            Rutledge wants to improve school
more in the days to follow. Howard          cally black colleges, Alabama State       schedule. NAFEO, based in Washing-                would be the first time in four years      spirit. He plans to boost student mo-
University is prepared to provide hous-     University in Montgomery, Alabama         ton, is a membership organization for             that the senior class has traveled        rale by hosting positive events that
ing, financial aid and other arrange-        A&M University in Huntsville and          120 historically and predominantly                outside the United States.                make students proud of their school.
ments for the students,” he said.           Tuskegee University said they were        black colleges and universities.                      Rutledge is a native of Dayton        She says students should feel free to
    Delaware State University was of-       opening their campuses to displaced           Torch Note: Lawson was editor                 who attended Stivers School for the       voice their concerns to her and offer
fering free tuition for the fall semes-     students, but were placing special        of The Gold Torch in the spring of                Arts. She enjoys singing, dancing,        suggestions on how to make things
ter to students enrolled in colleges in     emphasis on students from sister in-      2005.                                             and acting. She sang in the CSU           better.
The Gold Torch | Wednesday, September 21, 2005                                                 NEWS                                                                                                             Page 11

                        CSU PROFESSORS AND STUDENTS IN SENEGAL                                                                           CAMPUS NEWS BRIEFS                        papers at a class conference. More
                                                                                                                                                                                   information about their activities will
                                                                                                                                         Support the band                          be forthcoming.
                                                                                                                                            The Invincible Marching Maraud-
                                                                                                                                         ers have an opportunity to participate    Math & Science Scholarships
                                                                                                                                         in the Honda Battle of the Bands in           The Department of Mathematics
                                                                                                                                         Atlanta Jan. 28, 2006. Twenty bands       and Computer Science is pleased to
                                                                                                                                         are eligible to compete in this year’s    announce that a friend of CSU has
                                                                                                                                         competition. Organizers of the event      donated $10,000.00 to provide schol-
                                                                                                                                         are sponsoring an Internet vote to de-    arships to department majors. The
                                                                                                                                         termine which of the 20 bands make        department is offering scholarships
                                                                                                                                         the trip to Atlanta. The 10 bands with    for the fall and spring semesters. Ap-
                                                                                                                                         the most votes will get to go. So, the    plications are available in room 236.
                                                                                                                                         band is asking alumni and friends to      The deadline to apply for a fall se-
                                                                                                                                         go to – www.hondabattleofthebands.        mester scholarships is Sept. 22, 2005.
                                                                                                                                         com -- and vote. You can vote once,       Submit the application to either Rob-
                                                                                                                                         every day until balloting is closed.      ert Marcus or Judith Johnson.
                                                                                                                                         Let’s send the Invincible Marching
                                                                                                                                         Marauders to Atlanta.                      Dr. Fahrenbruck to perform
                                                                                                                                                                                       Pianist Dr. Mary Fahrenbruck
                                                                                                                                         Constitution Fair Sept. 21                will perform with flutist Rodolfo
                                                                                                                                             The department of social and be-      Vazquez Tuesday, Sept. 27th at 3:00
                                                                                                                                         havioral sciences will hold a Constitu-   p.m. in Robeson Recital Hall. Ro-
                                                                                                                                         tion Fair Sept. 21, 2005, in the Ward     dolfo (Rudy) is a former professor of
                                                                   Photo courtesy Clark Fuller, Office of Sponsored Programs & Research
       Dr. Victor Aimiuwu, Professor of Physics (3rd                                                                                     Center ballroom starting at 12:00         flute at the Conservatorio Nacional de
   from left, with CSU students and Senegalese hosts)        Gold Torch advisor in Senegal                                               p.m. Ice cream and prizes will be         Music. He has performed with the
   recently returned to CSU from a summer research ini-         Gold Torch faculty advisor, Michael Gormley,                             served. All students are encouraged       Orquesta Filarmonica del Conserva-
   tiative in Senegal, West Africa. From June to August,     was also in Senegal this past summer for a seminar                          to participate to learn more about our    torio Nacional de Musica in Mexico
   Dr. Aimiuwu worked with the Senegal National Re-          on African film held by the National Endowment                               system of government.                     City and the Orquesta Sinfonica de la
   newable Energy Research Center, Cheikh Anta Diop          for the Humanities. Gormley viewed and reviewed                                                                       Universidad de Guanajuato in Gua-
   University, and World Vision International to review      films by established and up and coming African                               Power outage explained                    najuato, Mexico. He has been touring
   local renewable energy facilities and make recom-         directors.                                                                     The Central State maintenance          as a soloist and in chamber music en-
   mendations regarding Senegal’s national photovoltaic         You may read his blog and view interesting photo-                        department conducted a campus             sembles in the United States, Mexico
   and wind energy programs.                                 journalism at www.michaelgormley.com/blog.                                  wide power outage Saturday, Sept.         and England.
                                                                                                                                         17, 2005. The work began at 8 a.m.            Vazques and Fahrenbruck will

Big firm names Akibode top intern
                                                                                                                                         and lasted four hours. A critical ‘hot    perform some beautiful works. One
                                                                                                                                         spot’ on the primary power coming         is the well-known Prelude to “The
                                                                                                                                         onto campus required maintenance.         Afternoon of a Faun” by Debussy.
Valassis recognizes African CSU student as a smart risk taker                                                                            The hot area was detected during an
                                                                                                                                         infrared inspection of the campus pri-
                                                                                                                                                                                   Everyone is welcome. Admission is
   Marketing giant Valassis named           Amon was originally assigned to           recruit top students with extensive                mary electrical system.
Centralian Amon Akibode, an eco-        the accounting department, but he saw         extracurricular activities from lead-                                                        Take a loved one to the Dr. Oct. 5
nomics major, one of its top interns    an opportunity in the international           ing schools. In 2005 Valassis’ interns             Philosophy students publish book              Closing the Health Gap is an
in August. Akibode was awarded          business development team and asked           came from 25 different colleges and                    looking back to move forward, a       national campaign designed to make
the Risk-Taker Award, which honors      to be reassigned. Amon’s risk paid off.       universities, with nearly as many dif-             collection of writings by Central State   good health an important issue
an intern who positively challenges     Amon spent the summer researching             ferent major and minor combinations.               University philosophy students went       among minority populations who
the status quo, takes smart risks and   the European business environment                 Akibode Amon moved to the                      to press Wednesday, Sept. 14.             are affected by diseases and health
creates changes within his/her de-      and seeking business opportunities.           United States from West Africa a                       looking forward is a collection of    conditions at greater rates than other
partment or the company.                    Valassis’ internship programs             year ago to study at Central State.                papers given at the Exploring Your        Americans.

ROTC membership stays constant;
                                                                                                                                         World Conference held by students             On Take a Loved One to the Doc-
                                                                                                                                         in the African American Philosophy        tor Day individuals are encouraged to
                                                                                                                                         class March 15, 2005.                     visit a health professional (or make

CSU goes against national trends
                                                                                                                                             Sixty copies of the book have been    an appointment for a visit), attend a
                                                                                                                                         printed and the volume is available       health event in the community, or help
                                                                                                                                         in the library, the humanities depart-    a friend, neighbor or family member
Continued from page 1                   aren’t training them for the war.             a direct ticket overseas. “There are               ment office, the writing center, and       do the same.
members this year. Three years ago it   We’re training them to be leaders,”           two sections; basic and advanced,”                 other academic departments.                   The Family and Community Vio-
averaged 40-45 members. This year’s     Caldwell said.                                Caldwell said. “Basic” training                        For more information please con-      lence Prevention (FCVP) Program is
freshmen unit, with 21 members, is          Sophomore ROTC member                     gives freshmen and sophomores                      tact students Jamita Royal and Ken-       sponsoring a health fair Oct. 5 from
the largest in man years.               Aamir Terry supports the war effort.          the opportunity to get a feel of the               neth Boyd or the chairperson of the       11 a.m. – 3 p.m. in the University
   Caldwell said students are aware     “I feel like the majority of people in        program. At the end of their sopho-                humanities department, Jeff Craw-         Ballroom. There’ll be diabetes and
that they could be shipped overseas     Iraq need to be liberated. If we back         more year, they have the option to                 ford.                                     blood pressure screening, HIV infor-
— “All cadets are fully aware of        out now, then there will be two rivals        exit the program, or move on to ad-                                                          mation and screening, information
what’s going on in the war” — but       fighting for their country, which will         vanced training. If they choose to                 African Philosophy conference             on Central State University counsel-
he said they still appreciate the       lead to a civil war.”                         continue, they start getting trained                  Students taking philosophy fall        ing services, and more. The Health
benefits of ROTC training. “We               Joining the ROTC doesn’t mean             as potential lieutenants.                          semester will present their course        Fair is open to the public.
         Columbus, Ohio, Division of Police

The City of Columbus is pleased to announce testing on the campus of Central State University this fall. We will be accepting applications at Central
State’s Career Day on Wednesday, October 19, 2005, for testing to be held at the university on Saturday, November 19, 2005. If you are interested
in testing at Central State, please contact a police recruiter today!

PAID TRAINING! The Division of Police will provide all necessary            Eligibility Requirements:
training to become a certified Columbus police officer. Recruits are           1. Must possess a high school diploma or G.E.D.
paid $37,835.20 ($18.19 an hour) while attending our new state-of-           2. Must be at least 20 years old at time of application (no upper age
the-art training facility located in Columbus, OH. Officers receive              limit)
yearly pay increases and over 48 months the salary increases to                                      driver’s
                                                                             3. Must possess a valid driver license
$57,948.80 ($27.86 an hour).                                                 4. Must be a U.S. citizen.

TUITION REIMBURSEMENT for undergraduate and graduate                        Additional Qualifications:
degrees--up to 100% with one year of service.                                 • No more than 3 moving violations in the past 3 Years as an adult
                                                                              • No convictions of Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence of
PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES                      Officers are able to              Alcohol or Drugs in the past 5 years
participate in promotional testing for the Sergeant position with just                                             driver’s
                                                                              • No revocation or suspension of a driver license within the past 3
three years experience as an officer and every 2 years thereafter for
                    nce                                                         years
ranks above Sergeant (Lieutenant, Commander, and Deputy Chief).               • No dishonorable discharge from military service
Currently there is an 18% pay differential between ranks.                     • No felony convictions as an adult
                                                                              • No Domestic Violence convictions or admissions within the past
UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT PROVIDED along with an                                   10 years
$850.00 per year uniform maintenance allowance.                               • No usage of purchase of marijuana in the past year
                                                                              • No usage or purchase of any other illegal drug in the past 3 years
ADDITIONAL BENEFITS:                                                          • No sales of marijuana or other illegal drugs in the past 5 years
 Shift differential pay of $.85 an hour for 2nd and 3rd shifts              Note: Additional Background Removal Standards do apply. Please
 Health insurance                                                           contact the Minority Recruiting Unit or visit our website for the complete
 Prescription drug plan
 Dental and vision plans                                                    listing.
 15 paid sick days                                                                    Additional test dates are available in
 11 paid holidays
 2.4 weeks vacation for the first 3 years, then advancing                                Columbus, Ohio. Call for details.
 in stages up to 6.3 weeks after 20 years                                                     Minority Recruiting Unit
 Retirement with 25 years of service and 48 years of age                                           1-800-837-4642
 Life insurance
 and MORE!                                                                                          614-645-4642
Our test is a 4-phase examination conducted by the Columbus Civil                    Minorities and Females are Encouraged to Apply
Service Commission.                                                              The City of Columbus is an Equal Opportunity Employer
  Phase I: Physical Capabilities (23 push-ups with no time limit, 31                A Nationally Accredited Law Enforcement Agency
             sit-ups within 1 minute, 300 meter dash in 70 seconds)
  Phase II: Multiple Choice (reading comprehension, spelling,
  Phase III: Writing Sample (video-based written communication
  Phase IV: B-PAD (scenario-based oral communication testing)
Applicants who pass the examination will be ranked and placed on
an eligibility list. Your chances of being hired are excellent if you
successfully complete the selection and background process.
Length of the selection process varies based upon an applicant’s score                        James G. Jackson, Chief of Police
and Division needs. However, the average length is 6 to 12 months.                        Explore your potential - Discover Columbus!

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