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                                                                           6                                6

Kids’ Foot Sizing Chart                                                    5                                5

For shoe sizing accuracy, we recommend printing this                       4                                4
document on 8.5”x11” paper at 100% (full size).
                                                                           3                                3

             Find Your Kids’ Sizes                                         2                                2

             This is going to work best if they don’t wiggle.              1                                1
             Yeah, right, who are we kidding? Place your
                                                                           13                               13
             child’s heel along the solid line at the base of the
             chart. Have your child put his or her weight on the           12                               12
             foot being measured and make sure all toes are
             relaxed. The line that touches the longest toe                11                               11
             indicates the correct size. The shorter lines in
             between indicate half sizes. Since one foot is                10                               10
             often larger than the other, make sure you measure
                                                                           9                                9
             both feet. You should purchase the size that fits
             the largest foot.                                             8
                                                                           8                                8

                                                                           7                                7
           Find Your Kids’ Widths                                          6
                                                                           6                                6
            Hold on. We are almost finished. When measuring his
                                                                            5                               5
            or her right foot, align your child’s instep (the inside of
            the foot) with the solid line on the left side of the chart.    4                               4
            If the outside of the right foot moves beyond the dotted
            line, you should consider buying a wide width. Last             3                               3
            step...promise. Now repeat with the left foot by
            aligning his or her instep with the solid line on the           2                               2
            right side of the chart. Okay, go play.
                                                                            1                               1

            Infant: sizes 0 - 4
            Toddler: sizes 4½ - 10
            Pre School: sizes 10½ - 3
            Grade School: sizes 3½ - 7
                                                                                 Be sure to leave shoes
                                                                                off when using this chart
                                                                                 to determine your size.
                      ACCURACY CHECK:
                 To ensure correct printing size,
                                                                                                er e
                                                                                Pl a

                place a credit card here. If it

              fits, the chart was printed correctly.

                                                                                         Heel H

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