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									                                                CORRECTION ENTERPRISE                                             DC-258 (Rev. 10-05)
CUSTOMER INFORMATION:                                        PRINT ORDER FORM
 Contact Person:
 Phone Number:
 Date Needed:        /  /                                                Bill To:              aaaa    Ship To:                aaaaaaa
 Quantity Requested:
 Proof Needed: Yes        No
 Quote Number:
 REPRINT         or NEW JOB
 Purchase Order Number:
 Is It Exactly The Same? Yes   No                                        Name of Job:
 Cost Statement? Yes       No
a STAPLING              PADDING                          DRILLING                       FOLDING                 TABS                  w

                                                                                                                   Qty. of Tabs:

                                                                                                                   Position of Tabs:

                                                                                                                   (Ex: 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, ect.)



TAPEaaaaaaaa a                                      SIDES                       PERFORATIONaa                BINDINGaaaaaaa
Yes   or No

Yes  or No

Beginning Number:                        Number of Originals:
Red     or Black      Ink

PACKAGINGaa                             Head to Head:
                                                                                                       GBC / Coil Color:
Shrink Wrap      or Box Only
                                        Head to Foot:
Sheets/Sets per Package:

PAPER STOCK/BINDING: (Refer to Enterprise Stock Book)                                 INK COLORS
CE Print Customer Service Dept will measure the sample provided for finished sized.
                                                                                      Black Ink Only
   Please provide specs if finished size should be different then sample provided.
   Print has no restocking fee, but a pro-rated charge for work that has begun and   Ink Color/ PMS
    then cancelled will apply.                           NCR Paper
                                                     2/pt,    3/pt, or   4/pt         Email Address:
                                                   Color Sequence:
 Paper Color:
 Paper Stock:

Special Instructions/ Additional Comments/ Remarks:

                                                              Signature of Approver:

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