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                                                                Crime Bulletin
    9010 W. 62nd Street, Merriam, KS 66202, 913-322-5560        Vol. 12, 2010

Bicycling Season Is Approaching!
The weather is warming up and               Respect Trains
the days are longer...and many of           Before you cross train tracks, stop and
us are pulling our bikes out of             look both ways; listen for the train
storage and getting ready for               whistle...never try to “out-bike” a
some exercise! Bicycling can be             train...if the crossing guards are down,
great fun for the whole family…             stay behind them until the train has
and it’s a lot more fun when                passed.
everyone follows a few basic
                                            Ride in the Same Direction as
safety tips:                                Traffic
                                            Obey the laws of the road just as if you
Protect your Brain:                         were driving a car; if you’re weaving in
Always Wear a Bicycle Helmet                and out of traffic and trying to pass on
                                            the shoulder, you are likely to end up
Maintain Control of your Bike               injured.
Keep both hands on the handlebars;
use a backpack or carrier to carry          Be Alert at All Times
items.                                      Don’t talk on your cell phone or text
                                            while bicycling; watch for cars backing
Night Riding                                out of driveways and pulling out of
Be sure to wear reflectant clothing and     businesses - they may not be able to
use special bike lights if you ride at      see you.
night; set rules with your kids - it’s
better if they head home when the sun       Be Polite
begins to set.                              When riding on a bike path, alert
                                            people ahead of you that you are
Be Sure Your Bike Fits                      coming...use a bell or say something
A good rule is to be sure both your feet    like, “passing on your left” or “excuse
can rest flatly on the ground when you      me”.
are sitting on the bicycle seat.

    April Is…
       National Donate Life Month
                               During April, people across the United States are asked to make a
                               special effort to celebrate the tremendous generosity of those who
                               have saved lives by becoming organ, tissue, marrow, and blood donors,
                               and to encourage more Americans to follow their courageous
                               examples. People need donations for a variety of reasons, including
                               serious illnesses, burn injuries, auto accidents and more. Living donors
                               may donate bone marrow, blood, single kidney, partial lung, and partial
                               liver. Many religions support organ, tissue, and eye donations.

                                                 What Can You Do?
    •   Make it known that you would like to be a donor by saying YES to donation!! You can do so
        on your Kansas driver’s license. A new federal law (2009) made this a legally binding document,
        which eases decision-making from your family (although it’s a good thing to tell them ahead of
        time what your wishes are). If your current Kansas driver’s license doesn’t have a heart symbol
        and the words “organ donor” on it, ask for a new one that does. You can also fill out and sign a
        donor card, have it witnessed and carry it with you (download these cards at
        organdonor/newdonorcard.pdf). You can also put your intentions in a will. You can get a donor
        registry form for Kansas               at             (in Missouri, go to
    •   Know the facts: tell people that organ donors are needed...more than 100,000 people in our
        nation are currently on the United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS) national organ
        transplant waiting list; more than 3,000 are in the Kansas and Western Missouri service area.
        Approximately 18 people die each day awaiting a life-saving organ transplant and a new name is
        added to the national waiting list every 11 minutes. Over 50 percent of the people waiting for
        a donated organ are racial or ethnic minorities. The chances of getting a transplant increase if
        the donor and recipient share the same racial/ethnic background.
              For more information, contact Ray Gabel, Midwest Transplant Network
                         Community Ed. Coordinator at 913-261-6145…
                        and visit and
3   Making Prom Night One You’ll Never Forget
                         It’s the event everyone has been talking about all school
                         year...prom night. There are dresses to buy, tuxes to rent,
                         corsages to order, and restaurant reservations to make. It’s going
                         to be a night everyone remembers!

                         Unfortunately, prom night ends tragically for too many teens due
                         to alcohol and drug use.

    The best way to prevent a tragedy is to take precautions. If you are a teen, make a
    pact with your friends (and family) to say NO to drugs and alcohol. It may seem like
    everyone else is talking about the “real” fun part of prom night...the after (and before)
    parties...but not everyone who brags about using drugs and drinking alcohol is being
    honest about it - and besides, who wants to risk harming themselves (or their dates) by
    engaging in illegal and dangerous activities. Make a list of other things to do that are

    What can parents do? Start by talking to your
    teen. Ask him or her about prom night, and find out
    where he/she will be going before and after the prom.
    Set a curfew. Tell them you know a lot of teens party
    with alcohol and drugs on prom night. Let them know
    you care, and that while you trust your child, you know
    how hard peer pressure can be.

    Offer your teen a supportive back-up plan (such as money for a taxi or a ride home
    from you) in case he or she isn’t able to stand up to peer pressure (or if his or her
    driver/date becomes impaired). Speak honestly with your teen about what happens
    when people drink...and what happens when people drive while impaired. You could
    offer to host an alcohol-free party. Rehearse things your child might say if offered
    alcohol or drugs...such as, “I prefer to stay sober”. Talk to your child honestly about
    date rape and the different drugs that can be put in drinks, such as “roofies” and other
    “date rape” drugs.

                            Remember, it is against the law for minors to drink alcohol -
                            whether or not they drive afterwards. It is illegal for anyone to
                            use illicit substances (in Kansas, this now includes using K2).
                            It’s always illegal to drive while impaired...whether under the
                            influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances. Setting
                            high standards for yourself...such as just saying “no” a
                            young age helps form good habits that will last a lifetime.

                                          Have a fun-filled prom…
                                  make it memorable - in all the right ways!

                           Crime Statistics
                         From March 16-31, 2010
Warrant Arrests: 35                               Neighborhood Dispute:
DUI Arrests:                                         • 7300 Block of Eby - noise and odor
  • 5800 Block of Carter                               complaints
  • 6300 NB I-35                                  Suspicious Activity:
  • 63rd & Goddard                                   • 9600 Block of W. 56th Terrace - garage
Traffic Accidents:                                      door opened/tampered with
   • NB I-35 & 67th Street                        Business Theft:
   • 55th & Merriam Drive                            • 10000 Block of Shawnee Mission Parkway -
   • 8700 Block of Johnson Drive                        stolen chocolates
   • 62nd Terrace & Mastin                           • 8700 Block of W. 63rd Street - customers
   • 75th Street & King’s Cove Drive                    left without paying $15 dining bill
   • SB I-35 & Shawnee Mission Parkway               • 7400 Block of Switzer - stolen tag from
   • 58th & SB I-35 (snow related)                      utility trailer
   • 8700 Block of Johnson Drive (snow related)      • 8700 Block of W. 63rd Street - driver left
   • 70th & Farley                                      without paying $30 dining bill
   • Shawnee Mission Parkway & Hadley                • 5800 Block of Merriam Drive - cello stolen
   • Johnson Drive & I-35                               (valued at $2,600)
   • SB I-35 & 69th                               Auto Burglaries:
   • Shawnee Mission Parkway & Eby                   • Johnson Drive & Slater - purse snatched
   • Shawnee Mission Parkway & Slater                   from passenger seat while victim waiting at
   • Merriam Drive & Antioch                            stoplight
   • 63rd & Craig                                    • 5400 Block of Mastin - window broken out
   • Johnson Drive & Eby                                of 2000 Ford Expedition; GPS stolen
                                                     • 10000 Block of W. 54th - stereo stolen from
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia:                       1998 Ford Mustang
   • NB I35 & I-635 - drug paraphernalia found       • 9900 Block of W. 51st Terrace - luggage,
       during vehicle check                             iPod, and 2 digital cameras stolen from 2008
Domestic Violence/Domestic Dispute:                     Forrester
  • 8400 Block of W. 61st Street                     • 5200 Block of Knox - garage door opener
  • 4800 Block of Perry Lane                            stolen from 2000 Ford Explorer
Check the Welfare                                    • 4900 Block of England - 3 vehicles were
  • 9700 Block of W. 62nd Street                        broken into; hand tools and vehicle
                                                        registration stolen from one of them
Suicidal Subject:                                    • 6500 Block of E. Frontage Road - passenger
   • Shawnee Mission Parkway & I-35                     window shattered; purse stolen (contained
Unattended Death:                                       ID, credit cards, cash and wedding ring)
   • 8000 Block of W. 67th Street                 Auto Theft:
Criminal Use of a Weapon:                            • 7200 Block of Eby - stolen 2000 Toyota
   • 6300 NB I-35 - handgun found during DUI           Rav4
      traffic stop                                   • 10000 Block of King’s Cove Drive - stolen
Hosting Underage Party                                 1997 Toyota 4Runner
   • 10000 Block of W. 68th Street

                       Crime Statistics Continued...
              Recovered Stolen Auto:
                 • Vehicle stolen in Kansas City, Kansas the
                    evening before, found in the 5500 Block of
              Residential Burglary:
                  • 10000 Block of W. 69th Street - garage
                    door kicked open; no losses noted
                  • 7200 Block of Eby - stolen medications
                  • 10000 Block of Edelweiss Circle - front
                    screen door ajar; stolen front mat
                  • 8400 Block of Johnson Drive - basement
                    window broken out; no entry made to
                  • 8700 Block of W. 48th Terrace - window
                    pried open; 2 laptop computers, 2 TVs and
                    misc. electronics were stolen
                   •   6100 Block of Alvarado - stolen
                   •   9700 Block of W. 51st Place - stolen license

                             Purse Snatching Alert
                Unfortunately, Merriam recently had an incident in which a woman was stopped
                at a stoplight and someone approached her car, opened the passenger door
                and stole her purse off the seat. It all happened so quickly - like many crimes

                Use precaution when driving. Keep your doors locked. Keep your purse, wallet
                and other valuables in a not-so-easy place for someone to see and snatch (such
                as under a jacket on the floor). When stopped at a stoplight, train, stop sign, etc.
                stay alert...again, be sure your doors are locked. If you’re texting, messing with
                the radio or distracted in other ways, you’re less likely to know what’s going on
                around you.

    Being proactive and planning ahead is one of the best ways to avoid becoming a victim.

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