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									         Moon Walk
         Designed by Melissa Pierce

A Second Grade Webquest for
Researching and Writing about the Moon.

                                          Click here to begin
     Click on the spaceship at the
     top left of each page to return
     to the Table of Contents.
                                       Table of Contents

   Title Page
   Table of Contents
   MS Curriculum Connection
   Team Member Responsibilities
   Introduction
   Task 1: Moon K-W-L Chart
   Task 2: Discover Earth's Moon
   Task 3: First Man on the Moon
   Task 4: Lunar Phases
   Task 5: Culminating Activity (Moon Report)
   Conclusion
   Internet Resources
   Training Certificate
   Moon Crater Demonstration Activity
   Moon Rock Treats (cooking activity)
   Teacher Resource Page (printable student journal pages & rubric)
          Team Member Responsibilities

L eader           Team Leader:
                  Assists with other team member responsibilities
                  Seeks teacher assistance when team needs help

U niverse         Universe Messenger:
                  Responsible for team journals, pencils, and other
     Messenger    materials needed for task activities

N ote Taker       Note Taker:
                  Responsible for writing or typing team notes

A rtist           Artist:
                  Responsible for team artwork

                  Research Navigator:
R esearch         Responsible for navigating computer controls

You have been chosen by the PES Second
  Grade Space Exploration Program to train
  for a future mission to the moon. Many
  people do not understand the moon and its
  lunar phases. Some have even said the
  moon has magical powers because it
  changes its appearance in the night sky.
  The future of space exploration needs your
  help to find out the truth about the moon.
  You will work in teams in order to find out
  everything you can about the moon. Then
  you will report what you’ve learned to the

Click on the astronaut       for a message from NASA.
         Task 1: Moon K-W-L Chart

   Click the spaceship   to go to Moon K-W-L Chart

1. List statements that you already know about the
   moon (What I know) and questions that you have
   about the moon (What I want to find out)

2. Next, choose at least 2 questions to research using
   the links provided in Internet Resources.

3. Then, record What I Have Learned on your chart.
            Task 2: Discovering Earth’s Moon


1. Click on the moon       to read or listen to The Moon: Earth's Satellite.

2. Click the highlighted words in the story to go to the glossary page.
   Complete the Vocabulary page in your Moon Journal by writing the
   definition for each word.

3. Do the Moon Craters Investigation Activity and write about what you
   saw in your Moon Journal. Moon Craters Investigation journal page

4. Complete the Moon Illustration page in your Moon Journal. Use some
   new words from your Vocabulary page .
            Task 3: First Man on the Moon.

1. Click on the photo to see the first man on the moon.

2. Click on the moon        to complete a Moon Quiz Puzzle.

3. Create a Moon Sense Web in your moon journal.
                         Task 4: Lunar Phases
1.Click on the moon to view a video of the        2. Visit StarDate Online and enter your birth
      moon’s orbit around earth.                  month and year to view the online moon phases
                                                  3. Illustrate the Birthday Moon Phase
                                                  Calendar in your journal.

4. Label the Moon Phases Diagram in your          6. Create Oreo Moon Phases. Click on the
Moon Journal.                                     Oreo cookie for instructions.
5. Click on the moon to play Moonlight Madness.
          Task 5: Culminating Activity- Moon Report:
                               Evaluation Rubric for Moon Report

Moon Report: (Planning)
1. Review the information in your Moon Journal.
2. Complete the What I Have Learned column in the Moon K-W-L chart.
3. Highlight or make a list of interesting moon facts that you would like to write about.

Moon Report: (Drafting ideas)
1. Describe the moon’s surface and atmosphere.
2. Explain the lunar phases.
3. Tell about your favorite activity during your Moon Walk.

Moon Report: (Revising and Editing)
1. Do you have at least 5 sentences about the moon?
      Beginning (introductory/main idea sentence),
      Middle ( at least 3 detail sentences)
      End (conclusion sentence)
2. Does each sentence tell a complete thought.
3. Do you have capital letters and periods placed correctly in your writing?
4. Did you use a dictionary or glossary to find the correct spelling for new words?
5. Could you add describing words to make your writing sound more interesting?

Moon Report: Publishing/Sharing
1. Type or recopy your revised draft using your best handwriting.
2. Read or tell about what you have learned in class.

Congratulations! You are ready
to graduate the Moon Walk
Astronaut Training (MWAT).
Once you have completed your
Moon Report and Class
Presentation, you will receive
your official MWAT Certificate.
The PES Second Grade Space
Exploration Program is honored
to have you aboard their team
of future Moon Walkers.

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